Mole Hunt Chap. 2

Thursday, January 4, 2018, 2330hrs:
Hatter and Dakota had taken Julie to the van Hatter had put in storage when she left for America. Julie was scared and worried about what these women were going to do to her. If she didn’t return to Dexter with the money she was supposed to make tonight. He was going to hurt her sister.

In a scared voice “where are you going to take me?”

Hatter looks at Julie “where do you live and don’t lie to me.”

Julie looks at Hatter and wonders if she could help her and her sister.

“I work for a guy name Dexter. He’s my pimp and he’s holding my younger sister hostage, so I don’t run off.” Tears were sliding down Julie’s cheeks.

“How old is your sister and where are your parents?” Dakota was curious. She was driving Hatter’s van.

“My sister is 7yrs old and handicap. She is diabetic, and I use the money I make to pay Dexter back for the insulin he buys for my sister. My parents died from a drug overdose. We were homeless, and Dexter said he would help us.” Tears were still sliding down her cheeks.

“Where can we find this Dexter?” Hatter was angry for making this girl sell herself.

Julie could tell Hatter was mad. She saw it in Hatter’s eyes. She had heard stories about what Hatter did to people.

Julie gives Hatter the address. She hopes Dexter doesn’t hurt her sister. She watches as Dakota pulls up to the place that Julie had given them. Julie gets out of the van followed by Hatter and Dakota.

Dakota had seen Hatter’s face and knew there was going to be trouble. She follows behind Hatter as they walked towards the building and
then up a set of stairs. Julie knocks on the door and it opens. Julie steps aside as Hatter rushes forward.

Dexter wasn’t expecting the figure that had come through the door. He was about to react when he felt something sharp hit his shoulder. He felt another something else sharp hit his other shoulder. He looked at the figure standing in front of him and saw who it was. He had heard she had gone to America.

Dakota comes through with Julie “where is your sister?”

“She’s back here.” Julie leads Dakota to where her sister was kept.

She glances at Hatter and could see she had another throwing knife in her hand. She saw Dexter with two knives already in each shoulder.
She felt sorry for the poor guy. Hatter was a knife expert and he didn’t stand a chance.

Hatter had an evil smile on her face. This guy was forcing a teenage girl to sell her body, instead of offering to take care of her and her sister. She throws the knife in her hand at his right arm.

Dexter knew right away who this woman was. He had watched as Julie lead another woman dress in a skin-tight outfit pass Hatter towards the room he had the brat locked up in. He tries to hit Hatter. He couldn’t believe she dodge his strike. He also couldn’t believe she yanked one of the knives in his shoulder out and slice him across his chest with it.

Hatter licks the throwing knife she took out of Dexter’s shoulder and smile at him. She was going to make him pay for what he did to the girl. She moves in quickly and smacks him on the side of his head, knocking him out cold. She takes one of her zip cuffs and cuff him.

Dakota had kicked in the locked door that Julie’s little sister was kept in. The poor girl didn’t look good. She had a chain attached to her ankle that was long enough to let her go to the bathroom. She takes her lock picks out and unlock the girl.

“Julie, where does Dexter keep the insulin your sister needs?” Dakota picks up the frighten girl.

“In the kitchen in the refrigerator. He keeps it lock.” Julie starts grabbing what belonged to her and her sister.

“You gather up what belongs to you girls.” Dakota carries the little girl with her towards the kitchen.

She spots Hatter cuffing the guy up.

“Hatter, the insulin the girl needs are in the refrigerator.” She tried to use her hand, but the little girl tightens her grip on her.

“Alright.” Hatter goes over to the refrigerator and notices it was locked.

She pulls her gun out and shoots the lock off. When she opens the refrigerator, she sees a load of different types of medicine. She looks till
she finds the insulin. She also sees that there were vials of estrogen and cyproterone acetate. There were a few other chemicals in their as well; along with a bag of ice and meth.

Hatter takes most of the drugs, but leaves the ice and meth.

“Let’s get out of here Hatter.” Dakota dials the police and tell them where they could come and get Dexter.

As they are walking back down the stairs. Dakota figures they were going to have to get the little girl and Julie checked out by a doctor. She follows Hatter back to the van and have Julie get in.

“Here, sit next to your sister, little one.” Dakota puts the little girl next to Julie.

Hatter hops into the driver seat.

“I know a doctor we can take her to tomorrow.” Hatter starts the van up.

“That’s fine. Anika and Bart won’t be arriving for a few days. We could take them to Elizabeth and let her look at the girls.” Dakota glances behind her to see Julie holding her sister.

“Don’t you trust me?” Hatter glances towards Dakota as she drove.

“Yes, I trust you Hatter. I’m just thinking about the girls.” Dakota trusted Hatter.

“I can trust this doctor I know. He will keep his mouth shut about us and the girls.” Hatter heads towards the place they were staying at.

Once they get there, Hatter backs the van inside the warehouse they were staying at. It was one of the safe houses Jack and Cheshire owned in the part of England where they were.

“Alright girls, let’s get you inside and tucked in for the night.” Dakota had glanced at her watch and it was almost two in the morning.
Hatter escorts the girls into the room she was using as her own.

“You girls can sleep in here, till we get things straightened out.” She gives Julie one of her spare nightshirts to wear to bed.

“Ms. Hatter, I need to tell you something.” Julie was nervous, because she wasn’t sure how Hatter was going to handle what she is going to tell her.

Hatter looks at Julie “just call me Hatter or Hatter Aylin, Julie.”

“Hatter, I’m not a true girl.” Julie was nervous.

Hatter just smiles at Julie “I know. Now, get ready for bed Julie.”

She kisses her forehead and walks out of the bedroom to give the girls some privacy. She goes into the small kitchen area and grabs a bottle water. She stands there drinking her water.

“How are the girls doing?” Dakota comes walking into the kitchen.

“They are doing okay. Julie just confessed that she isn’t a true girl.” Hatter looks over towards Dakota.

“I know. I saw myself, but she is cute. If she wants to be a girl, I think she’ll be a nice one.” Dakota grabs a bottle water as well.

“You can bunk with me if you want.” Dakota knew Hatter gave her room up for the girls.

“That’s okay. I’ll sleep in the van. I have a sleeping bag and air mattress I can use.” Hatter finishes off her water and looks at some of the drugs they brought back with them.

“Where did he gets all these drugs?” Dakota was curious.

She walks over and checks a few of the drugs. Some of them were things like herself and Julie would need. The rest of it was morphine and a few other drugs that people bought on the black market. She locates the insulin that Julie’s little sister was going to need.

Hatter blows the air mattress up and grabs the sleeping bag and sleeps in the van.

Dakota checks on the girls and they were sound asleep. She leaves a nightlight on and the door crack, so Julie knows that she can leave the room any time she wanted to. Dakota heads to bed herself. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

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