A Game Of Cards Chapter 1

A Game Of Cards
Chapter 1

The spring break had begun. Jake was excited to go to his aunt's house. Aunt Mary was his favorite, she lived in a huge estate which she owned. She was also an excellent cook and had starred on television too. She lived with there with her daughter, Jennifer. Jen and Jake were really close. They grew up together until Jake moved to the city with his parents for his high school.

Jake arrived to the estate with his dad to find Jen waiting outside for them. Spring was her favourite season and she was enjoying it in a skimpy tank top and a mini skirt showing a lot of skin. Jake ran out and hugged Jen, her body pressing against his which made them feel awkward for the first time in all these years. Jake's dad carried Jake's luggage to the room where he always stayed. Jen and Jake sat in the living room catching up on their lives.

Aunt Mary walked over and gave her nephew a tight hug. Jake was really happy to be spending time with them. Jake's dad then said goodbyes and left.

'' Jake dear. Its so good to have you back. You can go to your room and fresh up. I'll have Jen bring you a towel."

" Yes Aunt Mary. I've been meaning to take a shower."

Jake went up to his room, undressed and got into the shower. Jen walked into his room with a towel and asked Jake where she should leave it. He asked her to hang it on the bathroom door. After a few minutes, Jake switched off the shower and dried himself. He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out to find Jen sitting on his bed.

" What are you doing here?"

" I was waiting for you"


Jen got annoyed with the way Jake had been reacting. She rolled her eyes and crossed her legs in anger. Since, she was wearing only a skirt, this made her panties visible to Jake. He couldn't control himself and got excited. Jen noticed the bulging in his towel. She got up and went close to Jake.

"Jake, I know we're both in the stage of life where seeing someone makes us all excited. But remember we've seen each other naked many times when we were young. We're just cousins, just be the way we used to be before."

"Yeah. I do wanna be like that but I can't control it. You've grown to be so hot while I'm the guy everyone bullies in high school. I'll try to be more careful but don't mind if anything happens."

"That's more like my bro! I'll see you down at dinner", Jennifer walked out as Jake started to get dressed.

Down in the dining hall, Aunt Mary was catching Jake up with the details of her new cooking show. That's when Jake learned that she will be going out for a outdoor shoot the next day. He was unhappy when Aunt Mary told him that she won't be back for a week.

"But Aunt Mary, I really wanted to enjoy more of your food."

"Don't worry Jake. I've thought Jen how to cook and she's pretty good too. You can manage for a week."


Aunt Mary was gone before Jake could wake up the next morning. He was woken up by Jen slapping his face while sitting on his stomach.

"Wake up you dumbass! We've got a week to enjoy!"

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