On The Run Part 18

Sara couldn’t believe she was in New Orleans. They had spent a few days in Key West, where Max showed her how to scuba dive some. He said that he would allow her to do more diving. She was having fun so far in New Orleans. Emma and Max were taking her around to different places. Max met up with some friends of his that he trusted with his life. He introduces Emma and her to his friend’s family.

They were invited to a huge Cajun cookout. Sara pleaded to Max and Emma for them to go to it. She wanted to experience what she had seen on television with Max’s friends. Max and Emma both thought it was risky, but Max knew his friends and knew if trouble did decide to rear its ugly head here. It would get chopped off. You never make a Cajun mad.

Sara couldn’t believe Emma and Max had agreed to let her interact with Max’s friends. She had fun playing game against some of Max’s friends and their children. She was enjoying the food, the music and the stories. They were invited to spend the night and against Emma’s better judgement. She agreed to it. They were going air boating in the morning with Max’s friend.

Sara sleeps with Emma. That way Emma would feel okay about them staying. Sara didn’t mind sleeping with her mother. It wasn’t the first time she had done it. Plus, she always felt safer sleeping with Emma.

She is woken early in the morning by Max’s friend wife along with Emma. Emma had to help Sara get ready so, they could go air boating and crawfish hunting. She leans against Emma as they drove to where they were unloading the airboat. Sara stayed by Emma’s side as they stood and watch as the airboat was put into the water. Once they were aboard the airboat, Sara sits next Emma. They were upfront, so she was being sprayed by the water as they moved through the swamp. They spend the morning hunting crawfish and enjoying the airboat.

They return to Max’s friend’s house. Max’s friend teaches Sara how to cook the crawfish and then, once they are cooked. He shows Sara how to eat the crawfish. He watches as Sara eats her first crawfish.

“Now, you’re a Cajun.” Cirilo liked the young girl his friend Max had brought with him.

He knew it was against the rules, what Max was doing. However, if anyone was dumb enough to tried to take her from Max and Emma while she was here with his family and friends. They would have trouble coming their way. Several of his friends and family have come to see Sara
as a member of their family and would protect her.

He watches as she plays a game of horse shoes against several of his kids. He notices that Max and Emma weren’t too far from her either. He walks over towards Max.

“She’s safe my friend. None of my family or friends here will allow anyone to come near her.” He hands Max a beer he had grabbed.

“I don’t doubt it Cirilo. Your oldest son Damas seems to have taken a shine to her.” Max had noticed that Damas has been staying close to Sara.

He knew Damas was fourteen years old and Sara was just twelve years old. He thought it was cute and maybe one day they might be a couple, if Sara ever comes back to Louisiana. He was happy that they had moved the boat nearby.

In the morning, goodbyes are said. Just as they were leaving, Damas gives Sara his cellphone number and email address. Sara was liking the attention she was getting from Damas. He was a nice boy. Once they were aboard the boat and heading up the Mississippi river.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Sara?” Max looks over towards Sara as she sat near him up on the fly bridge.

“I loved it. Your friends were so kind and treated me like one of the family.” Sara had enjoyed every minute she had spent with them.

“That’s good to hear. I think they have taken a shine to you. If you ever need help or anything. You can always count on Cirilo and his family.”
Cirilo had joined at the same time he had and were stationed together.

Sara leans against Max as he piloted the boat upriver. They pass barges, tugs and even an old fashion river boat. Sara had a camera with her, so she took pictures of the river boat.

“So, this is where your hiding?” Emma hadn’t seen hide or hair of Sara since breakfast.

She knew she normally sat out tanning on the second deck. Emma sits down on the fly bridge with Max and Sara. She watches Sara take pictures with the camera they had picked up at the pawn shop they had visited. Emma had seen how much Sara had fallen in love with photography. She really had an eye for things.

Max pushes their route further then he had originally planned. Something, was nagging at him and he didn’t want to stop till he had some distance up the river. They pull into a marina for the night, after stopping at a refueling station and loading up on fuel.

Sara helps Emma with making dinner. It was a simple meal they were having. Sara set the table outside on the second deck, so they could enjoy the stars. Max had a beer, while Emma and Sara drunk sweet ice tea.

After dinner, they just lay out and enjoy the stars overhead. Max tells them stories about some of the places he had been and some of the things he had done. He knew Sara loved the stories he told, and stories Emma told her. Before she falls asleep, Emma makes her go downstairs and change into her night shirt.

“Sweet dreams, Sara.” Emma and Max make sure Sara is tucked in, before they leave her bedroom.

Emma helps make the sofa up for Max.

“Sleep tight, Max.” Emma heads towards the Master bedroom.

“You too Emma.” Max makes sure he has his gun and knife hidden nearby.

Max slowly falls asleep. The security system installed on the boat was on and everyone was safely tucked in. Max knew that no one could get them out here right now.

In the morning, Max wakes-up first and looks outside. There was a mist on the water and the water was as smooth as glass. He gets dress and unties the boat from the docks. He moves out under the cover of the morning. He was going to head further up river. They weren’t to far from Fort Adams, Mississippi.

It was a small river port community, where they could pick-up some more supplies. Since, Sara likes to fish now. They pick-up some fishing gear as well. Max buys a new hunting rifle from a store that catered to the hunting and fishing community. The rifle he buys is the Bergara B-14 HMR. He buys plenty of rounds for the new rifle and checks out the scope he buys to go with the rifle.

Sara had looked at some of the weapons on display. She then moved onto looking at the fishing gear and buy some new things for Sara. By the time they leave the store. They had spent couple thousand dollars at the store.

They spend the night at the marina and then head out in the morning. So, far the plan Max has been working on, has been working. He knows sooner or later. Whoever, was after Sara will either ambush them on the return trip or wait till they get back to New Jersey. Then try to kill them there. He hears movement behind as he turns around to see who it was.

“You left early this morning.” Emma hands Max a cup of coffee.

“Thanks. I’m just making sure no one is able to follow us.” He takes a sip of the coffee and it was just like he liked it.

Emma sits near there and watches as they travel down the river. She was starting to enjoy living on the water. No neighbors to bug you, the peace and quietness that surrounded you.

“Is Sara up yet?” Max takes a sip of his coffee.

“She, still asleep. She’s not a morning person.” Emma takes a sip of her coffee.

“Tell me what teenagers are?” Max has known a few teenagers that could sleep all day if you let them.

“So, what’s our port of call tonight?” Emma was curious.

“We’re not stopping at a marina tonight. We.re going to be stopping near St. Catherine National Wildlife Refuge.” Max figures he could hide the
boat near the coast.

“Sounds like a plan.” Emma stays up on the fly bridge till her and Max finish their coffee.

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