Mole Hunt Chap. 1

Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 0600hrs:
Mouse was standing out in front of her house waiting for Terry to show-up. She had been informed by Terry that he would be by at 0600hrs this morning to pick her up. All Mouse had to do was establish a link between her computer at work with the on-board computer system inside Terry’s cab. The connection had to be performed by Mouse herself, because the connection had to be extremely secure and encrypted with her personal encryption codes.

Her codes were extremely difficult to crack. That was why she was made the only cyber-specialist operator that had access to information far above everyone else. She answers to the head of Secret Intelligence Service. If certain permission didn’t come from the department head, she wasn’t permitted to do it. In this case, setting up the computer link with Terry was given the okay, but only to a certain level. That was why the connection was being establish with her computer only. It was also why the link was being encrypted so heavily and was an encryption only she knew.

Mouse spots the brand-new TX-5 cab pull up in front of the house. She watches as a slender man with short black hair and mustache gets out of the cab and walk back to the passenger side door and open the door for Mouse.

The Black Knight:
Terry had been given the address from Countess Charlotte Basset last night after contacting her and letting her know that the Black Knight was ready. She had informed her that he needed to be at the address she sent at exactly 0600hrs on Tuesday and that her daughter Mouse would be waiting for her out front. He was given the gate code to enter the drive way that lead to the front of the house. Countess Charlotte had sent a picture of what her daughter looked like. It had matched the picture he had gotten from Anika. Terry had spent Christmas Day and New Year Eve with Dakota at her apartment that Anika had arranged for her.

His place wasn’t to far from Alexa’s garage. That way, if she needed to do any repairs to either the Black Knight or Wraith she could. He had given permission to Alexa to go over Wraith’s system. Alexa had a few ideas that she hadn’t thought of and liked what she heard. Alexa also approached him with an idea of a car like Wraith that would allow it to blend in more.

When he arrived at the address he was supposed to pick Mouse up. He entered the code given to him and drove up the driveway towards the house. He spots the emo color hair teenager standing out front waiting for him. He stops and gets out of the car and walks and steps back towards the passenger door to open it for her.

“Good morning Mr. Horn. Is everything ready for me to connect to your computer system?” Mouse walks over to look at the inside of the cab.

“Yes ma’am. The connection you need is up here.” Terry shows Mouse where the connection port was.

Mouse kneels and looks at the connection. It was a standard Ethernet connection. She sets her laptop up in the back of the cab and runs a custom ethernet cable from her laptop to the Ethernet connection in the front of the cab.

“You might as well get inside, Ms. Basset. We can do this while I drive you to work.”

“Won’t this interfere with the computer system that runs the cab?” Mouse didn’t know how Terry had the computer system set-up for the cab and the communication and surveillance systems.

“Nope, two separate computer systems. That way no one can hack in and take control of the cab. The communication and surveillance system computer system are a standalone. I have the cab’s operating system backed up on a portable drive, which I can connect to the other system if I need to. Just like when you add the protocols and encryption coding I’ll need to connect to your system will be backed up on a back-up unit. So, if the primary goes down or gets damage, I can switch them out.” Terry did the same thing to Wraith’s systems.

“Smart move.” Mouse liked how Terry had arranged the systems to be separate on two different systems and having back-ups she could switch between.

Mouse gets in the cab and makes herself comfortable, while she connects her laptop to the power outlet, so she doesn’t run her batteries down in her laptop. She watches the progress as Terry gets into the driver seat and start heading towards her work. She wonders if this cab is equipped with a combustion motor or is all electrical.

“Terry, what type of engine is this cab equipped with?”

“It’s all electric. The windows and the roof are solar collectors. I replaced the original electric motors it came equipped with, with motors that make it faster than a Tesla. The battery system is the same type Tesla uses, but I added a few more to the system. I needed them, because the extra solar collectors need additional storage. I collect more energy than I really need, even with running all the Knights systems.” Terry and Alexa had tested and tripled tested the energy system and with all the upgrades they did. The cab had power to spare.

Mouse checks the protocol she installed in the system and tries linking up with her computers in the cyber division at worked. The windows surrounding Mouse darken and everything that was on her desktop shows up on her laptop screen and on the windows of the cab.

“Wow! I like this system.” She looks at the windows.

“It’s all touch enable. So, you can move anything around on the window any way you want too. All any one sees on the outside of the cab is just mirrored windows.” Terry could do the same thing up front with the windows up there.

“Man, you have to let us have this cab when this mission is over. My Superiors would love this.” Mouse knew the Higher ups would love this cab.

“You’ll have to ask your Uncle Jack. As far as I’m concern, this is his vehicle.” Terry either Mr. Jack Bounty or Anika would have to give permission for MI 5/6 to have this vehicle.

“I’ll ask him when the mission is over.” Mouse conducts a few more test.

Once she is satisfied with how the connection was. She tests the encryption protocol to see how much of a latency she had. It turned out to be within the range she was expecting. She shuts everything down.

“Okay, everything is operating like it should. Can you unhook me please?” Mouse starts shutting everything down.

“No problem.” Terry unhooks the Ethernet cable from the front.

She pulls right up front of the Whitehall building.

“Check in with me later, Terry. I want to make sure the connection from my desk works with you.” Mouse gets ready to exit the cab.

“Will do Ms. Basset.” Terry watches as Mouse exits the cab and shuts the door behind her.

Terry watches as Mouse heads into the building. She glances at the clock on the dash and notices that she had some time to kill before to make some money like a cab driver is supposed to do. Plus, it gave him a chance to learn the city like Anika wanted him too.

Terry picks up a few fares for the next few hours. Most of his runs were short, but he did have a few nice ones. By the time 1800 hrs. rolled around, he makes his way to the airport to pick up Shigeko from the Heathrow airport.

Heathrow Airport, 1800hrs January 2:
Shigeko couldn’t believe she was in England. The last time she had came to England, was when Anika was doing a shoot. She knew Terry was supposed to be picking her up. She grabs her few bags she brought with her and walk outside to see if Terry’s cab was waiting for her.
Terry glances around for Shigeko. He spots her and waves his hands to grab her attention. He would walk over to her, but he couldn’t leave the cab unattended.

Shigeko was looking around for Terry as she exits form the airport. She finally spots him waving his hands at her. She walks over towards Terry and was glad he was there to pick her up.

“How was your flight?” Terry helps Shigeko with her bags.

“It was long. Did you get the address on where we were going from Anika?” Shigeko knew she sent the information out.

“I got it Shigeko.” Terry gets in the cab and starts heading towards the safe house Anika and Bart were going to be using.

“Thanks for your help with arranging the moving for my brothers Shigeko.” Terry knew without Shigeko getting the extra help she did to help move everything from the old building to the new one. She wouldn’t be here now.

“It was no problem, Terry. How is the relationship between you and Dakota going?” Shigeko knew Terry and Dakota were seeing each other.

“It’s doing fine. She’s encouraging me to look more male like, while I correct some of her unladylike behavior.” Terry pulls up at the safe house after thirty minutes.

He gets out and helps Shigeko with her bags. She follows behind Shigeko as she goes up to the safe house and use the keys she was given to open the place up. She rushes to where the secret panel was and enter in the security code. When she hears the beep, acknowledging that the code was right. She closes it back up.

“What would had happened if you didn’t enter the right code?” Terry was curious.

“The doors and windows would have locked sealing us inside and a fast-acting gas would kill us.” Shigeko had asked Anika the same question before.

“Boy, they take their secret serious.” Terry wonders what else Jack and they used.

“They take their secrets serious. Too many lives depend on them.” Shigeko takes the file out she has and start checking things out throughout the place.

Terry follows behind her as she moves from room to room. There were at least four bedrooms here at the safe house. Shigeko goes out to the garage and there was a Silver Jaguar F‑TYPE 400 SPORT COUPE and a black BMW M5 in the garage.

“So, which car do you think Anika will drive?” Terry was looking at both cars.

“The Jaguar. Anika is a Jaguar person. She doesn’t like most American made cars or BMW’s that much. Bart likes Challengers and Chevy pick-ups. Dakota likes Honda’s and Toyota’s. Hatter, well Hatter likes any type of van or box truck. She uses them to live in. You, you like most old-style muscle cars and Wraith. If you could get away with driving Wraith around all the time you would. Me, I like Cooper Mini’s and Jeeps.” Shigeko had done her homework on what cars each members of the time might need or want at a safe house.

“Well, it looks like everything is in order. All the supplies I requested by our supplier is here.” Shigeko puts the list away.

“Do you normally do that for every safe house? Check to make sure it has everything?”

“Nope, there’s no way I can check every safe house we have available. However, I do have people that report to me that does check the safe
houses when we have need of them.” Shigeko knew most of them by name. Some of them she has met in person.

The rest of the day Terry sticks around to help Shigeko at the safe house. She heads back to Alexa’s shop and hook the cab up to recharge.
He sends Dakota a text to let her know he was available if she needed him.

Saturday, January 6, 2018, 0430hrs:
Anika couldn’t believe she was up this early waiting on Bart to land. He was going to have to transfer his gear from his Lear Jet, to this one. She takes a sip of her coffee and notices one of their pilots walking up. She was a new woman that Jack had hired. She had experience flying the F-15 Strike Eagle, The F-117A stealth fighter and the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

The reason she left, was because she had finally given over to the fact she was transgender. Anika knew she had just had her final operation two years ago. Jack had met her when she filled in as a replacement pilot for one of his pilots. She had impress him, and he had hired her on permanently.

“Good Morning Patricia, how are you doing this morning?”

“Do you want me to be honest or lie?” Patricia had a slight sinus infection going on.

“Be honest.”

“Well, I have a slight sinus infection, other then that. I’m doing pretty well.” Patricia walks around the plane checking it out.

It was a Gulfstream G550 that she was piloting today. She doesn’t spot anything out of the ordinary. She checks everything and then board the plane and does a system check. She saw another Lear Jet that wasn’t one of Bounty enterprises fleet approaching them.

“Ms. Jaager are you familiar with who this other Lear belongs too?” Patricia wonders who it was.

“That’s my partner in crime. That’s Mr. Hardy’s private Lear.” Anika looks out towards Bart’s new Lear.

“Well, now we know who it belongs too.”

Anika knew he bought it for his wife. So, when she had lectures to go to or her advice was needed at a hospital. She could fly out at any time. He also had a flight crew on standby to fly her.

The two of them watch as Bart exists with his gear and brings it over to the Gulfstream. Once all his gear is loaded on. He comes aboard and shuts the door.

“Good morning ladies.” Bart was tired from getting up extremely early and flying here.

He had managed to get a cat nap on the flight here.

“You made it just in time, Mr. Hardy.” Patricia had the engine going and getting permission to taxi down the runway to take off.

“Darling, I’m never late for anything.” He sits down in his chair and buckles in.

“I won’t touch that one Bart.” Anika sits down and buckles in as well.

Anika and Bart drift off once they were up in the air heading towards England.

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