Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Tia's POV

When we returned to land we said goodbye to Simon and Katherine. He said he was going with the easy swap to Simone. We took Karl and Larry back to Katie's penthouse suite. Tomorrow morning Janice would come round and start the documentation. She would also bring two VDR headsets with a couple of games inserted, Lagbit's world being one of them.

With Andi's surreptitious help we organised a shopping delivery that should cover them for a few days and a pizza for now. Larry was heavily into his meat, so it was going to be a bit of a shock, cutting it out. Thinking about it I realized that it would be better if they knew about Andi so I used the geas to order them not to reveal her presence and then introduced her. All they would have to do is speak to Andi to both organize further food drops and communicate with us.

We then picked up our luggage from the hotel and went to the airport. Brett met us there for an early dinner and to say goodbye. He promised to carry on working on other solutions, to take the pressure off us. He also told us that we needed to contact the Fiji commander, The General, as he had phoned Brett directly. He was eager to make a deal and was ready to send his daughter to London if he had to.

After he left we waited to board the plane. I practiced communicating with Andi and was getting better at it. If I understood her correctly she had solved the resume issue but didn't want me using my headset. That sounded a bit off, so I picked up my phone and pretended to make a call and spoke to Andi.

“Did I understand you correctly, you have solved the resume issue but I can't use my headset?”

“Yes.” She replied. “Your headset has had its network connection disabled. In order to save your resume point I had to connect via another headset. It would be a lot easier if you used a different headset which had network connection. At the moment I am saving it to multiple locations on the net, so you can use any headset and there is no real possibility of it being lost.”

“That is wonderful news. Is it worth mentioning that on our website so no one will think stealing it is worthwhile?”

“I'm not sure I am the best judge for that. I can tell you there are three groups who are seriously considering that strategy. If we do publicize that information, I could tell you if they change their minds.”

“Who are thinking about it?”

“Nobody is imminently planning it. The Americans, the Chinese and the Israelis are thinking about it more seriously than the others. The drug cartels are thinking a bit more broadly and want all of you. Mexico may not be a good idea.”

“Thanks Andi. We will make sure to include you in our plans.”

I chatted to the girls and we decided to release the information. There would still be pressure on me, but that was always going to be the case. At least, no one should try to steal the headset now and if they did, it didn't matter anymore. I did want to try with a different headset before I was completely certain, but I trusted Andi and if she said it would work, then it would work.

The flight was business class and comfortable enough, but pretty boring. I did contemplate joining the mile high club, but when I wanted to Vee was deeply involved with a movie, so I left it. Later she told me the movie wasn't that good and she would have preferred my idea but the opportunity was gone.

When we arrived at Heathrow, we did have to suffer the photographers, but we tried to smile through it. The studio had sent their team economy class and they started recording us as soon as we exited passport control. The only comment I got about my passport was that I needed a new picture. Roni had organised a stay at the Holiday Inn in Kensington. Close to Imperial College and the tube station. Simone would better sort out our accommodations but needed a few days at least.

It was lunchtime the next day because of how long the flight was and the time zone changes. We tried to get into the right zone by having lunch in the hotel restaurant. Our party was a lot larger now that we had Sharon with us and a camera crew. None of us were that hungry as it didn't really feel like lunch time, so most of us had salads. We then retired to our hotel rooms. No suite this time which did have the added advantage that I would have more privacy with Vee. For security we were relying on a combination of the publicity from a camera crew and Andi's watchful eye.

We all gathered in my room, which was crowded when you included Sharon and the camera crew. We needed to go through the candidates if we were going to give them a chance to arrive tomorrow for our first experiments. Unsurprisingly, we had a lot of possibilities. To make life easier, Andi had ranked them for us with the priorities that we had talked about.

Roni left us to phone The General. She came back to say we should be receiving his legal papers tomorrow and his daughter the day after. He had verbally agreed to offer the island as a free nation state in return for the successful treatment of his daughter. We still didn't know exactly what was wrong with his daughter, but she did meet the requirement that she could use the VDR and he was aware of all the conditions that we had explained on the website. He was sending an aide with her and a security detachment.

Andi's recommendation based on the ranking was to start entirely with security. I suspected that was a hint and when I tried to mentally communicate with her, I think she was saying yes. We knew we could manage five transformations in one game session and until we had more information from the research team that is what we would stick with. I didn't feel any worse for today's session. The first five were all either army or navy. Most were injured in one way or another, but all were still a force to be reckoned with. I didn't know why Andi had chosen these in particular, but I trusted her judgement. None of us had any objections to any of the choices, so Roni made the calls and organised for them to join us tomorrow and then stay with us.

We told the camera crew that we had set up an algorithm to help us select the candidates based on what we were looking for. We told them it was with the help of a friend and left it at that. I guessed at some time, the name Andi would be heard, but no one should suspect that she wasn't flesh and blood.

We then agreed to meet for dinner and separated. Roni and Katie still needed documenting, so Sharon went to sort that out which left me and Vee alone in the real world in privacy. We told the camera crew that we were going to have a lie down and they were not invited, as politely as possible.

I approached Vee with a glint in my eye. “I was thinking....”

“I like how you are thinking.” She said closing the distance and kissing me passionately.

I was enjoying the kiss so much I almost forgot what I wanted to talk about, but a random shout in the street was enough distraction for me to pull back.

I held up one finger in a wait a second gesture. “I was thinking about that position that mum was talking about. I have been practicing keeping my eyes open.”

“You mean?” She gestured putting two holes together.

“Well sort of. I love the idea of having your baby, but with everything else going on, I'm not sure now is a good time. But that doesn't mean we can't practice. Just make sure we are not quite lined up. That'll be your job, by the way, since I suspect you will be on top.”

“That sounds suspiciously like the withdrawal method. I heard that was a quick trip to motherhood.”

“Between two women it shouldn't even be possible. We really don't know the rules very well, so I thought it might be nice to experiment. Don't you want to?”

“Hell yes, I want to. You had me at 'I was thinking'.”

She leaned back in for an even more passionate kiss. I kept my eyes open and stared into hers. It was difficult at that distance but we both had amazing eyesight, so it was more an effort of will. She then led me to the bed and pushed me down onto it. In no time at all we were naked, kissing, touching, rubbing and stroking. Keeping the eye contact and feeling my love reflected back made this one of the most special love making ever. Somehow we managed to line up our clitoris, one on top of the other and a gentle slow pelvic movement brought us closer and closer to our peak until suddenly we were there. Then it was like we were paralyzed with pleasure. It started in our bellies and rolled slowly like a delicious wave, both down to our toes and up to our heads, then started again even stronger. After the fifth one, I thought I was going to pass out, but the next one was a bit less strong. Each one following diminished a bit. Eventually we were able to move, but the pleasure was still gently rolling through us.

“Were we lined up?” I asked her.

“I don't know. I intended to move as soon as the orgasm hit, but I just couldn't. I'm sorry.”

I hugged her tightly. “You can't say 'I am sorry' after that. It was amazing. If I get pregnant, so be it. Hell, it was worth it.”

“Wait until childbirth before you say that.”

“Wait until I hold our child in our hands before you disagree.” I replied. “I guess we will know in a couple of weeks.”

“We have made a bit of a mess.” The sheets were soaked underneath us. “Lucky we are in a hotel. I'll call housekeeping.” She said.

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