The Devil's Chamber Part 2

Friday, January 5, 2018, 1300hrs:
Leslie wakes-up late the next morning. Her face was sore from where she had been punched. She stumbles into the bathroom to look at her face. It was black and blue from where she got punched. She was going to have to use make-up to cover up the bruises. She pops two
Aleves in her mouth and heads into the kitchen to pour herself some orange juice.

She was sore from being blown back from the explosion that Dakota used to blow the door open. She looks at the rest of her body and it was black and blue as well. Her stomach was sore from where the guy had punched her. She pours her orange juice and grabs a pop tart from the cabinet. She heads into the living room to sit down and listens to some music.

She needed to take some sort of self-defense course. The guy managed to grab her from behind and she couldn’t do anything about it. On top of that, she had been weaponless. She knew so many different types of sleight of hands tricks, but none that would had been helpful during the fight.

Leslie leans back against the sofa and closes her eyes. She should go to see the doctor, but she wanted to handle this herself. She gets up and heads into the bathroom and check her nose. It wasn’t crooked, which she was thankful for after being hit in the face twice.

She walks into her bedroom and slips out of her nightgown and into an exercise unitard. She gets her exercises mat out and start stretching her body and muscles. She has a few new exercises she wanted to try. She puts her body through two hours of exercises. Afterwards, she wipes her exercises mat down and put it away. She heads into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of filtered water.

Once she finishes drinking her water. She heads into the bathroom and take a shower. The front of her body was black and blue from last night. Once she is done taking a shower. She puts on a pair of shorts and an over-sized t-shirt. She googles martial art schools near her and makes a list. She prints it out and goes to get dressed, so she could visit a few of these dojo’s.

The Lazy Dragon Dojo:
Ginja looks at the wall, as she stands back and admires her handiwork. The scene she had picked out and painted on the wall was one that represented her origins and training. It told where she came from. She pick-ups the paints she used and takes them back to the storage room for now.

She fixes herself a small lunch in the back-living area of the Dojo. It felt weird for her to be in England, where her birth parents had been born.

They had been British citizens touring Japan, when a tire blew sending their car down a cliffside. She had been found several days later, on the verge of death by a couple. Her icy blue eyes are what drew their attention to her. They saved her and took her back to their village to be raised as their own child. She started learning Martial Arts at the hands of her adopted grandfather from the time she could walk.

She spent years learning as many different Martial Arts as she could. When she came of age, she was told the truth. She was taken to a British Embassy and proved her citizenship. She spent the next six years traveling from Japan through China and through the middle East. She had a few close calls with human traffickers trying to capture her, but she left them broken. She even had a few run-ins with the Yakuza, until she saved the life of one of their bosses.

Ginja finishes her green tea and wash her lunch dishes. She hears the bell at her door ring as someone comes walking in.

Leslie had been out checking different Martial Art schools near her, when she spotted The Lazy Dragon Dojo. It was set-up like a traditional Dojo out of Japan. It wasn’t on the list she made. There was the scent of incense floating around in the air.

“Hello? Is there any one here?” Leslie couldn’t see any one.

Leslie walks in till she is halfway in.

“There is always someone around, my child.” Ginja comes walking through a curtain of beads.

Leslie noticed that the young lady that just walked through the curtain had pure long straight white hair tied back in a ponytail and icy blue eyes. She stood about 5’6” tall and was wearing a short sleeve gray t-shirt with some paint on it and a pair of shorts.

“Hi, I’m Ginja Kimiko and I am the owner of The Lazy Dragon Dojo. What can I do for you?” Ginja had a cheerful smile on her face.

“Hi, I’m Leslie Wright and I was wanting to learn how to defend myself. Are you accepting students right now?” Leslie noticed that she must have been painting. Her legs had some paint on them.

“As a matter of fact, I am. I just open this Dojo. So, you’ll be my very first student.” Ginja had a pleasant smile on her face.

"How much do you charge for a class?" Leslie wonders if she'll be able to afford the class.

“Well, since I am just opening, and you are my first student. How about £ 48.00 a month?” Ginja figures since this is her first student, that £ 48.00 would be reasonable.

“How often will you be holding classes?” Leslie needed to know so, she could plan around it.

“Three times a week for two hours.” Ginja figures if she gets more students, she might reduce the time frame some.

“Do you require any special type of uniform or outfit?” Leslie hopes she doesn’t have to go out and buy a karategi.

“Since it is just you for now. Do you have an exercise leotard at home?” Ginja figures that would be okay for her to train in.

“Yes, I have one. Is there anything else and what time and day do we start?” Leslie couldn’t wait to get started.

“How about tomorrow around noon? Will that be okay for you?” Ginja figures she could start around that time.

“I have a job I have to be at tomorrow, could we start around 4:00pm, please?” Leslie knew she needed to get out and make some money to pay for the class.

“That’s fine. If you want to start earlier. Feel free to drop in. I’ll be here.” Ginja had a place directly above the Dojo.

“It’s been nice meeting you Miss. Kimiko.”

“You too, Leslie. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon at 4:00pm.” Ginja watches as Leslie leaves her Dojo.

She had spotted the bruising on Leslies body and wonders what happened. She waits till she leaves, before finishing up a few minor items.

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