Executive Solutions Ch. 03

Executive Solutions


Michele Nylons

Chapter Three – Reese and LeBron

Our amnesiac transsexual girl on the run is in hiding with worldly loudmouth pimp LeBron and young hunky wanna-be cowboy Reese, holed in a cheap motel. An uneasy truce exists between them as they play happy families and try to find out more about the mysterious Executive Solutions and who is Kelsey Rika?

The woman was dozing fitfully when the iphone buzzed. She snatched it up and read the screen.

‘LeBron’ it said.

She swiped the screen and answered.

“Sheeit bitch you in some hot water now,” it was the pimp from the hotel lobby and later back-alley humper, but of no use to her now that she could think of.

“I thought you didn’t know me?” the woman replied.

“No you aksed me ‘do you know who I am?’ which I don’t. But we been working for a while using this phone number sugar; this the number you gave me. First and last time we actually met in person was two nights ago at the hotel where the Mafia guy was killed,” the man said.

“Did I give you my name?” she asked.

“Sheeit no! And you told me not to ask neither; told me the cash and a blow job, maybe a good fuckin’ would be ample reward and not to contact you once the gig was over,” the pimp replied.

“All right! All right! I have lot of questions but first what do you mean by I’m in hot water?” she asked.

“Well I saw the news the next day, where they say you offed the mark I found you, Franco Delgado. Took me no time to find the sand nigger who took you to a downtown hotel via Kmart after the deal went south. All us coloured people like Kmart,” he chuckled down the phone.

“Get on with it LeBron! And cut the Black vernacular; it’s stopped being amusing,” the woman was getting exasperated but remained hopeful.

“Well even a pimp like me knows to look at the security tapes at that hotel where you went to. Shows you getting into a fine black Mercedes in the underground carpark with some handsome guy with hair like an eighties ballad singer right?”

“Cept he turned up taped to a tree in some Bumfuck state forest and guess what? Who gonna believe some nice white lady strangled that murdering rapist pervert?” LeBron chuckled.

“Now I doubt there be many that could tie all that together cept maybe those two white-trash assassins that was chasing you, I saw them on the cameras in the car park too, they missed you by seconds by the way!”

“But; as I have done so before; once again I would like to offer you my services to you,” LeBron finished his rambling speech.

The woman thought about it quickly. LeBron knew something about her; he’d brokered the deal with her regarding whatever she was going to do with Delgado. If he wanted to sell her out, he would have sold all this info to the two white-trash killers. He’d tied everything together so he was smart.

“If you’re so smart can you find me now?” she asked.

“Your phone GPS is blocked, so no. All I can guess you is that you far away from that state forest,” he replied.

“This isn’t my phone; it belongs to some guy named Kelsey Reka who works for Executive Solutions but everyone seems to know I have it. Anyway come to the King’s Court Motel on the outskirts of Marana Arizona and we’ll see what we see,” she decided to finally trust somebody.

She heard the pings and blips as he bought up the map app on his phone.

“Sheeit! You might as well be in Bumfuck Arizona! I’ll take my time and drive the double nickel and see you tomorrow morning.

“Ask for Sharon Stone,” she grinned into the phone.

“Sheeit!” the phone went dead.

She had tried to access applications on the phone while she was in the call but she couldn’t. Without the password all she could do was receive calls on the phone.

She heard the crunch of gravel and the screech of tired brakes from Reese’s pickup as he parked outside her room. She had eventually coaxed the boy’s name from him.

Reese! How fucking apt! She was fucking a wannabe cowboy named Reese who was dumb as a bag of hammers and she was also waiting for a black pimp named LeBron to come help rescue her!

She reached for the remains of the fifth of Jack Daniel’s she’d thrown in her suitcase and swallowed it straight from the bottle.

She knew Reese had two bottles amongst the purchases she had sent him for. Well at least he better have!

After she had fucked Reese a second time, and a good fucking it was, just like the first, the woman had pressed her demands on the boy.

“So Reese right? That’s really your name?” the woman had found the fifth of bourbon and poured herself a shot.

She lit a cigarette.

“These are non smoking rooms Miz Stone,” he pointed to the No Fumar sign next to the door.

“Yeah right cause this place is so classy. Anyway; was your dad by any chance a fan of the Laredo TV series that ran in the late sixties?” she finished her drink and poured another.

The boy grinned.

“He watches that show all the time on DVD.”

“Explains things even better; bet your daddy is a Texan,” she smiled as the boy nodded.

“Well that explains everything. Look; go do what I said about registering me as Sharon Stone and I’m writing you a shopping list of things I need. I’ll go out later to buy some clothes and ladies things but I’d rather not show my face too much around your small burg splashing cash,” she smiled at the boy.

He looked confused so she drew him to her kissed him and he was soon smart as a whip.

“You know what frugal means right? That means you buy the best products at their lowest price ok?” she said as she wrote her shopping list on a piece of motel stationery.

She ripped off the paper from the pad and gave it to him with a wad of cash. He studied it carefully for a while and looked up and grinned at the woman.

“Miz Stone I can get everything on this list; most at discount prices. The only item I don’t understand is ‘personal lubricant’; where might I find that?” he frowned at her.

“Right next to Trojans and generic Viagra at the super mart or drug store sweetie. You find it or Sharon Stone is not offering her ass to you any time soon,” she helped him out the door and blew a long sigh of relief.

She rubbed her rump and climbed back in the shower.

The woman helped Reese quickly unload his pickup and they arranged the packages on the second bed, which was a single.

She put four six packs of beer and some cokes in the small fridge and the carton of Marlboro Menthol Lights on a shelf along with some snacks; the two bottles of Jack went on the shelf beside the smokes.

Reese sat on the bed and took the big packages out of their wrapping; a laptop computer; a prepaid wifi hub, a prepaid mobile phone and some other sundries. Then he sat there spinning a tube of Four Seasons personal lubricant in his hand.

The woman opened a beer and lit a cigarette; she turned around and saw Reese sitting on the single bed staring at the tube as he spun it. He looked up.

“Is this the right stuff?” he smiled.

The boy was half her age, but he was well over the age of consent and he was damn handsome, if a little rangy and unkempt. He has potential, she thought.

She smiled seductively at him; she was dressed only in her leggings and a tight t-shirt and she could see the effect she was having on him.

“Would you like to find out?” she grinned mischievously.

“Miz Stone there is nothing I would rather do; but if I don’t get cracking on my daily chores my old man will kick my ass. I’m already two hours or so behind,” he looked disappointed.

She put out her smoke and put down her beer and walked over to him.

“Well I’d like to reward you; but because you’re in such a rush so let me just do this quickly,” she grinned.

The woman dropped to her knees and unzipped the Reese’s flies. His cock popped out like a jack-in-the-box.

She lowered her head and licked it tentatively.

“Ohh ma’am; I’ve never had a girl do that for me,” he moaned.

“I’m no girl, I'm a woman,” she looked up at him and then engulfed his cock with her mouth.

She sucked on it a little and then worked her lips up and down his thick veiny shaft.

“Ohh god,” he moaned.

The woman put her hand to use; stroking the shaft of his rock hard cock as her mouth worked the glans. She sucked it, her lips wrapped around the corona while her tongue flicked across the eye and the fraenulum.

“Ohh jeez!” the boy was close already.

The woman took her hand away and worked her lips up and down the shaft of his erection vigorously while her tongue lapped at his glans.

“Ohh jeez!” the boy put his hands out and held her face and fucked it.

The woman sucked hard on his cock as he fucked her mouth and she was rewarded with gobbets of creamy semen which soon filled her mouth and she had to swallow it; which was no inconvenience to her.

She held onto his thighs and sucked the last of his issue from his throbbing cock.

She smiled up at him and was pleased to see a look of ecstasy on his face.

She kept her grip on his thighs to help her to her feet and then she bent down to kiss him.

Reese looked puzzled, and then, realising what she was going to do, he baulked.

“If you don’t kiss me because I’ve got the taste of your cum on my breath that’s the last time you are getting any of that,” she said tersely; but she was jibing the boy.

He pulled her face to his and kissed her desirously; driving his tongue into her mouth and pulled her on top of him as he fell back on the bed.

She broke the kiss and climbed off him; putting his penis away and closing his flies.

“Don’t you wash your pecker until you shower after work; that way you can get a taste my mouth whenever you get bored doing your chores,” she chuckled.

“Huh?” Reese looked confused.

“You’ll figure it out cowboy,” she pulled him to his feet and led him to the door where she stopped him.

“Anyone comes looking for me; you don’t know me and haven’t seen me. No one needs to know about me Reese. No one! Ok?” she looked at him seriously.

“Who is going to believe that dumb old Reese has the most beautiful transsexual in the USA locked up in one of his old man’s motel rooms and she makes love to him like she really likes him,” he blushed.

She kissed his cheek.

“You are not dumb Reese, you are sweet, and I do like you,” she patted his buttocks and pushed him out the door.

She picked up her beer and sipped it while she worked on her purchases. She set up the laptop and the wifi hub and went through the rigmarole of registering them online. She smiled to herself as she used the name Sharon Stone and punched in a fictional address somewhere in California.

She did the same with the phone and the wifi hub when she activated the SIMs.

She changed her drink to JD and coke, lit a cigarette, and went online on the laptop Googling ‘Executive Solutions’ first. The results weren’t helpful and mainly bought up business executive headhunters or software developers. She thought she’d stuck gold when one link that bought up a Mercenary outfit, but it ended up being fictitious.

The woman threw in a few variations into the search bar but nothing came up that helped her. Next she threw Kelsey Reka’s into the search and that produced nothing either.

“Shithouse mouse!” she was getting frustrated.

She topped off her drink and entered a search for the Mafioso Franco Delgado and hit dynamite. He was described as being a boss of the ailing West Coast Cosa Nostra which had lost power to other ethnic gangs mainly Russian, Latino and African American. Her research described a crime family in decline that had lost most of their drug, prostitution, gambling and standover rackets to the other ethnic gangs.

There were rumours that the family had diversified into pornography, particularly the lucrative ‘special interest’ markets such as bestiality, heavy dominance and forced sex, and even suggestions that they were producing snuff movies and kiddie porn; although non of it was substantiated.

They were also believed to be involved in people smuggling but again it was whispered that they specialised; bringing young girls to sell as sex slaves or to use in their porn productions.

She played around online but couldn’t find anything further to help identify herself or to fill in the gaps in her missing memory. She even Googled the State Forest Sadist and got all the details of his grisly crimes. She was glad that she had killed him but she truly believed that it was an absolute fluke that she happened to get into his car at the hotel. Here was no reason she could think of to link him to either Delgado or Executive Solutions.

The woman shut down the laptop, fixed her makeup, put on a bra and fresh t-shirt and stepped outside. Being March the temperature was quite cool but bearable and, as expected, quite dry. She found Reese cleaning the pool and after a bit of flirtatious banter, the promise of dinner and maybe something ‘special’ for dessert she was able to cajole the keys for his pickup from him.

She drove around and found a mall not too far away where she parked the old banger, put on a pair of large lensed sunglasses and hit the shops. She topped up her meagre supply of clothing trying on some skirts and blouses, dresses, jeans, more leggings and some accessories. She found some nice shoes at reasonable prices and spent quite a while browsing lingerie. She bought some nice pieces for herself and some that she was sure would delight Reese. She bought more cosmetics and toiletries and then looked around for something simple but tasty to have for dinner and two bottles of good wine. She hadn’t had a proper meal that she could remember.

She was enjoying herself and stopped to sit on a bench and eat an icecream when she looked up at the ceiling and noticed that there were surveillance cameras placed subtly and strategically to cover the whole mall. Could the people at Executive Solutions get their hands on the video? She likely being paranoid but her senses told her to always consider the ‘what if’. She ditched her treat and pushed her trolley out to the carpark ensuring her sunglasses remained in place.

When she returned the pickup to motel there was a beat up Caddy parked outside her room and Reese was sitting on the rail over porch that ran the length of motel rooms.

The woman climbed out of the tuck and put her hands on her hips and nodded at the Caddy indignantly.

“Some nig…Some black man says he knows you. He asked for Sharon Stone and he described you so I figured he was someone you knew,” Reese slowly shook his head.

“What did I tell you? I told you no one needs to know about me; you duffus,” she punched him playfully in the arm.

His upper arm was all muscle and he wouldn’t have felt a thing but Reese looked sheepishly at the ground like a chastened child.

“You grab the rest of my purchases out of the truck and bring them in. Be careful with that Styrofoam cooler because it has our dinner in it.”

The woman opened the door and there was the man she now knew as LeBron lying on her bed changing channels on the TV.

“Sheeit woman! You don’t got any of the premium channels on this thing,” LeBron said in the way of greeting.

She noticed a tumbler of Jack and a half-smoked cigarette on the bedside table.

“Make yourself at home LeBron,” the woman said dropping an armload of shopping bags on the other bed.

“You buy me something nice sugar,” LeBron nodded at the bags with lingerie chain logo on them.

“Why do asshole men always think we buy nice underwear to please them, rather than us?” the woman walked over to fridge and poured a good measure of Jack into a glass..

LeBron gawked at her ass in the skintight leggings.

“You know seeing you in the light of day dressed in everyday clothes, you still one hot babe; for an old chick of course,” the woman knew he was riling her up and she wasn’t biting.

She deliberately wriggled her ass as she took the Coke out of the fridge and mixed her drink.

Reese came inside with the remainder of her purchases and closed the door. He did not look happy to see LeBron.

The woman smiled at the men’s jealousy over her.

“Reese, LeBron – LeBron, Reese,” you boys play nice ok?

LeBron got up off the bed and approached Reese; they checked each other out, circling each other like a couple of dogs sniffing asses but eventually they shook hands.

The woman waved her glass at Reese in a questioning way.

“Nah, still working but I’ll take a beer,” he said and the woman indicated the fridge with her chin.

Reese took a beer and they all sat down at the small wobbly table.

“So what’s the plan Stan?” LeBron spoke first.

“I’m going to pick your brain and find out as much about myself as I can. Then you’re going to help me find out more about me and Executive Solutions using the computer if we can, meanwhile Reese will finish up his chores so as not to arouse suspicion. Then I’m making us all dinner,” the woman sipped her drink.

“So now we’re some type of New Avengers? A redneck, a black pimp and a tranny whore?” LeBron quipped.

“Hey I’m no redneck,” Reese shot back, slamming his beer on the table.

“And I’m no whore! At least I’m beginning to think I’m not,” the woman replied.

“I’m just promiscuous,” she chuckled, and broke the tension as LeBron and Reese joined in.

Reese went back to work and the woman got LeBron working on the laptop while she unwrapped and put away her purchases. LeBron sneaked a peek when she began to unwrap the lingerie she had bought.

She finished putting everything away and made a start on dinner and then sat down beside LeBron with a fresh beer.

“So how do I know you?” the woman asked lighting a cigarette.

LeBron looked at the No Fumar sign, shrugged his shoulders and lit up.

“Ok this is all I know. You got my details from somewhere; I don’t know where but you contacted me by phone. Wouldn’t identify yourself other than that you knew I was a pimp who provided ‘special ladies’ for ‘special clients’. Said that you knew that I sometimes provided, shall we for the sake of convention, say professional services, for Franco Delgado.”

“You said that you knew he didn’t use his own ‘talent’ so that he kept his work and his play separate and because he knew that the other Bosses wouldn’t approve of a Mafia Boss entertaining special ladies and the other special amusements he liked to indulge in.”

“You mean transsexuals?” the woman asked.

“Yes. But also sometimes young men, and sometimes men and women both; he had, shall we say, eclectic tastes,” LeBron replied.

“Did I tell you how I knew all this?” the woman asked.

“Sheeit no! You was the most secretive motherfucker I’ve dealt with beside those Mafia assholes.”

“But you took the job?” the woman said.

“Like I said before, you offered me half the cash that you came out of that room with, a blowjob and a good fuckin’” LeBron sipped his drink.

“That doesn’t seem like a great deal for a guy like you,” the woman was sceptical.

“You said the deal was… I line you up with Delgado, fix it in a hotel room somewhere cheap and discreet and for me to stand watch in the foyer and to call you if anyone suspicious or any law enforcement types came in,” LeBron replied.

“And then you sent me this,” LeBron bought out his phone and bought up a downloaded picture on the screen.

The woman lay on silk sheets, her hair and makeup perfect. She was wearing a black satin brassiere and bikini panties, a red satin and lace suspender belt, black sheer fully-fashioned stockings and red high heels.

“I get plenty of pussy in my line of work but a T-MILF like that! I get to fuck her and get some cash and I get a finder’s fee from Delgado for finding him some hot tranny cooze, pardon my French. Anyway I’m not knocking that back babe,” LeBron grinned.

“So I prostituted myself to you and Delgado?” the woman appeared dismayed with herself.

LeBron took her hand.

“Nah! You a fine piece of pussy but I don’t thing you are a whore. You up to something; but the way you behave, you are no pros. You came out of that elevator looking like you lost everything in world you hold dear; which if you have amnesia like you say, is about right,” he squeezed her and smiled at her.

“And you are not any kind of street pimp, even though you pretend to talk like one. I sense an education coupled with street smarts under that façade,” the woman smiled wanly.

LeBron gave her a cheesy grin and once again she noticed the similarity between him and Denzel Washington.

LeBron leaned in and attempted to kiss her but the woman deflected it.

“Too soon?” LeBron smiled inquisitively and squeezed her hand again.

“I kinda promised Reese another pop tonight,” she blushed.

“Sheeit, I’m happy to share, you get no jealousy from me,” he grinned.

That handsome grinning face was hard to resist and the woman saw no need to do so. She leaned into him and kissed him and he kissed her back.

They smooched and tried to fondle but it was awkward sitting side by side on the hardback chairs.

“The bed?” LeBron gasped into her mouth.

“No time!” she panted.

She got out of her chair and ripped off her top and pulled her leggings and pantyhose down to her ankles. LeBron got the idea and he dropped his pants and underwear and sat back down on the chair. The woman reached over to the table and picked up the tube of lubricant that Reese had been playing with.

She ripped off the cap and squeezed a good size gobbet of the viscous liquid onto the head of LeBron's erection and was about to smear it all over when LeBron caught her wrist.

“This thing on a hair-trigger honey; you want quick? Well you getting quick, climb on,” LeBron smiled at her.

And she did, a little awkwardly at first with her scanties around her ankles but she got there. She put her hands around his neck, lowered her face to his and slid her tongue into his mouth as she lowered her buttocks and he slid inside her; all the way.

LeBron gripped her hips and pulled her down onto him and she obligingly wriggled her buttocks and squeezed him with her anus; their tongues intertwined and LeBron shuddered and came deep inside her.

The woman was erect but had no time to pleasure herself and didn’t really care; she was happy to satisfy LeBron and she tenderly kissed him, mewed and stroked him while he ejaculated in her. She remained in his lap and they kissed and caressed until she felt him starting to deflate.

The woman stood up and LeBron’s issue began to dribble out of her anus and she scampered for a towel. After she’d cleaned herself she tossed him the towel.

“Get cleaned up. I’m taking a shower and don’t behave like the cat who ate the canary if Reese comes over before I’ve finished getting ready,” she gathered up some things and headed for the bathroom.

“Yes ma’am,” LeBron chuckled wiping at his crotch.

The woman came out of the bathroom and Reese and LeBron both smiled when they saw her.

She had toned down the makeup but still had her ruby-red lipstick and black mascara. She was wearing a plain, figure-hugging, red sleeveless dress; the hem rested mid-thigh. Her legs were clad in shimmering, flesh-toned, holdup stockings and she was wearing those red high-heels. She wore jewellery, gold drop earrings, pendant and a bracelet.

Both men stepped forward and each kissed a cheek.

She smiled at them both.

“Wonderful,” Reese said.

“Delightful!” LeBron countered.

“Let’s eat,” the woman smiled and they each took a hand and led her to the table.

The men had set the table and found the wine and poured three glasses. They chinked glasses and the men sat down and the woman pulled out the green salad she had prepared earlier and some potato salad and coleslaw. She had bought two lobsters for her and Reese but they were huge and easily spread to three generous serves with plenty left over. There was also an assortment of shrimp, calamari and mussels.

She sat between them. She was starving, having not eaten a decent meal for three days.

“Whose goin’ to say grace,” LeBron kidded.

“Fuck that! I’m famished,” The woman heaped food on her plate and the two men laughed.

To be continued.

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