The Devil's Chamber Part 1

“Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to entertain and perform for you magic tricks never seen before.” Leslie makes four metal balls hover in front of her.

She tosses four solid metal balls in the air in front of her. They all hover right in front of her.

“As you can see ladies and gentlemen, there are no hidden strings or wires holding these balls in the air near me.” Leslie run her hands around the balls to prove her point.

Leslie loves the crowd reaction as she proves there is no strings or wires.

“Can I get a volunteer from the crowd to come up here and check for themselves.” Leslie points to a random person in the crowd.

The person she points to is a little girl with her mother. She stands nearby as the woman and daughter come up and check the balls themselves. They take one from the group and then tosses it back at her. It stops and hovers directly where it stops.

Leslie makes them circle around her and do some tricks. She pulls them back and does some juggling tricks. She does the sleight of hand of making a coin disappear and reappear from a person’s ear. She does a few more tricks and around noon. She stops and takes a break.

She pops two aspirins in her mouth for the headache she was developing. This was the longest she has used her newly acquired abilities since she got struck by lightning. She didn’t just get struck once, but three times. She had a weird tattoo design the lightning had left on her skin. It was the way the nerves appeared under her skin. The way the nerves branched out made it look like she had a flowery design on her skin. They stood out against her lightly tanned skin.

After thirty minutes, the aspirins kick in and her headache slowly start to fade. She gets back up and perform for another four hours, before calling it quits and heading home for the evening. When she gets back to the apartment she was sharing with two other people. She was glad neither one of them were home right now. She steps out of the heels she had on and slowly wiggle out of her stage magician outfit. She was still getting used to having breast. Her male bits she didn’t care for. She had wish the lightning had fired them. She finally gets undress and fill the tub with bath salts. She rubs under her breast where the bra cups had supported her DD breast. She hated wired under cups, but the ones she wore gave her the best support when she was wearing her outfit. The surgeon that had performed the operation had done a marvelous job on them.

She was glad that the lightning hadn’t affected them. Her Uncle had paid for her to get them, in exchange for her being his sex toy. He had paid for all her plastic surgery. No part of her body was left unchanged. He wanted a sexy toy to play with and since she wanted to be a girl so bad. She agreed to become his sex slave and let him remake her body over to what he liked. He tried brain washing her, but her mind was to strong.

The thing was, he wouldn’t pay to have her male bits remove. He did pay the doctor to remove her testicles. He liked embarrassing her by showing she still had male parts. She had a knockout body that any woman would want, and every man would drool over.

She just lowers herself down into the tub and let the hot bath salt water soak into her fair skin. She glances at her right arm where the scars were from the lightning strike and just smile. They really did look pretty. The design was like a vein cling to the side of a building.

She closes her eyes and just relax. She had tonight off from her part-time job at the bar tonight. The headache she had earlier has finally subsided. Every time she uses the gift the lightning strikes gave her, it caused her head to hurt.

The doctors that had tended to her, still couldn’t figure out why or how she was able to do what she does. All they could guess, was the lightning strikes stimulated the area of her brain where psychic abilities are supposed to originate from. When they did an MRI of her brain, they discover her neural pathways had been changed. She learned how to tap into her new abilities and use them in her street performances.
She stays in the tub till the water starts getting cold. She gets out and heads into the bedroom and slips on some panties and a sports bra. The sport bra she decided to wear, supported her DD chest without cutting into her chest. She slips on a pair of shorts and an over-sized t-shirt. She heads into the kitchen and pull out the items she would need to make a nice stir-fry.

She knew her roommates would be home soon. While she is cooking, she listens to some music. It always helped her relax as she cooked. She glances at the clock to see if she had time to make some fried rice. The cooking classes she took, has come in handy for cooking. After her Uncle was killed by some people he owed money too. She had to learn how to survive on her own. She could had used her body and sell herself, but after being her Uncle’s sex slave, she decided she wanted to be free. She started studying sleight of hand tricks and found out she was pretty good at it. Then she got a part time job at a bar as a waitress and then as a bartender.

One of the gay guys that worked there told her about a workshop being hosted by a popular chef. She started attending it and found that she enjoyed cooking. She starts on the fried rice to go with the meal.

When Greg opened the door to the apartment, he could smell beef in the air and hear music coming from the kitchen.

“Honey, I’m home.” He walks into the kitchen and see Leslie standing at the counter stirring something in the Wok.

He couldn’t believe that Leslie had been a guy at one time. She looked like every straight mans wet dream. If he was straight, he would make a move on her.

“Hey, good looking. Watch you got cooking?” He walks up till he was standing next to her.

“Hey Greg. I’m making fried rice. I thought we would have Chinese food tonight. Since I cooked, you and Arthur could clean the kitchen up. I kept the mess to a minimal.” Leslie stirs the fried rice one last time.

Greg picks a fork up and tries the fried rice. He saw she had added pork and beef to it.

“Mmmm, if I didn’t know any better. I would say you were part Chinese.” He loved how the rice tasted.

“Nope, I was born right here in Lincoln, England.” Leslie pulls down three plates and start filling them.

She takes the eggs rolls out of the oven and add one to each plate.

“Do you want tea, wine or beer with your food?” she looks at Greg.

“I think I’ll have wine. How about you?” Greg had walked over to get the wine glasses.

“I’ll have wine as well. I know Arthur will want tea. I just saw him pull up outside.” Leslie puts the kettle on.

She pulls down the jar of green tea leaves. She pulls a nice clean cheese cloth and adds the green tea leaves to the cheese cloth. She knew Arthur preferred to make his tea this way, instead of using prepackaged tea bags.

Her and Greg hear the door to the apartment open and shut.

“Dinner’s ready Arthur.”

Arthur could smell the food drifting around in the apartment and he hears Leslie calling out that dinner was ready. He walks into the kitchen
and sees Greg pouring two glasses of wine for him and Leslie. He also notices his favorite bug and his tea bag had already been made for him.

“Chinese tonight?” He had noticed three plates already made-up with stir-fry and egg rolls.

Leslie picks her plate and wine up. She heads into the living room to watch some television. She knew what television shows her roommates like. She curls up on the sofa, while Greg takes his favorite recliner, just like Arthur does. She picks one of their movies to watch as they eat their dinner.

“How did you do today?” Greg knew Leslie went out to perform today.

“I made £ 300.” Leslie was thrilled she made so much.

The other day, she only made a £ 100 performing. She had changed her tricks up some. She was hoping that by doing so, she would make a little extra.

“That’s better then you made yesterday. Was the crowd bigger today?” Arthur was curious.

“Hhhhmmm, I think it was. That might have counted for me making so much today.” Leslie takes a bite of her food.

“You know, you could wear a sexier outfit. That would draw a big crowd.” Arthur and Greg have seen how she dress to performed.

“If I wore any less. I would be charged for indecent exposer. I would have to wear a bikini to draw a larger crowd. Besides, I already look like a porn star.” Leslie didn’t hate how she looked, but she wouldn’t have mind looking a little less like a porn star.

“You know, you’re lucky me and Arthur are gay, because if we weren’t. We would be chasing after you. I know some lesbian’s that have asked about you. I keep telling them you are a straight girl.” Arthur knew there were several women he worked with that had questioned him about Leslie.

“To be honest with you Arthur, if I still didn’t have my male bits between my legs. I might consider sleeping with a woman, just to see what it is like.” Leslie takes another bite of her food.

“Well, if you ever get the operation. Let me know, because I know some women that would mind.” Arthur had a smile on his face as he ate his food.

The three of them eat their meal and watch several movies. The guys clean the kitchen up and wash the dishes. Around midnight, everyone turns in for the night.

Leslie strips out of the clothes she had on and into a nice night gown. She just recently bought for herself. She loved how it felt against her skin as she laid down on her bed and pull the covers up. In no time, she is sound asleep.

Mid-day, next day:
Leslie had arrived early to start her street performance. She had a nice size crowd, when she heard an alarm and then a scream as two guys came running out of the diamond store right across from where she was performing. She spotted the guys and threw one of the metal rings she had in her hand at the feet of one of the guys and causes him to fall face first.

As for the other person, she uses a little bit of her ability. She causes the ring to hit the guy in the back of the head, sending him to the ground. She runs over to retrieve her rings.

As she is running over to retrieve her rings. She spots a person with a white face that looks like Johnny Depp watching her from under a hood. She turns her attention back to retrieving her metal ring, but when she looks again to see if the same person was watching her. They weren’t there. The police finally show-up and she tells them what happened. When she walks over to get her equipment, she notices someone left her a wad of cash and a card that said In this size 10/6 with a note written on the back of it.

The note said:
“Be careful and watch your back!” The writing looked like it was written by a child.

She looks at the card and then around at the crowd that was dispersing. She wonders who left it. She gathers what money people had left for her and decided to head home for the day. She had to be at the club tonight to bartend. She heads home, but stops at her favorite fish and chips place to grab an order to take with her. She needed to head home and change out of her performing outfit and into her work clothes for the bar. The bar manager that hired her, liked to show off her assets to the patrons.

She hops in the shower quickly and when she comes out. She puts the outfit the bar manager likes for her to wear on. She takes some of the money she made today with her. She calls the cab company and waits for it to show-up.

She looks out the window of her place and notices a brand-new cab pulling up outside her apartment. She grabs her purse and heads downstairs. She heads out tot eh cab and notices it had young black short hair gentlemen with a moustache sitting in the driver seat.

Terry watches as the woman he had been sent to retrieve gets in the cab. Hatter had informed him that the gang that the two men she stopped today wanted her dead. Word had gone out almost immediately after they were arrested.

“Where to ma’am?” Terry turns to look at the young lady.

“The Devil’s Chamber please.” Leslie sits back and watches as they drove towards her job.

She couldn’t believe how quiet the cab was. The driver wasn’t bad looking either. He was kind of cute. She wonders if he was single.

After twenty minutes, they pull up in front of the Devil’s Chamber.

“That will be £10.” Terry watches as Leslie digs the money out of her purse.

“Here’s £13. Thank you. Do you have a card, so I can call you when I get off tonight?” Leslie like this driver.

“Sure, do ma’am.” Terry hands a business card to Leslie.

Leslie accepts it and heads inside to start her shift.

Terry watches as the young lady heads inside. Terry pulls away and runs her picture through the computer. He needed to know if she had a police file. Terry gets flagged down by a person. He pulls over and picks the person up.

“Hilton London Angel Islington” The gentleman sits back and enjoys the ride.

The Devil’s Chamber:
Leslie couldn’t believe how busy the bar was. The place was jumping. She did get hit on several times during the night. She had one guy that sat at the bar and made small talk with her. That was when she wasn’t busy serving customers.

She notices that the manager was in an unusual mood tonight. She has never seen him this happy before. She spots him waving her over.

“Hey, I have a fellow in the VIP room that is very interested in you. Why don’t you go and see what he wants?” Alton knew this man was important and powerful. He was the leader of one of the local gangs.

“If he touches me in way I don’t like. I’m going to deck him.” Leslie didn’t like being treated like a slab of meat.

“What you do in there is none of my business.” Alton just watches as Leslie heads towards the VIP rooms.

Leslie heads towards the VIP rooms. It isn’t the first time she has been summoned to these rooms before. She knocks on the door.


Leslie heard a male’s voice as she entered the room. As she walked in, she spots a well-built dress guy in his mid-forties surrounded by four other guys. One of the four guys had a young prostitute kneeling in front of him, giving him oral sex.

“I was told you wish to see me Mr.??” Leslie looks at the guy, while ignoring what the young prostitute was doing.

“Lennon, Mr. Lennon. I did ask for you, Leslie Wright. I was informed that you were responsible for two of my mates being arrested this morning.” Two of the four guys go to block Leslie from escaping from the room.

She looks around to see if there was anything she could use to protect herself.

“Well, they shouldn’t had tried to rob a diamond shop in broad daylight.” Leslie was watching everyone.

“Well you screwed up and now you have to pay the price.” One of the guys tries grabbing her.

She slams her foot right between his legs and punches him in the face. She tries to make it to the door, but is grab from behind and squeezed.
One of the other guys punches her in the face. She could feel blood coming out of her nose. She tries to move her head out of the way as the guy punches her again in the face. She gets punched in the stomach.

Just as she was about to be punched again. She is blown backwards against the guy that was holding her. She falls backwards onto the floor on top of him. She saw a female figure dress in black beating the living daylights out the other men.

Dakota & Hatter:
The intel Hatter had gotten about the leader of the gang that had been arrested earlier in the day had been spot on. The gang leader was taken a special interest in it, because one of the guys arrested happened to be his younger brother. Terry had informed them that the girl that helped get them arrested worked at the Devil’s Chamber. Dakota had gone inside the club instead of Hatter, because Hatter was too recognizable. She had come in through the back entrance. She had mingled with the crowd while watching the young woman while she worked behind the bar.

Then when she saw the woman head back to the VIP lounge. She followed at a distance till she saw her disappear in the room. She moved up to the door and used a camera snake to watch what was going on inside the room. When the young woman they were following got hit several times. That’s when she used one of the special shape charges she carried around to breach the door. She knew the explosion would cause the girl and the guy holding her get blown backwards.

She went through the door and took out the other three people. The guy punching on the girl was knocked out. The prostitute was cowering in the corner of the room and the guy she had been giving a blow job to. He was knocked out. The other three guys were groaning on the floor.

Alton heard a crashing sound from the VIP area and went to investigate. He looked in the room that Leslie had gone in. He saw a woman dressed in a skintight black leather outfit.

“Who are you?” Alton was standing there considering the room.

Dakota heard a voice come from behind her. She turns and look at the source of the voice.

“MI5 and your lucky I don’t charge you with accessory.” Dakota didn’t have a happy look on her face.

Leslie was getting up off the floor as she listened to what was going on in front of her.

“Hatter, I need your assistance in here.” Dakota takes out a set of zip cuffs.

Alton watched as the woman starts zip cuffing the people in there. When she gets to the prostitute.

“How old are you girl?” Dakota helps her up off the floor.

“I’m fourteen years old. I need the money.” Julie was scared.

“She can come with us.” Hatter comes walking in and looks at the woman they had come to rescue.

“I told you to watch your back.” Hatter couldn’t believe the woman didn’t take precautions.

Hatter looks at the bar manager “the police are on their way here. We weren’t here.”

“Understood.” Alton wasn’t going to argue with the woman who looked like the Mad Hatter.

He had heard rumors about her on the streets. He wasn’t about to make her mad or angry at him.

“One more thing. You’re going to give this woman full pay, plus a bonus for tonight and if I hear anything about you mistreating her again. I will personally cut your dick off and shove it down your throat.” Hatter steps close to him “Understand me?”

Alton swallows as he looks into Hatter’s eyes. He nods his head yes. He was scared from what he saw in them.

Dakota looks at Leslie “let’s go and get your purse and get out of here.”

“Yes ma’am.” Leslie couldn’t believe that she had an MI5 agent and the Hatter here with her.

She had heard rumors about the Hatter. Leslie heads up front to grab her purse. She was followed by the MI5 agent.

Once Dakota saw that Leslie had her purse “come on. Let’s get you out of here and safely home.”

Dakota leads her out the back entrance and over to Terry, who was standing by The Black Knight.

“Take her directly home.” Dakota gives Terry a wink.

“Will do.” Terry shuts the door once Leslie was inside the cab.

Terry gets back in and heads back towards the address he had picked her up earlier.

Leslie looks up front towards Terry “you know those people?”

“Yes, I know those people. You’re lucky they knew what was going down tonight.” Terry didn’t really need to concentrate on driving. The cab could drive itself to the address.

“How did you and they know what was going on?” Leslie was curious.

“Can’t tell you that. Just know, what that gang leader had planned for you. You wouldn’t have liked. Now, if you have any problems or someone comes up and threatens you. Call the number on the card I gave you earlier. You can reach me any time.” Terry stops right in front of the apartment he had picked her up earlier.

“Thank you.” Leslie gets out of the cab.

She turns around and looks at Terry “will I see you guys again?’

Terry just smirks “you’ll see me if you call for a ride. Don’t worry if you don’t have the money. The ride won’t cost you anything. Now, go inside your place and take a nice hot bubble bath.”

“Thank you.” Leslie heads inside her apartment.

She starts shaking once she realized what had happened to her tonight. She manages to make her way inside her apartment. She heads into the bathroom and start a relaxing bath for herself. She strips out of her clothes and climb into the tub. She sits there and tries not to shake, but to let the water comfort her.

Once the water turns cold. She gets out and slip her nightgown on and climb into bed.

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