Executive Solutions Ch. 04

Executive Solutions
Michele Nylons

Chapter Four – On The Run

“What the fuck is the dark web?” the woman asked sipping coffee sitting across from LeBron.

True to her word, the night before, the woman had lived up to her promise to give Reese something ‘special’ for dessert. LeBron took the hint and went for a drive after dinner and Reese and the woman rolled around on the bed for good while.

Reese became sulky when LeBron returned and was told that LeBron would be staying in the woman’s room.

“It’s nothing to do with money; we need to be low profile,” the woman explained.

“Well in this town a woman sharing a motel room with a ni…I mean a black man isn’t low profile!” Reese said looking very surly.

“Were you gonna call me a nigger!” LeBron looked ready to fight.

“Right you two; stop it!” the woman screeched.

“No one needs to know LeBron is here and we’ll be careful about how he comes and goes. Reese you put his vehicle registration against my name in the tenant ledger,” the woman seethed.

“And if you two don’t stop fighting, I’m closing the playground! Neither of you get any of this,” she pointed to her buttocks.

“There’s plenty of me to go around and it’s not like I’ve been rationing you two. Goddamit my ass feels like it’s been subject to more traffic than a short term parking lot!” the woman seethed.

“Ok! Ok!” LeBron and Reese said in unison.

“Anyway we are definitely sleeping in separate beds tonight and you know who is getting the single!” the woman stormed off to the bathroom and when she came out wearing the tatty robe and her underwear the boys took no interest in her.

The men had started a hand of Texas holdem, playing for nickels and dimes and she lit a cigarette, poured herself a JD and Coke and sat down with them throwing a handful of change on the table.

“This whole amnesia thing isn’t just a ruse so you can fleece us of our pocket change is it?” Reese grinned.

The tension was well and truly relieved.

In the early hours the woman felt the bedsprings give beside her.

“Don’t even, LeBron,” the woman swatted him away sleepily and he snuck back to his own bed.

The next morning found the woman and LeBron discussing the dark web.

“Look it makes sense. For some reason you wanted an assignation with Delgado. You knew where to find me and we can’t find anything about Executive Solutions on the Internet. Therefore; it’s likely the information we need exists on the dark web,” LeBron said.

The woman had made toast and used some of the leftover lobster to make open-faced lobster and salad sandwiches.

“Who the fuck knew Sharon Stone knew how to cook?” LeBron smirked but he tucked into the food.

They cleared the table and set up the laptop and sat side by side, LeBron in his boxers and t-shirt, the woman still in panties, bra and ratty bathrobe. They poured fresh coffee and lit cigarettes.

“Ok. I’ll admit that I might have done some dealing on the dark web before so we gotta fix this puppy up so we can use it and we don’t want anyone to trace us,” LeBron bent over and worked the keypad on the woman’s new laptop.

“First we set up a Virtual Private Network or VPN so no one can trace us. If anyone tries to trace us they think were in Wagga Wagga Australia or Kathmandu or some shit,” he tapped away while they drank and smoked.

Then he pulled out his key ring and pulled a flash drive off the fob and plugged it into the USB port. He opened a program named Tor Browser and executed it, set it to the highest security setting and opened the browser.

“Ok this is about as secure as I can get it but there are no guarantees once you’re online, you know that,” LeBron said and the woman nodded.

He opened a program called Wiki and the menu came up with a number of headings with websites listed below the headings in sub categories. They looked at the menu and when LeBron hovered the cursor over a heading titled ‘security, KFR resolution, and counter espionage,’ they looked at each other and nodded.

He clicked the menu and was immediately presented with over a hundred websites. He hit control-F and typed in ‘Executive Solutions’ and they waited.

“Everything takes longer on the dark web because of the security protocols,” he explained.

The woman nodded and took their cups over to the kitchenette to refill their coffee.

“Bingo!” LeBron shouted.

The woman hurried back, spilling hot coffee on her wrist but she didn’t even notice she was so excited.

LeBron clicked the link to a website called Executive Solutions and they nervously sipped coffee while they waited for the page to load.

A very well designed and opulent home page opened.

‘Executive Solutions: specialists in protection and protective services, financial and personnel recovery outcomes, surveillance and counter-surveillance, transaction protection, movement control and tailored resolution to KFR situations.’ it read.

‘Our professional staff are all ex-government or military professionals. Individual consultants or specialist teams available to suit you needs.’

‘We operate throughout the USA and its protectorates.’

There images of operatives in paramilitary uniforms wielding weapons, men and women dressed in business attire concentrating over a computer screen, a child held captive in a darkened room and armed men bursting in to rescue her. All very dramatic.

“Sheeit! This some sort of mercenary or black ops shit. Like a commercial CIA or FBI for hire deal,” LeBron lit another cigarette.

The woman bought over the JD and poured them both a shot while LeBron browsed the site.

“Search for Kelsey Reka,” the woman gripped his wrist.

The search produced nothing.

“Try Franco Delgado.”

A bright red box appeared on the screen. ‘You have reached a secure area of our site, please enter your username and password,’ it read.

Suddenly a small box opened at the bottom of the screen on the computer taskbar and began to flash amber.

“Sheeit!” LeBron pressed the power button on the laptop, shutting it down.

“Fuck!” he looked gravely concerned.

“What was that?” the woman asked.

“A tracking cookie. But it’s bullshit! With the VPN and the other security protocols I had in place there is no way they could trace us that quick,” his fingers were trembling as he ashed his cigarette.

“Now generally I’d say: there ain’t anything here to worry about, but in this instance, I’d be more inclined to say: there ain't nearly anything to worry about. Now some might not think so; but there be a big difference between there ain’t anything and there ain’t nearly anything; you feel me?” LeBron espoused.

The iphone suddenly burst into life with an incoming call.

The woman and LeBron looked at each other anxiously.

“Fuck it! Take the call; what have you got to lose?” LeBron said.

The woman walked over to where she had left the iphone, almost forgotten, on the bench beside the kitchenette.

She slid her finger across the face of the phone to answer the call and put it to her ear.

It was the same indeterminate voice that had called her at the hotel where she had fled after the murder of Frank Delgado.

“Hello Cassandra. You’ve been doing some freelancing haven’t you? Time to come home now,” the voice was obviously being transmitted through some sort of device which disguised it and she bet also prevented the call from being traced.

“Who is this?” the woman screeched into the phone.

“Whose phone is this?” she demanded.

“It’s your phone Cassie; how can you not know that?” the voice calmly articulated.

“Bullshit! This phone belongs to Kelsey Reka or someone from Executive Solutions,” she spat into the phone.

“Ok, enough games; come on in,” the voice said trying to sooth her.

“I’m not playing games! I have amnesia! I don’t have any memories prior to three days ago,” the woman cried.

The phone went quiet.

After a beat, another voice came on but this time the voice was not disguised. It was female and it articulated genuine concern.


The woman shivered. She knew the voice but for the life her could not recall who it belonged to.

“Who the fuck is Cassie?” the woman began to sob.

The phone stayed silent for another beat.

“Ok. I’m activating a priority one recall. You know what that means right?” the anonymous female said calmly but with determination.

“Lady. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” the woman was exasperated.

Another beat.

“Get out of that place now! Drive towards LA but use the back roads. Once you are on the road you’re probably safe for now; but do not go online and turn off any other devices you have except for the iphone you are using ok?”

“When you get to the outskirts of LA call me on the iphone; I can’t get a team to where you are in time to ensure your safety.”

“I can’t call you on the iphone! I can’t access the phone! Do you have the password?” the woman was becoming frantic and LeBron looked agitated, just listening to one side of the conversation.

“No I don’t know the password; it’s your phone! Look you need to move, get mobile and I’ll call you again when I think it’s safe. I can’t track you; you disabled the tracking device on the phone when you went rouge,” the female now sounded very agitated.

“Ok! Ok! Just answer me one question. Who am I?” the woman begged.

“Your name is Cassandra Rivers, but you prefer Cassie. You need to go now. If we’ve tracked you then you can guarantee they have too,” the urgency in the female’s voice was palpable.

“But…” the woman, now known as Cassie, was sobbing heavily now.

“No buts! Run!” the line went dead.

“We gotta pack up! Now!” Cassie said recovering her composure, her tone conveyed the urgency.

“Sheeit! I only caught one side of that conversation but I’m guessing we’re getting the fuck out of Dodge right now,” LeBron looked very edgy.

Cassie began throwing all of her clothes into her one suitcase and what didn’t fit she shoved into the shopping bags from the mall. LeBron got the message and grabbed the laptop, the wifi hub and his own meagre possessions and threw them into a large carryall he had bought with him.

“We ain’t leaving this; I’m guessing we gonna need it if we survive the day,” he threw the JD, the remaining food, beer, soft drinks and snacks into the cooler.

They started loading up the Caddy and this attracted the attention of Reese who came over to the room.

“What the fuck?” he tried to get Cassie’s attention but she ignored him and traipsed between the room and the car, throwing stuff into the trunk.

He cornered her in the motel room and held her by her shoulders.

“Look I don’t have time to explain. We have to run NOW! You’ll likely be safe here but there’s some bad people on their way looking for me,” Cassie gasped.

“Fuck that! I’ve got a grab bag; I’m coming with you; I’ll follow the Caddy and when we stop somewhere you can tell me everything,” Reese looked her in the eyes.

“There ain’t much to tell, but ok, get your ass in gear; we’re out of here in seconds.”

Reese ran off and LeBron came inside and they systematically searched the room. Cassie took stock. She had her clutch with the remains of the cash, her smokes, the iphone, and then she saw the cell phone she had Reese purchase for her.

“Fuck! I should given that woman the number of my new cell and got hers,” Cassie threw all the items into her purse.

“The place is as clean as we can get it. No time to wipe for prints and I figure that don’t matter anyway. Let’s adios motherfuckers!” LeBron could crack quips even now.

Reese returned and parked his pickup beside the Caddy. He’d thought ahead and dumped two bags of ice in the cooler in the trunk of LeBron’s Caddy to keep the food and drinks cold. They all exchanged mobile numbers so they could communicate on the road and then they beat feet.

The Caddy fishtailed as it left the motel parking lot, its nose pointed towards toward Route Ten, Reese’s pickup fell in behind, raising his own cloud of dust.

“Call Reese,” LeBron was concentrating on driving just below the speed limit whilst fiddling with his GPS; the local roads were busy and he had to concentrate on both driving and mapping a route.

“Tell him we’re turning right at the I-10 then onto West Tangerine road until we hit Route 77. We can’t go northwest on I-10 because there are no exits and we’d be sitting ducks with nowhere to go if anyone comes after us,” he instructed.

Cassie called Reese and passed on the instructions and then lit smokes for her and LeBron.

“Sheeit! There’s no smoking in my Caddy!” LeBron whined.

Cassie looked around the decrepit interior and guffawed.

“This piece of shit?”

“Hey this my second car, for when I wanna be, how you say; incognito,” LeBron grinned.

“Well incognito this shithead!” Cassie pushed the smoke into LeBron's face and he took it in his lips.

Cassie cracked her window to let out the smoke and they both burst out laughing.

“Least we still got our sense of humour,” LeBron chuckled.

They drove the back roads using the most obscure routes they could devise. Cassie worked the GPS and they stopped for lunch on a fire trail deep in the woods.

“So what do you know?” Reese asked Cassie.

“I know that my name is Cassandra Rivers and that apparently I work or worked for Executive Solutions and that’s about it,” Cassie chomped on leftover potato salad.

“I kinda liked it when you were Sharon Stone; but I can live with Cassandra,” Reese licked his paper plate clean.

“Cassie. My name is Cassie,” she replied.

“You know what? It kinda feels right too,” she said reflectively.

Just before dark they came across what appeared to be a hunting tail leading off Route 62 and on a hunch they followed it, hoping to find somewhere to spend the night.

They lucked in and found a hunters lodge. It was basically a log cabin with a large bed made from raw lumber, a rough-hewed wooden table with four equally rustic chairs, and a bench-top with some old cookware and a huge fireplace against one wall. It measured no more than thirty by thirty feet but it would do. A small stream ran about ten yards past the door.

Reese cleaned up the cookware, which was really just two battered pots, a skillet and a coffeepot, in the stream. LeBron gathered wood and lit a fire while Cassie did the best she could and took the dusty blankets off the bed and shook them outside.

Cassie miraculously managed to make something hot and edible by throwing all of their leftovers into a pot with some seasoning they had had taken from the hotel. It was a poor man’s chowder but they wolfed it down with some crackers. LeBron used sachets of instant coffee taken from the motel room and concocted a formidable brew.

They drank it from tin cups fortified with liberal splashes of JD.

The three fugitives ruminated over and dissected the information Cassie had received from the phone call from Executive Solutions and the information from the dark web and came up with numerous hypotheses, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Hey drank beer with JD chasers using the watery ice from the cooler. It got dark quick and cold even quicker and they huddled together under the dusty blankets beside the fire.

“So basically we don’t know shit, other than Cassie’s name and that these Executive Solutions people gonna come and save us when we get to LA,” LeBron mused.

They all looked at the iphone sitting on the floor beside Cassie. It hadn’t rung and it would soon need to be charged.

“Look we are only a hundred and some miles from the outskirts of LA. Let’s get a good night’s sleep or as best we can in this cracker mansion and see what we see tomorrow,” LeBron said.

The other two nodded and they all lit one cigarette before going to bed. The question no one wanted to answer was what would the sleeping arrangements be.

Cassie had dressed for travelling in her black leggings with pantyhose underneath for comfort and a long-sleeved t-shirt. She kicked off her shoes and staked her claim in middle of the big bed strewn with Indian blankets and a big fleecy coverlet.

LeBron stripped down to his underwear and jumped on the bed too but Reese sat staring in the fire.

Cassie needed human company, the feel of another person to make her feel safe and cherished and LeBron was snuggling up to her to oblige but Reese looked sad and alone, sitting, staring into the fire.

“I’ll sleep in the car; I can keep lookout too,” he said sulkily.

“Bullshit man! You freeze your ass off out there!” LeBron proclaimed.

“Come join us babe. We’re in this together, with no idea how it will end. I only have two people in the world at the moment that I can trust; you and LeBron. What have you got to lose,” Cassie held out her hand.

Reese undressed and joined them in the big bed.

Cassie shucked out of her leggings, leaving her dressed in pantyhose, bra and long-sleeved t-shirt which she kept on to keep her warm.

The three of them snuggled together under the blankets and coverlet trying to get warm.

Cassie turned to Reese and kissed him tenderly, he had undressed down to his boxers and she could feel him becoming erect. LeBron snuggled up behind her and nuzzled her neck, she felt his erection against her buttocks and she pushed back against him and squirmed. He wrapped his arms around her.

Reese wrapped his arms around her too and they huddled together with Cassie in the middle. Cassie opened her lips and allowed Reese’s tongue to explore her mouth while LeBron nestled his hard cock in the crevice of her buttocks, rubbing his cock on her pantyhosed ass. Cassie allowed Reese to take off her t-shirt and bra, it was getting warm under the covers now and she didn’t need them. He reached for her breasts but found LeBron was already cupping one so he settled for the other.

Cassie wriggled her bottom encouraging LeBron; she reached behind her and dug a fingernail into the sheer nylon and poked a hole in the gusset. She took LeBron’s erection in her hand and guided it to the hole. He needed no encouragement and he poked his hard cock through the hole in her nylons and rubbed his cock against her sphincter.

Cassie gasped and she kissed Reese harder and reached for his cock. She found it hard, hot and throbbing and she stroked it with featherlight touches.

Cassie had anticipated that she would be making love tonight and had prepared and pre-lubricated herself earlier during a toilet break. She thrust back against LeBron's erection and he slowly entered her. Cassie gasped and squeezed Reese’s penis; her removed her hand and pushed his cock into her groin and found Cassie’s penis erect and leaking preseminal fluid; the gusset of her pantyhose became soaked with their precum. He rubbed his cock against hers, the slinky nylon of the sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose stimulating him.

LeBron began to fuck Cassie with long firm strokes; building the crescendo of his oncoming orgasm. He now had both of her breasts in his hands and he squeezed them and stroked her nipples. Reese kissed her harder, as Cassie bucked to meet LeBron's thrusts he got into sync and humped her pantyhosed-clad penis against his.

The three rutted, feeling release not far away. LeBron came first, trembling with delight as he ejaculated deep inside her anus; he gripped her hips and pulled her back against him, he clasped her breasts and bit into her neck as he orgasmed.

Feeling LeBron come tipped Cassie over the edge and she filled her pantyhose with creamy ejaculate, pushing her ass back against LeBron and pulling Reese's cock against her own palpitating penis.

Reese came too, his cock pulsed as it spent his semen against Cassie's, nylon-encased phallus, his seed pooling with Cassie’s as he kissed her ravenously.

They clung to each other as they orgasmed knowing they needed each other not just for carnality but because they depended upon each other, the bond between them essential to their survival.

They fell asleep like that but awoke a couple of hours later still lascivious and needy. Reese and LeBron turned Cassie around and reversed their roles; Reese fucked her while LeBron frottaged her until the two men were sated once again; Cassie didn’t need release, she enjoyed pleasing the men.

They finally fell into a deep sleep.

This time it was Reese and LeBron who felt the sting of the needle but it didn’t knock them out; they were just unable to move; paralysed.

Cassie was dragged from the bed and thrown in the corner. One of the men covered her with his pistol while the other man dragged LeBron and Reese from the bed and tied them into two of the hardback wooden chairs then they motioned for Cassie to climb back on the bed.

“You’ve been giving us grief for four days now bitch and I’m about done! You dragged our asses across three states, our boss is pissed at us, and now you make us come to this shitbox cabin!” the man said bitterly waving her pistol at her.

“So we gonna make you and your friends pay. They’re gonna sit there unable to move and we’re gonna make them watch us fuck you again and again. We’re gonna fuck you til your ass bleeds then I’m going to put a bullet in your head.”

“I’m going to drop your body somewhere in low-town so you can be identified as that fuck Delgado’s murderer and before we leave my friend over there is then going to put bullets in your boyfriends heads. Then we gonna leave them here for the coyotes and rats to eat!” the man ginned evilly.

“But I don’t trust you. You’ve escaped from us twice before and we only found you because you went searching on the dark web and were stupid enough to use your cell phones. You’re a tricky bitch and I don’t think you are any kind of ordinary whore. In fact the opposite; I think you’re some kind of professional operative.”

“So with that in mind, put this around your wrists and tie these around your ankles,” the man ordered.

He tossed a cable-tie and two nylon stockings on the bed.

Cassie did as she was told and tied the toe of each stocking around her ankles and put her wrists through the cable tie. The other man approached the bed while the other man covered Cassie with his gun; he pulled the cable tie closed around her wrists and tied the loose ends of the stockings to the bedposts.

Cassie was trussed to the bed but the elasticity of the stockings allowed her to move her legs; her wrists securely bound in front of her, prevented her from using her hands other than to support her on her hands and knees.

Reese and LeBron looked on in alarm but there was nothing they could do; they couldn’t even scream and Cassie saw the terror in their eyes.

“We’re gonna take turns fucking you while you suck the guy with the gun to your head. If you do anything really stupid, we’ll just pull the trigger. If you’re reluctance to join in, we’ll go over there and start cutting bits off your friends until you comply. Ok?”

“I need an answer!” the man growled.

Cassie nodded, resigned to her fate. She was dressed only in her ripped-crotch pantyhose so they didn’t have to undress her. The two men dropped their pants and underwear and took off their shoes. The bigger of the two got on the bed behind her while the other guy went to the front and put the gun against her temple.

Hey were both erect and dripping precum; they were obviously enjoying torturing her and guys. They put Cassie into a kneeling position in the centre of the bed.

When the man offered Cassie his phallus she took it in her mouth and began to suckle it; what else could she do? Her anus was well lubricated with lube and semen from Reese and LeBron and the man behind her slipped right in all the way to the hilt. His groin pressed against her buttocks and he sighed; Cassie grunted.

He held her hips and slowly fucked her; enjoying the feel of her tight ass on his hard cock; looking at her sucking on his accomplices cock with her red lipsticked lips.

“That’s it honey; suck that cock. Maybe you are whore after all,” the man fucked her harder and increased his pace.

The man at the front of her took his cock from her mouth and turned her face towards LeBron and Reese.

“Look at your slut girlfriend; look at her sucking my cock and fucking my friend! Look at her!” he demanded.

“And you, you bitch! Look at your boyfriends; they’re crying for you but that won’t help them or you. Now suck my cock!” he thrust his cock back into Cassie’s mouth.

All she could do was capitulate and hope that by buying time, perhaps by some miracle, she could find a way to escape.

“Wriggle your ass bitch! At least pretend you like it!” the man fucking her spanked her pantyhosed buttocks.

Cassie wriggled her ass obligingly and sucked eagerly on the other man’s cock, slurping on the glans with her tongue.

The man behind her fucked her with long hard strokes, deeply penetrating her and the man at her face slid his cock in and out of her lips; she had to balance on her knees and bound wrists. Although reluctant, Cassie couldn’t stop her body from reacting to the stimulation. Rings of pleasure emanated from her prostate and sphincter and she became erect. Her cock began to leak pre-seminal fluid.

“See! This bitch is a whore! She’s gettin’ hard and she fucking me back,” the man fucking her grinned.

“I’m gonna come soon all over this bitch's face,” the man at the front grunted and held her head as face-fucked her.

“I’m close too. I’m gonna come deep inside this whore, then we can drink some of that booze over there and come back and swap places,” the man grunted as he worked his cock in and out of her ass.

“Oh Jesus!” the man at the front gasped and filled Cassie's mouth with hot creamy semen.

Cassie gulped and swallowed, but the man whipped his cock out of her mouth and sprayed the last of his issue on her face, rubbing his sticky cum all her face with his dribbling cock.

This triggered the man behind her to viciously grip Cassie’s hips and jackhammer his cock in and out of her ass as he shot his load; then he pulled her back into him and drove his cock into her as deep as he could as his scalding seed filled her anus.

Cassie orgasmed; her spend dribbled onto the bed. The orgasm was intense and insanely pleasurable given the circumstances and she sobbed with self-loathing and disgust.

The man pulled his cock from her anus and wiped it on her buttocks, the other man eased his cock from her mouth and began to get off the bed whilst keeping his gun on the sobbing tranny.

The door to the cabin suddenly burst and open and an apparition in the form of a trim, redheaded woman appeared in the doorway. She assumed the Weaver stance and her pistol found the man climbing off the bed and her weapon made two phut, phut, sounds. The man’s chest blossomed with blood-red bouquets and he fell face first on the bed.

The man who had been fucking Cassie made a valiant effort to reach his own weapon but the woman’s gun thrice reported its muffled bark and he fell to floor with the back of his head blown off.

Tied to the bed there was nothing Cassie could do but stare at the woman who stepped inside the cabin and ensured it clear of other assailants, then she holstered her gun.

The woman looked to be her early forties. She was wearing a tight-fitting navy blue business suit and a cream silk blouse. Her ginger hair was styled with layered bangs and rested on her shoulders, her makeup emphasised her peaches-and-cream complexion although she favoured heavy black mascara and bright-red lipstick. She wore ultra-sheer pantyhose that gave her long well formed legs a lustrous sheen. She was wearing what appeared to be very expensive high heels.

She walked over the bed and opened a flick knife and cut the stockings that held Cassie’s legs tied to the bedposts and then cut the cable-tie at her wrists. She pulled one of the Indian blankets off the bed and and wrapped it around Cassie who was shaking with shock.

She woman dropped her pistol on the bed and pulled Cassie to her. She gently stroked her hair and then she softly kissed Cassie who was still traumatised.

She reached into her suit jacket and bought out a small transmitter.

“Clear and secure,” she said into it, and four men in military combat gear hustled through the door.

“I told you not to use your mobile phones,” she admonished Cassie, stroking her hair.

She hugged Cassie close and kissed her again.

To be continued.

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