So You Want To Be A Nurse - Ch. 02 - 08

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Sexy TV Nurse
So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Two – Education

Michele remained tied to the bed, mortified and full of trepidation whilst Dr Lovejoy dressed and left the room. Polly soon followed with the incriminating eight-millimetre film still in the camera, leaving Matron Holliday alone with Michele.

“So you see Nurse Nylons we have some very incriminating evidence in our possession. This means you now belong to us,” Matron lectured.

“You can continue to work here at CMH as Nurse Michael Nyland, you can even wear lingerie under your uniform for all we care. But when we want Nurse Michele, she better be ready.”


“No fucking buts! I know what you want to say but I’m not interested. All you have to do is listen.”

“When you get home tonight you will find several packages have been delivered along with some written detailed instructions. Read them carefully and you better be ready to say that you agree to our ultimatum.”

“Should you elect not to continue your employment at CMH under the conditions we have set, we will send still prints from selected parts of the movie that Polly just filmed to every hospital in the country. If you try to seek employment further afield we will find out and send the stills there.”

“Additionally we will post copies to your family and sell copies of the full movie to those who deal with illicit pornography. The full movie includes footage of you before we transitioned you, so it will be quite obvious who you are”

“You may use the ensuite bathroom to clean up and change back into your male attire; you take the lingerie, wig and shoes home with you,” the Matron finished her lecture, untied Michele’s wrists and left private ward 206.

Michele lay on the bed sobbing but soon realised that would not achieve anything and the longer she remained dressed as she was, the more likely she might get caught dressed in drag.

She leapt off the bed, nearly falling over in the unfamiliar high-heels. She kicked them off and scrambled over and locked the door. She went into the ensuite and undressed then scrubbed the makeup from her face. The eyeliner was the most difficult to remove but after repeated rubbing with some moistened towellettes she managed to remove it.

She showered and scrubbed herself, paying particular attention between legs where small amounts of Dr Lovejoy’s spend still dribbled from her anus. She dried herself off and dressed as Michael.

Michael shoved the lingerie, wig, and shoes into a pillowcase, unlocked the door, checked the passageway, and then scurried back to the nurses change room. It was deserted, the shift having changed over half an hour ago. Michael changed into civvies, threw the pillowcase into his knapsack and caught the bus home, his head spinning.

‘Why were they doing this to me?’

‘Why did Dr Lovejoy treat Michele so attentively during their lovemaking but then treat her so awfully after the sex?’

‘Why did Michele feel so femme whilst she was fully dressed as a woman?’

‘And more importantly; why did she enjoy being fucked once she had learned how to accommodated Dr Lovejoy’s penis in her back passage?’

These thoughts went around and around in Michael Nyland’s consciousness as he travelled home.

Arriving home he opened the door with some trepidation and sure enough, there in the entryway was a large suitcase with a small note taped to handle. He slammed the door behind him and tore off the note dropping the pillowcase which held the wig, lingerie and stockings.

‘So easy to copy your keys. You should really lock your locker (not that that would stop us hehe).’ It was signed ‘Matron’.

“Fuck!” Michael shouted into the empty town house apartment.

Michael lugged the heavy suitcase and the pillowcase into the spare bedroom and threw them onto the bed. Although he felt totally debased after what had happened to him and peeved by the transgression into the sanctity of his residence, he had to admit that his curiosity was aroused. What was in the suitcase?

He thew the contents of the pillowcase on the bed and opened the suitcase and found it was filled to capacity with packages of various sizes. He found another note in a sealed envelope addressed to Nurse Michele Nylons. Obviously the ‘detailed instructions’ alluded to by Amanda Holliday.

He read the note:


Enjoy the contents of this suitcase and practice, practice, practice, especially putting on your makeup and walking in high-heels. Obviously you need no instructions on how to wear the clothing, but someone will soon come by soon to educate you in the art of makeup and other feminine mysteries.

It’s no use trying to fight us; you know the consequences. You might even consider going to the authorities with your story but would they believe you? Think of what would happen if we divulged an edited version of Polly’s little film clip. Just try to relax and think of the pleasure rather than the pain.

I know you really want to be a nurse; a real nurse, not a male nurse. We will help you.

Whether you like it or not.


PS: we will deduct the cost of the contents of the suitcase from your earnings’

Michael threw the note on the dresser and began to rip open the packages. There were a number of packets of expensive fully-fashioned stockings, lots of knickers - both cami-knickers and full-cut panties, a couple of brassieres, two bustieres, suspender belts and slips, two pairs of high-heels – one black, one white, and intriguingly, two nurses uniforms – one navy blue and one white. There were also two smaller cases, one full of makeup and the other full of costume jewellery.

There was another package, which contained what could only be described as a pair of plastic breast. They looked alien, a perfect set of female breast and bottle of some sort and roll of medical adhesive tape.

Michael was apprehensive and repulsed but also a very curious, and he had to admit, a little excited as he began to lay out all the items from the suitcase on the bed.

He unwrapped the fully-fashioned stockings and marvelled at the dark seams, reinforced toes and heels and the smoky welts; they felt so luxurious and he rubbed them against his face before laying them down. Similarly the knickers felts so sensuous, slippery satin and smooth nylon; lacy suspender belts, satin bustieres and smooth satin slips. The nurse’s uniforms could never be worn inside a hospital; even without trying them on it was obvious they were cut way too tight, the hems were ridiculously short and the bodices open to the decolletage.

Michael marvelled at the cosmetics case, full of lotions, powers and scents. He recognised just about all of the contents but had no real idea how to apply the makeup. He held up one of the high-heels and giggled; there was no way he would be able to walk in these.

There were three wigs, a black bob, a blonde shoulder-length job and a stylish brunette straight-combed with a fringe. They looked expensive.

There was a knock at the door and Michael awoke form his reverie.

“What the fuck now?” he said to himself, annoyed at the distraction.

Michael opened the door to find Polly standing on the doorstep. Polly was dressed very provocatively; a thigh-hugging navy-blue pencil skirt worn high on the waist with a kick-pleat in the rear, a matching jacket worn tight over a cream satin blouse open at the decolletage displaying her ample breasts, a hint of lacy black brassier visible. Her feet were shod in black patent leather high-heel pumps and her legs encased in shimmering flesh-toned hosiery; gold jewellery accessorised the outfit. Her black hair was worn in a bouffant style made popular by several movie actresses.

Her makeup was heavy; her pretty face accentuated by powder and rouge, her lipstick bright red, her eyes enhanced by black eyeliner, mascara and smoky eyeshadow.

She looked very sexy; the antithesis as to how she presented herself at work.

Michael was surprised by Polly’s unannounced appearance at his door and stood transfixed in the doorway.

“Get out the way you dozy bint and let me in,” Polly brushed past Michael and strutted into the hallway.

“Ok. You’ve got the notes from Amanda and obviously you’ve unpacked the suitcase,” Polly gestured with her chin towards the bedroom where the contents of the suitcase spread on the bed could be seen through the open door.

Michael closed the front door and turned to face Polly.

“What the fuck do you want Polly?”

“As per Amanda’s note I’m here to instruct you. To teach you have to use the makeup and how to transform yourself from Michael into Michele,” she stated, opening her purse and extracting a gold cigarette case.

“What if I just tell to fuck off?” Michael responded angrily.

Polly mooched in her purse again and extracted an envelope, which she waved in the air as she strutted into the small living room. She threw the envelope on the coffee table and lit her cigarette.

“I’ll help myself to a drink while you look at those shall I?” she pointed at the envelope.

Michael followed her into lounge and snatched up the envelope.

“Help yourself,” he said sarcastically to Polly, who having examined the contents of Michael’s modest bar, poured herself a gin and tonic.

“Thanks. Ice is in the fridge I take it? I’ll pour you one too, you might need it,” she called from the cosy kitchen-diner, dropping ice into the drinks.

Michael opened the envelope and was appalled. There were a series of still photographs lifted from the eight-millimetre film and they were downright pornographic. Dr Lovejoy and Matron Holliday’s faces had been expertly blurred and as Michael had been transformed into Michele in the photographs it was unlikely that anyone who knew him casually would recognise him dressed in drag. But anyone who knew him well enough would recognise him if they were informed that it was he in the pictures.

The series of shots depicted Michele in very compromising situations with Amanda Holliday but the most damning were the shots of Michele being fucked by James Lovejoy. Her face was a portrait of absolute delight as she lay underneath him, her legs wrapped around the man fucking her, and the stills taken where she was returning his kisses were equally damning.

“You didn’t know I was an amateur film maker and photographer did you? Pretty good stuff if I do say so myself,” Polly commented, seating herself on the lounge, her skirt riding up her thighs.

“So, I’m not going to waste my time reiterating Matron’s proposition. I need an answer yes or no,” she sipped her drink.

“I have no choice do I? I have to submit but I still don’t see what this is all about; your insistence on transforming me into a transvestite nurse? Surely this isn’t just so you can prostitute me out to Dr Lovejoy!” Michael growled.

“Look, all will be revealed by Amanda when it suits her. For now I’m here to teach you how to transform from your male persona into sexy nurse Michele,” Polly sipped her drink again and pointed to the spare bedroom where the contents of the suitcase were laid out on the bed.

“Ok, go and shave your face as close as you can then grab your drink and follow me. Let’s make this as pleasant as possible; I hold no malice against you dear, I’ve always thought that you are quite a handsome man; but you are an absolutely stunning woman,” Polly smiled and then winked mischievously at him.

“And when you come back, make sure you are naked so I have a blank canvass to start with.”

Michael couldn’t help but being flattered by Polly’s comments but he was still angry that he was being manipulated this way. After shaving his face as smooth as he could he returned to bedroom, drink in hand, Polly had already poured herself another.

“Ok you must keep all of your body and legs shaved, just like we did to you in the ward and always shave your face before you put on your makeup,” Polly commenced her instruction.

“Ok lets lay out the makeup on the dresser and you take a seat right here,” she indicated a high-back chair in front of the dresser mirror.

With the makeup laid out Polly began the first lesson.

“Now pay attention sweetie, you need to learn how to do this,” she said.

Polly took a damp sponge and applied generous amounts of foundation to Michele’s face then she picked up a brush and applied a finishing powder. She rouged Michele’s cheeks, accenting her high feminine cheekbones. She fussed around Michele’s eyes applying liberal amounts of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. She finished with another light dusting of powder and plum red lipstick to Michele’s lips.

Polly explained to Michele each step of the ritual. The final touch was the application of bright red nail polish to Michele’s toenails and fingernails and a liberal spray of perfume.

Polly selected the black bob from the three wigs, she turned Michele towards the mirror, fitted the wig, combed it and made some adjustments. Michele was shocked as she looked at herself in the mirror; she looked stunning.

“You like that don’t you?” Polly smirked.

“My god! I do look just like a woman!” Michele marvelled at her reflection.

“Ok take off the wig and remove the makeup and you do it,” Polly instructed.

Michele used the moisturiser and facecloth and removed the makeup.

Polly made Michele apply her makeup five times until she was happy.

“You’re no expert but you get the gist; you will get better with practise,” she finished her second G and T and went into the lounge to pour another.

Polly selected a pair of black nylon full-cut panties from the midden of lingerie on the bed. She held them open so Michele could step into them and adjusted the waistband on Michele’s hips then Polly chose a black satin garter belt and clipped the garment together and Michele stepped into it and adjusted it so the garter straps were in position. The she helped Michele put on a pair of the fully-fashioned stockings and clipped the garters to the welts of the stockings. She straightened the seams.

“I know how to put on lingerie Polly!” Michele was fed up with Polly’s ministrations.

“I know sweetie but it’s always nice to have a girlfriend help you dress,” she smiled and slipped a hand inside the gusset of Michele’s panties, gripped her cock and pushed it back between her legs; the tight nylon panties held it snugly between her legs.

Michele gasped.

“There,” Polly said, “lets get that little thing out of the way shall we?” she laughed.

“Here,” she said, handing Michele the matching brassiere.

“Put these on while I get the breastforms.”

Michele was puzzled; ‘what the fuck are Breastforms?’ She thought.

Polly rummaged through the packages on the bed and then turned around and held out two perfectly formed small breasts, one in each hand. She walked over to Michele and placed one of the plastic breasts in each cup.

“There is some adhesive in the suitcase with instructions on how to adhere the breastforms to your chest. You can learn to do that later. The way I’m dressing you tonight it won’t matter, you just need the shape.” Polly said.

Polly sat Michele down and lifted her feet one by one and placed a black, shiny, high heel on each one. She went to the bedroom and came back with handful of the costume jewellery.

Polly selected a simple gold ankle chain and fastened it around Michele’s slim ankle. The gold twinkled in the light against the sheen of the sheer nylon. Polly put two gold bands around Michele’s left wrist, and another bracelet on her right wrist. She placed a gold chain around Michele’s neck, from which hung a faux diamond gold. She clipped matching earrings to Michel’s ears.

“As soon as you can, get your ears, pierced; earings hang better from pierced ears than clip-ons,” she said.

“Now do you prefer the summer uniform or winter?” Polly held up the navy and white nurses uniforms for inspection.

It was a rhetorical question as it turned out Polly threw the white uniform back on the bed and held out the navy blue uniform worn by all nurses at CMH.

As Michele stepped into the uniform she was not surprised to find that it too was made out of satin or rayon; the smooth material rasped against her nylons, panties and bra as she pulled it up. She had to admit it felt so sensuous against her lingerie and bare skin.

Polly stepped behind her and zipped it up. It was very tight and clung to her breasts, tummy, hips and thighs.

Polly smoothed out the fabric, deliberately lingering on Michele’s mid-section, groin and thighs. She pulled down the hem but it still rested high on her thighs, just covering the welts of her stockings. Michele found herself becoming aroused; the delightful feeling of Polly’s fingertips brushing her, the miasma of their perfume, Polly’s close proximity stimulated her senses and she felt her penis being to engorge.

“Oh my!” Polly slipped a hand under Michele’s dress and gently squeezed Michele’s turgid penis through her panties.

“Come,” she took Michele by the hand and led her to the bedroom, Michele walking trepidaciously in the unfamiliar high-heels.

Michele looked at herself in the mirror and was stunned by how feminine and attractive she looked.

Michael would fuck this woman in a heartbeat, she thought.

“You must practice walking in heels until you are comfortable. You don’t even need to fully dress; just slip on the heels when you come home from work each day and leave them on until you go to bed,” Polly instructed.

“Of course if you want to dress; it will be helpful and you need to keep practicing your make up skills,” Polly said grinning, and squeezed Michele on the thigh.

“Come on Michele, sit on the bed,” Polly said removing her hand from under Michele’s skirt.

“So tell me about your crossdressing, why you have this penchant to wear ladies undergarments?” Polly called from the kitchen, bringing pouring two more drinks.

She walked back into the bedroom with the drinks and her cigarettes and sat down beside Michele.

“Give me one of those and I’ll tell you,” Michele nodded at Polly’s cigarette case.

They both lit up and took a sip of their drinks.

Michele held no grudge against Polly until tonight, she had ribbed Michael a little, just as the other nurses had at CMH but she was basically nice person. Even though Polly was implicit in Michele’s blackmail, filming her in room 209 and making the stills, she still treated Michele with affection. And Michele had to admit that Polly looked downright gorgeous tonight, dressed as she was.

And so Michele told Polly her story, how she had developed a fetish for lingerie and stockings and how her fetish increased and became more compelling as she grew older. How she stole her sisters and mother’s discarded undergarments and used them for masturbatory purposes and then began secretly wearing them under her male attire. She even told her about snowdropping in the nurse’s change room.

They sat side by side close to each other as Michele told her story and Polly hung on every word.

“Absolutely fascinating Michele,” Polly said.

“And the incident in room 209? You fought against Amanda and doctor Lovejoy but you have to admit you really seemed to be enjoying towards the end?” Polly asked leaning in closer.

“I’m heterosexual Polly. Sure I like dressing up in ladies frillies but I like women not men. I don’t know what happened to me. I just felt so feminine dressed that way and when Dr Lovejoy did what he did; I don’t know…Something changed inside me and I couldn’t help but enjoy it,” Michele had tears in her eyes as she finished explaining.

Polly took Michele’s hand.

“Well Michele, I wonder if you are still heterosexual now. I thought I was too but I will admit to you that I am attracted to both men and women, ever since Amanda turned me…No I’m telling you too much!”

“I’m sorry Michele but now is not the time to explain what the Matron is up to. She has a hold over some of us and she uses her power to further her illicit activities. I honestly can’t tell you, but Amanda will tell you very soon,” Polly said, she drew on her cigarette and blew out the smoke.

“If it’s any consolation you do look absolutely gorgeous; even better than you did earlier today in the ward when…well you know when,” she whispered.

Polly looked into Michele’s pretty painted eyes and Michele stared back into Polly’s heavily made up face. Michele was once again very aware how sexy Polly looked, dressed and made up as she was. Polly moved her head forward so that their faces were only inches apart and parted her red lipsticked lips. Michele felt her cock harden in her panties.

“Polly; we shouldn’t. We work together, it isn’t right.” Michele whimpered.

“We’re Polly and Michele,” Polly responded and kissed Michele deeply, their lipsticked lips mashing together and their tongues intertwining.

Michele gently pushed Polly away and tried to stand up on her high heels, her hard cock had freed itself from between her legs and tenting the front of her uniform.

“It’s not right Polly; it’s wrong,” she whispered.

“As far as I’m concerned you are Michele, a lovely fascinating woman who I find very attractive and just happens to have a penis,” Polly replied.

“I can see you that you are attracted to me,” she said pointing to Michele’s erection visibly tenting her uniform.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” Polly said standing and rucking up her skirt.

Michele stared at Polly standing there with her navy-blue pencil skirt lifted around her waist; she held the hem at her waist holding it between her red painted fingernails. Polly was wearing white cami-knickers. She reached out with one hand and placed Michele’s hand on her stockinged leg. She moved Michele’s fingers up her nyloned thigh until it came to rest on her panties. Michele instinctively started stroking Polly’s panty crotch.

Michele moved forward and kissed Polly and felt her stiffen and groan in the back of her throat. Polly wrapped her arms around Michele and returned the embrace as Michele continued to stroke her pantied crotch and stocking encased legs.

Polly reached down with one hand and slipped it under Michele’s dress and eased her thick cock out of her silky panties and began to rub it on her stockings. Michele experienced that familiar exquisite feel of diaphanous nylon against her glans, making it tingle with delight. A small trail of pre-seminal fluid began to glisten on Polly’s thigh.

Michele kissed Polly deeper, loving the combined taste of their lipstick and makeup and the scent of their perfumes. Michele was rubbing her penis between Polly’s legs working the shaft against the sheer nylon. Her cock came in contact with Polly’s stocking top and she rubbed it there whilst her hand continued to caress Polly’s mound through her cami-knickers, occasionally sliding down to caress the expanse of flesh above her stocking.

Then Michele moved her hand under Polly’s cami-knickers and stroked the outside of Polly’s vagina. It was completely hairless and smooth to touch.

“Yes! Please! Yes!” Polly gasped and whimpered into Michele’s hot wet mouth.

Michele extended a finger inside Polly’s glistening labia and felt her warm moist vagina, Polly’ sex was soaking wet and inflamed with arousal. Polly stiffened slightly and then relaxed, she opened her legs slightly so that Michele had unimpeded access to her pubis.

Michele eased two fingers inside Polly’s vagina and positioned her thumb over her clitoris; she slid her fingers in and out of Polly as she gently stroked her clitoris. Michele’s rubbed her penis against Polly’s legs whilst her free hand gently held Polly’s head and stroked her hair.

Michele eased Polly back on to the bed and lay on top of her with her hand still between Polly’s legs manipulating her sex. She pushed Polly’s skirt up around her waist, Polly lifting her sexy buttocks off the bed to assist.

“Are you sure you want this?” Michele asked Polly, looking into her eyes.

“Oh god yes please Michele,” was Polly’s reply as she pulled Michele’s face to hers and kissed her deeply.

She opened her legs and lifted them up around Michele’s waist, her stockings rasping against Michele’s satin dress and her high-heels pointing up at the ceiling.

Michel’s tumescent penis rubbed against Polly’s pantied mound and she could feel the hot folds of Polly’s labia. She opened the leg of Polly’s cami-knickers and pushed forward. It was like entering a hot buttery cave as Polly’s labia opened and Michele’s penis slid effortlessly inside. Polly’s silken-clad legs gripped Michele and commenced pulling and pushing her back and forth in a slow rhythm as Michele fucked her.

Polly’s vagina was tight and wet and Michele loved the sensations of the hot folds her sex against her hard shaft. Polly’s labia wrapped around the base of Michele’s cock as their pantied crotches slammed together. Polly gripped Michele tight with her stockinged legs.

“Oh god Michele, this feels so good, please take it slowly or I’m going to orgasm and I really want to us take our time and enjoy this,” Polly whimpered in Michele’s ear.

Michele eased the tempo; she began to thrust in and out of Polly with long, slow, deep strokes.

Michele’s cock slid in and out of Polly’s slick wet folds and Polly’s labia greedily wrapped around the base of Michele’s cock when Michele entered her fully, their pantied crotches rubbing against each other increasing the intensity of the pleasure they both felt.

Michele felt her orgasm approaching and began to thrust harder as Polly’s legs locked around her waist.

“I’m coming Polly’; I can’t help it! I’m coming!” Michele screamed into Polly’s mouth, crushing their painted lips together and driving her tongue deep inside her hot mouth.

“Oh yes please Michele! Come in me! Come in me!” Polly groaned and bucked and wriggled.

Polly gripped Michele by her satin pantied buttocks and slammed her mound up to meet Michele’s thrusts. Polly ground her pubic mound against Michele as she thrust forward and Michele was delighted by the added sensation of Polly’s mound grinding against her scrotum encased in her satin panties.

Polly moaned into Michele’s mouth, "I’m coming! Coming! Coming!"

Michele thrust forward and pushed hard against Polly and emptied her seed deep inside her. Polly whimpered and moaned; their tongue's intertwined and slavered as Michele's hot seed shot deep inside Polly’s pulsating cunt. Polly dug her painted fingernails into Michele’s satin pantied buttocks and shook in ecstasy as they orgasmed. Polly’s vagina quivered and pulsed as her orgasm shook her, squeezing the last of the semen from Michele’s penis.

They lay in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing each other as Michele’s penis slowly deflated. After what seemed like eternity, Michel extracted herself from Polly’s embrace and she lit cigarettes for them both.

Polly took a long pull on her drink, finally getting her breath back. She took a drag of cigarette and blew a cloud of blue smoke towards the ceiling.

“I can stay the night if you want?” Polly snuggled up to Michele and nuzzled her ear playfully

To be continued………………………………..

So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Three – Assistance and Corruption

Michele and Polly made love three times in total that night including a long session of oral sex. They both stripped down to their lingerie and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The stimulating feel of satin and nylon rubbing against each other woke them both during the early morning; Michele had a huge erection tenting her satin panties and Polly eased the member from its tight prison and guided it into her warm, wet vagina.

They thrust against each other, kissing and caressing until they both orgasmed and once again dozed off to sleep.

When Michele awoke late the next day her bed was empty. She glanced at the bedside alarm clock and saw it was quarter to eleven; late for someone who was an early-riser, even though it was Saturday and she didn’t have to work. She got out of bed and searched her small town house and found it deserted. An envelope rested against a lamp on the hallway telephone table; she tore it open.

‘Thanks for last night; it was wonderful. Don’t forget to practice your makeup and walking skills ha-ha, but seriously Michele, be careful, and don’t fuck with Matron; she has powerful friends and will not hesitate to out you if you don’t comply.

I have to work today but I’ll call you soon.

Be careful.’

The note was hand-written and instead of signing it Polly had left a red-lipstick kiss. It smelled vaguely of her perfume. Michele was still speculating about the contents of the note when the telephone rang. Michele jumped with surprise then picked up the receiver. Having a telephone was a bit of luxury for someone on her wage but the hospital subsidised the line rental so that her work could contact her. None of her relatives owned a phone and it was unlikely they would call late on Saturday morning from a call box.

“Be ready at one PM. Wear the white uniform,” it was Matron.

“But…” Michele stammered.

“One PM!” the line clicked, Matron had hung up.

Michele was dumbfounded and a little scared. She looked in the hallstand mirror and thought that in the light of day she looked ridiculous. Her wig was askew and her heavy makeup was smeared over her face, a combination of lovemaking and sleep had seen to that. She rubbed her face and felt the beginnings of stubble.

Her brassiere looked a little forlorn and saggy, the cups void of the breastforms, which she had removed before getting into bed. Her stockings were laddered and a couple of garters had come loose and hung forlornly at her thighs; the front of her knickers was stuck to her penis; glued there by dried semen. She felt like crying and probably would have but the phone rang again.

“It’s Polly. I know that Matron just called so just do what she said Michele, don’t fuck with her.”

And once again the line went dead before Michele could speak.

“Fuck!” Michele screamed into the empty house.

Resolve set, Michele commenced cleaning up her little flat. She gathered the notes that Polly and Matron had left, along with the incriminating pictures and put them in the telephone table drawer, she made her bed and cleaned up empty glasses and emptied ashtrays. She gathered her uniform, breastforms and heels from the main bedroom and took them into the spare bedroom. She spent some time packing away and hanging up the clothes, shoes and other accoutrements that she had laid out on the bed yesterday.

By the time she had finished it was nearly noon. She did all this whilst still dressed in her wrinkled lingerie and when she had finished she shucked out of her underwear and threw it in the washing basket. She was going to throw away the stockings but her fetish would not allow such waste and she tossed them on the bedside table. She brushed out the black bob until the hair gleamed and it had regained its shape and style and put it with the other wigs.

She stood naked at the bathroom mirror and saw a skinny man with beginnings of five o’clock shadow wearing a ridiculous amount of besmeared makeup. She couldn’t help but laugh.

She used the toilet, shaved and climbed into the cramped shower over-bath arrangement. Sitting on the little shelf beside the soap and shampoo was a douche. Being a nurse Michele knew exactly what it was and what it was used for. She didn’t know what was going to happen at 1 PM but she suspected that it might involve Dr Lovejoy and or Matron Holliday wanting sex. Although this held no appeal for her she did not want the indignity of an ‘accident’ occurring if she was forced to engage in anal intercourse.

She filled the douche with warm soapy water and used it while the shower ran over her body. Once that unpleasantness had been seen to she took her time taking a long hot shower.

“Ok Michele; lets get you ready and find out what the fuck Matron has in store shall we?” Michele was determined she wouldn’t beak down like she had when Matron called.

She padded naked into the spare bedroom and sat at the dresser. Michele was a quick study and confidently began to apply makeup for only the second day or her life. She took a damp sponge and applied generous amounts of foundation to her face and applied the finishing powder. She rouged her cheeks, carefully applied eyeliner, brushed on eyeshadow and layed liberal amounts of mascara on her lashes. She smacked her lips as she had been taught to set the plum red lipstick.

“Not bad,” she appraised herself as she adjusted a brunette wig on her head.

She brushed it out; the hair fell to her shoulders and she had to admit it felt quite pleasant against her bare skin. Her face looked quite different than it had when she had worn the black bob. She was still amazed at how attractive she looked when she was madeup and bewigged. She opened a draw and rummaged around in the lingerie; Michele was no expert on women’s fashion but she had been wearing lingerie long enough to know how to coordinate her wardrobe.

She stepped into a white lace suspender belt and slid on a pair of white stockings and clipped the claps to the welts. The feel of the cool gossamer on her legs excited her a little; she extended each leg and smoothed out her stockings and straightened the seams; her red painted toe-nails looked quite appealing through the gauzy reinforced toes.

Next she slipped into a pair of white nylon full-cut panties; they tingled as they rasped against her nylon stockings when she pulled them up her shapely legs. She pulled them tight around her buttocks and slipped her semi-erect penis under herself so that the panty gusset held it in place.

Michael had often worn shifts, petticoats and slips when he had partially crossdressed and Michele took the opportunity to select a white satin full-slip from the wardrobe; she rubbed the slinky fabric against her face and inhaled the scent of the brand new garment.

The next fifteen minutes were spent trying to affix the breastforms using a combination of surgical tape and cosmetic glue. After a number of appalling attempts which actually made her giggle, she finally got them attached to her satisfaction and quickly snapped on a white lace brassiere to keep them in place. She stepped into the full-slip and adjusted the straps on her shoulders. She could feel herself getting wet in the crotch; her penis was secreting pre-seminal fluids.

“Naughty girl!” she chided herself and giggled.

The white nurse uniform was tight in the bodice, short in the hem and open at the decolletage; she thought it was something that might be worn by Barbara Windsor in a ‘Carry On’ movie. She slipped her feet into a pair of white high-heels and looked at herself in the full-length mirror and gasped.

Being dressed all in white, uniform, stockings and shoes, she should have looked virginal but in fact she looked the antithesis of virginal.

She looked so sexy!

“I’d fuck you in a heartbeat Michele,” she cooed.

She had just enough time to accessorise with jewellery and liberally spray herself with perfume when the mantle clock struck one.

Right on cue there was a knock at the door.

Michele opened the door and was surprised to find Dr Brian Marron, the anaesthetist, was standing there impatiently looking at his watch.

“Out of the way you silly girl,” he ordered and barged into the hallway.

“And shut the fucking door; who knows who can see you!”

Michele was stunned; Dr Marron was the last person she expected to see. He was known to be a prude and very conservative, she had no idea why he would be here.

She soon found out.

With no preamble whatsoever he pushed Michele against the wall and pawed at her whilst slavering at her face, his hand was under her dress groping her stocking-tops and panties; his lips pressed against hers as he tried to force his tongue in her mouth.

Michele struggled and nearly fell over as her high-heels skittered on the polished floor. She wriggled and tried to extricate herself from his grip but Brian Marron was surprisingly strong for a man in his sixties. He was powerfully built and Michele was very slight.

He grabbed Michele by the arm and began to drag her into the lounge room.

“Come on you dozy bint, I don’t have long and I’ve paid good money for this,” he huffed, dragging her over to the couch.

He fell on her and began to paw at her again.

And so it dawned on Michele what Polly was alluding to and what Matron Holliday had not yet told her. Michele was being prostituted out! She couldn’t do much about it now; Matron had all she needed to blackmail Michele into capitulation.

Michele decided that it was best just to comply for now. She’d let Dr Marron take his pleasure and after he had left she would have time to think.

She stopped fighting and allowed Brian Marron to kiss and fondle her. She didn’t fight but she didn’t encourage him either. His tongue was inside her mouth, his lips crushing hers whilst his hands roamed her body exploring her thighs and buttocks, squeezing and stroking her through her diaphanous nylons and silky panties. He found her satin slip quite to his liking and stroked the cool soft fabric, rubbing it against her freshly shaved body.

Dr Marron extricated himself from their embrace and stood before her as she sat demurely on the couch, adjusting the hem of her uniform and straightening the bodice. Surely he hadn’t come already? No such luck Michele realised as he stood before her ripping off his suit coat and tie. He was gasping with exertion and excitement.

“Take off my trousers nurse!” he barked.

Michele’s face was level with Dr Marron's crotch and she reached out and undid his belt. She noticed her manicured and painted nails as she eased the zip of his fly down and snapped the button at the top of his trousers. As she eased the trousers down his legs she could smell body-wash and powder; at least Dr Marron was clean.

"Stand!" Dr Marron ordered.

Michele stood, tottering on her heels trying to recover her breath. Dr Marron grabbed her and forced himself against her; pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and pushing his hips against her.

She felt Dr Marron reach between their bodies and knew what he was going to do; she felt abhorrent. He was freeing his penis from his underwear. Michele was still determined to get this over with as soon as possible and seized the initiative. As soon as she felt Dr Marron's erect member against her she reached down and gently held it. She had never held another man's penis before and it felt tactile and spongy, she could feel the thick veins running along it. It also felt slick and warm. Michele commenced a slow stroking motion, easing her hand along the shaft and circling the enormous glans. His cock was thick, hard and throbbing with excitement.

"Yes that’s very good nurse," Dr Marron groaned.

He pushed her back slightly so he could see her painted nails trailing along his shaft as she masturbated him. A thin thread of shimmering clear pre-seminal fluid ran from the purple head of his penis across to her gauzy nyloned thigh. Dr Marron reached out, rucked up her dress, and rubbed the darker welts of her white stockings and then worked his way up to her panties. Michele stiffened as she felt his hand go inside her panties and begin to fumble about. She forced herself to relax, Dr Marron had proved he was stronger than she, and she knew he was easily angered. Dr Marron eventually found her thin soft cock nestled in the crotch of the sheer nylon panties and he began to free it from its little silken prison.

Michele concentrated on slowly masturbating Dr Marron; she gripped his member tightly and slowly squeezed and stroked it as she worked her hand up and down his penis. Brian Marron relaxed and stared at her hand stroking his phallus while he stroked her body through the satin slip, working his hands over her nyloned thighs and pantied crotch. He began to squeeze Michele’s soft penis harder and harder but she concentrated on getting this over with, as soon as possible; to her the feel of Brian’s hand was vile.

Michele concentrated on trying to illicit Dr Marron’s orgasm as soon as possible and she pushed herself against him stroking his member with firmer faster strokes. She lifted her head and kissed him, gently sliding her tongue across his lips and exploring his mouth. She trapped his member between her lustrous slip her stockinged thigh and rubbed it there, the underside of his penis rasping against the diaphanous nylon stocking as her fingernails gently raked the top of his turgid cock though the silky slip.

Dr Marron was groaning and breathing heavy; Michele kissed him deeper and stroked him harder. She could feel his penis, bloated and throbbing, dripping pre-seminal fluid. She knew he was close to climax.

Abruptly he wrenched his penis from her grasp and held her away from.

“Oh no nurse; I’m not paying good money for a handjob,” he sneered.

Again the mention of ‘good money’? Michele was now convinced that she was being prostituted, but this was not the time to ask questions.

Dr Marron pulled Michele against him and kissed her deeply, forcing his tongue deep in her mouth. Then he eased his hands up to her shoulders and commenced pushing her down.

'Oh God! I know what he wants,' she thought.

She dropped to her knees on the throw rug and stared eye level at Dr Marron's enormous throbbing penis; then Dr Marron placed both hands on her head and pushed it forward so that his glans were thrusting against her lipstick lips.

He kept pushing but Michele wouldn't open her mouth. The thought of taking a man into her mouth made her want to vomit.

Dr Marron slapped her face hard and she saw stars and the heard ringing in her ears. Michele started to cry.

“Stop this silliness nurse! I want what I paid for!” Dr Marron boomed.

He pulled back his hand to strike her again and Michele flinched and Dr Marron smiled and took her head in his hands and pushed his hard, throbbing cock towards her mouth.

"You know what to do nurse, and don't even think of biting me!" Dr Marron fumed.

He pushed his penis into Michele’s mouth; it tasted a little salty but not unpleasant. The problem for Michele was that the girth of Dr Marron’s phallus filled her mouth to the extent that is made it difficult to breath. Eventually she became used to breathing in and out though her nose and concentrated on controlling her gag reflex.

Dr Marron tightened his grip on her head and eased his cock in out of her mouth. He pulled her face back until just her lips circled his plum-coloured glans; then he pulled her face forward as he thrust, forcing his substantial manhood deep into her mouth. Michele moved her tongue along his shaft and sensed his enjoyment. She was hoping he would climax soon as every time his glans hit the back of her throat it caused her to gag.

Just when Michele though that she was going to choke, Dr Marron abruptly pulled his erection from her mouth. Michele wondered if he’d climaxed; she had never fellated a man before but she thought she would be able to detect his semen if he had indeed spent himself in her mouth.

Dr Marron pulled Michele to her feet and pushed her back onto the couch. Her dress rode up and her legs were akimbo and Brain Marron immediately seized the opportunity to pounce on her.

“Ok nurse, were nearly there just behave yourself and this will all be over soon,” Dr Marron said and lowered his face to hers.

He kissed her and she reciprocated; her plan now that Dr Marron had been fellated and was likely close to orgasm was try to get him to ejaculate against her rather than having to fellate him to climax or even worse, do what Dr Lovejoy had done to her. She lay beneath him, his body pressed against hers and she wriggled and writhed against him, attempting to evoke a climax.

They kissed and groped each other and Michele felt Dr Marron begin to hump away at the front of her panties and she happy to respond. His hands stroked her stockinged legs rubbing them from knee to stocking-top and then his fingers stroked her bare thighs.

“MMMMmmm, that’s nice doctor,” Michele purred in his ear.

She was hoping her encouragement would further excite him and bring him closer to climax. It seemed to be working as Dr Marron slid his hand along the front of her panties and then he slipped his fingers inside the waistband. Michele began to struggle again.

“Behave nurse,” Dr Marron hissed in her ear.

Michele felt more than a little trepidation as Dr Marron’s hand slid inside her panties. His fingers found her penis. She struggled a little but Dr Marron held her still and gently extricated her penis and positioned her member along her stomach and pulled her panties back up over it and pressed down on her. His erection pressed against her thickening penis through the satin slip and flimsy panty material. He began to rub his cock against hers and he kissed her deeply.

Michele had to admit the feeling was very erotic and she felt quite feminine lying under him like this. All of the times she had masturbated wearing panties and stockings could not compare to the sensation of having her erect member being rubbed through the soft, silky layers of her slip and panties. She could feel Dr Marron’s cock pulse and throb as it massaged her own quivering shaft.

Instinctively she lifted her legs and wrapped them around Dr Marron’s body; locking her heels behind his back.

“That’s the way nurse; a little encouragement is always appreciated,” Dr Marron ground herself against her.

Then Dr Marron adjusted his position slightly and pushed his cock into the crevice of her panty-clad buttocks and began to hump her there. Michele was back to feeling trepidicious, she wanted him to come on her not in her.

“Put it back please Doctor, it feels so nice rubbing my cock,” she whispered in his ear then kissed him whist she wriggled her buttocks trying to extricate his cock.

But Dr Marron did not stop; instead he pulled the gusset of Michele's panties aside and slid his cock into the crease of her soft creamy buttocks.

"Please stop," Michele begged.

Dr Marron ignored her and his glans probed at her sphincter. Michele screamed and wriggled but Dr Marron was too strong. He held her down with one hand whilst he used the other to guide his penis to Michele’s anus.

Michele screamed.


Michele couldn’t stop him but she knew she did not want to be sodomised!

Dr Marron spat into his hand and rubbed his spittle on Michele’s sphincter, then spat again and rubbed it on his long thick shaft; all the while Michele wriggled and struggled underneath him. He used his body weight to hold her down.

“Stop! Stop! Don’t! Don’t!” she screamed.

Michele was just about to scream again and when the head of Dr Marron’s penis pierced her sphincter. The spittle eased the entry of Dr Marron’s cock past her tight, puckered, bud but the pain was still incredible. Michele moaned and bucked in pain but Dr Marron did not remove his phallus from inside her, he only had his glans inside her but was pressing forward with groin, his engorged member slowly entering her anal cavity.

“Ohhh that hurts!” Michele whimpered.

“Silly nurse; relax and it will be ok,” Dr Marron whispered, trying to sooth her.

Michele felt a deep burning sensation combined with spasmodic twinges of intense pain shooting from her anus. She whimpered and wriggled trying to expel the intruder from her back passage but Dr Marron held on.

“Stop it nurse!” he hissed; and slapped her across the face.

Michele cheek stung and tears crept into her eyes but she realised that just like yesterday in room 209, she had been beaten and she would do anything to stop the excruciating pain. She sighed and lay still; her anus pierced by Dr Marron’s penis but she was smart enough to know that fighting was only going to make the pain worse. She tried to relax her sphincter but her instinct was to try to push against the invading object out of her anus; not to accept it.

“That’s better nurse,” said Dr Marron as he felt Michele’s sphincter spasm as she tried to relax it.

Michele was quietly sobbing but at the same time she forced her inner muscles to relax. Amazingly the twinges of intense pain began to subside; she still felt the burning sensation around the entrance to her anus but it was tolerable. Dr Marron spat into his hand again and applied more spittle to his shaft.

Inch by inch Dr Marron slowly pushed himself deep inside Michele’s rectum. Michele felt full and intensely uncomfortable, the urge to expel Dr Marron’s penis was immense and she had to prevent her internal muscles from contracting. She he raised her legs so that they rested over his shoulders. He looked down at her pretty face and smiled.

“It’s ok nurse; you’re doing fine, this will be over soon,” Dr Marron said in a soothing voice, similar to what he would use on a patient.

Michele suddenly gasped; the pain and subsided and his glans had found her prostate; pleasure replaced pain as
Dr Marron buried his engorged penis inside her with his scrotum resting snugly between her buttocks. He wriggled his penis inside her to stimulate her prostate and he kissed her. She began to respond and she kissed him back.

“Just stay relaxed nurse and it will soon get better,” Dr Marron lowered his face to hers and kissed her.

He rubbed her slip against her silken-hosed legs and she rubbed then against his muscled body.

Michele gasped; for the second time in her life she was being fucked and had to admit she was enjoying it.

When Dr Marron lowered his mouth to hers she kissed him back, deeply, passionately. She drove her tongue into his mouth and lifted her buttocks up off the couch and pushed herself up against him; her legs moved around his waist; she locked her ankles together and held him against her. She felt totally feminine lying here underneath this man; wantonly giving herself to him.

They fucked slowly but passionately taking their time; Dr Marron easing his penis in and out Michele’s anus with long slow thrusts, as she raised herself up to meet him. They kissed, stroked and fondled each other as their passions rose.

"Oh fuck me!" Michele moaned and began to push back against Dr Marron as he slid in and out of her tight passage.

Michele's cock became fully erect in her panties. Dr Marron’s reached down and squeezed Michele's penis through her panties.

"Ohhh!!!" Michele moaned.

Dr Marron fucked Michele and she fucked him back; both of them moaning and groaning with the intensity of their passion. He squeezed and stroked Michele's hard penis and the stimulation she felt from having her cock massaged through her nylon panties amplified the rings of pleasure that radiated from her anus. She was going to come.

Michele pushed herself up and impaled herself on Brian’s quivering cock until he was buried to the hilt. His erection slid deep into her anus; her tight slick tunnel gripped his throbbing cock. Dr Marron fucked her harder and she humped him back. She lifted her legs up higher and Dr Marron positioned her legs over his shoulders and kissed her stocking-clad calves as he fucked her. They kissed and moaned and ground and fucked each other.

Dr Marron let out a bellow and pushed his cock deep inside Michele and ejaculated. Michele rose up and ground against him, forcing his pulsating cock to stimulate her prostate. Her panty-clad cock, enfolded in her satin slip, rubbed against his belly and she climaxed into her panties. She flooded her knickers and soaked her slip.

Michele drummed her heels on Dr Marron’s back and he raked her thighs as they kissed and climaxed. She could feel him discharging himself inside her; filling her with hot semen. Brain could feel Michele’s back passage pulsing, squeezing his cock, and milking the sperm from it. He felt Michele’s warm emission on his belly.

They kissed, stroked and fondled each other for a few minutes until their orgasms subsided. Dr Marron pulled his deflating penis from Michele’s anus and a trickle of semen escaped her sphincter.

He extricated himself from her and stared down at the slut nurse lying on the couch, legs spread, makeup smeared, her dress rucked up and her slip and panties soaked with semen. He began to dress himself; without saying a word while Michele tried to make herself as presentable as possible. Her panties were soaked with hot sticky semen both front and back and she could feel some of it run down her thighs as she stood up and smoothed out her uniform.

Dr Marron had finished dressing and turned to address her.

He pulled her to him as bestowed on her a lingering kiss. He abruptly broke the embrace.

“Well it’s off to work for me I have procedure in an hour,” he said bluntly.

“You did very well nurse; in fact you’ve earned a little something extra,” he winked at her and strode out of the room, dropping a five pound note on the hallway telephone table before leaving.

Michele began to feel post-coital regret; she was disappointed that once again she had once again given in to carnal desire, even though she had been physically forced and blackmailed. She could see the fiver sitting in the little silver dish next to the telephone and began to ponder the whole forced prostitution conundrum.

As if on cue the telephone rang.

To be continued…

So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Four – The Explanation

As if on cue the telephone rang.

It was Polly.

“Hope it wasn’t too bad Michele; meet me at the Boar’s Head pub at five pm honey; I have to go,” Polly hung up.

Michele removed her clothing and tossed the soiled lingerie, along with the lingerie she had worn yesterday into the washer. She scrubbed off her makeup, removed her breastforms and removed nailpolish. She had another shower, dressed as Michael and sat smoking and drinking tea, watching the clock and thinking about what Dr Marron had said about paying good money for her services.

Polly was sitting at a small table in the snug of the Boar’s Head, a gin and tonic sat untouched alongside an ashtray with a smouldering cigarette burning away. She was still in her nurse’s uniform having come straight from work; it was the navy blue tunic as opposed to the white one Michele had worn earlier in the day. The white uniform was the nurses’ summer uniform and Spring was still some months away.

A young man dressed in labourer’s work clothes was having an animated conversation with Polly; the man was obviously drunk and Michael was a little reluctant to join them but he strolled over.

“See I told you I was waiting for someone; so please leave,” she said to the navvy.

“What? This weedy little poof? You can do better than that luv,” the young man slurred.

Wagging her finger, Polly beckoned him closer and he leaned down to hear what she had to say.

“Fuck off!!!” she screamed in his ear and drove her heel into his shin.

Polly had swapped her work shoes for high-heels and Michael imagined the pain must be excruciating. The navvy howled with pain, hopping on one leg, holding his bruised and scraped shin. In the main bar, his workmates watching him through the door to the snug bellowed with laughter.

“You ok luv?” the barman put his head through the small servery hatch.

“Yeah, this tosser just can’t take no for an answer,” she nodded at the wounded workman who was hobbling away to join his friends.

“A pint please, and another gin and tonic please,” Polly called to the barman.

The barman raised his eyebrows, but went away to pour the drinks. Polly smiled at Michael and downed her drink in one long gulp. She patted the padded bench seat and Michael sat down beside her; the space was small and cramped and they sat thigh to thigh.

The barman bought out the drinks and set them down and Michael pulled at his pint and Polly sipped her drink; the barman left and they were left alone in the snug.

Polly pecked Michael on the lips and squeezed his thigh briefly.

“What’s this about?” Michael said taking another sip of his pint.

“Tell me about Dr Marron; was it terrible?” Polly asked, looking Michael.

“Really? That’s what you want to know?” Michael replied, a little angry.

Polly nodded.

“Michael; we are a little more than friends, aren’t we?”

“Ok, the truth. It was a little like what happened on the ward. At first I was disgusted and I fought him but….”

“But?” Polly leaned in closer.

“But ok; the truth. After a while I liked it; I capitulated. I orgasmed and I liked it.”

“But…after, well I felt defiled,” he concluded.

“Sort of like…Well, sort of like what happened with me?” Polly asked.

“No that was consensual! Yes, I guess to some extent you seduced me; but I was a willing participant from the beginning. In this case; I was forced to participate in an act to which I did not consent,” Michael took another draught of his beer.

“But eventually you liked it?” Polly asked.

Michael slammed his pint down on the table.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I liked it!” he protested.

“Ok. Calm down; I had to ask because I need to know. You could say I wanted to ease my conscience,” Polly replied.

“I filmed you at the hospital. I had no choice; I had to. I came around to your house to teach you how to use makeup and to feminise yourself; because I had to.”

“But what happened between us; that was because I wanted it to,” Polly confessed.

“So now what?” Michael asked, draining his pint.

“So now you spend some of that five pounds that Dr Marron left you and buy a round,” Polly smiled at him.

“And then I’m going to tell you something. Something you won’t like but need to know.”

Michael went up to the servery and ordered two gin and tonics; doubles. He figured he was going to need a double. He returned to the table and Polly had already lit two cigarettes; he took a deep drag and looked at Polly quizzically.

“You are meeting with Matron Holliday tonight. It’s not negotiable but forewarned is forearmed,” Polly held up her hand to prevent Michael from interjecting.

“It’s an elaborate scam involving blackmail, prostitution and lots and lots of money,” Polly began.

“Dr James Lovejoy commenced his residency at CMH about two years ago and as well as trying to shag as many nurses as possible, he took Amanda Holliday as his lover.”

“They hatched a plan and secretly photographed some of the nurses ‘inflagrante delicto’ so to speak with Dr Lovejoy, then they blackmailed them. Some of the nurses just told them to fuck off, but some of them, myself included, were duped into their conspiracy.”

“Let me guess. They prostitute them out,” Michael interrupted.

“Yes. Some reluctantly at first but the money is far more than they make nursing,” Polly went on.

“Without sounding churlish, you were tipped five pounds today; that’s nearly a half a week’s wages.”

Michael blushed and was about to defend himself but decided to let Polly continue.

“So CMH runs a thriving prostitution business on the side. Incredible as this may seem; it is true. There is enough money being made that bribes can be paid to those who need to be bribed, selected members of board and the administration, and a tidy sum is still made by Amanda and James.”

“But how can they get away with it? How come someone hasn’t gone to the authorities or the police?” Michael asked.

“Well why won’t you?” Polly countered and drained her drink.

“Well because…I’m in a totally different situation. I’m a; well I’m a…” he left the sentence unfinished.

“Yes you are a man in a job that is traditionally done by women; and you are a…well you are a transvestite. So you are likely to be locked up just for that. It’s still the nineteen-fifties Michael,” Polly had summed up his situation perfectly.

“The other nurses, the ones they blackmail, they either capitulate or they move on. Lovejoy and Holliday win either way. They have a small stable of nurses who prostitute themselves or they let them go, knowing they will never come forward while they have the damning photographs.”

“So why me?” Michael asked.

“Because we have expanded our customer base and it now includes cliental who have particular peccadilloes,” Matron Holliday interjected.

Amanda Holliday had crept up to the table without Michael even knowing. Michael flashed a malevolent stare at Polly and turned to his nemesis.

“What the fuck do you want?” Michael glared at the Matron.

Amanda Holliday ignored his question.

“You can leave now Polly; and you keep a civil tongue in your head Nurse Nyland, I’m still your boss,” Matron smiled at them both.

“Get a round in before you go,” she clipped at Polly who was gathering up her purse and cigarettes and putting them in her handbag.

Matron Holliday took Polly’s seat.

“Ok Nurse Nyland, I’m meeting you here in a public place but our privacy is guaranteed, I tipped the barkeep five bob so we have the snug to ourselves,” Amanda began.

Michael sat in silence fuming.

“Oh come on Michele; don’t pout. Brian tells me you quite enjoyed your little interlude this afternoon,” Amanda smiled at him.

“Don’t call me that!” Michael hissed.

“I’ll fucking-well call you what I like! You work for me as Nurse Michael Nyland at Chelmsford Memorial Hospital and as Nurse Michele Nylons wherever I tell you. I’m your boss in both instances,” Amanda did not appear in any way intimidated.

Polly put two double gin and tonics on the table and smiled wanly at Michael before she turned and left.

“Lovely, isn’t she? One of our best earners,” Amanda sipped her drink.

“So…Polly has probably told you far too much than she needed to, but you get the gist of what this is about.”

“I find you the punters, you service the punters, and we all make a quid,” she smiled.

She lit two cigarettes and offered one to Michael who was at first inclined to crush it out on her face but accepted it and took a drag.

“Look it’s not too bad. Did you really think you could steal knickers and stockings from the nurse’s change room and I wouldn’t know it was you?”

“We’d been asked by a few of the punters if we could provide them with a transvestite, there’s no accounting for taste, personally I think it’s depraved, but there is money to made.”

“So you were the perfect choice,” she sucked her fag and took a deep draught of her drink.

“And the great thing is, you only have two choices. Give up nursing, and even if you do I’ll make sure your family and friends see the pictures I have, or go along.”

“As you found out this afternoon it’s not that bad if you go along,” she sneered.

Michael blushed; Dr Marron had obviously reported to her the details of their encounter.

“And it pays. You owe me fifty quid for the makeup and clothes we bought you. You can keep the fiver that Dr Marron tipped you, you keep all the tips and fifty percent of the fee. So your debt to me will be cleared before you know it and then you will be making more money as a prossie than as a nurse.”

“What if I just tell you and Dr Lovejoy to fuck off?” Michael hissed at her.

“Oh come on Michele; you know what will happen if you do,” Amanda replied.

She reached into her purse and pulled out an envelope.

“The Chelmsford Ambassador Hotel; be there at eight pm tonight. Pack a bag with what you need. The details are in here. Don’t fuck this up, he’s one of my elite punters,” Matron slid the envelope across the table and stood.

She smiled at him, downed her drink and turned on her heels and strode out of the pub.

Michael seemed to be collecting quite an accumulation of envelopes. He resited opening it until he was home and seated on the couch. He opened the envelope and shook it and a note and a passkey fell out. The note was succinct.

‘Room 302 Chelmsford Ambassador Hotel, be there in plenty of time so you are presentable by eight o’clock.

You won’t be asked any questions and you don’t need to tell the man anything other than what he already knows.

Wear the blue uniform’

It was half-past six so Michael hurriedly packed the necessaries into a small suitcase, hurried outside and caught the bus to the high street. The Chelmsford Ambassador Hotel was only two blocks away from CMH so it was easy to find.

Despite his trepidation, no one challenged him when he walked through the lobby, up three flights, and down the corridor, where he found room 302.

It had been freshly serviced and there were fresh flowers and a small bar set up. There was even an ice bucket; quite a luxury. Michael poured a G and T and opened the suitcase. Michael’s conscience transitioned and she began to think of herself as Michele as she stripped naked.

She lay out her clothes on the bed and took her little cosmetics kit over to the dresser and began to apply her makeup. She took a damp sponge and applied generous amounts of foundation to her face and applied the finishing powder. She rouged her cheeks, carefully applied eyeliner, brushed on eyeshadow and layed liberal amounts of mascara on her lashes. She smacked her lips as she had been taught to set the plum red lipstick.

“I’m getting better,” she appraised herself as she adjusted the black bob wig on her head.

She stepped into a red lace suspender belt and slid on a pair of dark brown, fully-fashioned stockings and snapped the suspender clips to the dark gauzy welts. Once again the familiar feel of diaphanous nylons on her legs excited her; she extended each leg and smoothed out her stockings and straightened the seams. Her toenails were still painted red; there had been no reason to remove the nailpolish.

Next she slipped into a pair of red satin panties affixed the breastforms and snapped on a matching red satin brassiere. She stepped into the navy-blue parody of a nurse’s uniform with the tight bodice, short hem and open decolletage and then slipped her feet into a pair of black high-heels. She looked at herself in the mirror and was happy with the results.

Time was running out so she quickly accessorised her jewellery and sprayed herself with perfume.

She had come prepared with lubricant this time and placed the tube on the bedside table. She did not want the indignity of the punter spitting in his hand like Dr Marron had done.

She sat in an overstuffed armchair sipping her drink while she carefully applied nailpolish to her fingernails. She had just finished when eight o’clock struck and the door opened.

A middle-aged, but fit-looking, handsome man stepped through the door. He hung his coat and his hat on the hat-rack and turned around.

“Hello, let’s just call me Gerald shall we? I don’t have long so lets get started.”

“You must be Michele,” Gerald said and walked over and took Michele in his arms and kissed her passionately, rubbing his body against her.

Michele had decided that this time she was going to enjoy the encounter as much as possible. She knew that resistance was futile and now that she had experienced sex a number of times whilst enfemme, she figured she would forgo the painful consequences of impeding what the gentleman was going to take by force in any event.

Michele slid her tongue into Gerald’s mouth and felt his erection rub against her through her clothing. She manoeuvred a hand between their bodies and squeezed Gerald’s penis through the material of his trousers. Gerald groaned and pushed her onto the bed and fell down on top of her, never breaking their kiss.

His hand slid under her skirt and he stroked her stocking-tops and the smooth, creamy skin of her upper thighs. His kisses were pleasant and she responded in kind; her penis was becoming tumescent in her panties and when Gerald lightly ran his fingers over the front of his panties she gasped and bit his lip.

“Mmmm you like that don’t you? I like a girl who has a little extra in her knickers,” Gerald whispered in her ear.

“And you are so beautiful and sexy Michele.”

He crushed his body against hers, his hands exploring her body as they kissed. He was tender with her, taking his time as he explored her, his hand slipped inside her tunic and stroked her belly; occasionally dropping down and sliding over her erect penis encased in her satin panties. Michele had never felt so wonton, so slutty, so feminine; the need for release was becoming overwhelming. Michele reached between their bodies and opened his flies and freed Gerald’s cock from the prison of his trousers; it felt long, thick, and meaty.

The feel of silk and satin caressing her body, the stockings encasing her legs, the taste of lipstick and makeup, the smell of her perfume and the feel of the hard bodied man against her excited Michele. Michele pushed herself free of Gerald’s embrace and lowered her face to his groin. She knelt on the bed and straddled his torso; her face to his groin and her buttocks raised; her legs either side of his head. Gerald pushed her skirt up and nibbled and licked her creamy thighs.

“Oh my god Michele it is so hard to find a woman who likes to do it the French way,” Gerald groaned and lay back on the bed.

He kicked off his shoes and with Michele’s help he shucked out of his trousers and underwear.

Michele had surprised herself; she had not planned to perform fellatio unless she was forced to do so but it seemed so right, a natural extension of their foreplay. And she felt an immense feeling of power; the man lying under her, begging for her to release him.

Michele tentatively licked Gerald’s erection; then she kissed his bulbous glans and was pleased when he shuddered in expectation. She took the hard weapon into her mouth and suckled it, sliding her lips along the shaft. She lifted her lips from the turgid member and looked at the purple veins pulsing along the shaft and the engorged crimson glans; her lipstick was smeared on the shaft. Michele looked back into Gerald’s eyes and saw his lust; a lust that she had invoked. A feeling of power and sexual energy surged through her. She lowered her face and traced the veins in his throbbing cock with the tip of her tongue and was delighted to hear him groan.

She kissed his fraenulum and Gerald pushed her mouth down onto his cock.

Gerald massaged Michele’s buttocks through her satin panties and then she felt him pull the gusset aside, exposing her puckered sphincter. A probing finger explored her tight bud and then she felt the cold slipperiness of the lubricant as a finger pressed against the entrance to her tight entrance.

Her first instinct was to move forward away from the intruding appendage but as soon as it slid past her sphincter she began to feel pleasure and pushed back, encouraging him to drive his finger deeper inside her, stimulating that special place. As she sucked and slathered at Gerald’s turgid cock she realised that she was not only enjoying the experience; she was in charge. This was so different than the other times. She was so excited. She wanted to be fucked.

Michele spat out Gerald’s cock and she could sense his disappointment, but not for long. Michele spun around and straddled Gerald so that she was sitting astride him; her buttocks positioned above his rampant member.

She reached out and scrambled her fingers around the bedside table until she eventually found the lubricant and she slathered his phallus with the cold gel.

Gerald didn’t even remove her panties; he simply pulled the gusset to one side and then slowly slid his entire length inside Michele until his scrotum rested against her buttocks. Michele grunted as Gerald’s cock filled her, but she liked the feeling of the hard member crammed inside her and especially liked the tingling feeling emanating from her prostate whenever Gerald’s glans rubbed against it.

Gerald gripped Michele by the hips and she began to ride him, slowly at first, stopping now and then to lower her face to his so they could kiss passionately whilst his throbbing cock was buried deep inside her. Michele slowly increased the tempo and as Michele rode him he held on to her hips and rose up and thrust into her as she impaled herself on his hard, thick cock.

Gerald pounded away at Michele as she rose and lowered her buttocks to meet his thrusts. She lowered her face to his and they gasped and groaned into each other’s mouths, their tongues entwined and their teeth occasionally cracked together with the ferocity of the sex. Gerald had managed to shuck off his shirt and Michele raked his chest with her nails.

The fucking became a frenzy, Gerald jack-hammered his cock in and out Michele’s tight anus and Michele, impaled on Gerald’s hard throbbing cock, clung to him and wriggled and shook her buttocks. She thrust her hips down to match his strokes ensuring his full length penetrated her slick anal sheath.

Michele felt her orgasm approaching as Gerald howled and moaned with the rush of his own climax. Michele felt Gerald’s cock convulse deep inside her as he filled her with his hot seed. Michele’s cock was erect and rubbing against Gerald’s stomach through the flimsy material of her panties as Gerald savagely fucked her. The pressure and friction induced Michele’s own climax and she groaned in ecstasy as she flooded her panties with hot semen. Gerald’s cock pounded in and out of her anus further stimulating her and she was wracked by the most intense orgasm that she had ever experienced.

Gerald’s thrusting slowed down as his orgasm subsided until eventually Michele lay still on top of him with his slowly deflating penis buried in her anus. They continued to kiss and caress each other until Gerald finally broke the kiss and smiled up at her.

“And that is why I like to fuck trannies,” he grinned.

“You girls know what men like because you have the same equipment,” he spanked Michele playfully on the bum.

Gerald checked his watch.

“Sorry Michele I really have to go but when I need a nurse in future I’m asking for you. Don’t worry I’ll give a good report to the Matron; she likes to know how her girls perform,” he laughed.

Gerald wriggled out from under Michele and reached for his coat. He pulled a pack of cigarettes from the pocket and lit one for each of them. Michele lay on the bed smoking, her dress still hiked up away from her semen-soaked knickers; not very lady-like but practical.

Gerald used a towel to wipe himself and then he pulled on his pants, zipped his flies, buttoned his shirt and stepped into his shoes; obviously he had somewhere he needed to be. He playfully threw the another towel at Michele.

“Here sweetie, clean yourself up,” he laughed.

Michele wiped at her semen soaked panties and looked up at Gerald and made a quick study. He was a well-built handsome man in his late forties; obviously a professional and she would bet he had something to with the hospital, probably a doctor, administrator or an official of some sort.

He came over to the bed and kissed her; not quiet so passionately now that he was sated.

He dropped two pounds on the bed, put on his jacket and turned to leave.

“The room is paid for the whole night so enjoy it. The bar is covered too. Thanks very much Nurse Michele, you can guarantee I will want your services again,” he winked and slipped out the door.

Michele scrambled off the bed and straightened her clothes. She picked up the two quid.

“Nah! Not a doctor; cheap prick!” she laughed to herself.

The phone rang almost on cue and Michele picked it up.

“Matron?” she asked.

“No it’s Polly. Matron asked me to check on you and I just saw Mr Bramley leave the hotel. Are you ok?”

“Why don’t you get your sexy arse up here and I’ll tell you over a drink. And if you’re lucky I might throw you a shag,” Michele chuckled into the phone.

“Oh Nurse! How can I possibly refuse such a courteous offer?”

Michele hung up and began to pour two gin and tonics. She felt a stirring in her knickers as she though of herself and Polly together in that big hotel bed all night. She smiled.

“This might not be such bad lark,” she grinned.

To be continued.

So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Five – The Gathering

So how did Polly know about the five pounds?

Dr Marron had tipped Michele five pounds but Michele hadn’t told her about that.

At the pub Polly had said: “So now you spend some of that five pounds that Dr Marron left you and buy a round.”

So how did she know?

Polly lay sleeping beside her in the bed in room 302 at the Chelmsford Ambassador Hotel. They were still dressed in lingerie and stockings; their heavy makeup smeared from a night of heavy lovemaking.

Michele got out of bed and plugged in the little electric jug to boil water for tea. While it boiled she fixed her makeup and brushed out her hair. She was tempted to clean it off and transform back into Michael but she had to admit the more time she spent dressed as Michele the more she liked it.

She bought two cups of tea over the bed and gently shook Polly awake.

Polly was as dishevelled as Michele had been and her makeup was also smeared all over her face but to Michele she still looked beautiful. Michele leaned down and kissed her; she tasted of stale cigarettes, gin and a hint of semen.

“I must look like shit and you, you bitch; you look downright sexy, although those stockings are laddered beyond repair,” Polly nodded at Michele’s legs.

“Well having your legs continually raked by the high-heels of a bitch in heat will do that!” Michele spanked Polly’s arse through the covers.

“Well I didn’t hear any complaints at the time and my best sheers are ruined too,” Polly laughed.

Michele passed Polly her cuppa and the obligatory cigarette.

Michele suddenly turned serious.

“How did you know about the five pounds that Dr Marron left me?” Michele asked.

Polly’s face drained and she went pale.

“I never told you about that, but you knew about it at the Boar’s Head,” Michele looked quizzically at her lover.

Polly lowered her head.

“Dr Marron told me. Amanda has assigned me as your chaperone while you learn the ropes. I stopped him when he left your house and he told me that he liked the sex so much that he tipped you a fiver.”

“That’s also how I knew that Gerald Bramley would leave the hotel when he did. I knew he had an engagement at nine-thirty so I waited across the street.”

“So you’re my pimp! Is that it?’ Michele was angry.

“Michele; I told you that Amanda Holliday had assigned me to you to teach you the feminine arts but she also assigned me as your chaperone for your first few engagements. She likes to make sure the punters are satisfied but also she wants her girls looked after,” Polly explained.

Polly reached out and tried to stroke Michele’s thigh but she backed away.

“I’m no different to you Michele. I do what I do because I like it and it pays. But I’m also a captive to blackmail,” Polly went on.

Michele was about to interject but Polly put a finger to her lips and went on to explain.

“I started at CMH not long after Dr Lovejoy; and after a couple of weeks he seduced me; not that I needed much seducing, he’s a handsome doctor and he does have a way with the ladies.”

“And then I got invited around to Matron Holliday’s place. I was flattered; a first year nurse being invited to the Matron’s house.”

“I had too much to drink, but to be honest I didn’t resist. Amanda and I… well we made love…had sex… call it what you like.”

“I won’t deny that I liked it; I’d experimented at school with other girls but Amanda was so adept, so experienced and such a considerate lover. I really liked it and I still do.”


“Just like you, I was secretly filmed ‘inflagrante delicto’, Matron likes to use that term, with Amanda; filmed by Dr Lovejoy and of course they blackmailed me.”

“I know your life would be ruined if it got out that you are a transvestite; but I’m in the same situation.”

“If my family knew and if it was made public that I liked ‘tipping the velvet’, my life would be ruined.”

“My family would disown me and I’d never get a nursing job anywhere,” Polly was crying and Michele comforted her, hugging her and stroking her hair.

“But I’ll be honest with you; I quite like my life now. I like being a nurse but I love being a prossie. I know that sounds disgusting but it’s true, I like the sex and I like the money,” Polly looked sincerely at Michele.

“And if it hadn’t turned out like this I wouldn’t have met you,” she pulled Michele’s face to hers and kissed her.

“You’re my best of both worlds; a woman with a cock,” she snickered.

“You fucking bitch you’re just using me!” Michele laughed and fell on Polly.

The tea went cold, stockings got ruined, and lust got sated as Michele and Polly rolled around the bed for another hour.

The phone rang after they had both showered and changed. Polly was dressed for a lazy Sunday and Michele had transformed back into Michael.

Polly took the call and stayed on the phone for about three minutes scribbling on hotel stationery.

“Fuck, well there goes our Sunday,” she said.

She ripped a page off the notepad and handed it to Michael.

“You need to be dressed as Michele at two o’clock this afternoon. A hire car will pick us up at your place.”

“What?” Michael asked incredulously.

“Welcome to our world. We’re going to the Richmond Estate; you’ve heard of it, it’s the estate owned by Peter Sinclair; head of the Board of Administrators of Chelmsford Memorial Hospital.”

Polly glared at Michael and he knew not to ask questions just listen.

“Michael; this will be a group sex session, an orgy if you will. I didn’t think Amanda would throw you in the deep end so soon but I don’t have time to explain now.”

“I’ll get taxis for us both to take us home; I need to prepare and so do you. I’ll come to your place at four and explain in detail.”

“Matron has left you a package; the ensemble she wants you to wear; no nurse stuff for this job.”

“Come on, get packed and let’s get the fuck out of here!”

Michael hurriedly packed up all of Michele’s accoutrements while Polly called the taxis. There was little time and she kissed him on the cheek when the front desk called to say the taxis had arrived.

“I’ll see you at four, have a couple of stiff drinks ready. Give me five minutes and then go down and get your cab, no need to stop at reception; its all taken care of.”

During the ride home Michael pondered all that Polly had said. The tangled web in which he was caught just kept getting more intricate. But he trusted Polly and so he followed her instructions. When he arrived home he found a package on the doorstep and he picked it up and hurried inside.

He took his time preparing; he shaved his face and his body, removing any stubble. He used the douche and showered again, applied makeup and then opened the package.

It contained a red satin evening gown; he laid it out on the bed and he appraised it, determining what lingerie and accessories would most accentuate the ensemble.

The shoulder-length brunette wig was an obvious choice, as was the white satin suspender belt, silk knickers and brassiere. Black patent-leather high heels were a given but too much black would spoil the appearance so he selected a pair of tan stockings with chocolate seams and welts.

In his conscience he transitioned from Michael to Michele as soon as he started dressing.

She had donned her lingerie, wig, and hosiery. The satin evening dress felt sumptuous; it fitted her like a sheath and it heightened the sensual feel of her lingerie and stockings against her freshly shaved skin. She stepped into her heels and looked for accessories. She slipped gold rings on fingers of both hands, an elegant gold ladies watch on her left wrist and a gold bracelet on her right, she clipped a pair of drop earrings to her ears and an elegant pendant around her neck. She turned to the mirror.

She looked stunning. The gown was split up one side and showed off her elegant, shapely, gossamer-hosed legs to perfection.

She looked like one of the professional women or doctors wives who turned up their noses to the lowly hospital staff at the hospital’s social gatherings.

Two cigarettes and a G and T later there was a knock at the door. Polly, right on time!

Polly arrived looking stunning; she too wore an evening gown, the black satin evening dress was spilt to the waist on both sides. When she sat down the gown opened and displayed her shapely thighs. Her makeup was perfect; her hair coiffured and her gold jewellery caught the lamplight. She was holding a gift-wrapped package.

They sat down on the couch, both smoking and drinking large gin and tonics.

“These parties are full on Michele. There will be people there you recognise, some nurses from the hospital working their second jobs and some high-ranking executives from CMH. Don’t worry about any of them; just go with the flow,” Polly said.

“But you said it will be an orgy; what do I make of that?” Michele countered.

“It will start off just like any other party, people will chat and drink too much. But yes eventually it will become a group sex party. Some will pair off and disappear in to the bedrooms and some, most of them actually, will stay in the main room where they will engage in group sex.”

“I’ve been to a few of these gatherings and the trick is to just enjoy it as best you can. The pay is lucrative but you need to be prepared for some unsavoury types. It’s ok to say no if you don’t like what is being proposed to you but you will be expected to participate and it will involve multiple partners. Are you up for it?”

“Fuck it! Let’s do it,” Michele drained her drink.

“But Polly, if I’m out of my depth; please assure me you will be close at hand to help,” Michele took her hand and squeezed it.

“I promise,” Polly replied.

There was the toot of a car horn from outside.

“Ok, that’s our car, lets go,” Polly picked up her purse.

“Here, a present for you. Not from Matron; from me,” she handed the gift-wrapped box to Michele who tore it open to find an elegant clutch purse.

“You can’t take your, keys, cash, makeup and cigarettes in a satchel babe; every girl need a nice purse.”

“And… every transvestite’s secret weapon; courtesy of the CMH pharmacy” Polly laughed and produced a tube of lubricant.

Michele kissed her and scooped her keys, some cash, cosmetics, and her cigarettes into the purse, dropped in the lubricant, and crooked her arm through Polly’s.

“Let’s go and party then,” she smiled.

They nattered in the car during the drive to the Richmond Estate; Michele quizzed Polly about what to expect and Polly answered as best she could explaining that all the parties were a little different. Twenty minutes after departing Michele’s house the car pulled up to the imposing entrance to Richmond Estate.

Michele negotiated the marble steps gingerly in her heels; this was the first time she had been outside dressed as a transvestite and it was exciting. The limousine driver had made no effort to disguise his ogling of the two sexy passengers sitting in the backseat of his car. Both Polly and Michele’s evening gowns were not really designed to be worn sitting in an automobile and both had displayed more leg than was considered courteous. The driver was obviously not offended and his eyes strayed to their sexy-stockinged legs, more than was wise to engender safe driving. But Michele was flattered; the driver either hadn’t clocked her as a tranny or he just didn’t care.

There was no need to knock; the door was unlocked. They entered an impressive hallway and made their way to a room from where the noise of a party in full swing emanated. There were about twenty or so well dressed men and about a dozen or so elegantly dressed women. Most were chatting in small groups and Michele recognised quite a few of them.

Dr Lovejoy was chatting with Matron who was wearing a gown that barely contained her ample figure, her breasts were overflowing from the bodice of her dress and her legs were displayed magnificently by the split sides. Dr Marron was part of their small group and then she saw the man she now knew to be Gerald Bramley; he looked over and smiled. Quite a few of the other women at the gathering were nurses that Michele knew from CMH, but not that well; they mostly worked on other wards or had different shifts.

Polly guided Michele over to the bar; the place smelled of booze, cigarette smoke and perfume.

“It’s a self serve bar and there are plates of canapes scattered around the room, though no is really here to eat. There are no house staff working tonight. Discretion is everything with these people,” Polly explained.

They loaded up on gin and tonics and drifted around the room. They deliberately stayed away from the Matron and Dr Lovejoy. Most of those they talked too were very polite and courteous but a couple of the men couldn’t hide their distain for the transvestite; Michele was aware that she was not to everyone’s taste. Encouragingly all of the nurses who they chatted to were amazed at how dazzling Michele looked and those who knew her as the male nurse Michael Nyland were absolutely flabbergasted when they realised who she was.

Michele was enjoying being out and about for the first time but she knew that without Polly’s presence, she wouldn’t have the courage to be here.

Three drinks and an hour and half later the demeanour of the party began to change. The lights were lowered and candles were lit; soft music played on record player. Some couples paired up but as Polly predicted most stayed in the main reception room. Men were kissing and groping the women and clothing was being removed. Some of the women had stripped down to their lingerie and some of the men were naked.

An older man with a large belly was sitting in armchair, head back, enjoying being fellated by Matron Amanda Holliday; he’d freed her tits from the bodice of her gown and was pawing at them while she sucked on his impressive member.

Michele was talking to two men who had moved over to as soon as Polly went to the bar to pour more drinks, leaving her alone.

They introduced themselves as Charles Longford and Stephen Mortlock. Michele recognised them as hospital administrators. Michele felt comfortable in their company until they started to crowd her and ease her over to a large couch.

“We’re looking to have some fun Michele and we both have a penchant for transvestites” Charles Longford said.

“You are here for fun, aren’t you Michele?” Stephen Mortlock smiled impudently at her.

“Ok…sure…I mean yes,” Michele whispered.

“There’s a good girl then,” Charles said.

Charles moved into Michele and forced her against the back of the couch.

Michele felt trepidation as she was pulled into Charles’s arms and he kissed her full on the lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth, encircling her in his arms. Michele forced herself to relax as accepted his tongue, pulling her body hard against his; she felt his cock begin to swell against her body. Charles took Michele’s hand in his and moved it between their bodies down into his crotch and grunted into her mouth.

“Touch it Michele; you know you want to.”

Michele reached out and tentatively stroked Charles’s tumescent member through his trousers. It felt big and hard and although she was sure it was her imagination, it appeared be throbbing though the expensive fabric of his suit. Charles’s cock tented the front of his trousers and he gave out a little moan as Michele cautiously fondled him, her ruby-red fingernails scratched at the fabric of his trousers as she slowly and excruciatingly traced the outline of his cock.

“Take it out please Michele,” Charles panted into her mouth and then crushed her lips with his.

He was pushing his groin against Michele’s body, trapping her hand between them, as she stroked the bulge in his pants. His tongue wriggled in her mouth; the taste of her lipstick and scent of her perfume further arousing him. He pulled his groin back from Michele’s body and took her hand off his tented trousers and guided her fingers to his zipper.

Charles impatiently tugged at her hand until she capitulated and slowly started to unzip his fly. The chafing sound of Charles’s zipper opening was lost in the groans of pleasure coming from all over the room.

Michele looked over to see that the older gentleman who was with Matron had her kneeling on an overstuffed armchair and was fucking her doggy style, her dress hiked up her back while he reached around her played with huge tits. Dr Lovejoy was standing close by improving an already impressive erection.

“Now this is my type of party!” Stephen Mortlock exclaimed.

Michele’s fingers hesitantly explored the opening in Charles’s flies and soon found sleek, hard flesh. She wrapped her fingers around Charles’s long thick cock and felt him shudder against her. She began to stroke him inside his pants.

Charles broke their kiss and took Michele by the shoulders and eased her body away from his a little.

“Take it out please; I want to see you take it out,” he whimpered, his lust evident.

Michele’s painted fingernails plucked at Charles’s belt.

Michele opened the waistband of Charles’s trousers and his pants fell down around his ankles. His cock sprang upright between them; the tip of his purple glans glistening with silvery pre-seminal fluid, peeked from the hood of his foreskin. Charles’s cock was enormous, at least ten inches long, pink and thick. His foreskin stretched around the bulbous glans. The dark turkey-skin of his scrotal hung down between his legs; a musky odour floated up from his crotch and invaded Michele’s nostrils.

Michele gasped but Charles as he took her hand and placed it on his manhood and watched as Michele gently wrapped her fingers around it; her ruby-red fingernails contrasting with flesh of his shaft. She slowly eased her fingers down the shaft, pulling back the foreskin, and exposed Charles’s glossy purple glans. The musky aroma intensified.

Charles pulled Michele back against him and smothered her with passionate kisses. She eagerly stroked Charles’s enormous phallus, it stuck out from his groin between their bodies, throbbing in her fingers.

Charles loved the feathery feel of her fingers loosely caressing his turgid member. Michele gripped his penis and stroked the hard phallus until he reached down and firmly disengaged Michele’s fingers from around his shaft.

“I’m not ready to climax yet miss,” he panted into her mouth and then pressed his lips against hers again.

Charles pulled Michele’s body hard against his again, enjoying the feel of his member against material of her dress. He held her body against his and his other hand slid down her body and rested on her buttocks. Michele’s gasped with pleasure at Charles’s tender kisses, his lips pressing against hers and his tongue exploring her mouth.

Charles fondled Michele’s buttocks and the material of her gown slid effortlessly across her plump rear, her satin dress slithering against her silk panties. The sounds of rustling of silk and satin, and the smacking of lips and slurping tongues and the smells of perfume and the musky smell of sexual arousal filled the air.

Stephen Mortlock was watching intently and had taken out his penis; slowly improving the erection that stood out proudly from the flies of his trousers.

Sensing Michele’s arousal, Charles pulled her body against his and kissed her passionately, there was no resistance and Michele enthusiastically returned his kisses, her tongue flicking against his. Charles’s erection was now at full tumescence as he humped up against the front of Michele’s gown and scrunched her buttocks through the layers of silk and satin.

He reached down and put his hand inside the split in her gown and then slowly started to lift her dress up. Michele tensed but forced herself not to resist. When Charles had the rear of Michele’s gown hiked up he reached between their bodies and grasped the front and hiked it up as well so that the hem of her gown was rucked up around her waist.

Michele stood on her tiptoes, raised up on her high-heels, leaning slightly forward, her arms around the large solid man, she eagerly returned his kisses and Charles rubbed the delicate material of her dress against her tight pantied buttocks.

Charles’s cock was now rubbing against the front of Michele’s silk panties sending waves of pleasure through his body. He reached down and took Michele’s hand and guided it to his rock-hard member.

“Slowly,” he groaned into Michele’s mouth.

She understood what he meant and took the hard pulsing flesh in her hand and softly squeezed it until she felt Charles buck against her; she ever so slowly began to masturbate him. She was surprised by the girth of his member and the by heat radiating from it as it pulsed in her hand. She masturbated him with long slow strokes, establishing a steady rhythm. Charles moved his groin back and forth in time with her strokes, fucking her hand.

After a few minutes of intense stimulation Charles slowly started to walk Michele backwards until she felt the edge of the couch seat against her legs. He pushed her down so that she was sitting in front of him, her hand still stroking his enormous member. Michele knew what was coming next and her penis began to swell in the confines of her knickers.

Charles removed Michele’s fingers from around his phallus; it stood out from his body, proudly erect, quivering inches from her eyes. Pulsing veins encircled the meaty shaft and a silvery thread of pre-cum oozed from the eye of his glossy purple glans down to her lap, soaking into the glassy material of her dress.

Michele’s cock hardened as Charles put out a hand and pulled Michele’s face towards his erection and thrust his hips forward until his glans touched her lipsticked lips. Michele tentatively flicked out the tip of her tongue breaking the string of pre-seminal fluid that hung from Charles’s cock.

Charles gasped as Michele began to slowly lick his cock. She worked her tongue around the bulbous head until it glistened with her saliva and then she ran her tongue up and down the shaft concentrating on the delicate frenulum. Charles watched the sophisticated transvestite attend to his phallus with her tongue. He stood this for a minute or two but then became impatient and pushed his member against her lips signalling his need.

Michele understood and opened her mouth as far as she could, and allowed Charles’s massive penis to push over her lips and inside her warm moist mouth. She concentrated on her breathing as about six inches of slick hard cock slid into her mouth until she began to gag.

Charles eased himself out of her mouth a little until she had her gag reflex under control and then he began to leisurely fuck her face. Michele submitted and stretched her lips around his shaft and slavered at his glands with her tongue; her hand slid inside her dress and she stroked her penis through her knickers.

Charles was close to coming and although he was enjoying being fellated he wanted more. He wanted to possess this attractive man-woman. He pulled his penis from Michele’s mouth with audible plop and it wobbled in front of her eyes.

“Stephen Mortlock my friend; are you going to partake?” Charles said to his companion whilst kicking off his pants and shoes.

Stephen Mortlock kicked off his shoes but otherwise remained fully dressed, his long thin cock sticking proudly out the front of his dinner suit; the sleek shaft and glans glistening in the candlelight from the saliva he had used to lubricate it while masturbating, watching Michele fellate Charles.

“I’ll be right there colleague,” Stephen said.

Stephen had Michele kneel on the overstuffed cushions with her backside up in the air. He knelt in front of her.

“Now young lady; I think you’ve done this before,” Stephen said.

He dropped down in front of her and pushed his face onto hers and began to kiss her passionately.

Michele responded, kissing Stephen and suckling his tongue.

Charles moved behind Michele, and rucked her gown up around her waist, and admired the view: Michele’s buxom bottom clad in the white silk panties, her legs encased in diaphanous nylon and feet shod in the sexy black high-heels. He stroked her buttocks through her panties.

Charles eased behind her, pushing Michele’s knees apart so that he could position himself between her legs with his immense cock resting on her panty-clad buttocks. He lifted the panty material away from her crotch and slid his manhood inside so that it rested in the crease of her buttocks; the top of his penis covered by her satin panties. He slowly rocked back and forth, his cock rubbing against her crevice.

Michele felt Charles’s huge penis rubbing against her rear and realised that soon Charles would want to penetrate her. The thought of that monstrous appendage invading her virginal rear passage was quite daunting. She pushed her backside out and began to hump back and forth in time with Charles’s thrusts whilst she scrambled around in her little clutch purse searching for the tube of lubricant.

Michele was kneeling on her hands and knees with Charles dry-humping her pantied bottom with Stephen’s erection bobbing inches from her face. Stephen pushed his groin forward and Michele opened her mouth and allowed his cock to slide into her mouth.

Stephen was careful not make Michele choke or gag; he could feel her lips close around the shaft of his cock and her tongue flutter against his glans. He didn’t want her to choke and was quite happy that this lovely creature was sucking on his hard manhood and didn’t want to spoil the sensations. He humped Michele’s face slowly back and forth letting his climax slowly build.

Michele’s movements were contributing to Charles’s pleasure as he enjoyed the feel of her soft silken buttocks pushing back and forth along the underside of his member but knew that he couldn’t keep this up for much longer. Michele guessed correctly that he would soon want to fuck her so she unscrewed the cap on the tube of lubricant and squeezed a good dollop onto her hand.

Stephen was quite amused watching this lovely creature scramble for her lubricant whilst sucking his cock and being dry-humped by his friend,.

Michele reached behind herself and applied the slippery lotion to Charles’ phallus. Charles eased the gusset of Michele’s panties away from her buttocks. He positioned the head of his penis against her puckering anal bud and pushed.

Despite the lubrication Michele cringed as her sphincter and then the walls of her anus stretched to accommodate the huge phallus invading her back passage. When Charles had eight inches of his cock buried inside Michele he stopped pushing and rested, his hands gripping her wriggling hips as she tried to accommodate his invading member.

“Keep still Michele; try to relax darling,” he soothed and playfully slapped Michele on the buttocks.

Michele knew that Charles was right. The only way that she would be able to accommodate the huge organ inside her without excruciating pain would be to relax her rectal muscles. She concentrated on doing just that.

Charles felt the vice like grip of Michele’s sphincter and then her anal muscles slowly relaxed. He pulled his turgid member out of her until just his glans remained inside, and then slowly began to fuck her.

Michele felt Charles withdraw, and then slowly fill her again; the path of his member eased by the lubrication.

Charles grasped the sides of Michele’s panties and began to ride her, his cock slamming in and out of her tight channel. Charles got into a steady rhythm sliding his cock in and out of Michele’s back passage and she began to experience a feeling of fullness that was not unpleasant, combined with small waves of pleasure emitting from her anus.

Charles’s had got the angle just right and his penis was stimulating her prostate gland, his shaft was also stimulating the sensitive nerves of her sphincter. She felt her cock throb inside her silk panties.

Charles gripped Michele’s panties as he mounted her thrusting back and forth, causing her panty crotch to rub back and forth across her penis and Michele let out an animal groan from deep within her throat.

Stephen watched his associate shag the sexy transvestite and it was obvious that she was enjoying as much as Charles was. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer; she was sucking on his cock with abandon, working her tongue on his glands whilst her lips worked his shaft. He would be coming soon and he held Michele’s head by the ears and began to fuck her face.

The two gentlemen and the attractive, sexy transvestite synchronised their thrusts as Charles’ rampant penis slid in and out of Michele’s soft sexy bottom and Stephen plunged his cock in and out Michele’s heavily made-up face. Michele rocked on her hands and knees in time with her devotees’ thrusts; she was enjoying it so much and her own cock pulsed inside her panties as rings of pleasure travelled out from her back passage.

Michele felt her panties tear as Charles pulled her buttocks back hard against his groin; he pushed forward with all his might forcing every last inch of his cock deep inside her. Michele pushed back against him as she felt stream after stream of hot spend fill her rectum. At the same time Stephen groaned and his cock pulsed in her mouth ejaculating a flood of semen that she swallowed as best she could.

Some of Stephen’s issue dribbled past her lipsticked lips and ran down her chin and she could feel some Charles’s juice seep past her ravaged sphincter and run down her thighs and soak into her stockings. Michele’s own orgasm rocked her and she ejaculated; filling her panties with semen.

Michele moaned around Stephen’s phallus as it squirted the last of his load in her mouth; Charles and Stephen both gasped and groaned as they emptied themselves inside the transvestite prostitute impaled between them. Charles could feel Michele’s anal muscles spasm and her sphincter contract, milking him of his seed; whilst Stephen felt her lips slither and slide up and down his shaft while her tongue slathered at his glans extracting every last drop of his spend.

Eventually all three of them began to descend from the pinnacle of their orgasms. Stephen recovered first and pulled his cock out Michele’s mouth and then pulled himself away from Michele and began to pull up his trousers.

“Michele; you are wondrous and it was pleasure to meet you!” he chuckled as he zipped his fly.

Charles pulled his cock from Michele’s anus with an audible plop. More of his semen ran in a small rivulet from Michele’s anus down her thigh and soaked in the nylon of her stocking-tops.

“That was magnificent dear; Amanda will be hearing from me soon requesting your services one on one, so that I can have your undivided attention. Would that suit you my dear?” he asked

Michele, still exhausted from her efforts, nodded appreciatively.

Michele did her best to adjust her clothing. She made her way to the bathroom and brushed her wig and applied finishing powder and lipstick so that she looked presentable. She used some towlettes to clean herself and happy with the results left the bathroom and walked over to the bar.

She sipped a gin and tonic and surveyed the room. The party had transitioned into a full-blown orgy. There were couple and threesomes, even foursomes engaged in lewd and lascivious behaviour. She sought out Polly and found her stripped to her underwear, her face buried between Matron’s plump thighs performing cunnilingus while James Lovejoy fucked her doggy-style. An elderly gentleman was enjoying being fellated by the Matron while Polly attended to her needs.

“Well the high polloi sure now how to enjoy themselves,” Michele smirked to herself, sipping her drink

A handsome but portly middle-aged man soon joined Michele at the bar; she recognised him but didn’t know his name.

“Jasper Paton Chesworth at your service mademoiselle,” he dramatically kissed her hand.

“Michele Nylons, full-time nurse and part time transvestite,” she replied with a little impertinence.

“Ah! Amanda said that she had something a little special coming tonight. I haven’t been with a lady-boy since my Navy days. Used to go down to Bugis Street in Singapore every chance I could get,” he smiled.

Michele had no idea what this gentleman was going on about but she was intrigued.

“I haven’t a clue what you are talking about Jasper,” Michele smiled back and sipped her drink.

“Well I had a penchant for transvestites many years ago when I was a Navy man and meeting you has piqued my interest again. Can we talk somewhere private,” he winked at her.

“Sure why not,” Michele replied feeling confident after a few drinks and having dealt effectively with Stephen and Charles.

“Well lets take a bottle and follow me,” he said, taking a bottle of gin from behind the bar and leading the way to the elaborate staircase.

Michele followed Jasper up to the second floor, where after trying a number of rooms, they eventually found a vacant bedroom. Jasper held the door open for her and then closed and locked it behind them.

Jasper topped off their drinks and they clinked glasses; now almost pure gin, and gulped their drinks. Jasper turned off the overhead lights so that only the bedside lamps illuminated the room making it more intimate.

He pulled Michele to him and grabbed her around her waist. He kissed her passionately and groped her roughly through her gown. His hands roamed her body and one eventually found its way inside her dress. He squeezed her through her sodden, ripped knickers.

“Oww you are naughty!” she giggled.

“It feels like you’ve already had some fun already tonight,” he chuckled; his fingers explored her semen-sodden crevice.

“Well it is a sex party!” Michele replied.

“Yes it is,” he laughed and guided her over towards the bed.

He pushed her on the bed and fell on top her. He smashed his mouth against hers. He gyrated against Michele, his tongue working feverishly in her mouth, his lips crushing hers. His hands pawed at her buttocks and he pulled her lower body harder against him. He pushed his erect member against her through her dress while he continued to kiss her deeply.

The gentleman reached a hand between their bodies and adjusted his penis, then his hand flew back to her buttocks and he rucked up her dress and used both hands to caress her buttocks through her panties and pulled her against him.

He ground himself against her, his cock hard against her lower abdomen. She could feel the girth of it though the layers of her clothing.

“Well you certainly aren’t one to waste time on formalities are you?” Michele giggled.

Jasper’s kisses were hard and insistent; he could taste her lipstick and makeup and smell her perfume. She was a stunning example of transvestite loveliness.

"Yes! Oh yes Michele! This feels so good!" he moaned.

Jasper extricated himself from Michele long enough to shed his clothes. His erection stood out proudly as he fell back on the bed and mounted Michele, wedging his penis between her legs.

"Oh my god!" he groaned and began to hump against her.

He got into rhythm, dry fucking Michele in time with his feverish kisses; slowly circling his manhood against her body. Michele could feel his turgid penis trapped between her pantied crotch and gossamer cloaked thighs. Jasper pushed against her and thrusted his cock into the silken trap made by her nylon-clad thighs and silky panty crotch. He could feel the head of his penis rubbing itself along hers through her panties.

Jasper quickened his pace and his cock began to throb. He pushed against Michele harder and held her so tight that she was afraid that he would squeeze the breath out of her. His tongue was now a wild wet animal, thrashing in her mouth, fluttering and exploring every crevice.

Both his hands clenched her buttocks squeezing them roughly through her panties as he pushed her down into the mattress to the rhythm of his thrusts. He groaned and grasped her buttocks so tight that she was worried he would tear through her panties He pulled her hard against him and she felt his penis begin to pulse and throb. Then he quickly pulled himself away from her.

Jasper rested for a minute, then he moved from between her legs and moved further up the bed kneeling; his crotch level with her face. His hard cock wobbled in front of her eyes.

"Touch it please" he begged.

Michele reached out and gently stroked his turgid member with her fingertips.

Jasper leant back slightly so that he could see her painted nails trailing along his shaft as she masturbated him. A thin thread of shimmering clear pre-come ran from the purple head of his penis and dripped onto the sheets. He reached out and caressed her stocking tops and then worked his way up to her panties. Michele stiffened as she felt his hand go inside her panties and begin to fumble about. She forced herself to relax and he eventually found her soft cock nestled in the crotch of her silk panties and he began to free it from its little prison.

Michele concentrated on slowly masturbating him; she grasped his member tightly and slowly squeezed and then fluttered her fingers against the shaft as she worked her hand up and down his penis. He was obviously enjoying it because he stared at her hand caressing him while he stroked her stocking tops. He finally freed her penis and began to squeeze it gently.

Michele stroked his phallus with firmer faster strokes. He lowered his head and kissed her, gently sliding his tongue along her gums, exploring her mouth. Then he sat back on his haunches removing his hand from inside her panties.

Jasper put his hands on her shoulders and turned her sideways on the bed. He drew himself closer and took her head in his hands and pushed his crotch forward so that his glans nestled between her lipsticked lips. He kept pushing until she opened her mouth and accepted his erection in her mouth.

"Oh yes Michele, suck me you gorgeous thing!" he moaned.

He thrust his sleek-skinned penis in and out of her mouth. Michele could taste the now familiar sweet salty taste that she knew to be pre-seminal fluid. Michele breathed through her nose to compensate for the thick member filling her mouth as she had learned to do. Jasper tightened his grip on her head and eased his cock purposely in and out of her mouth. He pulled it back until her lips circled his purple glans and then thrust forward, forcing his turgid meat deeper into her mouth. Michele moved her tongue around his shaft and could sense his enjoyment. Jasper was moaning and grunting with pleasure.

"Oh you are so naughty Michele!!"

Jasper quickly pulled his penis from her mouth and sat back on his haunches and moved back down to the bottom of the bed. He jammed two pillows under the small of Michele’s back and lifted her lower body off the bed. He rucked her dress up around her waist and pulled her legs apart and lifted her high-heels high up off the bed. He sat on his haunches between her outstretched legs, he held her nylon-sheathed legs open; her gleaming black high-heels held high. Her heavy makeup was smeared from Jasper's kisses and sweaty passion; her damp hair was strewn around the pillow framing her face. They were both panting.

Jasper positioned himself further up the bed so that his member rubbed against her panty crotch. He pulled the gusset of her panties to one side exposing the crevice between her buttocks.

Jasper adjusted his member so that his glans was nestled against the bud of her sphincter. Michele could feel Jasper pull the gusset of her panties further across her buttocks so that he had an unobstructed view of his penis poised at her rear entrance; his erect member pushed against her sphincter.

“Just a minute please honey,” Michele cooed.

She reached for her purse and took out the tube of lubricant and squeezed a big blob of the cool slippery liquid into her hand.

"Well of course; we definitely need that" he grinned.

Michele tentatively stretched her hand down to Jasper's engorged manhood. It was rock hard and she put her hand around it; it felt enormous and menacing, throbbing in her fingers. Jasper looked down to see her lying there with her legs wide apart, her high-heels held high in the air, her legs encased in her diaphanous nylons with her white silk panties pushed to one side, exposing her buttocks. He watched as her long delicate fingers, their red painted nails glimmering with the shine of the lubricant, slide feather-like up and down his hard cock, coating it with a generous amount of lubricant.

"Ok, I’m ready for you!" Michele moaned.

His hands moved to her hips and she could feel his now well-lubricated glans pressing against her sphincter. The head of his penis slid inside her tight bud.

"Oh God!" she groaned as the second penis within twenty minutes invaded her anus.

Michele lay there with her legs spread, gown hitched up; Jasper's gut hanging over her as he thrusted harder. His eyes closed in concentration and ecstasy as he pushed more of his tumescent member inside her. He groaned and held her so tight and she felt a searing heat as her insides were once again invaded.

Jasper's well-lubricated shaft drove itself all the way inside her; her anus still lubricated with Charles’s semen. His cock was so big, and so deep inside her, that it knocked the wind out of her. She felt Jasper's thighs against hers, his skin whispering on her nyloned legs as he ground into her. His large gut was now resting firmly against her tummy and his hands gave way and his full weight pressed down on her.

"Oops, better not fall down," he laughed a little drunkenly.

He pushed himself back up and took his weight on his arms and started to kiss her neck. Then one of his hands fumbled around at the front of her crotch. His hand stroked her sleek thighs as he slowly fucked her back passage.

Jasper began to slowly thrust in and out of her, hardly moving his cock more than an inch in and out; he was panting and slobbering at her neck, kissing and licking her. Michele closed her eyes and relaxed her internal muscles, easing his entrance into her back passage.

Jasper's hand stroked her thighs and groin as he slowly fucked her, he was delighted in the feel of the slinky nylon and satin and silk on his skin; he pushed his crotch hard against her buttocks on the in stroke. He began to fuck her harder and faster, establishing a hard and fast rhythm. Michele relaxed her sphincter and concentrated on keeping her back passage loose to accommodate him.

"Oh that feels so good!” Michele moaned.

Michele opened her eyes and turned to face Jasper. He was thrusting against her, his hand fumbled under the front of her panties, he found her penis and began stroking her. He was alternately kissing her lips and her neck. He thrusted in and out, pivoting his waist to get all of himself inside her, rubbing his scrotum on her silk covered buttocks at the top of his in-stroke.

Her anus was full and it ached as Jasper's throbbing member slid in and out of her, but oh god, the spongy hard mass of his glans felt so good as it pushed against her prostate. She could feel ripples of sexual pleasure from her anal cavity.

Michele raised herself up so that her buttocks pushed back against Jasper and swayed her hips from side to side to increase Jasper's pleasure and ensured her buttocks rubbed against him, as he obviously loved the feel of her silky panties against his skin. She turned her head, allowing Jasper to kiss her pouting lips.

Jasper began to pound himself in and out of her. He grasped her hips and pulled her hard up against him, thrusting forward and back. He jackhammered in and out of her, groaning.

"Oh Michele, this is so good, you are so good, I’m going to come!" he gasped.

He pushed in hard and grated his scrotum against her buttocks as he shuddered. His gripped her waist. Michele sensed his cock begin to convulse inside her as it secreted his hot spend. Jasper's cock filled her completely as he orgasmed deep inside her. Spurt after spurt of hot seed streamed into her as he rocked slowly back and forth.

Jasper's cock pulsated and throbbed against her sensitive prostrate, washing it with his hot seed, she experienced a stab of exquisite sexual pleasure pulse through her and she stiffened and ejaculated into the front of her already semen-soaked panties. Michele shuddered and moaned with pleasure.

Jasper pushed her down into the mattress and pulled his cock back so that it slid out of her. A torrent of semen trickled down her crack and, as he lifted himself up, globs of semen dripped from his member onto her stocking tops and legs.

Jasper kissed her and she kissed him back.

“That was wonderful Michele; thank you,” Jasper smiled down at her and climbed off the bed.

He cleaned himself with a towel and dressed while Michele lay on the bed exhausted. She reached for her drink, took a gulp, and lit a cigarette.

She allowed him to leave the room and then cleaned herself with the towel and sat up adjusting her clothing, not very ladylike, trying to get her ripped and soaked panties into some semblance of order, straightening her stockings and smoothing out her now stained evening gown. She sat at the vanity table and fixed her makeup.

She stood up a little unsteady on her heels; the booze and fucking had taken their toll.

Michele clutched the handrail as she gingerly made her way down the staircase. The party was starting to break up, many of the guests had left, a few were still having sex, but most were sated and either gathering their things to leave or sitting in small groups chatting and having a nightcap.

Polly was sitting with Matron Holliday and Dr Lovejoy, now fully clothed and chatting away intently. Michele didn’t want to join them but Matron saw her and beckoned her over with a casual gesture. Michele took a drink from the bar and wandered over.

“I’ve heard good reports about you Nurse Nyland or is it Nylons?” she said.

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow,” she said dismissively.

“If I wasn’t so busy I might have shagged you myself,” Dr Lovejoy said, appraising her.

The Matron shot him a malevolent stare.

“Come on Michele, our car is waiting,” Polly said, attempting to diffuse the awkward situation.

On the ride home Michele and Polly gossiped like girlfriends, exchanging details of their experiences.

When the limousine arrived at Michele’s place there was an awkward silence.

“Thanks driver,” Polly tipped him five bob and opened the door.

“I presume I’m welcome?” Polly asked.

Michele spanked her on her cute arse and took her hand and led her to the front door. They kissed and fawned at each other in the hallway.

“I’m not sure I can perform again tonight,” Michele lamented.

“We’ll see,” Polly said dragging her to the bedroom.

To be continued.

So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Six – Retribution

‘Dr Stephen Mortlock esq’ the card read followed by his phone number and his work address in a suite of offices used by medical specialists. The folded piece of paper attached by a paperclip read:

‘Be there at 7PM sharp. He likes the nurse uniform so wear it and get dressed before you go. Go there and back in a hire car; Polly will give you the number. He’s only paid for an hour so don’t give him any extras.

Scrawled on the back was the address of a private residence in one of the better suburbs of Chelmsford.

Matron Amanda Holliday had left the curt note in Michael’s locker. He’d worked the day shift and Matron hadn’t mentioned anything at all about the prostitution business, his crossdressing, or the orgy they had both recently attended.

In fact she had been quite civil and professional, as had all the other nurses on his shift. The one change he’s noticed was that Polly had had her ward assignment altered. He wasn’t sure if this was some sort or retribution or just a reorganisation of staff.

He got home just after 5PM and called Polly; in his mind he once again changed from Michael to Michele.

“Matron’s testing you. Sending you out on your own. All her prossies use the same car company; she obviously has a deal with them and they keep her girls safe to and from their jobs,” Polly explained.

“And the bitch has put me on C ward; I think that she thinks we’re getting too close.”

“Do you think she knows we’re lovers?” Michele asked.

“Is that what we are?” Polly inquired.

“Oh,” the disappointment was evident in Michele’s voice.

“Oh sugar, I’m just teasing; of course we are lovers,” she cooed.

She gave Michele the details of the car company.

“Good luck darling; can I come around after?” Polly asked.

‘It’s ‘darling’ now is it?’ Michele thought.

“Sure, I should be back around 8.30; I’ll call you from home,” Michele finished and hung up.

Michele shaved, showered and douched. She sat in front of the vanity and began her transformation

She took a sponge and applied generous amounts of foundation to her face then she picked up a brush and applied finishing powder. She rouged her cheeks, accenting her high feminine cheekbones and applied eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. She finished with another light dusting of powder and plum red lipstick.

Pouring herself a drink and lighting up a ciggy she settled down on the couch and applied bright red nail polish to her toenails and fingernails and finished with a liberal spray of perfume. She crushed out her fag and went back into the second bedroom.

Michele selected the black bob fitted the wig, combed it and adjusted it. She selected a pair of black nylon full-cut panties and stepped into them and adjusted the waistband and pulled on a black satin garter belt. She secured her breastforms to her freshly shaved chest and put on her black brassiere to hold them in place. Now the best part, she smoothed on a pair of the fully-fashioned stockings and clipped the garters to the welts of the stockings. She straightened the seams.

Michele stepped into the navy-blue satin faux nurse’s uniform; pulled it up and zipped it closed. It was so tight that she struggled to straighten it out. She sat on the bed and lifted her feet and placed a black, shiny, high heel on each one. Time to accessorise.

The simple gold ankle chain was fastened around Michele’s slim ankle followed by gold bracelets on each wrist. She placed a gold chain around her neck and clipped matching earrings to her ears. She put rings on her fingers and stood up and inspected herself in the mirror. She made a few adjustments and was finally happy.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she was once again stunned by how feminine and attractive she looked.

She packed her clutch purse with the necessities and sat drinking and smoking, watching the clock until finally she heard the toot of a horn from outside. Michele opened the door and peeked outside to ensure no nosy neighbours were watching and she closed the door behind her and got into the rear of the limousine.

The driver ogled her during the twenty-minute trip but had nothing to say. Michele sat in the gloomy rear of the car smoking and thinking. She recalled that Stephen Mortlock was the man who she had fellated while his friend Charles fucked her at the orgy at Richmond estate. He’d seemed nice enough and said that we would request her services and sure enough he was true to his word.

The driver dropped Michele off at a small but well-appointed and obviously expensive town house and as Michele walked up to the door it opened wide and there was Dr Stephen Mortlock esq ginning at her. He was wearing a smoking jacket and slippers and didn’t appear to be wearing much of anything else.

“You look stunning my dear; or should I call you nurse?” he beamed, holding out his hand.

As soon as she was inside the house, Stephen’s demeanour changed. He was no longer the pleasant gentleman who had been courteous with her at Richmond Estate; he was quite gruff and blunt.

“Ok nurse I’ve only got an hour so lets not fuck about too much with formalities shall we? I’ve paid good money for your services so let’s get on with proceedings shall we,” he demanded.

He pulled Michele unceremoniously into one of the downstairs bedrooms.

Stephen looked Michele over slowly with hungry eyes. He looked down at her high-heeled pumps and followed her shapely; nylon encased legs to where they disappeared inside the hem of her nurse's tunic. His eyes continued up the tight nurse’s uniform, resting for a few seconds on her large false breasts straining the buttons of the tunic. He gazed at Michele’s face, lingering on her full plum-red lips, her heavily mascaraed eyes and her rouged cheeks framed by the jet-black bob.

He dropped his smoking jacket to the floor and as Michele had figured he was naked underneath it.

"You look like you are worth every penny I've paid; now the Doctor want's his nurse!" he grinned and pulled Michele to him.

Stephen thrust his tongue into her mouth, crushing his lips against Michele’s. He groaned and his hand went under her skirt and he began to brutally squeeze her buttocks through the silky satin panties. Michele felt his rock hard penis pushing against her though the flimsy fabric of the uniform. Then he pushed her away.

"Lift your skirt nurse!" he demanded.

"What’s that Stephen?" Michele stammered, a little confused.

Slap! Stephen's hand snaked out and backhanded Michele across her cheek.

"Lift yer fucking skirt Nurse; just do as I say! I’m paying for this and if I’m not happy Matron will know immediately!" he growled.

Michele took the hem of her uniform in both hands and slowly raised it up her legs. Stephen's eyes followed the hem and opened wide as her firm thighs, encased in gossamer nylons, slowly came into view. He gasped as the first glimpse of black satin panty was exposed. He reached out and stroked his hand up and down her thighs; his soft doctor’s hand slithering over the gossamer nylon.

"Mmmm Michele, you're just what I ordered; now lets see if your bottom is as good as your top!"

“Charles informs me that you me are a wonderful fuck but of course I only got to sample your mouth at Richmond so I now intend to sample your other attributes,” he grinned.

He grabbed Michele roughly and spun her around so that she was facing the bed. He pushed down on her shoulders and Michele fell forward doubled over so she that was tottering on her heels. He positioned himself behind her, kicking her heels apart.

This was not the eloquent and considerate Dr Stephen Mortlock who she had serviced at the Richmond Estate; this man was brutish and forceful. Michele ensured her purse was in easy reach because she didn’t expect any consideration from Stephen. He obviously wanted to fuck her and send her on her way.

Michele felt Stephen lift her dress and push it over her back so that her silky buttocks were exposed and thrust up at him. She felt his engorged penis push against her pantied behind; it rubbed all over her satin encased buttocks. Then she felt his erection slide under the silken gusset of her panties and wedge itself in the valley of her behind.

Stephen readjusted his member so that glans was nestled in the rosebud of her sphincter. Stephen pulled the gusset of her panties across her buttocks so that he had an unobstructed view of his penis poised at her rear entrance; his erect member pushing against her bud.

Michele had anticipated this and had her tube of lubricant at hand.

Michele awkwardly reached behind her and felt around until her hand came into contact with Stephen's engorged phallus. It was rock hard and it felt enormous and menacing as it throbbed in her hand. Stephen looked down to see her standing legs wide apart on her high-heels, her legs encased in diaphanous fully-fashioned nylons and her black satin panties pushed to one side. He watched as her long delicate fingers, their red painted nails glimmering with the shine of the lubricant, slid feather-like up and down his hard cock, coating it with a generous amount of lubricant.

Michele was not enjoying the experience at all. She felt like she was nothing more than a whore; providing a receptacle for Dr Stephen Mortlock esq to empty himself without any consideration of her feelings.

She felt the glans of his penis slide inside her tight hole, the lube assisted but the pain of having Stephen's hard cock roughly inserted in her anus without foreplay or preamble was in no way stimulating.

"Oh!" Michele groaned as the hard phallus slid past her sphincter.

Michele was impaled on the head of Stephen's penis, her legs spread, dress hitched up and Stephen's opulent stomach hanging over her as he thrust forward. In the wardrobe mirror she could see that his eyes were closed in concentration and ecstasy as he stuffed his tumescent member inside her. He was groaning and gripping her so hard that she could hardly keep on her feet as her insides were invaded.

Stephen's well-lubricated shaft drove itself all the way inside her. It was so big, and in her so deep that it knocked the wind out of her and rocked her on her heels. Michele felt Stephen's flabby thighs against hers as his full weight was pressed against her.

“Ok nurse, lets fuck,” he grunted

He pulled her back against him and pushed harder as he assaulted her back passage. Stephen slowly thrust in and out of her, hardly moving his cock more than an inch in and out; he was panting as he slobbered at her neck, kissing and licking her. He stroked her thighs and groin as he slowly fucked her; he was obviously delighted by the feel of slinky nylon and satin on his skin.

Stephen began to fuck her harder and faster, he breathed heavily, exhaling great explosions of breath as he established a hard and fast rhythm.

Stephen was thrusting against her, his hand was under the front her dress ferreting around, pawing and stroking as he slobbered at her neck; thrusting in and out, pivoting his waist to get all of himself inside her, rubbing his scrotum on her panty covered buttocks as he fucked her.

Michele’s back passage was full and aching with the girth of the invading member as it slid in and out of her, but she began to feel the spongy hard mass of Stephen's glans as it pushed on her prostate. She couldn't believe it but the first ripple of sexual pleasure began to originate deep inside her.

She leant further forward so that her buttocks were presented to her assailant and she swayed her hips from side to side to increase Stephen's pleasure and ensure her nylon encased cheeks rubbed against him, as he obviously loved the sensation. Michele turned her head so that Stephen could kiss her pouting lips.

Stephen pounded himself in and out of her and fucked her harder, grunting and panting with pleasure. He gripped her hips and pulled her back against him as he thrust forward and held her still jackhammering himself in and out of her, groaning and cursing.

"Nurse! Take my load!" he screamed.

He thrust himself deep inside her and ground his scrotum against her nyloned cheeks as he shuddered. His grip on her waist was like iron. She felt his cock convulse inside her as it shuddered and secreted his hot spend. Stephen's cock actually expanded as his hot seed streamed into her. He held her tight, shuddering as his orgasm overpowered his senses.

Michele couldn't move, she was bent over, her back aching, her legs locked apart and her anus spasmed but not with pleasure, but with discomfort. Stephen pushed her foreword and she landed on the bed, her legs spread and dress hiked up.

Stephen leant over her and kissed her on the lips.

"That was worth every penny nurse," he laughed.

“You can clean up in the bathroom. Please leave quietly; I’ll have your car here in five minutes,” he said perfunctorily.

Michele lurched her way to the bathroom, her legs still shaking. This encounter was not what she thought it would be but she realised that she needed to be pragmatic. Not every punter was going to treat her like a paramour; obviously some were going to treat her like a whore. Polly had warned her accordingly.

She cleaned up, adjusted her dress and fixed her makeup. She did not expect that Dr Stephen Mortlock esq would see her to the door and she was correct. He had however left a five pound note on the hall table, which she rightly assumed was hers and she stuffed it in her purse.

She opened the door and saw her car waiting and with profuse relief she lit a cigarette and stepped onto the pavement to in order to leave Dr Stephen Mortlock’s abode and retire to her own little flat and the welcome ministrations of Polly.

She nearly made it…nearly.

As she alighted from the bottom step of Dr Stephen Mortlock’s town house she tripped on her heels. Luckily, or so she thought, she landed in the arms of a rather handsome gentleman dressed in a tweed suit and a London Fog overcoat.

“Well what do he have here then?” he asseverated.

“Thank you sir,” Michele said, keen to get into her limousine and go home.

The man helped Michele to her feet but he didn’t relinquish his grip.

“So who are you and where are you going?” he asked, his tone implied authority.

“I’m Michele and I’m going to get into that car and go home to my place in Southeast Chelmsford; it’s only twenty minutes away,” Michele said dismissively and tried to make a break for the car.

To her dismay the limousine suddenly accelerated and left the kerb.

“I though so; you’re a tranny aren’t you? Look how you are dressed!” the man said.

“So what is that to you? All I want to do is go home,” Michele pleaded.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Inspector Jean Burgess of Chelmsford CID.

He reached into his overcoat and produced a badge. Michele had not had any dealings with the law before but knew her situation was perilous.

“I just want to go home,” Michele implored.

“Well that’s all well and good but it’s obvious to me that you are a man dressed as a woman. You’re in the street of an affluent neighbourhood; do you have a legitimate reason to be here?” he asked.

Michele knew she was in a precarious situation; she couldn’t say that she had been at Dr Stephen Mortlock’s residence to service him because that would mean a prostitution charge for her and a solicitation charge for him. Matron would not be happy. But what did she have to lose if she told a fabrication of the truth?

“My name is Michele and I was visiting with Dr Stephen Mortlock esq,” she said, indignantly.

“Wait here ma’am or sir, whatever,” the Inspector said and knocked on Dr Stephen Mortlock’s door.

The door opened and a conversation took place between Inspector Burgess and Doctor Mortlock, which Michele was unable to hear. Inspector Burgess returned to where Michele stood on the cold cobblestones and looked at her gravely.

“Do you have any form of identity?’ he asked officiously.

“Well no,” Michele replied, her heart sank.

“Well in the absence of any form of identity and given that you are a transvestite with no legitimate reason for being here, I’m arresting you for lewd conduct and gross indecency,” he said.

Michele’s heart sank.

He took Michele by the arm and half-dragged her over to his car. He opened the passenger door and shoved her in and hopped in the driver’s side. Her ridiculously short nurse’s uniform rode up exposing her long legs and the Inspector lived up to his title as he inspected of her stocking-clad pins.

“Don’t see many nurses dressed like you,” he mocked.

“Quite the little strumpet aren’t you?”

“It’s just a costume,” Michele sneered at him trying to pull down the hem of her tunic.

“Yes well, men dressed as sexy nurses walking in respectable neighbourhoods with no valid reason or any means of identity should be careful how they deal with law enforcement. Don’t you think; Michele is it?” he smiled at her.

He reached over and lifted her skirt exposing her stocking tops and V of her black satin knickers.

“There, that’s better. Now you look like what I have determined to be in my esteemed opinion to be; a transvestite prossie street walker; and I have enough evidence to take you in for questioning,” he sneered.

“But you saw my hire car, you saw me come out of Dr Mortlock’s flat,” Michele retorted.

“Well that’s not the way I see it. I saw a rather sexy looking Transvestite prossie walking over to a punter in a car to make a transaction and when the driver saw that you had been detained by a man who looked very much like a detective, the punter drove off.”

“I’m taking you down to the station for further questioning,” he said and started the car.

As they pulled into the traffic he reached across and began to stroke her legs. Michele tried to close them and pull down her dress but her prevented her.

“The problem with a lot of women today is that they let themselves go; they don’t wear nice makeup, sexy clothes, high-heels and those lovely stockings. That’s one thing I like about you trannies, you might have a cock in your knickers but you always look good.”

Michele pulled down the hem of uniform and closed her legs and stared straight ahead. She decided that she would use passive resistance so as not antagonise the copper but not to encourage him either.

The Inspector grabbed her hand and dropped it in his lap where Michele could feel the heat and girth of a very engorged penis. Michele’s instinct was to withdraw her hand but the Inspector held it there.

“Now you can be all coy about this and claim innocence, as is your right. But if you do so, I will have to leave you in a holding cell with a couple of rough lads who might not like men who dress as women, or even worse, they might like men who dress as women. Either way I can’t imagine it would be pleasant being left there overnight until I come to work tomorrow and eventually get around to investigating your case,” he grinned.

“Would it?” he thrust her hand against his penis and Michele knew she was in deep trouble and needed to keep the copper contented.

Inspector Burgess’s fingers touched her thigh, just below the hem of her navy blue tunic. He stroked her leg slowly, his fingers rasping on her sheer stockings. Michele pretended to ignore him; there was nothing to be gained by making a scene. Then his hand slid under the hem of her skirt and slid up to the top of her thigh and came to rest on the reinforced welt of her stocking-top, his fingers explored the nylon where it cinched onto the garter strap of her suspender belt. Michele jumped as his hand touched the bare skin above the welt of her stocking.

In the stony silence of the dark car Inspector Burgess stroked and fondled Michele’s leg under her dress, running his fingers up and down her stocking and stroking the cool skin above the welt. Michele sat still and silent and hoped Inspector Burgess wouldn’t move his hand any higher than her thighs.

Inspector Burgess removed his hand from under her dress and forced Michele’s fingers inside his flies.

“You know what to do; its that or night in the nick with a couple of hard villains,” he hissed.

Michele pushed her painted fingernails inside Inspector Burgess’s underpants and wrapped them around Inspector Burgess’s spongy semi-erect penis and he grinned in the dark. They drove down a well-lit high street and he looked at her closely in the glow of a streetlight. The tranny was wearing heavy makeup: lots of black eyeliner and mascara, blue and pink eyeshadow, rose blush and plum red lipstick. Her hair was glossy; a bock bob; the fringe level with her brows. Her perfume was sensual and arousing. She was probably in her late twenties or early thirties and quite attractive; sort of sophisticated but slutty at the same time. His cock began to harden in her hands; he loved women who looked like her.

He liked the navy blue satin nurse’s uniform which he had hiked up to the top of her thighs. Her nylons shimmered in the dim light, the sheen on her legs drawing his eyes down to her feet shod in black patent leather high-heels. He thought he saw the gleam of red toenail polish through the reinforced toes of her stocking.

Michele kept her hand loosely wrapped around Inspector Burgess’s hardening penis and tried not to think too much about anything. When they came to a slight bend in the road she tried to take her hand out of Inspector Burgess’s crotch but he grabbed her wrist and held it in place. He gave her a vicious stare and Michele stopped fighting and resigned herself to her fate.

He encircled Michele’s fingers in his own and began to slowly slide them up and down his now fully erect penis. Once she realised what he wanted he took his hand away and looked across at her and smiled. A single tear ran down Michele’s cheek leaving a trail of black mascara.

Michele was horrified. Recently she had learned that she liked to be kissed by an attentive admirer; to be sensuously fondled and to kiss and fondle him back; but being forced to masturbate this man in his cold dark car was not in any way pleasurable.

Michele slowly stroked the hard penis poking out of the front of Inspector Burgess’s trousers. Inspector Burgess gave a satisfied groan in the back of his throat and Michele felt his cock begin to throb. She could feel the thick veins and the spongy glans. She decided that she needed to get this over with as quickly as possible and hopefully the copper would release her. She used her fingertip to rub the delicate flesh of his frenulum, the sensitive piece of skin on the underside of the penis that joins the shaft and the glans. From her own experience she knew that it is excruciatingly sensitive and that the exquisite sensation of her delicate fingers rubbing on the area should soon lead to orgasm.

When he was mewing with pleasure Michele worked her had vigorously up and down his shaft and soon the musty odour of semen filled the car. Inspector Burgess’s semen felt hot and slimy as on her fingers as she stroked his shaft, milking him of the last of his spend. He reached into his breast pocket and dropped a handkerchief in his lap and Michele wiped his softening penis and then wiped her own fingers as best she could and dropped the handkerchief on the passenger side floor. She withdrew her hand and Inspector Burgess surreptitiously closed his flies.

“Good girl; now you’re getting the idea,” he grinned.

“Can you let me off here on the corner so I can get a taxi?” Michele implored.

“Oh no miss; I’ve yet to question you and establish you identity.

“But…” Michele was about to protest when he pulled the car over.

The dim blue lights either side of the entrance of the redbrick building indicated its use as a police station and Inspector Burgess half-dragged Michele from the car.

She was mortified. The very though of being taken inside the police station was terrifying.

The Inspector threw her roughly against the wall.

“If! And I mean if, you behave; I’ll take you past the front desk so you don’t have to enter your name into the duty Sergeant’s night log. I’ll take you upstairs to CID and question you there and let you go without booking you. If aren’t wanted for a crime I might let you off with a warning as you were so nice to me in the car,” he sneered.

Michele nodded her consent and nearly fell as he released his grip. The inspector caught her and pulled her against him. He locked his arm in hers.

“Stick with me, don’t look at the Sergeant, and keep your fucking gob shut!” he instructed and traipsed her up the steps.

As they entered the well-lit police station Inspector Burgess nodded to the heavy-set Sergeant who was writing in a big book; a steaming cup of tea at hand and a cigarette burning in the ashtray.

“Evening Bob. Just a prossie, I’m going to interview her in CID and then let her go, no need to book her,” the Inspector explained.

The Sergeant didn’t even look up, he just waved the Inspector on his way nonchalantly.

Inspector Burgess led Michele over to a door at the side of the room and pushed her through, he followed and closed it behind them. It opened onto very dim landing with a steep staircase.

"Come on, we better get a move on," Inspector Burgess pushed Michele ahead of him up the stairs.

They came to another stairwell landing and he pushed her against the wall and pressed his full weight against her. She could feel his hot breath on her neck.

Inspector Burgess pressed tight against Michele, pushing her against the cold concrete wall. He was breathing into her ear, his breath quickening.

“What are you doing?” Michele asked.

"Shhh! If you can't shut up I'll have to shut you up!" he whispered hoarsely, and pressed his lips against hers.

Michele felt the groan in the back of his throat and heat from his body. He kept his lips locked on hers and then she felt him slowly start to rub himself against her, his member thickening in his pants and pushing against her lower body. He pressed her arms tight against her body in a vice-like grip as he continued to kiss her and move against her.

"Keep quiet; if the Sergeant finds us I’ll have to put you in holding," he whispered hoarsely between kisses.

Michele tried to open her mouth to protest and he slid his tongue into her mouth and passionately kissed her. She resigned herself to her fate. What could she do? She was in a fucking police station! Inspector Burgess fumbled around; she knew what he was doing, and then she heard the rasp as he opened his zipper.

His hard penis leapt free and she felt the hard hot texture of it as it came to rest against the material of her tunic. Inspector Burgess groaned and pushed her harder against wall pulling her face and lips hard against his; his left hand slid up her thigh, his fingers whispering against the nylon of her stocking.

It was deathly quiet on the stairwell. All she could hear was Inspector Burgess's heavy breathing, the occasional groan in the back of his throat, the whispery murmur of his fingers stroking her stockings and the rustle of her uniform rubbing against her body as he pushed his cock against her and gyrated his hips.

He seized the hem of her skirt and wrenched it up; as he did so he adjusted his stance so that his hard hot penis pressed between her nylon encased thighs.

Inspector Burgess groaned and began to rub his engorged member in the crevice created by her nylon-clad thighs. She locked her thighs together in a vain attempt to stop him but Inspector Burgess placed his hands on her buttocks, taking one buttock in each of his big strong hands, squeezing them through the material of her skirt. The front of her skirt remained ridden up so that his cock was nestled in the 'Y' shaped silken valley created by her hosed thighs and black satin panties. Inspector Burgess began to push his hard member in and out of this silken trap, his cock pressing further between her legs with each thrust.

Then he lifted her buttocks upwards and as he did so her body slid up the wall and her feet lifted off the floor and he pushed his weight against her, forcibly opening her legs. As hard as she tried to press her legs closed, the force of his body and his strong arms proved no match for her feeble efforts as her fists drummed against his chest and shoulders.

Inspector Burgess heaved her up and at the same time repositioned his grip under the tops of her thighs as he pushed her back against the wall; her feet were now completely off the ground and her thighs spread. Inspector Burgess pressed his groin into her and she felt his turgid penis throbbing against the satin gusset of her panties. He adjusted his position slightly and she felt his member begin to slide inside the gusset of her panties.

What could she do? Resistance was futile and it would probably only cause her pain or she would end up in lockup being ravished or beaten up by hardened criminals.

Michele moved her hands from his chest and wrapped them around his neck and slid her nyloned calves around his waist. Inspector Burgess kissed her harder, his tongue assaulting her mouth. His rampant member slid back and forth, snug between the nylon of her stockinged thighs and the satin gusset of her panties. He pushed his cock harder into the crevice between her buttocks and settled into a steady rhythm as he dry fucked the pretty transvestite. His pelvis thrust back and forth as he pleasured himself. Michele hung on and offered no resistance, allowing him to gratify his primal urges; she just wanted it over with. She responded to his kisses and pushed her buttocks against him to increase his pleasure and hasten his climax.

Inspector Burgess slammed her against the wall and thrust forward and upwards with all his strength and she felt his glans against the bud of her sphincter begin to shoot hot spurts of semen. The warm slick liquid lubricated her puckered bud and his member slid deep inside her, pulsing and spewing the remainder of his issue into her back passage. Inspector Burgess's tongue explored her mouth and she responded as she felt an uncontrollable wave of pleasure wash over her.

The head of Inspector Burgess's penis was pushing hard against her prostate, his pulsing rampant flesh shooting hot jets of semen inside her causing her to orgasm spontaneously. Michele emptied her seed into her panties. Inspector Burgess thrust her hard against the wall as he emptied himself inside Michele; she groaned and forced herself against him. He shuddered and moaned as torrents of semen spewed from his member and dribbled out of her anus and ran down her thighs.

As their orgasms subsided Inspector Burgess eased Michele slowly to the ground and as he did so his cock slid from inside her unleashing a stream of creamy fluid into her undergarments. She tottered on her high heels and held on to him her legs shaking and her back against the wall for support. Inspector Burgess adjusted himself and zipped up. He leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to her cheek.

"Come on honey lets get you upstairs,” he let go of her.

Michele adjusted her dress as best she could and at his insistence she continued to climb the staircase.

The top of stairs opened onto a large deserted office where the desks were unmanned but a few had their lamps left on and there was enough light to get around the office without mishap. Inspector Burgess led Michele to a cluttered desk and pushed her down into a chair.

“Ok I’m letting you off with a warning; Michele isn’t it?”

“But you ain’t going back on the street dressed like that; make a phone call while I take a piss. Get someone down here fucking quick I ain’t got all night.”

Michele called the only person she could think of and sat smoking while she waited. The Inspector returned and poured two generous slugs of scotch into two dirty teacups. Michele didn’t care about the cleanliness of the cup and gulped at the liquor.

“You’re not a bad sort for a tranny,” the Inspector said after a while.

Michele remained silent and smoked another cigarette and finished her drink.

“Can I use the toilet?” Michele asked.

“Sure; but its only the men’s bog. Oh wait; that wont matter will it?” he chuckled and pointed to the door he had used earlier.

Michele cleaned herself as best she could and fixed her makeup. She returned to the desk and sat and waited. The awkward silence lasted for about twenty minutes during which he gave her another drink and shuffled the papers on his desk. Finally the phone rang and the Inspector picked it up and grunted a few times and hung up.

“Come on; lets go,” he helped Michele out of the chair and assisted her back down the staircase.

At the bottom landing her pulled her to him and kissed her and roughly squeezed her buttocks. Then he snatched her purse and rifled through it taking the five pounds that Dr Mortlock had tipped her and the small amount of cash she had bought with her, pushing it back in her hands. Then he thrust her though the door, past the desk Sergeant and outside.

A car sat idling on the kerb; an attractive well-dressed woman leaned against the bonnet.

“Fuck me if it isn’t Polly!” the Inspector laughed.

“Evening Inspector Burgess,” Polly replied ruefully.

“Is this one of the Matron’s girls?” Inspector shook Michele by the elbow.

“Yeah, she works for Amanda Holliday,” Polly replied.

“Well get her the fuck out of here,” he pushed Michele towards the car.

Polly hastened over to support Michele and opened the back door of the car and helped her onto the seat.

“Try not to suck any cocks on the way home,” the Inspector called after them vindictively and turned on his heels and went back inside the station.

To be continued…

So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Seven – Michele Ascending

Michele and Polly sat in Michele’s lounge drinking tea and smoking.

“So? Inspector Burgess?” Michele asked.

“Well you know the Matron runs a prostitution ring and that most of the clients are the elite of CMH and the hoi polloi who make up their close circle of friends,” Polly went on.

“Well us girls and our punters need protection. We need protection from other organisations that provide similar services and our punters need protection from anyone who might use their peccadillos to blackmail them. Also we need protection from the Police force itself. They might be disposed to arrest us for prostitution and our clients for solicitation”

“So Amanda pays off Inspector Burgess who ensures that the right wheels are greased, so to speak, and we can operate with impunity.”

“Impunity! That arsehole fucked me on the staircase of a police station and took my fucking money!” Michele cried.

“Shh you bint! You want your neighbours to overhear?” Polly tried to sooth Michele.

She poured them both a scotch and Michele snatched the drink from Polly and drained it in one long gulp. Polly topped off Michele’s glass and this time she sipped it.

“Well the Inspector and selected members of the Force also take a little trade now and then,” Polly said.

“But the Inspector didn’t know I was one of Matron’s girls until you came to the station to pick me up,” Michele replied.

“Look Michele, you were shit unlucky. Wrong place; wrong time is all,” Polly explained.

“Bullshit Polly! You tell me that Matron runs every single facet of the business. She knew I was attending to Dr Mortlock tonight and she must have warned her police contacts accordingly,” Michele protested.

“It’s not foolproof Michele; maybe Inspector Burgess wasn’t advised you were servicing Stephen Mortlock tonight?” Polly hypothesised.

“Nah it’s too much of a coincidence; and why would my driver fuck off like that?”

“Maybe he thought he was going to be pinched for pimping?” was all Polly could think of.

“Anyway babe you’re safe at home now and I’m here with you,” Polly snuggled up to Michele and began to nuzzle her ear.

Before long they were both embracing and kissing each other; their hands exploring each other’s panties. Michele stood and held out a hand and Polly took it and was willingly led to the bedroom.

Michele dropped her nurse’s uniform, clad only in lingerie; similarly, Polly stripped down to basque, stockings, and panties and high-heels. Her makeup is heavy and her perfume fills the air. They are kissing and fondling while they disrobe and can’t wait to take pleasure in each other’s bodies. Michele guides Polly to the bed and climbs on, looking at her sexy body sprawled and waiting to be taken.

Michele kneels at the foot of the bed; her erection is poking out of her panties, proud and rampant. She slips out her tongue and licks Polly’s slim stockinged ankles, taking her feet in her hands, she massages her calves and Polly sighs. Michele slides her tongue along Polly’s legs and lingers for a few minutes teasing the fine wrinkles in her stockings at the backs of her knees. Polly shudders and her fingers reach for Michele’s face.

“You get me so horny Nurse Nylons,” she groans.

Michele continues the journey along Polly’s elegant legs stopping at the tops of her stockings to explore the dark welts and the smooth creamy skin of her thighs. Polly guides Michele’s face to her crotch and she licks Polly’s mound through her black satin panties. They are moist and pungent with her juices.

“Oh you are so naughty; I’m not sure what you’re doing is even legal” Polly giggles and pulls aside the gusset of her panties and forces Michele’s face into her sex.

Michele’s tongue explores Polly’s labia and finds her hooded clitoris. It is erect and as soon as she licks it Polly pushes Michele’s face into her crotch and writhes with pleasure.

“OOOOhhhhhh!!!!!” she moans.

Michele licks Polly’s clitoris with long slow strokes and gradually increases the rapidity; Michele’s wet tongue is lapping Polly’s sex and she tastes her sweet secretions. Polly’s heels are drumming on the bed and Michele knows that she is close to climax. She frantically suckles Polly’s sopping vagina ensuring her tongue lashes her clitty. Michele grasps Polly’s hips and forces her face into her sex as she laps, suckles, licks and caresses her.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck!!!” Polly entwines her fingers tightly in Michele’s scalp and holds her against her sex as she orgasms.

Michele licks and sucks Polly to climax and then eases off as Polly begins to come down. Polly’s clitoris is very sensitive after she has orgasmed. Michele licks it a few times but Polly lifts Michele’s face from her groin pulls her face up to hers. They kiss each other, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Polly opens her legs and Michele slides between them; their stockinged legs feel exquisite as they rub together.

“Put it in me Michele! Fuck me!” she moans and reaches down and places Michele’s penis at the entrance to her hot wet vagina.

Polly lifts her legs and wraps them around Michele’s flanks, pulling her closer. Polly guides Michele’s rampant penis inside her hot, buttery entrance and she humps away, kissing and raking Michele’s flanks with her high-heels, goading Michele to fuck her harder.

Michele slams her turgid member in and out of Polly for a few minutes but she can feel her orgasm approaching rapidly. Polly is close to coming again too and she pants her sweet breath in Michele’s ear whispering obscenities, drumming her heels on Michele’s back to encourage her. Michele empties her seed deep inside Polly, grinding the base of her penis against Polly’s pubis, stimulating her clitoris.

The two lovers remain wrapped in each other’s arms kissing and stroking each other. They get comfortable lying together in each other’s arms, Michele’s penis pressing against Polly’s stockinged thigh as they both drift off to sleep.

The next day at CMH Michael Nyland was halfway through his shift when he was summoned to the Matron’s office. He stood before her desk a little defiant.

“You look a little peeved nurse,” Amanda Holliday had a smirk on her face.

“I’m not used to being fucked against my will on a stairway in a Police Station and Doctor Mortlock treated me like shit. That cunt Inspector Burgess even stole all my money from my purse,” he said indignantly.

“Oh stop whining like a sissy; although let’s face it that’s what you are,” she replied.

“Here,” she slid an envelope across the table.

Michael picked it up and opened it. It was stuffed with cash. Michael didn’t count it but at a glance it looked it was at least three times the weekly wage he earned as a nurse.

“There’s your earings for the week and also there are some extras from Steven and Jean. Shall we call it compensation?”

“For some reason you are very popular with my punters. Word has got around after the party at Richmond Estate that you are quite the ‘new thing’. I have long ago given up trying to figure out what titillates my punters, some of them even get me to strap on a rubber cock and fuck them for god’s sake. Anyway at the moment my new transvestite nurse is de-rigueur for the perverted elite.”

“This is all mine?” Michael asked incredulously.

“Yes Michele; you might think me a cunt, but I deal fairly with my employees. It’s the only way this thing can work. I have a stable of sexy nurses who I prostitute out, I know Polly has told you all about it, she can’t keep her mouth shut even when it’s full of cock,” Matron sniggered.

“I service only the CMH elite and those who they recommend. I also have to trust my employees, the police and the punters. It’s not an easy job,” she went on to explain.

“But made easier when you have the ability to use blackmail,” Michael scoffed.

“Yes, well there is that,” Amanda had allowed her uniform to ride up exposing her gauzy chocolate stocking-tops.

“But lets face the facts, most of my girls are like you, they protest at first but after a while they enjoy it; and those cash-filled envelopes I hand out every week soon ease the pain.”

Amanda had arisen from her seat and was uncomfortably close to Michael. The buttons of her tunic were undone at the top exposing her ample decolletage framed in a black lace brassiere and the hem of her tunic remained hiked up exposing her creamy thighs above her stocking-tops.

She sidled up to Michael and stroked his growing erection through his nurse’s scrubs. Michael gasped.

Amanda pushed him away.

“I have no interest in you as nurse Michael Nyland; but what I have seen of nurse Michele Nylons intrigues me,” she leant forward and bit his earlobe.

She slid another envelope into his hand.

“Be there at eight tonight. Bring Polly. Use the car service,” she kissed him, quickly slipping her tongue into his mouth and out again.

She pushed him away.

“Go about your duties Nurse Nyland,” she said dismissively and sat down at her desk and immersed herself in some paperwork.

Later that afternoon Michele and Polly were sitting in Michele’s lounge room sipping gin and tonics and smoking Woodbines.

“So what does it mean?” Michele asked.

Michele was dressed in the same ensemble she had worn to the Richmond Estate. She looked resplendent in her red satin evening gown, shoulder-length brunette wig, white satin suspender belt with the tan stockings with the chocolate seams and welts, silk knickers and brassiere. Her feet were shod in black patent-leather high heels. She had accessorised with gold rings on fingers of both hands, an elegant gold ladies watch on her left wrist and a gold bracelet on her right, a pair of drop earrings were clipped to her ears and an elegant pendant hung around her neck.

The split in the side of Michele’s dress exposed a long, elegant leg clad in fine hosiery, which shimmered in the lamplight distracting Polly a little. Michele too was distracted by Polly’s black satin evening dress, which was spilt to the waist on both sides displaying her shapely thighs. Her makeup was perfect; her hair coiffured and her gold jewellery accessorised her ensemble perfectly.

They were both exercising self-control to keep from ravaging each other.

“A private party is similar to the event at Richmond Estate but it is a far more intimate affair. Only a few special guests are invited by Amanda,” Polly explained.

“Michele Nylons and Escort are cordially invited to a private party hosted by Amanda Holliday, RN and Dr James Lovejoy, MD. Dress: evening wear/formal. Venue: Chelmsford Memorial Hospital Cottage. Time: 8pm for drinks,” Michele read from the card that Matron had given her.

“There isn’t even an RSVP,” Michele said.

“It’s not that sort of an invite Michele. You have to go; and as Amanda instructed you to bring me along so do I,” Polly looked over her glass at Michele.

“You like her don’t you? The Matron I mean,” Michele said sulkily.

“Michele, what we have is special and I love being your lover; but I also like my job. I like being a prossie and I like having sex with Amanda. She’s a cunt, but she pays me well and she does things to me that I can’t explain,” Polly replied.

“Now don’t be sulky cow. You still get paid for tonight but it will be fun; these events always are. And I promise to come home with you after,” she slid a red manicured fingernail along Michele’s stockinged thigh until she found Michele’s mound, really a gaffed penis and scrotum, and stroked her through her panties.

“Stop it; you’ll start something we can’t stop and don’t have time for,” Michele pulled Polly’s hand from under her dress.

The car ride was conducted mostly in silence, Michele still sulking. They arrived at the private Cottage located on the vast acreage of CMH. It was secluded; situated on a small lake across from the Hospital. It was used to accommodate distinguished guests, usually visiting specialist doctors and surgeons from overseas.

Polly and Michele stepped inside to be greeted by Amanda Holliday dressed in an elegant black cocktail gown exposing her ample breasts and long legs. Also present were Dr Lovejoy and Inspector Jean Burgess both dressed in black tie.

Amanda offered drinks and they formed a small group smoking and chatting as if they were nothing more than intimate friends.

“Michele; I’m sorry if we got off on the wrong foot and I apologise for my not knowing you are one of Amanda’s treasures. And a special treasure you are indeed,” the Inspector said, and kissed Michele’s hand during the introductions.

“Well I have been more than adequately compensated by my employer, so who am I to complain?” Michele replied coquettishly.

“She is a lovely creature,” Dr Lovejoy interposed.

“A creature that myself and Amanda went to a great deal of effort to create.” Dr Lovejoy smirked.

“And a creature who is now perfectly content with her new found profession,” Michele touched the Inspector’s arm and smiled seductively.

Polly gave Michele a surreptitious dig in the ribs but Michele ignored it. Michele was behaving quite boorishly; exposing as much flesh as she could and hanging off every word uttered by James Lovejoy and Jean Burgess, playing the men off against each other.

They group chatted amicably for awhile, drinking and smoking; steering the conversation clear of work and prostitution.

“Well James, I think I might borrow your protege for a little while,” Jean slid his arm around Michele’s waist and pulled her close and nuzzled her ear.

“Oh I don’t think so dear chap; I’m sure Amanda and Polly can keep you entertained while I take Michele on a guided tour of the premises.

Dr Lovejoy pulled Michele from Jean’s clutches and pressed her to him. He kissed her briefly but passionately.

“Come on gentlemen, there’s plenty to go around. Let’s not fight over someone who is, let’s face it, nothing more than a catamite dressed as a woman,” Amanda smiled but her anger was evident in the jealous glare she threw at Michele.

“Darling! How can you be so rude to our special guest? Now I will definitely have to take Michele on a quick tour of our fine establishment to make up for your imprudence,” Dr Lovejoy replied, his resentment barely concealed.

“Let me begin by showing her the upper rooms; I’m sure Jean can keep you ladies amused in the sitting room until we return,” he smirked.

James Lovejoy took Michele by the hand and guided her towards the stairs. Michele went along grudgingly; she was hoping that the party would continue in the sitting room so she could continue to torment Polly and Amanda and make them jealous. As she climbed the stairs with James close behind her, he began to paw at her buttocks and legs. He ran a finger up the seam of her stocking and stroked the welt and then the bare skin above the dark band of nylon. Michele’s cock twitched in her panties.

“God you’ve great legs girl; and a fantastic arse!” James said lecherously; his face inches from Michele’s buttocks as she mounted the last of the stairs.

James led Michele into one of the bedrooms and without further ceremony he pushed her down on the bed and fell on top of her. Michele could feel his hard cock poking into her belly as he squirmed on top of her and crushed her lips with his, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

James tasted of scotch and cigarettes as Michele responded to his kisses by opening her mouth and entwining her tongue with his. She put her arms around him and lifted a leg and slid it along his flank. Michele was now well versed in what men wanted from her and what excited them.

Michele eased her hand between their bodies and squeezed James’s thickening cock through his trousers.

“You’ve got me so randy Michele,” he gasped and began to tear off his clothes.

Finally naked James gasped and fell on top of the stunning transvestite.

His tongue resumed its exploration of Michele’s hot wet mouth and his hands began to explore her body. He hiked up her dress and he nestled the tip of his cock between her stocking-clad thighs and began to hump her legs.

Michele could feel the heat of James’s cock as he fucked her thighs; it was iron hard and throbbing. She could feel a little wetness as the hard cock leaked pre-seminal fluid. He was gasping and moaning and Michele didn’t think it would be long until he came.

James pushed his cock between Michele’s thighs and forced her legs open and began to push his cock into the crease of her buttocks; only the fabric of her panties preventing him from his objective. Michele was moaning now and her cock was hard inside her panties. As much as she used to despise Dr James Lovejoy, her attitude had changed. She wanted to be fucked!

“Let me help a little” Michele cooed from underneath her lover.

James reluctantly broke their embrace and Michele reached into the clutch she had dropped beside the bed and extracted the tube of lubricant.

She generously smeared James’s glans and shaft with the clear viscous fluid and then slipped a generous dollop inside her panties around and just inside her anal bud. She got down on her hands and knees and turned around and raised her generous buttocks into the air and reached back and hiked up her gown.

“My god you’ve come a long way from the reluctant tranny I fucked in private ward 209,” James beamed.

“Shut up and do me like a doggie,” Michele giggled.

James stared at Michele’s stocking-clad legs; the dark welts contrasting with the creamy skin at the tops of her thighs, her ample tight buttocks encased in white satin, the dollop of lubricant glistened through the sheer panty. James pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and waddled on his knees between her legs until his cock nudged at her puckered opening.

Michele closed her eyes and relaxed her sphincter. James’s cock pushed forward and Michele pushed back until the glans of James’s penis penetrated her.

“Stop please James. Let me do it,” Michele moaned seductively.

She slowly pushed back and the well-lubricated shank slid inside her until she felt her buttocks nestle against James’s groin. Her bowels felt full with a dull rawness but as she slowly accommodated James’s cock an emanation of pleasure began to radiate from inside her distended anus.

James held Michele by her hips and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Michele was in heaven; the feel of satin, nylon and lace against her body, the taste of her lipstick and makeup, the scent of her perfume was exhilarating; and tonight she was in control! And she loved behaving like a total slut! It was somehow empowering after being used time and time again.

The door opened unexpectedly and Inspector Jean Burgess entered the room.

“Is there room for one more?” he grinned.

Michele on her hands and knees being superbly fucked by Dr James Lovejoy was engrossed in the enjoyment of coitus. She smiled up at Jean.

“Do you mind if I use your mouth darling?” he asked.

Michele smiled her consent.

Jean dropped his pants and climbed onto the bed and approached Michele; he was already erect and as soon as his cock touched Michele’s lips she gobbled it up with relish.

Michele sucked and slavered on Jean’s cock while James pounded in and out of her slick passage. It did not take long for either of the trio to build up to climax. James came first; holding onto Michele by the straps of her garters, jackhammering in and out her tight anus; he ground himself against her buttocks as he ejaculated inside her, filling her with hot milky seed.

Michele orgasmed when she felt James’s cock pulsating against her prostrate; her semi-erect cock throbbed and filled her panties with hot semen.

Sensing the other two had peaked Jean held Michele’s head in his hands and fucked her face; unloading stream after stream of viscous sperm into her mouth as she sucked slathered and swallowed.

Having spent their loads, they began to slowly disentangle from one and other. James fetched a damp cloth from the bathroom and used it to wipe his genitals and began to dress. Jean allowed Michele to lick his cock clean and he stuffed it back into his pants. He kissed Michele passionately on the lips tasting a scintilla of his own spend on her breath.

“See you downstairs Michele; I hope I you haven’t finished with me yet sweetheart,” he grinned and left the room.

James kissed Michele.

“Thanks darling; I’ll see you downstairs too,” he kissed her amorously and left.

After the men had left Michele walked into the bathroom and cleaned herself up and fixed her makeup and brushed her hair. She went back to the bedroom and stood in front of the full-length mirror and made some final adjustments to her clothing, hair, and makeup. When she was satisfied that she looked as perfect as she had when she first arrived at the Cottage she exited the bedroom and made her way downstairs with a grin on her face.

To be continued……………………

So You Want To Be A Nurse
Michele Nylons

Chapter Eight – Riding The Matron

Matron, Polly, Jean and James watched Michele come down the staircase; She looked resplendent in her red satin evening gown, shoulder-length brunette hair. The split in the side of her dress displayed a lace garter attached to the dark welt of stocking sheathing her shapely thigh; her feet were shod in black patent-leather high heels which click-clacked on the marble staircase. The gold rings on her fingers, the bracelets on her wrist, her drop earrings, and the elegant pendant hanging around her neck shimmered in the dim light. Her makeup was perfect and she looked stunning.

Stunning enough to bring to a halt the debauchery that was taking place on the lounge. Both Matron and Polly were disrobed; Polly clad in a black satin bustiere, black fully-fashioned stockings and black spiked heels and Matron in a red satin full-slip, matching brassiere, panties, taupe stockings and black heels.

Polly was lying prone on the lounge with the Matron straddling her, top to tail. They had been busy nuzzling each other’s sopping labia; the gussets of their panties eased aside by manicured, red fingernails. Dr Lovejoy and Inspector Burgess sat in armchairs facing the ladies; they each had a drink in one hand and their cocks in the other, both slowly masturbating to the spectacle of the lesbian show before them.

Matron and Polly returned to their business and Michele sauntered over to the bar and poured herself a drink. Both the Doctor and the Inspector patted the arms of their overstuffed chairs indicating she sit there. She chose to perch her firm buttocks next to Jean Burgess who immediately put down his drink and slid his hand under her dress and began to massage her thighs as he improved his erection. Dr Lovejoy gave a wry smile and turned his gaze back to the two resplendent nurses.

The Inspector tried to guide Michele’s hand to his penis but Michele would have none of it; she lit a cigarette and sipped her drink but continued to allow him to play with her legs. She was quiet content to let Jean play with her legs; his fingers lightly caressed her silky stockings and she was becoming a little aroused as she too watched her lover and her nemesis lap at each other’s cunts. She butted out her cigarette and slid off the arm of the chair into Jean’s lap; he kissed her and she responded passionately as his hands explored her stocking tops and his tongue explored her mouth.

She could feel his now fully erect penis pushing against her buttocks and she adjusted herself so that it fit nicely in the crease. Jean gathered her gown so that he had free access to her soft behind and nestled his cock in her crevice rubbing his glans against her panty-clad rear. Michele squirmed and kissed him harder as she felt his cock leak preseminal fluid, wetting the seat of her panties, and his hands pawed at her thighs.

Dr Lovejoy shifted his gaze between to two women and Michele and Jean and he decided it was time to join the fun. He stood and made his way over to the seat where Jean was dry-humping Michele’s buttocks; his hard cock poking out of his trousers. He stood before Michele and she reached out and began to stroke it whilst squirming her buttocks in Jean’ lap. She opened her lips and Dr Lovejoy leaned forward and slid his cock into her mouth.

Michele slavered at Dr Lovejoy’s penis, running the tip of her tongue along the crown of his glans. Dr Lovejoy sighed and began to ease his cock in and out of Michele’s mouth as she clamped her lips down his shaft and began to suckle him. This further aroused Jean Burgess and he slid his cock inside Michele’s panties and searched for her anus. The head of his penis found her puckered bud and Michele obligingly lifted her rear to accommodate him and then slowly began to lower herself onto his rampant member, the passage eased by the remnants of James’s spend still inside her.

She sighed as she felt Jean’s cock slide inside her right up to the hilt, then she began to wriggle her sexy arse so that his cock stimulated her prostate and her silky panties caressed his scrotum. He grabbed her waist and began to slowly fuck her.

James Lovejoy took her face in his hands and began to face-fuck the pretty transvestite as she sucked and licked his shaft and sensitive glans.

Michele was highly aroused, her cock rock hard in her panties. She bounced up and down on Jean’s tumescent weapon, holding on to the arms of the chair for support. At the same time she suckled Dr Lovejoy’s throbbing cock, clamping her lips on the shaft and using the tip of her tongue on his fraenulum. She could feel his cock begin to pulse as it made ready to ejaculate. At the same time Jean thrust deep inside her, plunging his cock into her up to hilt and lifting her until just the tip of his penis penetrated her sphincter, then slamming her back down into his lap as he fucked her hard and fast.

James unloaded in her mouth; having come in her earlier his load was significantly smaller than previous but it still filled Michele’s mouth and she swallowed the proffered nectar as she continued to suck on his pulsating appendage. Jean pulled her down into his lap and ground himself against her buttocks and emptied his seed deep inside her; Michele writhed her buttocks as she milked him of his spend. She could feel the hot load fill her passage as his glans pulsed against her prostrate and his shaft massaged her sphincter; her cock was throbbing and close to climax but she held back; she had other plans.

Both men emptied themselves inside the orifices of the transvestite slut, moaning and groaning in unison as they sated themselves. From across the room came muffled cries of pleasure as Polly gazed at her transvestite lover being used by the two men as Amanda lapped at her sodden cunt, Amanda’s tongue licking her sensitive clitty, evoking a massive orgasm. Polly shuddered and writhed under the Matron as her body shook in rapture.

The men pulled their now deflating penises from Michel’s mouth and anus and as they did Michele leapt from the chair and strode over to the lounge. She positioned herself behind Amanda Holliday and slid her erect, throbbing cock deep inside the Matron.

“Oh James you naughty boy,” Amanda cooed; thinking it was her lover who had just penetrated her.

Michele gripped the Matron’s hips and began to violently fuck her; Amanda pushed back against the invading phallus.

“Oh god; fuck me James!” she groaned.

As she shook her head in passion she saw Dr Lovejoy and Inspector Burgess putting away their penises inside their flies and realised it wasn’t her beau fucking her.

“Oh my fucking god it’s the tranny!” she cried.

Amanda tried to wriggle free of the rock-hard appendage plunging in and out of sopping cunt, but Michele held on and rode her; fucking her doggy-style, jackhammering in and out of her enemy.

Jean and James applauded Michele, goading her on.

“Shag that Matron hard and fast Nurse; give that bitch a good fucking!” James encouraged.

Polly had extricated herself from underneath Amanda and joined the two men as they watched the tall attractive transvestite; her gown hiked up, her stocking-clad leg muscles taut, head thrown back in passion, as she fucked her boss.

“Get off me you freak!” Matron cried.

“Get off me…ohh, ohh,” Matron groaned but she couldn’t conceal her pleasure.

Michele pushed the plump Matron down on the couch and quickly flipped her over on her back and plunged her cock back inside Matron’s slick sheath. Instinctively Matron lifted her legs and wrapped them around Michele’s waist.

Michele lowered her face to the Matron’s and their lipsticked lips smashed together in desire. Michele fucked her superior; their stocking rubbing together, increasing their pleasure.

“Oh fuck me you bitch! Fuck me you tranny whore!” Amanda cried, capitulating.

Michele ground her groin against Amanda’s, ensuring that she stimulated Amanda’s clitoris as she ground against her, plunging her rampant cock deep inside Amanda’s clinging vagina. The Matron arched her back, lifting her crotch to increase her pleasure as the beautiful trannie fucked her.

Polly, James and Jean watched fascinated as the transvestite whore and the strict Matron bucked and fucked and rutted; groaning and moaning as they approached their peak. Matron drummed her heels against Michele’s flanks as she came, rising up to meet Michele’s thrusts as Michele exploded deep inside her sodden cunt. The smell of sex filled the room; vaginal juices and semen combined. The two adversaries fucked and kissed and pawed at each other as they both orgasmed.

Finally Michele fell on top of Matron, sated and nearly exhausted. Matron lay underneath her panting; they kissed each other passionately as they recovered from their intense fucking.

“Well I did say that Nurse Michele Nylons intrigued me; and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised,” Matron smiled up at Michele.

“In fact that was quite an experience; like having sex with a real woman who has a penis. And she knows how to use it,” she pulled Michele’s face down to hers and kissed her.

A while later the three ladies were dressed and had fixed their makeup; they are smoking and nattering, occasionally giggling like schoolgirls.

“So who’s got the best cock James or jean?” Polly asked Michele.

“Well…” Michele considered her answer.

“Michele!” Amanda Holliday interjected.

The women all laughed,

The men sipped scotch at the end of the bar, smoking cigars, watching the three attractive ladies as they laughed and joked amongst themselves.

“God that trannie is a good fuck,” Inspector Jean Burgess commented.

“Yes, but now I want some cunt,” Dr James Lovejoy countered.

The two men looked at each other and smiled. They arose and went over to the girls and gathered Polly and Amanda and led them away.

Michele was content to sit at the bar, drinking and smoking while the men fucked the women; her anus was well used and she didn’t mind taking a break.

The End

I think this story has run its course


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Whew! Long wait for a fine story

Donna T's picture

I love they way the story evolves. I read the first offering of 'So you want to be a nurse' in 2016 I think. This installment took me by complete surprise. Because I want to savor your story I only made it a third of the way thru. You sure know how to weave a very wicked web! Good job.


Thanks for the comment

Michele Nylons's picture


thanks for the comment, I so appreciate feedback. I stopped posting here a while ago as I was receiving no encouragement or feedback of any type so gave up. The site has improved and posting here is very easy so I'll be posting all of my works here eventually. As for my 'Nurse' story, I decided that posting all the chapters together is a better way to do so, I notice some stories on here run over 50 Chapters and I don't know how the readers have the fortitude to read them all.

Thanks again for the comment,

Michele & Buster

Yes this is me and Buster!


Nice photo. I like your lower

Donna T's picture

Nice photo. I like your lower heels. When you're 6 foot tall low heels can be good. Does Buster help you with your writing?


We have....

We have the fortitude to read all 25+ chapters of a story we like because it's so damn good we keep coming back for more, much like the lovely Michelle in your story =]

Thanks for the great read, and sharing it with us so we could! I hope there is more, because it was a wonderful little world you created for us to follow along with, so thank you!


I finished the story. Wow.

Donna T's picture

What an intricate and lovely episode. As I read I hoped that one of Michele's clients would have given in to his own special needs and would have had Michele coat his lips with her lipstick and then begin sucking Michele off, leaving rings of color on her cock! Sort of an unexpected twist to an already fine adventure. Good job!


I felt compelled to re-read

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I felt compelled to re-read this again. Just as fun as the first time. I think you could add another few installments to this story line. Will you?