Night Fox Chapter 10

Cora was enjoying the rush of the air as she glided along. She hadn’t heard back from the Marshals yet about going after the people. She didn’t know if they wanted her involve in arresting them or not. It really didn’t matter a whole lot to her. Her responsibility was to the people here on the reservation. She tilts a little down and turns as she glides to the right.

The air was cold out, but the winds were strong.

She had called Katey and asked if she wouldn’t mind taking her up in the helicopter. Katey hadn’t mind taking her up. She was free for a few hours. So, she stopped by and picked Cora up and took her high up, so she could jump out and glide down in her squirrel suit. Katey wanted to join her, but she had another job she had to attend too.

Cora enjoys the feel of flying. She felt free like a bird does as it flew. She continues downward towards the ground. When the time comes, she pulls her rip cord and let her parachute release to take her the rest of the way. She wasn’t using the suit the spirits gave her, but her normal squirrel suit. She lands safely where she wanted to. Which was a few yards from the back of George’s house.

George thought she was crazy for wanting to jump out of a helicopter or even a plane. She had just smiled at him as she left to get her suit and meet up with Katey. Cora spots George standing outside in his coat just watching her as she walked towards his place.

“What? I had fun. I felt so free and relaxed just gliding down through the air. Isn’t that why the spirits gave me the totem symbol of the Eagle?
Because of my love of the sky?” Cora carried the totem of both Fox and the Eagle.

“If you say so.” George holds the door open, so Cora could walk through with her parachute balled up in her arms.

Once inside George’s place. Cora strips out of her flight suit and fixes herself a cup of tea George keeps brewed. It was an herbal blend that he drunk for his joints. She sweetens it with some honey and grab a fresh biscuit to munch on.

While she is munching on her biscuit. She thinks about that young girl that had been impregnated with her grandfather’s sperm.

“George, how is Tiffany Jenkson doing?” Cora wonders if she was going to be able to have the baby she was carrying.

“She’s doing alright. Unfortunately, she’s going to have to carry the baby full term. She won’t be able to have a normal delivery like most
teenage women. She going to have a c section for the child to be born. Both the child she is carrying and the child her mother is carrying is healthy.” George had been concerned when he had examined the ten-year-old girl.

He couldn’t believe her own grandfather had impregnated her. She was just ten-years-old. He had managed to get a DNA sample of the
Governor. He compared it with the baby’s DNA and with hers.

“You might want to pass that information along to Marshal James Leonard. He can use that information as evidence of what he did to his own daughter and granddaughter.” Cora wanted to see the bastard arrested and put away for what he has done.

How he has gotten away with it for as long as he has, is amazing. She thinks about the other women that had been impregnated. They were being used to breed babies that could be sold to couples who couldn’t have children of their own.

“So, what are your plans for the rest of the day?”

“I figure I would go over the information I have one more time to see if there is anything I missed. Afterwards, maybe read a book and listen to some music. Unless there is something I missed in the information I have collected or unless the Marshal’s decided to let me come along on the bust of one of the bad guys. My involvement in the case has come to an end.” Cora picks her chute and jumpsuit up and head home.

Just as she walks into her trailer, her cellphone starts ringing.


“Can I speak to Cora Black?”

“Speaking.” Cora wonders who this was.

“Hello, Miss. Black. This Marshal Leonard How fast can you get down here to the Marshal office in Salt Lake City?” Marshal Leonard had gotten the okay to include Ms. Black in the arrest of the Governor. The sheriff department and police department were hitting the other locations Ms. Black had given them.

Cora looks at the clock “if I break the speed limit, within the hour. If I follow the speed limit, about an hour-n-half.”

James just smile when he hears Cora response “why don’t I expect you in hour-n-half.”

“Okay Marshal Leonard. I’ll see you in about an Hour-n-half.” Cora grab the car keys to the Camaro she took from the brothers.

She slips out of her street clothes and slip on the outfit the spirits gave her and all the gear. She may look weird when she shows up, but the
spirits gave them to her for a reason. She grabs her fox mask and slip it in her purse out of sight.

She heads out to the Camaro and start it up. She text George, just before she drives off. She makes sure she only speeds a little bit on the reservation. She doesn’t want to get on the bad side of tribal police. Once she gets out on the open road and give the car a little bit more gas and do about twenty miles over the speed limit.

It only took her forty-five minutes to get to Salt Lake City. She broke the speed limit getting to the Marshal office. She slows down, before pulling into the parking lot. She parks the Camaro and heads into the Marshal office.

She notices that the same receptionist was at the front desk. She walks up to it.

“I’m here to see Marshal Leonard.” Cora had her PI license out just in case they needed it.

“Ah, Ms. Black. If you can show me your id, please.” Elizabeth picks up a pen, so she could write Miss. Black a visitor pass.

Cora shows Elizabeth her PI license. It had her picture and the state that issued it, along with her badge.

Elizabeth fills out a visitor badge for Cora “here you go Miss. Black.” As she hands the badge to Cora.

“Thank you.” Cora puts her PI badge back in a pouch on her belt.

Elizabeth informs Marshal Leonard that she was bring Ms. Black back to him.

Cora follows behind Elizabeth to conference room 2. She walks in as Elizabeth leaves her to go get Marshal Leonard and his partner.

Marshal Leonard was surprised to see the way Ms. Black was dressed as he walked into the conference room. It made her look like she was a special forces or SWAT person. He didn’t see a gun or anything on her, except for the handles of two knives.

“Well, it seems you got here sooner then you said you would. If you don’t mind me asking, how fast were you going?”

A smile appears on Cora’s face “I was pushing about 90 mph. I have some new information for you. You know those women that were rescued a few days ago? Well, two of them are related to the Governor. One is his daughter, that is carrying his baby. The other one, the ten-year-old girl by the name of Tiffany Jenkson. She is his granddaughter and she is carrying his baby as well. On top of that, Tiffany is his and his
daughter’s child. She is his own grandchild made by him and his own daughter. She became pregnant by him.” Cora watches Marshal Leonard’s face.

She could see anger in his eyes after she told him how young Tiffany was and how her Grandfather had impregnated her.

“How do you know this?” Marshal Leonard was curious by how she came across this information.

“Because I was the one responsible for their rescue. Also, my friend who is their doctor did a DNA test. It came back positive as him being the father to his daughter and to his own grandchild and the child she is carrying inside her womb.” Cora wonder what someone would do that.

“You better come with me and my partner then, because we are going to go and arrest him.” Marshal Leonard gets up from the chair he had sat down on and leads Cora out of the conference room.

He leads her out to the parking lot. Cora spots his partner. She looked to be Mexican and was wearing black dress pants and a dark gray blouse that with it. She had her hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing a nice pair of black dress shoes.

“Miss. Cora Black, I would like you to meet my partner Deputy US Marshal Delaney Johnson.” Leonard figures it was time Delaney and Cora meet.

Marshal Johnson smiles at Cora. She had seen the petite Native American young lady when she passed the conference room. She was wondering why she was dress like a SWAT/ Special Forces operative. She did notice the silver choker Cora had on around her neck. It had the face of a fox right in the middle of it with cat’s eye stones for its eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you Miss. Black.” She extends her hand out to Cora.

Cora shakes her hand “it’s nice to meet you as well, Marshal Johnson.”

Delaney could tell that Cora had a light touch to her grip as she shook her hand. She releases her hand after a few seconds. Delaney had felt her hand and it was nice and smooth.

“We better load up.” Delaney opens the back door of the SUV they were taking for Cora.

Cora climbs in and moves to the center of the back seat That way she could talk with the Marshal’s as they drove.

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