Street Child 2 Chp. 7

Betty wakes-up laying on her back with Karen laying between her legs and using her abdomen for a pillow. They had gone to bed last night after she had breast feed Karen. Karen was still a little upset about what she had told her last night. She knew once Karen drunk her breast milk, it would put her asleep. Which she was right. As soon as Karen finished drinking from her, she had fallen asleep.

She remembered Karen snuggling against her and drifting off. Now she tries to figure out how Karen had managed to move down between her legs under the blanket, without waking her. Betty tries to move to get up, but Karen refuses to let her move.

“Sweetie, I need to get up and go to the bathroom.” Betty strokes Karen’s long silky-smooth hair.

Karen rubs her face against Karen’s abdomen as she slowly crawls up her body and straddle Betty’s waist. She made sure her sex was right over Betty’s. She leans down and kisses Betty on the mouth as she grinds herself against Betty’s sex.

Betty moans as Karen keeps kissing her and grinding against her. She really did need to get up and go use the bathroom. She wonders what has gotten into Karen this morning. Not that she is complaining. They both had the day off from work today because of the weather.

Karen finally stops kissing Betty just before she passes out, but continues to grind against her. She keeps it up until both have their orgasm at the same time. She knew how long it would take for Betty to come, with her grinding against her sex.

Betty tries to get her thoughts in order as she gently lifts Karen off her waist and stumbles towards the bathroom to relieve herself. Oh, she was going to pay Karen back for that little stunt. She sits down on the toilet and let her bladder do it’s job.

Karen just smiles as she looks in the night stand for her kitty cat ears and tail. She wishes she had her own. She stops looking for them and sits back on her hunches. She’ll ask Betty when she comes out of the bathroom if she’ll give her, her own real kitty cat ears and tail. She listens as Betty relieves her bladder.

When she hears Betty, flush the toilet and wash her hands “Betty, can you give me a set of real Kitty cat ears and tail?”

Betty walks out of the bathroom and over towards the bed where she sees Karen sitting back on her hunches in the middle of their bed. She thinks about Karen’s question and knows she could do it, but it would only last for a few hours. She could make it permeant, but Karen would need to want to make it permeant.

“Yes, but it would be only for a few hours. If you want to make it permeant, I would need to get a few items and you would have to add some of your blood and want it to be truly part of you.” Betty stands in front of Karen and just looks at her.

“How would I hide it if I am at work, because people would stare.” Karen wouldn’t mind making it permeant.

“You would use a glamour spell, like I do to hide my true form to people. I don’t hide my nature from you, because you are my pet, lover and daughter.” Betty caresses Karen’s cheek when she says that.

Karen leans into the caress. She likes it when Betty caress her.

“Let me see how things go for a while, before I ask to make it permeant.” Karen was sure she wanted to make it permeant.

“Okay, now get on all fours for me.” Betty kneels next to Karen’s body as she watches her get on all fours on top of the bed.

Karen gets on all fours as she feels Betty kneel next to her. She shivers as she feels Betty's hands touch her skin.

“Is there a cat tail you want me to sprout from your body?” Betty strokes Karen’s back.

“A normal cat tail is fine for now.”

“Okay” Betty places one hand right above Karen’s tail bone and sticks her middle finger into Karen’s anal opening, while cupping her ass

She sends her power down her arms and through her hands and into Karen’s body. At first nothing happens. It was like Karen’s body was resisting Betty’s magical energies.

“Sweetie, you have to stop resisting my magical energies, if you want your tail.” Betty looks down at Karen’s face.

“Sorry, mom.” Karen takes a deep breath and relaxes.

She could feel Betty’s magical energies on her skin. She allows Betty’s energies to enter her body and do what it needs to do. She feels the skin, bone and muscles stretching at her tail bone. She could feel a tail forming out away from her body.

Betty concentrates and watches as a tail starts forming from Karen’s body. It keeps growing till it is long enough for the tail to touch Karen’s breast. Once the tail has formed, she causes silky black short hair fur to cover it.

“There, that takes care of you tail. See if it responses to your control.” Betty just watches to see if Karen can make it move.

Karen concentrates on it. She feels a tingling sensation as the new nerves awaken and causes her tail to move.

“It moved.” Karen was excited.

Betty had watched as her tail moved. She removes her finger from Karen’s anal opening and wipes it with a tissue she makes appear. Once her hand was cleaned. She places her hands on either side of Karen’s head, covering her ears and removing her hair out of the way.

Karen felt Betty cover her ears and then there was no noise at all as her ears closed. Then she feels a itching sensation as the skin on top of her head separates and forms two kitty cat ears on top of her head. She could hear a lot of things.

She starts to feel a tingling sensation at her mouth and in her eyes, as the teeth in her mouth start to shift and reshape themselves. Her vision blurs as she feels her eyeballs start itching and her vision comes back sharper than before.

“There, that should do it.” Betty sits up as she looks at her little kitty cat.

Karen looks just like she did when Clair had turned her into a Neko and got her pregnant right before Christmas Eve. Clair had caused Karen to give birth to six kittens and during that weekend watched as her babies grew up and such. They had been in another dimension where time moved faster, so Karen could experience the whole thing of being a mother. Than when they came back they had blocked those memories from Karen and returned her to normal.

Karen could feel her tail swish back and forth. She could also hear things she couldn’t before. She turns around and jumps Betty pinning her to the bed as she made little mewing noises as she licked Betty’s body and nibbled on Betty’s sensitive spots on her body.

For the next couple of hours, Karen has her wicked ways with Betty. She does beg Betty to make love to her like the time Clair did with the Cat shape dildo.

Betty gives Karen what she wants, as she has her way with Karen’s body. The two of them don’t stop for at least five hours. By that time both
were worn out and sore. Especially Karen, because Betty had used the cat shape dildo strap on her so many times, that Karen had started to bleed from the barbs digging into her vagina lining.

Betty glances down at Karen’s sleeping form. She still had her Neko features. Betty steps into the shower and takes a shower to cleanup. She applies some healing ointment on some of the bites and raw places Karen had licked her with that cat tongue of hers.

Once she was cleaned and had partially healed. She heads into the kitchen to see what they had in the frig and cabinets to make for dinner. She knows Karen was going to be hungry when she woke-up.

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