Mating Spell

Mating Spell

Emily was at her grandmother’s house. It was a matter of social obligation since grandmother was assisting her with her schooling. However, every time she visited grandmother she always brought up the topic of marriage and children. She was a bit old-fashioned and believed anyone over the age of twenty who was unmarried had something wrong with them.

“College is where you find a good husband,” grandmother told her.

“Of course, grandmother,” Emily rolled her eyes. “I just haven’t found the right one.”

“He is supposed to find you,” grandmother told her. “You must be less picky,” she lectured.

“Well, I don't want to pick a bad one and get divorced,” Emily said reasonably.

“Nonsense. You only need a man to have children with. If he’s no good, I’ll take care of you,” grandmother promised.

“I figured I would get my degree done before having children,” Emily said delicately.

“If you wait too long, you will dry up. You can complete your degree anytime, get a career anytime, but it’s not the same with children,” grandmother told her.

“Look, grandma, I’m not going to get knocked up just to make you happy. I have my own life,” Emily finally said.

Grandmother gave her an impatient look. “Fine, fine,” she said displeased.

Emily felt bad for the outburst. She knew grandmother was looking out for her well-being in her own way. It just wasn’t the 1950s anymore. Times were different now with women having children in their late thirties. Technology and fertility drugs had also advanced considerably from grandmother’s time.

“Look, I’ll look real hard to find a sweet guy. I promise,” Emily lied to make grandmother feel better.

“I know you will,” grandmother smiled. “I have made certain of it.”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked confused.

“I have placed a spell on you. The first man you meet will be the one,” grandmother told her.

Emily smiled at her nearly senile grandmother and then realized she was serious. “No way,” Emily realized backing away. There had been rumors for years in the family that grandmother dabbled in the dark arts.

“Yes, dear. I’m not going to live much longer. I want to see my great grand-kids while I am alive,” grandmother said.

“What about my life? How could you make me fall in love with the first man I meet?” Emily asked outraged.

“Love? No, pure lust. Once you’re pregnant, you can ditch the man,” grandmother said dismissively.

“You can’t do this to me!” Emily shouted at her.

“Careful child, if you don’t find a man yourself I will bring one here,” grandmother threatened.

Emily stared at grandmother wide-eyed. “You’ve gone crazy. You remove this spell this instant!” Emily demanded.

“The clock is ticking,” grandmother smiled as she pushed the send button on her phone.

Emily had to escape before grandmother had some random man come to the door. It could be her gardener, her driver, an old neighbor, or some random guy she found online. She couldn’t take a chance and stay in the house. She stormed out without saying goodbye and cautiously looked in all directions for a man.

Fortunately, grandmother’s house was in the country side. Seeing no one, Emily got into her car and drove away. She just had to get to her apartment, lock the door, and outlast the duration of the spell. It was her only hope.


Emily didn’t make any stops along the way even as she was nearly out of gas. She couldn’t risk stopping at a gas station and meeting a random man. She eventually did get to the apartment in the afternoon and looked around for anyone on the street. Seeing no one, she ran into her apartment and locked the door.

“How was your visit?” Alicia asked as she entered. Alicia was Emily’s college roommate. While Emily was a pale red-head with short hair, Alicia had long brown hair and tanner complexion. The two got along well and were good friends.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Emily said freaked out. “Don’t let any men into the apartment.”

“Okay…,” Alicia wondered.

Emily went into her room and tried to calm her nerves. Despite being inside the apartment, she started to feel uncontrolled lust. She felt more aroused than she had ever felt before. Her nipples were painfully sensitive and she was quickly getting wet. Emily quickly took off her clothes and entered her shower. Being naked turned her on even more. She quickly rubbed her clit to get off, but it was only making matters worse. She rubbed continuously for a good twenty minutes but was getting no satisfaction. She eventually fatigued as her knees felt weak.


Alicia was oblivious to Emily’s problem, but she did recall her wishes to not let any man in the apartment. As Emily was taking a shower, there was a knock on the door. Alicia went to the door and saw a UPS driver come up with a package.

“Is there an Emily Price here?” the young male UPS driver asked.

“Yeah, I can sign for her,” Alicia said.

“Unfortunately, I have to have her sign for it,” the UPS driver insisted.

Alicia stared at the driver and wondered what to do. “Well, she’s not available, so you will just have to come back later.”

“I see two cars in the drive way. I can wait,” the UPS driver said patiently.

“She’s not available,” Alicia said more sternly and shut the door. “That was weird,” Alicia said as she went back to the living room.


Emily sat in the shower feeling like a nervous wreck. She was still soaking wet from the shower. She didn’t dare dry herself up for fear of being over stimulated. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way. Was grandmother’s spell strong enough that it focused on all the men in the entire neighborhood? Would she have to go camping in the woods to escape this curse?

There was a sudden crash inside her room. Emily quickly got up and locked her bathroom door. She went to get her phone to dial 911. “What is the nature of your emergency?” the male operator asked.

Emily shuddered barely able to communicate. “Someone has broken into my apartment,” she said and then proceeded to give the address.

“Police will be on their way shortly,” the male operator assured her.

“Thank you,” Emily said barely able to talk.


Alicia heard the crash in the other room. She opened a cabinet, took out a pistol, and went into Emily’s room. Turning the lights on, she found the burglar. The window had been broken. Eyeing the door to the bathroom, Alicia then focused on the burglar. “I would leave if you don’t want to get shot,” Alica advised him.

“I’m sorry. Real sorry,” the burglar said backing away towards the window.

Emily heard a male voice on the other side of the door. Her vagina had a spasm and her whole body trembled. “No, not him,” she moaned.

The burglar exited the same broken window and ran off. Alicia sighed with relief. It had been years since she had actually had to shoot a pistol at the range. She was thankful she didn’t have to actually fire a shot.

“Emily? You okay in there?” Alicia asked concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Emily said shaking.

“The burglar is gone. I’ll call the police,” Alicia told her.

“I already did. Can you handle it?” Emily asked. She could barely focus on anything as it were.

“Sure,” Alicia said exiting the room. She placed the pistol back in the cabinet and waited for the cops to show up.


Emily figured staying naked in the bathroom wasn’t helping things. She entered her bedroom, saw the broken window, and quickly put some clothes on. Had she not been in the bathroom, she would have thrown herself onto the burglar. With the window cracked open, her room was no longer safe to be in. After getting dressed, she entered the living room and sat down on the couch.

It wasn’t long before two male cops showed up to the door. Alicia immediately went to the door, but Emily was noticeably freaked. Her body wanted to grind against the male cops and have them take her, the two of them at the same time if possible. Emily had a brief contemplation about her fate. Having a kid with a cop wouldn’t be so bad, would it? A cop was so much better than a burglar or some frat kid, she figured. She then suddenly snapped out of it. She wasn’t going to settle. She was going to beat this spell.

Emily exited the living room and hid inside Alicia’s room. “We got a call about a burglary,” the lead cop said to Alicia.

“Yeah, he broke through the window, but I scared him away,” Alicia said vaguely.

“Mind if we look around?” the lead cop asked.

“It’s this way,” Alicia led them over to Emily’s room. The cops eyed the broken window and noticed glass had fallen inside the room.

“Anything stolen?” the lead cop asked.

“I don’t think so,” Alicia said.

“Was anyone here to witness the break in,” the lead cop asked Alicia.

“My roommate, Emily, was in the bathroom at the time. I can give you a description of the guy,” Alicia offered.

“That would be great,” the lead cop said appreciatively.

Alicia proceeded to give a description of a homeless-looking man with long messy brown hair and a beard. “Can we talk to Emily?” the lead cop asked politely.

“She’s a bit traumatized by what happened. I don’t think she wants to,” Alicia said.

“Well, if she doesn’t want to talk to us, she can tell us herself,” the lead cop said rudely.

Alicia gave the cops a wide-eyed look as they went towards her own room. “That’s my room,” Alicia pointed out.

“Can we come in?” the lead cop asked her.

“Not without a search warrant,” Alicia stared them down.

The cops smiled. “You have already invited us in. Please open the door,” the lead cop insisted. “We need to talk to the witness.”

“We’re married, and I said no on her behalf. She’s not feeling well,” Alicia told them.

The cops backed off as they were thrown a curve ball. The lead cop noted that Alicia wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, but they couldn’t take that risk. “We’ll have patrols out here to make sure he doesn’t come back. Our report will be available in a few business days,” the lead cop said and then the two headed out.

Alicia shook her head as they left. She had never encountered such aggressiveness from cops before. She would know. Her father was a police officer. Alicia then entered her room and found an anxious-looking Emily sitting on her computer chair.

“Are they gone?” she asked.

“Yeah, what’s the big deal? They’re just cops,” Alicia asked.

Emily couldn’t tell her without sound insane. “I just don’t feel well. Can I sleep in your room? I can sleep on the floor.”

Alicia eyed the sick-looking Emily. She had never seen her so messed up. “Use my bed. I’m not going to have you sleep on the floor.”

“Thanks,” Emily said gratefully.

“Hey, guess what? I told the cops we’re married to get them to leave. How weird is that?” Alicia smiled.

Emily simply stared at her. Was that the answer? If she became a Lesbian, would that break the spell? Could Alicia be the one to save her? “Yeah, weird,” Emily repeated and went over to the bed.


Alicia exited the room and closed the door behind her. It soon became dark and there was another knock on the door.
Alicia sighed and went to the door. Two teenage boys were at the door. “Hey, we lost our dog. We think he went into your yard,” one of them said.

“I can go check. Stay right here,” Alicia offered.

“Can we check ourselves,” the boy pressed.

Alicia narrowed her eyes. “No, you may not,” she refused.

Alicia went to the back and looked for the lost dog. Seeing nothing, she went back inside the house only to find the two boys snooping around the apartment. “Nice place you got here,” one of them said.

“Get out!” Alicia said angrily.

“We’re just trying to find our dog,” they said defensively.

“Your dog isn’t here,” Alicia said and kicked them out.

Alicia shook her head and went back to watching TV on the couch.


Emily meanwhile had lucid dreams as she slept. She dreamt of many men taking their turns with her depositing their seed in her. Even as she slept, her body squirmed and turned. Her privates were drenched underneath the sheets. She moaned and cried out as her body couldn’t find release.

Alicia was none-the-wiser as she started reading a text book. Her studies were interrupted by a knock on the door. Annoyed, Alicia went to the door and saw a crowd of frat boys. “We’re ready to party!” the leader said enthusiastically.

Alicia eyed multiple cars on the curb near the apartment. Some of them had boxes and kegs of beer. Their leader was a jock-type with short blond hair. “Excuse me?” Alicia asked them.

The leader asked Alicia if they were at the right address. The address number he had was close but on the other side of town. “Sorry, we thought this was the right place,” the leader said disappointed.

“Honest mistake,” Alicia allowed.

“But if you want, we can still party here. You have a nice place,” the leader smiled.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” the others cheered.

“I don’t think so,” Alicia objected.

“Why not? We got stereo equipment in the back. We can make this party bitch’n,” the leader said looking over the living room.

“I said no. I don’t want a noise complaint,” Alicia excused.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. My father’s big in the community. He owns a dealership,” the leader told her.

“Right, the answer is still no,” Alicia told them.

“Is there someone else we can talk to about this,” another frat boy interjected.

“No, piss off,” Alicia said losing patience and slammed the door on them.

“But my dad owns a dealership…,” the leader said hurt and confused as he left with the others.


Not long after, Alicia had another knock on the door. It was her ex-boyfriend, Sean. “What do you want?” Alicia asked peeved.

“I just want to say I’m sorry,” he said apologetically.

“You think after everything you said to me, that we’re going to be good after that?” Alicia asked angrily.

“I was ignorant. I was wrong,” Sean admitted.

Alicia still felt some feelings for Sean even though she hated the way he had treated her. “Come in,” she allowed.

Sean and Alicia chatted on the couch while Emily struggled to sleep.


With Sean in the apartment, Emily’s eyes shot open. Something was very wrong, but she couldn’t figure out why. Her panties were drenched, and she had to fight to keep herself from touching herself. She peaked out and saw Sean with Alicia. He was the source!

Sean looked back and saw Emily open the door. “I thought that was your room,” Sean smiled.

“We had a burglary in the other room,” Alicia explained.

“That makes sense. I have never met your roommate before. You’re cute,” Sean said to Emily.

Alicia was a little pissed off to have Sean drooling over her female roommate. “Why are you here again?” she reminded him.

Sean was barely attentive to Alicia. “To make sweet love to your roommate,” he said.

“What the fuck?” Alicia wondered.

Emily couldn’t stop herself. The two of them were drawn together like a magnet. They both took slow steps towards each other. Emily knew that once she was in his arms, she would kiss him non-stop and rip off her clothes. There would be nothing Alicia could do to stop them.

“Alicia…,” Emily said softly as she felt compelled to embrace Sean.

Alicia eyed the two of them. “Alright, Sean, time to get out. Obviously, you’re not interested in reconciling,” she said displeased.

Sean wasn’t paying attention. The only thing he wanted was Emily. As he got closer to her, he took off his shirt and threw it aside. Without even thinking about it, Emily started taking off her shirt.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Alicia said staring at them.

Neither of them answered. She was no longer important. All that mattered was that he be mated with this very ready female, to make her pregnant. Sean clutched Emily’s shoulders to keep her still and went to kiss her. Suddenly, he lost muscle control as he fell to the floor and began shaking violently.

Emily broke her trance as she saw Sean shaking on the floor. “That will serve you right, asshole,” Alicia said with the TASER in her hand.

“You have to get him out of here,” Emily said pleadingly.

“Easier said than done. He’s heavy,” Alicia said. “Can you help me?”

Emily shook her head. “Fine,” Alicia said as she dragged Sean out of the apartment, took out the TASER prongs, and shut the door.

Alicia then turned to a very sickly Emily. “What’s up with you? You were going to make out with my ex-boyfriend.”

“I can’t…,” Emily gasped. Even with Sean out of the apartment, she still felt intense arousal go through her.

“Not only that but this apartment has had non-stop visitors since you arrived. Is this some kind of prank?” Alicia asked losing patience.

“My grandmother…put a spell on me,” Emily said finally and took a seat on the couch. She fought hard not to touch herself as remained sitting.

“What kind of spell?” Alicia asked curiously.

“A mating spell. My grandmother thinks I should have kids by now. She’s old as hell and thinks I should have a dozen kids by the time I’m thirty,” Emily grumbled.

“A spell between you and someone else?” Alicia asked.

“Any man and me. If a man enters the apartment, I won’t be able to stop myself,” Emily said. “I’ve had non-stop arousal since I got here. I can’t stop touching myself,” Emily said.

Alicia gave her a sympathetic look. She had heard of a rare medical condition where a woman had continuous arousal and orgasms. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Alicia asked concerned.

“Because it’s crazy. Who would believe me?” Emily said flustered.

“I would believe you. I’ve spent my whole life trying to convince people that what I felt was real,” Alicia said.

Emily didn’t catch on. “If I get pregnant, it will all stop. Maybe, it’s worth it,” she said losing resolve.

Alicia felt a stir within her. She had never felt real arousal in several months but something was suddenly getting to her. “You said ‘man’ right?” Alicia questioned.

“Yeah,” Emily replied.

“What about male?” Alicia questioned.

“What difference does it make? It’s the same thing,” Emily said feeling distressed.

Alicia gave Emily a haunted look. “We have to separate. Maybe, I can get you to some cabin in the woods.”

“Just keep the damn door closed, alright. I’ll be fine if you do that. I can wait this out,” Emily said.

“No we can’t,” Alicia said as she started feeling intense pleasure deep inside.

“What do you mean?” Emily asked confused.

“I’m not who you think I am. I’m sorry I mislead you, but it’s hard for someone like me to gain acceptance. I never did it to take advantage of you,” Alicia said to her.

“What?” Emily repeated.

“I’m…a transsexual. I was born a boy,” Alicia revealed.

Emily simply stared at Alicia, her female roommate of two years. She had seen Alicia making out with Sean. She had awkwardly heard them make love in her room. She had even accidentally seen Alicia’s breasts one time when she barged into her room. Her voice, her face, her body, and her walk were all perfect. She even dressed better than her. Emily would never have guessed. That was why she couldn’t get relief. According to the spell, Alicia was still male.

“Do you still have…,” Emily asked awkwardly.

“My male parts? Yeah,” Alicia admitted.

She was so fucked. It hadn’t been all the visitors that had set her off. It was Alicia. The spell was drawing them together and gaining strength over time. If she had only known, but it was her fault as well. She hadn’t wanted to tell Alicia what was happening to her. Their secrets to each other had doomed them.

“I’m so sorry. I never thought of you…sexually,” Alicia told her.

“Why not?” Emily asked not thinking clearly.

Alicia simply stared at Emily. Her roommate was thirsty as fuck. “I thought I was only attracted to men,” she muttered.

Emily unhooked her bra revealing her B-cup breasts. “I’ve seen yours. Only fair that you see mine.”

“You’re not thinking clearly,” Alicia resisted her.

“Had I known you had a cock, I would have asked you for sex a long time ago,” Emily said to her.

“Yeah, right,” Alicia said dismissively but then Emily kissed her on the lips.

Alicia couldn’t fight it. It felt good to be kissed again after several months. Emily expertly French kissed Alicia. This all felt right. She just had to let go. Alicia broke off the kiss and stared at Emily. “It’s the spell. You wouldn’t be doing this otherwise,” Alicia said.

“The spell has enlightened me. Who cares what you look like as long as you have a dick and balls?” Emily said to her.

“Emily, I can’t even get hard,” Alicia said to her.

“Oh really?” Emily doubted as she placed her hand on Alicia’s penis.

Alicia felt her penis get hard for the first time in years. All the hormone therapy had eliminated her sex drive. Now, she was feeling it come back all at once. Emily stroked her cock and cradled her balls. What was one so small it could barely be called anything was now long and hard.

“Holy shit!” Alicia said as her cock was awoken.

She backed away from Emily and moved awkwardly to the door. Her sweat pants had a noticeable bulge that could not be ignored. Emily was on her before she could escape. “Please don’t leave. If you leave, someone else will come to the door.”

“Better them than me. I’m a freak. I can’t be a father,” Alicia said to her.

“No, Alicia. You’re perfect. You’re my best friend. I want you,” Emily said drunk with lust.

“You can’t mean that,” Alicia doubted.

“For two years, we denied ourselves when we didn’t have to. We have to make up for lost time,” Emily said deliriously.

Emily then kissed Alicia once more. The two girls backed themselves up against the door as they kissed and touched each other. Alicia felt like she wanted to release but couldn’t. “Maybe, if I jack off real quick, I can escape the spell,” she figured.

Emily seemed to read her mind. She pulled Alicia’s sweat pants down to her feet and pulled down her panties. Alicia rationalized that if she were to just get off, it would end this episode. That’s what happened with men. They had their orgasm and then all thoughts of sex ended.

Alicia eagerly put her mouth on Alicia’s cock and started sucking on her like a pro. Alicia tensed up. She had never been sucked on before. She had always been the one to suck her ex- boyfriend off. By the time she even dared to date, she couldn’t get an erection. Sean didn’t want to have anything to do with her penis and that was fine with her.
Alicia bucked her hips as she tried to get it over and done with. Emily was good with her tongue sliding all over the head of her shaft. Whatever the reason, she couldn’t cum even though she was ready to. She felt pleasurable shudders coming from her penis, but they were all dry.

“Stop, it isn’t working,” Alicia said after a good ten minutes had gone by.

“You’re right,” Emily said getting off her knees. “I need you inside me.”

“No, Emily. We can’t. We’re college students. We can’t be parents. I can’t be a parent. I’m fucked up,” Alicia said to her.

“No, you’re perfect,” Emily said shushing her.

“Fight this, Emily,” Alicia told her.

Emily wasn’t fighting anything. She was embracing the spell. She got out of her pants and slid her panties off.
Alicia couldn’t escape out the door even if she wanted to. If she did, she would be exposing Emily’s naked body to the public. She was stuck! A naked Emily embraced Alicia once more passionately kissing her. “Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Alicia suggested.

“I like it,” Emily agreed completely possessed by the spell.

Alicia played along taking off her shirt and bra off. With both of them naked, Alicia took Emily to her room. As Emily entered the room, Alicia contemplated shutting the door on her and locking her inside. That was her plan from the beginning. However, Alicia felt intense surges running through her prostate. She wanted to cum so badly and Emily was right there for her.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. She was supposed to find an understandng boyfriend, be the one penetrated during sex, and be looked upon by the world as a straight couple. Now, she was on the verge of fucking her female roommate. She wasn’t a Lesbian or a straight male. This didn’t make any sense.

Alicia then saw flashes in her mind of babies. The two of them could take turns nursing them. Her parents would be understanding. She would be fulfilling their dream of having grand-kids. They would accept her again.

No, she didn’t need their approval. This was her life, and she wasn’t ready to have a family yet. She went to the door when Emily wrapped her arms around her waist and stroked her cock. “What are you waiting for?” Emily asked her.

“This isn’t you,” Alicia said to her.

“I have been thinking. This would be something grandmother would never expect. She’s old-fashion and all. Us, being together, would make her lose her mind,” Emily smiled.

Alicia felt a shiver of fear. What if Emily’s crazy grandmother made her a man again? After years of hard work, trial and tribulation, and the pain of surgery it could all be reversed in one night? No, she could prove herself worthy. Surely, grandmother-in-law would understand.

“Fuck,” Alicia said as Emily continued to stroke her. “Get on the bed already.”

Emily didn’t have to be told twice. She placed her hips on the edge of the bed and waited for Alicia to penetrate her, to deliver the seed that would finally end the spell. Alicia breathed heavily as testosterone flooded her mind. Her body wasn’t changing but her mind sure was. She wanted to fuck this female, needed to.

She finally turned around and quickly positioned herself at Emily’s entrance. “I’ll pull out, I promise,” Alicia told her.

“Don’t,” Emily said to her.

Alicia ignored her. They couldn’t have a kid. Not yet, anyway. She just had to cum outside of Emily and surely the spell would be broken for a time. Clumsily, she placed her rock hard cock at the entrance and slowly pushed in.

“I’ve never done this before,” Alicia told her.

“First of many,” Emily replied.

Alicia pushed all the way and steadied herself. She didn’t want to hurt her. She had no idea what was too quick or too strong. She cautiously began thrusting, and Emily gave encouraging signs. She rubbed her clit as Alicia’s penis went inside her. She had never felt so good with any man before. Alicia was so beautiful having a female body and a decently-sized cock. She was so perfect, so understanding. She had never had a boyfriend before that cared for her well-being like Alicia had. If not for Alicia, she would already be pregnant with some random man.

Alicia began to lose control as she was getting closer to a male orgasm. She knew she wouldn’t be able to last long. She hadn’t had a male orgasm in a long time. As she struggled to cum, she leaned over and began touching Emily’s breasts and kissing her.

Emily touched Alicia’s nipples circling them and pinching them. “Cum for me. Give me a baby,” Emily said to her.

“We…,” Alicia trailed off as she became lost in thought.

The male psyche was taking over. All she wanted to do was fuck, to deliver her seed. She wasn’t going to be able stop herself. She didn’t want to. She kept imagining Emily becoming pregnant with her child. She wondered if it would be a girl or boy. Yes, this was right. Alicia thrust harder and faster until she finally released. She cried out as she felt pulse after pulse of semen exiting her cock into Emily.

Alicia then felt new memories enter her head. She had never been the awkward effeminate gay boy who had a crush on her best friend. No, she had always been a confident straight boy named Alec who was popular with the ladies. Somehow, she had seen a cute Lesbian couple and from that time on she felt she needed to be like them.

Emily’s boyfriends disappeared from her mind and were replaced with girlfriends. She had always been a Lesbian, she thought. She had seen Alicia as the best of both worlds giving her a feminine cute girlfriend while also giving her the option to have a family. The two had hooked up, made love, and decided to become a couple. This had been the first time, Alicia had cum in her. They had somehow made the decision to become parents despite not finishing school yet. She didn’t know why she would make such a rash decision. It just felt right.

Emily screamed as she felt her orgasm. After several hours of resisting and denial, she finally had her release. She clutched Alicia hard as she felt the orgasm go through her. Alicia withdrew from Emily and cuddled with her on the bed. The two kissed passionately until they fell asleep.


It didn’t take long for Emily to realize she had become pregnant. Instead of trepidation, she was overjoyed. “How do you feel being a mother?” Alicia asked her.

“How do you?” Emily asked back.

The two kissed completely in love with one another. Eventually, Emily brought Alicia to grandmother and shared the good news. “Oh, heavens, it’s about time,” grandmother said pleased when she learned of Emily’s pregnancy.

“I’m so happy you’re so understanding,” Alicia said awkwardly.

“Nonsense dear, you will be the mother next time,” grandmother smiled.

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