The Librarian Ch 04

The Librarian
Tranny Hotpants
Michele Nylons

Part Four – You Know What’s At Stake

“Yes Mister Patterson we’re making progress. I know it seems slow progress but we are dealing with people here who are both smart and dangerous.”

“No sir she hasn’t tried to escape.”

“It’s just easier calling her, her. I agree sir she isn’t really but I have to spend all my time with Sarah and I can’t just call her ‘it’ or ‘you’.”

“Sarah has her first job with Xavier Productions tomorrow so hopefully she can start snooping and find out where Raffe Ignesman is at and more importantly where he keeps the girls.”

“Yes sir I get it; we need to move as fast as is humanly possible.”

“No sir I don’t think that will help. That threat will just give her something else to worry about and we need to keep her focussed; she’s pretty wound up.”

“No sir I am definitely not getting soft on her. I still despise her as much as you do but I have to work with her.”

“Yes sir. If you say so sir but I honestly don’t think…”

“Yes sir. Yes sir. If Sloane says so; then of course. Yes sir.”

Randy Carter looked at his now silent phone and shook his head.


He and Sarah had holed up at Tina Anderson’s apartment in Berkeley, waiting for Tina to call with a job for Sarah.

They had got on as well. Well as much as two people who didn’t trust each other at all possibly could. Sarah actually enjoyed cooking real food for a change and feeding it to a man who appreciated it. Occasionally she would glance at Randy and see so much of Drew in him that her heart went into her mouth.

The three days they had spent in the apartment living an almost normal life had mellowed them both. Sarah slept in the bed and Drew on the couch and they were extremely careful with each other’s privacy.

They spoke about normal everyday things and sat and watched movies on HBO until late into the night, drinking cocoa and scoffing popcorn.

“I’m getting fat!” Sarah lamented one morning at breakfast, patting the very slightest of pot bellies.

“Bullshit! You’re looking good. Off the booze, eating and sleeping well; you look great,” Randy replied.

Then they both stopped grinning and blushed. They were not used to being cordial with each other and they were uncomfortable with it. The uneasy silence was broken by the phone ringing which rattled them both. Sarah picked up and mainly listened and then hung up.

“We’re on. Day after tomorrow in LA at the Xavier Productions studio,” Sarah said.

Randy nodded.

“Is she sending you a script?” Randy asked.

“Jeez Randy! You’ve seen the schlock these guys make! Apparently I get the story outline on set from the Director and any dialogue that supports the plot-line is displayed on autocues. The rest is supposed to be spontaneous; if you get what that means,” Sarah explained.

Randy frowned.

“Ok; now we can plan our next step,” he said; all business.

The next day he called Steve Patterson and updated him on the situation and had the conversation he wished he hadn’t. But Steve was paying him well and he was the boss. Besides it made no nevermind to him what he had to tell the freak, Randy told himself. But he was finding it harder to convince himself.

“So I need to talk to you,” Randy said after dinner.

“Well talk away. It’s not like I can leave,” she smiled back at him impetuously.

“You won’t be such a smartass when I tell you what I have to tell you,’ Randy responded.

Sarah’s smile dropped from her lips.

“The birth certificate and adoption papers you are so proud of being valid not only in Texas but in the Republic of the USA?” Randy began.

Sarah paled and nodded soberly.

“Remember when I first came to you and said they ‘were’ valid; and you asked what does that mean?” Drew continued.

“Sloane and Steve Patterson have filed a petition in Federal court to have them annulled for being made under false pretext.”

“The judge is in their pocket and will rule on the motion in a week. They said if we haven’t recovered Stacy by then, the ruling will come down in their favour,” Randy could not keep the bitter taste from his mouth.

“You will from henceforth revert to being the male person known as Stephen Grayson.”

Sarah was stunned. She couldn’t believe it.

“Sloane hates me so much that she would take the last shreds of my life? My identity?” she whispered; shocked.

“Not the way they see it. They see it as you reverting to your real identity. Said to tell you that they were as serious as a heart attack and unless you got their daughter back they would not only make the writ public; they would make sure the story got into every paper with a decent circulation and every news show on TV,” Drew concluded.

Sarah sat on the lounge shocked. She needed a drink more than any time in her life.

Drew sat down beside her.

“It’s no good worrying about it now. There is nothing you can do about it but get Stacy free from Raffe Ignesman and into my care before the deadline is up,” he said.

Sarah nodded but she was still in shock.

Drew forcefully turned her face to his.

“Look you dumb cunt! This is no time to go bat-shit on me or go on a booze binge. We just have to work hard to free Stacy ok?” Drew shouted at her.

Some colour returned to Sarah’s face.

She sat in silence for a minute and then got up went into the kitchenette.

“What are you doing?” Drew was wary.

“I’m making coffee. It’s going to be long night and we have to start early to get to LA on time for the shoot. We need to make sure our plan and fall back plans are worked out down to a tee. Light me a cigarette,” she said spooning coffee into the machine.

It was a six hour drive to LA and not much was said. Sarah was still seething that Sloane was going to annul the birth certificate issued in her name identifying her gender as female. Randy found it difficult to talk to Sarah; he’d been living with her constantly now for so long that he had almost forgot she was a transsexual and the cause of his brother’s death. They had become grudging partners but this latest development had driven them apart again.

Sarah was wearing tiny black velvet hotpants and sheer flesh-toned pantyhose with faux black backseams, a sequined cerise top and silver ‘fuck-me’ strappy high-heels; an outfit she had dug out of Tina’s wardrobe. She’d frizzed her fair out big and wore heavy makeup and tawdry silver hoop earrings, bangles and a studded chocker. She chewed gum; deliberately smacking it to annoy Randy.

After an hour’s silence Randy couldn’t take it anymore.

“You look like a cheap hooker,” he growled.

“I am a cheap hooker. I’m worse. I’m going to LA to make a porn movie for sickos who want to see me degraded while I’m being fucked,” she snapped back.

“You’re doing that because you have to and because you want to save your niece,” Randy replied.

“But you’re not a whore so why dress like one?”

“I don’t have a niece. My sister, who doesn’t identify as my sister anyway, doesn’t want me to exist so why should I give a shit about her spoiled brat of a daughter. Poor little rich girl ran away; boo fucking hoo!” Sarah hissed.

“You don’t mean that. You ran away once too. You know how scary it is. You’ve seen the video; seen what they’re making her do,” Randy said, trying to take the heat out of the conversation.

“How do you know she isn’t enjoying what she’s doing. She could be acting? That’s what actors do,” Sarah said sarcastically.

“You’ve seen the video; you know that’s not so,” Randy countered.

“But it’s ok to throw me into that. Because I’m expendable and I’m a freak,” Sarah seethed.

Randy didn’t have an answer so he didn’t respond.

Sarah reclined her seat and was about to put her feet up on the dash.

“Don’t even think about putting those Filipino bar-girl fuck-me pumps on my leather dashboard. Now fucking behave and I’ll pull over at the next lay-by so you can smoke.”

They had three smoke breaks on the way to LA but their demeanour remained icy. An hour out of LA Randy broke the silence.

“Let’s go though it one last time.”

“For fuck sake Randolph, we’ve done it to death,” Sarah snapped back.

“We’re doing it again and if you ever call me Randolph ever again I’ll kick your ass out of the car without slowing down.”

That made Sarah smile. Drew had told her that his brother hated being called Randolph as much as he hated being called Andrew. She only ever called Drew, Andrew to wind him up.

“We go to Xavier Productions and I know what Tina has already told me will happen. Then there is the covert stuff I need to do to try to find Stacy Patterson,” Sarah began.

And that’s just about how went…mostly.

Xavier Productions was actually a huge warehouse on the outskirts of LA near the airport. It had a huge stylised sign announcing itself but nowhere was there any indication of what Xavier Productions actually produced. Only the front of building had windows; the rest was black brick. Glass doors opened into a plush foyer where an attractive twenty-something in a designer dress that left nothing to the imagination and a pair of Jimmy Choo heels sat behind a chic glass desk holding the slimmest tablet that Sarah had ever seen. She had a tiny earpiece and she said something as soon as Sarah entered because Tina came rushing out of a sleek painted black door to meet her.

Well… Tina rushed as much as anyone wearing a tight designer pencil skirt and a pair of Christian Louboutin’s with five inch heels could rush.

“Oh my god you look like such a tart! I’d forgot I even had that outfit,” Tina gushed, kissing Sarah on both cheeks.

“And you look like a successful businesswoman who’s been shopping on Rodeo Drive. Its almost like we are in Bizarro World, where I’m the porn star and you’re the MBA with a Masters in Financial Engineering,” Sarah quipped.

“Well it sort of is. You’re the one acting in the porn today babe; and I’m the CEO of the production company that’s financing it,” Tina said a little bitingly.

“But you know what? Let me give you the tour. Do want coffee or something stronger? Filming begins in two hours if you want something to take the edge off?” Sarah mimed snorting cocaine and Sarah shook her head.

“The drive must have been hell this time of day? Why didn’t you fly? I told you I’d pay?” Tina enquired.

“I told you when you called that I had met an old friend who wanted to give his muscle-car a run, so it was no problem,” Sarah told a half-truth.

“And did you give his love muscle a run in appreciation?” Tina gushed.

“Nah. Not this guy. He’s so straight he’s got a rod up his ass,” Sarah laughed.

Sarah had her phone’s camera set to video and all she had to do was tap it to record. It was in a pocket in the front of her handbag and Randy had rigged it so the lens lined up with a small hole he had cut in the leather. Sarah had practiced using the device walking around Tina’s apartment whilst filming.

Tina showed Sarah around the offices at the front of the warehouse, which were stylish but obviously prefabricated.

“Lyle still uses that name Devon Devine for business purposes,” Tina pointed to the door to Lyle Brinkman’s office which was open but he wasn’t present.

“He’s meeting with Raffe, organising some talent for a movie idea he has,” Tina explained.

Sarah nodded and realised that’s what she was now… ‘talent’.

There were Makeup and editing rooms where a couple of trendy geeks were gathered around a bunch of screens. Sarah remembered what she’d been told about all Xavier Productions porn now being streamed online to paying customers.

They came to a pair of large double-doors painted matte-black with a lighted sign above them: ‘Silence Please – Filming in Progress Beyond This Point’.

“It’s ok, we can still talk. They’re still setting up the sets in the studios. We have three soundstages so we can make multiple productions,” Tina was proud of her little empire and Sarah had to admit it was impressive.

There were three more large matte-black double doors with light boxes above them that were dark but she could make out the stencilled ‘No entry – filming in progress’ on them.

“This is our green room or actors lounge,” Tina flung open the door to a well appointed room with leather lounges and overstuffed chairs.

A fully stocked bar and glass chiller full of snacks was up against one wall and three huge screens dominated another.

“The actors can watch the action in the three studios so we have continuity when they arrive on set. We need to make our movies quick to turnover the money. We keep a couple of fluffers on staff as well to make sure the talent is ready but now we have Viagra, Cialis, and all that shit we only really need the fluffers to get the men started,” Tina explained.

“Come on I’ll show you where you are filming and then I’ll take you to Makeup. After that you’re on your own until after filming,” Tina held Sarah’s hands and looked at her seriously.

“You’re sure this is what you want?” she searched Sarah’s eyes.

“For the final time. Yes!” Sarah smiled at her friend.

“But do you mind if I see all the sets? This is really interesting,” Sarah smiled at Tina.

Tina looked at her watch. She was a busy woman.

“Sure. But look babe, I really have a lot to do. Wonder around; talk to whoever you like; but be in Makeup at ten so they can dress you and make you up. You remember where right?” Tina asked and Sarah nodded.

Tina kissed Sarah on the cheek, looked at her watch again, furrowed her brow and purposely strode out of the green room.

Sarah took the opportunity to take the phone out of her handbag and call Randy.

He picked up immediately.

“So far so good. I’ve got some good footage and I’m about to go onto the film sets and video them too but I think you should know that Lyle is right now meeting with Raffe,” Sarah whispered into the phone.

“Do you know where?” Randy asked.

“No,” Sarah replied.

“And you didn’t think to ask?” he hissed.

“Yeah like that wouldn’t be suspicious. Don’t you have like tracking stuff in all that spy shit you have with you. You tracked me for three days for fuck sake,” Sarah replied.

“Yeah but it took me a while to find you first. Anyway I’m not leaving you there without me outside as backup,” Randy said.

“See you do care for me,” Sarah teased.

“Stop fucking around and do your job. Check out those sets like we planned. Find the one where they are likely to be filming that young girl sadomasochistic shit. Stacy might be twenty but the way they film her she looks like she’s fourteen for fuck sake,” Randy said, all business and professional.

“Yeah! But it’s ok that in hour’s time a bunch of guys are going to thrash me and stick their cocks in my every orifice,” Sarah was getting heated.

“Hey! Do your job! You know what’s at stake for both you and Stacy if you don’t,” he bellowed into his phone.

Sarah hung up and Randy got out of his Mustang and lit a cigarette. He took a few draws and then he bent double and gripped his stomach and dry retched. He flung his cigarette away and swept back his hair with both hands.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he kicked the front nearside tire of his car repeatedly until the pain became too intense.

He opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Fuck!” he screamed and slammed the car door.

Sarah put the phone back in her purse just as she had been shown. She turned on the camera and ensured it had an unobstructed view.

The first studio was empty and well lit by overhead lights. It was the dungeon set she had seen in the video that Randy had shown her of Stacy being defiled.

The second studio looked like a mockup of a school classroom and Sarah could only guess what was going to be filmed there. It too was void of people.

The third studio was a mockup of a secretary’s work station in a business office and she knew that this is where she was going to perform today because Tina had given Sarah the basic premise of the film they would make.

There were a few people on set. A set dresser was listening to a tall bearded man and a tech was adjusting the lighting. Although the movie would be filmed on video rather than celluloid, the cameras mounted on three tripods at the periphery of the set, and one overhead on a swivel gantry looked very large and expensive. Large autocues where mounted on the walls.

“These guys are making big bucks. This is no tinpot operation,” Sarah said to herself.

“Hey are you Sarah?” a skinny arty looking guy with very long hair and multiple ear piercings came over to her.

He was wearing black skinny jeans and a Led Zeppelin T-shirt and holding a huge cup of coffee.

Sarah smiled her best smile.

“Yes I am,” she grinned.

“I’m Todd Barrington the Director. I must say you look amazing for your age and I love the way you’re dressed,” he took her hand and kissed it.

“Really…The guy who drove me here said I look like a whore,” she smiled.

Todd put down his coffee and picked up some papers and circled Sarah, looking her up and down.

“Well you do. But in a good way. So you know that the premise of the film is that you are a secretary and yada, yada, yada, you end up gangbanged on the desk,” he shuffled his notes and then put them under his arm.

“Well I was going to have you dressed in a business suit; you know secretary clothes, but now I’d like you dressed like that. The story will be you came to the office on your day off to catch up with work and the boss comes in to do the same. He sees you dressed like that and…You see where I’m going?”

“Would you mind if those clothes got tattered and torn for the sake of my art?” he grinned like a shark.

Sarah pushed down her revulsion and smiled back.

“Sure…they’re Tina’s anyway,” she laughed.

“Oh that’s priceless,” he clasped his hands to his face and squealed.

‘Has to be gay,’ Sarah thought.

“I’ll send a Production Assistant, a PA, to get you something to wear after the shoot or you can just borrow something from costume,” he grinned.

“Now…Your tits are tiny but Tina assures me that works fine? Guys only like tranny porn if the girl has a nice, big, hard, cock,” he pointed to her groin and frowned.

“It works and I’ve had no complaints about size,” Sarah shuddered involuntary.

“Fine. If you can get your ass to Makeup and take a Viagra or a Cialis or two; they’ll have kicked in by the time we shoot. I like your makeup as is…sort of eighties slut. I’ll just get Crystal to touch it up,” Todd turned on his heels and started to bark orders to the lighting tech.

“What a fucking creep!” Sarah whispered to herself as she made her way through the sound and light proof doors back to the Makeup room.

She noticed that other people were arriving and they had that ‘porn-star’ look. A couple of women with huge false tits in tank-tops, cut off shorts and heels had just finished makeup and were on their way to costume.

Four guys, handsome in a daytime soap sort of way, arrived together and pushed past her; not paying her any attention at all despite how she was dressed.

Sarah sat in the chair and listened to Crystal’s inane twaddle while she fussed with Sarah’s makeup. She removed and replaced her bright red lipstick and proudly espoused how the brand of lipstick she had applied to Sarah’s lips would last as many blowjobs as a girl could give in one day. She teased Sarah’s hair some more and applied what seemed to be two whole cans of hair lacquer.

Crystal had offered Sarah a choice of erectile enhancement products and Sarah took two Cialis. She figured if this was going to be as harrowing as she expected she would need all the help she could get to stay aroused. Crystal escorted Sarah to the toilet and gave her a douche kit and waited outside until she was finished.

“Ah the less glamorous side of anal sex,” Sarah sighed wanly.

Crystal smacked gum.

“Yeah; but if you haven’t done it, its a good excuse to use to tell your boyfriend no if he tries to roll you over,” she clacked her gum and led her back to Makeup for a final check.

Sarah was glad when the makeup ordeal was over and she made her way to the Green Room as directed by Crystal. As she came out of Makeup Sarah saw a young girl walking down the corridor in the company of a guy who could be a nightclub bouncer at any nightclub he wanted.

The girl looked frightened and subdued and about fourteen years old but as Sarah got close enough to get a good look at her she was obviously a little older; not much, between eighteen and twenty.

The big guy steered the girl into Makeup and closed the door.

Sarah had ensured that her handbag was facing down the corridor so that she got video of the girl on cam. She entered the Green Room and found the four guys she had seen earlier were in costume. Two wore business suits, one wore a janitor’s uniform and the other was dressed as a delivery man.

They were the obviously the male talent. They came over and introduced themselves and Sarah was surprised at how nice they were. They were just good looking guys who supplemented their income making porn.

They flattered her and told her not worry about it being her first time.

“I have to say I prefer more mature trans ladies; the younger ones tend to be scatty and unsure of themselves. Don’t worry too much about staying on script; once the sex starts we tend to just improvise,” One of the handsome guys said.

“But do follow Todd’s direction. He’s a dick; but he is the Director,” he explained.

They were called on set and Sarah was quite surprised when the first hour was taken up with still photography.

“Sign here, here, and here,” a flunky put a stack of paperwork on the set desk.

“What is it?” Sarah asked, and for the first time incurred the wrath of Todd Barrington.

“For fuck sake! It’s the usual shit. Declarations by you that you are not under duress, you are disease free, you consent to unprotected penetration, that Xavier Productions can use your likeness to promote this and other products, yada, yada, yada… your ass is ours. Just sign it and smile for the camera.”

This was the second time today Sarah had been yada, yada, yada’d by Todd Barrington and she was not amused.

“Don’t worry about it babe. It’s Federal law bullshit that we sign for every production and they take pictures of us doing so to prove it wasn’t done under duress,” the handsome guy explained.

“Well mostly,” one of the other guys guffawed and those in earshot shot him daggers with their eyes.

“He indicated his error by placing both palms face down miming ‘sorry I shouldn’t have said anything’.

After the actors finished signing Todd got them to take up poses on the set simulating sex acts so he knew how was going to film each scene and where to place the cameras. It was quite bizarre lying on the desk fully clothed with one man between her legs, another with his crotch in her face and the other two standing either side as she pretended to masturbate them.

“Ok I’ve got it. Break! Last smokes and makeup checks before filming. As usual we will start with the sex, complete the money shots and film the filler tomorrow,” Todd said looking into a screen and discussing a framing a shot with his cameraman.

Sarah grabbed her purse and followed the handsome besuited actor out of a side door to a part of the parking lot that had a couple of ashtrays, a bench and an awning.

“Fucking California smoking laws,” the guy lit Sarah’s smoke for her.

“Sarah Carter,” she offered her hand.

“Jim Bellman but my porn name is Harden Swollen,” he shook her hand.

“It seems weird shaking hands with a guy who will be having sex with me in few minutes,” Sarah grinned.

“Hey that’s just how it goes babe. It’s the business. At least it’s nice to be working with someone who has some substance and personality as well looking downright sexy,” he grinned.

“I bet you say that to all the porn starlets you’re about to poke,” she laughed.

“Hey it sounds corny but Samantha Swallows hasn’t been taken yet,” he grinned at her enthusiastically.

She looked at him quizzically.

“Your porn name. You can’t use your real name,” he shook his head at her naivete.

“Samantha Swallows it is. Who do I tell?”

“Just let Production know after filming and they’ll fix it for you. We gotta go,” he pointed up to flashing red light above the door.

“That’s to tell the talent to get on set.”

Sarah looked up and also saw two video surveillance cameras pointing down either side of the building. She swivelled her purse to make sure she got pictures of them.

Sarah was lying on the desk; still fully dressed. The ridiculous premise of the story was that Samantha had come to work on the weekend to catch up on some work and she was dressed like a tart because she was going clubbing after. Her boss came in with one of his work buddies and berated her for being dressed like a hooker.

Samantha argued with the men until they lost their temper and bent her over the desk and spanked her after which they had thrown her on the desk and both of the men looked at her with lust with the intent to take her.

The actors had done a couple of ‘dry runs’ and were ready to shoot. Another weird thing happened when one of the PAs came over and got her to bend over and lower her shorts and underwear and syringed a large measure of lubricant into her anus.

“Believe me you’re going to need it honey. Just yell cut if you get too dry while being fucked and I’ll top you up. The actors will freeze so we can continue the take with continuity.”

Sarah once again shook her head at the absurdity of the porn industry.

“And action!” Todd yelled.

“You fucking slut coming to my place of business dressed like a whore!” Harden growled, pinning Sarah to the desk as she struggled and kicked out.

He moved between her legs as his business partner grabbed her ankles and held them open.

“You wanna dress like a whore! Well we’re going to treat you like one!”

Harden slapped her across the face and although it was suppose to be acting it stung and her eyes teared up.

“That’s it; cry you bitch!” he scowled.

The other business man struggled with her and then he slapped her and despite her writhing and struggles he eventually got her out of the sequined top. Sarah had been briefed to fight and struggle as much as possible, Todd would tell her when to capitulate.

“Fuck, she’s only got small titties,” the man said as he squeezed her breasts out of her bra cups.

He set about vigorously squeezing them and then lowered his face and bit her nipples.

Sarah screamed in pain and Todd nodded his approval.

Then the Janitor and Deliveryman entered the room.

“Hey what are you guys doing to her?” one of them demanded.

“None of your business. This slut belongs to us so you can either help us fuck this bitch or fuck off yourselves!” Harden said to them.

The janitor and deliveryman both quickly undressed and took the places of the two businessmen. They raked her tits and held her down on the desk as the two other actors got naked. All four men had large erections.

Sarah did not have to act. What they were doing to her was degrading and more importantly it hurt. She struggled hard against the men. One of them was biting her nipple and then licking it and then biting it again. It was painful but also strangely arousing; both her nipples were hard. The other man started sucking on her other nipple and squeezing her tit so now the janitor and the deliveryman were paying attention to her breasts while the two businessmen pulled off her hotpants.

The two guys sucking on Sarah’s breasts took her hands and guided them to their erections. She was able to give some payback as the script called for her to viciously squeeze their cocks which she did.

This of course resulted in her being rolled over and spanked.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! She screamed as the men took turns wailing on her ass.

“You gonna play nice? You gonna suck us? You gonna fuck us?” one of them hissed, it didn’t matter to Sarah who; she just wanted it to stop.

They had pulled down her panties and pantyhose and her asscheeks were glowing red. She still struggled feebly but this was where the script called for her to capitulate and she lifted her head and nodded vigorously. Mascara stained tears ran down her cheeks. A closeup camera was inches from her face to catch her pain and degradation.

They rolled her back over, and a cock appeared in her peripheral vision and then it was at her mouth. She licked the head of the penis and when the man guided it in her mouth she began to suck on it. Two other men stood beside her and she reached out and gripped their penises and masturbated them.

The man between her legs tore off her panties and ripped her pantyhose so he had access to her sphincter and guided his cock slowly into her. Sarah was grateful for the pre-loaded lube; she had to admit it actually felt quite good, the man knew how to perform anal sex that’s for sure.

It was hard trying to concentrate on sucking one cock, whilst wanking two others and also being fucked but she got the hang. She had her gag reflex under control and she could tolerate being deep-throated. The guy fucking her started stroking her phallus and the Cialis kicked in and she became erect; helped by the fact the man was using his cock to stimulate her sphincter and her prostate.

The frustrating part was that the script called for the men to change position every few minutes and also Todd would call out “freeze” and they would have to hold what they were doing at that second while his closeup camera came in. Then he would call “action” again while footage was taken. Then they would have to freeze so that he could pan out and get them all in the shot defiling her.

After about two hours of being fucked, sucking cock, wanking cocks, and she had to admit, being bought to the brink of orgasm a few times so that she had to call cut to stop her climaxing too early, Todd was ready to film the ‘money shot’.

Sarah was glad that it was Harden Swollen who was on ‘fucking duties’ to make her come. He did a good job too, teasing her by bringing the tip of his penis to just outside her sphincter and then slowly pushing it back in all the way.

Sarah was sore but she was close to climax and it was frustrating and she worked her ass trying to get Harden to fuck her harder and make her come. The other three guys were standing around her body wanking themselves, waiting for her to come.

Finally Harden gave her release and without even touching herself a huge spray of hot semen erupted from her cock and saturated her tits. The other three started to come. Sarah’s second ejaculation landed on her belly just as the janitor and the deliveryman came on her tits. The other businessman came on her face and rubbed his semen on her cheeks and made her suck him dry.

Sarah was still coming when Harden pulled out and came all over her cock and scrotum.

Sarah felt so hot and turned on but she ached all over and also felt defiled and disgraced. Tina had told that this was what it would be like but nothing could prepare her for it or how diametrical and overwhelming the feelings would be.

The actors spurted their last and rubbed their cocks in her face and on her tits and then Todd called ‘freeze’ and invited any of the Techs or PAs who were so inclined to contribute to the mess. He just wanted more semen on her for the final shots so he didn’t film the three of them as they came on set and masturbated and ejaculated on her.

Todd appraised Sarah lying on her back on the desk with semen glistening in her hair, running down her cheeks and breasts and pooling in her belly. Her cock was still hard also covered in cum. He got some more framed shots of her like that and plenty of closeups and stills.

“And…cut!” Todd called.

A female PA raced in with a towel and began to wipe Sarah down and helped her sit up. Sarah’s neck, back, and buttocks were in agony from lying on the wooden desk for so long. Her legs ached as she extended them so the PA could unbuckle and remove her high-heels and then remove her ripped and come-spattered pantyhose. Her breasts were scratched and bruised and her nipples ached. Her ass felt like it was on fire.

Another towel appeared and she wiped her face and she was given a packet of moisturised quick-wipes to dab on her face.

Sarah got gingerly to her feet and a PA held open a big white fluffy robe; which Sarah was grateful to get into. She slipped into a pair of disposable paper slippers and the PA escorted her to a combined shower and toilet facility that had separate full-length stalls.

She stood under the shower with her head bowed; the water as hot as she could take it. The hot water and soap washed away the semen, sweat, spit, and makeup but it couldn’t wash away her shame. She fell to the tiled floor and curled up in ball and sobbed.

To be continued.

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