You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Chapter 13

Valentina takes out a bottle of mouthwash and swig some of it. She swishes it around inside her mouth. She watches as the john she just performed oral sex on drives away. She spits the mouthwash out and watch as he drove away. She was slowly finding out who it was that was selling the bad crack that killed her older sister. She had over two hundred dollars and over six crack rocks she took as payment.

She walks back to the warehouse she has been using as a base of operations. It used to belong to her uncle, before he died from cancer. As she sat down at the desk where her laptop was. She input the names of the dealers she was given names of and how to get in touch with them. She reaches over towards the can of planters peanuts she keeps on the desk and grab a handful. She needed something else in her stomach, other than semen she was forced to swallow from her johns this morning.

She knew she was going to have to go out again later this evening, so she decides to lay down for a while. She slips out of the clothes she has own and takes a quick shower. She was still getting used to having breast and a vagina. She used her college fund to fly to Thailand and had her body completely changed from her head to her toes. She had the doctors make her look like a porn star. That way, they wouldn’t be able to trace her identity back to her family or friends. She had to cut all ties with them, so she could find the asshole responsible for poisoning her sister.

Once she is done with the shower. She slips on a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt and lay down on her bed. She checks the security system on her phone and cuts the lights off as she closes her eyes and try to fall asleep.

K&P Bounty Services:
Kat, Paul, Crystal, Alexa and Luke met up at the office. Kat had received a message from the bank that a huge deposit had been sent to the company account. When Kat checked it, it had been the reward for capturing Martin. It had come from the State Department just like the other reward had.

“The reason I have called all of you to the office today. Is I have deposited twenty percent of the reward for capturing agent Martin to each of your bank accounts. I have also deposited the same amount to your account for the capture of Boris Kuznetsov. Now that came to a total of 1.5 million dollars apiece. All your medical bills have been taken care of as well by me and Paul. I know some of us.” As she looks towards Alexa and Luke.

“Are going to need to take time off. That is going to include me too. Until my arms heal, I can’t chase down any one. You’re still welcome to help out here in the office and help chase down leads.” She knew Luke was in the same condition that Tizzy and Gina were in.

It was going to be a long recovery for them, because they had suffered back injuries, where Alexa had broken ribs like Kat does.

“No offense Kat, Paul its going to take time for me to heal. The doctor said I was going to need time to recover and must see a chiropractor.
So, I’ll stick around to help in the office, but only part time. That way you can spend some time with your children Kat.” Luke enjoyed working with Kat and Paul.

“Thank you, Luke. Just know we will cover your medical bills.” Kat knew it was the least they could do.

“Don’t worry about it. My VA benefits will handle it.”

Kat looks at Alexa to see what she would like to do.

Alexa just smiles “I’m sticking around, Kat. My rib cage is the only thing that is injured, besides a bunch of bump and bruises.”

Kat returns the smile “I was right when I hired you. Alright, but till you are cleared by a doctor to do field work. Looks like you will be joining me and Luke in the office.”

“That’s fine. Now, as far as I know we currently don’t have any people to chase down. The other team has been doing well while we have been gone. So, let me do some calling around to see if anyone will need our services.” Kat picks up the phone and starts calling around to a few Bonds men she knows.

She also checks the police department to see if they had anyone they were looking for. She might not be able to collect a bounty on them, but she could earn some brownie points with them.

Valentina’s Warehouse:
Valentina’s alarm goes off waking her. She rubs the sleep from her eyes as she gets out of bed and heads into the makeshift kitchen and grabs a bottle water from the refrigerator. She looks at the clock on the wall and figures she needs to start getting ready to go back out tonight.
Tonight, she was going to steal from one of the drug dealers she found out about.

Valentina walks over and checks the black outfit she was going to wear tonight. The black cargo pants and black sweater she was planning on wearing tonight. She checks her Glock 43 and hopes she won’t need to use it. She leaves the warehouse and head towards the area where he was supposed to be tonight. She takes a cab over to the area and pays the cab drive a little extra to keep his tongue about her.

Valentina goes and finds a spot to ambush the guy. She knew he’ll be here soon. She doubles checks her gun one more time, before tucking it in her back holster.

Valentina glances at her wrist watch as she waits. Finally, she notices a tan color Toyota Camry pull up. She watches and waits for the right moment. She pulls her gun and keeps it by her side as she approaches the Camry. This guy was just one of the guys that sold the bad cocaine and crack.

“What you want darling?” The young man looks up at this dazzling brunette wearing all black standing in front of him.

He notices she had a nice set of tits on her. He was undressing her with his eyes wouldn’t mind seeing if what he imaged, fit what she looked like naked. He could do a lot for her.

Valentina gives him a sweet innocent smile as she leans forward “I want you to give me all your money and drugs you have on hand.”
She brings her Glock up and point it at him. She kept the smile on her face as she watched him.

“Now, why would I do that, Bitch?” Ronnie couldn’t believe this woman as he tried reaching for his Glock.

“Because, if you don’t give me what I want. I’m going to put two rounds into you. Now, hand over the drugs and money, NOW!” She points her gun at his temple.

Ronnie grabs the money and drugs and hand them to her.

“You’re not going to last long on the streets, bitch.” He was pissed and wanted to kill her.

“Maybe.” Valentina backs up and holster her gun as she runs off with the money and drugs.

She already planned her escape route and runs the route she has planned. She could hear the car engine as he started chasing after her. She keeps running through the parking lot of a shopping center with the Camry catching up with her.

Crystal and Brittney:
Crystal and Britney were walking out of the restaurant they had gone to dinner at towards Crystals new car. When they heard the squealing of tires coming towards their directions. The thing they hear is gun fire.

Valentina was running through the parking lot, trying to make it difficult for the driver to run her over. She hears gun fire and then pain as a bullet hits her in her right leg. She stumbles and lands between two parked cars.

Crystal and Brittney spot a tan color Camry chasing after someone and then they heard gunfire. The person must have been shot, because they saw them stumble and drop between two parked cars. Crystal pulls her Glock 19 out and fires at the driver of the Camry. She manages to get two shots off and hits the driver side door.

Ronnie doesn’t know where the bullets were coming from and heard two rounds hit his door. He pulls away from chasing the girl down. He heard police sirens as he spots them in his rearview mirror.

Crystal and Brittney run over towards where they saw the woman fall between the cars. Crystal saw where the bullet had entered her right leg. Crystal kneels by the woman, while Brittney calls the ambulances.

Valentina had fallen on her side and tossed the drugs she had behind the tire of the car nearest to her. That way it would be crushed when the car rolled over them. She stuffs the money down into the spare pockets on her cargo pants.

Brittney kneels next to the woman “ma’am, don’t move.”

Crystal puts her weapon away and checks the wound. The bullet had gone completely through Valentina’s leg. She takes the belt she was wearing and put it around Valentina’s leg to slow the bleeding till the paramedics arrive.

After ten minutes, the paramedics arrive and take over. The police also showed up and when one of the Officers heard Brittney’s name. He knew that trouble, just follows that family around. He couldn’t believe that Crystal worked for Kat.

Valentina is taken to the hospital in the ambulance. Crystal and Brittney leave after they gave their statement to the police.

“You really know how to treat a girl.” Brittney kisses Crystals cheek.

“Wait till your mother finds out. Also, why was the driver of that Camry trying to shoot that woman?” Something didn’t seem right to Crystal.

Crystal turns the car around and head towards the nearest hospital she would had been taken too.

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