Nora Midnight Part 5

Nora drops Ginger off at school “okay, Ginger. Play nice and have a nice day.”

“Thanks Nora.” Ginger leans over and hugs Nora.

Ginger gets out of the Mustang like she was taught by Nora. She was wearing one of her new dresses to school. She turns around and shut the mustang’s door and watches as her foster mother drives off. She adjusts her backpack and her purse as she walks into school. This was the first time she every wore a dress to school.

She heads towards her first class and takes her normal seat. She had completed all her missed assignments. She takes them out of her backpack and puts them on her teacher’s desk. She had her note book out and was sitting like she has been taught.

Her teacher walks in and notices she was wearing a dress.

“You look nice today Ginger.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Bell.” Ginger smiles at her.

She was one of her favorite teachers. She was always willing to help a student. There were times she wished Mrs. Bell would become her parent, but she knew that was impossible. That was before she met Nora. Now, she liked that Nora and Kelly had taken her in and have become her foster parents. When the bell rings, she starts writing down what Mrs. Bell puts up on the board.

For next few hours, her classes go well. She could tell her teachers were surprised to see her wearing a dress and heels to school.
It was during lunch when the bullies made their move. Ginger was eating a lunch she made last night before going to bed. Kelly had helped her make it.

“Well, Well, well isn’t it our little faggot.” Joseph hated Ginger.

He had been on the football team. Him and his friends were kicked off because she told on them.

“Walk away, Joseph.” Ginger looks at Joseph and the two other guys that were with him.

They had been on the football team as well and got kicked off for bullying. She had turned them in at the same time she reported Joseph. They had been bullying and taking money from some of the kids. They had tried to force her to pay them, but she kicked their butts. The problem was, her former foster mother went along with what Officer Green said. She took the money Mr. Pierce gave her to go along with calling her a liar.

“Why, what are you going to do, faggot?” He pushes on Ginger’s right shoulder.

“Hey, why don’t you morons leave the girl alone?” William was getting tired of Joseph and his crew.

Ginger looks over towards William. She didn’t know much about him, but she knew he was a nice person. She glances at her cellphone to see if it was still recording. Nora had told her to start recording any encounter she has with the bullies at school.

“Stay out of this William. This is none of your business.” The last thing Joseph needed was Williams sticking his nose into his business.

It was bad enough he took his spot on the football team, but now he was interfering with his turf.

“It is my business, when you and your goons are bulling people. Now, why don’t you stop harassing Ginger and take your wannabe hoodlums
out of here.” William use to be a gang member in Merced, California.

He knew what real gang bangers were. The chumps he has met since coming to this school were a joke. His old gang would make mince meat of these wannabes. The only reason he was here, was because his father got a job out here in Memphis.

Ginger had packed up what was left of her lunch and just sat there waiting to see what was going to happen.

Joseph looks down at Ginger “you’re lucky, you faggot.”

“I rather be a faggot, then a jackass.” Ginger gives him her best sweet smile.

He clenches his hands and walks away with his two guys.

Williams comes walking over to Ginger. He knew she was transgender and that lately she had been getting a lot of crap from Joseph. He was trying to stay out of trouble. So, far he has managed to behave himself.

“Thanks for helping.”

“You’re welcome. Why doesn’t the principal suspend him and his cronies?” Williams was curious.

“Because his uncle has a lot pull downtown and his father is on the police force, but I don’t think he’ll be a police officer much longer.” Ginger let a smile appear on her face.

She knew Nora had called and complained to the chief of police. If he didn’t do anything about officer Green. She would handle him herself.
She knew Nora had a lot of connections with people.

“Why you say that?” William was curious.

“My foster mother called and complained about him to the Chief. If Officer Green isn’t kicked off the force. There is going to be hell to pay.”
Ginger picks her trash up and start walking towards the exit.

Williams follows behind her. He liked how her butt sway back and forth as she walked. He follows her up to the second floor and then to his next class. His next class was directly across from hers.

Ginger knew he was behind her. It made her feel warm and fuzzy to be admired by a guy. Someone tries to trip her as she moved down the aisle towards her seat. She looks at the student who tried to trip her. She just smiles at him and then kick him in his leg.

“Oops! Did I just kick you? I’m so sorry for that. Maybe, next time you won’t have your leg sticking out.” Ginger walks to her seat with an evil grin on her face.

Her Government teacher comes in and starts the class. Ginger didn’t care for him very much. He was a religious nutcase that gave her a hard time for being trans. Plus, she corrected him several times about certain items in the Constitution.

She tries to refrain from saying anything during his preaching, but everything he was saying was horse crap.

“Excuse me, Mr. Talbot, but that’s not how our government works. It says...” Ginger reads off the passage he skipped.

She also reads another section, that he skipped over. She looks up at him to see what he was going to do.

“Ms. Summers, please see me after class.” Mr. Talbot looks over towards Ginger.

He didn’t get a chance to meet her new foster mother when she came up to visit her teachers. If he had meet her, he would had told her how she tends to be disruptive and rude towards him. He continues the class and gives them their reading assignment and an essay they must write and turn in by the end of the week.

Ginger waits till all the students left, before heading up to Mr. Talbot’s desk. She walks up to his desk and stands before it.

Mr. Talbot looks up at Ginger “I would like to meet with your new foster mother. Can you have her meet me here tomorrow afternoon?”

Ginger just smirks “I think she will be happy to meet you Mr. Talbot.”

Mr. Talbot lets Ginger go to her next class.

By the time school is over. Nora is waiting for her.

Ginger spots Nora’s mustang and heads over towards it.

“How was your day?” Ginger climbs in the proper way with sweeping her dress under her legs and keeping them closed.

“It was good. My government teacher wants to meet you tomorrow afternoon, if your available.” Ginger knew Nora wasn’t going to listen to his BS.

“Did he say why?” Nora was curious. She thought she meet all of Ginger’s teachers.

“I think it’s because I corrected him several times today during class.” Ginger had a smile on her face.

“Why don’t you tell me what you did today.” Nora listens while Ginger tells her what happened in school.

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