Mole Hunt Chap. 3

Sunday, January 7, 2018, 0900hrs:
Julie and her sister Laila stay close to Hatter and Dakota. They had taken a cab, driven by a friend of Dakota’s. He was a nice man and pleasant to talk with. He had taken them to a nice house in downtown London. He had joined them at the house they had arrived at. When they went up to the front door, they had been greeted by an oriental woman.

She had let them in and escorted them to the living room where several other people were standing or sitting. Laila steps closer to her sister and held her hand tighter. Julie wonders who all these people were.

Dakota could see how scared the girls were. She pulls Laila to her and hold her.

“You can trust these people Laila. They are mine and Hatter’s friends and family. You already met Terry.” She points out the cab driver that brought them.

Terry waves his hand at Laila.

Laila smiles at him.

“Then there is Elizabeth. She is our medic and is married to a fashion designer.” Dakota points to a short black hair woman that was standing near a brown hair gentleman. She was dressed in a pair of black dress slacks and a nice blouse.

Laila looks over towards Elizabeth and could see she looked to be a kind person.

“Who is that man?” She points towards brown haired man.

“That’s Bart Hardy and my big brother. Him and my boss are who we are here to speak with today.”

Laila looks at Dakota “he’s your big brother?”

“Yep, he adopted me as his sister. Him and his wife saved my life.” Dakota knew she was lucky they had come when they did.

“Let’s see, who did I miss. Oh, you met Shigeko when she let us in.” Laila looks at Dakota and wonders if she was talking about the maid.

“You mean the maid?”

“Actually, she isn’t a maid. She’s Anika’s personal assistant and our friend. She looks after us and make sure we have everything we need to do our job.” Dakota knew Shigeko handle all the background support for them.

Laila looks at everyone gathered around waiting for Anika.

Julie had stayed near Hatter. She had listen to Dakota as she spoke with her sister and pointed people out in the room. She wonders what will happen to her and Laila.

Anika finally comes into the living room and notices everyone waiting on her. She glances towards the two girls Hatter and Dakota had rescued. Her, Bart and Shigeko had spoken last night and decided to let the girls stay here under Shigeko’s watchful eyes. They will still be able to interact with Hatter and Dakota.

“Good morning everyone. As you might have guessed, we have added two new members to our team.” She looks over towards Julie and Laila.

Julie watches everyone’s reaction, while Laila steps closer to Dakota. Laila was still a little shy and concerned by what has happened to her recently. She stays close to Dakota.

Anika had noticed how shy Laila was. She had read the medical report Dakota had sent over, just the other day to her. The poor girl was malnourished, had a yeast infection and needed glasses because of her diabetes. The paperwork the doctor gave Hatter and Dakota was given to Terry and sent over from the cab. The cellphones and ids from the guys Hatter beat the living daylights out of at the club. They had been given to Terry to go through. Every bit of information from the cellphones and sim cards had been downloaded to the onboard computer systems in the cab. Terry had forwarded it to Mouse, so she could track each number with MI6 resources. She had Hatter and Dakota’s updates on what they had found out so far. She was waiting on the information from Mouse to see what leads they were going to get from that information.

Her and Bart are to report to MI5 headquarters tomorrow and report to the director. He was going to give them an update on what they have found out so far about the information being fed to the gang. Mouse informed her that she has been monitoring the camera system to see who has been either hacking it or shutting it down.

“Their names are Julie MacGregor and Laila MacGregor. They will be staying here with Shigeko, me and Bart.”

“But we want to stay with Hatter and Dakota.” Laila speaks out.

She wanted to stay with Hatter and Dakota. She steps closer to Dakota. She didn’t want to leave them.

“Laila, Hatter and Dakota are working on a case. They can’t be with you all the time.” Anika looks at Hatter and Dakota.

“Look, why don’t we do this, Anika. Let the kids stay with Hatter and Dakota. When Hatter and Dakota go out in the field. Terry can either bring them here to Shigeko or to Elizabeth and her wife.” Bart had seen that the kids have become attached to Hatter and Dakota.

“They might be better coming here, Bart. Things get a little hectic at the hotel where the show is.” Elizabeth didn’t mind, but things did get busy.

“They are welcome to be here with me.” Shigeko didn’t mind them being here with her.

“Alright.” Anika was going to have to get Elizabeth to install tracking chips in their body.

“Excuse me, but what do you people do?” Julie was curious. She knew Dakota was MI5, there is no way Hatter could be.

“We work for MI5, Julie.” Anika was thinking about what Julie did.

She wonders if she has heard anything about the new gang that was establishing itself in England. According to the reports Hatter and Dakota
had submitted. They found out that the gang was very cautious about who they recruited. Especially, after so many MI5 agents had managed to infiltrate their gang. As part of a new person’s loyalty test. They were given a random person they had to kill with their sponsor recording it.

That was in the information Mouse had sent them about the gang. Some how the gang was getting support from someone inside MI5. She hadn’t been able to trace down if they were accessing information through the computer system. She was still going through it all.

“Why aren’t we at MI5 headquarters itself, instead of here?” Julie was curious. Why would MI5 work from a house, instead of its headquarters.

“Because Julie, we’re from the United States and we are an independent team.” Anika just looks at Julie.

“Elizabeth, we need to put a tracker in the girls, just in case something happens to them. Also, give them an emergency panic device should
they need our help.” Anika gives Shigeko a nod.

She leaves and returns a few minutes later with a black case. She is joined by Elizabeth as they walk over towards Julie and Laila.

Laila steps closer to Dakota.

“Laila, its totally safe. It’s a chip like what is used in your pets. If for some reason you get separated from us or in trouble. We can find you with the satellites we have access to and with the tracking equipment in Terry’s cab. The necklaces we have here for you.” Elizabeth opens the case while Shigeko holds it.

Inside were two silver necklaces. One had a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.The other one had a crescent moon with a kitten as part of it. Elizabeth picks the kitten with the ball of yarn.

“This one is for you Laila. All you need to do, is squeeze the kitten. It will let us know you are in trouble. It sends a signal to all our cellphones.
The chip allows us to track you down.” Elizabeth puts the necklace around Laila’s neck.

Elizabeth pulls a small injector out to install the chip in Laila. She motions for Dakota to hold Laila still, while she injects the chip. She presses the needle into Laila’s skin and injects the chip. She checks it with the locator.

“Ow!” Laila didn’t like it when the chip went into her arm.

“Sorry, Laila.” Elizabeth kisses the spot.

Laila rubs her arm after Elizabeth kisses the spot.

“Now, your turn Julie.” Elizabeth pull the other necklace out to put around Julie’s neck.

Julie walks over towards Elizabeth. She stands still as she watches Elizabeth.

Elizabeth grabs the injector and repeats what she did to Laila. She checks it afterwards to make sure it was working.

“It’s working.” Elizabeth just smiles at Julie.

Julie rubs her arm where the injector had entered her skin. She looks at the necklace and notices the kitten had sapphires for eyes.

“Now, that is taken care of. What can you tell me about this street performer you helped?” Anika had read the incident report that Dakota and Hatter had submitted.

She wanted to know about this woman and maybe add her to the team if possible.

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