Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 3 Part 2

Trinity has been getting use to her new form and abilities. Unlike Luna, she couldn’t shrink down and fly with her. However, she did discover that she could make plants grow, heal them and shape them into any form she could imagine. The agency had a new greenhouse where Trinity could test her abilities.

A pond had been installed for Luna in the greenhouse, since she could control water. They spend a lot of time together out in the greenhouse. The greenhouse had camera’s hidden throughout to observe Trinity’s activities when she was inside the greenhouse. Mr. Blackstone and the other researchers noticed that Trinity’s blood was immune to certain drugs. Several of those drugs were heroin and cocaine.

Luna liked talking to her, because she could understand what she was saying. When Luna wasn’t with Trinity, she spent time with Cleo and Joanna. She liked being with them. They might not be able to understand her; which Trinity was helping make a dictionary for everyone to understand what Luna was saying.

Trinity seemed to be able to understand languages that she has never heard before or been exposed to. That included written languages, Hieroglyphics, Demotic, Cuneiform script, Runes and Hieratic. She could read all known or unknown languages. Which was helpful to the agency. Because, they had items they haven’t been able to translate that she could translate for them.

As she is translating a tablet written in Cuneiform, she gets a weird feeling. She looks up from the tablet and looks around the office.

Cleo was working with Trinity, when she saw her stop and start looking around the office.

“What is it Trinity?” Cleo was curious. She saw the puzzled look on Trinity’s face as she gets up and heads towards the vault.

Mr. Blackstone had given her limited access to the vault. She walks in there. Past most of the artifacts, till she comes to a diamond necklace and earrings. Something was drawing her to those items.

“The person who owned this necklace, what happened to her?” Trinity turns to look at Cleo for an answer.

“I’m not sure, Trinity. That was here before I got here.” Cleo walks up to look at the card that describe which case it was related to.

“Why do you ask?” Cleo looks towards Trinity.

“Because she is in trouble.” Trinity stands there and look at the items.

She was getting a very bad feeling from the owner of the necklace and earring. She turns around and follows Cleo out of the vault and back up to the main office. She sits down next to Cleo as she taps in the case number and bring up the file for the case.

“According to the case notes. The person survived some sort of strange occurrence. That caused the person to stop ageing for at least a hundred twenty years. However, according to the records, they are living a normal life.” Cleo looked at the person who originally did the report.

She noticed it was an agent that had died four years ago while working on a case.

“Now that is strange. Are you sure about that feeling you are getting, Trinity?” Cleo looks towards Trinity.

“Yes, I think we should send a team to that person’s resident.” Trinity couldn’t shake the feeling she was getting.

“Alright, let me get Mr. Blackstone permission to send a team. Do you want to go with them?”

“Yes ma’am.” Trinity felt there was something there she needed to see.

Cleo gets up and heads towards Mr. Blackstone office. She saw Luna in there siting at a small desk Mr. Blackstone made for her. She stops and knock on his office door.

Mr. Blackstone looks up and through the glass door and notices Cleo standing on the other side. He waves her in.

Luna looked as well and saw Cleo coming in. She flies out and heads towards over to where Trinity was. She had spotted Trinity taking care of a plant she had cause to grow from a seed with her ability.

Cleo shuts the door behind her after she watches Luna fly off.

“I wonder where she is off too?” Cleo wonders what Luna was up too.

“With Luna, who knows. She’s free spirited. What can I do for you, Cleo?” Mr. Blackstone was curious why she wanted to see him.

Cleo sits down in the chair in front of Mr. Blackstone’s desk.

“Mr. Blackstone, what do you remember of case 0045?” Cleo figures Mr. Blackstone might have been involved in that case.

“Case 0045, September 15, 1982. Myself, Investigator Carol Hines and Researcher Freddy Gallant. We we’re investigating a case about a woman that hadn’t aged for a hundred twenty years. My friend at the FBI had an old case file and hired us to do research on the person. If I remember correctly, she donated a necklace and earrings which are down in the vault. She was wearing that necklace and earring on the night she stopped ageing. According to Research Gallant notes, the diamonds in the necklace give off a weird radiation.” Mr. Blackstone couldn’t believe the diamonds were part of the reason combine with other conditions that allowed the woman to stop aging.

“Well, Trinity said that we need to go and help that woman. We were sitting at my desk working on her case, when she got up and walked downstairs to the vault and over to the necklace and earrings. She said that the woman, the original owner needed our help.”

“Did she say why?” Mr. Blackstone was curious now.

“No sir, all she said is that she needed our help. No explanation or anything.” Cleo wonders what Mr. Blackstone is going to do.

He looks pass Cleo and out into the bullpen at Luna as she follows behind Trinity. He knew that Luna and Trinity were developing a friendship.

“Go ahead and grab your go-bag. Tell Joanna, Ralph to grab theirs as well. Luna and Trinity will be coming with us.” Mr. Blackstone knew he was going to have to take Trinity shopping for some clothes for her to work in.

Cleo gets up and leaves Mr. Blackstone office. She informs Ralph and Joanna to grab their equipment and go-bag.

“Luna you’re with me. Trinity, you might want to go and see Mr. Blackstone.”

“Yes ma’am.” Trinity heads over towards Mr. Blackstone’s office and is motion inside.

Luna flies over to Cleo and slides down into her shirt pocket. Cleo goes about getting her gear with Luna.

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