Rock It: Prologue

My legal name is Dempsey Dwayne LaRoche, kids at school call me Demp when they talk to me at all.

It's amazing just how much things can change in a single week. I think I will finally be safe. Thank God for that!

You're wondering why I'm saying that? Well, it's simple, really, I've been the victim of bullying and worse for almost two years.

See, back around mid-November nearly two years ago, Jerry Watkins and his buddy Walter Grundt caught me looking at a pair of panties that I had picked up at a small shop in our little town of Oak Hill, Wisconsin. When I had gone into the shop to get the panties the previous afternoon, I had told the lady behind the counter that I was shopping for a gift for my twin sisters who are about three years younger than I am.

To this day, I don't know why I had those panties in my pack that day, or why I chose to look at them at that particular moment.

I'm definitely not your average fourteen year old boy. I'm lucky if I'm 5'1" tall and weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, long hair included. What bothers me even more than my own small size is that my twin sisters, who are eleven, are taller than I am, standing 5'2" in their bare feet.

Well, once Jerry and Walt saw those panties, they started shoving me around and my head banged off the side of the gymnasium equipment shed twice. I'd picked the space behind the shed because there are several trees there that help to make that space semi-private.

I thought the physical crap they did that day would be all of it, but no, they made my life a living hell for nearly two years.

From that day on, I was forced to be part of their little 'gang' or they would tell the whole school about me and the panties behind the shed.

It was a lot worse than that, actually, but I'm not quite ready to tell you the rest yet. Those two boys have always been mean ones and they have pretty much terrorized the other kids in the two schools here in town since the first day they walked into a classroom.

I hated what was happening, but I was far more afraid of what might happen if I didn't do what they wanted.

I tried to keep my part in the bullying as small as possible as I hated it and wanted nothing to do with it. I had no choice, however.


Then what I thought would be impossible happened. Jerry and Walt went too far and put a junior high student in the hospital.

Someone in the school offices apparently had the wise idea of questioning us separately. I ended up facing Mrs. Willamette, the principal.

Now Mrs. Willamette is a rather nice woman, I think she's about 40 years old, still quite pretty. Well, she is nice most of the time, but when a kid that is in her care during school hours gets hurt, she gets a wee bit angry, like a dragon about to roast people invading its home.

So there I was in her office and she started grilling me. After several rapid fire questions, she noticed that I was becoming more and more scared and that I was no longer able to answer her in a rational manner. I collapsed on the floor of her office, crying my heart out.

She called for the school nurse, Miss Gina Antwill, who soon determined I was physically fine but emotionally wrecked. Miss Gina held on to me rather gently, but I guess that was what I needed, as I looked up at them and started blubbering about having been bullied myself.

Well, that let the cat out of the bag, although I did manage to hold back that it had all started over my having and carrying a pair of panties.

Miss Gina took me down to the nurse's office where she did a thorough check on me and then had me relax there until school finished.

A few minutes after the last bell rang signalling that the school day was over, Mr. Giacomo entered the nurse's office.

Mr. Vincenzo Giacomo is the boys' gym teacher, a veteran who had served in Afghanistan and then worked hard to get his current position. He's a really big guy, about 6'7'" in stocking feet, somewhere around 240 pounds and a tough taskmaster when we are in gym class.

Outside of gym, though, he is a gentle giant, the type of guy who will protect anyone and everyone being hurt or bullied by others. When he had learned that Jerry and Walt had been bullying me right there under all of their eyes for nearly two years, he was not happy about it.

He escorted me out of the school and over to a big pick-up truck, which I later learned was a high end Dodge Ram model.

When he unlocked the doors, it took me a moment to actually get into the truck, he's got the darn thing on those monster truck wheels!

It didn't take more than five minutes to go down the few streets between the school and our house on the edge of the town.


He parked the truck on the gravel running by the house to the back where we have the four car garage. He left enough room for another car or truck to get by, which wasn't too hard as the gravel drive going to the back of the house was almost twenty feet wide.

As soon as we walked in the door, I pulled back. A quick glance, along with the rolling wall of noise from the big TV, made it clear that dad was already home today. He usually didn't come home from the paper mill on the other side of town until nearly 6 PM, sometimes later.

Mr. Giacomo noticed my reaction and frowned briefly, then announced himself and asked if he could speak with my parents.

Jenny and Jill, my twin sisters, took that as a clear suggestion that they go elsewhere and ran off toward their room on the second floor.

Mr. Giacomo sat down on the shabby couch that my dad has never cared to fix or replace. The darn thing is not far from falling apart.

Just after Mr. Giacomo placed his full weight on the couch, there was a rather audible snap and the left end thumped against the floor.

Mr. Giacomo sighed, stood up, then took a seat at the front of the second recliner, the one that mom often uses when she wants to relax.

Mom came into the living room at that point, noticed the broken end of the couch and sighed, then sat gingerly on the other arm.

I stood in the doorway of the living room, watching and waiting to see what would happen. I was wishing I could be anywhere else.

"Mr. and Mrs. LaRoche, it came to our attention today at the school that your son has been bullied rather severely for the last two years."

Dad laughed, looked over at Mr. Giacomo and spat out, "So what? Maybe it will make the little fairy into a man! What a fucking wimp!"

Mr. Giacomo sighed again, looked across the room and asked, "So you condone bullying, physical injuries, etc., on that basis?"

Dad snarled, "The little fairy there sure as hell doesn't take after me. Hell, he almost looks like his mother, he needs to toughen up!"

Mr. Giacomo shook his head, then spoke again, "Thus anything that happens, as long as it is to 'toughen him up', is fine by you. Do you have even the slightest idea of the harm you are doing to him by shoving that kind of attitude down his throat each and every day?"

I had stepped a little bit further into the room as I listened to them talk. That turned out to be a big mistake on my part.

Dad's left arm shot out, grabbed the front of my shirt, then he threw me through the doorway and against the wall of the hallway. "Piss off!"

Mr. Giacomo came out of that chair so fast I was shocked. Dad had just finished throwing me when Mr. Giacomo stood towering over him.

"I'll be taking Dempsey with me, I don't believe he is safe here with you. Touch him again and I will break you in two!" Mr. Giacomo growled.

Mr. Giacomo stepped through the living room doorway, then held out a hand to help me up from the floor.

Once I was up on my feet, he led the way to the front door, then out onto the porch. I looked back and saw Jenny and Jill on the stair landing staring at the hole in the hallway's wall with very wide eyes. I couldn't see mom or dad at all, but at that point, I honestly didn't care.


Mr. Giacomo pulled out a cell phone, then called someone in town. He talked and listened, spoke again, then ended the call.

"Child Protection Services are on their way. Sometimes I'm glad I know a lot of the people that help to run this town," he said to me.

I stood as close to him as I could, then the tears started and I grabbed onto him and bawled for nearly fifteen minutes.

He just stood there, gently tapping my shoulder, then suggested we sit in his truck while we waited for the CPS people to arrive.

I nodded and followed him to the truck. This time, he lifted me up so I could get to that first step easier, then we were in the truck.

That was when the last barriers crumbled and over the next twenty minutes I told him everything else.

The beatings and bullying by Jerry and Walt had only been a minor part of the hell I'd lived with for so long. Since they figured that they had the advantage, the two bastards, each of them being a good six or seven inches taller and outweighing me by sixty pounds, raped me.

Yeah, they raped me using physical force and with threats of telling everyone in school and the town about me.

Every single school day since about a week after this hell started, they raped me where they had first found me, by the gym equipment shed.

If the possibility of violence I had seen in Mr. Giacomo when my dad threw me had seemed obvious, now he was even angrier. He sat there thinking for a short while, then spoke as the first CPS and police vehicles pulled into our front yard. "He did nothing to stop those boys."

I didn't recognize any of the six police officers that were present, nor did I know the woman stepping out of the CPS car.


Apparently, Mr. Giacomo did know the woman and at least some of the officers, as he climbed out of the truck and started talking to them.

"Jack, Bill, Vance, Paula, this is explosive. The boy in my truck has been bullied and raped every day of school for almost two years. If that weren't bad enough, the boy's father apparently condones the bullying of the child and physically threw him while I was present.

"The mother didn't seem to care to say anything, which makes me think the child's father has bullied her for years as well.

"It is my opinion that this house is not a safe place for Dempsey here, and likely not safe for his sisters, either.

"What bothers me the most is that I believe the father knew Dempsey was being raped and never stepped in to stop it."

Jack, the senior officer present, nodded, "If he knew and did nothing, that makes him an accessory to the fact."

Mr. Giacomo nodded in his turn, saying, "Exactly. His words and I quote, 'Maybe it will make the little fairy into a man.'"


I was watching as Mr. Giacomo was talking to some of the police officers and the CPS woman. Now I waved frantically at him. One of the officers saw me waving, said something to Mr. Giacomo, who turned and noticed me, then moved toward the truck and reentered it.

Once the door was shut, I whispered, "There's one more thing, sir. I... I think I'm trans... transgender, maybe... transsexual."

You could have heard a pin drop when I said that. I looked up and noticed the shocked expression on Mr. Giacomo's face.

He opened the truck door again, muttering, "I wasn't expecting that," then closed it and continued talking with the police and the CPS woman.

After a bit more discussion, I heard another vehicle approaching and twisted around to see an ambulance pulling into the yard.

The paramedics stepped out of the vehicle, then spoke with Mr. Giacomo, the police and the CPS woman before turning to the truck.

The female paramedic, a pretty woman in her twenties, tapped on the door, then waited for me to roll down the window.

"We need you to come with us so we can do various DNA tests. With DNA evidence, we can make a much stronger case, hmmm?"

I nodded, rolled up the window again and opened the door, used the step, then jumped to the ground, landing next to her.

They helped me into the ambulance, asked me to lie on the stretcher, then the vehicle was moving as they strapped me in securely.


Our little town is about midway between Danbury and Webb Lake, Wisconsin. The ambulance headed down toward Yellow Lake. Not much of a surprise, I guess, as the closest thing to a hospital in that area is the Ingalls Family Medicine clinic in Webster, south of Yellow Lake.

We arrived there eventually; the pretty paramedic helped me down from the back of the ambulance, then it was time for the rape kit stuff. Let's just say I didn't like the feeling when they stuck those damn things inside my arse and started running them all around in there.

At some point, a nurse came in and took a few swabs from my mouth. She said something about it being standard procedure or something.

I didn't see any point in disagreeing with her. She took her swabs and was walking out of the room barely five minutes later.

I was still there at one AM that night, almost asleep actually, when a doctor came in and flashed a weak smile at me.

"Hi, Dempsey, I'm Dr. Alberta Cullen. Tests have shown that there were traces of semen inside you. From what we could see on first look, the traces are from multiple ejaculations and we should be able to get clear confirmation once we have the DNA from the two boys.

"Officers were sent to the boy's homes, where warrants were shown and the boys were taken in for their own DNA testing.

"I haven't seen the results yet, but they should be on my desk before the day shift starts, if not a lot sooner.

"If the results show what we believe to be the case, both boys will be facing multiple charges of sexual assault, specifically Class A felony.

"One more thing, your father is being held in the lock-up pending charges of aiding and abetting in the acts of assault and of sexual assault."

I shuddered, then broke into tears once again. A few seconds later, her arms wrapped around me in a gentle, comforting hug.


I eventually stopped crying and laid down to think about things but ended up falling asleep instead.

A nurse came in and woke me up, saying that breakfast would be arriving in about half an hour. My cheap watch showed 6:57 AM.

Breakfast was a chore to eat, if you can call rubber eggs, rock hard bacon and charred toast edible food. The milk and juice were fine.

My watch showed 9:06 AM when Dr. Cullen entered the room. "Perfect matches on the DNA tests, you're safe from those boys, hon."

For the second time, I broke down in her presence, shedding tears on her clean lab coat just like the night before.

We talked for a few more minutes, then she asked if I had decided on a female name for myself. I told her Denise Deirdre.

She giggled, saying, "You know that a lot of people are going to end up calling you DeeDee, hon?"

I nodded and smiled at her. "I can live with it, it fits me a lot better than being called Dempsey Dwayne ever did."

She spoke again, "Well, hon, you'll be going with Mr. Giacomo as a temporary ward of his. Your two sisters will join you some time today. It seems CPS did a fast check on your parents and agreed with Mr. Giacomo that being with your parents would not be safe for you."

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