The Librarian Ch 06

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The Librarian
Michele Nylons
Part Six – The Dark Web

Although Sarah was nearly exhausted, she had no choice but to get up early to ensure she could get into Lyle Brinkman’s office and erase the message that Jim Bellman had left on Lyle’s answering machine.

Randy woke her with coffee and she bathed and fixed her makeup and decided to dress in the outfit she was going to wear for filming that afternoon. Her logic being it was the only way she could justify being on set so early, so that she could get Wardrobe and Makeup to ensure she met the Director, Todd Barrington’s, requirements for the scene.

The mauve satin blouse and short navy blue skirt were a tight but perfect fit. Sarah tottered on a pair of four-inch black high-heel pumps and under the outfit she wore red satin panties, a matching lacy bra and a pair of sheer, flesh-toned, hold-up stockings.

If Randy wasn’t wide awake before; he was wide awake when Sarah came out of her bedroom looking for more coffee.

“You know your stocking tops are visible,” he commented.

“Yeah. Nice of you to notice. Anyone would think I’m off to make a porn movie,” she replied sarcastically.

“Wow! Let me get you more coffee Miss grouch,” he teased her.

They sat side by side at the breakfast bar sipping coffee.

“Ok Sarah first thing first. Get to Lyle’s office and delete the message that good old Jimbo left. Then use this. Just plug it into his PC, it doesn’t even need to be switched on. This gismo will suck up the hard drive contents and everything else in a matter of minutes.”

He handed her a black box about the size of a packet of cigarettes. It had a small lead with a USB connector on the end.

“Along this edge a series of LEDs will light up, starting with flashing red at this end and then progressing to solid blue at this end. As soon as the solid blue light comes on, rip that puppy out of his PC and toss it in your bag. While it’s doing its thing, if you see any paperwork that looks at all interesting take some pictures with your phone ok?”

Sarah nodded and yawned.

Randy took her by the shoulders.

“Look at me Sarah!” he ordered.

“Stay alert. If it looks like you can’t get into his office without being seen, don’t do it. If it looks like someone is approaching, get the fuck out of there. Do not get caught ok?”

She smiled back at him and nodded.

“I have a shit excuse, if someone comes along I’ll say I’m looking for Tina. If it’s Lyle I’ll just have to play it by ear,” she said.

“See if you can think of something better. While you’re in the studios I’ll run that picture of the girl you took yesterday and see what I can find out. I’ll be close. Very close. I’ll keep a lookout for Lyle and I’ll text you if he or Tina turn up. I hope they don’t; but if they do well,” he opened his jacket and showed her a snub-nosed .38.

“If it gets to the stage where you need that it’s over for Stacy Patterson and for me,” Sarah said.

“It will be a last resort,” he smiled at her.

“My knight in shining armour,” Sarah leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

Randy inhaled her perfume; it made him a light-headed.

“My Ice Princess,” he kissed her cheek lightly.

She punched him in the arm.

“Yeah I know…don’t call you Ice Princess,” he grinned.

Sarah confidently pushed through the glass doors into the plush foyer of Xavier Productions. The attractive twenty-something receptionist in the designer dress and Jimmy Choo heels sat behind her chic glass desk, sliding a finger across her tablet. The tiny earpiece in her ear was obviously silent because she looked up as soon as Sarah entered the foyer.

“Hi Sarah,” she greeted Sarah like a close friend as opposed to someone she had met only twice before.

But she knew that Sarah was Tina’s best friend so she knew to treat Sarah accordingly.

“Hi honey, is Crystal in yet or Sally in Wardrobe? I just wanna make sure I’m fine for filming today,” Sarah said.

The receptionist scanned her slim tablet and looked a little quizzical.

“You’re not due on set until this afternoon,” she looked a little perplexed.

“Yeah I know but I’m a perfectionist and I just wanna get my look right, read my lines on set and then I can take a break until this afternoon,” Sarah smiled at the receptionist.

She hoped the receptionist was, as Sarah suspected, just eye-candy and as dumb as a sack full of hammers.

Which she was. She thought it was cute that the old tranny broad thought she was like in a real movie and needed to go to so much effort.

“Sure. Go on though Sarah; Crystal just got here but Sally won’t be in for at least an hour,” she smiled sweetly.

“Hey, that’s ok, I can shoot the shit with Crystal for a while,” Sarah smiled back.

The receptionist rolled her eyes. There was a saying at Xavier Productions that you’d rather shove pencils in your eyes than spend an hour talking to Crystal.

Sarah pushed through the sleek painted black door and entered the main office area. She breathed a sigh of relief and went straight down the corridor to Lyle’s office. There seemed to be very few employees at work and those who were, were on the sets, dressing and preparing them for the day’s filming. The offices seemed empty; the only noise was soft rock music coming from a radio down in Makeup.

She took one more look up and down the corridor and then entered Lyle’s office and closed the door softly behind her. She considered locking it but realised that would just look too suspicious if someone caught her.

She went straight to Lyle’s phone and saw a digital readout on the answering machine flashing the figure 3. Sarah adjusted the volume to minimum and hit play. The first two messages were business related but of no interest to her. The third message came from Jim Bellman.

‘Look Lyle I don’t have your cell so I’m leaving you this message on your landline. I just fucked that loopy old tranny broad who’s a friend of Tina’s but she was asking all sorts of questions about the young chicks and about Raffe Ignesman. She’s Tina’s BFF or something; but I just don’t know? She’s a great fuck for an old queen but she seems a bit bogus to me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow either before or after filming…I dunno, maybe I’m just a suspicious guy, but she don’t seem straight.’

“Loopy old tranny broad am I?” she hissed.

“Well I hope Randy’s friend is kicking your ass now and then while he keeps you locked up.”

Sarah deleted the message and fidgeted with the answering machine until she figured out how to make the other messages appear ‘unread’ and the figure 2 flashed on the machine. She turned the volume back up and left it alone.

Sarah took the gismo out of her purse and slammed the USB connector into one of the USB ports on Lyle’s PC. The LEDs started flashing red and after about twenty seconds it changed to flashing amber. Sarah hoped the gismo wouldn’t take too long to download all the data.

Randy was working his laptop in his car whilst keeping a lookout across from the entrance to Xavier Productions but when trying to do two jobs at once; neither gets done properly.

Lyle slid though the entrance door unseen by Randy.

Sarah was leaning over the desk trying to find something worthwhile amongst the scattered papers when Lyle burst through the door to his office.

He was greeted by the sight of Sarah’s shapely behind clad in that short skirt clinging to her buttocks, the hem resting at the top of her thighs displaying her stocking tops. Her long, sexy legs clad in sheer hosiery were a delight to behold.

“Well how lucky am I?” Lyle beamed.

“If that ass doesn’t belong to Sarah Carter; I’ll be goddamned,” he grinned.

Sarah was startled but she kept her wits about her. Rather than jumping up and turning around, she arched her head so that her derriere remained on display and her pretty face beamed at Lyle.

“Oh my! Mister Brinkman! You’ve caught me in the act,” she smiled seductively at him.

Sarah’s mind was racing. She had two priorities. One, recover the gismo before Lyle saw it and two, think of a legitimate reason to be in Lyle’s office.

“And what act is that?” Lyle sauntered into the office to better appraise Sarah’s ass.

“I was actually laying in wait for you…figuratively speaking of course,” she grinned at him.

Lyle sidled up to his desk and hoisted himself up so that he sat facing the door. Sarah glided up to him so that she was standing between his legs. Her blouse was open revealing her modest but pert breasts cupped in the red lace bra. She smiled when she saw he was quite taken with them.

“Sooo…Sarah…best friend of Tina…what does bring you to my office so early in the day?” his eyes remained locked on her breasts.

“Well first off; yes Tina is my best friend and as you know we sometimes share things…like each other,” Sarah sidled up to Lyle and rubbed against him like a cat.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t share other things,” she blew seductively in his ear.

“And what would sharing ‘things’ with me cost?” he grinned.

Sarah pouted and playfully slapped his shoulder.

“What makes you think I want something in return?” she rubbed against him and placed his hand on her ass.

“I’m married to Tina; I know you trans girls are no different to genetic women. You always want something in return,” he squeezed her buttock.

“Well you know I’m working here because I’m broke and a girl always needs more money. A little bird told me you might have other revenue streams in which I could invest; if you know what I mean?” Sarah wriggled her ass and kissed the side of Lyle’s mouth.

He took his hand off her ass and held her away from him at arms length.

“Who told you what?” he glared at her.

Sarah remembered what she had said to Randy before she went to Bendy Wendy’s to meet Tina: ‘usually the best lies are just fabrications of the truth’.

“I had a date with Jim Bellman last night and he said that he thinks you are running call girls or some sort of brothel,” Sarah said.

She pouted again and slinked against him.

“Did he now? Jim shouldn’t be talking about things that don’t concern him,” Lyle said.

“But they do concern me Lyle. If it’s true and if you think I might be able to work in that area of your business,” she smiled at him.

“Well it turns out I might be looking for someone with your special attributes. I usually use Tina to host my special parties but she has another appointment tonight apparently. You might have to offer up your ass though,” he explained.

“So???” Sarah rubbed against him and put his hands back on her buttocks.

“Ok, leave your number and you keep your phone on. I might have a job for you later,” he grinned.

“So now…where, were we?” his face lit up with lust.

“Well I was bent over your desk like this,” Sarah resigned herself.

She bent over the desk and raised her ass, presenting herself to Lyle.

“Mmm,” he positioned himself behind her and squeezed her buttocks.

Sarah felt him lift her skirt and his fingers stroked the globes of her ass through her red satin panties. She wriggled her buttocks invitingly.

She heard Lyle unzip in the silence.

“This will have to be quick,” Lyle said breathlessly.

Sarah reached behind herself and pulled her panties down far enough to expose her tight puckered bud. Lyle reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse and freed her breasts from the cups of her bra. He squeezed them and although they were still tender from yesterday, her nipples hardened and she gasped.

Lyle placed his hands on her shoulders and positioned his cock in her tight crinkle and slowly pushed forward as he pulled back on her shoulders.

Sarah concentrated on loosening her sphincter as Lyle buried his cock in her anus right up to the hilt; his groin pressed against her buttocks. Sarah had to admit that this was in fact her favourite position as the man’s penis pressed against her prostate and she sighed accordingly.

“Mmm, fuck me darling,” Sarah pushed back.

Lyle went back to fondling her tits as he fucked her, burying his cock deep in her anus and then pulling it out so that the just the glans remained inside her sphincter.

Sarah reached inside the front of her panties and freed her cock from its gaff and began to stroke it as Lyle began to fuck her with long hard strokes.

Sarah knew it was going to be a quickie but she had to admit it felt so damn good and she squeezed and stroked her penis to full tumescence as Lyle fucked her and squeezed her breasts.

“Oh…Yesss!” Sarah felt Lyle orgasm and he pulled her back hard against him and ground his groin into her soft buttocks.

Her spend splattered on the floor as Lyle emptied himself inside her. He pushed her down on the desk and jackhammered away at her as he ejaculated the last of his load.

Sarah’s breasts were flattened on the desk as he held her down and her thighs dug into the table but the hard fucking was still felt incredibly intense and satisfying. She wanked herself harder, splattering more semen against the desk and she moaned with lust.

“Oh god that is good!” she hissed quietly; aware that they didn’t want to attract any attention.

Lyle gave her a few hard thrusts to release the last of his issue and then pulled out. His warm semen began to dribble from Sarah’s anus and she reached for a handful of tissues from a dispenser on the desk and wiped between her legs.

Lyle took a handful of tissues too and dabbed at his deflating erection.

“I’ll use the ensuite first toots, then you can clean up. I’ll be quick,” he smirked.

As soon as he entered his little office toilet Sarah unplugged the gismo and dropped it in her purse; all the time holding her skirt up away from her semen splattered thighs and dribbling anus. She thought she must look a real sight standing in the office holding her skirt up, with her panties around the top of her thighs and blouse unbuttoned and her tits hanging out.

“Fucking Randy? Some lookout he is!” she giggled to herself.

That said, she realised this could have gone horribly wrong but it all tuned out ok; so be it!

Lyle came out and winked at Sarah and waved his hands at his ensuite. She handed him a post-it with her cell number on it.

“Hurry please Sarah; if Tina turns up now I’m not so sure she will necessary agree with your interpretation of sharing,” he smirked.

He still couldn’t help but playfully spank her bottom as she squeezed past him.

Sarah found some moistened towelettes and cleaned herself up. Lyle hadn’t even kissed her in his rush to fuck her so she didn’t have to fix her makeup. She smoothed her skirt, popped her tits back in the cups of her bra, and buttoned and straightened her blouse.

Sarah stepped out of Lyle’s ensuite and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks babe,” she smiled at him.

“Keep that phone on Sarah; like I said I might have something right up your alley, if you’ll pardon the pun,” he laughed at his own joke.

Sarah smiled along with him but the smirk left her face when she left his office.

She made her way down to Makeup and then to Wardrobe and both Crystal and Sally was surprised to see her, although Crystal still managed to bend her ear for half an hour while she touched up Sarah’s makeup. Sally tut-tutted and gave Sarah a pernicious look when she saw some small semen stains on her skirt and panties. She replaced the offending items.

“Try and keep your clothes free of bodily fluids before filming this afternoon,” Sally admonished her.

Sarah only went down to the set to justify being in Xavier Productions but unfortunately for her Todd Barrington the Director was on set.

“Just the girl I’m looking for! I’ve re-read the script and I think it’s a bit light on for sex so I’ve re-written this afternoon’s pages,” he grinned.

Sarah paled and waited to see what was coming.

“You’re still too bruised from yesterday to do naked stuff so I’m going to have Harden and his business associate push you around a bit and force you to have sex with them. Nothing too heavy, just a spit roast while you’re still fully clothed. Some of our customers really like the fully-clothed thing and of course a trans secretary is fetish heaven,” he smirked.

“Super; I can hardly wait,” Sarah said sardonically.

“Ok Sarah; I’ll see you at two this afternoon,” Todd said and wandered off to another set to direct another movie.

Sarah was not overjoyed by the news but she was pragmatic enough to know that if you worked in the pornography industry, you were likely to get fucked, very often.

She called Randy and met him outside in the car park.

“Some knight in shining armour you turned out to be,” she punched him in the arm.

“What?” he rubbed his upper arm.

“Our friend Lyle Brinkman got right past you and caught me in his office,” Sarah scolded him.

She had decided to make no mention of her letting him fuck her; that would likely rile Randy.

“It’s ok. My lame excuse worked and I’m waiting for him to call me with a hooking job,” she said.

“A hooking job?” Randy asked.

“Let’s go home and get some coffee and talk there,” Sarah said.

They sipped coffee at the breakfast bar.

“The girl you saw in the corridor is Carley Jenkins; she’s been missing for nearly two months,” Randy said, pointing to the screen where a missing person’s mugshot of Carley was displayed.

“The gismo has everything from Lyle’s computer. Good girl,” he smiled at Sarah and she smiled back.

“I’ll go though it this afternoon while you are filming. You should be safe at Xavier Productions on your own this afternoon; you’re doing nothing sneaky. Now what’s this bullshit about a hooking job?”

“I asked Lyle if what Jim Bellman had told me was true and for all intents and purposes he admitted it. He admitted that Xavier Productions is running prostitution on the side but he never went into any details. He just offered me a job this evening,” Sarah didn’t quite tell the truth but she didn’t lie either.

“When and where?” Randy looked very serious.

“He didn’t say. He just said to keep my phone nearby and wait for a call,” Sarah replied.

“I’m not sure I approve of this,” Randy glowered.

Sarah guffawed.

“So you approve of me making pornographic movies with total strangers and rekindling a sexual relationship with an old girlfriend but a bit of prostitution makes you queasy,” Sarah cackled.

“You know what I mean. If I don’t know where you’re going how can I protect you?” he looked a little peeved.

“Like you always do,” she leaned forward and pecked his cheek.

“Come on; take me to work,” she grinned.

“They’re just filming those what do you call them? Establishing scenes?” Drew asked as he drove.

“Yes. For god sake I won’t even be taking my clothes off,” Sarah justified what she said as not really lying because Todd told her she would be fucked fully clothed.

On set there was anger and mayhem. Harden Swollen otherwise known as Jim Bellman had not turned up to work and was unable to be contacted.

“Fucking talent. Ok we film it this way….” Tod went on to explain that Harden’s business associate would come to the office, chat up the secretary and when she turned down his advances he would forced himself on her.

The janitor from yesterday’s scene would burst in on them and join in.

And that’s how they filmed it with the same inane dialogue. The businessman slapped Sarah across the face and he didn’t quite pull the slap properly and it actually dazed her.

She tottered on her feet and the business man threw her into the desk and she grabbed it for support. He spanked her ass and then pulled up her skirt and spanked her again. Sarah cried out in pain and it was not feigned.

“Great! Great! Keep it up,” Todd yelled delighted at Sarah’s ‘acting’.

The businessman pulled down Sarah’s panties and Todd got them to freeze while they took closeups of her cherry-red buttocks and then closeups of him spanking her bottom. Sarah writhed in pain and Todd loved the action.

A fluffer came in and fellated Sarah; she had taken two Cialis earlier and she needed them because she was in pain and wouldn’t have got hard without them. The fluffer used a plastic syringe to fill her anus with lubricant.

When she was erect Todd called action and the businessman pushed Sarah back against the desk and slammed his erection into her anus. He gripped her hips and fucked her for what seemed like an eternity to Sarah, as Todd called freeze again while he shifted camera angles.

Finally he introduced the janitor into the scene. The janitor took Sarah’s hands off the desk and forced her to hang onto his hips while he guided his penis into her mouth. She fellated him while the businessman fucked her. Again Todd extended her agony; getting the actors to freeze while he switched more camera angles.

Finally they were ready for the money shot and the businessman fucked her hard and fast and Sarah sensed him coming and dutifully bucked back against him while slavering on the janitors cock. The businessman pulled out and sprayed his semen all over her ass and once they had all the takes they wanted of that, they got the janitor to pull out of Sarah’s mouth and come all over her face.

As usual they asked the PAs and cameramen to contribute and Sarah had to put up with the indignity of several penises ejaculating on her ass and her face while Todd filmed the closeups.

The last scene was of Sarah lying on the floor covered in semen masturbating herself to orgasm. The final indignity was that the businessman and the janitor urinated all over her while she ejaculated on herself.

“And cut! And that’s a wrap people,” Todd called.

A PA raced over with towels and the obligatory fluffy white robe.

Sarah spent at least half an hour under the hottest water she could stand before she could face the world. She had bought a change of underwear, a pair of skinny jeans, a blouse and a jacket and some flat shoes. A PA had taken away the piss and semen soaked clothes from the set.

She went down to Makeup and was glad that Crystal was busy preparing three bimbos for their scenes in another production so Sarah was able to fix her own makeup and leave.

She was limping a little when Randy picked her up out front but the look on Sarah’s face warned him against making any comment. He doubted she had just been filming ‘establishing scenes’ and he was angry. Not with Sarah but with himself.

She sipped a coke and he a beer as they once again sat at the breakfast bar looking at the screen of his computer.

“Xavier Productions aren’t making a cent from their online porn business. They’re just about breaking even once you take out all their expenses,” Steve explained.

Sarah scanned the rows of figures. Sarah was no dummy, she had an MBA and a Masters of Financial Engineering.

“But they are making huge profits from somewhere else,” she murmured, her fingernail tracing columns of figures on the screen.

“Yeah. Look at this,” Randy bought up another spreadsheet.

“Jesus Randy! That is a lot of money, even if its being made from prostitution,” Sarah stared at the screen.

“I think it’s worse than that. These profits here from ‘miscellaneous sales’. What do you think they may be?” Randy said ominously.

“Not cum-stained stained panties or recycled fetish clothing that’s for sure,” Sarah replied.

“Maybe the rumours about selling the young girls to men of substantial wealth are true?” she continued.

“That’s what I’m hoping to find out tonight,” Sarah said.

“You’re not leaving us much time to plan,” Randy was concerned.

Sarah ignored him.

“Did you find anything in there about Raffe’s co called ‘heavily guarded safe house’ where Jim said he might be keeping the girls. I’m hoping that’s where they get the girls to do their ‘entertaining’” Sarah searched the screen.

“They’ve been careful but they must have got too comfortable making too much money too easy because I’ve been reading email strings between Lyle and Raffe where they refer to: ‘the safe house’. Those idiots let down their guard,” Randy smiled.

“And?” Sarah looked expectantly at Randy.

“I found some invoices for deliveries. Food, booze, other stuff; all to same address. Can you believe it, it’s not far from Dodgers Stadium tucked away in Cypress Park. Here check it out.”

Randy bought up Google Maps and they looked at the satellite plan and then the street view.

“We don’t know for sure if that’s where Lyle wants you to work tonight but I can’t think of anywhere else, unless he intends to use you as a call girl, but that seems unlikely,” Randy said.

“Get your coat and lets go for a drive and check this place out. I want to know as much about it as we can before I let you go into that place.”

“Is that an omen or what?” Sarah pointed and began to laugh.

The ‘safe house’ was across the road from the Cypress Park Branch Library.

From the road, at first glance it looked just like any suburban house but if you looked closer, as Randy and Sarah did, there were certain things about it that weren’t quite right. All the windows had security screens, as did the front door which not only had a security screen but the patio was enclosed with high steel fencing with a heavy steel door set in it.

A thug in a suit, wearing sunglasses, stood guard on the patio. He looked alert and well trained. A trip around the side alley revealed the same set up at the back door. Sarah recognised the guard as the guy who had been escorting Carley Jenkins down the corridor at Xavier Productions.

“Fuck! I don’t like it Sarah. We’ve no idea what the layout is like inside and going online won’t help; you can bet it’s been gutted and modified from the plans posted with the County Commissioner. And we have no idea how many guys are inside,” Randy said.

“Yeah you’re right Randy. If I get the call tonight and this is the venue; I can take the job and check the place out for a later attempt at retrieving the girls,” Sarah said.

“What girls? We’re getting paid to rescue Stacy Patterson not Carley Jenkins,” Randy said tersely.

“You’re being paid to rescue Stacy Patterson. I’m not being paid for anything and I’m not coming out of that house without both those girls!” Sarah huffed.

“We’ll see,” Randy picked up his binoculars and looked over the house again.

“Let’s get back to the condo,” he said.

Sarah waited expectantly for her phone to ring or to receive a text but she’d had nothing by six PM and was worried that Lyle might not contact her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Randy slammed his fists down on the counter top.

“What?” Sarah came running over.

“Fuck! I was looking at the gismo again and I followed a link that took me to the dark web,” he explained.

“Dark web?” Sarah looked perplexed.

“The dark web is a secret part of the Internet that has a few special websites that can only be accessed through certain gateways by certain people who know how to get there. You can buy anything from drugs, to weapons, to stolen goods and even…if you look here, people,” Randy said disgustedly.

On a webpage was a picture of Stacy Patterson and another of Carley Jenkins beside her. Underneath their pictures were listed the girls vital statistics. But above each picture, more ominously, was a counter with a $ sign in front of it. It currently displayed $100,000 above Stacy and $90,000 above Carley. As they watched Carley’s counter advanced to $100,000.

Even more ominously there was a counter in the bottom right corner that was counting down and currently displayed: 00:40:15, then it ticked over to: 00:40:00.

“Is that what I think it is,” Sarah was horrified.

“Yes. Above their pictures are the bids and that clock indicates the auction closes in forty minutes,” Randy said gravely.

“Do something! Make it crash! Make a bid! For fuck sake do something Randy!” Sarah screamed.

“I can’t. I can’t get past this page. I need a secure crypto key which I guess you have to buy from Raffe and or Lyle,” he explained.

“Oh my god!” Sarah cried.

Just then Sarah’s phone buzzed with an incoming text. It was from Lyle and advised Sarah to be at the Cypress Park address that she and Randy had cased, at ten PM. She would be provided with clothes and a professional makeup service and would be hosting a small gathering beginning at midnight.

She and Randy watched helplessly as the clock on the screen ticked down. Bidding on Stacy ceased at $115,000 and on Carley at $100,000. The screen went blank momentarily then it lit up again:

‘Xavier Ladies coming again soon to this site. Special girls at special prices for discerning gentlemen. Check out some of the beauties already sold on this site’

Below the text were thumbnails of what were obviously girls that had been auctioned on the site before. They were all dressed provocatively either in sexy lingerie, as little girls in school uniforms, baby-doll pyjamas, or cosplay outfits.

Sarah felt sick.

“So I’m guessing you’re going to be hostess for Lyle and Raffe and the creeps who are coming to buy the girls,” Randy surmised.

“But why? Why don’t they just meet up and exchange the girls for cash?” Sarah asked.

“I hate to say it but I’m guessing it’s going to be a ‘try before you buy’ type deal,” Randy shook his head.

Sarah shivered.

“Ok lets not worry about things we cannot change. Let’s get a plan going; as best we can,” Randy said.

Sarah showered and changed. When she came back to the living room Randy had all his gear laid out.

A pelican case held a pneumatic rifle, gas charges, and hypodermic rounds.

“This stuff is the same stuff I used on our friend Jimbo Bellman. Knocked him out cold almost immediately,” Randy explained.

“Now be careful. This vial contains the same drug. You slip two drops into the guys drinks when you get the chance. Try to get them all at once if you can. You call me as soon as you have done it and I’ll take out the goons on the doors and come around back. I’ll expect you to get out of the back door and I’ll be waiting for you, ok?”

Sarah nodded.

“We don’t know exactly how this is going to go down. Your safety is paramount. If we can’t save Stacy here, we will have to figure out something else,” Randy said.

“What if the buyers are taking them overseas?” Sarah sounded stressed.

Randy just shrugged and looked at the floor.

The rest of his bag of tricks, a night vision device, a policeman’s torch, handcuffs, a leather cosh and his snub-nose .38 were layed out on the counter top. He checked and double checked every item.

Randy dropped Sarah at the house in Cypress Park just before ten PM and drove around the block and took up station where he could see the house but not be seen himself.

The guy on the front porch spoke into his wrist and put a finger to his ear and nodded. He came over to the steel bars.

“You Sarah Carter?” he asked.

Sarah nodded and the guy let her onto the porch. He locked the security door behind her and then opened the security screen on the front door and let her into the house.

“Hey Babe,” Lyle kissed Sarah on the cheek and led her into a well appointed lounge room and then down a corridor to a suite of bedrooms.

“Through here. Sally will dress you and Crystal will do your makeup. They’re doing a couple of other girls too. They’ll be playing tonight as well babe,” Lyle slapped her ass as he pushed her toward one of the bedroom doors.

Sarah cringed at his touch now that she knew for sure he was a flesh peddler.

Stacy Patterson and Carley Jenkins were sitting side by side on a bed. They were dressed in matching sheath dresses that were split to the top of their thighs. Stacy’s was vivid green and Carley’s was azure blue. The dresses had plunging necklines and the girls were showing a lot of decolletage. Their legs were sheathed in glossy, flesh-toned hose, sheer to the waist, and their feet shod in silver high-heeled pumps. Their hair was piled high and their makeup perfect.

They were both stoned and looked if they hardly knew where they were; obviously kept that way so they would be docile and behave.

Crystal was surprisingly quiet and fixed Sarah’s makeup and hair exactly like the girls and then she and Sally helped her into a red sheath dress just like Stacy and Carley’s. She slid into a pair of sheer to the waist pantyhose, no panties to spoil the lines of the figure hugging dress, and she slipped into the silver heels and Sally fussed around her until she was perfect.

“I hate this part of the job,” Crystal said.

“Me too but it pays,” Sally replied.

Crystal and Sally packed up quickly and left.

Lyle came into the bedroom and checked out the women.

“Great! Fucking marvellous,” he grinned.

“Ok Sarah, here’s the deal. You act as hostess for Raffe and I. Two Russian guys, Alexei and Dmitriy will be arriving soon and they won’t be fucking around.”

“Look after them, pour them drinks and offer them horderves, canapes and shit. Light their cigarettes. Fucking blow them if they ask for it. Treat them like kings.”

“They’re going to want to spend time with the girls. That shouldn’t be a problem as you can see the girls have just enough dope in them to keep them compliant but they will still fuck like rabbits when the time comes.”

“You get a grand in cash and you keep your mouth shut. You don’t even tell Tina ok?” he smiled at her.

Sarah nodded.

“I need to hear it babe.”

“Yes,” Sarah said.

“You do good and you not only get some more parts in my video productions, you can work that fanny for a profit and maybe do this again ok?” he grinned.

Sarah was revolted but she smiled and said yes please.

Sarah and Lyle led Stacy and Carley out into the lounge and arranged them provocatively on the couch ensuring they showed plenty of tit and leg. Sarah saw Raffe Ignesman for the first time in over twenty years. He was still rake thin and wore a tight fitting expensive suit.

“Hey Sarah. Long time no see,” he grinned like a fox.

“Hey Raffe,” she forced a smile.

“Ok doll, pour us all a drink,” Lyle said.

Sarah poured them all vodka neat but she splashed hers in the sink at the wet bar while they weren’t looking and filled her glass with club soda. They had just lit cigarettes when the door opened and two men with sharp Slavic features entered the room.

Lyle and Raffe fawned over them. There was much shaking of hands and introductions were made. Raffe led them over to the wet bar.

Sarah stayed behind the bar and poured large measures of vodka and offered both men a plate of canapes.

“We have not come to drink and eat. Maybe after. What we want are on the sofa right there. I will take the blonde and Dmitriy will take the brunette,” Alexei said in a thick Russian accent.

Lyle and Raffe helped the girls to their feet and the Russians took them down the corridor to the bedroom suites. Sarah was ready to throw up. She had the vial of sedative hidden in her bosom but no one was drinking except Lyle and Raffe. She needed the Russians to drink too. She had noticed they both had holstered pistols inside their expensive suit jackets.

“I guess we just wait then?” Lyle said.

Raffe shot Sarah a glance and looked her up and down.

“Is it ok if I fuck the old tranny cooze while we wait?” he asked Lyle.

“Why not. She’s doing fuck all else at the moment,” Lyle replied.

Raffe took Sarah by the elbow and briskly walked her down the passageway to a vacant bedroom.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you, you know. Way back when I saw you at that party at Bendy Wendy’s.

Raffe pushed Sarah towards the king size bed and slammed the door.

Sarah decided that the most expeditious way to deal with Raffe was to get him off as soon as possible so she could be in a position to help the girls when they came out of the bedrooms with the Russians. Instead of fighting Raffe off she invited him to take her.

She lay on the bed ensuring her nylon sheathed legs were on display for Raffe and gave him a sultry look of desire, licking her lips and tossing her hair. She noted the bulge in the front of tight suit and she scooted forward, sat on the edge of the bed and dutifully unzipped him.

His cock was huge. Long, thick and meaty. Sarah opened her mouth wide and took his glans into her mouth and slathered at it with her tongue while she sucked on it. Raffe grabbed her head and forced as much of his cock as he could into Sarah’s mouth until she began to gag.

“Suck it bitch! Suck my cock!” He grunted and fucked her face.

Sarah had one hand on his shaft and the other on his scrotum, sucking and slathering his hard cock trying to invoke his orgasm.

“Fuck you are good at this,” Raffe smirked as he felt his orgasm approaching.

“Mmm I wanna come, but not like this,” he moaned.

He pushed Sarah’s face off his cock and pushed her down prone on the bed. He wrestled with her tight dress until he managed to ruck the skirts up high enough for him to get at her.

“Naughty bitch, no panties,” he smiled solicitously.

Sarah pulled her legs up to allow Raffe access to her anus. Her pantyhose were so tight she hadn’t gaffed and when Raffe slit open the gusset of her pantyhose with his fingernail, her member fell free and her puckered pink wrinkle was exposed.

Raffe climbed on her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her anus and he pushed forward as his face closed on her and he kissed her. Sarah kissed him back and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and raised her buttocks off the bed to meet his thrusts.

They fucked hard, Raffe sliding his cock deep inside Sarah as they kissed and pawed at each other. As much as Sarah was disgusted with Raffe, and her incredible need to get this over with as soon as possible so she could help the girls, she couldn’t fight her body’s responses.

Raffe was actually an accomplished lover and he knew how to use that weapon of his and how to hit her ‘sweet spot’ and drive her wild with desire. Sarah’s cock was throbbing and dripping precum.

Finally, Sarah felt Raffe’s orgasm approaching, as was her own. He drove his tongue into her mouth and they kissed passionately as Sarah’s heels raked his back. He drove her hips into the bed and fucked her hard and came deep inside her, grinding the head of huge cock against her prostate triggering Sarah’s climax. She managed to grab a handful of bedclothes and stuff them between their bodies so that her seed spilled on the sheets and not on their clothes.

Raffe leapt off her as soon as he’d finished ejaculating. He wiped himself on the bed linen and zipped up. As he put on his jacket he turned to her.

“I’ll talk to Lyle and make this a regular thing. I wanna spend more time with you; you have possibilities,” he grinned.

Sarah felt sick and thought she might vomit but she kept her composure and cleaned herself up and pulled down her dress and smoothed it. There was one tiny droplet of semen drying on the red satin but nothing noticeable. She scampered down to the dressing room and quickly fixed her makeup.

She fixed a smile on her face and came back out into the lounge and took her station behind the bar. Lyle gave her a solicitous look which she would have loved to have been able to smash off his face.

Alexei and Dmitriy came out of their bedrooms half dragging Stacy and Carley whose dresses where disarranged, makeup ruined and hair in disarray.

“Girls are ok. They will perform better when we flush the drugs out of them. A little fighting is good when fucking yes,” Alexei sneered.

“We will make the deal,” he grinned evilly.

Sarah seized the moment and poured four large vodkas. She slipped two droplets from the vial that Randy had given her into each drink

“Gentlemen. Shall we seal the deal with a drink?” Sarah handed out the drinks.

“Wait, wait, wait! The pretty hostess doesn’t have a drink,” Alexei smiled and poured a tumbler of Vodka and handed it to Sarah.

“You will make the toast,” he grinned at her.

Sarah had no choice.

“Na Zdorovie,” she raised the glass and the knocked it back, the alcohol burned all the way down her throat.

The Russians were impressed with her pronunciation.

“Nostrovia,” Lyle and Raffe laughed and clinked their glasses against the Russians.

The narcotic was fast acting and within seconds all four fell to the floor. Sarah whipped out her phone and called Randy, who answered on the first ring.

“Go! Go! Go!” she screamed into the phone.

Randy already had the thug at the front door in his sights and his pneumatic rifle gave a ‘phut’ and the thug fell like a sack of potatoes. The wheels of his powerful Mustang spun as he fishtailed around the corner to the back of the house and he pulled into the driveway. He had dismantled the stock and his pneumatic rifle was now effectively a long barrelled pistol. Randy deliberately parked with his high beams lighting up the back porch and the guard there shielded his eyes with his hand.

The guard unlocked the patio security door and approached Randy.

“Hey! You can’t park here!” the guard snarled, his hand sliding inside his jacket searching for his gun.

‘Phut’. Randy shot him through the window and leapt out the car as the thug fell to ground.

Sarah ran over to Stacy and Carley and tried to drag them to their feet. Both girls were sedated and responded slowly.

“Come on! Come on! We gotta get out of here!” she screamed.

The girls looked startled and confused but seemed unable to help themselves. Sarah managed to get both of them to their feet and they clung to each other but were reluctant to move. Given what they had just experienced Sarah could understand their reluctance to go return to the back of the house where the bedrooms were.

“Fuck!” Sarah put Stacy’s arm around her neck and she put her own arm around Stacy’s shoulders and half walked, half dragged her down the corridor towards the back door.

It flew open and Randy was standing there looking excited, his eyes darting everywhere and he was breathing heavy. He had his .38 out ready.

“Come on Sarah! Come on!” he yelled.

Sarah pushed, cajoled, and dragged Stacy down the corridor and Randy reached out for her and hoisted Stacy up and threw her over his shoulders. He had her in a fireman’s carry.

“Lets go! Lets go!” he yelled.

“I’m going back for Carley!” Sarah screamed at him.

Randy was halfway to the Mustang with Stacy over shoulders. He spun around.

“No! No! No!” they’re big fucking guys Sarah.

“I don’t know how long that shit will keep them down!”

But it was too late, Sarah had gone back inside.

Sarah grabbed Carley and put her arms around her shoulders and hauled her down the corridor. Carley stumbled and Sarah began to drag her.

Sarah looked up and saw a shape at the other end of the corridor. He was unsteady on his feet but he was pointing a gun her way.

“You loopy tranny cunt!” Ruffe screamed.

He fired a clumsy, mistimed shot that bought down plaster on Sarah and Carley heads.

Sarah shoved Carley in front of her, shielding Carley with her own body while she pushed her down the corridor towards the door.

Randy’s shape filled the doorway and he grabbed Carley and threw her over his shoulder as he had done with Stacy. He reached out for Sarah and took her hand as Raffe unloaded a wild volley of shots.

“Come on! Come on!” Randy screeched as he pulled Sarah along with him.

The back door of the Mustang was open and he dropped Carley to the ground and shoved her in the back of the car. Carley found Stacy and they clung to each other on the back seat as Randy kicked the door shut and Sarah jumped into the front passenger seat.

Randy thew himself into the driver’s seat and took off with a squeal of tires and a spray of gravel as the V8 howled in protest. Randy’s door slammed shut when the car straightened up and sped off down the road.

“We fucking did it! We fucking did it!” he howled and punched the roof.

Randy took a quick look over into the back seat and saw that the two girls were hugging each other and crying, but they were safe. He took a series of turns down the suburban streets and eased off the gas.

“Hey we did it Sarah!

Sarah lay back in the passenger seat a fixed grin on her face.

“Yeah Randy we did it.”

Randy checked the rear vision mirror and was happy that they were not being followed.

He looked over at Sarah who was now slumped in her seat and the smile on his face slowly dissipated.

Sarah was still smiling but she coughed and a bright red foam gushed from her lips.

“We did it Randy. We saved them,” blood was running from the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

Randy pulled over, skidding the tires.

‘Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!” he shrieked.

Sarah lifted her hands. They had been crossed across her stomach. Randy hadn’t noticed before because of the colour of her dress, but a large red stain was spreading from under her right breast down to her belly.

Sarah stared ahead, her eyes were fixed and dilated, she had a beatific smile on her blood-red lips.

She uttered one last word.


And then darkness took her.

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