The Wardrobe Mistress

Chapter 1

I always was interested in lacy underwear. As a boy already I went through my mother's wardrobe, when my parents went to the pub and left me alone at home until late at night. I am from Hamburg and there the pubs close very late if at all. So whenever I woke up in the night and my parents were not at home I put on one of my mother's nightdresses and sometimes a corset. They were much too big, of course, but I loved it and it made me feel safe.

As a teenager I let my hair grow long as I went on a student exchange from my school to England and upon my return six months later my (second) girlfriend always tried to make me wear one of her dresses, but by then I was ashamed of my desire for lace and stockings and it was only after a year that I finally yielded. Janet dressed me quickly as a girl and with my long hair and hardly any growth of beard I looked the part even without make-up. The experience turned me on so much that I got very afraid of it. In any case being drafted into the national service put paid to our relationship, because Janet was two years younger and had to go on to school while I chose to work for the Red Cross ambulance service instead of joining the army. Being on shifts made it very difficult to meet and Janet soon found another pretty boy to play with.

I never forgot the feeling of being dressed as a woman and after I had finished my service and started to work on full pay for the Red Cross I became a closet transvestite. I bought clothes from a mail order catalogue and spent my free time dressed up at home. In the summer I always went on holidays to the UK and it was on one of those visits that I walked from Covent Garden to Leicester Square for the tube and stopped to have a look at the cards that plastered a phone box. I was amazed to find the cards being advertising „personal services” and some of them offered the service of a wardrobe mistress. As I read one in particular I got butterflies in my tummy and without any further thought I called the number.

"Hello, how can I help?" asked a friendly and sexy voice.
I did not answer at first, having become afraid of my own courage.
"No need to be shy, darling" she said "my name is Vanessa. Is this your first attempt?"
"Yes" I finally managed "how does it work?"
"Well, that depends on what you want."
"I would like you to dress me as a girl and make me up. Then I would like to spend some time being a girl. Would that be expensive?"
"That would be 100 pounds for the dressing up and 50 pounds per hour thereafter or 500 for a whole day."
I did some quick maths about my account and the exchange rate to the Mark then said: "Can I book a whole weekend?"

She said she needed to consult her diary and soon came back saying that I was in luck, she could offer me two consecutive days, but not a weekend. It would have to be the following Monday and Tuesday. Since I was on holidays that was no problem. She gave me her address and told me how to get there and I said I'd be there at eight and she laughed and said that she never started before ten. So we agreed on ten. I would have liked to talk to her more, I liked her voice, but there was really no more to say and so we said good bye and I now had to wait for four whole days! I had brought some underwear from home since I always wore some lingery under my clothes on holidays.
To pass the time I went to watch several movies and spent the days looking at women’s clothes in the shop windows, dreaming of wearing them.
Then it was finally Monday and I took the Northern Line out to Highgate, from where I walked to the address I'd been given. It was a detached house in a quiet residential street and I wondered, if the neighbours had any idea what was going on in number 63. Number 63 was a good omen, 1963 being my year of birth. I walked up to the door and rang the bell.

Vanessa was a small, delicate, dark haired woman of possibly thirty years of age, a little older than me. She was not beautiful as such, but had a lively persona and radiated good humour and friendliness and her styling was perfect. I found her very attractive.
"Hello" she said smiling "do you already have a name to call you or shall we find one for you, when you're made over and we know what kind of a girl you are?"
"I think that would be best."
"Well, don't just stand there then, girl, come on in."

The fact that she had called me girl sent a shiver of excitement down my spine. I stepped over the threshold and into a new life, but that I did not yet know about. Vanessa took my coat and said she would like to talk to me for a moment first to get an Idea what type of girl I wanted to be. So we sat in her lounge with a tea and she asked me all sort of questions. I answered truthfully and she soon had an idea and took me upstairs to the dressing room. There I had to undress. Vanessa was happy for me to have shaved legs and said she would like to wax my arms, chest and bikini line. I was fine with that and she had me lie down on a kind of massage bench and went about her work.

As she was clearing my body of all its hair she talked to me about how long I had been wearing ladies undies and what my plans for the future were. I did not really have any and she smiled at that saying I might have one by tomorrow night. When she had finished waxing Vanessa varnished my toenails and I got quite exited. She told me not to touch the varnish with anything for a while and as I sat up on the bench she put a rose coloured corset around me and laced it up. Instantly my waist became more feminine and then she filled the bonnets of the corset with silicone cushions. Now I had almost an hourglass figure. Then she got out a latex thing that looked like a slip, but was a fake fanny and told me how to to put it on.

Next were lace panties and then she decided to let the varnish dry a little longer and said she would now make me up. I still had not much of a beard and had shaved very thoroughly this morning, so she could start right away. She told me to close my eyes and not move and began by cropping my eyebrows. I did not protest. Then she dyed my lashes black and still I did not protest, even though I thought that quite permanent. Then she put on foundation, powder eye shadow, blusher, mascara and lipstick and then I was put into silk stockings attached to the corsets garters. Still I was not allowed to look.

"Well, darling," Vanessa said finally "I think you now need earrings and long hair, are you OK with that?"
"Fine." I said, not suspecting what was to come.
Instead of clips I felt something like metal on my right earlobe and then, bang, I had a stud in my earlobe and before I could protest another one on the other side. Then I had to sit in a chair, expecting to get a wig, but Vanessa started to put fused hair extensions in my hair. It took quite a while, layer by layer my hair was extended and filled and more and more I felt long hair falling onto my naked shoulders. A wonderful feeling! After what seemed like hours she said we were ready to wash and dye now.

"Dye?" I asked aghast.
"Yes, Sabrina, you will be a redhead, darling."
"But all of that is so permanent." I remarked.
"Not really, you can always have your hair cut and dyed mousy brown again." she giggled "but you won't, believe you me!"
Then I had to go the bathroom, where she washed and then dyed my new hair, finally she cut and styled it back in the dressing room and then dyed my brows in the same colour. Then I was to put on a skirt, blouse and high heels and to crown everything Vanessa made me have long artificial nails varnished the same red as my toenails. Only now I was allowed to look into the mirror.

At first I thought I must be dreaming! I looked at a young red-headed woman. Made up to look not made up at all and prettily dressed as a sexy secretary, with two pearls in my earlobes and now she put a string of pearls round my neck and a bracelet round my wrist. Then she perfumed me with a sweet very feminine scent.
"Voilà" she said "Now you are Sabrina, a sweet, pretty and efficient secretary or sales girl. What do you think?"
I was not sure what to think, really. I looked so much like a real woman and the name Sabrina suited my new me well. But I was also afraid of what Vanessa had said, because I now knew, that I would be loathing to change back when the time came. Since I was so quiet Vanessa got a worried expression on her face. She probably thinks I do not like her work, I thought.

"It is not that I do not like what I see," I whispered "it is just that I think I will not want to change back tomorrow night."
"Come, Sabrina, she replied, let's sit in the lounge and have a nice cup of tea and a chat."
I was still standing in the hall as Vanessa made some tea in the kitchen at the rear as the doorbell rang.
"Would you mind to open and have a look who is there?" she called from the kitchen.
I was so surprised at the request that I simply went and opened the door. There was a man there, who looked very untrustworthy and grubby, but he just pushed me back into the house and grabbed my arm, looking me over.
"Pretty," he mumbled "you the new maid? I think I will have a test ride with you now, what?"

With that he tried to pull me towards the stairs, hurting my arm with his hard grip. For a moment I was almost paralysed, but then I remembered all those times, when my drunk father had treated my mother like that and I had feared for my mum, who never complained, and was suddenly furious. Just as Vanessa came out of the kitchen and asked who it was I took a step nearer to the bloke to be able to move and brought my knee up into his groin. He gasped for air and let go of my arm, so I took a step back and gave him a kick with a full swing of the leg in the same place for good measure. Then I remembered what my elder brother had time and again told me when he was trying to make a man of me.
"If you need to hit somebody," he had always insisted "hit him so hard, that he cannot hit back."

So when my victim doubled over in pain I punched his nose hard and heard it break. My fist was bloody when I looked at it.
Vanessa stood in the kitchen door, her eyes wide open and shivered.
"What on earth..." then she faltered.
I looked at the body that had collapsed in a heap at my feet and thought it served the bastard right, but then I noticed that he was unconscious and bend down to check. He was certainly out for the count. Now I got a bit worried myself and put him in the stable position, that I had been trained so hard to do almost automatically at the Red Cross training centre, and told Vanessa to better ring an ambulance.
"What have you done?" she whispered.
"Do you know him?" I asked aghast.
"He is my protection."
"Not a very good one, is he," I said smiling not quite up to her meaning yet "having himself knocked out by a girl."

Then it dawned on me that I had hit her pimp, and the thought, that she had to feed such a parasite made me even more angry. Vanessa looked at me and shook her head.
"How did you do that?" she asked "a minute ago you had just become a nice if a little insecure girl and then bang you turn into a greek fury!"
"He was going to rape me." I stated "and I remembered my parents, when my drunken father violated my mother, who never complained, so I got angry and decided to complain. Now call an ambulance, please."
"If I call an ambulance for him the police will come as well."
"Good," I said "they can dump him in the locker then, can't they?"
"And me too?" she asked aghast.

"Yes, me, I will be classed a prostitute and get a fine or go to prison."
"Just say you do not know him and he tried to pull me into his car in front of your house, so I rang your bell when I had knocked him senseless."
"That may take care of the police," she said "but not of him when he gets better."
"We'll cross that bridge, when we get to it. Now ring the ambulance, please? I do not want him to get into some real harm, do I."

Chapter 2

Finally she rang the emergency services. Only about five minutes later two Bobbies turned up, a pleasant older one and a young sharp one and only a minute later the ambulance. The paramedics noticed that the guy had been correctly positioned and looked at me askance.
"I am a first aid trainer." I said and they nodded. They loaded him onto the stretcher and he slowly got back to his senses and moaned.
"Nose is broken, I think." said one of them "better get him to hospital.”
They loaded him into the ambulance and were gone.
"Now, ladies," the nice policeman said "what happened?"

Before Vanessa could say anything I took the initiative.
"I came to see my old friend ..."
With that I looked at her to ask silently if Vanessa was her real name and she looked at the calendar, I held out four fingers so that the policeman could not see them and she moved her head slightly to say no and then got a yes on the five fingers.
"… May, and this man tried to pull me into his car! He said he'd teach me some nice tricks in bed. I rather kicked his balls and punched his nose in reply. When I realised he was out for the count I got him in here and asked May to call an ambulance."
"Right," the copper said and looked at May "do we get a cuppa?" and to the colleague of his he continued "will you get my notebook from the car, please, for a statement?"

His colleague went out and May to the kitchen. He led me to the lounge and said softly:
"Now I know a fairytale when I hear one. I know of her ads and have done so for a long time. You kicked her pimp and broke his nose, why?"
"He threatened to rape me, wanting me to become a maid."
He grinned.
"Not your line of work then?"
"If I was free to choose, who knows? But I do not have myself forced, too many bad memories from childhood."
Why was I telling him this? Was this an effect of the transformation? I wanted to trust him, he seemed a nice man.
"OK." he said "I do not like pimps and I do like your tale. May is no prostitute in my eyes, but that is not the general opinion. So we keep it among ourselves what she does. You look nice, by the way."
"I think she is a god-sent for people like me. There would be some very sad creatures out there without the likes of her. Me being one of them."
"You're honest with me, so I will be honest with you. This pimp will try a lot to get her under control again, how do you plan to protect her? I cannot seriously have the street watched around the clock, can I?"
"I had not thought about that, I did not even know Vanessa had a pimp. I will have to think of something."
"I will watch her for a week after the pimp is released from hospital, thereafter you'll have to come up with something."

Just then his young colleague came back with the notebook. What had I done? I could hardly leave Vanessa/May to her own devices, having beaten up her pimp. But other than protect her myself, what could I do? And how would I go about it? I was certainly not going to take her pimps place, was I. But first of all we had to sort out the policemen. May came in with a tray that held four mugs, a pot of tea, a sugar bowl and some more milk. She offered the tea to the coppers first, then to me. She looked at me questioningly.
"I simply told him the truth, May." I said "That I just came here to see you and the bloke grabbed my arm in the street and tried to drag me into his car, saying he would teach me some nice tricks in bed. As a reply I kicked him in the balls and punched his nose."
"You know, Mrs. Turner," said the nice policeman "the man is a pimp. We have known him for years.” May went quite pale. The copper continued: “He probably wanted to recruit your friend by force."

"My name is Sabrina," I heard myself saying to my surprise "Sabrina Schenke."
"German, are you now? You speak very good English, miss Sabrina."
It was only now that I realised that all the time I had spoken softly and with a reduced and higher voice, like a woman. WOW!
"So" I went on, "whom do I have the pleasure with?"
"Sergeant Harry Romper and my colleague is constable William Baker."
By now May had got a grip on herself, even if she was not quite sure what to think of it all, since she had not heard what Harry Romper and I had been talking. But she seemed resigned to let me sort it all out.
"Now," said sergeant Romper "do you want to file a complaint, miss Schenke?"
"I think I better do, in case the man wants to file one against me for grievous bodily harm. Although I think that in his profession he'd rather not have it known he was beaten up by a girl."

"I think you are quite right there, miss. I'll note your complaint down and forget it, if the pimp does keep his mug shut. No unnecessary bureaucracy, you see, William. I cant be writing bloody reports nobody wants to read thereafter."
So he wrote my tale down and had me sign it, then it was May's turn and half an hour later the police was gone. May sank back into the sofa, she had only been perching on the first two inches while she spoke to sergeant Romper. She looked at me thoughtfully for a while as I drank my second mug of tea.
"So what has passed between you and the copper, while you were alone?" she asked finally and I told her everything. May was totally surprised Romper knew about her and the pimp and had - so far - done nothing about them.

"He's all right, May, or do I still say Vanessa?"
"May is fine, but what do I call you now?"
"Sabrina," I answered her "and I think we need to figure out a way to protect you now. I do not want you to have another pimp."
"And what right do you have to break up my life like this and then make demands? Do you want to stay here now and protect me?"
That, I thought, was a lovely idea. I could become Sabrina permanently and be her guardian angel. But what would I live of? My spirit fell. God, how much I'd love to live here as a woman! May by now was smiling.
"You know, as a punishment for your actions you will have to become my maid. I will dress you as a French maid, and you will serve me as my femme de chambre and help with the dressing, make tea, serve drinks and so on. Thus you will almost always be here, just in case. Only next time you be more careful, you might have done a lot of damage."

"Are you serious?"
"Well," she said softly "it's the only way for you to be here and look after me, isn't it?"
"Do you want me here then?" I wanted to know.
Her reply was somewhat cryptic:
"In actual fact I have been looking for a new maid, that is why Billy thought he could have some fun with you. He always bonked my maids."
"And" I asked "did any of them stay long?"
"Only until the hormones had made them feminine enough to go somewhere else, mostly."
"And you never wondered if things could be otherwise?" I enquired surprised.
"Sometimes, I admit. But I never dared to try and get rid of him."
"Well, if sergeant Romper and I have our way, you won't see him again."
"So you'll stay?"
"Do you want me to?"
"Yes," she said almost shyly "I'd like to have you around as my maid."
"So do I have to change now?"
"Why should you? There is no client I can see any more for two days, is there?"

A shiver of anticipation went through my body. So now I was her maid! Did I really want that? I wanted to be with her, surely, protect her and - the realisation struck me like a bolt - love her. So did I want her love enough to become her maid? I'd have to find out.
"You spoke about hormones, will I have to take them?"
"The maid of a wardrobe mistress is normally quite completely feminised." she replied "it is expected she has at least nice breasts."
I wanted that the moment she said it. I wanted breasts. And wide rounded hips. And a sexy bottom. Oh my God, I thought, I want to become a woman. How far? I asked myself and a timid girls voice inside of me answered: completely! I want a fanny complete with clit and all. I felt myself go pale, I was afraid of my own courage, what had I got myself into? May seemed to read me like a book.
"Come" she said softly "let's give you an injection before you shit my pants."
I had to laugh at that and so I got injected with a dose of estrogen. I also got to take a pill called Proscar and would later take some Spironolactone, she said. When she had injected me she said that the dose was for at least two to three weeks and that I would feel light headed and have hot flushes for some weeks to come.

"Then your tits will start growing and your willy will stay more and more limp."
That was unexpected. How would I have sex if my penis was out of the equation? Oh, sod it, I thought. You will have to learn new ways, feminine ways, won't you, Sabrina? Did I actually think of myself as Sabrina already? Certainly the thought of having breasts turned me on. How would it feel to have them caressed? By May? I had always liked oral sex so far, so I could just lick her like a lesbian, couldn't I? But what about me? I would have to find out.
"Sabrina?" May asked "Where have you gone off to?"
"How will I be able to have sex without my dick?" I asked her.
She laughed.
"How do you think I have sex without one?"
"Like a woman. It's obvious, isn't it"
"And if you become like a woman, silly, how are you going to have sex?"
"Like a woman?"
"Exactly, my sweet, like a woman."
"But I do not have a fanny."
"That can be remedied."

Was she really talking about a sex change operation? Did she plan to make me a woman completely? And then? Would I have to go away as the others? As a woman? Would I then want to have sex with M E N ??????? Oh no, not that! If I was to be a woman I wanted to be a lesbian. May's lesbian lover.
"May," I almost whispered for fear of what the answer might be to what I wanted to know "Do you like me just a little bit? And if I become your maid and grow boobs and possibly have an operation, will you still like me?"
She pondered my question for a moment, making my heart sink. If she liked me, surely it was not a difficult answer?
"Let me put it this way, Sabrina, you seem a nice girl. But in actual fact I do not really know anything about you other than that you beat up my pimp and quite violently so, so what do you expect? I need time to get to know you properly and I need you to promise something. I want you to promise that you will obey me, if I say I want you to do or leave something when there are clients around, OK? And I will tell you exactly when I need protection."

Now it was up to me to think about that. Did I really want to obey her without conditions? My independent mind protested strongly. My heart whispered: I do, for better or worse, in good times or bad, I love you. So I said:
"Yes, I promise."
"Then I want you to wear only women's clothes from now on. I want you to be as feminine as you can and I want you to learn to speak like a woman. Can you cook?"
"Yes, May, not only can I cook, I love to do it and I am very good at Italian dishes. But I also like traditional food as well."
"Right, she said, put your apron on and make us a meal. All that commotion has made me ravenously hungry."

So she led me to the kitchen and handed me an apron, that looked like out of a Victorian novel, the apron of a Victorian maid. As she saw me wondering about that she teased me:
"You can have the whole Victorian dress, if you like, but I tell you, the corsets are very restricting if not outright uncomfortable."
"I'll stay with just the apron then. I guess I will have to wear the whole costume sometime soon?"
"Perhaps, perhaps not. Most of my clients like it more modern. Do you like the Victorian style?"
" If I could, I would dress all the time like in "Gone with the wind".
"Are you a romantic then, Sabrina?"
I put on the apron.
"I think so. Oh May, I so want you to like me."
"Just be nice and obedient, Sabrina, and who knows? I might grow to like you" there was a pause "or more?"

That settled it then, I would be nice and docile and obedient. I would be the perfect maid. I now raided her larder and her fridge only to find them rather bare of anything usable. In the end I decided for spaghetti with a blue cheese sauce, but was lacking the blue cheese and the oregano, and, and, and.
"Is there a shop anywhere near?" I asked.
"What do you want?"
"If It can be had," I mused "I'd like some Gorgonzola, Oregano and a bottle of Pinot Grigio or lacking that a bottle of Macon Village or possibly just a simple Chardonnay."
"Jesus, that sounds like a real meal! I think I'll keep you if the food tastes as good as it sounds. And if so, I'll have you do some shopping for stocks tomorrow, in a dress, of course."
Yes, I thought, of course. I am the maid now, don't forget. But what about now?
"I'll ring the grocers for now, they deliver. But you will have to tell them about that cheese and the wine and what to bring if they do not do your Italian stuff, right?"

And that was how it worked. I cooked a quick but tasty meal and ordered some Tiramisu for desert. May was exceedingly pleased. Then she told me to do the dishes and I obeyed. I even cleaned the kitchen a bit, the thorough cleaning would have to wait for the maid's uniform, I thought. Little did I know what that was. As I found out later, when I asked, the maid's dress consisted of seamed stockings and a very tight corset with garters, four inch heels, a little white petty coat, an even shorter black mini dress, a white lacy apron and bonnet, heavy make-up, long red nails and pearl ear studs. No panties! But the artificial vagina. And artificial boobs for the time being. Quite a challenge to clean in! No, I thought, cleaning has to be done otherwise. In normal clothes, unless May ordered me to do it in the uniform. I did hope she would not.

Again May must have seen all those thoughts in my face, because she told me that the Victorian maid's dress was for cleaning. It was the most robust and least difficult to wash. Then I remembered what she had said about the corsets. Well, I'd have to suffer them, would I not? Having done the kitchen I joined May in the lounge. She was reading Vogue and patted the sofa next to her. Women friends sat close to one another, she explained and I would have to pretend to be a girlfriend to some of the clients.
"Sit close to them" she went on "just lightly touch them sometimes and simply exchange girly confidences with them, OK? You need to read women's magazines and know about the latest fashion, the latest shmalzy movie and so on, you understand? And depending on the taste of the client, sing the praise of some sexy hunk, if you can."
"It sounds rather like acting."
"It is the most advanced form of it."

She gently touched my leg and it sent a shiver of pleasure through my entire body.
"Women do that to attract their friends attention. Look here, isn't that dress gorgeous?"
"If you have the appropriate figure" I let the rest trail off, wishing I had it. Lovely big breasts and sexy curves on hips and bottom. Endless legs. A pretty face. Well, that I had thanks to May's make-up.
"Tomorrow you will start to learn to do your own make-up" May said "and go and get your stuff from wherever it is. Tonight you'll sleep in the maid's bedroom."
As she showed it to me a while later it was a really girly girl's bedroom, ruffles and laces everywhere, a dream in rose, soft pinks and cream colours. It had a wardrobe with several uniforms in it and lots of sexy underwear, a small en suite bathroom with shelves full of cosmetics, make-up, a wet and a dry lady shave, waxing strips, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, the lot. On the bed that was covered in baby pink lay a cream silk nightdress.

"And I want you to wear the artificial vagina at night also. And tomorrow you will wear fake boobs, too. I want you to know what it all means, the way blokes size you up, try to get a date when all they want is to fuck you. I want you to BE a woman, see? Forget you even have a dick!"
She thought for a moment.
"Ah yes, and I want you to curtsy and say yes mistress Vanessa when I tell you something. Do you know how to curtsy?"I did not, so I had to practice until she was satisfied. The new role settled over me like a dress. Going on like this I would probably think of me as a woman in a few weeks time. Was that bad? No, I could already feel me wanting it. I was becoming Sabrina rapidly and loved it. Then May sent me to bed. I took off all the clothes and hung them nicely or put them cleanly on a chair. Then I went into the bathroom and cleaned the make-up off. May showed me what to put on my face for the night and then I had to take the Spironolactone, put on the nightdress and go to bed.

Chapter 3

I awoke the next morning slightly disorientated as I was not in my hotel room. Then I remembered all that happened yesterday, felt the silk on my skin and the urgent desire arose to have sex, but my penis was seriously restricted by the artificial vagina and the attempt at erection was actually painful. At that moment May came into my room. She saw the shame in my face and said that the anti androgens would soon put paid to erections and that I had to learn to get hot like a woman. She came to the bed and bent over me, looking into my eyes while she caressed my nipples.
"You are a girly now, Sabrina. Feel your little breasts turning you on as a girl."
I actually got very aroused by her caresses but my penis hurt again, so the erection faded but May kept on caressing my nipples and I felt arousal spread from them onto my whole body.

"Soon" she cooed "you will have real breasts. Nice, big, heavy and attractive womanly breasts. We will order triple strength breast development cream, hour glass figure development cream and Bottom cream as well as femboost for you today and with the other hormones you will feminise rapidly and completely. I want you to have a really curvy very womanly body."
I sighed with pleasure, since all the while she was caressing me.
"Every day you will listen to some hypnosis tapes for an hour or two and your subconscious mind will become programmed to be very feminine in every respect. You will walk, talk, move, feel, think and sexually react as a woman, because that is what you always wanted. You are Sabrina now for the rest of your life. Say it, say you want that more than anything you ever wanted."
"I want to be Sabrina for the rest of my life." I said very quietly"I want to walk, talk, move, feel, think and sexually react as a woman more than anything I ever wanted in my life."

"Good, Sabrina, well done. You are a good girl, pretty and obedient. Now go and shave. Soon we will have your beard lasered off, but for the moment you still have to shave. But first your Proscar."
I put the pill under my tongue to get resorbed as instructed and went to shave. Then May showed me how to use make-up, powder, blusher, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Then she perfumed me again and told me to put on yesterdays clothes.
"I will not send you to your hotel in a maid's uniform. That would be too heavy a punishment. But I have thrown away the clothes you came in, so you've got no choice if you do not want to leave naked. And now I want breakfast, please."

I obediently curtsied, went to the kitchen and started coffee for her and tea for myself and toast and scrambled eggs. I served all in the kitchen, where there was a nice little table for two. May was pleased with me and commented on my neatness.
"I am Virgo, they are mostly neat and organized."
"And are you a virgin? Have you ever had sex with a man?" she inquired.
I blushed violently because I suddenly remembered something:
After having completed my Abitur (the German version of A-levels), I did a replacement service instead of the army called Zivildienst and got trained to drive an ambulance with the red cross. I got friendly with a girl named Birgit, who was the elder sister of a mate of my brother´s. She had a couple as friends who were, like ourselves, heavily into drugs like dope and certain pills with wine. One night, when I had brought my regular partner on the ambulance to the "party", Bienie, Birgit´s friend, suggested to dress me as a girl before we got stoned. Since Birgit did finally not turn up, I ended up with make-up and in a dress with thigh length high heeled boots being fucked as if I was a girl by both, my partner Theo and Bienie´s boyfriend. After the two men had gone happily to sleep, us two "girls" had an incredible night of oral sex, pretending we were lesbians.

"No and yes," I whispered " I am not a virgin and I have had sex with two men."
And then I told her the whole story in detail. She obviously enjoyed it immensely asking for more detail and finally told me I was certainly good whore material.
I bridled at that.
"No, I am not." I said firmly "I may have fallen hopelessly in love with you, May, but I will never be a whore. And I do not like sex with men … at least not since I was sober again."
Now it was May's time to whisper.
"You have what?"
"I have fallen in love with you."

I was upset now.
"You ask me why? You are a beautiful woman, you care, you are nice and understanding, God, what else? You showed me a new self I had not the courage to acknowledge and I love you for it, what more reasons do you want?"
"You think me beautiful?" her voice was incredulous.
"To me, May, you are the most desirable and beautiful woman in the world. I want you to like me more even than I want to become Sabrina or no, strike that, I want you to love me as Sabrina."
She came very close and gently stroked my face.
"You are a very sweet girl, Sabrina. I think I like you. And you are not a whore."
"Kiss me, please, May, kiss me." I sighed.

She did. Very softly her lips touched mine and a shiver of unexpected desire and longing shook my whole body. I put my arms around her neck like a girl and then I kissed her back, a really passionate kiss born out of all the penned up feminine desire I had in myself. And she responded! Then she softly pushed me away and said I had to take it slowly with her, give her time to get used to the idea of falling in love.
I was so happy, I did not know what to say or how to express it. I sank to my knees in front of her and bowed my head.
"I am yours, May," I said softly "take all the time you need, I will be there when you are ready."

Chapter 4

Later that day I went to the Hotel, where they refused to hand me my luggage since I was not the person that had rented the room and threatened to call the police. I gave them the number sergeant Romper had given me and he actually answered the phone, said he wanted a word with me. I took the receiver.
"Hello miss Sabrina, why on earth did you not come in your normal clothes?" he asked.
"Because" I giggled" May threw all my clothes away as punishment for my behaviour. Can you please tell them to release my things?"
"So that she can throw them away as well? Why not give them to a charity?"
"All my nice lacy underwear? You must be joking!"
He was laughing outright now.
"OK perhaps not those. But the more normal stuff perhaps. You are quite a character, you know. Give me the manager, then."

So I finally could take a taxi back to May's with all the belongings I had taken with me in order to sort them out for the charity shops. When I told May what Romper had said she laughed and commented that he really sounded like a nice copper.
Then I had to go with May to be introduced at the grocers, the hair dressers and her gynaecologist as her new friend Sabrina. I would have liked to vanish into a mouse hole in the waiting room, but since I did not have to say anything I was not detected, or if I was nobody seemed to be outraged or in any other way affected. The gynaecologist was a lady who said she would be watching over my health and hormone levels in the process of transformation and took a blood sample to be analysed and gave me a general heath check, that turned out to her complete satisfaction. Thus checked out I was introduced to the hairdressers, who were impressed with May's work and happy to have me as a new customer.

At the grocers the girls commented on my choice of goods saying that apparently May would now be fed properly. Everyone was ever so lovely to me and I bathed in the feeling of being accepted as Sabrina. Then it was time for lunch and I was happily employing myself in the kitchen as the door bell rang. As I was the maid now I automatically went to open the door to find Romper grinning at me.
"So now you do not mind being the maid, miss Sabrina?"
"No, sergeant, I do not. It is the best way to be here all the time and keep an eye on the punters, don't you think?"
"It certainly is, if you do not mind the uniform, where is it by the way?"
"In the wardrobe, where it belongs on a day off." and then on an impulse I asked: "Would you like some lunch?"
He looked at me questioningly.
"I mean it, sergeant, it's all of my making, too."
He looked even more incredulous.
"I am serious," I said "it is a privilege to be able to invite you. May thinks you may be a nice man after all in spite of being a copper and I like you, you are kind and full of humour."
"Well," he said, "I have never really had a chance to talk to someone of your inclination seriously and not in a professional capacity, so I took a pot shot and was lucky, it seems."

I smiled.
"So," I inquired grinning myself now "do you want to conduct the interview from in front of the door?"
I stepped aside and, just as May came down the stairs to see what was going on, I took his coat in the hall. May looked completely lost at Romper, not understanding what was going on.
"He's intrigued by me, mistress Vanessa," I said teasingly and curtsied "and he seems such a nice man. I have invited him for lunch."
May seemed unable to decide how to react and then went for humour.
"So, sergeant, what do you think of a maid, who simply invites strange men for lunch without her mistresses consent?"
"I'd say she is a very nice and friendly girl."
"Who beats up pimps for a pass time?"
"Well," said Romper smiling "I would have liked to do the same, but my job forbids such personal actions quite strictly, so well done Sabrina, I say!"

I liked him more and more, the naturalness with which he called me Sabrina and a girl and the very friendly attitude he showed towards both of us. May seemed completely lost now. What was going on, I realized, went against the grain of everything she had thought so far. I decided to throw her in at the deep end.
"Sorry, you two," I said " I have to see after the dough for my Cornish pasties. They'll be ready in about half an hour." and vanished in the kitchen.
There was a moment of embarrassed silence in the hall and then I heard Romper say:
"Well," there was a pause "may I call you May? What do we do now that your maid has just left us to sort out ourselves?"
There was a giggle from May.
"I do not know what to make of her, sergeant. She is so sweet one moment, but the other …. I was really frightened when she beat up Billy."
"Please, May, call me Harry. I am a sergeant by profession, not by birth."
I had to chuckle in the kitchen. God, I thought, he really has a great sense of humour. Then I returned all my attention to the Cornish pasties and the hot water crust pastry. I heard May laugh.
"Sorry, Harry," I heard her say "yes, you may call me May. In any case, you are calling her Sabrina already anyway. What do you think of her?"
"I think, I have already answered that, have I not?"
"You think she is a nice and friendly girl?"
"Well, May, to be honest, at first I did not know what to think of him/her, but after I realised, that she was trying to protect you, even though I did not know that she had no idea he was your pimp, I felt grateful to her for not forcing me to out you. I have known about you and Billy for a long time, you see …"

"For heaven's sake, May," I called from the kitchen "ask the poor man into the lounge and offer him something! Would you like a tea, you two?"
There was a burst of laughter from the hall.
"She is quite bossy, your new maid, I'd say." That was Harry.
"Would you please come into the lounge … Harry?" asked May.
I heard them finally going into the lounge, which was a shame, because I'd not hear so well what was going on now, but just as well, because I could now concentrate on the food. Shortly afterwards I was only too happy to hear laughter from the lounge. May appeared in the kitchen door.
"Do you have anything better than tea, Sabrina?"
"Offer him a glass of wine or ale, my love," I replied "I have both and both go well with the pasties."

Suddenly May was close behind me.
"What did you just call me?" she asked almost shyly.
I turned around and looked her straight in the eyes.
"I said my love and I meant it! I love you, you are so lovely."
May came very close and took my face in her hands, then she kissed me very softly on my lips and said:
"You turn my world upside down, you little minx, but I love you for it."
My heart almost missed a beat. Had she said she loved me?
"Yes, darling Sabrina, I have" she said in answer to my unspoken question "give me an ale and a glass of wine please, sweetie."
I started crying with joy. May stroked my face.
"He is right" she whispered "you are a very nice girl."

Love is the best cook of all, I was always sure of that. My pasties turned out sensational and Harry as well as May were impressed. We had a lovely lunch and afterwards both of them bombarded me with questions. I answered as well as I could and in all honesty and ended up recounting almost all of my life. How I had struggled with the wish to be a woman, had become a closet transvestite and how liberated I had felt, after Vanessa had made me over. And how angry and why I had been at Billy. Both of them were deeply touched.
"It makes you wonder," mused Harry finally "why someone like you turns out so nice and friendly, when someone else, with much less to cope with, turns out a villain."
"It just depends on the courage, Harry." said May " does one have the courage to follow the feelings or does one follow the norm?"
"If you try to follow the norm and cannot" I put in "no one knows what you will do in your frustration."

"So what" enquired Harry "will you do now?"
"I will become the woman I want to be, Harry, and be there for May as long as she wants me."
There was not much more to say. Harry thanked me profusely for lunch and my honesty and May hugged and kissed me, then kissed Harry on both cheeks saying:
"Thank you Harry for everything. You are truly a nice man."
He actually blushed. I kissed him on both cheeks as well, like a French girl, and sent him off with:
"If you are hungry or lonely or both and we are free, you are always welcome, Harry."

As he had gone May took both my hands and looked deeply into my eyes.
"You know, Sabrina, I have not had such a nice time for I do not know how long. The two of you have turned my world upside down, a nice copper, and a sweet and yet strong and even dangerous tranny, what is going to happen next?"
"The tranny is going to turn out to be a princess under an evil spell and is going to be saved and returned to her original being by her love. And they lived happily ever after."
"Oh Sabrina, you …."
I did not let her get any further. I threw myself into her embrace and kissed her. We fell onto the sofa giggling.

After having passed the afternoon in happy conversation snuggled up against the other, taking every opportunity to caress and kiss each other, I prepared a nice dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, put the lounge in order and asked May about the next day. There were to be two easy clients on Wednesday, both intent only on being made over and then treated as women for a couple of hours, no sex involved, as with most of her clients. Those that wanted sex were quite rare, May explained, and some wanted to be treated as Maids, having to do the washing up or clean the house or so, and just very few wanted to be taken from behind with a dildo, two of them actually wanting to screw one another, and those she had chosen very carefully, trying not to get sexually involved herself too much. Some though, she said, might want me to have sex with them, but that was now impossible. I was to be hers and hers only.


A couple of weeks went by like in a dream. After almost ten days Harry came by and told us that the pimp had been released and warned that Harry was watching the street or having it watched in his absence. He said he had made it abundantly clear that he did not want him anywhere near the house again, stressing the fact that I was a kung-fu black belt and highly “explosive”. I could not help laughing but also was worried what would happen if the guy came back with reinforcements. Harry was quite sure that he'd not dare to tell the story, and it seemed he was right, but I still made sure that there was a baseball bat near me, when I opened the door to the bell. My brother's lessons sat deeply even with me as Sabrina, I was going to be a strong and independent woman, even as a maid.

May and I were very caring and loving with one another and our mutual feelings deepened with every day. To my surprise almost all of her clients picked up on that and respected the fact, that I was off limits for them and those who did not soon had to look for someone else as their wardrobe mistress. Nevertheless I more and more needed to earn some money of my own, because I wanted to put some money on the side for our future, that I imagined without clients from some point onwards.

Even though we had confessed to or mutual love and were very close and loving with one another, kissed and hugged often and snuggled up to each other on the sofa if we found time to watch the telly, we had – so far – not made love and still slept in separate bedrooms. I did not mind, because I was not sure of what my dick might do or not if we got going and May was still a bit afraid of her own feelings and so I was soft and loving and patient, it would have to be her initiative to start our first love making. I felt I had all the time in the world to wait for her to come to terms with being in love. I was in paradise and could already hardly remember ever having wanted anything other than this. I had finally become who I had always wanted to be: Sabrina. I loved my new name.

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