When the Wife’s Away, Emma Will Play

Author's Note: This is a true story. I have taken my inspiration for everything that has happened to me in the last four weeks from a similarly named story by TG fiction author Marti B.. I first read her story “When the Wife is Away, Hubby Will Play” in 2004 and it has been a favourite of mine ever since. It has been 13 years in the making for me to emulate and somewhat expand on Marti’s adventures. I hope that I have done Marti proud!

When the Wife’s Away, Emma Will Play
By Emma P

From a young age I have had a particular interest in ear piercing, fascinated that someone could have pieces of metal through their ears. In the 1980s ear piercings were strictly female territory, at least where I grew up. In my late teens, early 20s I secretly got my ear or ears pierced over a dozen times. Each time it was thrilling but sadly I lacked the confidence to let the world know that I would like to permanently have pierced ears so all of the studs were removed within a few hours.
Getting married and starting a family in my mid-20s, my ear piercing activities were put on hold for well over a decade. It was not until my late-30s, when I had my legs waxed for a charity event, did I come to the realisation that I also had a somewhat quirky fascination with receiving treatments in a beauty salon. While my youthful fascination involved specifically ear piercing, after having my legs waxed, I discovered that I loved being pampered in a beauty salon just like my inspiration Marti B.. There were now a whole range of treatments available for me to further explore and embrace some of my feminine side. The beauty genie was well and truly out of the bottle.
Before providing a breakdown of what beauty treatments that I have experienced, it would be remiss of me not to introduce you to my beauty genie. Her name is Emma. Though fictitious, she has become a wonderful friend and co-conspirator in allowing me to further embrace life inside a beauty salon and fulfil many of my fantasies. I have also dabbled in crossdressing in the last decade utilising my wife’s wardrobe to explore. We are very different sizes physically so my attempts have been somewhat disappointing.
Emma organises the majority of my beauty experiences via email to the respective salons under the guise that her husband has “lost a bet”. I do feel slightly guilty for deceiving the beauticians but justify it in they are getting a paying customer, who is usually receiving multiple services and I always tip generously. On all occasions, now numbering more than ten, both the beauticians and I had a wonderful time with the beauticians always finding me having to have whatever treatments Emma requested done due to losing a bet so hilarious. Emma always encourages them to GO CRAZY! and many definitely take her up on her offer! Personally, I find the opportunity to speak relatively openly about waxing or makeup or piercings so liberating and our conversations are usually the highlights of any appointment.
In the last five or more years, I have experienced waxing, massages, facials, makeup and having my nails done, the majority at Emma’s request. I sporadically have had my bottom, feet and armpits waxed as they are relatively discrete areas so my wife would not become suspicious. Twice I have experienced having my sac waxed and surprisingly found this relatively painless and absolutely loved my scrotum being hair free.
I have had makeup applied four or five times in beauty salons. These were wonderful but my favourite time was last year when I had full face makeup applied by a professional makeup artist who specialises in weddings. Emma organised that I have the works - spray on foundation, eyebrows darken and shaped to an unmistakable feminine arch, dark smokey eyes with lined inner rims, mascara, thick dark eyeliner with a wing, long curled false lashes, contoured cheeks and a subtle pink lipstick. It was just divine and the most amazing time.
Lisa, the makeup artist, was such great company as she skillfully and efficiently drew out my facial features. For the first time, my completed makeup made me look feminine. The eye makeup in particularly made me see glimpses of the woman that I have hidden inside. The previous beauty salon based makeup applications had me look far more like a drag queen than a woman when completed. This left me slightly deflated knowing that I could never honestly pass as anything other than male. Lisa’s makeup mastery changed this belief to a degree and gave me hope that with the right instruction and support I could pass as a woman if I chose to do so.
Having my nails done has also come into my life in the last 12 months. On a few occasions previously I have had the beautician paint my fingernails and toenails but twice now I have had long extensions added before painting. The first time the technician added the extensions and simply painted gel polish over the top. I felt so awkward trying to pick things up and take a few photos of my new, temporary accessories - still not sure how women function effectively with long nails!
Though my newer feminine beauty pursuits have been wonderful, my thoughts of having something pierced has remained strong. In the two decades since my first ever piercing, a single silver stud in my left earlobe, body piercing had gone to a whole new level and become mainstream. Emma has organised for me have my left nostril pierced and my navel done five times. All have been done using a hollow needle which has taken my piercing fetish to beyond simply my earlobes.
I have seriously fallen in love with belly button piercings. Such a feminine piercing and importantly for me, one that can be hidden from the world. I feel so special walking around in public, going to meetings etc knowing that I’ve got a piercing. This same freedom never existed with ear piercings and I think that is why having my navel pierced has become so wonderful.
My ears have been pierced only once, in 2009, since getting married. A double piercing of each earlobe while away for a work conference. It was the first occasion when I used losing a bet as the reason to get something done and therefore the birth of Emma and her wicked ways!!! Loved getting pierced and having earrings again, even if they were removed a few short hours later so that I could return to “normal” life.
With my beauty and piercing life experiences now established, we return to my recent adventures. Around six months ago my wife had the idea that she wanted join our daughter who is currently living in the UK and they travel around Europe for four weeks together during the northern hemisphere summer. I loved the idea for the two of them to spend time together but with my work it wouldn’t be possible for me to travel with them at their proposed time of year. Emma immediately began dreaming about and then planning When the Wife’s Away, Emma Will Play. And play she did!!!

Sunday June 18th - Both ears triple pierced.
With my wife only just airborne, Emma had made an appointment for me to have my ears triple pierced. A long term dream of mine that had not been possible until now. Emma’s emails to the beauty salon where I was pierced said that I’d lost a bet and therefore needed to have my ears pierced. But she added another stipulation that allowed for multiple piercings. The number of studs I would receive was decided by me rolling a dice and whatever it landed on, that was how many earrings I was to get. Of course, I rolled a six!!!
In the days leading up to first stage of Emma’s wicked plan, I was more nervous than I have ever been in my entire life. Pierced ears were my first love and to me, having them triple pierced was the ultimate experience. I slept very poorly the nights prior and hardly felt like eating. A combination of nervous excitement and a lingering fear that, despite my wife not being around, that she would discover my indulgences.
I arrived at the shopping centre/mall roughly 15 minutes early allowing me time to familiarise myself with its layout and best route to get directly from the salon to my car once I’d had my ears done. I strolled past the salon discreetly several times from a distance casually looking inside wondering where in the salon the piercing would take place and which staff member was Hannah.
Five minutes before Emma’s scheduled 2.30pm appointment for me, I walked into the salon and was met by Hannah whom Emma had been emailing. She was about 25, long brown hair, very pretty with immaculate makeup and several piercings on her own. Triple studs in each lobe, one in the left cartilage and a hoop through a nostril. Her piercings looked amazing. She was so happy to see me saying she wasn’t sure that I’d turn up and she’d had lots of fun sending emails back and forth with Emma.
I immediately felt welcome and safe as she escorted me to the back of the salon and was seated beside a lady in her early 20s getting her hair styled. Neither the lady getting her hair done or her hairdresser paid us any attention, I really felt like I was just one of the girls and what I was about to experience was nothing out of the ordinary. It was strange, the second I was inside the salon every trace of nerves magically disappeared.
Hannah brought over another chair and we had a short chat to allay all of my fears. She asked if I was aware that Emma wanted me to get both ears triple pierced and I replied that I was and how unlucky that I’d managed to roll a six!
As Emma had requested, and I had hoped, they had cubic zirconia studs available in three sizes - a 4mm, 3mm and 2mm jewel. She had requested that I'd have the largest pair in the first hole closest to my face, medium in the middle and the smallest pair in the third holes. Earrings now chosen from the display stand, Hannah went away and soon returned with the piercing cartridges and the piercing gun. As fate would have it, the gun was an Inverness brand, the same type of gun that I’d had my first ever ear piercing, 27 years earlier! (Having an interest in ear piercing for so long, you learn the companies who manufacturer the various forms of ear piercing equipment).
My earlobes were cleaned with an alcohol swab and then three small dots were placed equidistantly on each lobe. The six dots checked and approved by me, the time that I honestly never dreamt would happen had arrived. The universe is a mysterious place, the random song playing in the background as I was about to get my ears pierced - Rihanna’s, "There's No Place I'd Rather Be".
Like a young child about to get their ears pierced for the first time, I watched intently as Hannah slotted the cartridge into the gun. She asked if I was ready and I responded with “ready as I’ll ever be”, trying not to sound too excited as I was about to enter my ear piercing nirvana.
I took a deep breath and Hannah positioned the piercing instrument to my left lobe. A click, no pain and I had my first ear piercing since 2009. Oh how good that felt. The matching stud soon followed. The second pair were then completed. Again so powerful emotionally for me.
Before the third pair were complete I turned to the mirror to my right and I had a quick inspection. I was shocked but Hannah had used the wrong sized studs. The first pair which should have been the largest were actually the smallest ones and the largest pair were in the second holes. She apologised profusely and then offer to re-pierce them - an offer I accepted without hesitation. I had waited a very long time for this and I wanted them to be perfect.
Hannah suggested that she would put another pair of 2mm studs in the third holes before removing the other two pairs of studs in the incorrect places. The third holes were then pierced and I immediately loved the small 2mm cubic zirconia studs at the extremity of my lobes - they looked so dainty and feminine.
The first two pairs were then removed with just a few small dots of blood but nothing of concern. Hannah then went and retrieved two new pairs of cartridges as the studs that had just been used were now of no use. My second holes were then re-pierced with the 3mm studs and my piercing session was eventually complete with 4mm cubic zirconias being pierced to make my first holes.
Ten individual piercings in total. I now had the triple pierced ears that I had dreamt about for so long. They looked perfect and I was thrilled.
Piercings done, I followed Hannah to the register and paid for the piercings which was $100 in total. The price is usually $50 per pair but Hannah had offered a three for the price of two deal to Emma in their organisation of my piercings. In effect, I had $250 worth of piercings and earrings for $100 - a good price although truly I would have paid anything.
Hannah again was very apologetic for mixing up the studs but I assured her that it was fine. Given my fascination with ear piercing, I was obviously happy with having four extra opportunities to experience getting pierced. I left with all ten studs, six in my ears and the other four misplaced ones in my pocket. Still not sure what I plan to do with the ten studs?? Any ideas??
Drove away from the shopping centre and to a fairly secluded place about ten minutes away and took some photos of my ears before regretfully having to remove the six studs from my gorgeous, perfect ears. They felt and looked so right. Minimal marks were left immediately after my precious studs were removed. The next day none of my colleagues at work noticed anything, well at least none of them said so anyway!
A wonderful, slightly emotional experience for me and just the start of Emma’s grand plans for the next few weeks. I recorded the whole thing on my phone too which will be a lovely reminder for me in the future.

Thursday June 22th - Acrylic nail extensions.
Time for some relaxation and serious girl time. What better way than a session getting your nails done. While piercings are thrilling, they are over very quickly whereas a girl getting her nails done takes up to an hour. Emma made the appointment for me at a home-based nail salon in a nearby small town. I’d lost another bet. I am so unlucky!
This is what Emma requested in her email:
Long extensions, at least 2 cm longer than his current nails plus painted and also have his toenails painted too because they shouldn't miss out on the fun! Bright red or pink polish, I can't decide, you choose!
All the ladies in the nail salon thought it was great fun as "I'd lost a bet with my wife regarding her quitting smoking". My feet were first bathed, toenails and cuticles trimmed and also a foot scrub before finishing with a heavenly foot and calf massage. I can see why women love their pamper days! The nail salon was serious female territory with pink walls covered with small racks containing countless bottles of coloured nail polish. Three stations dominated the smallish room and I was seated in the middle chair.
Two other ladies, one to either side, were also getting their finger and toe nails done too. Despite surroundings that would usually be confronting to others of my gender, I was so thrilled to be there. During my foot scrub, one of the ladies even asked me to choose the colour for her polish. I selected the brightest red I could see. A colour I had had applied in a few of my own previous nail experiences. The lady thought it might be a little too showy but I said that you wouldn't be getting nail extensions if you didn't want to show them off to the world. She agreed and they did look striking once complete.
Clipping and scrubbing complete, my toenails were painted. Emma had left some elements of surprise in my appointment, having the nail technicians choose the colour polish I would receive. I loved this part and after a good few minutes of suggestions and comparison between the four ladies in the room, a bright neon pink was chosen. I was inwardly thrilled with their collective decision.
They were all lovely and we just chatted away as my nail extensions were glued in place before being clipped and filed into the appropriate shape. I was then to discover how acrylic nails work. The acrylic material which is basically in powder form is mixed with a chemical and painted on covering the entire nail. This then dries hard in a matter of seconds. Within probably no more than five minutes I had 10 long, hard talons which looked and felt very foreign to me. My new talons were buffed and then the beautiful bright neon pink colour that the ladies had earlier chosen was painted on my long, gorgeous nails. The choice of colour was perfect, so feminine but with undeniable strength. I loved it.
After a series of photos of my stunning pink nails were taken, everyone in the room insisted that they also be included so that Emma could see “my friends at the nail salon”. They were all such fun and their interaction was truly a highlight of my appointment.
Sadly the time came for my long nails to be removed. What a brutal process. My gorgeous long nails were each clipped about a third of the way through, just out from the end of my own nails. The end was then gripped by the nail technician who then twisted until the acrylic nail and extension started to lift. A small sharp instrument was then pushed under the fake nail and it prised away. It was actually a little painful at times and surprised me how aggressively the technician needed to be in order to remove the acrylics. Artificial nails removed, a quick grind with an electric implement and final buff and my nails were back to being boring again.
My toenail paint was just about the be removed when one of the ladies suggested that I should leave my toenails painted and as I arrived wearing shoes, I could hide them easily for the trip home. She wanted Emma to see my pretty pink toes for herself. It was a great idea that Emma and I had never considered. Obviously I agreed and spent the next week with bright pink toenails. I would often forget that they were done and surprise myself upon noticing, especially soon after waking each day. I already miss having pretty toes.

Monday July 3rd - Both nipples pierced.
Emma had been planning this for probably the whole six months since my wife had made her travel plans. I knew from watching numerous piercing videos on YouTube that this would be a massive step for me in terms of pain but equally knew that this was probably a once in a lifetime chance to get them done. I’d had my navel pierced five times up until this point and while the technique is the same, the sensitivity of nipples take this piercing to a whole new level. The night before I'd nearly decided that it was a bad idea but when I woke that morning I knew that I'd go through with Emma’s booking for me.
Emma had made an appointment for 12 noon but by chance I was outside the piercing studio at 10am, their opening time, in the hope that they could fit me in earlier. They could and as it turned out I was the only client there which was ideal. I didn't fancy sitting in a waiting area with a handful of teenagers. The only other people present were the piercer (and owner) Jackie and her receptionist. Both were adorned with many jewels in various places which were interesting to look at and would no doubt have been disconcerting for some people. I've well and truly learnt to treat all people the same, regardless of their outward appearance.
Jackie was so nice and helped me choose my jewellery, a plain silver pair of bars with 4mm balls which were 14g (14 gauge). Standard for nipples apparently! I had considered just getting one done but paid for both so that I couldn’t change my mind halfway through. Jackie did say that I could change my mind after the first side was done but I really wanted both done as I have a thing for symmetry. Couldn’t get just one nipple done anyway, it would be like having to choose your favourite child and the other one then gets stabbed!!!
About five minutes of waiting followed as I contemplated why the hell would you put yourself in such a place. Why would you willingly pay somebody to inflict pain on you and why would you even consider asking someone to pierce something through an area as sensitive as your nipples. I’d had probably between 30-40 piercings done to this stage in my life, the majority in my ears, but this was definitely much closer to what would be considered the extreme end of the piercing spectrum.
Mercifully Jackie then called me into the piercing room and away from my self-doubt. She was so nice and I felt very relaxed in her company. She asked me to take a seat on the dentist style chair in the middle of the room and handed me two soft balls which I could squeeze later on (they were really handy I was soon to discover!).
Jackie explained the procedure - basically my nipples would be cleaned, marked on either side to show the entry and exit holes, they would then be clamped, the needle inserted and finally the jewellery fed through and the end ball screwed on. All seemed fairly straight forward and something I'd seen done hundreds of times online.
I was asked if I had any questions which I didn't so I was asked to remove my shirt. Sitting back down the instruments were all placed on a tray, just like you would see in a dental surgery. Everything was still in their sterilised clear packaging. A pair of clamps, a pair of needles, the jewellery that I had chosen plus some sterilised pads.
My right nipple, then my left, were then wiped with a disinfecting swab before Jackie took quite some time to mark the entry and exit points on either side on each nipple. I was still very calm at this stage and had forgotten the pain that I had imagined countless times over the previous months when contemplating getting my nipples pierced. Once I was dotted up, Jackie asked me to check that the dots were horizontal and that I was happy with their placement. I was. The moment I'd been yearning for and dreading simultaneously had arrived.
Jackie reclined the dentist chair and I was asked to lie back, close my eyes and relax and take deep breaths (and squeeze the balls if necessary). She was on my left side and I felt her start to align the clamp to my left nipple. I heard the clamp click once, then again quickly after and then a third time which I discovered meant that the clamp was fully closed and ready. I could then feel Jackie positioning the piercing needle and I was told to take a deep breath in and blow it out at which time she pushed the needle through. The sensation was immediate and wasn't a sharp pain but more an extended dull pain that continued to build. I looked down and saw the plastic sheath (catheter) part of the needle left in my newly pierced left nipple as Jackie removed the clamp.
I was then asked to rest my head again and close my eyes. Jackie then got me to take a deep breath in and as I exhaled she inserted the first bar. Inserting the bar I thought was actually more painful then the needle going through. Despite having watched hundreds of piercings online in preparation I had forgotten that lots of the people said that the jewellery going in was more painful than the needle part. The little silver ball was then screwed on and I had one pierced nipple. It looked perfect and I immediately loved it despite it continuing to feel like someone had set fire to my nipple.
Time for the right side. I did remember that most people in the piercing videos also said that the second one always hurt more. Guess your adrenaline starts to run out! I was soon to agree, the second one was definitely more painful. Again I was asked to close my eyes as Jackie started to manipulate the clamp into the desired position. One click, then a second and then a long pause at which time I thought that perhaps there wouldn't be a third click. It was to come soon after. Needle at the ready I was asked to slow my breathing, take a deep breath in and then exhale. The pain this time was so much more intense and I could almost feel every millimetre as the needle passed through my flesh. It seemed to take an eternity until I felt the pushing force cease. It really was much more intense than the other side and pushed me well out of my comfort zone in terms of dealing with the physical pain. It felt like my nipple had been cut off with scissors and for a few seconds I was in quite a lot of pain.
Jackie could sense that I was in more pain this side and said that she'd be as quick as possible in inserting the remaining bar. She calmly got me breathing deeply again and then prepared me for the jewellery insertion. I knew that it was going to hurt even more than what I'd just experienced and focussed on how great the pair of pierced nipples would look as she pushed the bar through. I pictured in my mind my already pierced left nipple and upon feeling increased burning in my right nipple knew that the second bar was now in place.
It's funny, but the second I looked and saw it completed, the pain almost went away immediately. I was thrilled that I'd taken the plunge and got both nipples pierced as Jackie threaded on the second ball.
I would rate the pain as a 7/10 for the needle going through and 8/10 for the jewellery insertion. Probably add one for the right side for both but really only in the very painful category for a few seconds. My previous navel piercings would be a 3/10 and ear piercings basically painless (0.1/10). I can best describe the pain as if your nipples were on fire. Quite an intense experience which I'm really proud of myself for having the courage to commit to having done.
Loved them so much and really enjoyed how the piercings made my nipples so much more prominent. I have small, basically flat nipples so haven't ever had nipples in a way. They looked so great with the silver balls to either side and the nipple itself raised a few millimetres higher. The pain was a pretty constant burning sensation for about three hours but after that only felt anything if they were bumped
Kept them in for three days, taking them out Thursday evening. Had to do physical work on the weekend and wanted to give them a day or two to recover. Removing the nipple piercings was a job in itself as Jackie had tightened the balls very well. Had to retrieve two pairs of small more grippy pliers from my toolbox to undo them as my fingers were too slippery (and big). The pliers had them undone within seconds and once out, a little blood and I was back to normal, unfortunately. They healed really quickly and three days later there was no sign that they’d ever been pierced. Might be just wishful thinking but think that my nipples are now permanently more erect, but perhaps that’s not the case and just wishful thinking.
I was so tempted to keep them in forever as I loved them so much and felt so special walking around in public with my secret piercings. My wife though would absolutely lose the plot if she discovered them. Not worth the long term damage sadly.
A real challenge to control my pain but one that I am truly grateful that Emma organised for me.
Would I do it again? Most definitely. The biggest rush I’ve ever experienced. But, if I ever get my nipples pierced again, they would be permanent.

Wednesday July 12th - Navel pierced.

Getting my belly button pierced wasn’t even on Emma’s radar but when I needed to go at short notice away to a training course in a large city nearby there was no way she wasn’t going to make the most of this unexpected bonus day of fun. With only a day to organise everything, Emma was thinking of perhaps something nice so found a beauty salon near my course and within two emails I was booked in for a 45 minute massage and 45 minute facial at 1pm. (The massage and facial will be described in the next section).
With my course scheduled to run between 10am and midday, Emma couldn’t resist the chance for another piercing so at 9am I was booked in to have my navel pierced. While I hadn’t been to this particular salon before, I have had my navel pierced on three other occasions at the same franchise. I have always been more than happy with their piercings so knew that I would be in safe, well trained hands.
My belly button piercing was so lovely. Jade the piercer was so relaxed and full of fun. She loved the accompanying letter that Emma sent with me explaining about the bet I had lost and a few other humourous comments. Unlike the last couple of times I've had my navel pierced and Emma asking for the jewellery to be sissy pink, this time she requested sparkly bling fake diamonds. I wasn't disappointed with Jade's selection to fulfil Emma's requirements. Two massive fake diamonds sparkled back at me from within the sterilised clear packaging when Jade showed me her choice to satisfy Emma’s specifications.
Jade was so professional and it was the most painless navel piercing of the six I've now experienced. My navel was cleaned and the entry and exit dots marked. The clamp was then placed on either side of my upper navel with slight tension. Next thing the needle was through. I honestly didn't feel even the slightest of pain. The insertion of jewellery equally painless and the upper ball screwed into place. The whole procedure wouldn’t have taken 30 seconds.
I have a couple of theories as to why I felt nothing. First theory, is that the area has been pierced so often that the nerves there are weakened or dead. Second theory is that my mind was expecting the pain from a couple of weeks ago when I had both nipples pierced. Either theory, I was in and out of the beauty salon in five minutes and had beautiful jewels sparkling in my navel again.
I kept the navel bar in for four days, regretfully removing it on the Sunday evening. I don’t know what inspired me but a few minutes later I attempted to re-insert the piercing bar and it slid back through without any difficulty. I repeated this several times, fascinated with being able to put in and remove the jewellery even just a few days after having it pierced.
After this I was so, so tempted to leave my belly piercing in until Emma’s final appointment, “a makeover”, nine days later. The makeover was scheduled for the day before my wife is back so it would be far too risky and not have given the hole time to close and the area to heal (and for me not have any noticeable marks).

Wednesday July 12th - Massage and Facial.
After the piercing, I went to my training course (a complete waste of time as they often are!), had a quick lunch and then arrived a few minutes early for my 45 minute massage and 45 minute facial. It was just divine, so relaxing and enjoyable. I slipped into our conversation right from the start that I'd had my navel pierced earlier that day (for losing a bet with my wife etc) and Michelle the beautician was in stitches and immediately needed to see it. She thought that I was so wonderful for getting it done and said that my “wife” must be great fun. I had to agree, Emma has been a great influence and has allowed me to explore and experience many things that would otherwise perhaps not be possible.
Michelle had multiple ear piercings herself plus told me that she'd had her navel done before but no longer wears jewellery in it. It was so nice to just be able to speak freely about the piercing and she shared the stories of her numerous piercings. She had many done while travelling to remember places and a few at significant turning points in her life. One piercing at the top of her left ear was done when her mother passed away and she said that she plays with it when thinking of her mum. Such a beautiful thing.
The massage was really relaxing with Michelle using just the right amount of pressure to soothe my body. The facial was equally enjoyable. I had a double cleanse, an exfoliating mask before ending with a hydrating treatment. I loved the facial and conversations I shared with Michelle as time passed. In what felt like ten minutes Michelle said that our scheduled 90 minute session was complete although when I looked at my watch I’d been there a little over two hours. I have never known time to pass so quickly. An experience that I hope to revisit soon, pierced belly button or not!

Friday July 21st - Makeover Day!

For some time, Emma has been looking to create an opportunity for me to experience a pampering session at a beauty salon involving multiple treatments in the one appointment. After much internet surfing, she stumbled upon a young lady who is both a fully qualified beautician and makeup artist. Sarah’s home-based salon sounded perfect and was just 20 minutes drive from where I would be working in the week prior to my wife returning from her overseas travels. A month before the proposed date, Emma sent a short email to enquire whether Sarah would be able to perform a male to female makeover of sorts seeing that I had lost a bet.
Sarah’s reply left no doubt that she was going to be the perfect person to undertake my makeover:
Poor bloke! haha I love that his punishment is a pamper session. It will be so much fun! I may need to give him a beer to butter him up! I feel the stitches coming on just thinking about this day! Haha
Exploring Sarah’s website, it was clear that she was a highly skilled makeup artist. Her portfolio which showed clients’ before and after images were just incredible. She also took numerous selfies of her own makeup application and she was stunning. Her face could easily have graced the cover of any fashion magazine and I was so pleased that Emma had found someone so gorgeous for me to spend time with during my makeover.
I especially looked forward to getting my makeup applied. I truly hoped that she too would be able to find the feminine look in my face that Lisa, the wedding makeup artist, had found the previous year when she did my makeup. Given her obvious mastery of makeup from the photos in her portfolio, I was really confident that Sarah would match and hopefully even surpass Lisa’s work and give the lady inside me a chance to be noticed.
After over two dozen hilarious emails back and forth in the ensuing weeks, the final list of treatments for the makeover were finalised:
Paint fingers and toes with bright red polish
Wax and tweezing of eyebrows
Wax feet and toes
Full face makeup featuring dark smokey eyes and fake eyelashes
Body exfoliation
It was arranged that I would also be bringing a dress with me to wear during the entire makeover and Sarah would provide a wig to allow me to immediately embrace my femininity!
Prior to the big makeover day, Emma had told Sarah that she hadn’t revealed anything to me regarding what I was to have done when I arrived. In addition to these treatments, Emma and Sarah had planned a fake ears and nose piercing scenario for me as a special surprise to see my reaction. Sarah really loved this idea and she said that she had several ideas as to what she would do and say to me. Going to the appointment I didn’t know what she had planned for me regarding the fake piercing story which added a nice sense of surprise for me.
Eventually my makeover day arrived and five minutes prior to my appointment I knocked on Sarah’s front door of her suburban home. When she opened the door, Sarah was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Even more stunning than in her website’s photos with immaculate makeup, especially around her eyes. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders with a large pair of diamond studs sparkling in her earlobes.
Immediately I felt so at ease in her presence. She had the most welcoming smile, a cheeky glint in her eyes and was clearly as excited as I was concerning the makeover that was about to take place. I did my best to pretend that what I was about to undergo was not my decision but I’m not sure how convincing I appeared.
Sarah directed me into a small room right beside the front entrance. A large padded treatment table covered with several towels was in the centre with a long bench running the length of the far wall. Framed photos dominated the walls, many of which I’d previously seen on her website. At the right end of the bench was clearly the makeup area with a large mirror surrounded by small light bulbs. At least a dozen small drawers, all no doubt containing makeup, were aligned under the mirror towards the back of the bench. I couldn’t wait to be seated in the white, upholstered chair directly in front of the mirror to have my makeup done. I secretly hoped that I’d look even 5% as beautiful as Sarah herself once she had worked her magic.
I was instructed by Sarah to change into the dress that Emma had sent with me while she left the room closing the door partially behind her. I quickly changed into the little black dress that I’d brought with me which went down to around halfway to my knees. Emma had also suggested a pair of bike pants so that poor Sarah didn’t need to see my underwear during our time together. Once dressed I took some time to look at some further items that Sarah had placed neatly on the bench including a deep brown wig which would undoubtedly be used later. Much to my excitement, a small black marker pen let me know that the fake ear piercing scenario was definitely going to happen but as yet I wasn’t sure how Sarah would try to trick me.
Soon after I was ready, Sarah knocked on the door to let me know she was back and upon entering the mini-salon room, immediately burst out laughing at my appearance. She loved the dress that Emma had sent with me. I’m quite tall and she said that she was jealous of my long legs which made us both laugh.
Sarah then gestured for me to climb onto the padded treatment table and said that she’d get the painful part done first saying that she was about to wax my feet and toes. I’d had this done probably ten times in my life previously so I wasn’t at all concerned with the pain factor.
Before commencing the waxing though she used a remote control to raise the back part of the table so that I could lean back and be more comfortable. Sarah then took a pink cloth hair wrap and put it around my head like a large headband and secured it at the front with velcro tabs. She then explained that she also had a plain white head wrap but naturally she had no choice but to use the pink one on me! I just loved her cheeky personality and the fact that she had clearly thought long and hard to get the most fun and laughter from the makeover.
It didn’t take long for my feet and toes to be waxed bare. The waxing was practically painless and then tweezers were used to remove the last few stray hairs, mostly from my toes.
Sarah commented that I had really nice feet, especially my toenails which she was really impressed by as they were so healthy. She then said that they’d soon look so much prettier signalling that next I was to have them, and then my fingernails, painted. Walking a few steps to a rack containing probably 20-30 colourful bottles of nail polish, Sarah spent some time selecting the most suitable colour for my nails. Almost expectantly, she chose the brightest of reds.
Returning to sit on a low stool at the end of the raised table she wove tissues in and out between my toes which helped to separate each from their neighbours. Both sets of toes now ready, she posed the still unopened bottle of red polish between my feet and took a photo. It was to be the first of many taken and she said that she loved nothing better than taking before and after photos of her work. Having thoroughly explored her website prior to my visit, I knew this was definitely the case.
Painting of my toenails took probably only two minutes and I was thrilled with how immediately feminine my toes looked. Sarah was super happy with her bright red colour choice and took a closeup photo of each prior to moving to my side and taking my left hand. It was so lovely watching intently as she painted each fingernail, always starting with a long single stroke in the centre from the base of the nail prior to filling in the sides. Left hand done, I inspected my newly painted fingernails as Sarah moved around the table and commenced work on my right hand. Soon after I had gorgeous red paint on all 20 of my fingernails. I loved it. Sarah then removed the tissues from between my toenails as their paint was now sufficiently dry and took some more photos asking me to pose my hands and feet together to best display their newfound beauty. We both laughed constantly while the photos were being taken making funny comments. Our lighthearted and jovial interaction was exactly as I had hoped.
Sarah then asked me to lie back as she reclined the table until I was lying horizontally other than a small pillow supporting my pink wrapped head.
“Time we tidy up those eyebrows of yours”, Sarah commented.
Emma and Sarah had discussed my brows in several emails. Emma always stating that while she’d love them to be waxed into two tapered and unmistakably arched feminine looking brows, that just minor waxing would be necessary. While part of me would have loved to have them waxed as just described, reality deemed that this wouldn’t be possible.
Sarah started by waxing between my eyebrows which wasn’t at all painful. She then said that she’d just do a little on the underside of each brow which would hardly be noticeable afterwards adding that Emma would have wanted her to take away much more. I delighted feeling the warm wax being delicately applied underneath my eyebrows, partially wishing that Sarah was about to whisk away far more hair than she was actually about to remove. As Sarah skilfully waxed away some stray hairs I visualised her own perfectly sculpted arched brows and imagined that my eyebrows too would look strikingly stunning and feminine like hers.
Once the waxing was complete and Sarah had used tweezers to remove a few hairs that the wax had failed to remove, she handed me a small hand mirror to inspect my new eyebrows. Thankfully, so I could return unnoticed to my life once my makeover was complete, besides some slight redness in a couple of places, there was no appreciable visual difference to prior to the eyebrow waxing.
Waxing complete, it was now time for the main event, the makeup. Sarah invited me to take a seat in front of the light framed mirror which I did calmly despite my adrenaline induced increasing heart rate. For my makeup, Emma had requested that Sarah was to give me the works!!! She especially wanted a strong smokey eye look with liner on the inner rims as well as underneath and around the eye, thick mascara, filled in waterlines and plenty of blended dark eyeshadow. Long curled false lashes would also be needed. Bright blusher to show contoured cheeks. Darkened arched brows with an unmistakably feminine curve with bright red lips to match my nails.
Sarah started by applying a light coverage of moisturiser as she said that my skin was very dry and that it would also mean that the removal of the makeup would be much easier. I immediately relaxed as Sarah’s hands massaged the moisturiser into my face. Next Sarah applied a layer of liquid foundation before using a large soft brush and some foundation powder to give my face an unblemished appearance. Even after this small amount of work, my facial features had begun to look much more gender neutral.
Foundation complete, and taking a black pencil from her array of makeup arranged on the bench in front of the mirror, she asked me to look at the ceiling. Using her spare hand to gently pull down my lower eyelids, with short but precise strokes she applied dark liner to my bottom waterlines. Despite my natural inclination to close my eyes as she drew in the dark colour, Sarah said that I was great and far better than many of the brides she works with regularly. Once the liner was complete on my lower inner rims, I was struck instantly by how different my eyes looked with simply the addition of lower liner. Even Sarah commented that she was surprised how much more feminine my eyes looked.
Next to come was dark eyeshadow with Sarah commencing at the bottom centre of each eyelid before filling in towards the outside of each eye. After some time and some slight tidying up to give a more definite edge, Sarah then used a small brush to add a luminescent light cream colour in the inner half of each eyelid. She explained that the lighter colour was used as almost camouflage and drew people’s attention towards the outer part of the eye making it appear larger and the eyes themselves more prominent. It certainly worked in my case.
She also used the lighter shimmery makeup right across the underside of each eyebrow further emphasising the dark smokey eye look that Emma had requested. This provided a clear separation between the dark eyeshadow and my eyebrows. Once the lighter colour was complete she then added more dark to the underside of my bottom lash line which had the immediate impact of making my eyes look so feminine and further displayed the dark smokey eyed look that I had been hoping to receive.
Taking another brush she then painted a small area at the centre of each eyelid with a medium intensity navy blue colour. It looked quite strange initially and noticing my uneasy facial expression at seeing my own reflection Sarah laughingly said “don’t worry Andrew, it doesn’t stay like that, I have to blend everything together. You’re eyes are going to look amazing and nothing like you’ve ever looked before. Trust me”.
I replied that I had every faith in her, which made her giggle. She was right as second by second for the next five or so minutes she masterfully blended the various colours. When finished blending, both eyelids were stunning with the colours seamlessly flowing from one into another. The inner lighter cream makeup turning gradually to a striking blue before it too disappeared into the dark outer sections of my eyes. It was more than I could ever have hoped and I was shocked at how mesmerising my eyes had become.
“Wow”, was all that I could muster as I moved right to the front of the chair so I could have a closer look at my gorgeous eye makeup. I couldn’t stop looking at myself reflection.
“If you think that looks amazing, wait until I’m finished with you,” Sarah commented, “I’m not even half done with you yet, there’s so much more fun to come”.
Sarah then suggested that she turn the chair away from the mirror so that when she had completed my makeup fully, I could then get an even greater shock at how my face looked. I naturally agreed with her idea and was soon facing the opposite direction with the large mirror, bench and makeup directly behind me. To be honest, given that I was so engrossed in everything Sarah was doing to me, at that moment I would have jumped off a cliff if she asked me to do so!
Sarah then moved from behind me and announced that she was going to now use liquid eyeliner on me and that Emma had requested that I get a definite winged liner look. Having had the opportunity to see Sarah’s application of her own eyeliner during my makeover, I hoped my eyeliner was even half as perfect as the eyeliner look that she had clearly mastered on herself. Closing my eyes to allow Sarah to start, it was heavenly as a felt the gentle touch of the eyeliner being skilfully applied. I could clearly feel a fine line being drawn across my upper lash line starting at the very inner part of my eyes. The further out Sarah went, the more often she overlapped the liner and added more strokes making the eyeliner every so subtly grow thicker. It was delightfully feeling Sarah drawing the requested wings to complete my eyeliner. Not being able to see how it looked immediately was a little disappointing but given Sarah beaming smile after she inspected her work, I knew that I wasn’t going to be disappointed.
Sarah then moved behind me to the makeup bench swapping the liquid eyeliner for mascara. Again I was requested to look in various directions as stroke by stroke the mascara brush coated my lashes, undoubtedly making them darker, longer and better defined. I loved how it felt as the brush was applied at the base of the lashes and the almost tickling sensation and slight tension as it was pulled through.
Mascara complete, Sarah checked her progress, retrieving several makeup items and making some finer adjustments to my lower waterlines, the skin just below my eyes and what felt like my eyeliner.
“You won’t recognise yourself once we’re done here”, she announced, clearly very pleased with her transformation of my face as she worked on me.
“Time for some false lashes to really make your eyes pop”, she said enthusiastically, “I’m going to use my favourite type on you. They’re called Model Rock 212’s and they will be perfect for the look that Emma and I are trying to achieve for you”.
“I’ll take your word on that Sarah”, I replied, trying not be be too enthusiastic at the prospect of soon to be having gorgeous long lashes.
I was asked to close my eyes as Sarah explained that she would add a small amount of lash glue to my own lashes before attaching my false lashes. Before adding the glue though she lined up the lashes against my own lashes before trimming away a little at one end to make them the correct width. I was then asked to close my eyes and could feel Sarah running a thin line of lash glue across my own lashes before positioning my Model Rock lashes in place. A little alignment before the glue set and I was half lashed. Sarah took a couple of photos with me just having one eyelash done, and looking at these photos afterwards because I wasn’t allowed open my eyes, it was incredible the difference the long lashes made to my face. A few minutes later my right eyelash was completed and I was told to wait with my eyes still closed for a few more minutes.
With my eyes still shut, I could hear Sarah rummaging through a drawer and then felt her hand rest against the side of my face. Without me knowing what was occurring she then used a small comb to raise my eyebrows before using a pair of scissors to trim any longer eyebrow hairs. I had no idea how much she had cut but before I could register what had happened she had trimmed both eyebrows. It wasn’t something that I had considered she might do and just hoped that my eyebrows hadn’t been cut too short and obvious to others once I’d left the safety of Sarah’s salon.
After brushing my eyebrows from the centre to the ends several times, Sarah announced that I was about to get myself some sexy feminine, arched eyebrows.
“This is something that Emma and I have discussed heaps during our email preparations”, she stated, “she wants your eyebrows to look exactly like mine as she thinks that I’ve got the most beautifully sculpted eyebrows that she’s ever seen”.
“Ok”, then I replied”, knowing full well what Emma had described for my eyes.
I just hoped that my eyebrows might look one-tenth as beautiful as Sarah’s own perfectly shaped brows when she had completed my own eyebrows. I felt her gently pull taunt by browline on the right side before commencing with what felt like a small brush in the centre of my brow. I was so wanting to open my eyes but was reminded to keep them shut. Time and again Sarah added more dark colour, ever so slightly eventually covering the full length of my brow. I absolutely loved feeling her drawing in the outer ends, sensing her fine movements in a slightly downward direction as she created the unmistakable feminine arch that I was craving. Several minutes later, Sarah completed my left eyebrow, me delighting with every touch.
“Wow”, Sarah exclaimed, “you’re not going to recognise yourself once I’ve completed your other eyebrow. I’m even surprised by how wonderful your eyes now look. I just want to make some fine touches and then you can open your eyes and see for yourself”.
I was so keen to see the eyes that Emma had requested for me. Sarah then explained that she was using a Q-tip to clean up the underside of my brows, presumably where the darker colour was not exactly in the right place. She then added some more pale eyeshadow to the underside of my new brows to make the boundary between my eyelids and eyebrows more defined. This complete, she said that she was using a light coat of foundation with a small brush to also better define the upper line of my brows.
“Just about done with your eyes Andrew”, she said, “I’m just going to touch up your eyeliner, make it a little thicker and also add a little more dark colour under your bottom lash line to make your eyes even more sexy”.
Like earlier, it was so satisfying as Sarah added more eyeliner to both eyelids. She said that she wanted it to be wider than earlier to create even more impact. Not sure why, but I just adore feeling having eyeliner draw on and feeling the slight pressure on my eyeballs as it’s applied. Eyeliner completed to Sarah’s satisfaction, she then used dark colour below my lower lashes as she had explained earlier.
I was then asked to smile as Sarah took a few more photos of her handiwork.
“Ok”, Sarah said in a jovial tone, “time to see the new you and your gorgeous eyes”.
Sarah then placed fingers on my lower eyelids which she said would help the eyelashes become unstuck easier.
“You can open your eyes now Andrew”, she said.
Opening my eyes, I took a second or so to focus as my eyes had been closed for quite a while. The first thing I saw was Sarah’s beautiful smile and her looking so pleased with her work. She was giggling at how I was moving my eyelids up and down as I was not used to looking out and seeing the outline of long lashes in my peripheral vision and also being able to feel them as my eyelids moved. It was quite a strange sensation but one that I loved, like everything else that had already occurred during my makeover.
Sarah then moved to my side and began to spin my chair to face the mirror. Upon first seeing my complete eye makeup my instinctive reaction was to stand and move as close to the large mirror as possible. It was surreal as my own eyes, saw themselves but looking like they had never looked before. My eyes looked just as I’d hoped, even better and I was a little emotional although I tried not to show this to Sarah. I just loved how my perfectly arched, darkened and shaped eyebrows made my face look instantly feminine and beautifully framed my eyes. The addition of the long lashes also added to the feminine look that I had wished for. The thicker eyeliner and darker colour under my lower eyelids added even more glamour and sexiness to my eyes.
“So, do you like your new look Andrew?”, Sarah enquired, laughingly.
“I can’t believe that it’s me”, I responded, “I feel so weird and as if I’m looking at someone else”.
“I must admit, even I’m surprised by how feminine your eyes and face now look”, she continued, “when Emma first contacted me I thought that this would be a good laugh but that I wouldn’t be able to do the look that she had requested. I’m thrilled with how I’ve made you look and we’re not even finished your makeup yet”.
Sarah then noticed that a couple of tears in the inner corners of my eyes from when I was a little emotional a few seconds earlier.
“Oh, your eyes have run a little,” she mentioned, “that‘s normal as your eyes wouldn’t be used to having makeup applied to them”.
With that I was asked to resume my seat, Sarah saying that she would just touch up my eye makeup before starting some contouring with my cheeks and also we needed some lipstick to complete my new image. I was now facing the mirror and partially in shock as I looked at my reflection. My eye makeup was just stunning and so, so much more than I could have wished for in my wildest dreams.
Delicately Sarah used a tissue to dry my eyes before using liquid liner to ensure that the liner reached all the way into the inner corners of my eyes. As she was doing this she explained that usually she would have used waterproof eyeliner but because I needed everything removed after my makeover, the eyeliner she had used on me was not waterproof but would be much easier to remove at the end.
For the contouring, Sarah commenced using a couple of large soft brushes which she alternated between using light and darker coloured blush which she explained would allow her to highlight certain areas. Interestingly she commented that women had higher cheekbones than men and therefore she would use contouring on my face to have it appear that my cheekbones were higher than they actually are and make my facial features even more feminine in appearance. She was totally true in her comments as within a few minutes I was looking even more feminine than I thought would ever be possible.
“Now time for the final makeup item”, Sarah announced placing down the large brushes and blush palette, “lipstick time!”.
I’d previously had lipstick applied on a couple of occasions but had never been really 100% happy with how my lips appeared once done. Emma had made special mention that I have relatively thin lips and she requested that Sarah first use lip liner to enlarge and better accentuate my lips.
“Emma mentioned, and I’ve noticed, that you have fairly small lips so I’m just going to extend them a little to make you even prettier!”, she commented cheekily, picking up a lip liner pencil from the bench.
“Oh, ok”, I replied secretly hopeful that my soon to be completed lipstick would be an improvement on previous times.
Having my lips lined with a darkish pencil was really ticklish, Sarah having to stop and start several times due to me not being able to permanently hold still. The extended liner looked quite strange having embellished the size of my lips while also making my actual lips look very plain.
“Ok Andrew my dear, what colour lipstick do you think would suit you best?”, Sarah questioned rhetorically with more than a hint of humour.
“Usually for brides I would just use a pale pink as this tends to allow their eye makeup to be the highlight”, she added, “but with you, Emma’s after a much more striking look so I think bright red is necessary. It will also then match your beautiful painted nails.
Since the commencement of the makeup, I had completely forgotten about my red painted fingernails and toenails. Sarah’s comment prompting me to hold my hands out in front of me and then look down to see my pretty red toes. So much had happened to me since arriving at Sarah’s salon that I’d almost completely forgotten about earlier getting my feet and eyebrows waxed and my nails painted.
Using a fine tipped brush, Sarah then commenced filling in my lips with a bright red colour that she had just matched with the colour on my fingernails. Her attention to detail in every aspect of my makeover was just so wonderful and so much more than I expected.
I soon had the lips that I had hoped for during previous makeup sessions, large plump looking lips that beautifully completed my striking feminine face.
“Thank you so much”, I blurted out unintentionally to Sarah on seeing my completed makeup, “you’re amazing!”.
“Oh that’s fine Andrew”, Sarah responded, thankfully not noticing my slip of demonstrating too much enthusiasm, “you’ve been such a great sport for agreeing to do everything that Emma and I planned for you”.
“Mustn’t forget your wig to complete your new look”, Sarah continued, grabbing it from the bench.
After twisting and turning the wig for a few seconds, Sarah found the front and with my assistance I was now a brunette. The wig itself went down to just past my shoulders which immediately felt unnatural having never had long hair. Taking a brush from a drawer, Sarah began to brush my new flowing locks, very soon having it nicely styled and cascading down over my shoulders.
Again, I was engrossed in how I now looked. While Sarah’s beautiful makeup had made my face look so different, the addition of the brown wig made me not even recognise the upper part of my body. For my entire life I had seen short blonde hair being reflected in mirrors. Now the was a brunette with long hair and immaculate makeup looking back at me. Even Sarah was a little surprised.
“Oh My God!”, she exclaimed, “you look 100% female now that you’re wearing that wig. Your transformation is just amazing”.
“Yeah,” I responded trying to remain casual despite being so exhilarated by what Sarah had done to me, “Emma is not going to believe the photos”.
Sarah took numerous photos of “the new me” including many closeups of my exquisite eye makeup which I couldn’t help but glance at with every opportunity. While the various photos were being taken I felt just like a famous model during a professional magazine shoot.
Photo evidence for Emma complete, Sarah asked me to take a seat before moving behind me, pulling back my hair and securing it with a hair tie. Another new sensation for me to experience during my most remarkable salon visit.
Sarah then moved back around the front of me, casually picking up the little marker pen before starting to draw a few dots on my earlobes. I reacted asking what she was doing as if this was totally unexpected and Sarah responded so beautifully with:
“There’s just one last thing we need to do, because today Emma and I’ve decided that you're going to have some ear piercings. There’s nothing more exciting for a young girl to do than to get her ears pierced and you too should experience what that is like. You’ll be getting two in one earlobe and three in the other plus one in your nostril”.
It was so perfect and Sarah teased me some more asking what colour studs I’d like to have used on me and which ear would have two studs, which would have three and which side of my nose I wanted to get pierced. I so loved the fact that Sarah was enjoying playing with me and emphasised how she was so fully into my makeover. It was priceless!!! Emma’s piercing surprise that she’d cultivated with Sarah couldn’t have happened any better. Well, other than Sarah actually producing an piercing gun and piercing me!!!
A few seconds later Sarah couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and admitted that the piercings were just a trick to see how I’d react. She was so happy that she’d had me believe, in her mind, that I was soon to be pierced. It was such a thrilling minute or so.
Sarah then explained she was in fact trained when she was at beauty school to pierce ears. Unfortunately for me, she hadn’t though purchased herself any piercing equipment. What a shame, we could have had the best fun together.
Like many wonderful things in life, there comes a time when it ends. I truly wished I could have had more time to embrace my now outwardly appearing persona but that was not to be the case.
Sarah and I continued to laugh for the next ten or so minutes as Sarah skilfully removed every physical trace of Emma’s crazy makeover. My beautiful painted nails vanished in seconds but thankfully the makeup removal took longer as Sarah fastidiously removed everything from my face. She kindly ended my treatments with a mini facial which was just a delightful way to end my most incredible transformation.
I had been there for just over 2½ hours but it felt like five minutes. A most remarkable event in my life and something I will treasure having experienced for the remainder of my days.
Thank you Sarah for your spontaneity, laughter, undoubted skill and makeup mastery - you are a gem.
Thank you Emma for being such a special part of my life. Challenging me to step well and truly beyond my comfort zone and allowing the feminine part of me to have many wonderful and powerful experiences.
At the beginning of the story I hoped to do Marti B proud. I think Emma and I have certainly achieved our objective with the help of some amazing, talented people who I am so happy to have shared some time with while my wife was away!

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