...You Are Cordially Invited The Wedding Part 4- Finale


The three newlyweds had a week in Washington and New York City and planned their time accordingly. The only wildcard for them were the two meetings with the politicians that couldn't be rescheduled nor avoided. Michael was adamant that they not be separated and if he was to attend his siblings were to attend as well, which infuriated the chiefs of staff but his demands were met.

This caused issues with the President's staff as Jaimie was seen as being someone who should never be seen with the President but as it was an important photo-op it was a losing position. Chief of staff Martin Bartlett was a tough person to deal with and was holding fast to his refusal to allow his boss to be seen with Jaimie. He was overruled by the President himself, if Jaimie wasn't there then the meeting was off and Bartlett was out of the job.

The Brits had no problem with Michael including his brother and sister in the photo-ops as they had been warned ahead of time that any funny business would cost them their careers along with soiling their nation's image. Michael was a protected name, if he was mistreated and his sensible request not followed there would be tough questions asked that the staff would struggle to answer. The junior staff let Michael know it was alright but feared Chief of Staff Jameson Hennessy would cause trouble.

The first morning in Washington they made a special visit to Arlington National Cemetery and paid respects at the various memorials then observed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. They made a specific stop to visit the graves of a few people Rick's grandfather Austin Woods and their great-uncles knew who had been killed in action or who retired and were given the honor of being buried there. The group were blessed to witness the laying to rest of a retired sailor and made his widow proud to have had them be there even if they had no connection to the deceased.

The six walked on in silence as they couldn't say much without spoiling the poignant moment. When they reached the Metro they finally spoke, deciding to visit Union Station and Capitol Hill after lunch. It was a short walk from the station but worth it due to the major landmarks nearby that made for great pictures for John Finn when they returned home.

The three couples walked through The National Mall and observed the various seasonal decorations along with the various people enjoying similar strolls. They couldn't help but stop every now and then to kiss, with Miles and Christina having to hold off ravishing one another as they enjoyed a kiss. The other two couples gave them knowing smiles as they had unlocked their libidos by saying "I Do."

The group went to dinner at the hotel's restaurant with the wait staff telling them their father had given them full reign over the menus and to not worry about prices. It wasn't unexpected and the couples enjoyed some fine French cuisine in their private room with a gorgeous view of the nearby Mall and various landmarks that they were going to visit the next day.

The night was spent with more lovemaking as Christina turned into a love machine and wore out Miles while Jaimie took things slow as she got adjusted to Rick's size again. Her slow pace only made things for him more pleasurable as her tightness was like nothing he'd ever felt before. Michael and Courtney simply enjoyed foreplay and gentle stroking of private parts, her pregnant state made it tough to enjoy penetration and giving her anal sex was out of the question as neither wanted to go that route.

The next morning the guys split up with the ladies to allow them a chance to enjoy themselves in the spa before going to the nearby Smithsonian museums allowing them some "girl talk" while the guys rested and recovered from their nights of pleasure. The ladies talked about their new sex lives, unafraid to be prudish anymore now that it was only them and their friends wouldn't feel awkward about it. All three were happy with their husbands' sizes and Jaimie extolled Rick's virtues which caused Courtney to blush while Christina joked about her missing out on some major man meat.

Jaimie turned it around and joked about Miles' large size making her never looking at guys without shaking her head at the lacking sizes. Courtney grinned at that, adding "he's huge but Michael's really great himself." Jaimie added "he's a good size, he knows what to do with it as well. Before you ask, I was friends with him for years before we became siblings and I saw his many times before I became a girl so I know just how big he is...plus he did wear loose boxers at time giving an unexpected view."

The sex talk was out of their systems allowing them to actually relax about each sharing the burden of carnal pleasures with their husbands. They spent two hours in the spa getting massages and enjoying the sauna and mud baths before rejoining their husbands for lunch. The guys were calmer while the ladies were relaxed and less stressed, with Christina easing up on the lust while Jaimie smiled more.

They walked to the nearby museums and had a bunch of requests for pictures by the kids of the various artifacts at the Air and Space Museum. It was what they needed as they spent hours there, walking through the exhibits until closing time then enjoying a dinner at a restaurant Walter Gorman had asked them to come to for dinner with him and some old friends.

Walter's wife Lillian greeted them as they entered and directed them to a VIP lounge where Walter was talking with several loud people who had no intentions or reining in their voices. The six braced for the onslaught of questions but Walter's warm hugs and kisses of the ladies quelled any questions as he was clearly marking them as his family. His only question of them was "enjoying this cesspool?"

Miles answered for them, saying firmly "it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here." That got the men laughing as it was both funny and answered the question. Walter added a happy "it's not for everyone, thank goodness it's only a five month stint as senator for me or I'd quit right now."

Rather than dwell on politics they talked about other things and enjoyed a rambunctious meal with the wives all but letting their husbands burn off their energy as they enjoyed the men being men for show. The ladies simply talked about kids and grandkids with Lillian not taking any offense to her being unable to contribute to the discussion beyond a few sly grins to the questions asked of Jaimie. She tried to keep herself from saying much but Christina saved her the trouble by saying she was unable to have any children due to health issues and was having a child via a donor and surrogate.

The meal lasted two hours as the couples endured a lot of back and forth joking and ribbing while they remained mostly silent. Michael barely said more than a few words all meal, he didn't have anything to say and didn't want to say something that would upset his great-uncle. Walter actually was ready to be there for Michael just in case but nothing was said about their lack of vocalization.

The couples enjoyed an evening stroll through the area and took multiple pictures of the sights and had a lot of anxiety released before enjoying a quiet night in the lounge area of their suites They were too tired from the day to enjoy more sex, but did give one another deep hugs with the ladies falling asleep in the guys' arms. If it wasn't completely unintentional it would have made a romantic scene for them.

In the morning Michael told them about their activities which was solely their visit to the UK embassy and a meeting with the ambassador. He had done research into the man and was able to assume that he was a career diplomat and not a career politician. As much as he loved his beloved great-uncles Louis Reagan and Walter as well as Governor Christian James and Attorney General Angela Victor, Michael had little regard for politicians and despised them openly.

He couldn't say the same for the man's staff as they were not going to be the greatest especially as he had ties to Sienna Smith and her fiance Poppy Walker. Sienna's grandfather Wilson Smith had strong ties to many in the British Diplomatic Service and wasn't afraid to make certain people aware of Michael and Courtney as well as Jaimie. They were ready for anything, but hoped it didn't occur.

They were greeted warmly by the official staff and treated as VIPs. There was a lot of whispers but nobody dared say anything about them. It was tough but the couples endured the constant whispering.

They were forced to wait for an hour for someone came to get them, with the staff coming and going but nobody daring to inform them about changes in plans. After they saw people coming in for the 10th time they got up and walked out, telling the secretary that their time had been wasted and apologized to her majesty for the staff treating two citizens invited to attend a meeting with the ambassador, a knight and his bride no less, like they weren't worth his time. It was purposely stated to make the biggest impact on her, she could not refute any of what Michael said.

The secretary scrambled and told whomever was keeping them away that it was about to get ugly for the staff if he didn't stop his games. Jameson Hennessy barged in and told them to leave, they would not speak with the ambassador as they had no right to do so. Michael grinned, then told him firmly "we were invited here by her majesty's government at the ambassador's request. I don't believe for a second that you speak for your boss nor anyone else on your staff. In fact I believe that he would be quite disappointed if not outraged at your actions especially as he had to endure the outcome- not you."

The ambassador heard Michael's complaint and walked in, grinned, then told Jameson that he was no longer welcome in the embassy and would be recalled home as he could no longer perform his duties without harming her majesty's government. Jameson said he couldn't do that, he would ruin him but the ambassador calmly explained "please try to do that. Explain how you tried to cancel an important meeting with a person our government is trying hard to keep in our good graces of as he is on the verge of becoming one of the richest self-made financial minds in the world. Explain how you went against my own orders and tried to physically remove honored guests who will be speaking with their President about our visit tomorrow. By all means, create a fiasco for our government and see what happens!"

The ambassador nodded to the secretary who called security to remove the now-dismissed Jameson while the senior deputy took over the duties. The ambassador closed the door to his office and told the secretary to tell the press that Michael's visit was as scheduled but Jameson Hennessy tried to cancel the meeting without consent. She took it to mean that they would take the heat and Michael exonerated.

In private, the man was furious and asked what was going on. Michael explained "he's likely under the pay of or is close friends with a Mr. Wilson Smith, the pretender to the Marquessdom of Lincoln. Mr. Smith is facing multiple criminal charges and if my sources are correct, he's going to go down for a lot of shady dealings involving criminals around the country. He is current upset that his grandaughter is in a loving and committed relationship with another woman, who is now engaged to her."

This was all he needed to hear and told his secretary "I'm making a phone call to London. Nobody is to disturb me until I give the all clear." She agreed and told the staff that the next meeting was canceled.

Michael listened to the call and kept quiet but Miles kept his mind going as he thought about some things that hadn't been considered. He wrote down something about Jameson trying to seek a new job posting, possibly as an ambassador himself in Colombia or another drug and smuggling country. Miles wrote down a hard "Smiths involved in drugs and smuggling previously."

This was confirmed with the ambassador sighing and telling whomever he was speaking to "he's going to be put on the next plane to London, have a welcoming committee to greet him. This is smelling like a cheap action movie but he is trying hard to find a good location to move their operations to. This Smith connection is also troubling, especially if he's connected to the previous operations."

When the ambassador hung up the phone, he asked how Miles knew. Miles explained "he knows the Smiths and both are known to have conducted illicit deals. He is upset at Michael being here but has no reason to be. Someone has to have told him who to look out for and why. I'm why. He picked the wrong Finn to be suspicious of, and chose the wrong one to kick out. I could have been removed easily by you but not Michael. He must have mistaken us."

Michel smirked while Rick added "Miles is a threat to him a lot more than Michael is. He helped expose Harry Smith as embezzling from Harry's family's estate while also exposing Harry's criminal activities. Our cousins actually set in motion the inquiry but it was he who found the connections. Well him and our cousins and Michael's mother-in-law."

Michael now blushed while Courtney added "mom helped with the computer work, my aunt went through their accounts, our cousin Rachel found their hidden files and emails that proved there was fraud and attempts to harm our uncle and cousin. Basically it was a lot of work. Miles is the only person who could tie everything together and expose the man's true intentions just by judging his reactions. And he was right."

With that out of the way they walked out to press room where representatives from UK television and print media were awaiting them. The ambassador did a song and dance for them as he presented Michael and Courtney with a formal congratulations and offered Rick, Jaimie, and Miles gratitude for their previous efforts in the UK that they were also to give to their relatives who were also involved. Rick blushed at the attention while Miles remained stoic especially as their past deed of saving their future cousin's life had been so inspiring to many others afterward.

Michael's being addressed as "Sir Michael" got a few inquiries but it all brushed aside by explaining it to them especially as it was made official as he was a citizen of the UK as well as the US and as they were in the British embassy calling him by his title was perfectly fine. They were asked about their relatives which Jaimie happily told them the Smiths were enjoying time as a family up in their son's home in Massachusetts and chose to stay out of the spotlight as they enjoyed their youngest great-granddaughter and prepared for the next generation of Smiths to carry the family name.

It was all they needed to know and it was the truth as the Smiths were enjoying their time with the kids and enjoying some bonding with the pregnant Hannah and Paige Smith. The interviews were a long bit of annoyance but it was benign rather than an attempt to trip them up. The reporters had their story and once it was learned that the Smiths were directly related to them via John and Paige it was left as it was as it was getting too complicated for their short attention spanned readership.

The group left, thanking the ambassador for his hospitality and giving the secretary a silent nod for her loyalty and respect shown to the ambassador. Walter greeted them for lunch at the hotel, asking about the visit and giving a knowing nod at what would happen to Jameson. He was used to that kind of action by underlings especially ones with allies who could make things difficult for most but was glad that in his arrogance the man had made a big mistake in targeting the wrong Finn.

He prepared them for the next day, one that would try their patience as several people would try to both hone in on their visit and try to make them into deviants or criminals for taking down powerful friends. He knew one was actually getting indicted on criminal actions but she didn't believe they would stick. She had been in office for so long that she believed that she was bulletproof and above the law, the usual problems that most lifelong politicians suffered from.

The group finished and walked over to more of the Smithsonian museums, choosing the art museums instead of the science and technological museums. Walter had work to do but Lillian joined them, she wasn't in the mood for the backroom deals and backstabbing that Walter was enduring as the President tried to pass last minute legislation before he left office in three weeks. He still had to endure political fighting even though he was only keeping the seat warm for five months until a special election was held to finish out the rest of the term, it was a necessary pain that he endured for the people of the state.

Lillian kept a close watch on the six and enjoyed how different they clearly were from one another. She loved that Miles was thinking, Michael glided from exhibit to exhibit getting his fill, and Jaimie was in a constant thirst for knowledge. Their spouses were their counterparts, not letting them get caught up in the art while giving their own opinions on the pieces even if they weren't fans of the works.

The couples spent hours in the galleries then joined Walter at his temporary apartment. It required a them to take the Metro but it great fun for Lillian who hadn't ridden public transportation in decades. It was a tight fit during the rush hour commute but she was able to endure for the sake of the couples.

Walter had prepared the meal ahead of time so it was ready when they arrived. He complained that it wasn't exactly Jorge Castillo's food but it was still great. Lillian shook her head and told him to get back to the grille and let her serve up the sides while the couples sat down.

The meal was long and filled with laughs as the couple saw the real people emerge from the elders. They were like their grandparents and parents, only with more of a sense of fun. Courtney enjoyed the meal as the couple reminded her of her own grandparents, people she hadn't met as they had died before she was born after quick illnesses and aggressive cancers.

It got late when they finished cleaning the dishes and sent the group on its way. Walter had a huge grin as he watched them enter the Metro station, with Lillian sighing happily as he was acting like the proud great-uncle that they considered him to be. They lamented not being able to have children and not even trying to adopt children of their own, they had missed out on parenthood and had no excuse for it.

The night was quiet as the couples slept soundly. No sexual antics, just sleep. They had a big day ahead of them as they would be ferried to the Capitol then on to the White House to meet the person whom Walter joked was "the most powerful person not named Finn." It got a groan from the couples but it was actually fairly true given John's growing wealth and local power and influence.

They awoke early and ate a light breakfast as anything heavy would only make them feel bloated and eat into their lunch meeting with local politicians. They hated having to do the dog and pony show but it was part of keeping them away from the family. Jaimie struggled with staying home as she wasn't needed, only Michael and Courtney were actually wanted there but Rick wouldn't let her stay away.

Their ride arrived, a stretch limousine that would accommodate all six of them. It was an official limo, and inside were several members of the US Secret Service and their White House handler for the day. It was just as Walter had said, only they were not expected to be talkative but would hear everything said and with the way Martin Bartlett ruled the roost he'd demand to know everything said.

The drive was quick as they were part of a motorcade that included several police cars. It wasn't the first time that they had been treated to a private escort but it had a stronger impact. Last time it was due to the amount of people in their group attending lunch at Winfield House in London, but this time they were simply citizens being treated as VIPs and attending a special event at the White House.

The Capitol was massive and had they not seen it several times already they would have gazed in awe at the place. It was one thing to see it on TV at inaugurations, it was another to see it in person. Not even John had been there, but it was on his list of places to visit at least once.

The motorcade arrived at the VIP entrance and saw them being led inside to the House Gallery to view the special presentation about to get underway below them. They were up against the clock as there was quite a bit of work to be done before things fully closed up for the week due to the end of the term. It was a miracle that they had been able to get them there, but Walter was a powerful force of nature.

They listened as their US Representative, Gerry Elbridge, spoke about Michael's actions in London. He then mentioned his family's actions years before. Finally he mentioned the family being ones that all should copy as the family strives to improve the world one good deed at a time.

It was a rousing speech and with proper support their Representative got a Congressional Proclamation issued in honor of Michael's deeds as well as ones for the family members who helped save the lives of two strangers who were brought into their family. It was long overdue but it was still recognition.

The group were led down to the House Chamber and shown inside, with Representative Elbridge offering personal thanks to them while the few staffers around applauded politely. It was just the start of their trek through the halls of the Capitol as they stopped for a bit to await word of a meeting with a few key people in the Speaker's office then on to the Senate wing and pictures with Walter on the floor of the Senate Chamber as he read his own speech for the record. Thankfully for them the meeting with the Speaker was quick as he gave them their due and allowed them to leave while they endured blushes and cringes as Walter enjoyed letting them get recorded into history as his speech was recorded.

They were finished in the Capitol and taken by subway to the nearby Ford Office Building where they were shown into Representative Elbridge's office for some more photos and handed the placeholders for the recognition folios they were to receive later on. It was a quick shoot so they were able to relax as the staff was kept busy trying to get the last of their work completed. They were doing a lot more work than normal but given that Representative Elbridge was a mid-level powered Representative it wasn't out of the ordinary to a lot more work than others.

They were rudely interrupted by the Representatives of the 9th Missouri and the 10th Massachusetts Congressional Districts. Michael rolled his eyes while Jaimie braced for the worst of the intruders. Both recognized the man from Missouri, he was their great-uncle- their grandparents' elder brother.

Miles didn't bother with introductions, telling Representative Elbridge "we are from Winnisimmet, your esteemed colleague has stated that she is glad that our city is not part of her district and that all of us in the city were a terrible influence on the state. If you believe she is here for anything other than revenge you were misled by her staff. She is facing a criminal investigation by the Attorney General for her illicit connections to the now former town manager and several town council members of Pullen Point, all of whom are in jail awaiting trial for extortion, fraud, embezzlement, criminal threats, and several other crimes. She is trying to muscle her way out of charges but I know exactly what she is facing down and none of it will go away no matter how much she tries to claim."

Representative Tara Gallows, Representative Elbridge's esteemed colleague, glared at him while Michael explained "he is part of the team investigating the former Pullen Point government. We know about her trying to influence the district attorney to drop the charges, she was told to stay away or she'd be indicted for interfering with a criminal investigation. She isn't here to get her picture taken with us, she is here to get us thrown out. She is going to extort you as soon as we are escorted out by security and try to use her connections to hurt your chances of getting elected Senator."

Representative Elbridge grinned and added "I know all about that, I happen to be good friends with a few of the folks handling the political fallout. Tara Gallows is toast. She just doesn't know it yet. She has a lot of balls trying to hone in on your being here but I suspect it's an attempt to muddy the legal waters as she has a good idea about your cousin and his colleagues' investigation. The name 'David Peterson' is starting to make the rounds as a potentially dangerous person to political futures if he starts to look into you. And by your own inference I believe he already is."

Representative Gallows threatened her colleague which only caused him to smile while her phone rang. Her face turned white as he nodded, adding "he expects it by tonight. He let you wiggle for far too long. Get out of here before those Capitol Police officers physically remove you from my office."

Representative Gallows walked out in anger, vowing to get back at all of them for what they had done to her and would ensure that each of them were dead politically. She timed it badly as the media outside awaiting more photos of the group heard the threats and pressed her for information. It was a tough situation for her, she was ruined by her own words on national TV and had no recourse anymore.

This was just the first of their troubles as the Honorable Representative Hiram McKinnon from Missouri just listened and grinned. He had everything he needed to make his mark and use them for his own advantage. He figured Michael would try to keep his parentage covered and not expose Jaimie and would accept whatever he had to offer to keep their secrets. He was wrong.

The elderly Representative McKinnon asked his colleague if he knew about Michael and Jaimie and was he prepared for what happens when the truth gets out. His colleague grinned then told him "how can I not know, those two have been in the news so often thanks to their father and relatives that it is hard not to know their history. If you are referring to Michael's father, yes I know he's a criminal currently serving time at the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas after he served six years in state prison for his multiple crimes against their adoptive father and other innocent people."

He waited then smirked and added "as for that young lady, by all means go after her. It'll be your career that is killed as she has a record of helping more people than you ever did in your life. She has donated millions of her own money to needy causes and paid for college educations of dozens of students. She is also a highly regarded student who will be a top notch psychiatrist when she finishes her training. So by all means, try to take her down a peg. It'll just be you who ends up surprised at the outcome."

Representative McKinnon was left without a comeback. Representative Elbridge just grinned and told his colleague "the Speaker knows about them, it's why there was a presence here today. He just spoke with them and gave them their copies of their proclamations. As for trying to use the President, well he's currently waiting for them at the White House. The President is set to give them a special commendation and also give Michael there a little bit of spotlight for his hard work helping others."

Representative McKinnon got up to leave, threatening Representative Elbridge again but Jaimie countered "you cast me out of the family when you refused to lift a finger to help me after mom and dad were killed. You and the others could have helped me but none of you did. You purposely kept Uncle Mick and his wife away from me because you knew they'd try to help me. I was left to rot in foster care because of what I am inside. Michael never asked to be born and he sure as hell never asked for his sperm donor father to criminally hurt dozens of innocent people just so he could be the big district attorney in the small cesspool of Hadley County. We don't care if you try to ruin us, you aren't even the first to do it this month let alone this lifetime. You aren't even the most powerful, we have had others try it and fail. We are used to it and we are ready. Do your worst."

Michael held his tongue but Rick shot back "they aren't your constituents so what are you really doing here? You are just here to try to hurt a colleague and bully your way around just to show that you are still the big dog in the House. You aren't, it's why your party lost control of the House and why you were never considered for the Speakership when the last Speaker resigned. You really are pathetic. You act like they don't exist and ignore them for years until it's convenient to you. They want nothing to do with you and they sure as heck don't want to be seen with you."

Rick's defense of Jaimie was caught on camera as the elderly McKinnon tried and failed to quell his anger. He shouted at Jaimie "I'll ruin you! I won't let some freak destroy my life! You and the son of a cheap tramp will get what is coming to you! Keep an eye open, you'll get what you deserve. Watch!"

Miles heard enough and told the man "you do realize that you were just overheard by two dozen reporters, cameramen, and broadcasters across the country? Surely you felt your shoulder being tapped by your assistants? Surely you could hear them telling you to stop. You just threatened them in front of dozens of witnesses, the relatives of over a dozen local, state, and federal law enforcement officials who have no problem filing criminal complaints against you for threatening their relatives and ensuring that you face justice for your crimes."

Representative McKinnon tried to make it work to his advantage but the reporters refused to let him get away with the actions as he had openly threatened Jamie and Michael as well as Representative Elbridge. He was going to have a lot of people trying to get him out of office with many more trying to prosecute him. He killed his career, all by himself with his own arrogant words.

The group left with their escorts keeping the media away. It was a token gesture as they had said everything they needed to already. Their lives were public knowledge and the wrinkle that a longtime politician had purposely kept the then recently orphaned Jaimie from family was a hot story for them.

They were driven quickly to the White House for their meeting with the President. The staff were not in a good mood as the firestorm that was brewing because of the six had hit them hard. Representative McKinnon was one of the President's oldest allies and was someone who held sway over legislation that could make or break a President. The incoming President was not from his party but she wasn't in the mood for fighting over the legacy of a marked man but may be open to listening to what they had to say if McKinnnon's fingers were yanked from the legislation.

The six were treated well but they were clearly not wanted there by any of the senior staffers. When Walter and Lillian arrived they had to hear the complaints of Martin Bartlett as well as the senior political advisers, with Bartlett complaining about them making the simple last day of the year into a frenzy. Walter just ignored them, they were really upset that the incoming President had taken full advantage of the situation and made it her duty to ensure that both representatives were expelled and that the outgoing President's attempts to pass unwanted legislation stalled.

The meeting with the staff to prepare the six was tense as Walter was ensuring that the six were given fair treatment instead of being ignored and marginalized and run out of the building. He knew that the President was actually not concerned about the fallout and the two representatives were well past their need to move on to better jobs elsewhere. McKinnon should have run and lost a vacant Senate seat in his home state years before while his esteemed colleague Representative Gallows should have quit and taken a cushy job at a local college like several others had.

The arrival of the First Lady got the meeting to close as she told Bartlett to keep quiet and if he was not going to he would kiss any future political jobs goodbye. For a man who had eyes on a key cabinet position it was tantamount to being told he was losing everything. Few actually believed that he was going to last in the positions he sought anyway, he had no real skills beyond connections and only had his job at the White House due to being friends with the President.

The President was shown inside and greeted the six as well as Walter with affection. Walter introduced them as family and explained their familial relationship which the President nodded at hearing. Having known Walter for years it was like him to see them that way especially the Finn children.

Michael was singled out and called "Sir Michael" on purpose, while Jaimie was called "Mrs. Samuels" for the first time. The six endured photos for the White House website then received several special gifts from the first family. It was standard certificates of appreciation but personalized for all of them.

Christina was the only one not to receive something but it was fine with her as she didn't have much to do with the bravery the others had shown. She was happy to be a normal person, someone who helped behind the scenes and cared a lot about others. She was empathetic, the others were more outgoing.

With the pictures out of the way they were able to speak freely with the President as the staffers and media left the Oval Office. Michael was asked what the whole McKinnon situation was about, he had only head thirdhand information from people who weren't there and wanted the truth. He looked at Jaimie who nodded, knowing it best to tell the full story than leave out pertinent information.

Michael sighed but it was Jaimie who explained "he's our great-uncle, his sister and brother was our grandmother and grandfather. His grandmother's side of the family drifted away from the rest when she married his grandfather and his birth father abandoned his mother when she was pregnant with him. He knew all of this, he enabled the man to run off and set him up with a job in Chicago. He wanted to use his father's being a criminal against him hoping it would soil Representative Elbridge's good name."

Michael then added "she's transgender and an orphan. He kept the rest of the family from helping her after her parents died and she was recovering in the hospital. He purposely kept my uncle and aunt away. They are an ATF agent and a doctor and would have helped Jaimie had they know even if it meant adopting her as their own."

Jaimie added "I would have ruined his chances at winning a Senate seat. I guess I'm the cause of it after all since he never ran for higher office. He kept everyone away from me when my parents died and kept me from getting needed psychological help. He knew the doctor who was treating me and kept on telling him that I was a freak who needed to man up and there was nothing wrong with me psychologically. He was wrong, I had severe PTSD from the accident that was only cleared when my new father sought help for me. The doctor listened and until dad came along to get me help himself I was stuck in foster care without family in a mental hell."

Miles saved Jaimie from breaking down by adding "dad standing up for Jaimie started in motion events that led to the town and county becoming bankrupt and then causing a lot of people to get exposed as liars and criminals. Dozens of people ended up in prison and the town dissolved, one he represents. It happened to the town and county twice. He didn't bother to run for the Senate because he was so close to many of those who were either arrested, fired, or put in prison for their actions. His career is ruined because of our family's unintentionally causing their crimes to become exposed."

The President pondered what was being told and had his staff starting to look into what happened. It wasn't hard to find the stories online and the names "Jones", "Finn", "Johnson", and "Sylvester" were in each of them. None of the stories painted them badly, those who were were convicted of their crimes or who supported those who were convicted, like Representative McKinnon.

The President saw the truth and grinned. McKinnon was toast and without any political clout once the truth gets exposed. He wasn't fooling around anymore, McKinnon crossed the line years ago in trying to keep Jaimie from her family. The President may have been heavily conservative but family was a strong link with him and anyone who would willingly harm family was done with him.

Their time was up and they were led out. Martin Bartlett was concerned by the President's expression but it was one of deep thought. When he finally asked what was bothering him, the President grinned and told him "McKinnon is done. Sever all ties to him and start to groom a potential new candidate. He won't make it a day, he will have to resign by the end of the day if he hasn't drafted his letter already.

The staff sent word to McKinnon's staff that he President was seeking his immediate resignation. This led to a frantic call from McKinnon to Bartlett who refused to speak to the President about it. When McKinnon started to rant about Jaimie he was cut off with the staff walking out in disgust.

The three couples were given a tour of the White House while things cooled down. They knew they were being isolated from the public and the media but it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see things that they wouldn't normally get as members of the public. The tour lasted two hours and they were finally driven away, with the motorcade taking them directly to their hotel.

Walter greeted them, bringing news that the 3rd of January would see the esteemed Representative from Massachusetts, Tara Gallows, being expelled for conduct against another Representative. It was further seen that McKinnon was going to be forced out for doing the same thing as well but he was not going to escape his fate as he crossed the line and actively threatened them and their Representative. It wasn't over yet but McKinnon was going to be placed under arrest for trying to hire people to attack them, which failed due to his staff informing the Capitol Police and getting a surveillance warrant against him and hearing his attempts to hire some local muscle to attack the six especially Jaimie.

This was bad news but it was expected. The man was an egomaniac and had seen his entire life crash down around him. He had nothing left to lose except his freedom and he had ensured that came to be.

The evening was spent packing and enjoying a gentle stroll as well as taking more pictures. They were bundled up so nobody recognized them. It was an intimate evening, one that each enjoyed immensely.

The next three days were quiet as they rode the train north instead of flying. Courtney actually was glad that they had done that as they could enjoy the scenery and walk around. It also helped that they had first class seating on the Acela train so the seats were comfortable despite a nearly three hour trip.

The highlight was the New Year's Eve celebration down below. The ladies were glued to the crowds while the guys were enjoying the fun on the TV while going back and forth. They each shared kisses with their spouses then retired to their respective suites to enjoy some intimate relations.

January 2nd saw the six returning home via train, with another Acela first class sea for them. It was again appreciated by Courtney who didn't like airplanes much since baby Johnny started to kick. She was happy to be having the baby but it was one thing she couldn't help but dislike.

When they returned home, the family greeted them to open arms and a lot of tears. Jaimie kissed Rick's brother Thomas and hugged his sister Al, with both being happy to call her "sister". Michael endured the watchful eyes of Amy and Jessie Bollinger while their brother Donald told him "they have been a pain since you left, they missed you too much but can't tell you lest they look like little kids again."

Michael hugged both girls who cried into his shoulder. He was their big brother, even if he was only their brother-in-law. They couldn't help but love him like one, especially as he gave them a nephew.

Miles and Christina tried to slip away but her sisters Paige and Jenna wouldn't let them. Both insisted that they go to the Connors home with Jenna giving them a pleading look. She sat them down and through tear filled eyes asked "can you help George and I plan our wedding? We are moving here and are going to keep mom company."

Both said a resounding "yes!" which caused Jenna to weep while Paige smiled brightly. She then told them "she's been acting weird all week, she waited until you came back to ask you. We knew that they were going to announce their marriage but it was tough to do it without you."

The Connors ladies hugged while Miles backed away to give them some space. He only made it as far as the living room where Jenna's fiance George and Paige's husband/Miles' cousin Bryan waited. The two didn't say anything, they knew what was going on and let the ladies plan things to call themselves.

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