The Librarian Ch 05

TV Prositiute

The Librarian
Michele Nylons

Part Five – Trust

Sarah finished in the shower and came out to find the Makeup and Wardrobe departments had been at work. There was a small toiletries bag, similar to those gifted to first class passengers on long flights and she was able to brush her teeth, gargle with mouthwash and brush her hair. She used deodorant but there was no makeup.

There was also a pair of new white cotton panties and a bra. Nothing fancy but it would do.

She stepped into the panties and pulled on and adjusted her bra and then pulled on the white fluffy cotton bathrobe. Now she felt almost human but she still ached. She needed a cigarette and realised she’d left her purse on set.

She went back to the set and found her purse sitting on a bench beside one of cameras and she snatched it up and padded to the side door which led to the smoking area in the parking lot. Sitting on the bench underneath the awning was Jim Bellman.

“Ah my partner in crime,” he grinned.

Sarah looked at him puzzled.

“Well you can take it two ways. One, we just fucked each other on film and two, we are probably the only two smokers on set. Smokers are a dying breed,” he joked.

Sarah smiled back at him and sat next to him and winced at the pain as she sat.

“Yeah it gets rough doing this stuff but that’s what sells now. Vanilla sex doesn’t make any money; husbands and wives are fucking each other on cam and posting it online for free,” he said.

“I’ll be honest. The scenes today were the least provocative I’ve done for a while. There was the ‘caught with consequences’ thing and a bit of spanking and struggling; but it was pretty vanilla compared to most of the stuff I’m having to do.”

“That was vanilla?” Sarah was a little surprised.

“Sure. Tranny sex still sells if there’s a bit of rough involved and the group dynamic. But the guys who pay to stream it will watch it once or twice and it will no longer be ‘wank fodder’ for them,” he explained.

“So Jim. Did I do ok?” she asked a little shy.

“You did great honey. I loved working with you and I meant what I said about you not just being beautiful but having a brain,” he beamed.

“I’m not wearing makeup and I’m twice your age,” she smiled back at him.

He scooted closer to her and took her hand.

“Hey Mrs Robinson, you have both an external and an inner beauty. I’ve known you a day and I’m captivated already,” he replied bashfully.

“Is there any chance we can get a drink? Away from this! I don’t wanna even talk about this!” Jim asked.

“Here,” Sarah punched up a vacant contact slot in her phone and typed in ‘Jim’.

“Put your number in here and I’ll call you ok?” Sarah smiled meekly.

“Seriously?” he said as he punched his number into her phone.

“Seriously,” Sarah replied.

Sarah went back inside and Jim held the door for her. As they came up to the schoolroom set she noticed that the light box ‘No entry – filming in progress’ was lit. The door opened briefly and she saw the young girl she had seen earlier in the corridor. She was dressed in a school uniform and was being bent over the desk by a large black man who held her hips and was fucking her vigorously while an older white man was kneeling on the desk, holding her head and ‘face-fucking’ her. She was crying and her tears looked real to Sarah.

The door closed as a PA raced away on some task and Sarah looked at Jim who shrugged his shoulders as if to say ‘what can you do?’

They came out of the part of the warehouse that housed the sets and walked together to the Wardrobe department.

“This is me. They promised to replace the outfit I was filmed in,” she smiled at Jim.

“That outfit was yours?” he looked a little sceptical.

“Nah, but it’s a long story,” Sarah grinned.

“Call me. Call me soon,” Jim kissed her cheek and continued up the corridor.

Inside of Wardrobe a mature lady around Sarah’s age greeted her. She introduced herself as Sally.

“Todd said you’d be coming. He said to give you the secretary outfit he had originally planned for you to wear today and you can wear it in tomorrow to film the remainder of the piece,” Sally sized Sarah up with her eyes and moved between the racks of clothes selecting various items.

“Can you give me a pair of pantyhose too,” Sarah asked.

“Help yourself. That drawer there,” Sally pointed with her chin.

Sarah opened the drawer and found it stuffed with packages of stockings and pantyhose of various deniers, colours, and patterns.

She selected a pair of tan sheer-to-the-waist and sat on a stool, pulled them on and smoothed them out. Sarah the Wardrobe mistress handed her a mauve satin blouse and a short navy blue skirt, both of which were a tight but perfect fit.

“Here,” she was handed over a pair of four-inch black high-heel pumps.

Sarah was glad she didn’t have far to walk.

“And this is to go. Wear them tomorrow under the clothes and with the shoes I just gave you, it will save you having to change. Bring a change of clothes for after filming,” Sally gave her a bag and went back to her racks.

Sarah looked in the bag and saw red satin panties, a matching lacy bra and a pair of sheer hold-up stockings.

She stopped in at Makeup and put up with Crystal’s inane chatter while she did her makeup and took her jewellery out of her purse and put on her earrings and bangles but left the rest in her purse. It didn’t match her outfit.

In the foyer she called Randy and told him to collect her and he pulled up out front within thirty seconds of her call.

“You must have been close,” she said as she slid into the passenger seat showing a lot of leg.

“I told you I’d be close enough to help if needed. At least you’re dressed a little better than what you wore here. What happened to the hooker outfit?” Randy replied.

“Don’t ask and this ain’t really much better. I’m supposed to be a secretary,” she said trying in vain to pull the hem of her skirt down her legs.

Randy was staring and she reached out and gently turned his face forward.

“Look out the window big boy; nothing to see here,” she grinned.

Randy blushed.

“While you were in Xavier Productions I went online and rented us a self-contained apartment near the airport,” he sounded pleased with his efforts.

“Great, I wanna get out of this outfit and you can check out the pictures and video I’ve taken so we can decide what to do next. I don’t need to be on set until mid afternoon tomorrow. They’re just filming establishing scenes,” Sarah said.

Randy looked confused.

“I’m too beat up now to film any more nudity so it’s just me playing a secretary in the office and a couple of male actors checking me out, ogling me, making advances.”

“Jeez!” Randy had a distasteful look on his face.

Sarah changed the subject and they stopped for groceries, picked up the keys for the apartment and drove on and parked out front of the apartment block.

Randy got the door and noticed how gingerly Sarah got out of the car but he knew better than to ask her why. He ferried in the groceries and their bags while she checked out their new digs.

The place had two bedrooms each with its own ensuite bathroom. There was an open plan lounge, dining and kitchen and it appeared to have everything one could need right down to the spoons.

“I’m gonna have another shower and get changed. Check my phone out; see if there’s anything useful on it,” Sarah said claiming one of the bedrooms for herself.

She checked herself out in the bathroom mirror. Her buttocks were still red and her body had multiple bruises that were turning blue. She also had several scratches.

She showered, fixed her hair and makeup and slipped into clean panties, leggings, and a tank-top. Her breasts were heavily bruised and her nipples very sore so she went without a bra.

Randy got the bluetooth working on Sarah’s phone and his laptop and transferred the pictures and video she had taken.

When Sarah came out of the bedroom she saw that Randy was sitting on the couch staring intently into the computer screen. She approached him from behind and looked over his shoulder and was appalled at what she saw.

It was camera footage of her being used on the office table by the four men. She became instantly nauseated. Sarah realised that her phone must have still been filming, hidden away in her bag on the set.

She reached over the couch and slammed the screen shut.

“You don’t need to see that!” she seethed.

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself,” Randy said sarcastically.

“I wonder what Drew would have thought had he seen you doing that,” he sniped.

Sarah flew at him. She slapped him hard across the face and attempted to rake him with her nails.

“Don’t you talk about Drew! You don’t know how much I loved your brother!” she flailed at him.

Randy was finding it hard to protect himself sitting on the couch with Sarah pummelling him from behind.

He managed to grab her wrists and pulled her over the lounge and she struck out and they both tumbled to the floor. She freed her hands again and set about trying to punch him in the face but he protected himself.

“Stop it you crazy bitch!” he roared, warding off her blows as they rolled on the floor.

He used all his strength and dragged Sarah to her feet using her momentum to spin her so that she flew across the room. He leapt after her and clutched both her wrists, pulling her arms up high and pinning them against the wall; he pressed his body against her to stop her kicking and striking out at him.

She was livid. Her face red and angry.

“You virtually kidnapped me and made me do this shit!” she hissed.

“How do you think I feel? Those strangers using my body? That sick fuck Director telling them to hit me here and poke me there? I’m doing what I have to do to save Stacy and keep my identity. You’re doing it for money! If anyone is a prostitute you are!”

Randy released a wrist and bought his open hand to her face to slap her.

She didn’t flinch. She stared at him defiantly.

He dropped his hand and let go of her other wrist and rested his hands on her upper arms. They were both panting with exertion.

Randy lowered his head and they both took a beat to catch their breath.

He slowly became aware that his body was moulded to hers; her small pert breasts heaved against his chest though the thin material of her tank-top; Sarah’s hands were hanging loosely by her sides.

He raised his head. Their faces were less than an inch apart; their lips almost touching. He looked into her green eyes and she started back defiantly. He saw courage and he saw resolve; but he thought he also saw shame.

Her breath smelled sweet and her body, despite their exertions, exuded a comforting womanly essence.

Her lips were large and sensuous and he imagined they were soft and pliant.

Sarah’s look of defiance softened and she looked at him questioningly.

He moved his face almost imperceptibly forward and Sarah’s lips opened slightly.

Randy’s phone shattered the silence and destroyed the moment.

Sarah turned her head aside and cleared her throat.

“Take that. I’ll make coffee,” she said.

Steve Patterson wanted an update. Randy took his phone into his bedroom for privacy and told Steve they were making progress and had infiltrated Xavier Productions but didn’t go into specifics.

“Is that shemale whore pulling its weight? It knows the consequences if it doesn’t; right?” Steve Patterson’s bitterness came through the phone.

“Look Mr Patterson, she’s doing everything I ask of her and then some,” Randy replied levelly.

There was long pause.

“Well it better be!” Patterson broke the connection.

When Randy came out of his bedroom, Sarah had coffee and sandwiches on the table next to his laptop. She had pulled a loose sweater over her tank-top.

“Well is any of the footage I took useful?” she asked.

Randy sat on the couch beside her but not too close. Just close enough so they could both see the screen.

“Yes very. I’ve downloaded the floorplans for the warehouse from public records but now I’ll know what every room is used for. I also have a good idea where to place my hidden cameras if I can get inside.”

“I’ll start researching the pictures you took of that young girl; see if she is also a missing person.”

“Also I’d really like you to get into Lyle Brinkman’s office if you can. I’ll give you a device that can download data files in super-quick time if you get a chance to use it. If you can take video or pictures of anything on paper that has anything to with Raffe Ignesman that would be great too.”

“Can you think of a reason for legitimately going in there?” Randy asked.

“I’ll think of something. He and I know each other through Tina so I suppose he is a friend of sorts,” Sarah replied.

“There’s something else,” Sarah said a little hesitantly.

“Yeah,” Randy sensed her tension.

“I spoke to this guy Jim Bellman. His porn name is Harden Swollen; he’s one of the actors. Jim doesn’t appear to be impressed with Xavier Productions using young girls, possibly against their will, and the use of violence. He’s only working in the porn business because he needs the money,” Sarah began.

“So they’re actors now, are they?” Randy scoffed.

Sarah didn’t bite. She continued.

“You’re not going to like this but hear me out. He’s sweet on me and he wants a date. I know he knows more than he has told me and I think I can get more out of him; a lot more. I think he was on the verge of telling me something that might really help us.”

Sarah could see Randy fighting with his emotions.

She moved close to him and turned his face to hers.

“You know you really confuse me Randy. You want me to infiltrate a porn ring, you despise me for being transsexual and you hate me because I’m to blame for you brother’s murder.”

“But you seem to hate what I have to do to help us both,” she searched his eyes.

Randy was trembling with emotion. He breathing was heavy and ragged.

“Everything you say is true. I can’t change how I feel about you,” Randy sighed.

“But you were still my brother’s wife and no matter how I feel about what you are and what you’ve done I have to respect that Drew loved you.”

“And you were right about what you said earlier. I did virtually kidnap you and make you do this shit. And I hate that I’m making the woman my brother loved do what I’m making you do.”

Sarah was about to speak but Randy put a finger to her lips.

“But there’s more. I’ve spent enough time with you now to know that you are decent person. A lovely person and I have treated you poorly since I first met you,” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use you to do what we have to do,” he said levelly.

They held each other’s gaze for a while and then Sarah broke the tension by smiling.

“You really fucked up Randolph,” she grinned.

He looked at her quizzically.

“You just called me a woman.”

They both burst out laughing. They laughed for a while and then Randy stopped and became serious again.

He put his hands on her upper arms, just like he had earlier, and he looked deep in her eyes.

“You do what you have to do to get whatever you can out of this Hardon guy or whatever the fuck his name is. But you stay safe you understand. If you need me; I’ll be there in seconds ok?”

Sarah nodded.

He shook her gently.

“I mean it! Any sign of danger and you text or call. Don’t do anything tonight that is going to get you hurt ok?”

“Because you need me alive and kicking to find Stacy; I know,” Sarah replied.

“Yes. But also because I really don’t want to see you hurt,” he sighed, real concern evident in his voice and visible on his face.

“Besides, who’s going to make my coffee and fix my sandwiches,” he tried to joke.

Then he totally surprised Sarah. He pulled her to him and he hugged her awkwardly for a second and lightly kissed her cheek. Then he eased her away from him.

“Call the Hardon guy. Make the date. Find out what you can,” he said gruffly.

“His name is Jim Bellman,” Sarah replied.

“Whatever,” Drew said, biting into a sandwich.

“And don’t call me Randolph!” he yelled after her as she made her way to the bedroom to call Jim and change for her date.

Sarah had a limited wardrobe with her but when she came out wearing the same outfit she had worn to Bendy Wendy’s she still took Randy’s breath away.

The black cocktail dress with the plunging neckline and the hem that barely came to the top her thighs, slinky tan pantyhose, four-inch black high-heeled pumps and heavy makeup and gold costume jewellery made her look stunning.

“I’ve made it simple. The bar at the Embassy Suites near LAX,” she said.

“Check your phone is charged and let’s go,” Randy said.

They were mostly silent on the way to the hotel. The day had been an emotional roller coaster that neither of them wanted to ride again.

Randy dropped her at the entrance to hotel; the doorman came for the door.

“I’ll park and then I’ll wait in the foyer. I’ll be seconds away if you need me,” Randy stared ahead through the windshield.

Sarah glared at him.

“Don’t you dare come to the bar, or anywhere near me for that matter unless I call for you. Don’t you fuck this up. If Jim Bellman suspects I’m up to something he’s likely to tell Lyle or Tina and then we’re fucked,” she hissed and got out the Mustang.

Jim Bellman was waiting for her at the bar looking around expectantly. He almost missed her because she was unrecognisable compared to the hooker on set and the sans-makeup ‘Mrs Robinson’ he had shared cigarettes with in parking lot.

“Oh my god you look stunning!” he gushed as she sauntered up to him with a big smile on her face.

He took her hands and pecked her on each cheek and then lightly on the lips. Most of the men in the bar had watched her entrance and quite a few of those with dates had copped a kick under the table.

Sarah and Jim sat at the bar, he drinking a beer and she a cherry Coke.

“You don’t drink?” he enquired.

“Oh on the contrary. I drink like a fish when I drink. So I choose not to,” she smiled at him.

“But you don’t mind?” he gestured to his schooner of fine Australian larger.

“Not in the least,” she smiled again.

“Mmm. If you aren’t going to drink, how I am going to lower your defences and seduce you?” he grinned.

“You will have to reply on your good looks, charm and wit. Besides. Why do you need to seduce what you’ve already had?” she said dryly.

He looked hurt.

“What we did today isn’t what I want. I would like your friendship and trust and to see how it goes from there,” he replied.

“I told you I’m nearly twice your age,” Sarah sipped her Coke.

“And I told you I don’t care. I just care that I feel something for you and I think you might like me too and I want to see where this goes,” he took her hand and looked in her eyes.

“Ok? I think you have my friendship already so lets work on trust,” she looked at him levelly.

He nodded.

“You were reluctant to elaborate today but you insinuated that Xavier Productions might be using young girls against their will. It was certainly alluded to on the set when we were signing our releases,” Sarah took another sip.

“I told you that I didn’t even want to talk about that if we went on a date,” he said quite firmly.

“Well I do. So I guess its goodnight,” she made to get up from her stool and he took her arm and pressed her back down.

Jim looked around and surveyed the crowd.

“They have an outdoor smoking lounge. Through there,” he pointed with his chin towards double glass doors.

They picked up their drinks and he offered her his elbow and they went outside to the garden lounge which was fitted out with tasteful wicker chairs and tables with tea candles; coloured lanterns hung from the boughs of the trees and shrubs. They found a table in a quiet corner and lit cigarettes.

“Okay we can talk out here I guess. What do you want to know?” he asked, taking a long draught of his beer.

“What do you know about Xavier Productions engaging in illegal activities with young girls?” Sarah asked.

“Well it’s an open secret that Raffe Ignesman provides Lyle Brinkman with young runaways to perform in a lot of the productions. Sometimes we have to perform with them and it’s obvious they are drugged or performing against their will.”

“Most of the guys just convince themselves that it’s part of the act. Sometimes it gets very violent on those sets,” he drew on his cigarette.

“And?” Sarah suspected he had more.

“There are rumours, and these I can’t substantiate, that Raffe keeps the girls in a heavily guarded house and that he and Lyle prostitute them to sickos for exorbitant prices.”

“That’s all I know,” Jim stared down at his beer.

Sarah reached out and took his hand.

“Thanks for telling me Jim and thanks for not asking why I want to know,” she squeezed his hand and smiled at him.

“So do you trust me now?” he asked.

Sarah reached across and pulled him to her and kissed him. It was awkward kissing sitting and Jim lifted Sarah to her feet so he could kiss her properly; he pulled her to him, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately.

Sarah felt him harden through his trousers and she pressed against him. He dropped a hand to her behind and gently squeezed her buttocks. They were still sore but Sarah responded accordingly and slid her hand between their bodies and squeezed his tumescent penis through his slacks.

Jim broke the kiss and looked at her and smiled cheekily.

“I got a room just in case.”

“Just in case eh Jim?” she smiled back.

“Well it would be a pity to waste it so why don’t we retire,” she grinned.

They just made it inside the door before they started to kiss and tear at each other’s clothes. Sarah kicked off her high heels and unzipped her dress while Jim pulled off his shoes and sox. Jim pulled down Sarah’s dress while she ripped off his shirt and went to work on his jeans. She shucked out of her dress and Jim kicked off his jeans and they fell on each other on the bed.

Jim lay on top of Sarah and kissed her; she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her, his hot flesh felt wonderful against her bare torso, despite her bruising. He unclasped her bra and gently stroked her breasts, aware that that her nipples would be tender after the battering they took during the filming.

Sarah pulled Jim’s face down to her breasts.

“Be gentle,” she whispered.

And he was. He gently suckled her nipples with his lips and licked them with the tip of his tongue until they were erect.

“Hmm, lovely,” she sighed.

Sarah broke the kiss and eased herself from under Jim. He took the hint and lay back as Sarah licked and nipped at his belly working her way down until she came to the base of his semi-erect penis, which she engulfed and sucked and licked to full tumescence.

She ran her tongue along the shaft and then trilled the base of the glans, the sensitive fraenulum. This time Jim gasped and when he did she swallowed his cock all the way and began sucking on it, working her mouth up and down using her tongue to excite him.

When Jim couldn’t take any more without climaxing he eased her face from his groin and bought it to his so they could kiss and caress each other. She took his phallus in her hand and stroked it and he stroked her cock through her pantyhose and panties, feeling her panties become wet with her precum. His hand slid inside the waistband of her pantyhose and found her cock hard and dripping.

Sarah wanted to feel his hand on her erect penis so she gripped the waistband on her panties and hose and pushed them down her thighs.

Jim seized the opportunity and lowered his face to her groin and sucked Sarah’s hard cock. He slathered at her organ and licked the droplets of pre-seminal fluid as they leaked from the eye of her cock. Sarah writhed on the bed and held Jim’s head in her hands and bucked up and down, sliding her cock in and out of his mouth.

Jim sensed her climax approaching and he lifted his face from her groin and straddled her. Sarah raised her legs to assist him and guided his penis into her pre-lubricated sphincter. He kissed her long and hard as his throbbing member slid past her puckered entrance and deep inside her tight anus. Sarah locked her legs around Jim and rose to meet his thrusts.

They fucked.

They fucked and kissed and ground against each other and writhed and wriggled and moaned and groaned and came together.

“Fuck me Jim! Fuck me hard! Come in me honey!” Sarah gasped in his ear.

“Oh fuck yeah baby, your ass is so tight, I’m coming honey! I’m coming!” Jim moaned.

Jim drove his cock deep inside Sarah’s anus and ejaculated. Sarah felt him come and that triggered her own orgasm and she spurted hot semen against Jim’s belly as his cock jackhammered in and out of tight ass, his glans pushing on her prostate, eliciting her climax. They held each other tight as they came together and kissed each other passionately.

They clung to each other as the rapture of their orgasms slowly subsided and then they lay still, gasping and panting and kissing softly.

Jim extricated himself from Sarah’s long legs and rolled off her and lay beside her as the air conditioning cooled their sweaty bodies. Sarah kicked off her pantyhose and panties and dropped the tangled ball on the floor. They lay side by side naked, stroking each other occasionally and softly kissing. Sarah slowly drifted off to sleep, sated by the sex and exhausted after a long day.

She woke up some time later a little disorientated until she realised where she was and then she smiled. Jim had pulled the covers over her and she snuggled under the warm bedclothes for a minute and slid over into the warm patch Jim had vacated.

She lay smiling up at the ceiling and she heard a muffled voice. It was coming from the bathroom and she padded over there intending to surprise Jim with a kiss and a cuddle before using the bathroom and maybe, just maybe, going another round with the buff young man.

“Look Lyle I don’t have your cell so I’m leaving you this message on your landline. I just fucked that loopy old tranny broad who’s a friend of Tina’s but she was asking all sorts of questions about the young chicks and about Raffe Ignesman. She’s Tina’s BFF or something; but I just don’t know? She’s a great fuck for an old queen but she seems a bit bogus to me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow either before or after filming…I dunno, maybe I’m just a suspicious guy, but she don’t seem straight.”

“Fuck!” Sarah whispered and put a knuckle to her teeth.

She padded back to bed and hopped in; hoping she didn’t look too guilty. She heard the toilet flush and Jim came out beaming. He strode to the bed and lay down beside her and started kissing her.

“Hey babe. Play fair. You just went and now I gotta go. If you’re lucky we’ll go a second round when I come back,” she smiled at him.

“Maybe if you’re lucky,” he laughed back at her.

Sarah snatched up her purse on the way to the bathroom. She closed and locked the door and sat on the toilet and texted Randy.

‘I’m going to call. Please pick up as soon as I do.’

She peed and flushed the toilet and turned on the shower to assist in masking her voice as she called Randy who picked up on the first ring.

She told him what she had heard Jim say.

“Okay. Don’t panic. Two things. First I gotta take care of Jimbo and then we gotta erase that call,” Randy said.

“What do you mean ‘take care’?” Sarah sounded concerned.

“Not that! Just take him out of the picture until we’ve done what we have to do. Ok; here is what you do. You do whatever you gotta do to wrap things up and then you make sure that you leave with him. Insist he escort you to the parking lot. He doesn’t know I dropped you off right?” Randy asked.

“Good. You tell him you’re parked in the lot and can he escort you to your car or even offer him a ride home; whatever the fuck. Just get him in the parking lot and I’ll do the rest ok?”

“Ok,” Sarah replied.

“Text me when you’re about to leave the hotel room,” Randy broke the connection.

There was a rapping on the bathroom door.

“Hey what’s going on in there? Are you drowning or something?” Jim called through the door.

Sarah leapt in and out of the shower just to get wet and then opened the door standing before him naked and damp.

“Hey us special girls got some special cleaning to do if you know what I mean,” Sarah blushed.

“Well I don’t know why you bothered cause I’m just going to get it dirty again,” Jim grinned and picked her up and carried her to the bed.

They made love again; taking their time. Sarah’s heart wasn’t really in it but the Cialis she had taken earlier in the day was still in her system and she was able to put on a good act.

Jim proposed staying the night but Sarah said she definitely wanted to sleep in her own bed even though it was now way past midnight. While she was dressing she asked him to be a gentleman and escort her to her car.

“I might as well head out too. As we don’t have to be on set until mid afternoon I can sleep in at home,” Jim said as he dressed.

The gravel crunched under their feet as they walked through the lot. Sarah spotted Randy’s Mustang, the sodium-vapour lights reflected off the midnight blue paintwork.

As they got closer Jim whistled.

“Hey I love a girl who drives a muscle car. Hey that’s a Musta…” he stopped talking and fell to the ground.

Randy stood over Jim’s prone body with a hypodermic syringe in his gloved hand.

Sarah just stood there stunned as Randy clicked the remote and opened the trunk.

“Give me a hand. I’ll take his shoulders, lock your hands under his ankles and we’ll put him in the trunk,” Randy said.

Sarah stood rooted to the spot and Randy shook her.


“Ok. Ok!” Sarah came out of her trance and with a lot of effort they finally got Jim into the trunk.

“Why couldn’t you date a weedy guy Sarah. That guy was heavy as fuck!” Randy said.

Sarah gave him a steely stare and Randy smiled and held his hands out, palms down.

“Joking! Just joking,” he grinned.

“Ok hop in and I’ll drop you back at the lobby. You get a cab back to the condo while I take care of Jimbo.”

“That’s twice you’ve said ‘take care of Jimbo’. What does that mean exactly?” she looked at him seriously.

“It means I take him to a guy who I will pay extremely well to keep old Jimbo here comfortable but safely out of the way until we conclude our business and only then do I tell him to let Jimbo go, ok?”

“Really?” Sarah looked at him questioningly.

“Really. Scout’s honor,” he chuckled.

“You were never a Scout,” she quipped.

“You were never a Princess,” he quipped back and she couldn’t help but smile.

Randy dropped Sarah at the curb at the hotel lobby and drove off into the night.

To be continued…

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