The Adventure Begins Chapter 11

Council Recovery House:
Siddeeqa looks at her uncle and couldn’t believe someone managed to almost kill him. Her Uncle was one of the toughest vampires she knew. He has been alive for over a thousand years. She makes sure her blood was flowing freely into her Uncle and Aunt.

Crimson couldn’t believe that Riker and Jacklyn had a niece that was part-death Fae and human. She was also a member of the Unseelie court. She watches as Riker’s niece shared her unique blood with her aunt and uncle at the same time. It had an unusual color to it as she watched it travel through the clear tubing into both people.

“I thought vampires craved Fey blood?” Crimson had heard rumors about vampires and Fey blood.

“They do, but my blood is toxic to normal vampires. You must be of my bloodline to benefit from my blood. The only reason I can share it with my aunt, is she is of my bloodline as well. I can’t share it with Jacob. If I try, it will kill him. Plus, I can only spare so much blood.” Siddeeqa looks at her uncle and aunt’s skin tone to determine if they have had enough of her blood.

“She did notice all of their wounds were completely healed.” Siddeeqa disconnects herself from her aunt and uncle.

She uses a little bit of her magic to close the puncture wounds on her arms.

She looks at Crimson “you know, you could always transfer your spirit to like a mannequin or something.”

“I would prefer a real body, instead of a fake one.” Crimson missed having a real body.

“Well, there are a few beings that are capable of granting your wish. The thing is, are you willing to give up the gift you have?” Siddeeqa knows a few Unseelie Fey that would give Crimson what she wanted, but there would be a cost for them doing it.

“I, don’t know.” She looks at Riker and his gang.

Her gift help saved them. As much as she would like to have a real body and a normal life. She knows that it might not be possible. Not with what she knows now. Once you involve yourself in the Supernatural world. It is difficult to leave it and not have it interfere with your life.

“Let me think on the matter. However, you did say I could inhabit the body of a mannequin?” That intrigued Crimson.

“Yes, you could technically inhabit the body of a mannequin by merging your current doll form with it. Then use your abilities to make it real.”

“That is something to think about. I’ll think about that as well.” Crimson walks over and check on Jacob. He was still in critical condition, but
knew he will pull through.

Siddeeqa was a little weak from donating most of her blood to her aunt and uncle. She decided that she need to rest awhile, to build her blood back up. She summons a special drink to her hands. It was composed of artificial blood with certain magical healing ingredients. She chugs it down as fast as she can. She hates the taste of the artificial blood, but it will help restore her own blood. She watches as her cup fills up again with the same mixture and chugs that one down. She makes one more appear and does the same thing, before making the cup disappear.

Crimson watches as Siddeeqa lays down near her uncle and fall asleep. She walks over and lays down near Jacklyn. Her and Jacklyn have become close. It was more of mother and daughter type of relationship.

Cassandra’s House:
Amy wakes-up and at first, she wasn’t sure where she was, but then she remembered that a fire cat by the name of Kadyn. She had brought her to her wards home. She could feel other people in the house. She also spots a nice dress and undergarments hanging from the closet door knob. There was a note pinned to the dress with her name on it.

Your Uncle sent this here for you. A council team will be coming to help Cassandra and her coven out. You’re to work with them.

Amy heads to the bathroom to do her morning business and take a shower. She wonders which team they were sending to help Cassandra’s coven.

Angela wakes-up and hears the shower going. She also, picks up several different scents in the house. She stumbles into the kitchen and follow her nose over to her mother.

George and Joyce watches as Angela comes walking into the kitchen. They first met her at a circle meeting, when Cassandra and Vince brought her. Since then, she has been to a few new moon and full moon circles.

“Look who woke up finally.” Joyce gives Angela a hug.

“Hi Joyce.” Angela was still in her nightgown. She hadn’t changed out of it.

Angela waves hello as she makes her way over to her father. She wraps her arms around his waist. It wasn’t often that Vince was home in the morning.

“Morning sleepy head. Have you met our guest yet?” Vince was wondering if Amy and Angela have met.

“No sir.” She wonders if that was who was in the shower.

“Well sweetie, she can’t speak. You’re going to need to communicate with her mentally. Do you think you’re up to it?” Vince knew Angela has a
hard time controlling her gifts.

He knew she has been practicing since she came to live with them. Him and Cassandra have been working with her. He also knows that
Kadyn can monitor her, so she doesn’t get over-whelm.

Amy gets out of the shower and heads into the bedroom where she slept. She gets dressed in the clothes that were left for her. Once she is dress, she heads towards the kitchen where she smelled bacon drifting from. When she walks in, she notices there was a group of people gather around at the counter. She signs good morning to everyone. She notices the young girl who’s eyes were milky white, standing close to who she guess is her father.

“Good morning, Amy.”

Amy was surprised when she heard a young girls voice in her head.

“Good morning, Angela, right?” Amy was trying to remember what she was told.

“Yes. My father informed me that you couldn’t speak. So, I hope you don’t mind me talking with you this way.”
Amy just smile as she looks at the girl.

“I don’t mind.” Amy sits down at the counter.

“We normally have breakfast before any business or coven stuff is spoken.” Angela had sat down next to Amy.

Amy just smile as she grabs a biscuit and make herself a biscuit sandwich.

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