Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Tia's POV

The next two weeks were concentrated on work. Imperial College and Professor Baldwin set up a room and eight lounge chairs. Next to each was a plethora of wires leading to machines. We brought our headsets with us each day as we didn't trust the security. Each day, when we took our five candidates, we all had these patches attached to our heads before the headset went on. The only information they wanted from us was what conditions we were treating and if any had been unsuccessful.

On our own security front, of the first five candidates, Dave, was a Major in the army, before being forced to retire. He had prostate cancer, aggressive and non responsive to chemotherapy. He was still mobile and active, but with a life expectancy of less than a year. He was a first-class commander and Andi thought he would make an excellent head of security.

My main worry was turning these very manly men into women. I knew from Andi that she had taken that into account. When I had a moment of privacy I quizzed her about it. Her criteria was looking for men who didn't fit the usual mould. Take the Major for example, on his private computer he logged on to a transgender website and read stories from there. He never registered, but logged on as a guest. There was something about all the men that Andi chose that made her think that they would be a good fit for our organisation and take the transformation well.

Each day Katie and Roni changed a bit more. Katie was the most noticeable because she grew so tall and filled with so much muscle. Roni was just as happy with her changes. They had to take trips to Belladonna every few days for a new wardrobe as they were changing so much. Sharon was monitoring it all. She had a lot of people to document and more each day as well as visit her own documenter. Fortunately, after her first night's sleep most of her pain and discomfort disappeared and she had a lot more energy. After the first week she requested either someone to help her or another doctor to legally document the changes.

Since we were covering a wide range of diseases and injuries, we needed access to an MRI machine to cover the effect of the transformation on the different conditions. Imperial College was very accommodating and organized that for us, as long as they were able to publish the results. This meant Sharon had to be involved with other doctors and reasearchers.

Everything was unofficially being published by the camera crew anyway. Their show was a big hit. Shown initially in both America and the UK, but now was being published internationally with subtitles. I thought it a bit boring myself, but people liked to see the dramatic changes that were taking place and the delight with the results. They did conduct interviews with different candidates, both before and after the treatment. The joy and happiness on their faces made for great television drama.

Most of our discussions were about which candidates and updating the website, requesting different qualities depending on what our new head of Human Relations wanted. Maria, our new HR head, was kicked out of a large multinational company when she transitioned. They didn't call it that, but it was clear. She was probably the most stressed of us, trying to juggle our wants and needs. She had to travel from Texas, so she was in the third group. After appropriate safeguards, we introduced her to Andi and they worked together to produce our lists. Maria did decide one rule that we all had to agree to. The use of different pronouns was becoming very awkward. We had lots of men who were becoming women, but it didn't initially look that way. She said, regardless of their name, if they dressed as a man, then they would be treated that way and the same if they dressed as a woman, they would be treated as one.

We did manage to get some privacy, but Dave, soon to be Davina, was not very happy with our security and was posting a guard directly outside our door. He was also liaising with Simone about accommodations, with the difficulty of not knowing how long we were going to be here or where we would go next. The first time we did Taigoa, I wouldn't say he scoffed at the form, but, I could see he didn't think much of it. When we did our sparing his interest ticked up a notch and when Katie needed someone to spar with, the results made him very interested.

Katie went with us for each trip to Lagbit's world, because she liked spending time with Ash and Holly. She admitted that she had the occasional liaison with another interested party, but never Ash, Holly or Kara. She knew from our talks that if she did, they would have to leave and she loved the martial arts training she was getting. Kara was part of the social group but wasn't into weapons training. Ash and Holly both pushed Katie hard to improve her skill with spear, shield and sword. Without realizing it, she probably was a bit of a ringer.

Davina or Captain, set up an ex SAS soldier to face off against Katie and she wiped the floor with him. Admittedly, the soldier had retired after getting early onset multiple sclerosis (MS), but wasn't feeling any disability by that stage. Davina decided that we all needed to learn Taigoa. Andi helped by producing a game for the VDR where Katie could take seven others with her and train them, one day at a time. Davina introduced firearms training for the VDR to keep his men in top form and discussed programs with Andi to give realistic fighting scenarios to hone their skills.

Not everyone wanted to become part of the Elven Nation. We were mainly choosing those that did, but we also needed financial clients. We admittedly, made people pay through the nose if they wanted treatment, but not employment. Andi did make sure no one offered to pay more than they could actually afford. There was one father who pretended to have more money than he actually had, so that he could help his transgendered son/daughter. We treated her anyway and got him to pay a percentage of his earnings for ten years.

We wanted to treat everybody regardless of their financial situation, but we were still on people we needed rather than wanted. We did make sure to make a plan where we would have as many people for treatment who couldn't pay as those who could. It salved our conscience for now and the world heard our debates through the camera team. We had mixed response from the audience. Some thought that we should be doing everything for free and others thought we were doing the right thing. Most people had views in between.

Most of our dealing with the Generals daughter had to be private and off screen. The story we pieced together from the female aide that the General sent and from Andi digging in the net. The Americans had a strong dislike for undemocratic rule, and had been urging the General to progress towards elections. According to the aide and Andi agreed from what she could find, the people of Fiji had no such desire. They were happy with his rule. To force the issue, the Americans through a black operation agenda, tried to oust the General by kidnapping his daughter and handing her over to a rival. That man promised to start the democratic process as soon as he was in power.

I might add, we knew the CIA was involved through what Andi could find, but the Fijians didn't. The General refused and tracked down her whereabouts. The rival fled or at least tried to, leaving behind a mutilated sixteen year old girl. The rival was never seen again, but Andi confirmed, the General had dealt with him without going into details. The General didn't want anyone to know exactly what had been done to her. She couldn't tell anyone since her tongue had been cut out and they had chopped both her arms off, so she couldn't write anything. Once we had treated her in Lagbits world we found out she had also been gang raped and was now terrified of all men, including her father.

This was almost three years ago, so we had a long discussion with her and mum who determined that she could erase all memory before that night but it would be a major working and needed to be a different session. We didn't do it during that game session, but contacted the General and suggested we go in again and erase the last three years. She would wake up confused. You can explain that you have erased someone's memory and tell them that they are going to wake up without arms or a tongue, but the reality will still be shocking. He agreed, but added to the plan, we would wait until her body had recovered and then erase all memory before the event. That way, when she woke up, if the treatment worked, she would have her arms and tongue and would not be traumatised further. At present, she was in a private facility. Her aide sending us updates every couple of days.

After two weeks we had a pretty good idea of what we could treat. It looked like, if you could enter VDR, we could treat you. The results weren't complete but they were heading that way. We had covered as many bases as we could. By providing a completely different template for the body to change into, all previous issues were overcome. Cancer was one of the quickest to disappear, but neurological disorders such as early Parkinson's or Alzheimer's completely reversed. In the later stages they were unable to enter VDR so we couldn't try. Diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases disappear as if they never existed.

It looked as though amputees would regain their limbs but it was a slower process than the others. There was clear evidence of the stubs of arms, legs or feet, growing and some missing fingers were slowly making an appearance. The estimation for a full limb growth was about two months. We would have to wait to see.

VDR requires a certain amount of vision and hearing, but with other techniques we had managed at least one minor miracle. Another university that was researching increasing vision for the blind, used a tongue sensor and a camera to give a vision of shadows. They managed to refine it enough that this blind lady was able to enter VDR. The transformation went as planned and she spent the majority of the week crying and laughing at the world she could see. I was worried about how she would be when she returned. She woke up fine and four days after the treatment she woke to complete vision. Partial deafness was the same, but we had to speak to Brett to create some VDR sets designed for those with less hearing.

Another thing the public were picking up on was the age reducing effects. Now people wanted treatment to become young again. From a financial point of view this was a help, since there were a lot of very rich old people who were willing to pay for transformation. The sticking point was that there were no other choices but female elves.

The other question was whether we could transform anybody. Thus far there were two people who failed during the transformation process. Both blamed themselves, but wouldn't go into details. Both were chosen for what they were offering financially. Both were men who didn't really want to become women and Andi thought they belittled women based on their history. We slightly refined our criteria to put their opinion on becoming female a higher priority.

Tomorrow we were going to have a meeting with Professor Baldwin to go over his findings. Today both myself and Vee were waiting anxiously to see if we were going to bleed. We both put pads in our panties and had numerous trips to the toilet to check. We had spoken to mum about how much it mattered who was on top and she said it was about probabilities. You were less likely to become pregnant if you were on top but it still happened. You were more likely if you were underneath, but you didn't always catch, and sometimes you both caught and that was considered a celebratory event.

Around mid afternoon I felt something wet and I just knew. Even before I went to the toilet, I knew. Not this time. My first period. Emotionally I felt drained. I mean, I know it wasn't the right time to get pregnant, but....

Vee comforted me and we spent a lot of the day in each others arms. She still hadn't come on.

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