Life after night gowns

since my last post I have been wearing a night gown every night. Thanks to my wife she doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
In fact she got me one for Christmas this year a nice Vera Wang ( not quite as long as I like but it does come mid calf) and it feels like heaven to wear! I have gotten a little more bold and have been wearing it around the house in the mornings before I go to work. The other people in the house IE sister-in-law and Son don't seem to mind. Although when my son found out he did laugh and ask when I started wearing a nightgown. So the wife told him I've always worn one he just never saw it before. What a change to go from sleeping in the nude for almost 30 years to sleeping in one of the most comfortable Fabrics I have found (rayon spandex blend). The feel of the fabric on your body even with hair because I haven't been able to shave my legs again . And I wish that I could shave all the hair off my body because it feels oh so good. I'm just afraid the wife would find that a bit weird if I do it without her prompting. I have been trying to hint at the fact that she could get me a dress. Like when we go shopping and I see nice dress and I'll tell her well that looks kind of like a nightgown. I thought that I had her the other day we were at Katherine's and there was an actual dress on the nightgown rack she almost bought it but it was a bit pricey for a nightgown. But we did discuss it for a moment she asked if I would actually wear a dress I told her it's not a dress if I'm wearing it as a nightgown. She just smiled told me you're so weird but I love you.
Ok on to my dress fetish I have purchased a few and have them stashed as most people do somewhere in the garage under lock and key. I have two LBD's a nice denim skirt that could pass for a kilt and 2 lace dresses one pink mid thigh(this one is my absolute favorite) and one purple full length. Both had the liner which I removed so now it's just lace. I have a pair of 4-inch heel sandal wedge type shoes not sure what they're called but I've learned to walk in them and can do okay for a while. I use every excuse I can to leave the house on the weekends grab the clothes and head over to the adult shop/theater you know the ones with the booths in the back where you can watch videos and whatever. I have been there a few times in the pink dress which is basically a see through I wear black panties and bra with black thigh highs and the heels. The girl at the counter told me twice that she likes it and asked where it came from I told her Ross. She didn't believe me till I explained that I had removed the lining. Most of the people I interact with ask me for the rest of my clothes are. They can't believe that I walked into the store wearing that in the middle of day. So I tell them that I'm not ashamed of what I'm wearing or who I am I'll probably never see them again anyway. Some guys are into it and I have had a little bit of fun nothing serious nothing after I left the arcade. A lot of guys think it's weird and I want nothing to do with it they look at me kind of funny and then walk away it's okay I'm not trying to impress anyone I just want to wear my dress in public and this is as close to public as I can chance. Some of the older guys in their mid-sixties and up trying to get me to go home with them I don't have time for that. And honestly I would rather have someone a little closer to my age

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