Night Fox Chapter 11

“Really? Do you honestly believe you're going to outrun my helicopter?” Katey was chasing after a suspect’s car in a high-speed chase.

“He figures his muscle car has more power then this helicopter.” Ralph was riding shotgun with Katey.

Lately, he has been her co-pilot. He didn’t know if she requested it or if their supervisor figured they worked well together. They were working with the Arizona Highway Patrol.

“Do you think they have the roadblock set-up yet?” Ralph glances over towards Katey.

“I hope so, because if they don’t. I might have to dust the car and hope the guy stops.” Katey knew a few tricks with the helicopter to take the suspect out.

“There’s the roadblock up ahead.” Ralph spotted it through the binoculars he was using.

Katey watches as the driver continues to head towards the roadblock. What was he thinking? Katey continued to follow the car. The next thing
she knows. An explosion occurs, and she was losing control of the helicopter. The cabin area was filling up with smoke.

“What hit us?” Ralph was coughing and choking on the smoke filling the helicopter.

Katey had no idea what had hit them, but she manages to land the helicopter. She and Ralph manage to exit from the helicopter before it catches fire. Katey looks at her helicopter and notices the tail rotor had been blown off. She was watching her helicopter burn from a safe distance.

They hear explosions from the direction of the roadblock. Both saw smoke coming from the direction of the roadblock.

“Come on Ralph, let’s see what happened.” Katey starts running towards the roadblock.

Ralph follows behind Katey as she ran. Twenty minutes into their run, they are picked up by a news helicopter. When the news helicopter lands at the location of the roadblock. It looked like a war zone. The police cars they used to block the road had been blown apart by some sort of explosive device. There were body parts and dead police officers littering the ground.

“What caused this?” Ralph had to excuse himself as he left Katey’s side quickly and started vomiting on the side of the road.

Katey kneels near a blown-up police car. The blast pattern looked familiar to her. She has seen this type of damage before. Then it dawns on her. It was the blast pattern from a 40mm grenade. When she had her weapons training in the army.

“Why would someone use a 40mm grenade launcher on a bunch of State Troopers?” Katey stands up when she hears the sirens from the paramedics and state troopers coming towards them.

Sgt. Posse questions Katey about what happened to her helicopter and what happened at the crime site with his fellow officers. He was familiar with her because she has done some work with them. He couldn’t believe someone had tried to take her out as well. He wanted to know who was behind the attack and who the driver was in the car they had been chasing and trying to stop.

A forensic team shows up and starts going through the wreckage of the helicopter. Sgt. Posse gives Katey and Ralph a ride back to the airport.
Once they arrive at the airport, Katey meets with their supervisor. She and Ralph fill out a report with everything they could remember from the accident.

Once she is done, she gets in her Jeep Wrangler and starts heading home. She couldn’t figure out why someone would be gunning for her. She was only a civilian contractor that flew helicopters. She doesn’t stop anywhere on the way home. As she is pulling up to her home. She notices something wasn’t right. The hidden lights above her garage door and front door were blinking red. She pulls her .40 caliber High Power Browning from it’s hiding spot and moves quietly to her house. She sneaks into her garage and slowly turns the doorknob on the door. She slams it open to hit anyone hiding behind it.

She felt the door hit someone and spots another person turning to shoot her from the living room. She fires her gun hitting them in the chest and moves further into the kitchen for cover. She spins around and puts a round into the person’s leg hiding behind the garage door. Two rounds miss her as another attacker she didn’t see fires at her.

She fires her gun and instead of killing him. She shoots the gun he is holding out of his hand. It goes against everything she was taught by her instructors and her brother, but if she kills them all. She won’t be able to find out who they are or who sent them if they are working for someone.

“Hands up or the next shot goes into your head.” She walks over to the one she shot in the leg and grab his gun.

“Now, we are going to have a little talk. I want to know who sent you to me. You, come over here and help gimpy out to my garage.” Katey had her gun pointed at the guy she shot his weapon out of his hand.

Richardo walks over and helps Arturo up off the floor. He looks at his friend Miguel and Gerardo who was laying on the floor in a pool of their own blood. He helps his friend Arturo into the garage.

“Place him over there on the chair.” Katey didn’t know the first thing about interrogation.

She watches as the guy places the other one on the folding chair she keeps in the garage. She’ll have to wing it and see if she can’t pull a rabbit out of her hat. She wanted to know why was she targeted?

Gerardo places Arturo on the chair. He could see that his friend was in pain from the gunshot to his leg.

“Good. Now there is a roll of duct tape on the bench there next to you. I want you to secure him to the chair. You better make it tight or I might use you as a target.” Katey had both guns aimed at him.

Gerardo secures Arturo to the folding chair with the duct tape. He looks back at the woman they had been sent to kill. She should have been killed by Javier in the air, but no. The dumb bitch survived the crash landing.

“Now, go stand over there against that support pole.” Katey motions Gerardo over towards the support.

Gerardo moves over towards the support pole in the garage.

“Turn around and face me. Now put your hands behind your back and stand there.” Katey walks over and behind him and use the duct tape to secure his hands.

Katey walks back around and over to her workbench where she keeps some tools. She ejects the magazine out of the gun she picked up and eject the round from the chamber and lay them on the workbench. She secures her gun and turns around to face the men.

“You know, I have never interrogated anyone before. So, I don’t know what the rules are, but I figure you’ll tell me what I want to know.”

“I ain’t telling you shit, Coño.” Arturo wasn’t going to tell this woman anything.

He knew if he did, he was dead. He watches her see what she was going to do.

A smirk appears on Katey’s face. She walks in front of him with a 5lb sledgehammer in her hands. She kneels in front of his bound legs and starts removing his boot.

“You know, I did see this movie with Mel Gibson called Payback. The bad guy used a hammer to smash his toes, while they interrogated him. Now, I can’t find my hammer, but I’m guessing this 5lb sledgehammer will have the same effect. Now, I’m going to ask you one more time, before I use it to turn your little piggies into hamburger.” She looks up at his face.

Arturo spits into her face. A smirk appears on his face. He doesn’t think this woman would do it.

“Okay, we'll do this the hard way.” Katey raises her hammer up “this little piggy went to the market.”

Katey brings the sledgehammer down hard on his pinky toe. She wanted to know who sent these men here to kill her and if they sent someone to kill Ralph as well.

Arturo screams as he feels the hammer come down on his pinky toe. He looks down at her with pain in his face. He wasn’t going to talk.

Katey looks over towards the other guy that was secured to the support pole.

“You can stop this. All you have to do is talk to me.” Katey didn’t like doing this, but she wanted answers.

Her cousin Bart said sometimes, you must do things you don’t like doing to make people talk.

She raises the sledgehammer up again and holds it ready to smash the next toe.

“This little piggy stayed home.” She brings the sledgehammer down on the toe.

Arturo screams as the toe is smash.

Gerardo looks at the woman and then his friend. He wants to save his friend, but he’ll be killed if he does. He starts cussing at Katey in Spanish.

“This little piggy had roast beef.” Katey brings the sledgehammer down on Arturo’s middle toe.

Arturo screams again. He starts cussing in Spanish at Katey.

“This little piggy had none.” The sledgehammer comes down on his toe.

“Alright, stop it. I’ll tell you.” Gerardo couldn’t take it anymore.

Katey stands up and walks over to him. She pulls her cellphone out to record the information.

“Trevor McAdams, he hired us to kill you. You and your co-pilot were supposed to have been killed this afternoon while you were chasing that
car. When you managed to land your helicopter, he sent us in to kill you.” Gerardo knew if McAdams find out that he talked he was dead.

“Why does he want me dead? What have I done to him?” Katey didn’t know any Trevor McAdams.

“I don’t know. He didn’t tell me. All I was told was to bring my guys in and kill you.” Gerardo hopes Trevor McAdams doesn’t find out that she wasn’t dead.

“How are you supposed to get in touch with him to confirm I was dead?” Katey was curious.

“By giving him your head.” Gerardo was told he was to deliver her head to him. He was very clear about that.

Katey stops recording and call the police to come and pick these clowns up. She tells them to send the coroner as well. She does get the location of the vehicle Gerardo and his crew arrived in. While she is waiting for the police, she turns the extra security system off.

She was going to have to call her brother to see if her brother knew who Trevor McAdams was. She might have to call George and see if he knew. She has been helping his PI friend out lately.

Once the police and forensics team leave her place. She cleans her place up and takes a nice hot bath afterwards. She finishes off a bottle of wine she opened a few days ago.

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