...You Are Cordially Invited To An Epilog

This is over 60,000 words long and includes epilog for every character who has had been a featured character in any of the 18 books, 9 novellas, and six short stories. This is the end of "generation 1" as future stories will feature "generation 2" characters, or in other words the children of the characters who are in college, middle, and high school.

There is some bit of continuity between the various characters either through friendship, blood, or marriage. If you don't want to know what happens to the characters you don't have to read this, you can simply see them as continuing on the way they always go about their normal lives...


Things got back to normal for the Finns as they dealt with trials and fallout from the past month. It took a heavy toll on the kids especially the Stoners, Nelsons, Campbells, and Kings. They endured a lot of criticism for their families adopting them especially given their troubled pasts.

The Campbells saw their son Angus growing into a man as he was introduced then fell in love with a lovely young woman who had fallen for him as well. The two were set up on a blind date with Reed Pena and Jessie as their minders/confidants. It was love at first sight for them as Angus was strapping and had a big heart as he showed his sensitive side immediately as he offered his coat to her in the theater instead of trying offering his body heat so he could "cop a feel" of her breasts.

The two dated multiple times before he invited her to his senior prom while she did the same to him at her senior prom. Her parents were happy that he was charming and from a good family even if they were unknown to most of the city. He never tried to move beyond a goodbye kiss whenever the two were together and when asked about it he said he refused to do something that would upset her parents.

The two had sex after her prom and ended up pregnant. Angus manned up and asked her to marry him, which she tearfully agreed to. Their families weren't pleased but they were both over 18 and had shown that they were mature enough to handle being married.

She delayed the start of college due to the baby while Angus worked hard. He earned good money as an apprentice electrician but still lived with her parents in their home. She had no siblings so she would often spend her time at the Campbell home when her parents were at work, growing closer to them as time went on.

Angus' sister Maisie had in her new sister-in-law a role model for how to be a good sister, with her sister-in-law reveling in the role of sister to Maisie. Maisie ended up becoming like a second daughter to her in-laws' family with the couple more than happy to have her call them "aunt" and "uncle." They were closer to her than her actual aunt an uncle, who cut off all ties to the Campbells when Maisie started her transition two years before.


Maisie experienced great personal growth as her first true friendships and her budding love life began to intertwine. She had multiple friends with Jordan King and Fiona Nelson being her best friends, but they immediately started to become a close second to her romance with Jacob King. It was tough to keep herself together whenever she saw Jacob and if not for Fiona she may have lost herself in her lust.

Jacob and Maisie were a close pair. Once school started in the new year the two made a huge splash as the "disfigured tranny boy", as most of the boys in their grade called Maisie, causing a commotion as the girls in their grade were both disgusted by the boys' reactions and shocked that Jacob would choose Maisie over any of them. When they were seen almost cuddling at lunch it was clear that they were not a fake couple, they were actually borderline lovebirds like their friends.

Jacob's kissing of Maisie after school was a big scandal among the kids as their parents thought it was sweet especially as he had shown himself to be a perfect gentleman towards Maisie. Jordan and their brother Joshua were in a fit of giggles as the couple kissed, with Maisie's toes curling over the kiss. She was left gasping for air while the trip were driven home by a smirking Karen Smith.

Joshua was someone who needed a lot of guidance when it came to women, especially those who were close to him. He and Nichole Smith danced around one another but it took prompting from Ethan Smith for the couple to finally kiss and start to grow closer. She was in tears as they kissed the first time on their own, it was what she always hoped her first kiss would be like.

Ivan and Yvette King struggled with parenthood once the euphoria of having two sons and a daughter wore off. The couple had a lot of trouble budgeting their time among what the kids were doing after school then with medical appointments. They relied heavily on the Campbells and Smiths for help but eventually reached a balance as the boys started to grow closer to Steven Pierce and Dante Kelly.

The boys would often go with their friends while Jordan went with Maisie or Fiona allowing the Kings a centralized location to pick them up. In the Spring they started to think about moving to the same neighborhood so the kids would be able to go over their friends' house without having to ask first and would be able to go home simply by walked down the street. The other parents were happy that they were starting to see that their neighborhood was too far off even if it was in the same city.

The Kings found a house in early April, it just happened to be next to the Campbells. The former owner had passed away and her grandchildren had opted for a quick sale to split the money evenly. The Kings had enough in their savings to put a down payment but John stepped in to pay off the mortgage and give the kids what they needed without their parents worrying about money.

In all honesty, he explained that it was for the kids' sake as they would be around kids their own age and who were used to kids who went through similar circumstances. Maisie was in tears when she was told the news, with Jacob being told that he was going to have their trust that he would not break the rules and try to sneak out with Maisie. The two blushed as the image sank in, causing their parents to all agree that it was never going to happen now that they knew that their parents knew it was possible.


The Kings would eventually date and marry their significant others. Kylie Pena and Jordan wore matching wedding dresses when they married, with Kylie's father weeping as he walked her down the aisle. Jordan had trouble controlling herself as well, she had never believed that she would marry such a beautiful woman let alone a model.

Kylie had a career in fashion and design after she graduated high school and was "discovered" by an agent as she joked around with her friends at the mall. She was the perfect model for footwear as she had large, narrow feet that looked beautiful in any shoes she wore. It helped immensely that she knew about the products and could make the shoes look great even in any location.

Her own designs were simple yet beautiful and were what women wanted. She kept a low profile with her design work, letting others tout her designs with the designer's name being a pseudonym that only a select few knew. Her family never told anyone about her day job or her side job, instead letting those who asked what she was up to think that she was a graphic or comic artist.

Jordan handled Kylie's finances and bookings and had amassed several clients of her own as Kylie's career took off. She was good at spotting trends and getting Kylie's designs into stores before the trends started and removing them when they were ready to falter. Kylie wasn't overexposed, Jordan kept her in demand but never let her work more than two assignments a month.

They would have two kids together via Kylie's saved semen, a little girl and a large baby boy. Both children loved their mothers and were more like their uncles than their mothers. The ladies were happy to see that in them, they would not wish gender issues on the kids no matter what.


Maisie and Jacob would have a long career in finance as the two became accountants. It wasn't as glamorous as other jobs but they loved the work and being able to do it beside one another made up for the monotony. The two became partners in Beverly Bollinger's accounting firm, relieving her of a lot of work at a time when her son was starting to become his own man in middle and high school.

The couple "fathered" two children with a surrogate. She happily became pregnant for pay as she had no interest in children but was more than willing to help a couple become parents "naturally." Both of their children ended up looking like them, with the little girl being the spitting image of Jacob and the little boy being a smaller version of Maisie.


Joshua and Nichole were unlike the other couples. He was so scared of himself that he would not make any major moves on Nichole until graduation. He would happily kiss her but would not go any further.

After graduation, they became intimate. The two shared a night of passion that neither would forget. It was slow and steady and beautiful, with Nichole screaming in orgasm multiple times.

The couple married after college. Nichole majored in physics while Joshua majored in biology. Both were afraid of losing the other yet couldn't live without the other causing the two to have a long, crazy romance in college as they tried to let the other go but couldn't do so.

The couple took the longest among their generation to become parents. Joshua refused to use a surrogate to have a child, he didn't care about genetics as his sister and brother had passed on their genes to their children. After 10 years of delaying things Nichole finally got him to accept her request to be a mother by impregnating a surrogate.

Their child, a little girl, was too beautiful for Joshua to not see as his own. Nichole smiled at that, she had a strong sense that his genetics were strong and she'd be just like her father. He regretted that she was unable to have a child or even father one but Nichole loved their child just the same.

They didn't stop at one, adopting another child. The little boy had been stuck in foster care for years due to being feminine and not caring for sports or other boys. He wasn't like Nichole though, he was just a smaller boy who preferred women and girls as he had too many bad experiences with males.

He led to a second child being adopted, another boy. This boy took a long time to adjust to the family but once he did he was able to protect his new brother and follow in his father's footsteps in becoming a star athlete once he hit puberty. His brother was a classic nerd but he was the boy who ended up with the most dates as the girls who dated him were never left without pleasure thanks to his discrete sexual activities with them.


Ethan Smith was a titled noble which brought with it a lot of drama and pressure. Melinda Stoner was not afraid to become his bride after high school and take on the role of nobleman's wife. She had a lot of trouble finding her true calling in life, they loved one another and he would happily support her in whatever she chose but she was still drawing a black after being a noblewoman.

The couple would marry in a lavish ceremony at the Smith ancestral estate in Barnstead, Lincolnshire, England. On their wedding night it dawned on Melinda that she was running away from her family's past when she should be embracing it. She chose a career in law, becoming a prosecutor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and potential candidate for district attorney.

Ethan was much simpler in his dreams for the future, he became a pilot after spending hundreds of hours training on various aircraft. His job was tough to break into but he persevered and finally got hired as a pilot for one of the smaller regional airlines. He was good enough to be put on some of the better routes allowing him to fly four times in a day and be home by dinner each night.

The couple would have three children, each named after a family member. The eldest was named "Bryan" after his uncle, the second "Savannah" after her great-aunt, and the third "Mark" after his great-uncle. The three kids were raised in Massachusetts but would spent each of their vacations over in England alongside their cousins and under the care of their aunts, uncles, or great-grandparents.


Like her cousin, Aggy Stoner embraced her boyfriend's family. She and Junior Kelly were so alike that it was tough to figure out who was doing what with joint schoolwork. Their teachers were fine with that as both were keeping up in school and actually helping others improve.

When they graduated high school Junior went into their college's ROTC program to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Sean. He would go on to accept a commission in the Army and serve his time in an intelligence unit. His frequent trips overseas and being unable to talk about his job put a strain on their marriage but Aggy tried to make it work despite the issues.

Junior was forced to accept early retirement after being ambushed and hurt badly, but thankfully it only hurt his confidence as he recovered quickly from his injuries. Unfortunately he was of little use to the Army but his people skills made him a perfect person to act as a liaison with veterans groups and the public. He was put to good use and corrected a lot of misinformation in the media, gaining him acclaim and making others believe that he could be the next big candidate for office.

It was actually Aggy who ran for office, running for state representative in a special election. Her ties to the Finns as well as her husband won over voters allowing her an easy victory. She was the only person in the entire family who willingly ran for office, but she did so to make changes in the state.

The couple had two children, one of whom was named Sean and the other named Neil. The kids were like their father, small at first but grew into slender, muscular teens. Aggy was saddened that she didn't have a daughter but her sons were the world to her and let her have some feminine time wit them when they were younger even if they dressed as girls to do so.


Melinda and Aggy's cousin Tabby had an easier time as her boyfriend Neil Jones was away from the spotlight. She would become close to Neil's sister Faith and their cousins Fiona and Flora Nelson. Tabby and Faith were like sisters to the point that they could not help but see Neil and Tabby as destiny.

Tabby would study music in college and become a successful musician, but her real passion was in songwriting. She was highly sought after by bands as her songs would often go on to become pop sensations. She won multiple Grammy and Academy awards and earn her international acclaim.

Neil was content to just become a simple train engineer. He spent years working his way up through the ranks and studying before passing his tests and being allowed to operate trains for the Amtrak then later the MBTA Commuter Rail network. He was fine with his wife often being away during weekends as she was always home four days a week and brought him to awards dinners and events.

The couple had one child, who would named after Tabby's mother Naomi. The couple weren't able to have more children as an accident prevented Tabby from conceiving further children but it opened up her to doing what was best for children and taking in two troubled children who needed a fresh start in life. Those two children just happened to be her nephews via her older brothers, abandoned by them at birth and later by mothers who could not handle raising them on their own.


Stan and Oliver Stoner found themselves in hot water at school as the new year started as the girls of their school looked at them with disgust. Rebecca Lopez was trying her hardest not to laugh while her friends let out big fits of cheers as Stan and Oliver failed miserably to try to entice their classmates. Rebecca gave them a knowing "I told you so" look which only served to upset them further.

The twins tried each period to get girls to pat attention to them. None of them would even look at them let alone offer listen to them. Their uncle Justin gave them a smirk while John told them to knock it off, they were about to cross the line into harassment if they kept up their constant badgering of the ladies.

The day ended with Harper Carter sending them to the principal's office as she heard them threaten one of the loner girls. She knew why that girl was often alone, she was pregnant and her parents were not in the mood to deal with their daughter's unwanted pregnancy. The poor girl fought tears as the boys tried to entice her, when she was about to break Harper intervened and offered her comfort and acceptance.

Stan and Oliver failed miserably to explain their actions and were suspended for two weeks. When they returned they tied to go after the girl again, only to see her secret and make fun of her by calling her all sorts of lewd names. The poor girl broke down in tears and was comforted by Harper while John forced the twins to walk down to the principal's office in shame and accept another suspension.

Stan and Oliver still didn't learn and went after the girl a third time, this time earning an expulsion as it was now beyond bullying and against all school rules. Naomi Stoner sighed and sent the boys packing, shipping them off to their maternal grandparents' home in Maine until they turned 18. They would either work or they would be out on the streets.

The duo didn't learn their lesson and were homeless once they turned 18. They traveled the country for years doing odd jobs and earning a meager living and eventually met up with two women at a restaurant in Boston who were more than happy to enjoy nights of fun with the two mysterious men. They stayed with the ladies for a year but ran off when they found out that their new ladies had become pregnant with their children.

The ladies were devastated when they realized what happened and supported one another until they gave birth but had to go their separate ways. The babies were left in the care of their grandmother who felt that it was best if they were raised by their aunt Tabby and her husband. They would never know the men who had fathered them, but would know love and support as the Stoners and Joneses and all of their extended family would ensure that they had plenty of each.


For Julius Stoner, things were not so easy. He was a marked man when he returned to school as even though the school was tolerant of people with differences they still didn't have to accept them. He faced constant bullying and harassment from classmates and others who wanted to get some points with the "cool" crowd even if those people were only "cool" in their own minds.

Julius found some support from the girls of his cluster who saw a troubled boy who needed help and who was always a good person to them. They were a bit upset that he was "off the market" for them but he was still a good person to be around. They took him under their wing and were able to raise his spirit while keeping girls and some boys who were out of line with him at bay.

He found a kindred spirit in another gay boy who came out to harsher circumstances. His family tossed him out forcing him to live in a shelter while finishing school. Naomi felt for the boy and was able to get custody of him so he at least had a place to stay and someone to care for him.

The two were extremely close and after a month shared a loving kiss. Seeing her son kissing a boy was a shock to Naomi but he was a good person who had own over her son's heart. She knew this meant that she could not take the boy a her own son, but she hoped they stayed together as a couple so that one day he may become her son-in-law.

The couple did indeed marry, with Naomi loving that he had called her "mom" ever since the two made their coupling public. There were a lot of people who had snide remarks and angry comments about the two but most of them were critical of anyone who had found someone to love. The couple were rarely apart and in school it was eventually accepted that they were together and wasn't a big stunt by them.

The couple graduated college with one going into anthropology while the other sociology making for a unique couple as their cousins joked. They would adopt several young kids who only saw them as their fathers and not two gay men. Their sons were just like every other boy making anyone who said any kind of snide comment look like fools as the boys ran circles around their kids in sports.


Sydney Stoner found a girl her age willing to date a transgender girl. This girl also happened to be the younger sister of one of Sydney's colleagues. When the two met, the girl could not believe that her older brother had been working alongside and for Sydney let alone needed her help in his research.

The two met several times before the girl's parents allowed their daughter to date Sydney. They didn't have a concern about Sydney's male parts, they just wanted to ensure that their daughter knew that this was a big thing for them and not to be taken lightly. They also ensured that the girls knew that even though she may be taking suppressors and hormones, Sydney was still "male" down below and if they did become sexually active there could be a chance of pregnancy.

It was even tougher to date without their siblings keeping close watch on them as Piper Stoner would try to join them while Sydney's girlfriend's brother kept putting off the dates until he was free so they didn't get to do much on their own. She was able to get Piper to back away but eventually the girl's brother relented and let her date on her own while his own fiance appreciated not being watch by them.

The girls spent multiple dates at the movies and at dinners and eventually attended a dance at the girl's school. Her teachers were shocked that she was dating a girl let alone one who looked as pretty as Sydney. The girl ignored them and enjoyed a nice night with her girlfriend, showing her off to all.

They would eventually move to the next level at the girl's prom. Sydney was fully impotent by then but it didn't matter to her girlfriend as she wasn't interested in Sydney's penis. They pleasured one another all night and into the morning, with nobody daring to say anything about their night as they returned.

The couple married after high school but didn't have children until she graduated from college. She earned a degree in business and helped to run Sydney's business affairs. The couple would have three kids before Sydney's samples were exhausted, but those three children were beloved by both mothers.

Sydney earned two PhDs in her time as a student. She was brilliant and would be highly sought after by multiple companies and universities but remained loyal to Shea and MIT. She chose to focus on what she knew best and took a low paying job at Peterson Manufacturing, heading up the former ACME divisions as the lead designer.

She was responsible for several major products and revamping dozens of older products. Her own designs were licensed to create cheap yet needed products such as vacuum cleaners and radios. She had a knack for knowing what to build and when to build it and could foresee trends ending allowing for a slowdown in production and refocusing on newer designs.

The ACME brand was revitalized and with the help of her wife Sydney built it into a competitor. What was once a punchline for outdated and overpriced products became fashionable and trendy. Sydney and her wife never wavered in keeping ACME as part of Peterson, refusing all offers to buy the division from competitors hoping to kill off the competition while showing that Peterson was family first.


Piper Stoner and Logan Finn were inseparable once school started to the point that their teacher simply put them together as partners. This was repeated with the other three couples, making for a lot of laughs but a lot more jealousy as girls in the class wanted to sit with boys they liked while the boys wanted to sit next to Piper and the girls to steal them away from their new boyfriends.

The couple were always together outside of school and eventually become like siblings to Sydney and the three younger Finns. Sydney loved teasing Logan and making him blush but he was always the perfect gentleman around her sister and did whatever Sydney needed him to do. Savannah kept a close eye on the couple to ensure that they knew the boundaries but it was really just to show she was there.

Throughout high school the couple would never be far apart to the point that they only separated during trips to the bathroom and often one waited for the other outside. Logan got a lot of teasing as he never made a move beyond holding hands and kissing Piper's cheek but to him that was all he needed to do as he wasn't about to ruin his good luck with her. Piper appreciated that and told anyone who asked why she never had sex with Logan that she wasn't going to end up pregnant like them.

In college the two shared an apartment but didn't have sex. They didn't need to, he simply told her he loved her too much to cause her to delay her plans for her future. Piper blushed but it was heartfelt and she responded by giving him pleasure orally while he did the same back to her.

They would eventually marry and have three children, the eldest being named Linda after Logan's birth mother while the two younger children were named Miles and Jaimie after Logan's brother and sister. Piper shed tears as he told her why he chose the names, they were the ones who understood him most.

The two graduated college and eventually earned their master's and PhD in archaeology. The couple were specialists in the New England area and were responsible for several major finds during their time including earning their PhDs based on their research and discovery of the original Winnisimmet settlement on Powder Keg Hill. Neither really needed to work but Logan was adamant that he earn a living and would often fund digs that would become major historical discoveries.


Logan's sister Ella was like her older brothers and sister in finding love at a young age and after a while of being close friends with that person. She and Flora Nelson had grown to understand one another in ways that few could as they dealt with their siblings growing older and apart. They were closer than their other friends and eventually got so close they their friendship bloomed into full-on love, it wasn't planned as the two were so close for so long that they started to feel like they may have found their one true person in each other.

Flora and Ella were the counters to one another as their friends Faith Jones and Daisy Peterson were to one another. The two were thrilled that their friends were dating and didn't feel the least big upset as they kissed for the first time at their sixth grade dance. Their parents had seen the signs for a while, they had avoided one another and were acting weird when together but nobody could explain why until the couple stopped fighting their feelings and kissed in front of their entire grade.

The couple stayed close and went on to marry after high school. There was no way they would allow one another to get away in college, in fact they fought the school over trying to keep Flora away from other women in the dorms and won the right for them to room together. The couple stayed chaste until after college, when both decided it was right to have a child.

Ella gave birth to a beautiful girl then a year later gave birth to a handsome boy. The two were the spitting image of their parents and made their grandparents' hearts flutter as they were seeing the girls as they were babies. Flora didn't take offense to that, her son was just like her even if he was normal.

Flora was true to her name and became a florist, specializing in tropical plants as well as locally grown flowers. Ella studied botany and would spend many hours together with her wife in the field as she studied the native flowers across New England. She was able to grow her own varieties which Flora would then sell at a huge profit, making the couple perfect business partners alongside successful ones.


Faith Jones struggled with her weight in middle and high school and would would be a skinny, small breasted woman like her mother. She hated being the only member of the entire family to suffer an eating disorder and hid it for years until she nearly died from the toll it took on her body. Her mother got her the proper help while her friends offered support but sadly they were upset at Faith for keeping such a dangerous problem away from them.

She met a boy who was suffering the same issues, especially as he was large and had family who were all either rail thin or lean and muscular. The two spent hours talking until Faith saw that the person she was talking to was feeling the same lingering feeling that she was. When they kissed, all of the anxiety that they had been suffering from seemed to vanish as they had validated one another as people.

Their issues started to go away with the support of one another. After several months, Faith gave up her virginity to her new partner and, in turn, was receiving his own virginity. She slowly started to put on weight while her boyfriend actually lost weight as his mental blocks all but stopped hammering his mind whenever he tried to eat or tried to exercise.

Faith became pregnant and married him. His family was outraged but by this point he had seen just how toxic they were and simply didn't care. He would gladly take Faith's family name so the Jones' children wold never know their paternal family.

Faith graduated with honors and became a dietitian while her husband would become a psychologist. The two would try to help those who were like them and give them a chance to improve themselves. Their practice struggled for a while but found a home among the growing number of teens in their city.


Daisy Peterson had a harder time finding love. Her family was rich and she herself had a lot of money in her bank account which only caused boys to back away from her. The few who tried to date her were only trying because they wanted access to her wealth.

Her friends were fine with her being a third wheel on outings. Throughout high school she would hang out with the loner crowd and find solace in them. They were a good group of boys who knew a lot of things about just about anything, she enjoyed listening and would often add her own thoughts.

The group ran the school's theater and would often stage film nights to keep the equipment in running order and to give the students something to do during fall and winter. Daisy grew to be adept at running things and would learn just about every role in the theater support staff. After the first year she was able to serve as the assistant director, often knowing what the director wanted and when he wanted it.

She was great at her job, and it got better when she had to fill in for the director when he fell ill due to a strong case of the flu running through the school. He was laid up for weeks, Daisy saved the production and would garner huge praise for her version of the play. She had turned the play into a hit and had the most successful shows in school history, garnering a large profit for the school as each show sold out.

She parlayed this newfound skill into a career in the theatre. She learned how to direct like the famous directors and how to do things her own way despite criticism from her professors. The spry young lady had the gall to challenge them and win each time as her ideas were what producers wanted and were hard to deny that they would be successful.

She graduated with a degree in state and production management as well as a degree in theatre design and technology. She was hired just before graduation to stage pre-Broadway productions of several new plays by local playwrights. She and the playwrights were on equal footing and listened to one another, giving her productions a level of production that few plays saw.

She was not afraid to help fund the locally produced plays, it was her way to help a few brilliant people get their foot in the door as well as hone her skills for the larger, more spotlighted plays. Her talent for finding diamonds in the rough equated well to the productions as she was able to smooth over rough edges and show that the plays were brilliant if in the right hands. She got the ears of theatre owners and their rivals giving her venues to put on the productions despite attempts to kill them by rivals.

Her plays were huge hits and the playwrights garnered critical acclaim. When Broadway came calling for them they demanded that she be the one to direct them. She was reluctant but agreed to the move with one of the producers paying for her new apartment near the theater she was going to use.

She found success down in New York but struggled with the older hardliner producers. They wanted one thing and expected more of the same from their directors. When she finally had enough she told the producer of her latest play off and said she could do a better job on her own without his interruptions.

She wasn't kidding, she paid for and staged a new production by one of her playwright friends and it was just what she knew it to be- a smashing success. Her directing was sublime and the actors all gave her glowing reviews for her empathy and knowledge of the subject matter. She knew what she was doing and was able to make them do it to the best of their abilities.

Her hard work was rewarded as she raked in money at the box office as word spread about the play. She was a hot commodity but she was loyal to her playwright friend. She stayed with him throughout.

The two bonded and that bond turned to love. Daisy was hard to resist and eventually the two married in a small ceremony with only their family and friends attending. The two moved in together and began to plan future productions with her husband making accepting that she couldn't produce and direct only his work and needed to branch out to others' works.

Daisy took two years off to raise her two children. She continued to work when she had a third but stopped when her husband suddenly passed on. He left her with several plays that he hoped to one day stage, but hadn't had the chance to show to her before his sudden heart attack.

Daisy was devastated but followed her husband's wishes and produced his plays. They were just like his first, forming a trilogy of loosely connected stories but each being its own. It was sheer brilliance, and she regretted not having had the chance to direct them when her husband was alive.

Her children were saddened by their father's death but understood that sometimes people pass on for no good reason. They were aware of their biological grandfather's murder as well as their "grandfather Jerry" passing on early due to issues beyond their control. Their father prepared them just in case and told them to be the best children for their mother, giving her support to keep her creativity alive.


Lilly Peterson remained as chairwoman of Peterson Manufacturing until she stepped down to help care for her grandchildren. She helped build up the company until it was a powerhouse in the mechanical world, bringing to market products that were in-demand and worked better and for longer than her rival companies could produce. She was the face of the company and knew the products inside and out.

She was mostly symbolic in her role, the real brains were her board of directors. CEO Graham Pierce, COO Lindsay Reagan, and CTO Zachary Phillips. Her own son, Patrick Peterson, became the chief design officer, "CDO", when he received his PhD in engineering. They covered the spectrum of jobs and were not afraid to keep employees in line when they tried to revert back to being like ACME.

ACME was in serious trouble once they traded Peterson Manufacturing stock for their own stock. The company couldn't handle the drop in the market as their products in other divisions weren't doing well and their chemical and environmental divisions suffered issues with the government over pollution. The conglomerate had to sell off division after division to keep afloat, until what was left of the old company was just a shell of its former self.

Lilly waited for five years before buying out the former ACME and bringing it under her control, gutting the former company's remnants while keeping what she needed from them. The company had grown steadily enough to start branching out and the former ACME was one of the best to expand. ACME had buildings and people, Peterson had products but couldn't expand any further in Massachusetts; the solution was to use ACME in the way ACME used Peterson years before.

It was tough to deal with but Lilly was the poster child for women in the workplace as she was one of the few females in the boardroom let alone a major shareholder of a corporation. She had to constantly fight off suitors as men and even some women tried to bed her in the hopes of her becoming their sugar mommy. She had to constantly tell the press that she was happy as a mother and grandmother and she had no intention of ever marrying again especially as her heart would always belong to Jerry Peterson.

She made it clear that she would one day give up her post to someone who deserved it and that person was her daughter-in-law Emma Peterson. Emma just continued what her mother-in-law had done and was giving the company a sense of continuation as she was even closer to the Peterson line than Lilly as she was actually the mother of a Peterson heir and married to the eldest heir of Jerry Peterson.

Lilly enjoyed her "retirement" in comfort, in other words she was alongside Daisy as her children grew. Lilly was the doting grandmother and whenever she saw Daisy feeding her younger son she thought back to when Daisy was just a little girl and how far she had come in life. The two were always close but their shared tragedy gave them a closeness that not even her sons and daughter Claire had.


Claire Peterson and Will Bollinger married over Labor Day their sophomore year of college. Will kept it small, only having the Bollingers and Petresons there to witness the ceremony at city hall. He didn't want anyone to know because if it got out then Claire's uncle John would try to make it into a big affair which neither spouse wanted especially as they were expecting their first child.

Claire became pregnant over the summer which prompted the marriage. Like her older brother David, their condom broke. Unlike David's stupidity in having an old condom, the condom was actually defective and the couple were able to successfully sue the company over the defects and won a hefty sum from them and even got a full recall of their products before others were left in a delicate situation.

Claire didn't delay her schooling, she gave birth during on a holiday and missed just one day of classes. Her little boy was just like his father, giving her trouble but being so lovable as he always made her feel better. Will was grateful, he feared that she might have issues dealing with being a mother.

Claire would have a second child before she graduated. She entered veterinary school with a degree in biology and endured a tough four years as worked hard while balancing motherhood. Will was a great help but here were times when they needed to ask David and Patrick for help as Will's National Guard unit was activated.

Will served two tours overseas during his stint in the National Guard. It interrupted his college work but it was unavoidable. He served with pride and earned medals for bravery for saving the lives of the crew of a downed helicopter while under enemy fire all while wearing his firefighting gear.

Will caught on with Winnisimmet Fire Department and was stationed in the same quarters as his pseudo-uncle Paul Douglas. Paul and he were closer than any of the other firefighters and would talk for hours between calls. It was a dream come true for Will, only Paul knew that though.

Claire graduated from veterinary school with high marks and offers from several veterinarian chains. She chose to open up her own clinic in Winnisimmet, noting that there wasn't one and the closest ones were all expensive. She had a steady stream of people getting their pets examined and saved a lot of people anxiety and fear as their pets weren't as sick as they seemed or they just needed a different food.

She specialized in quantity and quality, letting a large number of smaller paying visits fund the office and her staff's salary while the few, more specialized cases paid her own salary. She found some great assistants and helped a few newer veterinarians get their start at her office allowing them to make a name before they moved on to "better" places. She expected turnover in staff so they were really just honing their skills while helping her with tougher cases, ones she grew to specialize in.

Claire made a name for herself as she as able to help a variety of animals and would get groomed to take over as lead veterinarian at the Franklin Park Zoo. She reluctantly took the position but kept her main job at the Winnisimmet office. It was tough to do but she made both jobs work.

Will and Claire had a baby boy whom they named Simon after Will's maternal grandmother, then had a baby girl whom they named Lilly after her grandmother. They debated naming their son Roland as Will's great-grandfather had that name but it was too painful to Claire to do so. Their third child was another boy, this time Claire was willing to name him Roland especially after Lilly and Will's mother Beverly told her that it was alright and he would see the truth even if he tried to claim otherwise.

Will was injured on the job at huge nine-alarm blaze that destroyed a full city block. He slipped off a ladder and received a compound fracture of the ankle. He would never be able to climb ladders again due to loss of range of motion and it would take months before he could walk without a limp.

Will was undeterred, he was reassigned to the code enforcement division until then took the arson investigator course and followed in Paul's footsteps as an investigator. He was good at the job, and was able to solve several cold cases simply by giving them a fresh set of eyes. He was what they needed in the job and would do the job better than those around him getting him groomed to become one of the deputy state fire marshals.


Patrick and Deborah Peterson had a quiet life compared with their siblings. Patrick earned his master's degree and PhD then went on to earn several patents for his designs that were then licensed by Peterson Manufacturing for sale. He earned a hefty fee and despite his young age was best suited to head up the company's research division while also serving as the CDO.

Deborah earned her bachelor's degree and her teaching license. She was appointed as the new English teacher at Winnisimmet High School and would become head of her department in just a few years. It was felt that she was the best choice especially as Justin Stoner refused the job out of necessity.

Deborah found herself helping Harper with the young student who found herself pregnant. She helped the girl with her prenatal appointments and keeping herself focused on school. Over time she became like a younger sister to Deborah and looked at her longingly.

When the baby, a girl named Janet, was born, her mother asked Deborah to adopt her as her own. Deborah looked at Patrick who was in tears himself and nodding. She gave the couple another child, the little daughter that Deborah was hoping to one day have but not able to.

The girl's family refused to acknowledge her let alone that she had a child and her boyfriend had fled the country to avoid his responsibilities. The adoption took several months but the Petersons were told that they were what their new daughter needed and was the perfect home for her.

Janet's biological mother had the baby before graduation and slipped away after signing over custody to the Petersons. She was unreachable, having told her family that they didn't want her so she was going to never see anyone she knew again. She ended up in California and would become employed at of all places- Jaimie's Place, the shelter for women and families in dire straits.

Little Janet grew up to know the truth about her mother and her biological mother and was happy to see that she was better off with caring parents who needed her as much as she needed them. She and her brother Antonio were close and eventually grew to become best friends. They were happy to have their parents doting over them and knew that their family was one of the best in the country.


David and Emma Peterson couldn't stop at one baby. Sophia Peterson was joined by Jerome "Jerry" Peterson nearly three years after his sister Sophia was born. Their parents had to stifle blushes as it was clear just when he was conceived with their siblings grinning widely at their little indiscretion.

Two years later, they were blessed with twins. Patrick and Claire Peterson were born in August which caused the couple yet another round of cringing as it was clear that they were a gift that took nine months to give to one another. They were loved but it was tough on Emma leading David to have a vasectomy to ensure no further children.

Emma doted on her children at home but kept her eyes in books as she earned herself a nursing degree. She didn't specialize like her father Nigel or cousin-in-law Courtney, she chose to become a school nurse and general caretaker instead. She worked at one of the elementary schools until she was asked to become chairwoman of Peterson Manufacturing, a job she didn't have to do much work for.

Emma became the face of the company and became the physical face as she was asked to star in a series of commercials for their retail products division. She had a personality and voice that would make you want to buy whatever she was selling, which turned out to be just what the advertising people wanted. She would star in several dozen commercials in five years before giving up the mantle to another spokesperson, Cat Finn.

David would spend the bulk of his time working on investigations for the Attorney General's Office and would be the primary for multiple key investigations into public corruption. He led the task force looking into the Pullen Point mess then investigated the newly expelled Congresswoman Gallows. He didn't let any of his fellow troopers glance over facts or try to reason away actions, he went at them hard and without mercy or regard for the political fallout.

There was political fallout. He ignored the requests for meetings with key politicians and forwarded all threats to his bosses. He ended up causing at least four state legislators to resign due to those threats.

David rose through the ranks and earned his sergeant stripes in seven years then his lieutenant's bars in another five. He would go on to lead the Attorney General's unit and do so with all who worked for him knowing that it was not the place to go if you wanted to curry favor with politicians. He made it known right away that he was cleaning out connections, even transferring his former partner when he tried to ask that one of their colleagues go easy on a state employee who accepted a bribe from a vendor.

Sophia was the apple of her father's eye and her mother's daughter. She grew to become a leader among her generation as both the eldest and the one who was most outgoing and friendly. She was also the one who was closest to the "aunts" and "uncles" among the youngest of the previous generation, the few who overlapped them by two years.


It was a tiring pregnancy but Carmen and Addison Carter greeted twin boys in late January. Carmen's mother Dorothy was scared to death while her father Vance had to hide his tears at seeing his adopted daughter giving birth to two lovely grandchildren. Harper was in tears as her little girl had given her what she had feared she would never have- her own grandchildren.

Addison cried for hours as Carmen recovered, feeling the gravity of becoming a mother to two little angels after never believing she would become one. Harper and Dorothy consoled her, while her sisters-in-law kept her from getting too depressed. Carmen recovered the next day and seeing her smile brightened Addison's feelings as Carmen told her "we are parents, we really made two babies."

The couple took weeks to get used to being parents but through trial and error they were able to learn how to do things on their own. Harper helped them immensely but forced them to learn how to do things on their own. Carmen had a lot of help from others but she was determined to learn and when she was alone she focused on doing what she needed to do and learned to be a better mother than her own had been simply by doing whatever was needed or doing the opposite of what her mother did.

Addison helped but was often at work or in school. She would work hard to earn her degree and run the office of Smith, York, and Nelson but it took a lot out of her. It didn't help that she had to take time off to recover from her surgery to complete herself as a woman, with Carmen feeling the burden of being the nurse to Addison and mother to the kids.

When she recovered Addison took time off of work to tend to the kids and let Carmen enjoy some time away as her sisters insisted on her doing so. Addison bonded with the boys and eventually saw why Carmen was so upset with her at times. She made it her mission to finish her degree as soon as possible so she could be there more often for her wife and kids.

Addison earned her degree a semester early but by that time the kids were in daycare during the day as Carmen returned to school to finish her degree as well. The couple were happy to enjoy the additional time together but they still worked hard. They worked out a decent schedule so all could enjoy time with one another and neither were overwhelmed by the kids, bringing their marriage onto solid footing.

Carmen graduated with a degree in management concentrating on the hospitality business. She was appointed the manager of the restaurant she worked at part-time and took it to a new level with what she wanted to do. She was part of a team who saw the restaurant as more than just one place to eat.

Little Brady and Chance Carter were like their mothers, only with a quicker wit and slicker ideas. They were the troublemakers among their generation and the ones who would get others to do what they wanted them to do. They would make their own cousins the foils for their plots, until they learned that they were not as sly as they believed and earned hours of detention and weeks of groundings.

It scared them that the boys were becoming like their grandparents but a talk with Jaimie Finn and Alison Eliza showed that one of them was hiding a deep secret. When they confronted the boys, Brady admitted that he was like his mother and was only acting out because he was scared to come out. The little boy was scared to death of what might happen, unaware that he was among people who would never reject him or harm him for being true to himself.

Brady started to transition once the diagnosis was confirmed. She was much different now that she could live as her true self and not act masculine to cover up her inner torment. Chance was still a little troublemaker but it wasn't nefarious and he never destroyed property nor hurt anyone, he refused to cross that line and when he knew others were going to do that he backed away and ratted them out.

The Carters tried again for children and had a little girl who was like her mothers. She was overly feminine and took to her big sister as soon as she met her for the first time. Little Bianca Carter was not about to let her new plaything feel left out, she wanted her sister to enjoy her girlhood even if she was a few years older than her and starting to grow out of dolls and dresses and into technology and sex.


Carmen's twin sister Juanita James and her wife Zoe had a tougher road than Addison and Carmen. The Jame family were loving towards them but their new hometown of Endicott was not. The family felt like outsiders even if Zoe had grown up there and worked there for years.

Things were tense as neighbors constantly harassed the couple while the local police found any reason to stop by and issue tickets to them. Zoe would always smile, take down the officer's information, then have a complaint filed against the officer which would see the officer disciplined. It was a written statement but it was enough to cause trouble for the officers when it came time for bonuses.

After the firth time the officers resorted to threats which were often ill conceived and coincided with visits by Zoe's parents. Paul and Alexandra James just grinned, told the officers they would be hearing from them soon, then filed a police report with the state police. The officers were fired and faced a slew of criminal charges, losing handily against the powerful Alexandra James in court.

Zoe was ready to move out when her grandfather told her that he wanted her and Juanita to stay there. He took care of the Endicott situation by calling out the town council at one of the town meetings and demanded a halt to all harassment or he'd see to it they were replaced by people who actually gave a damn about preserving law and order and not bullying the general public. The couple were in tears as he did that, he never got involved in local politics but that was something he couldn't avoid doing.

The couple were no longer harassed and after a hefty settlement from the town over their rights being violated they settled into the James home for good. This also meant that they were frequently enjoying sex and after a year of waiting they decided to have children. This was going to be a joint pregnancy as neither wanted the other to suffer through it alone and both wanted their babies to be siblings so they opted to both get pregnant from the same man at the same time.

Their donor was a friend of theirs who was gay and whose husband had not interest in children. The husband was fine with him fathering the babies but asked that the children not come between them. It was agreed that they'd leave the couple alone and not ask for any support nor let the children meet until they were old enough to understand their family, but it was also insisted that should he choose to their biological father could enjoy the kids as their uncle.

They were impregnated during their senior year of college and gave birth to healthy baby girls. The father was thrilled that they looked like their mothers instead of him allowing him some plausible deniability should they ever suspect he wasn't their "uncle". The girls were followed four years later by boys, with the girls happy to be together as one big family.

Juanita earned an associates degree in culinary arts then a bachelor's degree in hospitality management. She worked as a menu planner and souse chef in the family's restaurant in Somerville while working on her degrees. When she graduated, she was offered the job of full-time sous chef but instead chose to work with the owners to create a second and third location for the restaurant.

Carmen and she saw that the restaurant was becoming larger and harder to manage as they had to turn away too many people due to it becoming popular. They could see that the restaurant's fusion of different styles of food into a unique yet cohesive menu was needed in Endicott and the South Shore. Juanita would manage the Endicott location while Carmen managed the main location, the former head chef/owner would run the South Shore location as it was actually in his hometown making him happy as he would not have to fight traffic both ways to get to work.

Zoe earned a degree in marketing and a minor in management and worked hard to build up the brand of the restaurants. She was the new face of the chain as the owners chose her to be the one to show their new restaurants to the region and the world. She was successful at that, with the owners selling her a share of the restaurant so she would be known as an owner instead of a hired spokesperson.


Christian James was satisfied with his family. In the past 10 years he had gone from two grandchildren to nine grandchildren five of which were his own blood. He loved each of them, especially Zoe who was the most like him even if she wasn't his granddaughter by blood...or so he thought.

Paul James was given the news that he had fathered Zoe out of wedlock back in college, when he was supposed to have been married to his first wife. Zoe's mother wasn't her real mother, rather she was her aunt who took the two in before her mother ran off. Her aunt just claimed she gave birth to her and didn't want to deal with too many questions so said it was a home birth.

Paul James vaguely recalled the woman. She was nice and mousy but it was a drunken haze as he was celebrating his marriage to his new bride. She and he were so drunk they mistook one another for their spouses and ended up sleeping together while their spouses were unaware of them nearby.

Zoe's mother was embarrassed and ashamed of taking advantage of Paul and for being so stupid as to drink while underage while Paul was too drunk to even remember that night let alone the woman who would easily be mistaken for his wife 90% of the time. She confessed in a letter to Paul on her deathbed, telling him that she was sorry for not telling him and hoped he forgave her. The letter was delivered to him by a courier, one who hoped to use it against Paul and Christian.

Christian just grinned, told the courier to take a note back to his employer, then told Zoe "there was a reason you were placed with your dad and mom. Someone knew you were his daughter, and that person is now trying to collect on his helping us. Normally I wouldn't do it but it was the greatest thing to happen to you and from it we got to raise you and you met the love of your life."

Christian sent back a note that stated "position is yours. She doesn't need to know you are related. Give her my deepest thanks for forcing the truth from them."

The courier drove off while Paul thought about it and smiled. Zoe was a Perez, there was an article in the newspaper about the sister of Judge Martha Perez passing away. She was the fourth cousin of her own brothers-in-law making the James family joined together even stronger. They told her the truth about who her mother was and from that she wept while her sisters comforted her.

Christian shook his head. That was six of his grandchildren being his own blood. Isobel was adopted by his son; his eldest granddaughter, Sheila Bailey, was adopted by his daughter, and his newest granddaughter was adopted by his son and daughter-in-law as their own after she gave birth to his three youngest grandchildren.

He enjoyed seeing his grandchildren and first great-grandchild growing. He missed out on so much as he rose through the ranks in the business world and wanted more out of life. He decided against running for a fourth term, retiring from public life and enjoying his waning years as the elder of the large and influential James family.

Sadly, he would only live for another five years after retirement. He passed away at the age of 80, with his family by his side. He went peacefully in his sleep, giving his great-grandchildren a final kiss.


Paul James followed in his father's footsteps in politics as he ran for the full term as US Senator. He was not about to let someone else ruin the country, he was going to see changes made and wanted to do it from the inside instead of the outside. He shocked everyone by declaring his candidacy and saw a large number of his "friends" showing their true colors as they tried to get him to back out.

Paul had a hard campaign that saw his family smeared by his opponents. The worst part was the insults towards Zoe and Juanita while others insulted Sela and Isobel for dating outside their race. Paul refused to play their game, asking if it was OK to insult their children as they were not in politics while his opponents seemed to believe that it was OK to insult his own non-involved children.

Paul won over a lot of people as he went at them for going after his family. His momentum was starting to surge and by election day he stole the election from the two leading candidates. He funded the campaign through his own money and small donations from people who wanted change so there was nobody that he was entitled to except the voters, sending a message that he was not playing around.

Alexandra moved south with their infant sons. The trio were sad that their daddy was away a lot but happy to have their mother around them. Alexandra kept busy with the triplets and found herself being the center of attention for middle aged mothers and the ire of traditionalists in the city.

She was not afraid to voice her opinions about mistreatment of women down there. Paul had her support and he voiced the same concerns. She exposed sexism causing people to rethink themselves.

Paul served three terms, cementing his place in history with several key pieces of legislation that made a huge impact on housing, schools, the military, and social reform. He was a rare moderate who was able to see both sides of the issue and not afraid to show that the extremists were not the ones who should be leading either party. He remained independent and worked with both parties on tough bills and through swaying certain people he was able to help both parties pass bills in the divided Senate.

Paul was groomed several times to run for President but he refused. Once his third term ended he was done with politics. His youngest children were out of school and he needed a long-awaited retirement. He left politics to the younger people, with his replacement being someone he respected.


Sela James was not as dramatic in her life as Zoe or as headstrong as Isobel. She was the middle daughter and the one who saw both sides of the issue. She had one thing certain in life: she was madly in love with Sebastian Perez.

The two were always close and tough to separate at times when Sela needed to work on schoolwork. The couple married alongside Isobel and Sebastian's twin brother Fabian during a double wedding in April as their friends and family looked on in glee. She was a blushing bride, one with a secret.

She and Sebastian had gotten a little too frisky during their Spring break, leaving Sela pregnant at the time of their marriage. She was thrilled while he felt like he had hurt her future. It was nowhere near the truth, she adored him and it was the icing on the cake as she had wanted to become pregnant on their honeymoon anyway.

The couple gave birth in early December, with Sela's family gathered in the room while Sebastian paced outside the delivery room. The two cried for several minutes as little Martha Perez slept in her father's arms as her mother smiled. The little bundle of joy was tough to endure but she was the one thing that Sela missed in her life and ensured a piece of her self lived on.

After she recovered, Sela returned to school and earned her nursing degree. She specialized in pediatric nursing and was able to help a lot of scared and troubled children deal with being sick and hurt. She was a natural surrogate mother for them when their own mothers couldn't or wouldn't go see them.

Sela and Sebastian followed up Martha two years alter with Isaac Perez. Sebastian would not let Sela name their son after him, choosing her own maternal grandfather's name for their son. He was a beautiful baby boy who rarely cried and loved his father and mother.

Sebastian earned a degree in criminal justice and later earned a law degree while still working as a police officer in Winnisimmet. He would earn the rank of sergeant before becoming lead detective on a joint drug task force. Sebastian was one tough cop who earn the ire of most of the criminals in the Boston area as he was thorough in his searches and in his warrant applications getting most convicted.


In contrast to his twin, Fabian Perez continued on in his role as patrol officer. A chance request to take on the role of community services officer gave him a new focus in his job. Fabian was the most able to get along with the public and hear them out while diffusing tough situations, earning him high praise.

Fabian was frequently called in to help settle arguments among family members and at times was the only person able to keep a family from imploding while resolving their problem. He saw many people give up on life and saved them from abuse, drugs, and alcohol while helping them rebuild their lives. It was tough to do but someone had to be the first to extend a hand, often being their last lifeline.

It was no coincidence that he was good with people, he earned a degree in psychology while working the toughest shifts and had seen the worst in people firsthand. He chose to rise above the world and be a beacon of hope instead of just another anchor. He hated seeing people so forlorn that nobody would deal with them, he couldn't let things get worse for anyone if he could help them.

He and his brother successfully sued the former town of Pullen Point for wrongful termination and won a hefty amount of money. The two used the money to buy homes near their friends and settle down with their fiances. Fabian and his fiance Isobel were the last of the James family to get married and the first to have a child as Isobel and Fabian gave birth a couple of months premature.

It scared them but it also gave them a resolve to ensure that their daughter had a good life in case she was teased for being a premie. Little Marisol was smaller than most kids and needed a lot of help for the first few years of her life. Her parents struggled with it and when Isobel got pregnant a second time and had more complications they felt like they had failed as parents.

Marisol wouldn't let them feel terrible, she was always sunny and happy even if she didn't know why her parents were so sad. Seeing her trying to cheer them up helped Isobel deal with her complications and when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy that they named Juan her troubles went away. The little girl was just like her father, always making you feel better about whatever was troubling you.

Isobel graduated with a degree in criminal justice and went to law school where she earned her degree in criminal law, getting hired by the Winnisimmet Limited law firm. The senior partners of Ricardo Vincent, Cameron Byrne-Toro, and Savannah Stoner saw in her something others didn't- compassion. Her specialty was in cases where the accused was unable to pay and was being railroaded by the state, often causing her conflict with the district attorney and police.

Isobel wasn't fazed by those who had power and would often get her clients off due to a technicality or a lack of evidence. The thing was, her clients were innocent and she knew it but she still had to get them off legally. This would often cause conflict but she was willing to fight for their rights regardless.

She refused to take on cases where the client was clearly guilty. The money didn't matter, she wasn't going to let someone get away with a crime just because she was good at shooting holes in the case. She told multiple mobsters and drug kingpisn that she didn't care what they threatened to do to her and her family, she was not going to defend them if she knew they were guilty.

Her resolve was ironclad and was something that worked in the favor of the state as she actually had a strong attraction for corrupt attorneys who tried to frame innocents or perjure themselves in court. She was vicious about taking them down and at times saw the state using her to get at them. The state knew what it was doing, she was a bulldog and one who would protect her clients the right way.

She received a once-in-a-lifetime offer of a judgeship and turned it down. Her bosses were proud of her for doing so but told her to accept it as it was stability and what she needed in life. She reluctantly agreed to take the position, being appointed as the newest Suffolk County Superior Court judge.

Isobel would sit on many major cases in her 30 years on the bench. When she was forcibly retired at age 70 she had presided over most of the major court cases in Suffolk County including ones that feature her former law firm as both defendants and plaintiffs. Her husband was proud of her achievement and would not let her resign when things at home got tough due to her busy schedule.


Ruth James enjoyed a nice retirement when Peterson Manufacturing bought out her ex-husband's business. She was forced to retain a 20% stake in the company and serve on its board of directors by both her brother and father while acting as the proxy for them at board meetings. She hated being part of the business but continued on due to the need to have a fresh set of eyes and an unbiased ear for when things were tough.

Her stake brought her several million dollars when the company was sold and finally allowed her to retire in peace and take a more active role in her family's main job- being the chairwoman of the board of directors of an insurance company. It was a job she loved and she was not afraid to show it. She was good at it, bringing in a tidy profit margin that kept investors happy while also growing the company.

She was one of the best at finding trends and avoiding bad policies and spotting fraud. Her company avoided selling policies to people who had shady backgrounds regardless of their ability to pay. She took a hit from several groups who claimed racism but she was able to show those who were denied were in fact frequently involved in crimes and either had convictions or associated wit those who did.

She took time to help her daughters raise their children, letting the kids enjoy some semblance of normalcy in their crazy world. She was not afraid to set them straight over how they were raising their kids especially when they were too easy on them at times. She cared for them, even if it meant that they were feeling like she was being overbearing and meddling too much.


Avery James married Raul Porter during junior year of college. The two lost their virginity to one another at the senior prom and had to endure their families teasing them about their having sex. The two were not as active as they appeared and once the veneer wore off they became just another couple, one who happened to have rich parents.

The couple graduated with honors with Raul earning a degree in engineering before heading to school for diesel engine maintenance and repair. He didn't surprise anyone with his choice of schools, he had wanted to go to technical school but decided it was best to have a fallback career just in case his dream job wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. He graduated and earned his certification, then sought a job at the Boston Engine Terminal in Somerville working for the MBTA Commuter Rail on their engines.

Over the years, Raul would show his prowess and fix engines that were experiencing issues due to the cold and snow and find faults with their designs instead of their maintenance. He was fearless and took the MBTA to task for buying engines that were unsuited for the New England weather while letting the concept of "green" matter more than the concept of "reliable service." His fearlessness earned him an appointment as the head of the maintenance union and the scourge of MBTA management.

Avery followed in her mother's footsteps and got a job at her the family insurance business. She used her married name of Porter to secure the job, with nobody in the human resources department or in the claims adjuster department knowing her family connection. When she started she as just another employee but when her mother hugged her and gave her a kiss she became a VIP employee.

Avery wouldn't accept special treatment and Ruth insisted on her being left alone by all. Nobody was to use her for their own benefit and anyone trying to was fired. She would shine on her own merit alone.

When Ruth retired, Avery was appointed to replace her. By that time, Avery had been promoted to the head of the claims department and overhauled it into one that was seen as being one to speak with instead of one to run away from. She improved the image of the company and earned the promotion.

Avery and Raul had three kids, none of which were planned. The two often went so hot and heavy that they forgot condoms, causing three unplanned but welcome pregnancies. The two were joked about by their siblings but their families could see that they were truly in love and loved their children fully.


Sheila and Ian Bailey were the richest couple in Winnisimmet, with total assets in excess of $1.3 billion from Sheila's share of Peterson Manufacturing, her trust fund, and Ian's inheritance. It was tough to comprehend but in less than a year the couple had become wealthy beyond belief and not one cent of it was wanted by either. Sheila would give up everything to have her parents back, and Ian hated to know that he was all alone with only his cousin Kyle Douglas as a blood relation.

The couple were told that it might be best to move away to Sheila's former hometown of Endicott so the two weren't under constant barrage by people trying to relieve them of their wealth. Being young and working for the city, it was tough to justify them continuing their employment especially as there were people who could use the jobs. Ian refused to quit his job as a police officer, while Sheila agreed to leave her position when she gave birth so the library had enough time to find a suitable replacement.

Over April vacation, Sheila quietly left her position as senior librarian to give birth to a healthy baby boy named Wyatt. That was quickly followed by a little girl named Deborah as the little sneak kept herself hidden from all scans. The couple were both shocked and relieved, with Sheila telling Ian "I am sorry for feeling like a whale, now we know why I felt that way."

The couple moved to the former Patterson home in Endicott with Sheila taking up permanent residency. She was happy to at least have her cousins Juanita and Zoe there while her grandparents Christian and Heather ensured that the couple and their twins were comfortable and doing everything right. Sheilas was at a loss for words as Heather hugged her tightly, crying into her shoulder as she felt both grief and relief that she wasn't going it alone despite having dozens of people to help her.

Ian would commute between Endicott and Winnisimmet each day until he was stranded north due to bad weather. He ended up being the only person close to law enforcement in the town able to thelp during a major pileup and fire that left the town shorthanded. He was asked to help out, with the chief seeing in him a man who was built for police work and who was needed by his community.

Ian drove his unmarked SUV and single-handedly caused several fights to stop as the Winnisimmet officer stood large over them. The drunks who tried to go after him found themselves on the floor with handcuffs on before they could strike. He was intimidating and brought order in seconds.

His actions were near legendary the next day. The chief was asked about the mountain of a man who was helping the department, leading him to announce "he's my replacement. He's a patrol officer with more experience in his years in Winnisimmet than all of our officers combined. It isn't an insult to our officers, he's the man we need and someone who comes highly praised by multiple agencies."

Ian was summoned before the town council and offered the position. He didn't accept it right away, opting to talk with Sheila who insisted on him taking the job. She didn't want him to lose out because of her, it was a career maker for him.

Ian accepted the job and became a true legend. He wasn't a local but he was married to one, he knew the town's most famous residents and was close with the state's most powerful family. He was just what the town needed and came with a record that was indisputable.

Sheila spent the first three years at home caring for the twins before they went to daycare leaving her bored. She sought out and was hired as the town librarian, donating the salary she was to receive back to the library allowing a second librarian to be hired. It was actually a ploy by her to help recently graduated library science majors have an introductory job in the field allowing them to get hired on at one of the larger libraries once they had a year under their belt in a public library.

When she found herself pregnant again, Sheila was promoted to the board of directors allowing the librarians she had hired to replace her to work on their own while she would occasionally help. She happily endured a lot of complaints about the rich woman hogging a job but as she never drew a salary she was not taking a job from anyone and helped retain talented librarians instead of losing them.

She had another boy, who dubbed himself Megan when he was three and continued to do so until the couple had him examined and confirmed as being transgender. It was a tough thing for the town to accept but Sheila forced the town to allow Megan to attend school and was not afraid to go toe to toe with her principal over her rights as a student. She didn't even need to call in help from her friends and family, she was a one-woman crusader for her daughter's rights while her father simply left Sheila to do her needed fighting while he loomed large in the background to prevent anyone from hurting them.


Like her sisters, Polly Taylor kept close to her friends. She and Diego Vincent were never apart except when the guys were off on a guy-day as they started calling their little gatherings. Polly loved it when he returned to her after a day with the guys, he was more affectionate and appreciated her body.

Being the only transmale/genetic female couple, they endured a lot of flak from people in high school. Diego didn't let it affect him while Polly ignored them. Diego was never left alone and even though he had to use the disabled bathrooms and change in a separate locker room, he was always with a friend.

Diego shined on the football field and made multiple opponents eat turf as he outflanked them and ran circles around them. This only infuriated them leading to more mistakes causing their team to lose as his own team took advantage. He was blunt with them, telling them "a dick doesn't make you a man."

Diego's playing sent ripples through the state as his father was fought over his right to play. The school was behind Diego, while the state was against it. The MIAA was forced to give in as they had no justification for barring him from play especially as he had been transitioning for two years by then.

Polly endured a lot of abuse from rival cheerleaders on her squad with most of it quelled by Avery and the older teens but it still lingered throughout the four years she was on the team. She didn't care and let those who acted out get punished with several kicked off the team and barred from further activities. It was par the course for the couple, people always felt the need to prove they were top dog and try to knock down others even if it was foolish and would only hurt themselves.

After high school, the couple continued their studies with Diego earning a degree in civil engineering while Polly majored in dance. She never gave up dancing and kept performing with the Kelly Dance Studio until she was hired as a dancer with the Massachusetts Ballet. She didn't want to become a professional dancer but Diego wouldn't let her give up her job and showed her that she was a big inspiration for girls who came from foster care and broken homes could become successful dancer.

Polly did retire after five years as she felt the pangs of motherhood gnawing at her. Diego agreed to give birth alongside her, not wanting Polly to feel like she gave up her life while Diego kept on doing the same thing. The two became pregnant and gave birth to a boy each, with Diego having a tough pregnancy and being told that it was best that he preserve eggs and use a donor next time.

The couple did use a surrogate for Diego next time, but Polly went through the pregnancy naturally. They staggered the pregnancies so their surrogate gave birth then Polly got pregnant and gave birth, with both having girls and seeing Diego telling Polly that it was enough as he didn't want them to be overwhelmed. Four kids were enough for them, they were siblings and blood to both.

Polly would expand the Kelly Dance Studio allowing Amanda to ease up on her busy schedule and help out more at home while her own family grew. Polly proved to be a great asset and after five years she bought out half of Amanda's ownership allowing her to takeover the studio giving Amanda rests and vacations and even a second honeymoon. The students didn't see any break in continuity as Amanda and Polly were in sync and taught the same style the same way but with different ways of encouraging.


Dorothy and Vance Taylor remained employed as the principal and 8th grade history teacher at the Winnisimmet Middle School South until the end of the year when Vance took over for Alice Porter. The couple were all business in school but outside they were typical parents of teenagers. Polly was given leeway but they were tough on her and Diego giving both boundaries neither crossed.

Dorothy and Vance were together until Vance's retirement, which coincided with their first grandchild entering middle school. Dorothy stayed on until she had been employed for a full 20 years then retired as well. Their grandchildren were sad to see them go but it also meant that they could be around more often to see them, giving the kids a chance to unwind and giving them an ear to talk to.


Alice Porter was promoted to superintendent of the Winnisimmet Public Schools after a six month search. She was the most qualified among the candidates, despite many having political backers and resumes from more prestigious schools. They lacked one thing that Alice did: the ability to suspend their connections for the sake of the children and only use those connections when there was a need and only when there was no alternative.

The few who complained about her being hired claimed that she lacked the credentials to lead any school. That was laughed at as she held a master's degree in education, she may not have a PhD but it wasn't a requirement nor was it a reason to deny her. None of the other candidates had one either.

Alice was ruthless at removing bad influences from the schools and cutting through unnecessary red tape and road blocks. There were multiple teachers who needed to retire so that newcomers could take their place and move the classes into the 21st century. Those old troglodytes fought back but there was little for them to do as the union was actually backing Alice in it as many of them fought the old school teachers over the years and had long memories of their antics.

Alice was given a budget that was a mess and took hiring several forensic accountants to figure out what they actually had to work with and where the money was going to. They found hidden accounts that were being kept by principals that overestimated budgets allowing the to skim the profits as well as the location of several caches of money Alice's predecessor had left. It took months but they balanced the budget and gave an accurate assessment to the city of what they had to work with.

Alice had done the impossible and lowered the budgets while keeping pay the same and giving schools much needed infusions of funds for new books and technology. She was laughed at by colleagues but she had done what they couldn't and done it without a fancy PhD or political connections. She had to keep the media away from her as they wanted to make her out to be some sort of hero when she wasn't.

Shea Porter grinned at his wife's actions. It was why he loved her, she was straightforward and cared about the kids more than anything else. Money was tight but she would get the most out of it and ensure that the kids always had what they needed.

Shea himself dealt with the trials and tribulations of education as he fought and won against challenges to his right to be an adviser to Sydney and her graduate students. Sydney held no qualms about telling off anyone who tried to portray Shea as anything less than the caring, compassionate, smart, brave, and insightful adviser that she had grown to respect and admire. Her students were just as loyal, with all who worked for her refusing to even consider any kind of claims against Shea as more than lies.

Shea's ties to Peterson Manufacturing were questioned but he showed that he was only a board member and had worked with Patrick on several of his designs solely as a colleague. Patrick was not afraid to stand up for Shea and show that he had a close relationship due to his family being close and all of their interactions were either work related or family related. Shea countered b showing that all of the claims came from the same sources, all of whom were anonymous and hid behind a veneer of deceit.

When Sydney earned her second PhD Shea simply severed ties with all schools and closed up his lab. He transferred all of his patents to Peterson Manufacturing and enjoyed an early retirement. He would rather give up his life's work than let people who were jealous of his relationship with someone whom he had not intention of exploiting get the better of him.

He was happy to be the doting grandfather and great-uncle to the next generation, helping them see their true potential and guiding them toward their futures even if they were not what others wanted them to be. He was happy to babysit and change diapers, it beat listening to complaints all day and grading papers. He missed the lab but the kids were his world and it was a good one to him.


Stephanie Porter was the ugly duckling among her siblings. She didn't have plans for her future and didn't have many interests. Throughout high school she struggled to find herself among a throng of friends who know what they wanted and how to achieve it.

When she graduated, she broke down as she saw her friends leaving for colleges across the country. She had tried hard to find herself but only ended up finding what others were doing. Even her girlfriend had plans, ones that didn't involve Stephanie beyond being by her side.

Trina Phillips hated to see her girlfriend feeling like garbage because she couldn't think for herself. Whenever they tried to do something together it would always end up with Stephanie being led around and trying to fade into the background. She hated it and made Stephanie see it wasn't right.

Instead of going directly to college, Stephanie took a year off to find herself. Trina was by her side, she could not let Stephanie go it alone and feared that Stephanie might do something horrible if she wasn't there to talk some sense into her. It was a kind gesture, one that Stephanie appreciated greatly.

As they drove through the Midwest, the girls stopped for dinner at an empty diner. The owner talked with them and told them about her own sense of being lost among the crowd but found love with her best friend. The girls got the message and saw that they had each other and even if she couldn't find her own way Stephanie would always have Trina by her side.

When they returned home, Stephanie helped her various family members in their various activities. She was seen by producer for a local radio network and asked to talk about the event that she was working. Stephanie conducted multiple interviews and found herself being asked to join the co-host of the radio show live, giving her a chance to talk about things from her own opinion without restraints.

It was actually a smart move as Stephanie's views countered the host's views giving the program a lot of listeners as their segment went viral. Stephanie thought she sounded horrible but her voice was the best of the bunch and her opinions were well thought out and expressed in ways that were irrefutable. She was asked to do several more segments until she had built up a following.

Trina had her enroll at a local college in their broadcast media degree program. Stephanie was reluctant until Trina forced her to listen to herself and hear just how enthralling she could be if she chose. It was a long four years but when she finished Stephanie had been given a hefty contract with a local radio chain for talk show featuring her views on current events and various other topics.

It was tough for her at times to keep her head cool as she listened to some of the callers and the guest "experts" but she managed to remain neutral and correct them when they were over the line into the offensive side of things. Her verbal put-downs and cringe worthy corrections made for great listening and gave her program a lot of listeners especially among college-aged people. Trina and she kept their relationship off the air but at times she did drop that she was married to a woman and not interested in any of the guests who tried to proposition her on-air causing them embarrassment and listeners laughs.

Trina and Stephanie married during their sophomore year of college and held off the idea of children until both had established their careers. They used a donor to impregnate both at the same time, it was felt best to not argue over who would be the parent as both were sharing the burden. Trina had an easy pregnancy while Stephanie struggled at times and suffered postpartum depression afterward.

Trina danced professionally for several years while in college and for two years after, giving it up when she decided to have children. She stayed close to the dance scene as she worked as an instructor for the New England Ballet School, helping the next generation of dancers as well as those whom she had danced with over the years at the Kelly Dance School. She and Polly were close while Polly danced but grew closer when they both gave it up for their children, it was sad when they took their final bows together but it was a great joy to them as they both felt their growing child inside of them.


Trina's parents, Zachary and Margo Phillips, always supported their daughter's love for Stephanie. The couple were less than thrilled with Trina chose to become a dancer instead of going into another profession but it was hard not to see the love and effort she put into her dancing and how much it made her stand out from all others. They supported her and were ready to help if she ever had to give up on her lifelong passion, which thankfully never happened.

Margo continued to assist Gabby Bollinger with her web design business and even learned enough to help with installations and upgrades as part of Gabby's network administrator business. She would mostly handle the business affairs side of things while Gabby handled the technological side allowing Gabby to focus on her contracts while Margo got them paid handsomely for their work. Margo grew to love the job and as she was working with her friend, it was always a good day at work for her.

Zachary remained active with Peterson Manufacturing as their CTO for years until he took over for Graham Pierce when he stepped down due to health concerns. Zachary followed Graham's vision for the company and added a much-needed technological slant. He may have been CEO of the company but he was also responsible for keeping the company's graphic design and printing business going for years and saw a return to the formats they regularly used as trends went full circle.

Zachary was tempted to join larger, more famous corporations as CTO or CEO during his time with Peterson but loyalty to the family and his friends kept him firmly in place. At one point he considered stepping aside to let Lindsay Reagan take over but Lindsay shot that down as she wanted to spend the time with her family making Zachary keep his job until he retired at the ripe old age of 70.


Rosalind Porter knew what she wanted in life from a young age, Rosalind wanted to be the next big photographer. When she graduated high school she set out to achieve it. She enrolled in a fine arts program in college and earned a degree in digital and film photography.

She would spend hours before and after school taking pictures of various things around the city and in the school. Few knew about this artistic side of Rosalind and she kept it that way on purpose. As much as she loved her family, she just couldn't open up to them about everything going on with her.

She was joined by her boyfriend Ashley Byrne-Toro for many of her treks, both providing her with an escort and giving the couple private time to talk without their friends knowing. Ashley understood her better than anyone, he was used to having to hide his sensitive side and hide away from everyone. The two were madly in love and kept each other busy, with Ashley keeping her from getting too out of touch with the others while she kept him from retreating into himself again.

When Rosalind was accepted into a fine arts program focusing on still photography she was given a hard time by her friends. Rosalind left the graduation dinner in tears, with Ashley telling the others that she worked her ass off to win admission to the college and beat out 2,000 other students for the right to be a student at the school. He dropped her portfolio on the table to show them just how good she was, giving her friends a glimpse into the real Rosalind Porter.

The couple spent the night together at a hotel room that Rosalind had reserved for their special night. She had to ignore countless phone calls from her friends as she and Ashley embraced and kissed. They weren't in the mood for sex, they just needed to be close to one another for the night.

College turned out to be a blessing for Rosalind as she started to grow as a person. She became more outgoing and vocal and happier as the years wore on. She and Ashley were rarely apart, with Ashley serving as her dutiful assistant for her photo shoots, knowing what she wanted when she wanted it and being in the right spot to help her with lighting and subtle tweaks of the background.

Ashley was his own man and actually found his calling in editing Ashley's photos. He became a savant with photo editing and could spot where photos could be tweaked to bring out the artist's vision and where they can be cropped to cut out unwanted distractions. It was a big deal as he became the go-to person for editing pictures especially ones that had a lot of issues with them.

Ashley "grew into himself" as he started high school, gaining muscle mass after losing most of his body fat during the course of 8th grade. He worked out steadily with Diego and their other friends and had to fight off girls who wanted to steal him away for themselves. He never strayed form Rosalind, despite all of the attempts to win his heart he kept the ladies away and stayed with Rosalind.

It was tough for Rosalind to stay faithful to her boyfriend in college but Ashley insisted that they not marry until they were ready. Rosalind dragged him to city hall to get married their junior year of college, telling him loudly "I don't care if you aren't ready, I need you with me forever." He just smiled and told her "I know. I just had to hear it from you. I love you with all my heart and can't live without you but I didn't want to rush us or do something that would hurt your career."

Their friends drifted apart from them and when the news broke that they were married they were upset. Stephanie was in tears, she couldn't believe her own sister had done something so bold without her. It took a lot of explaining but she finally told them all that she couldn't live life through them and needed to do things on her own even if they missed out on some of her big milestones.

The couple would have four sons, surprising them as they were much larger than their father and shared the same hair and eyes as their mother. The boys frequently fought with their father over their tough guy ways and saw the boys falling in with a tough crowd but after some tough love the boys saw that they were not the big tough guys that the believed. Ashley didn't hold it against them, it was what always happened with macho types as they met reality.

Ashley and Rosalind ran a successful independent contractor photography studio. They would take in clients from all over the world and were often on the road traveling. They didn't travel alone, the kids would often be with their grandmother, Cynthia Byrne, who accompanied them.

The duo were often hired by local colleges and pro sports teams to conduct their team photo shoots, something that was completely organic despite Miguel Toro and Mitch Gibson playing for the Red Sox and Patriots during shoots. The couple were even hired to shoot for major magazines, with their work gracing the covers of ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Neither really saw it as work when they were enjoying their profession and going places others couldn't visit.


Ashley's younger brother Liam grew into the kind of man that his brother was. He kept close to DJ Lopez and TJ Daniels and occasionally had fights over girls. Liam was the more outgoing of the trio and would often lead them in their activities including sports. He excelled at baseball and often spent hours playing catch with his uncle Miguel.

Liam tried to avoid going pro but the draw was strong. Miguel told him that it was foolish to not see that he was giving up a couple of years of low pay at the expense of a long lasting education. When Liam went to college he found himself at home and once he started his major his passion for the game started to evaporate, leaving him with a clear image of what he should do with his life.

He was drafted by several teams in his four years at college, finally accepting a deal his senior year with the New York Mets. Miguel was pleased that he went with them instead of the LA Dodgers or the New York Yankees, he was close but still far enough away to live his own life. His parents insisted on him visiting as often as he could even if it was only for a few minutes before a game.

Miguel was a frequent visitor, giving Liam pointers and helping him deal with the media and fans. Liam would go on to play for 15 years before injuries took their toll. He wasn't an all star but he did manage to win a World Series with the Mets, defeating the Yankees and getting the series-winning hit.


Liam's grandmother Cynthia Byrne retired after nearly years as a teacher. She left a legacy of having taught most of the elder kids in her grandchildren's generation. She would regret not teaching her grandchildren but her health wasn't cooperating during her final year.

Her time was mostly spent helping volunteer at her daughter-in-law's daycare center and being there for the younger kids and teens as a surrogate grandmother when their parents or grandparents weren't able to take care of them for a few hours. It was rewarding work that the kids appreciated, even if she was a strict disciplinarian who at times butted heads with Cat Finn and Daisy Peterson. She never relented and loved to see their forlorn looks as they accepted punishment for not listening to Cynthia's rules.

She passed away at the tender age of 90. She wasn't the first of her generation to pass on but her impact reverberated among the grandchildren and great-grandchildren who loved her deeply. She never knew just how much of an impact she had on the city until there were calls to name a school after her, which was done as a third middle school was opened and named in her honor.


Lupe and Cameron Byrne-Toro saw their children grow into amazing adults and were proud of the people that they had become. The couple stayed close to their three kids and kept the trio focused on school and helped them figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. Cameron just wanted them to be happy and comfortable with their lives while encouraging them to think freely and not hide their true selves, giving them encouragement in their activities even if they weren't accepted by friends.

Lupe was happy to see that Ashley had found a passion in photography alongside Rosalind and was responsible for is taking classes in high school and trying to win acceptance into a prestigious art school alongside Rosalind. Cameron was glad that he had applied to a school at all instead of opting to lounge around home until he was forced to get a job when his trust fund dried up. Ever the doting mother, Lupe bought Ashley's first editing software and even some key accessories for Rosalind to use in her clandestine photography treks with Ashley.

The couple opted not to try for more children as Lupe wasn't comfortable with carrying another man's child inside her. Cameron was fine with it though. Cameron wanted her happy regardless of fatherhood.

After their daughter Reyna graduated high school, Cameron underwent a hysterectomy to remove his female reproductive organs and an even more invasive and tougher phalloplasty to give him his long desired penis. It took him weeks to recover from the shock and pain but every time he saw his new anatomy he had to hold back tears of joy. Lupe loved him regardless but accepted that it was something that he needed to do to feel completely whole.

Liam accepted that his father was in pain and helped around the house a lot more. Seeing his parents in a state of euphoria he took it to mean that he should start acting like a mature boy from now on and was starting to move from his little boy phase into his young man phase. His change of attitude trickled down to his friends as they started to emulate his actions giving their parents great joy at the changes.


Lupe and Cameron were frequent visitors to Lupe's brother Miguel's games after Reyna graduated high school and as Liam started to drift away from needing them. Their closeness had an impact on Miguel who finally felt the pangs of love and wanted to find someone like himself. During a winter development camp he got his chance as one of the mothers caught his eye and made his heart flutter.

Over the week that her daughter learned to play the game, Miguel spoke with her frequently. The two had a lot in common and upon learning that she was a single mother he timidly asked her on a date.

It took all of his strength to ask his sister for help him prepare but Lupe didn't tease him and helped him find the perfect outfit to wear. Cameron had him style his hair while Reyna groomed his nails. It took all of his nerves to avoid saying something but they were trying to make him look good.

Their date was a smashing success and ended with Miguel sleeping with her. Her daughter had stayed with the Byrne-Toros overnight and bonded with the family. She knew what her mother was doing and just wanted her happy, even if she had to stay with strangers overnight.

The couple met frequently and after two months Miguel proposed to his girlfriend. She agreed, but on the condition that he adopt her daughter as his own so she could have the father she needed. He was in tears as she said that, he happily told her "I couldn't refuse to be her father. I love her like a daughter."

The couple married in a small ceremony in Ft. Myers during Spring Training. Miguel was given the news that he hadn't expected, his new wife was nearly three months pregnant with his child. The couple told the Byrne-Toros and saw Reyna crying at finally having a cousin of her own, with none of the Stoners taking offense as her real intent was biological cousin which the Stoners had.

The couple gave birth to a handsome boy who was followed a year later by a happy baby girl. Miguel found renewed vigor and was able to give more to his pitching as he had a reason to perform well now that he had a family at home to provide for. It was tough but he stayed healthy throughout his career.

He continued to pitch at the top level for the next six years until he called it quit at age 44. He had a solid career and managed to remain with the Red Sox until his retirement then joined the front office as a youth mentor and regional development coordinator. He got along well with kids and helped many grow into top prospects with the Red Sox often getting first shot at signing the kids.


Reyna Byrne-Toro knew that her girlfriend Rachel Sylvester was going to be a top forensic computer analyst and fight cyber crimes for the state. Reyna had a similar interest in forensics, only hers was more along the lines of crime scene investigations than computers. The two were of one mind when it came to crimes and prosecuting those who broke the law, their pasts had driven this resolve.

After high school the ladies went to college and earned degrees while Rachel went on to earn more advanced degrees while working part-time for the state. Reyna was a top examiner who could find even the most minute and easily overlooked trace evidence giving her a reputation as an eagle-eyed techie. She was ruthless at getting the evidence and had to be reined in at times to keep from crossing the line.

Rachel earned a PhD becoming one of the state's top examiners and worked alongside David in her role as investigator. Reyna rarely got to work with Rachel but the two didn't let that affect their relationship. As long as they were together at night that was fine with them.

The couple married during sophomore year of college with only Rachel's sister knowing what they were about to do. Rachel swore her to secrecy but Iris knew this was an attempt to avoid their uncle's need to put the couple on display and give them a wedding that he felt they needed. Iris smiled and asked if she could join her in the wedding, having her own girlfriend Sam York marry her right there.

When the motherhood bug hit Rachel, Reyna sought out her frozen semen samples and helped Rachel become pregnant. The couple did this four times, welcoming two boys and two girls into their lives. One of their daughters took after Reyna a bit more than the others, after six years as a girl she finally confessed to her mothers that she couldn't go on living as a girl and needed to become a boy.

The couple accepted this and told their third son about his mother's as well as his grandfather's and his mother's second-cusin's start in life as, getting a teary hug and kiss as he learned that he was not alone in his feelings. They talked for hours and agreed to seek help, with his aunt Jaimie taking him on as a client for the initial examination then passing on his care to an unbiased Alison Eliza.


Rachel's bratty little brother Marcus was not so much bratty as attention deprived. Growing up with two successful and outgoing older sisters as well as a bunch of first cousins that were changing the world little by little. He fell in with a tough crowd and got into many petty crimes but never outright broke the law or harmed anyone during his rebellious streak.

Marcus would always find his guardian angel in Brent Jones, the boy who was the counter to Marcus in all ways. Marcus was tall, muscular, and somewhat behind in education while Brent was average height, skinny, and advanced in his classes. For some reason they always got along and Marcus would look out for Brent whenever there was trouble.

The two were so close that their parents felt they may have something more going on between them. Marcus never dated despite girls flinging themselves at him while Brent never tried to look at a girl, but given his smaller body it was not a surprise that he was reluctant to do so. The two would always be found together especially when schoolwork needed to be done.

Brent grew taller and finally filled out, just as his father had predicted he would. He didn't date though, even if girls came after him. He didn't see girls as dating material, he had no interest.

During their senior prom, the two went stag and danced with their friends. The girls treated Brent like he was one of them while Marcus was just another guy in their eyes. During the last dance of the night the two looked into each other's eyes and embraced in a long kiss.

The kiss made sense to everyone who knew them. The two never dated because they were fighting their feelings for one another. Marcus was in love with Brent and Brent was in love with Marcus.

The two went home and tearfully confessed to their parents that they loved one another. They were not the least bit surprised and were happy that they accepted their sexuality and were true to themselves. They were given the blessing to date and did so much to the shock and anger of Marcus' former friends.

His friends abandoned him, declaring him a freak and uncool while doing whatever they could to make him out to be a monster. All of their attempts failed and after a failed attempt to attack Marcus because his leaving them caused their latest scheme to backfired he told them to never bother him again. He was serious, when they went after him in retaliation he put three of them in the hospital with the last three being too scared to return to school again.

The couple dated throughout college and into the start of their professional lives. Marcus became technician at a pharmaceutical company while Brent became a federal agent like his father. Brent would spend a lot of time away from home but would always call home to speak with Marcus.

The two opted to follow their cousins and have surrogate pregnancies. Their donors for their children were a lesbian couple who were happy to help a couple like themselves and would become close to them. They were not fans of children and were more than happy to be the kids' "aunties" while they were growing up and tell them the truth when they were old enough to accept it.

The couple had a child each with each woman, with the four being blood to one another. They would have two boys and two girls, a boy and girl each, making it complex and sweet. Their parents were happy to have them as grandchildren and loved all of them equally.


Iris and Sam had few interests outside of sports and cheerleading. Iris was a gifted athlete who helped the high school to several conference championships and a state title in volleyball her senior year. Sam was involved in cheerleading and couldn't find much else to do outside of class without her friends.

Iris majored in communications while Sam majored in environmental science. The two joined a group at their school that were fighting pollution and butted heads with several major polluters while trying to get state and federal agencies involved in taking action against the polluters. The two were successful and found their calling as investigators and advocates for groups trying to clean the environment.

The couple married two years after earning their degrees, with both choosing to become pregnant with a donor's sperm. They got pregnant once each, not enjoying the feeling of pregnancy and having a long recovery from postpartum depression. If not for their devoted family they would have suffered a worse fate as they fought constantly during their pregnancies making their friends and family believe that their marriage may not survive a second pregnancy.


Sam's brother Virgil coasted through school and found himself at a loss for what to study in college. He could not make up his mind and spent a long time talking with his parents about his future. When he made an offhand joke about ending up selling people things he realized that was what he could do.

He earned a degree in sales and marketing and on a lark earned a license in real estate. He found a job as a real estate agent and was actually very successful at that job. It wasn't for him though, he loved to sell things to people but he couldn't lie nor tout what wasn't very good.

His next job was as a salesperson for Peterson Manufacturing. It was a blind interview with their HR people based his resume, they wanted an experienced salesperson and he was that person. When he told them that he knew most of the senior management and actually was a close friend of Daisy and dated her for a brief and disastrous period in high school they scrambled to save their jobs.

It wasn't necessary as none of the senior management knew about the interview nor would they dare to intervene to help him. Virgil would refuse the help and they would not allow family connections to be used to get a job that wasn't earned on merit. When he was hired outright, Virgil found himself being congratulated by Shea, Lilly, Patrick, and John as they saw him.

He had trouble finding a date and his longtime crush on Daisy fizzled. He found a willing ear in his cousins but it wasn't until his cousin Trinity's friend agreed to go out with him on a pity date to raise his spirits that he found someone. She was a talker and Virgil listened to her with a keen interest in what she had to say, he was always quiet inside and out of class but he always listened, much to her delight.

The couple dated for several years before finally marrying. She wasn't interested in sex nor was she interested in dating anyone else when she had the hottest guy in school with her. He was handsome, so much so that Trinity blushed the first time she saw his chiseled body in a swimsuit in 7th grade.

The couple had two children, both of whom were boys. Virgil ensured that they were tested for genetic abnormalities and that they didn't have any hidden female organs so they avoided a fate like his sister. It was a short fight with the doctors but a review of Sam's history prompted a quick review and sure enough, one was genetically female inside with pseudo-male genitalia.

His wife was relieved to know that her husband was not going to let an "expert" tell him what to do when it came to their children's health. She fell even more in love with Virgil, but lost her third baby that saw her uterus needing to be removed she wasn't able to give him more children. Virgil didn't care, he loved her regardless and if they really needed to be parents again they would adopt a child instead.


Jame and Tanya York treated Iris like a second daughter while Mark and Leslie Sylvester treated Sam like a third daughter. Tanya and Leslie kept growing closer as the years wore on and their daughters married, they shared too much in common that their partners Lupe and Melanie never did. While Lupe had experienced abuse and neglect, Melanie never did and Lupe's was only after Reyna's transition.

The two talked daily and for hours on end, and when their preschool finally grew enough to branch out the two were automatic choices to share the lead in the new venture. They had a strong sense of what to do to attract new customers and expand their curriculum. They never had a problem with the state or cities as their preschools were always clean and orderly and their students highly praised by schools.

They gave a mother in need of a fresh start her chance to shine as she replaced them in Winnisimmet as the third preschool teacher. Her sons had gone to school with the "group of 14", graduating alongside them but never knowing them. She was a smart choice as she proved to be eager and had a preexisting connection with many of the families who were now coming to the preschool.

James and Mark were actually good friends, more so than anyone had realized. James' family never dared to contact him again after learning about Tanya years before and Mark was an only child whose family abandoned him when he chose to become a social worker. The two formed a tight bond, despite James and Todd Flynn being close through their wives James and Mark were actually closer through a mutual respect and admiration of one another.

None of the other guys would say anything about their closeness. Mark and James were seen as the guys you didn't tease and didn't try to separate. John told the others "you don't joke about my closeness with Melanie, you never joke about Mick, Mike, and Alex, you shouldn't joke about James and Mark."

The preschool was just as successful as its sister school and was in a needed location which helped get its quota of kids in a span of months. They had a lot of low-income and no-income families which were paid for by the city so the kids were able to have a place to go until they reached school age. The kids were quick to take to the ladies and their new employees and were often more prepared for school than their counterparts from more expensive preschools in the city.

The four kept things to just two locations, not wanting to over-expand due to need as they had seen a chain collapse under that problem already. They were making a tidy profit as it was, despite the low returns and delays in payment from the city. The kids were good kids and they came first, they actually didn't need money thanks to their family's wealth so it wasn't a big deal to them if they simply broke even some weeks or for the course of a month.


Tanya's youngest child, Louis, was the one who shocked everyone by being the most different. He was friends with the youngest kids in the large family but never really did much socially. He was closest to his cousin Jasmine but never opened up to her about things.

When he graduated high school he applied to and got accepted by an art school. As he worked on his degree he created multiple pieces for his portfolio and won high praise for his paintings of landscapes and his sculptures that encapsulated feelings yet didn't try to break into the realm of surreal. He just liked to paint what was there and sculpt what he felt a sculpture should show, hitting his mark often.

His sculptures were good enough to find patrons among the public sector as he crafted several pieces for train stations and office buildings, often seen but not often noticed. His professors were jealous of his natural abilities and accused him of using his family connections to get the jobs but all of his work was submitted under an artistic name with only his lawyer knowing. He won the commissions fairly.

After he graduated he painted for himself, filling up his garage with paintings until his parents forced him to open a gallery to sell them off. He didn't really care about the money, it was simply a moment in time that had passed to him. The money was really great though, which allowed him to buy his own building and renovate it into his personal art studio and gallery.

He had little time for love but during a friend's wedding he met a young woman who was enamored with his good looks and charming personality. The two talked throughout the reception with Louis never revealing his day job to her. When they had been dating for a month he finally showed his true self to her, getting tears from her as she admitted that she loved some of his earliest paintings.

She knew of him but didn't care one bit about his profile or portfolio. The two dated for another two months before they married, with Louis springing the wedding on her as a surprise. Her family was there to witness it, they weren't happy that she was marrying an artist but they wanted her happy.

The couple had two children together. She had one older child from a previous marriage that imploded that Louis adopted as his own. They loved one another deeply and for him to take her son on as his own child made her love him all the more as he showed his love with actions not words.

She had a humble job as a receptionist before taking over the gallery for Louis. She ran it well and was the cause of it growing to the point where it needed its own space and for branching out to showcase other burgeoning artists who just needed a chance to show their work. Louis wasn't concerned with the showing, he cared about the artists' works and insisted that they be true to their work and not just trying to make art that would appeal to the masses instead of appealing to the heart.


Tanya's parents, Joshua and Peggy Raymond, moved to Winnisimmet to be closer to their daughters and six grandchildren. They helped their daughter Astrid whenever she had to work nights and was the one whom the kids went to for an unbiased talk before they went to their parents. Peggy was a tough disciplinarian who often kept Virgil from getting out of line and forced him to do his homework instead of goofing off with his friends.

Peggy sadly passed on before her first great-grandchildren were born. She saw Sam and Iris marry but was too ill to see Virgil graduate middle school that same month. Without Peggy, Joshua was lost in his own world and his health steadily declined before he too passed on. They were in their early 70s when they died and left Tanya and Astrid everything except their house, which went to Mia and Nancy Flynn.


Astrid Flynn recovered from her pregnancy fast and kept working as a paramedic for Boston EMS. It took a toll on her health until she was encouraged to seek out a promotion to supervisor so she didn't have to respond to calls as often and deal with so many patients. This led to her having a steadier work schedule and eventually finding her niche as the northiside supervisor.

She would further go on to become a shift supervisor, only responding to major calls as needed. It was more of a desk job which she was great at. It was tough and political but she endured it for her family.

Her husband Todd was promoted to lieutenant and eventually captain. He was the man in charge of the shifts at the county jail and helped stop several potential murders before they occurred just by keeping an eye on his colleagues and visitors. It frequently met the ire of subordinates but he was not going to let the "think blue line" allow crimes to take place just because they could do it.

Todd was touted as a potential to replace the retiring Suffolk County Sheriff and as one of the last acts as governor, Christina James appointed him as the new sheriff to replace the medically retired sheriff. Todd would go on to run for the position, facing off against politically connected candidates who tried to use his race against him until they met his wife, sister-in-law, niece, and nephews. Nobody told the candidates that Todd's wife was mixed-race let alone connected to the powerful Reagan family, but the shock of Todd and Louis Reagan embracing with Louis happily telling colleague about Todd being the right man for the job as he had run the jail ended the race right then and there.

Todd won easily, and would go on to serve three terms as sheriff. He fought off attempts by the next two governors to groom him to take over as head of the Executive Office of Public Safety. He was happy with his job and didn't like politics and let his work do the talking for him.


Jasmine Flynn was the second youngest of her generation and the one who broke all of the rules as she fell in love with Walter Bollinger from an early age. She made no qualms about him being her boyfriend and had all of the girls in their class giving her the stink eye when she claimed him. Walter wasn't given the chance to refuse, he saw her as his best friend and loved her deeply.

When they reached middle school, Walter's feelings changed from sisterly love to sexual love as he saw his best friend as more than a friend. Jasmine stayed true to her word and kissed him on the lips when she caught him looking at her differently. He didn't hesitate to kiss her back, he was relieved that she was feeling the same way after all and it wasn't just a big game to her.

The couple stayed together throughout high school and into college. Jasmine went to college to become a dentist, shocking everyone in the family as she was the least likely among the kids to actually try to become a doctor. She did well in her job and got the family to improve their dental habits which had the effect of causing their health to improve over time.

Walter grew large and was a behemoth on the football field. The defensive lineman and offensive tackle earned a college scholarship offer from Boston Cambridge University and eventually got himself drafted by the New York Giants. He'd play tackle for 13 years before breaking his leg and ending his career, but doing so against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in a losing effort.

When he retired he became his wife's dental assistant. The big man was actually great at his job and was a big inspiration for many large kids to see that they weren't big ugly behemoths that many believed them to be just because they were tall or fat. They listened to his advice and turned their lives around, starting to either accept their size or try to lose weight for their own health.

The couple would have two kids, both boys. The boys were their parents' joy and loved helping around the office. They didn't want to be like either, they just loved being around their parents.


Nancy Flynn followed in her mother's footsteps after college. She became a paramedic, first with a private company then with Boston EMS when her name came up on their civil service list. She was apt with anatomy and could diagnose problems quickly and anticipate when a patient would "crash" and need to be revived, saving numerous lives through this.

She and her boyfriend Steven Pierce were inseparable, becoming parents during their freshman year of college and marrying before their son was born. Steven earned a degree in biology and went on to medical school, straining his relationship with Nancy to the point that they separated for three years as he threw himself into his work while she took as many shifts as she could to keep from thinking about the man she had thrown out of their home.

When Steven graduated from medical school and started his residency, Nancy started to thaw to her husband. She truly loved him and seeing him miserable at the hospital only caused her to become more and more morose. When they were finally forced to talk to one another they broke down in one each other's arms and kissed, with Nancy telling him how sorry she was for hurting him.

Their son felt the sting of not having his father around and blamed Steven for leaving them alone. He tried hard to reconcile with the boy but it took a lot of walks and talking with his mother before he saw that it wasn't Steven's fault. He slowly accepted his father into his life again, but was on a short leash.

Nancy became pregnant with a second then third child, giving birth to two daughters. The girls were like their parents, while Steven and Steven Junior were alike in all ways. Steven would tell his son about his life before his parents adopted him, getting the boy to see that his dad was sensitive and not the uncaring and unloving man he had told others he was for years.

Steven would go on to specialize in cardiology and open a successful practice. Nancy quit her job as a paramedic to work as his nurse and help Steven run his practice. She earned her degree in nursing then began her long journey towards becoming a nurse practitioner, allowing her to do more work at the practice than anyone else and allow Steven to service more patients.


Steven's parents, Graham and Riley, were successful in their business ventures. Riley's shop expanded with the new clientele brought in by her newer stylists and helped them become partners in her shop. She was more than willing to share ownership with two people who were actively keeping her shop afloat at times when customers were driven away by offers of "better" and "cheaper" styling at rival salons only to become unsatisfied with their new looks.

The two whom she had hired were friendly and bridged the generation gap between older clients and the younger clients who were more daring and willing to pay more for styles. Riley and the ladies came up with a strong balance and worked hard to achieve it, garnering new clients as other salons failed to capture changing trends nor find newer, younger clients.

Graham worked hard to turn Peterson Manufacturing into a giant in the manufacturing world. He was a bulldog when it came to seeking out new streams of revenue and bringing ideas into creation. His support of the slower growing graphic design division was often questioned until that division started to see an increase in subcontracting and new contracts with many other businesses who had to pay more for services that the division could do cheaper and with better results.

Zachary Phillips was a close friend of Graham especially as Graham's elder son and Zachary's elder daughter were close friends. Their wives were even closer, Margo Phillips and Riley would spend many weekends working together as they helped Gabby Bollinger on a tough assignment. Their kids were a bit reluctant to get close but Oscar Phillips and Trina were on good terms and saw the need of their parents to have friends even if they were a bit reluctant to get as close as their parents were.

Graham stayed in his role as CEO of Peterson Manufacturing until he had to retire due to ill health and passed on the CEO position to Graham. Graham tried to pawn it off onto Patrick or Emma but neither would let the man who knew the company better than anyone lead it. Graham was a fair leader and let his replacement as CTO earn her spot on merit instead of friendship.

When Graham stepped down as CEO, Riley and he took a long trip around the world. Graham knew this was her preparing herself for the inevitable and wanted to have as much time with her husband while she still could. Their grandchildren spent their summer with them in Europe before going home, with the couple finally stopping when Graham had a second heart attack, this time disabling him.

Graham would pass away at the age of 60, leaving his wife to grieve but not letting her feel sad as he had a good life with her. Oscar and his wife could barely hold themselves together as Graham was laid to rest, it took Riley to pick them up and tell them he wouldn't let them dwell on his passing. She knew just what to say and when to say it, Graham wouldn't want her to feel down and would not want his son and daughter-in-law to feel terrible because he was no longer there.


Oscar Pierce was his father's son and could "BS" with the best of them while keeping you focused on what you needed to do and not let you get bogged down in arguments or lose focus on what you needed to do. He was crafty and knew if you weren't being truthful, parlaying that ability into being a good state trooper. He surprised his friends with his choice of career but it was actually a good choice for the always inquisitive and suspicious Oscar.

He didn't joint the state police right away, he served four years in the Air Force as a security forces officer while his girlfriend Amy Bollinger went to college. He "broke up" with her to allow her a chance to find herself a man who was better able to be her boyfriend while he was in danger, instead she refused to even date anyone let alone find someone to replace her beloved Oscar.

Amy followed in her mother's footsteps and took up network administration in college. She first earned her certifications in several different networking fields to make herself more marketable as an administrator then earned her bachelor's degree two years later. She graduated with a computer science degree but it was an empty degree in her eyes as it didn't matter, her certifications did.

When she saw Oscar at her commencement she bolted to him at full speed and toppled him over, falling to the ground with tears streaming down her face as he told her that he was coming home to his future wife. Amy cried further, putting her maternal family ring on her finger and barley able to say "yes" to his unasked proposal. They were wed the next day in front of their family at city hall, with Steven acting as Oscar's best man while Trina acted as Amy's maid of honor.

The couple spent hours making love and ensuring that Amy was pregnant, nearly giving her brother Walter a heart attack as the couple were caught in Amy's room naked and grunting wildly. She told her little brother that it was alright but he told her to have sex somewhere else from now on. The little boy had caused both of his parents to nearly pass out from his frank words while the couple blushed.

Amy gave birth to a boy whom they named Graham then followed a year later with a girl named Abigail. She was pregnant with her third child, a boy to be named Ezekiel, when Oscar was injured in the line of duty and would take a long time to recover but would not be fit for duty any longer. It was devastating to Oscar but Amy would not let him become depressed as they had to focus on their child.

He had only been on the job for five years when he was hurt, he had to take early retirement but was told that he had future as a private detective. The pay was steady and the work wasn't as tough, the job though would require him to spent a lot of time away from the family. Amy was happy that he was going to find a new job that used his skills, it sucked but it was better than a deep depression.

Oscar also found another benefit, he would often get hired by the state to do some of what he used to do but without the restrictions. He excelled at finding deadbeat fathers and people who owed vast sums of money to companies and private citizens. He actually helped take down several companies who were preying on victims by giving bad loans as he happily ratted out his employers to his former colleagues, instead of retaliating against him the companies had to fight off the state and always lost their battles.

Amy would find herself in a unique position as she was hired by Peterson Manufacturing to keep their computer systems joined together as well as integrating former ACME computers into their network. It was parlayed into Amy being asked to take over for Zachary when Graham stepped down, giving a bit of continuity as Amy knew what Zachary knew and had helped build their new network from scratch. She was a good choice, she had the experience and credentials that other candidates lacked and gave the company a big boost as she was in a visible position to help women see they could be like her.

Amy worked hard at her job and one day would succeed Zachary when he retired from the position. She was chosen over Patrick as he had no interest in the job and Emma again refused to take on the role of running everything. Nobody dared say anything about her being appointed to the position as she had actually been groomed for it for years by anyone who knew anything about the company.


Amy's elder sister Jessie was the member of their family who had the least glamorous lifestyle. She had no interest in business and wasn't bestowed with a knighthood nor did she design the next great website that everyone had to use or get left behind by the advances of the internet. She followed her heart and became a physical therapist, one who would find herself working with many famous athletes.

Jessie went to school to earn a degree in physical therapy and while interning with the Red Sox thanks to the recommendation by the team's trainer she helped heal two of their star players. Those players were notorious for their laziness and lax physical training regime, causing many to question just how she was able to keep them in line and listen to her. It was actually easy, she told them off and refused to let them push her around no matter how much they threatened her.

The players were so used to people giving them whatever they wanted whenever they wanted that the young lady who dared to refuse to let them off without stretching or doing the needed number of kicks and thrusts and punches caught them off guard and caught their attention. They listened to her, as she was known to them already and more importantly because she knew just how to harm them with the team as she told the trainer that they were spoiled brats. He grinned and told them that they were about to kiss a chunk of their salary and bonuses because they were delaying their play instead of healing.

She earned her license and upon opening up her own center she received offers from the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots to help their injured players. Jessie was a success and when she finally joined her best fried Rebecca Lopez as a partner the two took the region by storm as they earned the best contracts and were paid handsomely for their efforts. The center was a go-to place for any athletes injured or trying to prevent injuries, even going so far as to not need to advertise as word of mouth was doing everything for them.

Jessie saw her love life blossom as she and Reed Pena were together ever since college. Reed spent a year working for Bollinger Accounting as an auditor and assisting the Attorney General's Office in a slew of investigations that Bollinger Accounting was contacted to help sort through. He graduated with a degree in accounting and forensic analysis and was hired by the Attorney General full-time.

The two made for a unique pair as Jessie was never short-changed by her clients who always paid on time and in full as they feared Reed and his tenacious investigative skills. His reputation saved Jessie at least once as someone anonymously claimed she was defrauding the state by over-billing customers and charging the state for services not actually rendered to clients. Reed smelled a rat and traced the money to the actual account and showed that it was actually a rival who was doing the billing using the name of Jessie's center without authorization.

Jessie and Rebecca successfully sued and caused the rival to go out of business while their employees were fined and the owners sentenced to prison for fraud and perjury. Reed didn't have to do much with that investigation, he handed over everything to his colleagues who happily investigated on his behalf and made the connections with his subtle suggestions. He didn't directly intervene but he set them right.

The couple were close and were always together when they weren't working. They were the last of their friends to have children as Jessie wanted to build up her business first while Reed earned his degrees and certifications. They finally had a little boy four years after Jessie's therapy center opened.

He was soon followed by another son then identical twin girls. They finally were happy to stop at four as Jessie couldn't have any more children once the twins were born due to complications that left her with scarring that prevented her from carrying a baby to term. She was devastated to lose her fifth child due to a miscarriage but understood that it was a sign that their family was complete.

Reed would earn a law degree while Jessie was pregnant with the twins, allowing him to rise through the ranks of the Attorney General's Office and head up the financial crimes division. When there was a shakeup after Attorney General Angela Victor retired followed by Reed's mother Kennedy Reed actually ended up being appointed the acting Attorney General. He was stuck in the job for over two years as there was nobody who would accept the job as he had the best resume in the office.

Reed was faced with a dilemma as he would be out of the job when his successor was elected and he actually liked the job. Jessie encouraged him to run for the office outright, telling him that his mother's and sister's private lives were their own and he was the one who was running not them. Reed filed the paperwork to run then went around the state to drum up support and finding it in the various police units throughout the state, from the smallest town to the largest departments.

Reed's father was highly respected and his mother was seen as having been cheated out of the job by a slew of bigots masquerading as liberals but really much worse than conservatives they made people fear. Reed also had support from abuse victims and advocates as he refused to hide his birth family's past from anyone and embraced that he too was a recovering victim. He finally had the support of the regular working class people as he had done a lot to protect them in his job that others didn't do.

It was a tight race but Reed pulled ahead in the final month, with his opponents not standing a chance as Reed's supporters ripped them apart for not even working for the Attorney General's Office let alone any of his predecessors and only wanted the office as a stepping stone to the Senate or Governorship. Reed's opponents tried desperately to dig up dirt on him, only to find themselves getting hit hard for trying to drag families into the race and Reed countering them by telling them that he wasn't going after their family's dirty laundry, laundry that wasn't as well hidden as thy thought. His little biting remark actually sparked an investigation by reporters who uncovered allegations of abuse and multiple arrests done by his opponent leading for questions about his ability to lead the office.

Reed won by 20 points as the public turned against his opponent as he tried and failed to put a lid on the carefully hidden past but only leading to more allegations to be uncovered, ones that were dropped after his family threatened witnesses. The fact that members of the most famous historical political family in the state had buried major crimes by their family brought the family's illicit past into question and allowed Reed to cruise to victory. He was graceful, thanking his opponent for giving him a race that would go down in the history books and hoped that he continued to do the job to their satisfaction.

Reed would serve three terms before retiring from politics and allowing his successor to take over. Reed went to work at Bollinger Accounting and worked there until he retired at age 60. He had a happy life with Jessie and didn't need to work any longer, with Jessie joining him in retirement.


Jessie's parents, Zeke and Gabby, downsized from their home when Amy moved out before she went off to college. They sold their home to Polly and Diego and didn't try to take any of the equipment in the basement as it would be used by the couple every day. The Bollingers joined the main part of the family in the jokingly called "Finnville", not knowing their large home would be needed soon.

Zeke worked for another four year before retiring as the physical education teacher at the Winnisimmet Middle School complex. He started to feel his age as he chased off several boys getting rough with Cat Finn and if not for her brother JD he may have hurt them to keep them off of her. It was a sad moment for him but his body wasn't holding up as well as it used to and the stress was taking its toll on him.

He retired but ran for school committee to give a voice of experience from the inside and serve as both a parent of a current and parent of former students. He won easily, and proceeded to help get several reforms passed while keeping out of any other kind of politics. He enjoyed the job, but hated politics.

Gabby ran her successful web design and webmaster business as well as her network administration contracting firm from home until the family downsized to a smaller home and she needed a new place to work form. It would be like before, only she converted the home into offices and a small server farm. It was the least likely place to put a server farm but it worked well for her as it was hidden from view.

She started to expand her services as she took on more clients and added her own son and daughter as her newest employees once they earned their degrees. It was what she had always wanted, her kids following in her footsteps but doing so entirely on their own. They were exactly as she had hoped, with the two working hard and at times exceeding Gabby's own skills at the job.

She sold her web design and maintenance business to her son when Amy took over as CTO at Peterson Manufacturing allowing Gabby to retire in peace while Zeke and she enjoyed their son Walter growing into manhood. The youngest Bollinger didn't disappoint as he was the best of both of his parents with his father's looks but his mother's brains and the added benefit of his sister's compassion.


Donald Bollinger grew in size during his time in high school. Gone was the lanky, awkward boy. By senior year he was the tallest boy in school and had put on enough muscles to give most girls a need for a change of panties at seeing him and most boys a case of penis envy.

He may have been the tallest boy in school but he was a gentle giant, one with a heart of gold who kept those around him safe and protected those who needed help. He was in several fights with boys who wanted to assert their dominance in school but only wound up getting hurt or made to look like fools by the school's ladies. He never sought out trouble, it managed to always find him.

Donald never strayed from his love for his girlfriend, Francesca Herman, nor his loyalty to his friends. He could never dream of hurting Francesca while Thomas Samuels and Reed were the guys that he had fond hopes of one day befriending and becoming like. Whenever he was around them he was different, much more cool and collected.

Jessie didn't mind this change in him as he had been hurt by so many for so long that it was part of him. He and Francesca were always close and whenever he was upset about something she was the one to calm him. The duo understood him and gave him a guy's perspective and support whenever needed.

The couple never needed to work but worked hard in college, with Donald earning a degree in graphic design like his mother had done. He learned the job in high school, honed his skills as an artist while under the watchful eye of Zachary, then went on to help his mother create several major websites all while still in college and much to the shock and jealousy of his professors.

Francesca found her calling in life as she earned her degree in literature. She was asked by a classmate to join the cast of a small play a friend was trying to stage but couldn't get enough actors. Donald was roped in to help as were the rest of their friends once Francesca pleaded with them to help her.

It turned out to be an eye-opening experience as Francesca stole the show and garnered praise and the eye of a casting director for a local independent movie. Francesca took the role at no cost, just gas money, lodging, and food. The movie was a surprise critical darling and garnered Francesca more roles in local film productions as well as a few TV shows being shot on location in Boston.

When she graduated she was offered even more roles, but it would require her to move to California. She and Donald talked about it and he was happy to move out west, provided his mother could make it possible for him to work from his new home without interruption. That was easy to do, he just wanted to gauge what Gabby's reaction would be but she was not about to stop the couple from going west.

Before they moved, Donald asked for and was granted a wedding to Francesca. Both the Bollingers and the Hermans came out in force, but their friends and extended family remained home to give the couple a chance to do the wedding on their own. Their friends did agree that they would host a celebration for the newlyweds that would also serve as their going away party so they could enjoy them one last time.

Out west, Francesca built up her resume with small roles before competing for larger roles. She was a natural at dramatics and could do comedy with a straight face while taking both hits to the body as well as pratfalls. Her range was good enough to earn her a coveted role in a major dramatic production, one that hit Francesca close to home- the adaptation of her decease mother Wendy White-Clark's book saga.

Francesca shook as she read the script, then cried as they mangled it beyond recognition. She made a frantic call to her parents who handled it from there. Francesca kept a copy of the script just in case it was denied that they were about to break the production deal with her over the movie, knowing that it could come in handy to prove the screenwriters didn't give a damn about the book series at all.

Things came to a head as she was confronted over revealing the contents of the script to outsiders. She sighed, then calmly told the director "unless this script is changed to actually reflect the book series this movie will not be made. It is in direct violation with the movie deal and the producers will not be happy to know that their money is about to be forfeited while another company picks up the rights."

She was threatened with being blackballed to which she told him "try it. I own the rights to the books. My name may be Francesca Herman but until I was adopted by my current parents I was Francesca White-Clark, daughter of Wendy and Belle White-Clark. I know the books inside and out, I edited and rewrote the last two books. This movie is dead until the script is rewritten and if you can't or won't accept that then you will be replaced with someone who can do that."

She threw down the gauntlet while Donald stood tall over her and added "her lawyers are aware of what you are trying to do and are speaking with the studio. If the producers won't kill your version of the movie then they will scrap it and hold off production as you will be making something that they can't release without losing hundreds of millions. You are done with it though."

The director thought he was smart and called her bluff, releasing to the media that the rights holder was trying to extort them into making it their way and suppressing their artistic freedom. The studio stood by Francesca and countered with chapter and verse the agreement between them and the heir of Wendy White-Clark and just how the director had violated the agreement. He was fired for his actions and saw his "friends" start to come out with similar tales of extortion and changes to the works of screenwriters who tried to stay true to the source material instead of giving in to his views on sex, violence, and race.

The newly hired director tossed the script into the trash and had a new script commissioned, personally seeing to it that it was rewritten to meet Francesca's wishes. She was heavily involved with the rewrite, in fact she was so involved that she ended up being the co-scriptwriter as it was just as much her idea as it was the screenwriter's. Their version was true to the novels and more entertaining as the central characters were more endearing with the love stories clearer and the antagonists true antagonists and not delightful anti-heroes who you felt sorry for instead of hated.

Francesca starred in the movie as the lead actress, garnering herself an Academy Award nomination. She lost out to a woman who portrayed a poor, disabled woman trying to overcome her tough start and find a place for herself. Francesca couldn't take offense as her performance was outstanding.

Francesca did win an Academy Award, this one for "Best Adapted Screenplay" which she shared with her co-writer and refused to take the credit as he was the one who did the hard work while she only did the editing to help it stay true to the book. Her humility was appreciated and gave the screenwriter the spotlight and boost to his career that he needed. She was genuine in her words, he did it himself and she simply worked with what he had already laid down and added her personal insight to the script.

Her act of humility sparked rumors of the two being a couple. Francesca just smiled and told the reporters that the two were friendly but strictly acted as coworkers and that she was happily married to the man of her dreams. The few who didn't know she was married started a hunt for the man, never thinking that the towering and unassuming Donald was that man.

Francesca kissed Donald in the park a couple of days later, sparking concerns that she was cheating on her husband with her bodyguard. Donald and her being seen together holding hands and kissing made it all the funnier to everyone who knew them and caused the media inquiries to make them all look like fools as she toyed with them. She wasn't going to let her private life be their fodder anymore.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore and casually told the roving paparazzi that Donald was her long unknown husband. Rumors started to circulate that she had secretly divorced and married Donald but nobody bothered to check in her hometown about them. When they went back east for a vacation, the couple were followed and upon seeing so many people gathered around her they were led away and told to either leave her alone or face jail sentences as they were causing disturbances.

The couple's history was revealed through carefully coordinated leaks with their publicist getting them the proper respect as a couple. The fact that they had been together since they were freshmen in high school and Donald's own family were closely tied with her family made her life into a fairy tale come true. When it was revealed that she was the daughter of Wendy and Belle White-Clark and the heir to their fortune a fury over her past erupted as the circumstances were revealed to the world.

The couple took it in stride and went about their lives as normal. Francesca acted in a variety of movies over the next few years as she drew in millions in revenue and was a legitimate box office queen. She had several more Academy Award nominations but her first win came with the sequel to the movie that shot her to stardom, another adaptation of her deceased mother's book.

She took a break from acting to have children, instead acting as executive producers for several movies and even writing several screenplays of her own. Her first child was a son while the second and third were daughters. She was pregnant with her fourth when she was starring in the third and final movie to be adapted from Wendy's books. It was not meant to coincide with the movie but it was perfect as she could show true emotion and actually saw her own going into labor and giving birth involved in the movie as she gave birth just in time for those key scenes.

As Francesca was building her acting resume, her husband was building his web design portfolio. He was involved in the reintroduction of several major websites while buying 1/3rd ownership in a social media website. He was good at his job and his designs were often ones that were the choices for companies, often over the objections of established web designers and over Gabby at times.

His investment in that social media website was a shrewd move despite him and Francesca fighting over the amount of his money that the was going to lose if they went belly-up. She was concerned but saw that he wanted to do it because he believed the site would do well. He was right, it worked itself into the young adult culture and grew quickly to the point that it was one of the biggest websites on the internet and the most downloaded app.

His ownership stake brought him $2 billion when the company went public, with Donald selling off all of his shares when it was legally allowed. He had little interest in the day to day affairs of the website, he was only investing because he believed it would succeed and it it. His action though gave him a big help in showing that he wasn't just a pretty face and he could be successful on his own with his own money and didn't live off of his wife's fame and fortune.


Jack Bollinger was a lot like his father and older brother. He was a man's man and a trickster. He loved to play pranks and joked with everyone, making you laugh at his antics whenever you were down.

His favorite target was his best friend Benny Herman. The two were inseparable and being born just a week apart and having Benny's sister date and marry Jack's cousin made the two get together often. They grew to be best of friends and over time they shared an unbreakable bond.

Benny shared his parents' intelligence and work ethic which brought him into conflict with Jack's constant need to joke about everything. Jack was smart and articulate, which worked with Benny's way with words. The two were unknowingly setting themselves up to be the next great comedy team when they joined their high school's talent show to show off Jack's joking which worked best when he was trying to target the hapless Benny.

The best friends honed their act and improved it to the point where they could audition at clubs to earn money. Jack wasn't wealthy like Benny was, so it was a way to get Jack his own pay and not have to rely on his parents for money for his basic needs. Benny only took a token amount, telling his best friend that he was doing all of the hard work while Benny was just standing there enjoying himself.

The two went to college but their hearts were in their comedic work as they earned token degrees in business management and finance. Once they had graduated they were booked at a local comedy club and just happened to be there when a TV producer was there. They performed well and had everyone in the audience laughing uncontrollably with Benny taking the whole event in stride as Jack grinned.

Their connections to Francesca were a surprise to the producer, who wanted them to hone their act and try to turn it into a sitcom. It was a novel idea and the two worked hard for six months on their show idea. When they finally presented it to the producer it was given her blessing and shown to various networks who started to fight over putting the show on air.

After working out a deal and founding their own production company with Francesca, the two agreed to a deal with ABC to air the show. They were forced to star in it as they were the only ones who could capture the finesse and subtleties of their act. It was tough work and Benny had crippling stage fright but they were able to work out a schedule that allowed them to write, edit, and act as well as work out deals with sponsors and handle issues with the network over the show.

The two kept their private lives away from the media and often had to fend off reports that they were actually a married couple. It couldn't be further from the truth, neither were gay and they were actually dating two women who were just as camera shy as the duo. The ladies came from tough neighborhoods and wanted to keep the media form their families making them isolated from everyone they knew.

The two married in a joint wedding with all of their friends and family attending. Their new brides were happy to see that they were not treated like they were nobodies and that they wanted to meet them and include them in their lives. They knew Francesca and her kids but meeting the rest of the combined families was jaw dropping.

When Benny and Jack told them about some of their relatives they saw why they were so accepting of them, they were like them in so many ways. The ladies wept as their husbands told them that they would never have to see their families if they didn't want to, their families couldn't hurt them anymore. It was so touching and made them fall for their husbands even more than they already had.

The couples would go on to have three kids each, but were scattered across several years with the first ones being born nearly a week apart just like their dads. The ladies' families never bothered trying to get at them, once they saw Donald and Oscar looming close they told them they were dead to them and ran off. That didn't bother the ladies, they had a new family and were happy with that family.

The duo's show ran for 10 years before they called it quits, running out of ideas and not liking the direction that the network was going regarding comedies. They performed during summer months and would frequently visit Francesca on movie sets and observe her at work. They loved the job and were sad to finally walk away from their show but still performed out of sheer fun and enjoyment.

Their show garnered them Emmy nominations but few wins, they were good but they weren't critical darlings and disliked the shows that drove them off the air with a fierce passion. They kept busy between takes by writing scripts for movies and several TV shows, with four of them being picked up and put on air making the duo into media moguls as they dominated their network's airtime. Their shows weren't as successful but garnered them big money in syndication rights allowing them to never have to work again but really giving them a legacy that they felt truly showed the real duo.


Benny's parents, Ben and Beth, were unable to have more children as Beth had a terrible miscarriage in her second pregnancy. It devastated her and although Ben swore they could use a surrogate she was in no condition to be a mother again. Beth told him that they had a child and raised Francesca to be the daughter that she had always wanted, they didn't need to grow the family any more.

Ben and Beth kept teaching until Ben was 60, giving him a good 35 years as a teacher. Beth actually retired at age 55 as she had lost interest in teaching and wanted to spent time with her grandchildren. The couple worked with Benny and Jack so they could go on promotional tours while on school break and mentored their wives allowing the ladies to move on from their family's abuse.


Jake and Beverly Bollinger were the most stable couple among the vast family as they never had issues. The two were madly in love and Jake was the man Will needed in his life while Jack was the son that Jake needed to bring him out of his self-imposed exile from children. Seeing his own son grow up and become his own man made Jake feel like he really was a success wile Beverly felt that she was more than just the wife of a successful businessman.

Jake was one of the best principals Winnisimmet High School ever had and hired some of the best staff you could assemble. His eye for good teachers was only equaled by his eye for finding trouble before it broke out. He was fair in his discipline but tough on those who ignored the rules and hurt others.

He was true to his word and retired when his son graduated, giving the school 22 years as principal and passing on the torch to an eager Justin Stoner. Jake went out with a heavy heart but happy to see the school in the right hands. He helped the school by being a substitute teacher but was "hands-off" on the way things were run and when he did discuss things it was as Justin's friend not his overseer.

In contrast to Jake, Beverly would have a rocky few years. She was frequently questioned by clients as they suspected her of hiding money and siphoning it off to her own accounts. She always showed the truth and when she found out the sources of the claims she shut them down the hard way.

Beverly fought and won multiple lawsuits against rivals who spread falsehoods trying to kill her highly successful business. Reed was her biggest supporter and was not afraid to help her out as he questioned their own methods and results causing a panic among their clients. He was smart, he knew that several of their employees were bilking customers and causing the firms to be legally liable for damages.

She ran her firm for another 15 years but retired alongside Jake. She chose to retire as there wasn't any reason for her to continue on as she had amassed a large nest egg for retirement and wanted to spend as much time as possible with her grandchildren. She and Jake traveled the world, with Beverly not afraid to force Jake to take time off to join her on her trips when he was being pulled into work too much.


Billy Pena was like Marcus in that he mellowed out with age. He was like his father but swore he was never going to be like him. That wasn't believed by anyone especially not his best friend Nigel Smith. The two were going to be their own people but unlike Nigel, Billy couldn't escape being a cop.

Billy actually found that he enjoyed law enforcement as he worked through college as a security guard. He earned a degree in forensics and chose to go into the military, just like his father. He spent six years as a Master-At-Arms in the Navy before leaving the Navy and becoming a local police officer.

Billy spent four years in the suburbs before being hired by Winnisimmet, doing so without his father knowing his intentions. He sought out the job on his own because he wanted to work closer to home, his father being the retired chief of police had little to do with it. Those who said otherwise were shown to be harboring their own attempts at nepotism sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews of them were all lined up on the list for the job but none had the career background that Billy had.

Billy stayed single until he helped a young women in his previous job in Weymouth. She had lost all of her possessions to thieves and was kicked out of her apartment prompting him to open up his own to her to stay in as long as she needed. She was grateful to him, he honestly didn't see anything in her and wanted to give her a place to stay until she got back on her feet.

The two shared his one-bedroom apartment for months, with Billy sleeping on the pull-out sofa in the living room while she stayed in the bedroom. After four months she pulled him into the bedroom and started to make love to him, showing him her true feelings about him. He didn't bother to sleep on the sofa after that, she wouldn't let him and they were having sex together anyway making it pointless.

She became pregnant after two more months prompting Billy to pop the question. Her only response was to break down into tears of joy as she hugged him tightly. He was not afraid to tell her that she was the woman of his dreams and he was grateful that those scumbags had stolen from her as it brought the two of them together as a couple.

They married soon after, with only Billy's family attending. His cousins and second cousins were not happy that he had gotten married without him but Nigel gave him a nod of approval at doing so. The couple stayed in contact with their friends and family but they allowed them to have their own life, with the couple being told that they had better let Billy's parents babysit for them.

They would have three kids together before calling it quits. Each was a surprise and unplanned but not unloved. If it wasn't so comedic it would be fate calling as it was just like Billy's own start in life.


Billy's parents were fighters and had constant battles in their lives over their family. Willie Pena was a tough as nails chief who wouldn't let anyone push him around while his wife Kennedy endured battles over her past by people who believed she had no rights regardless of being their boss. They always won but they could never fight against one thing: time.

Willie grew to dislike his job when he got to the 25 year point in his career. He started to get ready for retirement, telling his subordinates that he was going to groom his successor from among the staff. He kept it quiet but among those he trusted most, his choice was clear: Sebastian Perez was taking over.

Kennedy wasn't given the choice in her retirement, she was told she would never be retained and only kept her job because her close friend and boss, Angela Victor, kept her there. It was highly illegal but it was in tune with the way things were done on Beacon Hill. The politicians were all smoke and mirrors, they claimed inclusion and diversity but were really only doing it for show.

Kennedy and Angela cut them off before they could push Kennedy out, simply by Kennedy filing for retirement while Angela resigned to take a job at a law firm that wanted her experience with helping those who were in need of true help. Kennedy had put in over 20 years with the state by that time and was taking out their chosen successor by having her own son take over, with Reed having a resume that rivaled her own in getting the state to successfully prosecute and take action against criminals. It was a brilliant move, one that ensured that there would be a hotly contested election and expose a lot of the backroom deals that really occurred on Beacon Hill with the controlling party keeping out of the battle.

Kennedy joined her brother-in-law Ricardo Vincent at his law firm and offered a consumer protection angle for the firm giving them new revenue streams as well as helping the other partners with their own tough cases. She was a shark in the courtroom and got their clients huge wins while only ever losing when their clients were lying or had withheld information that was damaging to their case. Those who held back were often only suing to obtain money and were actually defrauding others making the firm send in the state to go after them after they washed their hands of their criminal client.

The couple enjoyed a fun retirement as they babysat for their kids and worked with their friends in their own retirement exploits. There were frequent travels overseas and cruises to warm climates for them, with Willie feeling at ease whenever they were away from home. They flirted with the idea of moving to a warmer climate but Willie loved Winnisimmet too much to ever leave it for good.


Kennedy's aunt and uncle, Danielle and Sean Kelly, were pleased to see that their grandchildren and great-niece and nephews were growing into fine adults. They watched as they became their own people and took after their parents in some ways while having their own personalities and interests. Junior going into the military was a hot topic and debated for hours but Sean relented when he saw that he was not going to win the argument and Junior was doing it for his own reasons not for hero worship.

Sean had ill health over the years and it caught up to him. He had to quit his part-time teaching job and turn over the Winnisimmet High football team to an assistant coach as he fully retired from working. He wasn't happy to give up on his life but his wife wanted more time with him before he passed on.

Sadly, she passed at the age of 75 just months after Sean retired. It was a quick illness that she just couldn't battle. It devastated the family but she refused to let them dwell on her passing as she had said so herself in a video will.

Sean wasn't doing too well once Danielle passed, falling ill from various nagging illnesses. His heart started to give out and eventually it was too damaged to continue on. He had accepted his fate and told the family to not get upset and to know that he was proud to have seen the world change around the family and that he had gotten to know his son and grandchildren.

He passed away at the age of 76, having lived a good life and one that would have made even the most creative Hollywood writers blush at the impact he had on people. His legacy was his son, niece, and daughter but he could count on the various children and grandchildren of his friends as well. He was laid to rest alongside Danielle, near Catherine Finn and Leslie Brown, the woman whose short life had given rise to the series of events that created the huge Finn Family.


William Kelly built up a following for his columns in the major Boston newspapers to the point that he would be featured on NECN and WGBH on numerous occasions to offer his insight into the events of the day. He was a rare neutral voice, one not afraid to go after one side or the other and garnering big ratings for both whenever he would appear on their shows.

He upset the management at the Boston Globe with his complaints about unfair coverage of political scandals, particularly ones that exposed candidates and politicians whom the editors had supported. He was not afraid to take them to task for their hypocrisy and intentionally overlooking facts when it was not going to help their candidates get elected. His exposing of their unfair coverage caused a drop in both readership and page views on their website as William walked away from his contract with them.

William was not afraid to go after the Boston Herald either, going after them for their overwhelming need to push certain columnists over others while ignoring the previous plagiarism and sexual assaults by those touted columnists. His biting commentary earned several columnists national support and led to their being hired to write for national newspapers or major websites. His support got them what they had always wanted and through him they reported a lot of events that none locally would cover.

William was fired from the Herald for violating his contract but turned around and sued them and won handily in court. He exposed their attempts to silence him, which were actually originating from the Globe as they got their revenge for his causing them to lose millions in revenue. The newspaper was forced to pay out the full amount of his contract as well as $10 million in punitive damages while also removing all attempts to block him from being employed by any newspaper or magazine in the country.

William parlayed his budding fame into a hosting job on TV, replacing the retiring host of the media discussion showcase on both WGBH and NECN. It was more fun than work for him as he got along great with his guests and co-hosts as they kept the show lively but never crossed the line and were able to showcase both sides of an issue while keeping focus on the facts.

He had to fight off offers from the cable news networks to host shows, he was happy with his job and was not about to move down to New York City just for the shows. If they wanted him to host on their network it would have to be done from Boston, which was done and done to much criticism.

His style conflicted with the network's bias against anything that wasn't following the network's liberal mantra. He was the outside and he forced people to see his view on things and wasn't afraid to expose frauds every chance he had. His show was a hit and caused the stalwarts at the network to cry foul as their own struggling ratings were making people question how they retained their shows while they were complaining about a person bringing in new viewers.

He kept his private life private despite attempts by guests who wanted to claim that he was just another conservative troglodyte and expose the "real" William to viewers. He just grinned, and happily told the offending guests "I grew up the son of a single parent, meeting my real father through the accidental friendship with people who are some of the most liberal and friendly people you could ever meet. I raised a son on my own after my wife died in childbirth. My best friends are parents of children who are transgender, gay, recovering victims of all kinds of abuse, and all of whom are the best people you can ever meet. So please tell me how I am a conservative troglodyte when compared to me you are the one who is a troglodyte and a nasty one at that."

His verbal put-down made waves across the internet and sparked outrage from within the woman's own party as William had just forced them to backtrack while the rival party seized the moment and got their own people to support William and decry attempts to insult him. His actions caused the network to have to support him and suspend all booking of that contributor until the heat died off. His ratings only went up and he was even touted as being the anti-network host as he did what he wanted to do.

William retired from the show after 10 years, having made millions from the show and speaking fees as he promoted the show and spoke at various functions. He always kept his family out of the spotlight and was happy to finally retire to the good life with his wife by his side. She had supported him as he rose in fame and only asked that he never ask her to appear on TV but suspended it when he retired.

Amanda Kelly was the power behind William as she helped center him as he got too angry and upset at the things that were being said around him. She could always bring him happiness, giving him love and affection while giving him the drive to go on. She was proud of what he was doing and knew that he needed her support more than he let on, she was his rock and would keep him going.

Amanda's dance studio expanded over time as more and more kids joined her classes as more members of the Finn Family learned under her. The stars of her studio were Polly and Trina but she loved all of her students equally. She was more than happy to let Trina and Polly teach and over time Polly took over parts of the teaching and allowed Amanda to spend more time with her sons as they grew older and give them that maternal ear to listen to.

She was adamant that Polly not change things as they clashed over some of the finer parts of teaching. Amanda was conservative in her style while Polly was more liberal and at times their differing touches were at odds. They always made up and found common ground but it was still always tough on them.

Amanda would eventually sell the studio to Polly as she retired to be by William's side in his own retirement. She would always be around as she would bring her grandchildren to the studio but Polly was the owner then and Amanda would always respect their new boundaries. She did love seeing that Polly was taking the studio to new levels of success as she work with the kids to incorporate changes to the dance scene and after seeing Polly's students dance to her new style she saw that Polly was right.


Dante Kelly grew up quickly as the meek boy became a tough young man before the eyes of all of his friends and family. He was larger than most and third tallest among the entire family as he stood a solid three inches over his friends and family while an inch shorter than Donald and two inches shorter than the big, muscular Ian. He was also built like a truck, which was actually a good thing as he loved them.

Out of all of the members of the extended family, he was the only one who didn't want a fancy job. He chose to go to college if only for the ability to earn higher wages from his dream job. It wasn't that he didn't want to be like his friends and family, his heart just wasn't in it.

He followed up his degree in finance with a career in trucking, heading right to a driving school to earn his commercial driver's license. He was happy out on the road and was not afraid to stay away from all of the drama that was going on in his hometown. His only problem was his girlfriend, who hated that he was trying to stay away from everyone even though it wasn't necessary.

Margaret loved Dante but he made her furious at times. He was a good husband, but it still stung her that he didn't want to stay at home with his friends and family. She finally had enough and told him to get a job with Peterson Manufacturing so he wouldn't have to be on the road five days a week off in who knows where hauling who knows what.

Dante relented and applied for, interviewed with, then got hired by Peterson. The company was happy to have found a driver who could handle their shipments and who didn't charge huge fees. He would be able to work from their warehouse in Boston, making short runs to the airports and shipping terminals while also overseeing the drivers going between their various warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Margaret was over the moon at hearing the news, then told him that the reason for her pressuring him to get a local job was that they were expecting their first child. Dante never considered this, he was so focused on worth that he missed all of the signs that she was pregnant. Margaret loved the look in his eyes as he realized that his world had just changed with that simple declaration to him.

Margaret wasn't actually sitting at home twiddling her thumbs while Dante was on the road, she was at her desk in their little office in their apartment working on her latest programming assignment. She was hired by Peterson to be part of their computer team, having been impressed by her skills when she was an intern with them in college. She had a knack for finding bugs in software then programming around them while showing where improvements were needed to get rid of extraneous codes.

She was a wiz at computers, she had even secured a job as a programmer for a small gaming company and helped develop the next big game for the new generation of video game consoles. Her side job was actually paying for her family to move into a house of their own, with Dante reluctantly accepting her gift of a house while insisting that it be in her name so she would have it should they ever split. He was serious, it was her money thus her home and she was the boss of the house in his eyes.

Dante was better at his job than the previous head of logistics and actually was the cause of company streamlining their distribution practices. He saw a problem and he fixed it, he wouldn't let anyone make excuses for shoddy work or delays that could be avoided. It rubbed several the wrong way but he was always backed up by management as he was always right in his sentiments.

The couple gave birth to a baby girl who had her mother's hair but her father's looks. She was soon joined by a little brother then another sister. The couple were happy to have the space in their home, the little ones grew fast and were just as rambunctious as their parents were at their early ages.


Margaret's parents, Paul and Rachel Douglas, were supportive of the couple throughout their middle and high school years. They were tough to deny as they were so good together and Dante was the kind of boy that Paul had hoped that his daughter would marry. When he finally did ask Margaret to marry him, Paul had to sit him down and tell him that he was about to embark on the wildest ride of his life and if he couldn't handle it he did not blame Dante one bit as Margaret was tough to endure and going to wear him down over time.

When their two kids finally moved off into their own lives, Paul Rachel remained in their home until it got to be too big for them. They sold it and moved into a smaller place, one that was perfect for them as they were nearer their friends and their grandchildren. Kyle and Margaret were independent but they still loved to go to Paul and Rachel for advice and kept their parents from utter boredom.

Paul would remain active with the Winnisimmet Fire Department until he retired after 30 years on the job. It was not his choice, budget cuts and fights over the new chief made staying not worth it in his view. He was eyed as a potential chief but Paul turned the job down when he was asked.

Rachel kept active by being a volunteer with various organizations and when Paul retired she got her own job just to keep active. She was appointed the head of the parks and recreation department by the city, taking the job when there wasn't any interest in the job by anyone else. It was an easy job but she made the most of it by starting several summer events and getting the community involved.

Rachel was what was needed for the department and although she didn't have the degrees most of the candidates who applied for and rejected the job had she was the one with a love of the city and an eye for what kids needed. She kept the job for 15 years before retiring to spend more time with Paul. She was good enough that the city's recreation building was renamed in her honor.


In contrast to the others, Mike Daniels had a rough road ahead of him as he dealt with fatherhood as he raised his young daughter and son. His wife Chloe had blessed him with a baby boy a year after having had a baby girl, making Mike the proud father of four with three under the age of six. He didn't mind one bit that his second oldest wasn't blood to him, he loved TJ as if he was his own son and always ensured that the boy knew he loved him.

Mike made the same mistakes he made when his eldest son was a baby, only this time he was making them with his son by his side as he himself endured parenthood. Mike didn't mind the tough jobs but he was always putty to the kids whenever they cried, especially his daughter Eve. She knew how to manipulate her father into getting what she wanted, while her tricks always failed on her mother.

Mike stayed with the ATF as a field agent then supervising agent until he reached 60. He was more than ready for retirement when it came, having seen the office change over multiple times as agents came and went. He was one of the stalwarts, and one that most went to for help in their own cases.

Chloe was happiest when she was around her children. Eve was just like her and it made her miss that she was away from her family. She felt the urge to contact her family and found them ready to accept that their daughter was doing well on her own and they were wrong to shun her.

She took TJ, Eve, and little Elias Daniels to visit their maternal family in Alaska and saw that things had not changed much at all but the people were less angry as they used to be. The town still saw her as a traitor and ignored her but her family were willing to meet her and her parents happy to see her back. She told them it was only a visit but it was more than they hoped they would get from her.

The kids loved the trip and Elias melted her grandparents' heart as he looked like his mother but with his father's hair color and eyes. Eve was wily and caused her grandmother to fight tears as she was doing what Chloe did when she was her age. TJ kept calm and didn't do much, Chloe had to explain to her parents that TJ was her adopted son and why he was so reluctant to get so close.

Mike's absence was asked about to which Chloe had to show them a news story that broke that day. Mike was part of a major raid on a weapon's manufacturing plant and had been the lead investigator in the case so he couldn't leave with them. His job was tough to plan around, something her father could understand with him being a retired park ranger.

The family visit was followed by her family visiting them in the city and seeing how different they were at home than away. TJ was a different boy and was often out with his friends while Eve played with Jasmine and Walter. The only surprise was meeting Chloe's adult son, which she happily told them about much to George Daniels' chagrin.

Chloe continued to work at the Department of Children and Families until the children graduated high school. By that time she was starting to feel the drag of the office and needed to leave. She retired after 25 years on the job, with Mike helping her adjust to being a retiree at a young age.


TJ Daniels was like his brother in that he was short until he hit puberty. Girls avoided him with few wanting to go near him. He accepted that, it was expected from them as they were vain to being with.

He stayed close to his buddy DJ Lopez, making their friends joke about the only difference between them was the letter of the name. TJ didn't care, DJ was his best friend. Liam would make the two try to do things that they wouldn't normally do with TJ being the most reluctant yet first to tell him that he was right about the fun they were having.

TJ was a gifted athlete and won several martial arts tournaments, must like his brother had done. When he started to fill out and get taller girls tarted to notice him. DJ and he fought over many girls with the two flipping coins at times over who would date and who would stay home.

TJ intentionally lost as he knew DJ would never let him sit at home otherwise. DJ caught on and was happy that his friend cared about him enough to give up a chance to date a pretty girl. They were the best of friends, it was a sacrifice he was willing to make even if Liam looked down on doing that.

The duo chose not to attend Winnisimmet High when they reached 9th grade, instead going to the regional technical school for four years. They were the only ones in their generation to do that, and why the did it was hard to refute as it was a smart move and one that their fathers had to applaud.. The duo were interested in careers in HVAC repair and the technical school was the only place they could go that offered it while also giving them a chance to not worry about being overshadowed by family.

They graduated and were employed by DJ's father Dan. TJ would fall for his supervisor's daughter and eventually marry the young lady, with DJ acting as his best man. Liam wasn't upset at that, he was just happy that his friend had found love and wanted him to witness their marriage. DJ tried to say Liam should be the one to do it because he got them together but he refused to go against TJ's request.

The couple had two children while TJ followed in his father-in-law's footsteps. When he retired, TJ took over for him. It was the least he could do for the man.

DJ was by his side throughout his life and only had one steady girlfriend. The two never had kids and when his girlfriend left him DJ needed TJ's support. DJ was hooked up with a nice young woman who was interested in him but didn't want to upset him, DJ fell for her immediately and within a month they were engaged and she was pregnant with twins.

DJ was TJ's #2 on jobs and would take over for his father when Dan retired. DJ named his son after TJ and saw TJ doing the same for DJ when he had a son. The two were lifelong friends, Liam may have been a close friend but he never reached the level of closeness that the duo had.


George Daniels was an enigma to most people. He was athletic but seemed to be smaller than he really was. He was smart yet never showed just how brilliant he could be.

He raised a lot of eyebrows as he earned a degree in computer networking but he actually loved setting up computers and networks. He had spent far too much time installing and upgrading computers for the Reagan Group to not fall in love with computers especially networking them. To him it was an easy job, the hard part was learning the commands to setup everything to fit your needs.

He worked hard to earn a job with a major company in Boston until he saw that he was just a glorified gopher for the senior staff while the junior staff did all of the work. He complained and was fired, with the company blackballing him from other companies. He found it tough to find a new job and was ready to give up when he was told that Peterson Manufacturing wanted him to work for them.

Peterson was sly in weening information about potential employees. Their HR department was not ones to mess with and lying to them would always cost someone their job. When they inquired about George they found out right away that he was the kind of employee you needed and wanted to work for you, the ones whom he had complained about were the ones to get rid of.

George enjoyed Peterson for all the right reasons, they were open to suggestions and listened to him about what needed to be done and when. He was another person who knew the senior management, but he was also another person who had the clout behind him in the form of being able to do the job right. The fact that his family had grown around the owners' family was irrelevant.

George had married Jenna Connors between freshman and sophomore year of college and had seen her become pregnant during sophomore year. She didn't miss any time as she worked hard to get ahead while George kept a slow pace. She earned her degree in social work and took a job with DCF.

As her mother was a high ranking official, Jenna was assigned to the Brockton office to avoid nepotism claims. She was quick to make a name for herself as Jenna helped tough cases come to fruition. She was not afraid to prosecute parents for abuse while helping families come together in tough times.

Jenna was her mother's daughter and George loved that about her. They would have two girls together and finally adopt a boy who was out of options and facing certain death in a group home. He took to his new father and mother quickly and with their help thrived.

George suffered the indignity of having testicular cancer. It ended any chance of having children as it was an aggressive form that was likely genetic. His father Mike somehow avoided it but George was hit hard and endured surgery and chemotherapy.

Thankfully it didn't spread but the damage was done. He had two lovely daughters and Jenna was just glad that he was able to help her raise them. Her biggest fear was to suffer the same fate as her mother and have to raise her children all alone, thankfully that didn't happen.


Anne Connors saw her three daughters marry, move out, and have children in a span of two years. Paige was the first, then Christina 17 months later, finally Jenna six months after that. She was saddened to see her family drift apart but was pleased that she had helped raise three beautiful, smart, and independent young women who needed her more than they would ever admit.

When the three moved apart she was left to focus on work, earning appointment as the deputy commissioner then finally taking over all of DCF as the commissioner. She was shrewd and not afraid to remove employees who were not fit for their jobs and who were openly allowing abuse even if it was a sensitive case that reflected badly on powerful individuals. Her work was what the department was supposed to be doing, making any criticism against her fall on deaf ears by the governors.

She got involved in several high profile cases where children were in danger and being openly abused. One case involved the children of a Hollywood actress and sparked national attention but when the court records were released Anne was vindicated as the actress had done what was alleged and Anne was shown to have followed all procedures and removed the kids for their own safety. The kids were placed with their biological fathers and ended up thriving while the actress saw her fame wane until she was run out of Hollywood as box office poison and unemployable.

Anne retired after working for 30 years, the last five as commissioner of DCF. Despite trying to walk away she was asked by the new governor to take over the Executive Office of Health and Human Services as the agencies reorganized and restructured to streamline and remove unneeded positions. She was given an offer she couldn't refuse, she was going to spearhead the changes she had tried to make in DCF but were blocked by the EOHHS director.

She made the most of he position and reorganized and reworked everything from the local offices on up to the management teams at the various agencies under her control. She shed millions in waste from the budgets while adding needed employees to agencies that were understaffed due to their request conflicting with the requests from more powerful agencies. It was anarchy but necessary chaos.

She never remarried, instead just enjoying her quiet life with her kids and grandchildren visiting often. She preferred to remember her beloved George Connors and await him without baggage, despite having lost him at age 26 she never forgot him nor gave up on her love for him. She earned a reputation for being unapproachable by single men, she was content to be alone with friends and family.


Like his buddy Mike, Alex Vincent was a stable force in the Boston ATF office. Unlike George, he kept things simple at home as he and his husband Ricardo didn't adopt as they had planned. Their sons were a handful especially Diego, but they loved them and welcomed their grandchildren when they came.

Alex was calmer than George or their boss, Mick Jones. He had become the arbiter in the office, the one who kept egos in check and settled arguments over where to go with cases. He was respected by the office and after the few hardliners who objected to his being gay were removed from the office he became the heart and soul of the region.

His demeanor and way with others made him a perfect choice to become the next supervising agent when Mick was promoted to agent-in-charge of the office's main teams. Mike had no problem with the promotion and would have refused it if he was offered it, Alex was the only choice in his eyes. The office took the same view, with the ones who were upset being the usual political agents who had eyes on the job solely to rise through the ranks to get a job in their headquarters.

Alex would become involved in numerous cases where the agency came under fire for claims of racism and brutality. Upon review of actual evidence, the claims were shown to be false and the most vocal actually being involved in the case via relatives. He was on camera so often that he became a media darling, something he detested and was not afraid to tell reporters that his private life was none of their business and they wouldn't like it if he asked about their extramarital affairs or domestic abuse claims.

His put-down stunned the reporters while the few who knew the truth laughed and told the reporters off for being hypocrites and trying to embarrass a person doing their job. His insult went viral and the reporters found themselves in hot water while their own bosses apologized to Alex and the ATF for their actions. Alex didn't care, his opinion was known and he wasn't going to let them get away with it.

Alex was promoted over Mick to regional director and thrived in that job as the media could not find any faults with him nor could they use his own past against him. The ones who hated his promotion were the few who wanted the job for their own, with the special-agents-in-charge of the Providence and Portland offices complaining about him constantly. When they were reassigned to other offices the rest of the staff actually cheered as the two were hated by their underlings, with the Boston office actually seeing a drop in the requests for help coming from them due to those two being gone.

Alex's husband Ricardo did better than him in regards to the media. He had a rapport with them, he was a favorite of them to get a good quote about his case and he was often funny in his "off the record" commentary. He had his favorites among the local media and wasn't afraid to make their rivals or their replacements look foolish for thinking they were better than anyone else.

Ricardo worked hard at his firm and saw it expand as more lawyers were brought in to work in the new areas of law that he and the others had covered on their own. His own section was the toughest and least profitable but it was also the one that often brought them the most publicity as he helped multiple families win custody against greedy and amoral family members or against DCF. He often had to hear complaints from other lawyers about his firm becoming the new darling in the local courts and his own work being seen as below what they should be doing.

One thing he always stressed was honest clients. Whenever clients were not honest they were dropped and if they were committing acts of crime he ensured that the proper authorities knew what was going on, without breaking sacred privileges. It ended several budding friendships with potential new partners but it was a stand he refused to back down from.

His firm was at the forefront of several major criminal actions. He helped protect the children of a man who was falsely accused of murder while the real killer tried to seek them. The killer's family were in on the murder and Ricardo's firm were able to show that they had manipulated police and the kids into believing their lies while planning to harm the kids to keep them quiet about the truth.

When Alex retired, Ricardo still worked at the firm. When Ricardo reached age 55 he started to ease off of controlling the firm as his senior partners themselves started to ease up on their workload. Alex would often join him in the office and after two years of easing control Ricardo finally retired from the firm with a hefty retirement package while the other senior partners followed behind, giving the next generation a chance to lead the firm into the future and ensuring its legacy remained intact.


Mick Jones worked hard at the Boston ATF office and saw the roles of his people expanded as they took on more jobs with task forces and the number of crimes being committed in the region exploded. He was at the forefront of most of those cases and after the agent-in-charge was promoted to regional director Mick was was promoted to replace him. It was the move that most wanted anyway, as Mick was the guy everyone loved in the office even if he wasn't the most politically correct among them.

Mick thrived in his job and refused to a promotion when the regional director retired, knowing that it was more political than anything. He did suggest Alex for the job, giving Alex the job by default as he was more suited to it than anyone else while also allowing Mike to get promoted to Alex's old job. It was a buddy system at work but it was one that was irrefutable as they had the best track record.

Mick retired after 30 years on the job and seeing the next generation start to takeover the office. Alex and Mike joined him, they had little reason to remain on the job. Mick kept active though as he took over as head football coach at Winnisimmet High School then helped his son prepare for his wedding. It was an active life for Mick, and he enjoyed his retirement.

His wife Sarah had a different road to take. She was active as a doctor until well after Mick retired, seeing her friends' kids and grandchildren as patients and watching them grow from afar. She kept active as Brent grew and all could see that he was more than just a friend to Marcus.

She worked long hours at the clinic and eventually took a job at a private practice to have better hours and feel less like she was churning out patients and more like helping them. It was a good move as she would rise in the office to become the director and see the group expand when they included Jaimie Finn and her mental health practice after a merger. The whole of the family were happy to have her working hard and able to be there for her grandchildren as well as Brent after he and Marcus finally accepted their love for one another.

Sarah retired and handed off the practice to Jaimie just in time to help with her youngest grandchildren births. Jaimie could only cry as she officially sold her interest to Jaimie, allowing herself the chance to retire in peace. She and Mick walked off into the sunset that day, with not a dry eye in the office as they saw the end of an era for medical care in Winnisimmet.


Sarah's sister Greta was not one to take a quiet walk into the sunset, she worked hard to build up her investment firm and was not about to settle down for a quiet retirement. Once her kids were old enough she went full speed at her job. She and James grew the company twice over the years as they took on new associates and expanded their offerings.

The company would split into three divisions: investments which were headed by Addison Carter, stocks which were headed by Michael Finn, and financial planning, which was headed by Karen Smith. James was the senior vice president while Greta was the president/CEO/Chairwoman.

Greta saw the firm growing while others were shrinking and moving operations elsewhere. She was not even going to try to compete with them, she would let her work speak for itself and have the clients come to them. When athletes started to use the firm for investing, their public image exploded as the athletes were pleased with the work they did as well as the fact that they wouldn't let them put all of their pay into their investments and demanded they plan for retirement despite hefty pensions.

The highlight of Greta's life was seeing her own daughters come to her for investment advice, with the always timid Fiona feeling insecure while the cheerful Flora knew already what was going on but had to ask her mother for help anyway just to keep up appearances. She loved that they would do that for her, especially as they were their own women and could do whatever they wanted with their money. Kylie and Ella were more than happy to ask their mother-in-law for advice but it was a sign that they were still her daughters even if they were mothers now.

When she finally retired at age 60, Greta saw her firm for what it was: a place for business for the real public, not the privileged few. Her retirement party was one that made all of the society pages and showed just how much the firm had grown as the initial investments were compared with the current balance of John Finn and how Greta's own handiwork had built up dozens of charities and paid for thousands of students to attend school. It was hardly believed but it was the honest truth, with about half of the staff actually having been helped by the funds at one time or another including the new chairwoman of the firm, Addison Carter.


Greta's husband Quentin was on the fast track to success thanks to his determination and skill. He built his company up from the inside after it was split form its former company, with his group controlling the market for residential and business designs for several years. He was seen as the industry leader in design and saw trends before they occurred.

He centered the company in Boston and built around the core business with new employees being sought who would adapt and overcome the weaknesses of their competitors to bring designs that people wanted and needed. His leadership was absolute, even if he wasn't the CEO of the company he was still the guy to go to for approval as the senior vice president for designs. His word was law at the firm.

That would change though, as the CEO was poached to a new company he was appointed as the new CEO. He took a more hands-on approach and built up a stronger base of designs that were exceeding what others were building and winning contracts for renovations that they normally wouldn't have gone for in the past. It was a tough decision but he was happy with the results of their efforts to seek out new ground and show they weren't specialists in one kind of design.

Quentin had to resign as a reserve police officer as his workload grew to be too much for his commitments to the department. He hated to do it but there were too many people counting on him at the firm to choose police work over his first love. He was given a fond farewell and by chance was used by the department one last time as he helped quell a brewing riot.

Quentin led the firm for a decade before the stress of the job took a toll on him. He reverted to being a junior partner and helping part-time while helping the new CEO get used to his job. He hated to do it but nepotism be damned, Scott Nelson was the one to lead the firm into the future.

Quentin finally retired two years later, amassing a hefty retirement fund and touring the globe with Greta on his arm. The two were present for the births of their grandchildren but were mostly on the road flying form place to place as they enjoyed their freedom. They finally did what they always wanted to do before their children were born, they got to see the world with no set destination.


Jessica Nelson married her beloved Eric Vincent the same day Scott married Stacy. The two saw it coming ahead of time and prepared, the couple weren't as sly as they thought with Scott blushing as his sister told him she knew he was going to make her get married too. It was a lovely ceremony with all of their friends and family attending, even though Stacy was pregnant prompting the marriage Jessica did not make light of it and kept her from getting too overwhelmed as her hormones ran amok.

Jessica wasn't upset when Eric would be forced to spend hours at the National Guard armory preparing and repairing equipment, nor was she upset when he was called out several times for natural disasters. It was part of the job and she had learned quickly alongside the other wives and fiances of soldiers than it was something that they had to learn to deal with.

Eric lost a year overseas as his unit was deployed, causing strain on their marriage as Jessica dealt with the pangs of being pregnant and not having her beloved husband. When she gave birth alone she felt like she was a failure as a woman, but thankfully Jenna was with her and told her that she wasn't alone and that many other wives suffered the same issue. The wives' club among the soldiers' families was a big support as was Anne, who knew better than anyone what she was going through.

When Eric returned from his deployment he told her that he wasn't going to reenlist no matter how much of a bonus they offered him. He enjoyed his job but he missed his family too much. Seeing his newborn son, he told Jessica that she would never be alone again.

Jessica earned her degree in social work while pregnant with her first and second son, then earned her license to become a full-time social worker for DCF. She joined Jenna at the Brockton office and earned a reputation as the heart of the office as she could make any family on the brink of collapse see the damage that they were causing to their own children. It was a tough job that took its toll on her but she was proud of the work that she did and the help she gave to families in need.

Instead of having another child, the couple opted to foster then adopt two kids during their later years once their careers had been established. The kids were eager to have them as parents and their biological sons were accepting of their mother's need to nurture those in need. The two girls were like their mother in many ways and at times the boys had trouble keeping their hands off of their adopted sisters as the four grew into adolescence and adulthood.

Eric earned a degree in physical therapy and personal training. Despite being a horizontal engineer in the National Guard, he wanted to continue in athletics and enjoy working one-on-one with clients. It was a tough choice but the money wasn't there in construction and he didn't want to spend more time away from Jessica especially as he had sworn that he would stay close to home.

Eric was hired by a local hospital in their physical therapy department and stayed with them for a few years before departing to join Jessie and Rebecca at their center. He wasn't a specialist in sports therapy and was their attempt to branch off into areas and help the general public. It was a shrewd move as he was a great therapist and brought more patients to a faster recovery than most others, allowing for both more patients to be taken on as well as spreading their reputation beyond athletes.

When he wasn't working, he had started up a side business as a personal trainer. He was hired by local celebrities to get them into shape for roles while also helping a few athletes shed pounds before the start of their training camps. The teams told the athletes that they had a choice, they could see Eric as a personal trainer or they could see his colleagues Jessie and Rebecca as physical therapists, either way he was going to see them but at least seeing him as a trainer was discreet and helpful to them.

He was good enough to start cutting back on his physical therapy, which coincided with other therapists being hired by the trio as part of another expansion. His jobs were lucrative, with Eric commanding a hefty fee for the personalized workout while his physical therapy was luck of the draw for people as anyone could end up with him as their therapist. The trio were on such good terms that Eric was made a partner after two years as technically being an employee, but in reality he was paid the same rates as the ladies and shared the same bonuses making the ownership stake purely legal paperwork.

Eric and Jessica remained at their jobs well into their 60s and after their children took over for them. Jessica retired with a hefty pension while Eric sold out his share to his sons and daughters, who had married into Jessie's and Rebecca's families as their own children fell in love with the Vincents. As no big surprise to the family, once again the kids intermingled and fell in love- just like their parents did.


Rebecca was so in-tune with Jessie that it wasn't a surprise that she had become a physical therapist. But unlike Jessie, she took her internship with the New England Patriots. The Patriots were a good fit for her, but some of the players were jerks and fought her every time she worked on them.

She endured a month of verbal and at times physical abuse before she walked out, telling the trainers that she was taking her complaints to the police. She wasn't joking and filed a criminal complaint with the state police at the Foxborough barracks. The troopers documented the bruises and told her that they were not going to let the team weasel out of it.

The Foxborough police weren't happy that the troopers showed up to talk with the training staff and several players. The troopers grinned then told the officers "she's the daughter of a reserve police officer, niece of another officer and a federal agent, and cousin of a trooper. I don't think any of them will like seeing your badges ripped from your chests for impeding an active investigation."

They stepped aside and said they'd be back, to which the troopers explained "return here and you are to be placed under arrest for impeding an investigation." When they did return, the officers were hauled away while Rebecca informed she was fired. The troopers just grinned, spoke with the person on the phone, then told Rebecca "this got moved up to state, thank you for your time."

Rebecca filed suit against the team for wrongful termination and saw her name dragged through the local media by several known sycophants and hacks in the local newspapers. That lasted a day until the locals were exposed as being in collusion with the team as they were being given special access to players and coaches in exchange for support against Rebecca. She just grinned at hearing that, with her family happily telling the media that she was not going to comment to anyone.

The case was tense as the state police tore open email servers and extracted deleted emails and internal memos about Rebecca especially ones that told that the allegations were true and who had committed the assaults. The team was hurt badly by the reports and the state took them to task while removing all state troopers from the area causing chaos as fans left the next preseason game in a gridlock. The team tried to paint it as a non-story but the release of internal memos showed an entirely different story.

Rebecca was apologized to and begged for forgiveness by the team's owner. She told him that it was the players and staff who coddled and supported them were in the wrong. Those who were responsible were fired and the players who were involved were either released, suspended, or fined with the team taking a hit from a couple of key veterans being let go as injuries started to hit.

Rebecca went on with her internship, getting hired by the Boston Celtics to work with their players and with an eye on her so nobody could repeat what happened in Foxborough. She was good at her job and had helped two aging players get over nagging injuries, revitalizing their career and helping the team get back on its feet after a tough down year. She was offered a permanent job, but she instead opted to just finish her degree and open up her own physical therapy center with her best friend Jessie.

In contrast to Rebecca's up and down life, the love of her life Thomas Samuels had things easier. He lived in the shadow of his sister and brother, giving him a chance to do his own thing without much notice by anyone. It was good, as he chose to earn a degree in physical education and earn a job as a gym teacher at the elementary school complex.

When he wasn't working, he was was earning a master's degree in psychology. He got so used to talking about feelings and being the shoulder that his sister cried on that he couldn't help but study psychology and find what made others tick while dealing with the issues of his friends and family. He was able to take a second job as the school's guidance councilor, giving an ear for kids to listen to when he wasn't ensuring that they were learning to play sports the right way.

He was good at both of his jobs, with several students going to their parents to tell them about what they were doing to them and keeping several from harming themselves. He worked hard and built up a reputation as the best in both of his jobs. He loved sports, but helping kids was a close second and was what gave the most immediate and longer lasting results.

Over time he started to be groomed for a promotion by the school department. When longtime athletic director Shawn Xavier retired, Thomas was the unanimous choice to replace him. He had the longest track record of success, had the degrees needed for the job, and had the right supporters.

Thomas's new job wasn't just leading the high school's athletics program, in their city he also oversaw all of the physical education and health education. He was the one who would hire and fire guidance councilors and gym teachers as well as work with the principals regarding sex education and the health curriculum. Was was able to do the job and do it well, with no nepotism claims due to connections to Deborah, John Finn, or any other teacher.

Rebecca and Thomas had four children together. The first were twin girls, then a boy, another boy. They had to laugh as their kids would get close to Jessica and Eric's kids and see a spark between them. It was almost history repeating itself, and none of them dared to try to separate them as it was tough to do so without the kids complaining about them doing the same at their age.


Melanie and Dan Lopez watched their children grow, fall in love, and move away while they stayed the same. They were content to live in their little corner of the world with those they loved and whom they had grown to see as true family. When their children finally left the nest they simply made their former rooms ready for their grandchildren, knowing they would be there for them whenever they need them.

Melanie's preschool was a big success and with the expansion into Boston she was seeing bigger profits for herself and her partners. Lupe and she were happy to see their partners and friends Leslie and Tanya become more independent and taking a stronger role in the operations while still keeping their eyes on the kids' education and fun. They let Lupe and Melanie lead them around but the two were more than happy to show them that they weren't just partners, they were ready to make decisions on their own.

Melanie kept working for years and saw the business expand to a third location when they took over operations of a smaller preschool when the owner retired. She was good with the business but over time she started to see that it was more work than she wanted. She switched roles with Lupe and let her head the entire operation, giving her the blessing to do as she pleased while Melanie would back her up.

Melanie reverted to being a preschool teacher and fell in love with teaching again. She was a favorite of the parents especially those who had her as a teacher when they were their kids' ages. It was a relief to her as she was told by her doctor to take things easy or face an early death, which scared her more than anything else in the world.

Dan built up his contracting business to the point where he was rarely on site at projects unless the younger contractors were on vacation or there was a serious incident. He hated being a manager but his doctors told him that the needed to slow down his work schedule and let his assistants work for him. When he finally did too much one day and had a heart attack he was told to retire or he would die.

Melanie took this as a sign and told Dan that his time was over, he needed to hand off things to the next generation and let his successors do it for him. Dan handed off control to DJ and took Melanie on a long needed vacation while she herself prepared to hand off the business to her partners. She couldn't ignore the facts, Dan needed her and she was finally ready to retire with him.

The couple sold their business interests with Lupe, Tanya, and Leslie buying out Melanie while Dan sold his company to DJ for $1. Dan had enough saved up to spend a couple of years traveling around the country with Melanie by his side. Melanie joked that they better not end up helping people in Missouri, that was more of a John Finn thing.


Stacy and Scott's wedding was about as surprising as the sun rising. It was expected by all and the reason was known even if Stacy would never admit it. Their little one was going to created in the near future, the couple just couldn't avoid it.

Scott took the news of his impending fatherhood hard. He didn't want Stacy to lose out on her life because of his actions. She refused to let him believe that, he was not at fault- she was. He needed a big reality check and she gave it to him in the form of an intervention by all of his relatives.

Scott was forced to listen to Stacy as she told him just how she wanted his baby, crying at the thought of him never returning home if something happened to him. He tried to put blame on himself but it was causing Stacy to get upset causing him to stop and apologize. She forced him to stop and kiss her, making him calm down while Jessica and Rebecca forced him to see that it was what she wanted and he was being stupid for not accepting that maybe she was trying to do something selfless by giving him a piece of himself so she would always have him with her even if he wasn't able to be there.

The hard dose of reality took a while to sink in but once Stacy started to show he stopped fighting his impending fatherhood and became the doting husband that she had needed. When he felt his baby kick for the first time the gravity of his creating a life with his wife sank in fully and caused a shift in his personality. He was more careful around the equipment during training and kept the others in line.

When the unit was deployed overseas, he saw his wife and young son off and left Stacy with a present that she would not open for nine months. Stacy joined Jessica and Jenna as being pregnant while their husbands were overseas, each giving birth the other by their side. It was touching as Stacy went into labor just as Jessica finished then Jenna gave birth after Stacy finished. All three gave birth the same day, each to little boys and each crying up a storm as they realized they were never going to be able to let that special day live down as their kids were forever linked.

When he returned home, Scott swore he was not going to reenlist and focused on finishing his degree while Stacy worked on her own. She delayed her master's degree and PhD until Scott earned his degree so he could go to work while she studied and worked on her thesis and dissertation. He loved playing the doting father to his son and daughter, with their mother being happy that they were holding up well as she worked long hours in her lab working on her research.

When she earned her PhD she got a job working for a chemical manufacturer but grew disillusioned with their greed and the fact that they seized all patents and only paid licenses so long as you were employed by them. She asked her aunt Lilly to help her find a better job, which was good timing as Peterson Manufacturing was looking for a chemist to find a new plastic so they didn't have to pay the high costs of buying them from a distributor. They wanted their own creation while also seek other uses for the chemical should there be more than one use for the formula.

Stacy worked hard and after a year she had what they needed. What's more, she found a way of using the formula to create newer, cheaper plastics that were more durable than standard plastics. It was a big boost for the company and after two years of licensing and usage in their products Stacy's research was paid off in full with Stacy raking in millions from licensing it to Peterson.

Stacy's former employer tried to claim that she stole the formula and later that she had created it while working for them thus the formula was theirs. That was laughed at as she had all of the notes and the evidence that the company had was either fabricated or openly discussed her the fact that they had let a valuable employee just walk away without getting something in return. The lawsuit was tossed out and the company actually had to pay Stacy for back wages as well as for the rights to the patents that she had created while working there as the seizures were both illegal and against their contract with her.

Stacy's research was groundbreaking as she worked on ways of making the plastics of use in new ways. One day she found a way of making artificial skin from the plastic, almost like it was second skin that you could put on your body to hid your defects and scars while breathing and reacting like normal skin. She joked that it was inspired by a book she had read by her cousin Jaimie's favorite author, who had been a guinea pig for an experiment into artificial skin.

Her discovery was revolutionary and was a huge hit with the medical science field as it was a big help for burn victims and those who had nasty birth marks and other scars. She cried as she read reports of people literally breaking down in tears as the new skin was fitted to their faces and limbs and their scars, births, and marks disappeared. It was a dream come true, she had given someone a new life thanks to her work and if only one person was helped then it was worth it.

Her research would lead to Peterson Manufacturing becoming a leader in the field of medical science as other uses for products were found that would help in the fields of locomotion and mobility. Her initial product earned Stacy a Nobel Prize in chemistry and a subsequent prize in medicine as she had to tweak the formula a tad making it new yet non-toxic so it could be used for the artificial skin. It was a hotly contested award and Stacy happily told the committee that she would not accept it as it was not her intent and as it was in her opinion already awarded for the same work she didn't deserve it.

Stacy's refusal of the award won her praise as the committee agreed with her and awarded it instead to the researchers who used the plastic as skin. She was content to be cited in their reports and papers, it was their own work and she was being paid for the licensing of the formula so it was fine in her eyes. She happily donated all prize money from her first award to their research grant, allowing them to help more people and give them her nod of approval for accepting the award.

Scott earned his degree in architecture then went to work at his father's firm. He started at the bottom and worked hard to claw his way up the ladder to junior management. He wasn't about to let anyone tell him that he was there only because of his father, he would earn his place there on his own.

Scott's designs were great but they were always put down by his supervisors, who would always say that they weren't what they wanted. Those same designs would be used by the supervisors who would lay claim to his designs as they showed them off to their own bosses. This happened for two years until Quentin saw the designs and asked pointedly "did you simply remove the labels or did you also cross off the signature as well?"

The assembled management asked what he meant while Scott's supervisors looked at him with angry faces. Quentin pointed to several points then explained "in the grass is my son's signature. He adds it to every design he submits so if there are any problems he would be the one who get the final blame. He has been doing that to all of his artistic work since he was in middle school, I taught him that."

Turning to the supervisors, he asked "where are the other designs. I believe a review is in order as I don't believe this is the first time this has happened. We may have a problem here as you have tried to defraud our company out of a commission when it should have gone to Scott. If he so chose, he could sue us for stealing his designs!"

There was a frenzy as the older designs were located and shown, each bearing Scott's signature and several having his name still in place on labels inside as they were multi-step designs. A total of 12 designs were found to have been submitted that should have been Scott's credit but none of which were given to him while the supervisors were given bonuses for each and even paid for their usage.

Quentin smirked, had legal draw up a complaint to recover the money paid to them, then had what should have been paid to Scott paid to him. He firmly told the supervisors "my son earned his job with this firm based on his own work. I question whether you ever did your own designs and have to seriously question how you were ever promoted to your level without help."

Scott was summoned and asked about the designs. He tried to say that they were his supervisor's design but Quentin pointed to the one thing Scott couldn't deny, his signature. Scott finally admitted "I sent them the designs and was told they weren't what were needed and never heard back. I don't know what was being done with them, I assumed they were destroyed or stored away in storage."

Scott was asked to sit in on the meeting they were supposed to have then told them about the shortfalls that the proposed designs had. Without looking too deep at the proposals he spotted numerous flaws that could be corrected while telling them that his design wasn't perfect but it was doable for less and without the need to add other precautions due to weather and public access. He had intentionally put in his designs things that he knew would need to be addressed later while also factoring in local weather and traffic patterns.

The management team listened and agreed with him about the design. Quentin refused to make the call on which ones to go with but it was agreed that Scott's design was superior and what was needed. He was paid for his design's usage then promoted to supervising designer of public structures.

Scott became a highly regarded asset after that. He was given free reign over designs and was the go-to person for finding issues that could arise that the designer didn't anticipate. He did such a great job that he was sought out by many different firms who wanted to use his ideas but none of whom wanted to give him much credit or even the kind of bonuses that his current firm was giving him.

Scott's designs started to garner national then international acclaim. His renovation of the historic South Station and its new expansion wing won him his field's biggest war, the Pritzker Prize. He was in tears when the news came, with his his son and daughter comforting him over his huge win.

The two were darlings as the media covered the event. It wasn't so much Scott winning as it was that he and his wife had been awarded the highest honors people in their professions could achieve. The fact that he was handsome and she was beautiful despite two kids and expecting a third was even better.

Scott settled into a life of monotony and intellectual interest as he continued to climb the corporate ladder at the firm. When Quentin finally retired, Scott was appointed his replacement. There were some complaints but Scott had the best portfolio and he had the support of the employees whereas his rivals had nothing but ambitions behind them.

Stacy gave birth to another daughter and started to scale back her work. She didn't want to an accident to happen in the lab leaving her hurt or worse. She took on a more managerial role until she was promoted to the head of research at Peterson, giving her a chance to work but also oversee others.


The Johnsons, Evelyn and Joseph, enjoyed seeing their grandchildren grow from kids into adults. When their first grandchild had a child they were overjoyed. When their first blood grandchild had one, they started to see they weren't long for the world and made the most of their time left.

Joseph had kept his interaction with the family to a minimum for the past two years as his health slowly declined. He would go out with the kids but his lungs burned and his heard would struggle. He hid his pain from everyone, with only his wife knowing just how much he was hurting.

He could only hold off his daughter-in-law for so long but eventually Sarah saw his ill health and asked that he prepare the kids for the inevitable. Joseph gave her several sealed envelopes that were never to be opened until he died then told his wife to be ready for anything. He passed away a month after Johnny Finn was born, leaving the family grieving but remembering his warmth and kindness and the love he had for his fellow man.

Evelyn opened a letter from Joseph and cried at its contents. Inside was a confession that he had hidden from her ever since they married. The letter was clear, had fathered two children in his younger years. One of them was Lilly, the other was stillborn.

Evelyn looked at Lilly who was in tears. It explained a lot about her life. Joseph's letter to Lilly detailed her mother's reaction and what he had to do to help her. She was sent away to Rutgers for a reason, she was supposed to pick up her "MRS" there but instead became pregnant causing her life to change.

Lilly looked at Evelyn who felt like it was the greatest gift her husband could give: the truth. Evelyn told her firmly "you are my daughter. You were always his daughter. He chose to never tell you because he thought it would protect you. Well you are my daughter regardless."

Michael and Claire looked at one another and couldn't form words. Michael was her cousin through their mothers by blood. Claire was blood to both her uncle and her aunt, a Finn and a Johnson.

Evelyn left them to deal with the gravity of the secret while she sighed. It was a tough secret and it took its toll on Joseph for years. Melanie being their daughter was a convenience to Melanie as they couldn't help but fall in love with her but Lilly was more to them, her secret didn't really matter yet now they explained why it was so important to adopt the two as their own as it actually covered a bigger secret.

Evelyn felt better about the secret but the toll on her was a lot more than her aged, fragile body could handle. She suffered a stroke in her sleep and passed away with a smile on her face and uttering a solemn "I'm coming Joseph, I'm coming." She was found in the morning by Lilly, who wanted to check in on her.

The family mourned Evelyn's passing but her will stated that she wasn't to be mourned by them, they were to live their lives and enjoy themselves. Her legacy was her name being used by their grandchildren and it was more than any words could do. She just wanted them to remember her and not dwell on the past, to never forget but to not grieve.

The Johnsons insisted their assets be divided among their grandchildren, with each getting $2 million but none of them accepting a penny directly. They were forced to accept it for their own children's sake with each taking the money and putting it away so they would have a starter trust fund if/when they had kids. The five youngest would see their shares double by the time they were able to access the money, but that was irrelevant to them as they wanted to earn their own way just as they had been taught.


Julio Lopez was the forgotten grandchild among his various cousins. He was fine with that as he knew that he was going to have to deal with being Stacy and Rebecca's baby brother. The girls loved him deeply but he was still their little brat in their eyes even as he grew into a strapping young man.

Julio was close to JD Finn and would always enjoy playing with him. As they grew older, Julio and JD would often fight over girls as they tried hard to win girlfriends. The problem was that none of the girls would dare dating the two as one girl in particular had staked her claim to the boys.

Willow Reagan had always been around the boys and after years of trying to be one of them she finally gave up and ignored them. To any girl around them it was clear that she had eyes for the boys but they just couldn't see her as anything more than Cat Finn's best friend. After two years of being ignored by the boys she finally got bold and kissed Julio square on the lips while JD stopped cold and laughed.

Julio looked at him angrily while Willow demanded to know what he was laughing at. JD took a deep breath and then quickly blurted out "the dumbass has been in love with you for years but can't get the balls to ask you out! You are the only girl he ever talks to, you are the only girl he ever says good things about, you are the only girl who he pictures whenever we talk about girls' looks. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Julio loves you but he can't see that he does!"

Julio looked at them while Willow went over and kissed him again, causing Julio to kiss back. The three sat down and looked out at the schoolyard, with Willow telling Julio "I love you. There, I said it. I love you two."

JD added "sorry, but you are too much like my sister. I love her and all but you are too alike. You are pretty and smart and you like everything we do but I don't like you that way. He does."

Julio was at a loss for words. He walked away to think but Cat stopped him and told him warmly "she really does love you. You and I are too close. If you weren't my cousin I would marry you but you are just too close to me. It's the same reason JD and Willow won't date, he sees her has a cousin. She is right for you, we can all see it. She's the right one for you."

Julio walked over and sat next to Willow, kissing he cheek and hugging her. JD got up and walked away as the couple embraced in a kiss and another hug. Cat shook her head and told him "dad hoped that you two would date but it's not in the cards." He added "she's too much like you."

Julio and Willow remained close throughout high school and into college. When Julio majored in computer technology support, Willow followed him. They actually were a great team and were able to work together better than others to the point that they were their own team and handled the most calls to their office especially the toughest, most cringe-inducing calls.

Willow and he opened their own repair and support business and were often contracted by Gabby and her networking company to install computers. They made great money and were often in demand but always found time for one another. It helped that their family was able to offer support when they needed it especially when things got hectic.

When Willow became pregnant, things changed as they started to slow down and focus on basic support. Willow hated not being out there fixing computers with him but it was for their family. She loved him too much to force the issue but let her displeasure be known.

Willow and Julio would have only two children together but they loved them immensely. Their sons were so much like their parents that their grandparents had trouble not calling them Willow or Julio. Their uncles were smart enough to never joke about them being like their parents, especially as Willow was not happy to have herself compared to the boys again even in jest.


Willow's brother Tyler was the his father's son. He followed in his father's footsteps and earned a degree in recreational management as well as a minor in education. He was hired by the Reagan Group to be a full-time mentor and tutor while helping his father run their youth programs.

Tyler was quiet and soft-spoken but knew how to motivate you when you needed it most. He was not afraid to tell off people who were trying to hurt others and gave his full attention to you when you needed him. He cared about you and if you asked for his help you kept it until the job was done.

He took over for his father when he chose to move from day to day operations to fundraising, giving Tyler the job of executive director. Tyler was well suited for the role and expanded the program into different areas of the region that needed their kind of support and encouragement. Under his leadership the program doubled in size and with his father's fundraising they were able to help hundreds more.

As he worked hard at the program Tyler was left with little time for love. A chance meeting with the elder sister of one of the kids in the program gave him his first real date. The couple dated for a year before they saw that they were not going to avoid it any longer and got married.

The couple were a good fit as she brought out Tyler's paternal side while Tyler brought out the loving big sister in her. When she gave birth it was like a switch was flipped in Tyler as he went from coasting through life to finally stopping to be the man he needed to be. His wife saw the change and boldly told him "you aren't your birth father, you are better than he ever was."

Tyler worked hard for the Reagan Group while his wife was employed as a kindergarten teacher. Tyler had to cringe every time he saw his wife with his aunt Katie, he felt like he could never do wrong as he would never be able to hide from his aunts nor his mother. His wife loved that Katie was looking out for her while also allowing her to be her own person and help her adjust to being a mother to the couple's son and daughter.


Lindsay Reagan thrived in her job as COO of Peterson Manufacturing. She faced months of constant complaints from men under her who didn't believe that she belonged in the boardroom let alone as the COO of the company. They would often complain that she was unqualified and as man with a degree in business should be running the operations of the company.

Oddly, whenever they were asked about their own degrees the common answer was that they didn't have one in business or did they have much experience actually running one. Lindsay had a degree in business and she had run two separate companies before she was promoted when her previous company was bought out by Peterson.

Lindsay was tough on her critics. She would not accept any sexism in the workplace and fired anyone who was proven to be sexually harassing employees. She made no exceptions for anyone.

The key word was "proven" as she dealt with a lot of false claims laid by women who tried to make a quick buck from the company and were frequently bribed by rivals to accuse key people of it so they would lose focus or get fired allowing them to be brought in by that company. The senior management was frequently accused of sexual harassment to the point that independent investigators were brought in to see if this was a trend, isolated incidents, or a coordinated effort. This only seemed to intensify claims but the investigators weren't deterred.

When Patrick was accused they laughed at the accuser. They knew the facts and the person who made the claim was proven to be elsewhere when it was alleged to occur and with known rivals. Patrick was shown to have been home with his family making it even tougher to counter.

Lindsay dealt with the problems by speaking directly to the women of the company and showing just how dangerous the lies were as it would ruin multiple companies and their own lies as the accusers were never really paid their money and they couldn't actually collect it without admitting they lied. She confronted multiple women regarding their claims and showed them to be only interested in what they could get for themselves. Claims about protecting their coworkers and hurting predators was laughed at as the only predators around were the ladies lying to get what they wanted- money.

Lindsay's words had a profound impact on the women and caused an immediate drop in claims. There were several legitimate claims and the men involved were fired once it was proven leaving the women satisfied that the company had their backs. The number of false claims dropped once an injunction was granted by the courts against a rival who then had to explain to the state why they were paying people to lie on court transcripts and to the police.

Lindsay was often in the news as a guest on local and national business shows. Her staunch defense of her company then of women who were abused and harassed was eye catching, giving her a spotlight that few other women received. She had to fend off attempts to poach her, with Lindsay knowing that those offers were really just publicity attempts and the real people behind them wanted her to be shut up so she didn't cause any more trouble for their company.

She earned a heft salary and with stock options she was raking in money from her job. She loved it, she had never had a job that she loved as much. Even when she worked for Zachary as his head of operations at their former printing company she hadn't had as much fun or made such a difference.

Her husband Juan was like Lindsay in that he loved his job. He ran the Reagan Group well and saw it grow over the years both from his time as a kid and after receiving his recreation administration degree. The Reagan Group was his life and it was the thing that kept him tied to the city after losing his family to economic woes and ill health.

Juan had nobody else for years, with his future father-in-law Louis Reagan being the closest thing he had to family. Louis saw Juan as a son and over time treated him like one to the point that he groomed him to take over for him when he was ready. When Juan had 10 years under his belt as an employee, Louis handed over the organization and took on a symbolic role as fundraiser and liaison.

When he met Lindsay his heart raced and he nearly fainted, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Sadly for him, she was married and her husband didn't like Juan. When she finally moved east Juan stayed away lest his crush become known but over time he got to know Lindsay. After months of dancing around the subject, they dated and fell in love.

Lindsay gave birth to a baby boy that they named Jose. Juan became focused on his work and ensured that the organization was never short on money and there was always something brewing that would keep the kids happy and interested. When Tyler finally joined him Juan could see that his time with the organization was coming to an end and like his father-in-law he would need to take a backseat to Tyler and let him run things on his own.

Juan's side business as an agent for pro athletes was highly lucrative but he never treated it like his main job. It brought in a lot of money, enough to buy a home and keep Lindsay and himself wearing nice clothing but it was just a job he did on nights and weekends. He got to meet a lot of people and get inside information that the media would kill to learn but it never really appealed to him.

His biggest clients were Miguel, Liam, Walter, and Mitch Gibson. Those refused offers from other agents to sign with them, Juan was the only person they trusted to give them their fair share and not let anyone take advantage of them. He did help others restructure their contracts but those were one-time deals that he was paid for immediately and without strings attached.

Juan's sports agent experience helped him talk to a lot of kids who wanted to be pro athletes and steer them towards finishing school and earning usable degrees just in case their careers faltered. That advice helped several who saw their bodies fail after just a year or two or who never made it past the minors. It was sad to see but they learned that Juan knew what he was talking about.

Juan didn't need to work so was more than happy to raise funds for the Reagan Group. He was good at that and with him holding the purse strings the group saw a large rise in funding as well as the number of donations received. Lindsay tried to offer her own money to the organization but Juan told her that it wouldn't look right to self-fund and it was more than just fundraising, it was people-networking.

Juan and Lindsay would retire in their late 50s, with Lindsay handing off the company to Dante while Juan officially retired but still remained on the board of the Reagan Group as it's ambassador/unofficial chief fundraiser. Both actually enjoyed going to the functions for the organization and speaking with the various charities who could use their help. They wound up on the board of directors of several local charities and enjoyed seeing those organizations restructure under their advisement.


Jose Reagan was the youngest of his generation. He was also the one who bridged the gap between the previous generation and the next as he, Sophia, and Antonio were all in the same classes together in school. He hated being treated like a baby by his brother and sister but also hated that Sophia and Antonio weren't able to see things as he saw them.

He was lonely most of the time and only had a couple of friends in school. His loneliness and isolation scared his parents and aunts, he was always under watch by people to ensure that he didn't do anything to harm himself. It was tough for him to constantly endure, nobody seemed to get him or what was going through his mind.

He took out his frustrations by learning boxing from Jorge Castillo, earning the distinction of being his last student. He was good, so good that he was able to win several tournaments including the coveted Golden Gloves tournament. He refused to turn pro and remained as an amateur, winning the tournament three times before retiring.

In college he had trouble finding what he wanted to do for a career. A chance encounter with a girl who was studying local wildlife set him down a new direction in life as he helped her find the animals she was trying to study. Their encounter gave him his field of study as well as a true friend.

The couple would spend hours out in the field studying birds and animals for their biology degree. Jose specialized in birds while his girlfriend studied large mammals. The two found jobs with the state Department of Conservation and Recreation as park rangers and made new lives for themselves out west in Quabbin Reservoir area, far away from the family.

The couple enjoyed their solitude and privacy, as much as he loved his sister and brother Jose needed to be his own man and chose to be with his girlfriend out west. The couple married a year after their graduation, sending notice to Lindsay and Juan that they were going to be grandparents but asking them to not make a big deal out of it. They ignored the request and drove out to the couple, sparking an argument that resulted in Jose telling them that he couldn't deal with being the unwanted third child who they ignored until he was needed by them.

Juan was upset at hearing that but they had ignored him far too often and never made time for him like they had done for either Willow or Tyler. It hurt them but he was right. They told him that they would be there for him if he ever needed it but they would honor his wishes.

Tougher to deal with was Jose's grandfather. Louis Reagan towered over his youngest grandson but he could never tell him off especially when he was right. Seeing his beautiful bride and her bulging womb, he sighed and told him that he was the one who was most like his grandfather and both the dumbest and smartest man he ever encountered and he was proud that he was trying to be his own man.

The couple stayed out west until they were forced out by budget cuts to the region, making them have to move east and stay with Lindsay and Juan until they found new jobs or their own place. It was the last thing they wanted to do but it was what was best for the couple and their two young daughters.

Lindsay had gotten them jobs with the state in a new position, that of biologists for the Department of Fish and Game. It wasn't exactly isolation and protecting state-owned land but it was what they knew. Jose tried to refuse but his wife's pleading look told him to stuff his pride and accept the job.

They weren't suited for their jobs but endured them. The couple caught the attention of Reed and his office and upon hearing why they were let go got them take a closer look at just what prompted the layoff in the first place. Their budget wasn't slashed, it turned out they were laid off because they were not too friendly with the locals who wanted to use the land against regulations.

Reed got them rehired and their replacements fired. The people responsible ended up going to jail for perjury and fraud, while the illegal hunters and loggers were fined heavily and stripped of weapons and all rights to access public parkland. It was a small victory but to the couple it was too little too late.

The couple settled down in new jobs as park rangers at one of the DCR parks near Winnisimmet. It wasn't the vast wilderness they were used to but it ideal for them as they could go home to their families each night and enjoy cheap babysitting and preschool. They took what they could, it was better than moving to another state and having no contact with anyone they knew and loved.


Jose's cousin Trinity Eliza found close friends among her classmates as they got used to the real Trinity during elementary school. The girls were undeterred about knowing that she had something "extra" in her panties and the few times that they saw "it" they just giggled and blushed. She was a normal girl who just wanted to have fun, just like them.

As they grew older the differences disappeared. The only noticeable difference was Trinity started to develop into a woman after most of them. When she explained why, her friends blushed and agreed that it was a good reason and she should enjoy that brief bit of masculinity as it gave her a gift- children.

Trinity felt weird during middle school as she was unsure if she was a lesbian or if she was straight. Her friends tried to get her interested in boys but she could never find one that she liked. When one of her friends held her tightly in an hug and kissed her something in her awakened, with her friend giving her a big smile and whispering "I have wanted to do that for months. I love you Trinity Eliza!"

Trinity looked at her friends who all smiled. Their little sleepover was a setup, they were trying to see if she could pick up the hints her friend was dropping. Trinity failed the test, and instead of giving up her friend took the initiative and went in for the bold move.

The two moved to her friend's bedroom to talk. The two talked for an hour as both shed tears over their fears and anxiety until they had nothing else to confess. They embraced in a deep hug then walked downstairs hand in hand and kissed deeply in front of their friends, causing a big cheer from them.

Trinity confessed to her mothers that she liked her friend and got silent nods from them. Considering that she was exactly like her mother Katie in both being transgender and liking a woman it was hard to be upset at her. Their only words regarding the subject were "practice safe sex."

Trinity and her girlfriend went to college together and roomed together all four years. They kept their sex life private but few didn't know that they were a couple. They each earned degrees in accounting with Trinity going on to medical school while her now fiance went to work as a personal assistant.

Trinity became a trauma doctor and worked out of one of major hospital in Boston. She kept her connection to her mother Alison a secret but there were few in the hospital who didn't know Alison through some sort of encounter over the years. Trinity's work spoke for itself, she was her own doctor.

Trinity was good at her job and worked some of the toughest shifts so others didn't have to. Her now wife worked until she became pregnant then was let go by her employer. There was the usual fight over her rights with Trinity's wife winning a huge settlement and the company that laid her off being made to be monsters by the media but the damage was don, she chose to be a homemaker from then on.

Trinity had three kids with her wife before her samples were exhausted. Sadly, her wife struggled to take but the second time she ended up with twins making the couple see it as a blessing. Like her parents, three kids was enough for them.


Hunter and Bailey Eliza were their mothers' kids. Bailey was a happy girl while Hunter was a rambunctious boy. They enjoyed their lives but there was always something off about them. Hunter hated it but he was like his mother Katie, only he was too scared to tell her.

As they grew older, Hunter became more and more reclusive and barely left his bedroom. Seeing his big sister Trinity would make him cry at times, especially as she blossomed into womanhood. Trinity and Katie tried to get Hunter to admit the truth to them but nobody could get him to confess.

Alison waited until he was seven before making him sit down and talk with her about what was really bothering him. She refused to let him leave her room until the told her the truth. He tried to lie and make up excuses but after two hours he broke down and confessed that he was a girl inside and could not stop feeling the way he felt.

He hated the feeling and wanted it to stop but seeing his sister and knowing the truth about his mother only made things worse for him. He had no friends because all of the boys were afraid that they'd catch his girly germs making him lonely in school. Even Bailey wouldn't have anything to do with him, she hated that he wanted to be a girl and would tease him whenever she was alone with him.

Alison was shocked to hear that about her own daughter but it made sense to her. Instead of playing together, she would ignore Hunter and make him play on his own. When they were in school, Katie would see him all alone while Bailey would whisper something to the kids causing them to laugh.

Hunter was embraced by Alison who was crying steadily over his confessions. She sobbed as she told him "we will get you help. You can't go through this alone. I don't want to lose my little girl. You can't fight that feeling, no matter how much you try to suppress it you will always have it. To do so will only cause you to want to harm yourself and I don't want to lose my baby."

Alison put the sobbing Hunter to bed then dealt with the treacherous Bailey. Bailey knew something was up and proclaimed "I didn't do it! It was the girls! They wouldn't let me play with them if I didn't keep Hunter away!"

Alison sighed, then told her "I know you are lying. Your mother has told me what you do in school and it paints you as a very different person. You have hurt your sister badly. Yes, Hunter is a girl inside. I know she will be diagnosed as a girl. You should have stood by your sister, not treated her like she was dirt. You don't do that to family no matter what the cost. You are insult your own mother. You are insulting countless cousins. You are even insulting me."

Bailey ignored her mother. Alison sighed then told her "if need be, I'll pull your sister from school. You aren't going to hurt your sister anymore."

Alison went to bed with Katie knowing what happened. Alison cried herself to sleep while Katie wrote out a plan of action that she hated to do but had to be done. Hunter was going to be removed from class and placed in another first grade class while Katie dealt with the wayward student, Bailey and the kids would be told just how wrong they were and what their punishments would be.

When they returned to school two days later, Katie told the class what happened to Hunter and what was going to happen to them. She listened as the kids said horrible things about Hunter while Bailey didn't say a word, she just sat there watching her mother's reaction to her own reaction. When Katie finally told the students that they wold receive punishments they yelled and argued with her.

Bailey kept silent all the way home and wouldn't look at Hunter. She had lost all of her friends that day. She looked at Katie who was angry with her, letting her know she had disappointed her mother.

Hunter was tutored from home by trusted teachers. She received her diagnosis as transgender from a trusted colleague of Alison's but the diagnosis didn't improve Hunter's mood. She was kept under constant watch by every adult around.

Hunter finally tried to take her own life six months into her transition. It was a brief moment by herself as she was changing but it was enough time for her to grab pills and take them. Fortunately for all, the pills she grabbed were vitamins making the attempt fail.

Seeing her mothers rushing to Hunter and seeing her plead with them to let her die caused the cold, callous Bailey to break down. Months of isolation due to losing all of her friends because of the punishments the kids in her class received took its toll on her. She did care about her sister, she just couldn't understand why she couldn't be normal and act like her brother.

She was silently crying in her bedroom when Alison found her. Alison didn't need to know what happened, it was clear what was going on with Bailey. She finally sat beside her and explained "your sister feels so alone and hates herself so much that she can't live any longer. She needs you but you can't accept that she is a girl and not a boy. This is just the first time, there will be more. Sadly, unless she gets help she will eventually succeed. Your sister will kill herself."

Alison was being blunt but she was at her wits end. The next step was to hospitalize Hunter for her own safety, but that risked a lot of other issues as the psych doctors were notorious for using kids like her as guinea pigs and she likely would be forced to revert to being a boy in their eyes. If Bailey couldn't see past her selfishness she would lose her sister, figuratively and literally.

Bailey spent hours thinking about what she was told. She loved Hunter, she hated what Hunter had done to her life. She had nobody anymore, despite appearances she was just as alone as Hunter.

She didn't sleep much that night, instead she crawled into Hunter's bed and cried in her arms while Hunter slept. She didn't know what to do, her mind was telling her to let her go and get on with her life while her heart told her that her sister needed her and only she could help her. After hours debating in her head, Bailey finally knew what she needed to do.

After Hunter's move to go to the bathroom caused her to awaken, Bailey hugged and kissed her sister and tearfully cried "I don't want to lose my sister. I'm sorry, sis. I'm sorry."

The two embraced and fell asleep, with Katie and Alison not having the heart to wake them when it was time for both to have school. Alison kept Bailey home while Katie called out, citing a family emergency. The four talked until the girls started to fall asleep, allowing Alison to talk with Hunter's psychiatrist while Katie made arrangements for Bailey to be home schooled alongside Hunter.

The twins were home schooled until middle school where they pleaded with their parents to be allowed to attend with other kids their own age. They knew that it was taking a risk but with Dorothy and Vance Taylor as principals they were at least among people who understood them. The two had grown closer ever since that fateful night and saw the two inseparable and acting more like twins than before.

Dorothy introduced them to their teacher and told her what was happening and why. Their teacher knew what was going on and was more than happy to have them as students. She told the two that just because their mother was a teacher they weren't going to get any special favors.

Their first day was a disaster as kids recognized them and taunted Hunter. She ignored them and let them get put in their place by Dorothy and Vance while seeing others come to their defense one it was shown that they were going to be protected. The next day was better and once another crop of kids were suspended or given detention kids started to leave them alone and ignore them.

They made friends as the week wore on, with girls starting to get used to the fact that Hunter was a girl even if she had a penis. They liked her personality and found that she was a great conversationalist. Those who knew her from first grade started to see the real Hunter coming out and were sad that they had acted like jerks to her and regretted letting a few poison their personalities.

Middle school breezed by with Hunter growing into a beautiful young woman. She had to fight off boys frequently, first as they wanted to hurt her then as they wanted to date her. She had eyes on a few boys but eventually she set her eyes on the biggest nerd in their class.

He was skinny, kind of tall, but he had great eyes and like a lot of the same things Hunter did. When they talked Hunter seemed to feel at ease. When he finally caught on that she liked him he blushed and asked her out, causing her to hug him tightly and beg her mothers for permission to date.

Bailey was just as timid around boys. She liked a couple but it was tough to find one who didn't want to date her specifically because she was the most developed girl school. After a couple of bad dates she gave up, telling her sister that she was done with me.

Hunter rolled her eyes and told her "maybe you find a girl who likes you. I know a couple who are drooling over you." Bailey blushed but the idea intrigued her.

Freshman year of high school, Bailey finally got the nerve to ask out a girl. Hunter was alongside her with her boyfriend, not letting her go alone. The girls hit it off and after a stilted kiss the girls made out and spent much of the movie kissing.

The girls dated their new beaus throughout high school and into college. Hunter had her surgery to make her a complete woman after senior year, purposely putting it off as she enjoyed a string of internships before getting hired at a major publishing company as an editor. Her husband was by her side as she was wheeled in and wheeled out, with him telling her that he had put their names on the list to adopt a little kid soon.

Bailey stayed with her girlfriend until college and finally married her during her junior year. The two opted to go into business together, opening a small shop that sold designer clothing and accessories made by small and foreign companies. They had a special deal with an English designer, one that was facilitated by Alison and Katie with Bailey never knowing that she had met the owners in person.

Each couple had three kids. Hunter and he husband adopted a three young boys, all of whom were orphans and who suffered some sort of mental health issues that other foster parents refused to treat. Bailey and her wife used Hunter's husband as a sperm donor and had two girls and a boy, making both couples happy that their family genes would be passed down to the next generation of children even if Hunter refused to pass hers on before it was too late to save her semen.


Alison and Katie were kept active by Hunter and Bailey. The kids were a handful especially as they grew to become their own people after their tearful reconciliation and Bailey's acceptance of Hunter as her sister. They tried to keep the kids active with other kids but it was tough working around prejudice.

Katie worked for years as a teacher before she reached the 20 year mark and was pushed out. She had the union's support and won the right to stay but opted to retire with full benefits instead of endure any more fighting. She was their best 1st grade teacher, losing her cost the school a lot in quality education.

Katie helped Ricardo, Cameron, Isobel, eventually Rick Samuels at their law firm. She was not a full partner nor did she try to become one, the founding trio felt she was one by default and paid her the same percentage they took in as senior partners. Isobel and Rick were pleased with that, they refused to believe that she was anything less than the fourth senior partner given how involved she was early on.

Katie helped guide the junior partners throughout her tenure and saw several go on to become top paid lawyers at larger, more prestigious firms. They were good, but she was better than them in court and if they faced off against her they were always ready to beg for a settlement to avoid humiliation. She was seen as a potential hire at many firms even as she taught, when she retired she was sought out by many firms in an attempt to use her for diversity but ended up getting humiliated by her exposing them.

Alison endured years of fighting and turmoil that she didn't fully reveal to Katie. She was a contracted employee at several hospitals and had to renegotiate her deals to keep their referrals. This was an issue as she would frequently encounter administrators who did not like her lifestyle nor her specialty and sought to get rid of her by any means possible.

After Hunter started her transition, Alison was summarily fired by one of her contractors and saw her lose several clients as a result. Ricardo investigated and found the cause as claims that she diagnosed her own daughter against the rules and was facing an attempt to take away her license. He fought and won as she successfully showed that she sought out care after talking with her daughter as a mother not as a psychiatrist and intervened as any parent would, she got the proper documentation and endured several evaluations for Hunter before accepting the official diagnosis.

Alison was vindicated and sued the administrator for false termination, winning the remainder of her contract plus damages then seeing the woman fired for breaking hospital rules and causing harm to the hospital and patients. She found the kids a replacement doctor until she could return but it still caused several kids to run off or try to take their own lives as she was the only person they trusted at the time.

Other hospitals saw what was happening and culled the herd as they removed known homophobic and transphobic administrators from any contact with Alison and other gay, lesbian, and transgender doctors. Alison ignored the whole fiasco and focused on her patients, they mattered most. Her ignoring what was happening brought her high praise and caused the hospitals to stop acting like it wasn't a big problem and started to enforce strict anti-discrimination rules with automatic renewals for contractors.

Alison worked hard for years before allowing herself to take on a slower pace as the kids grew into adolescence and adulthood. She opened a small practice that allowed her to spend more time with her family while also helping kids who needed help most and point them to people who could help them. It wasn't the "grind them out" kind of practice she used to do, it was more direct intervention.

Alison helped many kids who were in desperate need of help. She spoke as a parent and as a doctor. It was a rarity among her profession but she was what most needed when they first came out to parents.

The couple stayed together and rarely ever suffered bumps in the road. They didn't have another child, they had the twins and Trinity which was more than enough for them to handle. They also had far too many nieces and nephews to count, giving them plenty of family for them to love and be loved by.


Like his children, Louis Reagan had a tumultuous life. He finally retired from being a city councilor after his 15th term in office under the current city charter, but had put in over 40 years with the city by then. He was honored with having the city council chambers named in his honor on his retirement day.

During his time he had amassed a considerable nest egg that he kept away from the public. He had saved up every penny he earned on the council and through his consulting work for candidates for higher office. Few knew that he was actually paid to advise Senators, Representatives, and the governor but he had saved every penny for when he would finally retire.

Since he technically lived at home during his time in the army, all of his pay was saved in the bank allowing him to buy his home outright when he left. He supplemented his pay with winnings from gambling with colleagues and the occasional trip to a major casino. He actually hit the jackpot once, it would be the bulk of the money for his first home.

When he retired he was hired to be a street cleaner, a job that was unionized and gave him a decent wage and chances for advancement. It had another benefit, it allowed him to network with people and build up a base of support for running for public office. He didn't realize it but he was the best man to run for office during a time when the city needed a hero.

Louis ran and won, then won another four times. His last two times were during receivership and were token runs to give some advice to the receiver. He was the only person the receiver listened to, he was a force of nature in the city then and was poised for greatness if he chose.

Louis chose to remain in the city, but kept running for office. Over the course of 30 years he had built himself into the most powerful person in the city. He would argue that the Finns were more powerful but neither Valerie nor John would ever allow that to be said.

Louis was finally happy to hang up his suit for the last time. He was in his 70s when he retired and was ready to see the world without a uniform. His wife was by his side throughout and was happy to finally visit places they had only heard about and seen via pictures friends had taken.

Tamara Reagan spent her adult life working at a consultant in schools then as a fundraiser for the Reagan Group, which she was actually the true founder of. Louis was the face but she was the brains. When Juan joined them as their principle employee she took a less frequent role allowing him to run the organization on his own and only helping when he needed help with money issues.

Tamara taught Hunter and Bailey during their four and a half years of home schooling. They treated her like she was a regular teacher, even if she was a bit stricter than normal teachers. The girls were in her thrall and learned more from her than they had in regular school.

The couple traveled the world for two years before Louis settled down for good, enjoying their trip but feeling like they were running away from their pasts. Tamara joined Louis as they moved to a lake miles from home to spend their summers. Their six grandchildren were frequent guests and enjoyed their time with the couple at their new home-away-from-home and the solitude of the wilderness.


The Castillos were the oddities among the adults as they didn't change much in their elder years. Jorge continued to be a force in their city even as he started to ease up on being the elder statesman role. He was the grandfather and uncle to hundreds if not thousands but slowly eased off his appearances and set up several trusted younger men and women to act as the new arbiters for the neighborhood.

Victoria the doting grandmother and later great-grandmother to the kids and was always there to help the family when they needed someone to care for a sick kid or to babysit on short notice. She was in ill health for a long time but kept it hidden from the family. When she had a major heart attack she was finally forced to admit that she was human and needed help, finally being forced to slow down and be active as she lost weight, ate better, and got Jorge to do the same.

The couple recovered from Victoria's scare and kept up their quiet lives, finally passing on the torch to a neighbor and moved down to Florida to spend time with old friends and neighbors who had done the same. They were able to meet many of Jorge's distant relatives and visit his birthplace one time, just so they could show the family where he came from. They would enjoy their retirement until passing away at the ripe old age of 100 and 102 years old.


Walter and Lillian Gorman stayed in Washington just long enough to swear in Walter's successor. He wasn't happy with his replacement and told his party that he'd find the right candidate for them for the full term. His warning was ignored until Paul James was drafted to replace their candidate after he had all but alienated everyone in his party for his behavior.

Walter smirked as Paul won. It was a fitting end to the career of a terrible politician whose only claim to any kind of political career was his family name. Paul was from a political family but he was his own man and only ran because he was begged by family to do so.

Walter enjoyed his time in Winnisimmet and was frequently seen with Louis, Sean, Jorge, or Austin Woods. Lillian became a devoted homemaker and would always have a few kids over for the afternoon as their parents had errands to run or needed time away. The two were never happier than they had been now that they were around people who saw them as aunts and uncles and who loved them deeply.

Walter never again strayed into politics, he only made token appearances at state conventions but never offered support for candidates. The only time he did get involved was to settle a debate among the state superdelegates over who to choose in the national convention. His choice was a dark horse but he won, winning the nomination and finally defeating the other party's candidate in the general election.

Lillian and Walter passed away at age 90, leaving their wealth, home, possessions, and papers to the Finn Foundation with express orders to help children in need of loving homes. Their lasting legacy was to help others do what they had neglected to do themselves. It was fitting for them, they would put their money where their mouth was and help those who needed it most.


Austin Woods moved into the Samuels home at his granddaughter's insistence. When he moved in, she was happier and seemed to find a new lease on life as she mellowed out and became less crabby. When asked about that, Al tearfully told Alison "he's my grandfather, I never had one before. I don't want to lose him because he doesn't feel welcomed by us."

Al kept close to Austin and was happy that he would often be around to help her with schoolwork and help her with relationship woes. She never noticed that she was giving Austin what he had always wanted in life, a loving family. Austin always made time for her and listened to her even if he was busy.

Austin and his son Richard grew to be close as Richard accepted him as his real father. They got along well and at times it was clear to all that they shared a lot of similar features that could only be Austin's genetics at work. Richard was not afraid to show off Austin to his friends and colleagues especially as he was someone who deserved to be touted as a real man vs. some of their "father in name only" dads.

When Austin's father-in-law died in prison, Richard sued the estate on behalf of his mother and Austin. Austin refused to take a penny, it belonged to Richard as the next-of-kin to the late Ezra Heath. Austin was adamant, he didn't want anything from the man who took his wife and son from him and who threatened to harm his family.

The estate fought in court and all of the dirty laundry was aired that Ezra Heath tried to hide. He had a hand in a lot of investments, totally well over $500 million despite his claims to being a humble farmer from rural Massachusetts. His legacy was a lie, one carefully built up over time and hidden behind a lot of bluster and threats against anyone who tried to investigate the truth.

The probabte judge asked for and received confirmation that Richard was Ezra's grandson and declared his estate to be Richard's as he had a legitimate heir and his will was made out after he was convicted on all counts of his crimes in court. His executor tried to protest but as it was proven that he was going to receive a generous payment from the estate his actions were dubious and not in the estate's interests.

Richard was vastly wealthy, especially as he sold off all land and made a sizable $600 million overall from the final sale of assets. He put all of the money away, telling his sons and daughter that it would go to them but not for a long time. He tried to give Austin a home of his own but Austin was content to live with the Samuels so long as they wanted him there.

Austin kept busy by working on his memoirs, something Sean, Louis, and Walter insisted that he do. It was a tale that would make even the most hardened solider cry at as it was a lot of emotion and feelings that he had kept hidden for decades. Richard could barely contain himself as he read the passage about his mother and Austin's feelings, but was happy to know that he held out hope that she was still alive.

Austin's book was a bestseller, with the Army having to frequently tell reporters that it was the full truth and they were happy to hear that someone was willing to showcase an underreported part of history. He was a guest at multiple Army functions as he promoted the book, with many old soldiers who had met him coming out to shake his hand. There were a few that he told to "fuck off" then told about their involvement in one of the worst events in Fort Devens history, forcing Brent Finn out of the Army.

Austin's tour took a toll on him and when he returned home he wasn't the same. He started to fall ill and after two months he passed away in his sleep. Al had the unfortunate luck of finding him, screaming as she found his lifeless body n his bedroom with a smile on his face.

Al would recover. She vowed to name her eldest son after Austin. She loved the man more than anyone would know and through him she found her own inner strength to be the woman she really was.


Richard Samuels inherited a lot of money from his grandfather, but that was blood money in his eyes. He chose to ignore it and live his live as he always had, working hard to help kids. He would donate money to various charities and funded major upgrades at several hospitals that he insisted would be named in honor of his mother and father. The "Wilma and Austin Woods Pavilion" was his biggest donation, done at the hospital that had employed him for years but he ensured other hospitals that had helped the family over the years received proper upgrades to their ERs and pediatric wards.

He kept active and remained healthy, but over time he grew disillusioned with the way medicine was going and cut back his work to just being a part-time pediatrician who worked out of a local health center. He was happy with this new job and mentored many new doctors during his time before he had the itch to finally retire and let the next generation lead things into the future.

His beloved Olivia was always by his side. When Al no longer needed her to drop her off and pick her up from school she returned to work as a nurse and helped mentor the next crop of nurses at the local community college. She was well suited to teaching, it fit her more than long hours at the hospital and through her many students were able to salvage their careers after becoming frustrated.

When Richard started to work at the health center she joined him as his nurse. She was a different kind of nurse, one who was careful with patients and offered a sympathetic ear to scared kids. She clashed with her supervisors who thought she was getting too personal but when several kids broke down and couldn't be calmed except by Olivia their criticisms were apologized for and she continued onward.

When Richard fully retired, Olivia remained for a bit before retiring herself. She still taught in the afternoon and evening but most of her time was spent with Richard. She loved having him home and as she finally retired for good she told him they were going to see the world.

Olivia meant it as they drove around Europe and the US, visiting dozens of states and countries before returning home to enjoy their grandchildren. They loved seeing their sons' and daughter's faces as they got a handle on little kids and how they weren't all that cute. It was pure heaven for them, especially as they were seeing just how they were when they were the same age.


Al Samuels was a changed woman once her grandfather moved in with her family. She could talk with him about anything and would always have his ear. When he passed away it devastated her but in a note that he left for her to read he told her that she was the bravest person he had ever met, despite all of the danger he put himself in as a solider her becoming a girl after her horrific injuries was still tops.

Al found a new focus in life and kept trying new things and trying to better herself. She found herself in college, finding a passion for finance as she took control of her trust fund. Until that point she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, but being in control of her own money gave her a new drive.

She stayed focused on finding new ways of increasing her wealth, earning herself several coveted internship with wealth management companies and investment firms. The go-to firm for the family actually refused to hire her, wanting her to work on her own merit. Al didn't take that as an insult, they were trying to give her their blessing to do things her own way.

She kept close to her boyfriend, Kyle Douglas. The two married in college but didn't adopt any children as Al was so busy with her work that they didn't have time for family. When they were begged by Jenna and Jessica to house a young boy their lives changed as the couple felt what it was like to have a child need you and want you to love them.

The couple adopted their foster son then fostered a little girl who was rejected by all others because she was like Al. Seeing the lovely Al looking feminine and trying hard to be a mother gave the girl a new drive and may have saved her life. Al and Kyle couldn't refuse her begging for them to adopt her, she had hit them hard and they had fallen in love with the girl making it impossible to let her get away.

Kyle was unable to follow in his father's footsteps as a firefighter due to a breathing condition that he developed during high school. The news devastated him but his father refused to let him dwell on it. Paul insisted that he could do anything he wanted, and there were more ways to help firefighters than holding a hose or hoisting a ladder.

What Paul meant was they needed technicians, engineers, and inspectors. Kyle was great with chemical engineering and was able to earn a job with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as an inspector and hazardous materials response technician. He would be part of the team who would oversee cleanups at spills and levy fines and reimbursements, a job that was tough but rewarding.

Their children saw him as a hero even if he didn't do the actual cleaning. In their eyes he was the boss so he was a hero regardless. Al was just happy that he could help others even if his job was one that few wanted to have and fewer wanted to understand.

Kyle and Al kept to themselves but still kept in contact with their friends. The two had the most improbable start in life yet ended up with the most mundane of lives compared with their friends. They would go to as many of Trina and Polly's performances as they could while enjoying the photography of Rosalind to the point that each room had a print in them.


Rick and Jaimie spent the rest of winter and Spring getting ready for the birth of Sylvia Robin Samuels. The couple were by Sylvia Roberts' side and comforted her as she recovered, with her fiance Mitch all too happy to let the couple comfort her. When Sylvia said her final goodbye to the baby she had given birth to, the couple were in tears while Mitch had a big smile on his face and gave his fiance a deep hug assuring her that it was the best thing she could do for her daughter.

The Samuelses took months to get used to being parents, with Jaimie working herself hard as she tried to fight the urge to rush to Sylvia's side every time she cried. They found comfort in David, Emma, Ian, and Sheila as they could sympathize with the couple. As much as they cared about Carmen, Addison or their cousins Paige, Hannah, Pete, and Bryan they were experiencing a different parenthood with twins.

College was tough for the parents but they made it work. When they graduated they chose to head west to California to study law and medicine in a place where they could be anonymous and not have others trying to take advantage of them nor give them special favors in exchange for getting special favors. They moved into their own condo near campus and enrolled Sylvia in a school, with the little girl loving that she was her own person despite only being four years old.

Medical school took a lot out of Jaimie while Rick worked hard in law school. Sylvia thrived despite her parents struggling to find time to spend with her and Jaimie frequently spending hours at the hospital. She understood and didn't ask for much, she was just happy to have both parents at home.

When both graduated they were offered placements all over California. Rick talked with Jaimie and agreed to work for Kaplan and Kaplan as a junior associate while Jaimie did her residency. Phyllis and Jo Kaplan were thrilled to have their friend Evelyn and Joseph's grandson-in-law working for them and with his previous reputation he was just the kind of fighter they needed.

Rick would also oversee "Jaimie's Place", the home for families in need that the family funded, and ensure that it was doing well. He didn't have to do much, the supervisor that had been hired had done a fabulous job keeping it well maintained and helping dozens of families recover. He would visit from time to time with Sylvia, the little girl loved to see the place and turned out to be just what some of the kids needed in their time of need.

Jaimie's residency ended and after a lengthy discussion the family decided to move back east but first ensuring that the Kaplans had a proper replacement for Rick. Jo and Phyllis simply told her that the time had come for them to retire and enjoy their golden years with their own children, none of whom were lawyers and whom they had kept away from their job. It was a teary goodbye as Sylvia gave them hugs and kisses and told them they were the best aunts she had.

Back east, Rick was hired by Ricardo to work at his law firm while Jaimie was hired at Sarah's private practice. Sylvia was all aflutter as she was introduced to many of her cousins and second cousins for the first time, with the little girl trying hard to believe that the family was that large. It took an hour for her to be told just who was how and how they were related to her and why those who weren't related were still relatives to her, giving her a big smile as she understood everything.

Seeing the others with multiple kids got the mother in Jaimie to stir while Rick rolled his eyes and realized that their family was about to expand again. Sylvia was slyly asked if she would like another brother or sister, with the little girl happily telling them that she knew they couldn't have children but she would love a brother or sister of her own. The two looked at her in shock but Sylvia told them "I know about 'Aunt Sylvia' and how I'm not her niece, I'm her daughter. You are my mom and dad even if she gave birth to me. She loves me but not the way you do. I found out long ago that you were born with boy parts and had surgery to have what I have and can't have a baby. I want you to be happy and if it means that you adopt a brother or sister for me then I'll be happy."

The couple tried to adopt via normal channels but were denied by multiple organizations. When Jenna and Jessica asked them if they were serious, they told them that they had a couple of kids who would be perfect for them. Jaimie's heart melted as one little boy had lost both of his parents in an accident and had serious mental health issues while another boy was always in fights and had threatened to harm another kid in his school, earning an expulsion.

Looking over at the two, it was like fate had been smiling down on them. They agreed to foster the two and if they were a good fit they would consider adopting the boys. The boys were suspicious of the two when they were introduced, but seeing their large home and the warm, loving Sylvia they didn't put up a fight over going with the Samuels family.

The kids adapted to their new home and thrived. The younger of the two was a macho boy but he cooled off as Rick got to know him. The elder was effeminate and reclusive, shying away from them.

Jaimie noticed something about her elder foster son one day when they were out. When she looked closer she smiled, it made sense to her. As she and he walked through the store, she asked if he wanted his own panties or did he prefer to continue to borrow them from Sylvia.

He stopped dead in his tracks and was about to cry, but Jaimie sat him down and explained "I know what you are feeling better than anyone. I'm a psychiatrist but I'm also transgender. You and I are so much alike that if it wasn't for the fact that Jenna and Jessica are two of the most honest people I ever met I would think that they planned this out."

He looked up at her with concern. Jaimie smiled and offered him a hand, then helped him shop for his own panties and female clothes. When they returned home, she told him that she would get him an appointment to see a colleague so they knew if it was a phase, if he was a cross dresser, or if he was truly transgender like her.

The appointment was a formality as Dr. Edith Bell didn't need to see them to know that Jaimie had made up her mind about her foster child. The diagnosis was that he was a she inside and a lot of what he was suffering from was her trying to fight her feelings and run away from femininity. She accepted the diagnosis and asked Jaimie "can I become a girl? I can't live as a boy anymore."

The request was from the hear and it was impossible to say no to her. The two went home and talked with the others, with Sylvia hugging her new sister while her brother looked away in shame. Rick talked with him about it and the boy was conflicted about how to feel, he wanted to protect his sister but he didn't want to isolate themselves from everyone else.

Rick smiled at him, he was doing the right thing and feeling conflicted for the right reasons. He told his new son "I think you already know the answer. She is your sister whether anyone else likes it or not. She will be a Samuels and a Finn, anyone stupid enough to harm her is going to find out just how bad it can be for them in this state. She has a lot of help behind her, the biggest of which is you."

The kids saw their adoptions finalized a week later but two weeks after that their daughter officially changed her name. She chose the name Olivia to honor her grandmother, giving Olivia tears in her eyes as she hugged her new granddaughter. Sylvia couldn't be happier, she had siblings and her parents were happy and were able to help two people who needed it.


Jaimie's aunt Karen and uncle Nigel worked at their jobs until Nigel was forced to take over the family estate when his father grew to be two ill and infirm to run the operations. Thankfully for the couple, that did not happen until Nigel had 20 years under his belt as a pediatric nurse. When he received the call, he put in for his retirement and said goodbye to the staff and walked away with little fanfare.

Karen wasn't able to walk away so easily, she had to groom a replacement for her. That would come from Al as the woman was set up to be Karen's replacement years before Al ever noticed. Karen gave her one bit of advice and instructions on how to do things- follow your instincts and listen.

The couple flew to England and arrived just in time to see Nigel's father's deteriorating condition. He was able to hold off until all of the Smiths gathered together, then gave them hugs before passing on. He had what he needed most, all of his grandchildren together to say goodbye.

Nigel and Karen became the new Marquess and Marchioness of Lincoln. With that they asked their son Nigel Jr. to come forward and before their assembled family they confessed to him that they were going to ask the king to allow their courtesy title to become his own title. Nigel hugged his parents and thanked them for that, it was not what he wanted but he would honor his grandparents' legacy in full.

The family stayed for a week for the funeral and internment then saw the issuance of the royal warrant of precedence granting Nigel Jr. official the title of The Earl of Boston. Tears flowed throughout as the family would never again be the same and the Smiths had finally evolved into their own branches of the family. They were getting older and becoming their own people and it might be the last time they are all together as one.


Nigel Jr. didn't join his family in England. He decided to remain in Winnisimmet and find his own path in life even if everyone else had their own plans. He'd often go sailing and enjoy the waters of Boston Harbor, being alone for hours on end while talking with kids about boating and safety.

He was good with sail boats and did well with motorboats. He befriended a few officers from the Massachusetts Environmental Police and found a knack for spotting and helping stop some of the illegal crabbing and clamming done on the shoreline. It was a dawning moment when one of them joked that he was doing their work so much he ought to just join them.

He went through the state's police academy then through a rigorous course on environmental laws. He did well and coupled with his boating skills made him a great officer. He was happy to get assigned to the Boston Harbor detachment, allowing him to roam his home turf like he had done for years.

Being an environmental officer wasn't entirely glamorous but he loved knowing that he was protecting the animals of the state and keeping people from destroying the coast and ruining a necessary industry. His friends were happy that he wasn't out on the water all day just lounging around, he was doing an important job that they enjoyed some of the fringe benefit of when he took them out for cruises while he was in plain clothes. Even the quiet Billy was impressed with his best friend's choice in job.

Nigel found it tough to find love as few believed that he came from a rich family and most were put off by his being an "animal cop". Billy found him a date with a former Navy buddy's sister, with the girl not even caring one bit about his job. He was a great conversationalist and wasn't afraid of her brother.

When he took her to England to meet his family she nearly fainted at the sight of the estate, especially the huge manor house. When she met Karen and his father she thought it was a big joke until they showed her that it was all true. She fainted when Nigel told her that he was an earl.

She recovered and asked why he kept that hidden from her. Nigel told the truth, he didn't want her to run off and wanted her to like him for what he was not what he had. She smiled at him for telling her the truth, she didn't care about any title or his wealth only about him.

The couple would marry six months later at the estate, after a small wedding at home with his colleagues in attendance. The family came out in force with all of Nigel's nieces and nephews joining them. Meeting all of the Smiths and Stoners was intimidating but she found them to be happy kids who loved their uncle and wanted her to enjoy being their aunt.

The couple would have three children, all of them girls. The girls refused to even consider taking up the title and wanted it passed on to Nichole's eldest as she was their elder aunt. Nigel got the elder daughter to accept the title after she came out to her parents, it was the big reason for refusing it but it was hers to have despite marrying a woman.


Hannah Smith found her calling in life as the editor and re-writer of Roland Finn's autobiography. His story was an international bestseller and was turned into an Academy Award winning movie. She won two awards that night as the producer of the movie and as the co-screenwriter for the movie.

She wasn't done with writing, she had multiple ideas that she needed to write and would make into huge hits. Her first was a story about a magical cat/rabbit hybrid creature who was tired of the fighting between both sides and led others away until the two sides realized that their bigotry and hatred were destroying everything they love and cared about. Her second story was a story about a male truck that wasn't built right and is really a female car inside and through a series of events finally becomes the car that she needs to be despite everyone refusing to believe she is a car.

Both stories were allegories for current events and realistic as well as fantastic. They were also very lucrative as Hannah negotiated a hefty contract with toy companies to produce cabbit and minivan toys based on the stories. The toys were bestsellers with the talking cabbit toys being the year's bestseller.

She continued to write books in the cabbit series, sending the cabbits off to far flung places then helping the people of those places see that they were like everyone else despite their differences. She would frequently go out on tour with Pete by her side. Pete supported her but at times wasn't happy that she would have to leave their kids at home when they should be there for the kids.

Pete left the National Guard when his four years were up despite pleas for him to re-up. He was hired by the Smith family estate as the manager while Hannah wrote and illustrated her books. Their twins, Harold and Lillian, joined them at the estate and were educated at London American School alongside their cousins, Bradford and Ophelia.

Pete's main job was overlooking the estate's properties while the elder Bradford ran the day-to-day operations. It was fairly easy work as he kept strict watch over the condition of the properties and was quick to call in builders to fix problems as they arose. He was responsible for much of the upgrades to the grounds as paths were graded and flooding concerns addressed, saving the estate from ruin.

Pete would have to give up the job to Bryan as Hannah needed him by her side as she deal with their second pregnancy and another book tour. Bryan wasn't happy to leave his job but his sister's health matter more than his pride. Paige was eager to help and would look after the kids for them.

Hannah would give birth to a bouncing baby boy before Pete insisted that she stay in one spot. She set down roots in England and would remain there until the urge to write overtook her again. By that time Pete had enough of England and agreed to go with her again, with the eldest kids already graduating from high school they weren't much of a concern. Their younger son was happy to go with them, and thanks to a tutor he was by their side as Hannah promoted her books across the world.


Bryan and Paige remained in the US until Hannah's book tour necessitated a move to England. Bryan had been a civic planner for a small town in Essex County while Paige had been employed as a fourth grade teacher in a private school. She chose to work for the private school instead of a public school due to the school offering her a great set of benefits which included free school for her kids, despite it being a nice school system the school's offer was too much to pass up.

When they moved to England Paige found a job with a council school in their new borough. The twins were sent to the same school as their cousins, creating a bit of friction among them as the two newcomers caused the preexisting nobles some strife as they were of a higher noble rank than their cousins. It took a while but the four adjusted to being around one another, with the two girls and two boys finding common ground among them despite their initial friction.

Bryan took over direct operations of the Smith estate. His being so much like Pete made things easier as the workers adjusted to them. He enjoyed the work but wasn't keen on staying beyond a year.

Things weren't all fun and games as Paige would find out. She would end up being like her uncle and trying to help someone all had given up hope of helping while bringing out the inner person hidden deep in that child. Bryan would support her 100% while both sets of twins found things to be odd yet didn't dare act against Paige's needs to help someone in dire need of help.


Miles and Christina found things to be quiet once the shock of being married wore off. Christina helped Jenna plan her wedding while enduring the rigors of being pregnant thanks to her and Miles' constant bedroom gymnastics. Christina had to cool herself off many times as he sex drive skyrocketed and she found herself unable to control herself around Miles.

Her pregnancy was tough on her as the hormones played havoc with her mind. Miles was the most understanding husband you could want as he endured bouts of depression, rage, fear, and anger. He even took multiple hits to the head Christina went into a rage over something he had not done that she thought he had done, leaving her feeling like garbage while Miles recovered in silence.

Christina was found to have a nasty imbalance that thankfully was treatable and once her levels were back to normal she was her old self, but feeling terrible for what she had done to her husband. Miles was more concerned with her health and accepted the facts for what they were, she wasn't herself and he had helped save her life and that of their child's be ensuring she got help. She still secluded herself in their bedroom when she wasn't in class, keeping to herself rather than socialize for fear of doing more harm to he loved ones.

Christina gave birth to a beautiful daughter, one that Miles had insisted be named Violet, after his birth mother. Christina smiled at that, it was a beautiful name and one with a special connection to Miles. They brought Violet home to a big celebration as she joined her elder cousins with Sylvia giggling at seeing the new baby girl while Johnny Finn ignored her.

Christina focused on her studies after Violet was born, not wanting to get pregnant again and lose any more time or potentially harm Violet in her hormonal fog. She graduated with a degree in business and interned with several companies in Boston before being hired by Joseph and Evelyn to help them run the Finn Foundation. She was their only choice for the job, and she was well suited for it as well.

Christina took over the fund when Joseph and Evelyn passed away. They had groomed her to be their replacements, they didn't think anyone else could run the foundation with as much interest or without potentially stealing from it. Christina loved the foundation and ran it with heart and her full attention.

Miles earned two degrees, one in accounting and one in forensics. He became a CPA just in case he wasn't able to last as a forensic accountant. He and Reed were the best duo in the financial crimes division at the Attorney General's Office and over time he earned a reputation for outthinking his opponents by seeing what they would do rather than where they appeared to be going.

He wasn't too well liked by some of the state troopers, who believed that he was given the job rather than working to get it. Several refused to work with him, choosing to work with Reed or another investigator. Their claims that he was a fraud who was trying to be a cop instead of a hired gun like the others got him to offer his resignation and leave, citing a hostile work environment.

Instead of being allowed to resign, he was shipped out to New Braintree and earned a spot among the state trooper candidates. He had been finagled months before to fill out an application for the state police then take the state police civil service exam. Reed was a bit of a weasel in doing that, he wasn't about to let Miles give up his dream job because a couple of hacks were jealous that he was doing their job for them.

Miles worked his tail off for three months before graduating at the top of his class from the academy. He was spared the waiting period and immediately assigned to the Attorney General's Office by the colonel under orders by the governor. The state police union cried foul but Miles had more time under him investigating for the Attorney General than anyone else had in the department at that time.

The troopers who complained about his investigating were put in their place by the colonel, who personally told them that they pissed off the wrong people and Miles was now one of them and outranked them as he had two degrees and more experience backing him up. They may have been troopers for 10 years each but neither had worked for the Attorney General's Office for long before they complained about Miles. He was not to be screwed around with and certainly not going to leave.

Miles brought with him a new depth of investigation as he could think differently than the others. He was an accountant and troubleshooter first and foremost, they were cops first. His eyes could spot issues that they couldn't and when he found them they were often the ones that made their cases.

Miles the state police detective was better than Miles the investigator. He arrested and got convicted dozens of criminals in the first year, on his way to amassing one of the highest arrest records ever. He was the kind of detective they had tried to find for years but it took two big egos to bring it to them.

Christina worked hard while Miles was away at the academy. She was pregnant with their second child, a boy whom she insisted should be named after his father. Miles Jr. didn't cause her any troubles and was an easy pregnancy for her, with Violet happy to help her mommy prepare for him.

Miles graduated just in time for Miles Jr. to join them. He literally went from the ceremony to the hospital as Christina went into labor right in front of Miles. Mother and son were fine but he nearly gave his daddy a heart attack in front of the assembled troopers and governor.


Michael and Courtney Finn had a fun semester as they started school again. Michael was the talk of campus as he was one of the most well-connected students as well as having met more powerful people in a week than most would meet in a lifetime. He met the outgoing President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the First Lady, an ambassador, and multiple Representatives and Senators, the latter of whom he didn't realize were Senators until he was told later on.

Courtney appreciated the privacy that she was given but also enjoyed that her professors treated her a little better than others. Most pregnant students were looked down on by the professors, Courtney was seen as "untouchable" unless they wanted to explain why they were singling her out for criticism. She was fine with just being any other student, even if she was treated special unofficially.

After Johnny was born, the couple adjusted slowly to being parents. It was tough for them, especially as he had a good set of lungs that Michael realized was passed on down from his mother to home as his brother and sister had similar loud lungs. Courtney just shrugged, Johnny would only do it when he wanted Michael's attention and cried softer for Courtney.

The two worked hard through college and earned their degrees in finance and nursing. Courtney was going to have a long road to get certified as a pediatric nurse but she had support from everyone. For Michael, his road to becoming a stock broker full-time required him to become licensed, which he did for both the US and the UK.

Michael was hired by Evans Limited as their new junior stock broker, with Grace Evans knowing that he wanted to work his way up to management instead of being handed the job that he had already earned over the previous five years. His job was one that worked out for him as he worked from home and helped Courtney out as she worked overnight shifts. She'd put Johnny on the school bus in the morning then Michael wold pick him up and cook dinner in the afternoon while she slept.

Things changed when Courtney finally earned her pediatric nursing certification. Michael was given a promotion and put in charge of Evans Limited's US operations while Courtney worked day shifts. It was easier on them and one of them was always home to pick up Johnny.

This worked fine for a few months until Courtney became pregnant with their second child. Michael was working nearly 15 hours a day and needed to cut back. Courtney was feeling the strain on her body from work and the need to be there for Johnny, the couple needed to do things a bit differently before their daughter was born.

Grace Evans decided to do the proper thing for Michael and merged her US operations into Nelson, York, and Smith allowing Michael to have more time with his family and giving him a promotion to head of the stocks division at the newly split company. He worked a split shift, taking two hours off in the middle of the day to pick up the children from school while Courtney worked. Courtney was able to work better shifts as she wasn't always forced to rush home every day to get the kid off the school bus.

When Courtney became pregnant a third time, with fraternal twins, she cut back her hours so she didn't miss out on so much of her kids' time and could help her daughter get ready for her looming womanhood. Michael felt the sting of time as she watched his daughter endure "the talk" with her mother once she had her first period while he talked with Johnny about girls and how to avoid becoming a "player" who would love girls then leave them when the next pretty girl came around.

The twins were little darlings and to their surprise, they were just like their parents. Jaimie was athletic and not afraid to protect her brother while Mitchell was empathetic and loving towards all. The kids were teased but their parents loved them and told them how happy they made them by just being the kids that they wanted to be.


JD Finn grew up in the shadow of his older siblings and his sister. He was the quiet member of the family, whenever he wasn't with his buddy Julio he was with his sister and Willow. He would get the nickname "forgotten one" as everyone seemed to forget that JD was a Finn and his father John's only biological son.

JD had few interests growing up but those that he did have were racing and cars. He loved cars and had dozens of models and images of them in his bedroom. He spent so much time studying cars and their engines that he knew the inner workings of most major cars by the time he was in middle school.

JD didn't want to disappoint his parents by asking to go to the vocational high school so he spent all four years of high school coasting by but getting honor roll each quarter. He wasn't an academic, that was more of his sister's forte than his. He just did the work and learned what he needed to know.

When he graduated his parents asked him what he was planning to do, knowing that he had not taken out any applications for colleges. He tried to look away but John told him firmly "you aren't your sisters nor are you your brothers. You don't like academics, you don't have to go to college just because I expect you to go. If you want to do something else then just tell us. Just as long as it isn't illegal or immoral we won't stop you from following your dreams."

JD tensed and blurted out "I want to fix cars. I'm not good at anything else. I'm not going to be a doctor or lawyer or writer or artist, I just want to fix cars."

John hugged him and happily told him "there's no shame in wanting to do that for a living, it's a good job and it's needed. Just don't charge an arm and a leg or your brother will go after you." JD looked up at his father and smiled, he understood him more than he ever realized.

JD attended classes in automotive repair, exceeding in engine repair and replacement while doing an OK job in body repair and painting. He worked hard to earn certifications and finally opened up his own shot. He had a stead stream of customers just by his name alone, but his work was solid and he didn't charge too much to do simple fixes and ensured that people were able to drive safely even if it meant he wasn't able to be paid right away.

One of his customers was a repeat, sadly she couldn't afford a new car and was barely able to afford the costs to repair her old junker. JD felt bad for her, she was trying hard to be a good mother and not have to rely on her parents for help for everything but it was tough. He would frequently talk with her as he repaired her car and after the third time he just stopped accepting payment as his heart wouldn't let him charge her, there was something about her that he really liked.

When he finished with her car for the sixth time he got bold and asked her out. She was offended that he was trying to take advantage of her in that way but his genuine sadness and apology showed that it wasn't an attempt to seduce her, he actually wanted to ask her out. The couple went on a date and JD wowed her with talk about his family, leaving out a lot of the finer points but winning her over.

The two would go out several more times before JD asked her to accept a car that he had in the back of his garage just sitting there waiting for use. It was brand new and perfect for her and her baby girl to get around in. He then asked her if she would do him the honor and becoming is wife, showing her a ring that he had hidden in his pocket and was barely staying still in his trembling hands.

She was in tears and unsure what to do. JD realized why she was reluctant to answer, telling her "my older brother is not my father's son. I am more than happy to make your daughter my own if it means you will be my wife. She deserves to have a father who actually wants to be her father, not some man who loved you until you were no longer convenient to him."

The two married four months later, with JD's family in attendance- all of them. His new bride was overwhelmed by the number of people there, especially the number who were directly related to him. His new daughter was content to receive attention from her new grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Their union wasn't without troubles as her parents fought her over her daughter but lost badly when Rick and Isobel went after them for extorting JD. His new daughter refused to ever speak to her grandparents again and upon their deaths she said "good riddance". She wasn't happy with what they tried to do with her but she loved that people cared about her and not what she could bring them.

The couple welcomed a baby boy that JD named Julius in honor of his buddy Julio. They followed that by a second son that he named Milton, after his wife's grandfather. The couple called it quits after two, she was starting to feel the ravages of the pregnancies on her body and JD didn't want to overwhelm her with any more children.

Their business was successful, mostly due to her management once he finally convinced his wife to quit her job as a waitress and become his manager. She knew what to do to get accounts to pay up and stop taking advantage of JD's generosity as well as get good deals on the parts he needed. She was the light of is life and having her work beside him every day was a blessing to him.


Cat Finn was the youngest of the seven Finn children and the one who everyone feared. She was a tough kid to deal with when she was a baby and earned a reputation for being a brat. She was only ever a brat around people she didn't know, owing mostly to anxiety and trying to keep up her reputation.

As she grew older, she changed. Gone was pest, in its place as a polite, timid, and happy little girl. It was a change that caused all members of her family great relief, with Cat being happy to be herself.

As she entered middle school, Cat was struggling to find her true self. It was clear that her brother was the family loner while their friends Willow and Julio were in love with one another. But for Cat, it was a time for reflection and hiding.

Cat put on a display every day, that of the confident and outgoing youngest child of the city's richest family. Cat wasn't Cat in school, nobody actually knew the real Cat. He friends knew that she wasn't normal and hid herself away, but none of them would say anything for fear of scaring her.

Cat would spend hours online, lost in the world of cyberspace. Her parents knew what she was looking at and were fine with it. Cat was writing, posting, and reviewing stories, something that calmed her.

Cat was a talented writer. Her imagination could go to places nobody would dream they could go. She was great with her nieces and nephews as she could come up with funny stories on the fly and make them laugh or cry at the sweetness and tenderness of the characters.

It wasn't much of a shock to her parents, she had her father's vision and her mother's keen mind. John could never vocalize things as a kid but had those kind of ideas, while Valerie was able to vocalize just about any though in depth and with little deviation from the original source. It was one of the traits that made her such an amazing lawyer, she had a way with words.

Cat was both of those but also had an eidetic mind, able to recall just about anything told to her or read making her mind brilliant while also dangerous if you upset her. Her writing took up most of her time and her stories were her life, when writing nothing else mattered. If not for JD, Julio, and Willow she might be lost in her own little world for days on end.

When she reached high school, she fought with the teachers over her writing. They thought that she was using someone else to write her homework assignments, not realizing that she was actually doing it on her own and just going through the motions in school. The only ones who seemed to believe her were Deborah, Justin, and her father, with all three having seen her work and knowing her style.

Cat watched in shame as her teachers were put in their place by John and Deborah, with Deborah personally showing her previous works and explaining how she actually was far advanced in her skills and should be in college classes but wasn't as advanced in other subjects yet. Cat avoided everyone from then on out, reluctantly taking the nickname of "weirdo" and "ice queen" as she avoided all others in her attempt to avoid further humiliation. JD wasn't stupid enough to try to get her to stop being so isolated, it would do no good and she would just retaliate against him in the most humiliating ways.

There was someone who saw the real Cat Finn hidden under the exterior. One boy dared to get close to Cat, he had spent years seeing the girl behind the facade and knew that she was more than just a writer, she was smart and sexy and a good person. He had a crust on her since the 5th grade and tried time and again to get close but always hitting road blocks as her brother, cousin, and best friend intervened.

John and the others noticed that he wasn't acting normal around Cat. He was as reclusive and a loner like Cat but whenever he was around Cat he seemed to become a different boy. When Deborah finally realized what was going on, John nearly collapsed in shock while their friends laughed.

The two were put together on a joint assignment by John before Christmas break their freshman year and found it tough to do the assignment while trying to be silent around one another. He finally had enough and asked her "why are you acting like I am not even here? I like you, Cat! I'm not one of those jerks who likes to tease everyone just because they are jealous. I like you a lot and I can't stop thinking about you. If we can't work together I'll tell your father that it's my fault and take an F."

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes which caused him to wince in pain. Her only words were "you really like me?" He shed a tear and explained "I have liked you for four years. You aren't like the other girls, you are smart and don't act like the world revolves around you."

Cat hugged him then kissed him. They were interrupted by a stern cough from the librarian which only caused them to blush and gather their things together. Cat grabbed his hand in hers and led him out, not letting JD say anything but smiling at Willow to let her know it was alright.

At her house the two got to work. When they finished she hugged him tightly then kissed him deeply. He tried to pull away but Cat kept him pinned to her body.

When Valerie told them to cool off, Cat realized she had just made out with a boy in her own home with her parents present causing her to panic. John calmed her down, telling her that it was alright but that she should expect rules to be laid out if she was going to have boys over. She looked at her mother who added "it's the same thing your sisters and brother were told. We aren't changing them for you."

The two were close whenever they were in school and he would often go over their house after school. Cat never went over his house, his family hated the Finns and would have had a meltdown if they found out that he was dating Cat Finn. Cat understood, it was nothing new to her.

The two remained steady and graduated high school with high GPAs. Cat went to college to earn a degree in literature while he earned a degree in management. Cat parlayed her writing into a contract to write several books for a small publishing company while he served as editor to her works and several other authors, including Hannah.

Cat's books were hits and had steady sales. Critics weren't too keen but they sold millions of copies and were well liked by teens and college students as they were fun and brought a sense of realism to fantasy books. Few knew that they were just stories that she had floating around on her hard drives at home, she was just reworking them to something that all would enjoy even if they weren't Dickens.

Cat married her boyfriend two years after graduating college. When John found out that his baby girl was pregnant he fainted, with Cat crying tears of joy at her father being happy for her. Valerie added that it was something that he never believe he would ever see, the day his baby became a mother.

Cat would have a second and third baby, with all three children being boys. Cat's husband gave John something he couldn't believe, he took Cat's family name as his own as John had become more of a father to him than his own father had been. He loved John deeply and to him his family name was his true family name.


Valerie Finn worked as a freelance lawyer for those in need for decades. She would be involved in all of the family's legal struggles as well as some of their business deals, particularly her children and nieces and nephews. She became a fixture in the courts, getting known by judges for her passion, her keen mind, and her refusal to bow down to larger egos.

One thing that she never thought she would ever get involved in was politics. When Louis Reagan retired from office he asked her to run as his replacement. Valerie hated politics but she didn't want to see the city's hard work undone by a few idiots who controlled the city's budgets.

Her first race was tightly contested as six candidates vied for three open at-large slots on the council. She came in third, behind two established candidates but far ahead of the fourth-place finisher. Valerie was sworn in and glared at the other two at-large councilors, they were getting a fight from her.

She was ruthless, not letting them gut the budgets to get rid of Louis' improvements. She exposed their real interests, those of a few developers. They could care less about the public, only their donors.

When the hotly debated issue of building a new middle school came up, the developers were against it. They were eyeing the land for their own properties and wanted to build more condos while also selling the city land they own to build the school. Valerie was not about to let them screw the city over.

When the issue came up for debate, Valerie asked the men if they had disclosed to the state that they had a personal connection to the company trying to build and sell the land to the city. She had them right there as they tried to lie and claim they didn't but she showed that they were partial owners of the development company and were using the city to buy land they didn't need and build in a bad spot.

They tried to lie again but the truth was in black and white and hard to argue. Their motions were defeated and the men ended up having to explain to the state how they violated conflict of interest laws and lied to the city on public records. They were forced to resign in disgrace while Valerie won praise.

That was the biggest fight that she had and she had won handily. Nobody dared to battle her again, she was deemed too tough and whatever she wanted to do with the council it got done. She enjoyed her work and had been part of many major events during her tenure.

She would serve for 10 terms, long enough to see her grandchildren go through school and cement a legacy of hard work and helping the city. She was one of the best councilors the city ever had, a distant second to Louis but she would never dare to compare herself to him. When she retired she left the council with the words "always remember, it's you serve the people not the people serve you."


John Finn was extremely wealthy yet he lived like an average person. He worked hard at his job as a teacher yet he never drew a salary and paid for renovations and upgrades to his school's classrooms. He was one of the best teachers the school ever had yet he would refuse to admit that if asked by you.

John's classes were popular among students, so much so that who got assigned them was not revealed until the week before school. It was a random drawing based on clusters with new students and students moving from one cluster to another being given no preference. John would have loved to teach everyone at least once but it wasn't possible.

He had a quiet life outside of school once his eldest three graduated. He would have at least one member of the family in his classes until DJ, Liam, and TJ graduated giving him a strong connection to the family as almost all of the members of their generation, with the except of the Deborah and the Carter/James/Bailey branch, wold have him as a teacher at least once.

He taught for 25 years before his back and knees started to give out forcing him to retire. By that time, he had actually taught the next generation of students as Johnny, Sylvia, and Violet had been lucky enough to have been his students. It was a tear-filled goodbye but when the last bell rang John left Winnisimmet High School to students crying at seeing their favorite teacher leaving for good.

In his retirement, John and Valerie traveled around the world. He bought a private plane and hired a crew of three so they could fly anywhere they wanted on a whim. The crew were all single so it was just the five of them together without a care in the world.

John would see his grandchildren grow into their own people and start families of their own, with John becoming a great-grandfather at age 60. He and Valerie celebrated the birth of the next generation of Finns as his namesake, Johnny, became a father. He took the news with a big smile as he flew off into the sunset with Valerie kissing him deeply with a smile on her face.

The End.

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