Princess Part-2

Princess. Part 2
by Princess Pantyboy

(All i added a few paragraphs from part one so my story would be easier to read since it has been awhile. I hope and pray you enjoy my newest story. Hugs Princess)

I look at my new mommy thinking no way i want to wear a diaper leaving here. “Umm mommy i really dont want to wear a diaper, It wouldn’t fit under my clothes anyway.”

“That is a very good thought sweetie, a skirt or dress would be the only clothes that would hide you wearing a diaper and I didn’t bring those type of clothes. I have to admit seeing you in a skirt or dress would be very nice. But i only brought you some skinny jeans, why don’t you try them on with these new panties.”

I take the clothes into the bathroom and i slide the pink thong on and stare at myself. Wow shows no bulge between my legs at all. Well i guess I’m wrong that sure looks like a camel toe between my legs now wearing these panties. I slide the super tight skinny jeans up my legs wiggling my butt to squeeze into them.

“Come on out sweetie so i can see you.” I walk back into the hospital bedroom and i can feel the super tight skinny jeans on me and they feel much better, i walk around i can feel them stretching out to wrap around my legs and butt cheeks.

My new mommy smiles at me looking at me up and down, but staring between my legs. “How do your new jeans feel, they look great sweetie?”

“Well they felt kinda super tight putting them on but now they actually feel much better like they stretched around my body. So they are very comfortable to be honest. How do they look, do they look okay on me? I mean can you tell I’m wearing a thong?”

I thought for sure it would bug me feeling that little piece of cloth going between my butt cheeks would be un comfortable, but feels kinda good.” I notice my new mommy staring between my legs but saying nothin just smiling.

“Well the surgery was a great success and i think we are ready to go. Are you ready to go my little Princess Pantyboy? I guess cannot call you a pantyboy you wearing those sexy skinny jeans, you are my little princess panty girl. Mmmm I guess it really doesn’t have a ring to it like pantyboy. I will have to come up with a new phrase hehehe.”

“I stare at my new mommy who cannot stop staring between my legs. I start to look to see what she is staring at when i feel her taking my hand. We start walking out of the hospital room and Mr Black is standing outside the door obviously guarding the entrance to my room.

We continue to walk but now following Mr Black to the massive limo. I have to admit i was over worried about this operation i mean it went smoothly and all is good. I do feel a little weird walking it feels like my butt is wiggling maybe that is what happens when your boy parts aren’t their anymore hanging down kind of in the way.

“We are going to drop you off little Kellie spelled with an ‘IE’. Remember you have to sit down now to go potty. The doctor gave me her card to give to you and i put it in this small black purse with your new ID and your iPhone and your wallet. In case you didn’t notice these jeans your wearing don’t have any pockets.”

I see the black purse sitting between me and my new mommy. “Umm okay that is good so if i get infected or feel weird i will call her.”

“Yes now my phone number is now programmed into your new pink iPhone X, your other iPhone fell and broke so this one is more appropriate for you now anyway. So before we drop you off you have four weeks to come back to the doctors office for the follow up Vaginoplasty. I will see you there we will then leave from there on our road trip okay sweetie?”

I am excited to have this over with, and go home finally. “Yes i need to talk to my landlord and tell them i will be out of town for awhile, and talk to my parents.”

“Remember sweetie you have all that money in your account now you can buy your own house and not live in your friends parents upstairs garage apartment.”

“Oh yea that is so true, i have always had a dream of living on the beach.” I smile thinking about buying a beach house. The large limo stops. Mr Black gets out and opens the door and i notice i am in front of my parents house, not my tiny garage apartment. “Oh it looks like i am here so I guess i will see you soon ma’am....mommy i am sorry, today has been the craziest day of my life. Thank you again for all this money, and the opportunity to join you on your adventure. I am looking forward to our road trip.”

“You are so welcome sweetie.” I climb out of the stretch limo. “Oh don’t forget your purse sweetie.” I watch as she leans out and hands Mr Black the small purse, as he puts it over my shoulder as i stare at the large man.

It doesn’t register to me that i am walking up to my parents house with a black purse over my shoulder until i am opening it to take my keys out and i unlock the door. “Hi anyone home?”

“Oh hey Kelly I’m in the kitchen sweetie.” I walk into the kitchen and my real mommy turns and is two feet in front of me looking at me up and down totally staring at me. “What are you wearing sweetie are you okay?”

I look to the right at the wall to ceiling hallway mirror seeing me and my real mommy’s reflection. I am in total shock seeing my mommy standing next to a pretty girl until i realize that i am the pretty girl. My real mommy’s mouth is wide open as she stares at my pink finger nails and looking down and seeing my toes nails have the matching color shining from my flip flops i am wearing. Not to mention that i also have a black purse over my shoulder.

But the look on her face when she stares between my legs seeing, oh my god i now have a camel toe outline between my legs. I get so nervous i want to cry as i look down, than up again staring into our reflections. I see my new skinny jeans turning dark blue between my legs, i feel the pee squirting down both sides of my legs as i start crying.

“What is going on with you Kelly? Did you just piss in your pants? I know you turned 18 last week and you are now considered an adult, but are you not feeling okay?” I don’t know what to say, i am still crying softly. “It will be okay sweetie just tell mommy what is the matter. I know boys these days are acting umm how do i say it, boys act different from my generation.” I look and she is staring at my pink nail polish on my hands.

I am looking down not being able to have eye contact with my mother, looking down i see my bright pink nail polish on my toes showing off in my white flip flops. The feeling in my stomach doesn’t go away from me being so embarrassed that i pissed my pants. I can’t tell mommy i had surgery she would freak and try to have me committed or something. My parents always teased me about having long hair and me being so petite even my little sister who is taller then me is always teasing me.

“Umm mommy, i mean mom i am umm, okay i just haven’t been feeling very good. I went to the pharmacy and they gave me something over the counter but they said it might mess up my bladder control for a couple days, and guess they are right mommy. I did not even know i went potty until i felt it dripping down my legs mommy i am so sorry.”

My mom is hugging me patting me on the back like i am a small child or toddler. “You are okay sweetie, everything will be okay. Well i am sorry this happen you wetting yourself but at least it happened at home and not at work or in the mall. Oh that would of been a terrible thing don’t you agree?”

“Yes mommy i guess you are right it is good it happen here and not out in the public.” Leave it to my real mom to think of something positive out of me pissing in my pants.

I feel mommy taking my hand. “Come upstairs sweetie and you can get those wet clothes off. Is that your purse or i guess guys probably call them a man bag but i have a purse just like it but not black like yours, my purse is white.” I pick my purse up and walk with mommy.

“Pink is your color sweetie you nail polish looks pretty on you, i am afraid it isn’t very manly like you always try to act since you are so small. Yes i know you where born prematurely being 3 months early and you have always been the smallest in your class it is not your fault sweetie you still wear children’s sizes and not adults.”

Oh my god how do I respond to my mom saying pink is my color and she says my pink fingernail polish is pretty. I will just ignore her and hope for the best. Mom i need to get changed do i still have any clothes here? I know i took most of my clothes to Kevins parents house when i started renting there apartment above the garage from them when Kevin went away to college.”

“I am sorry sweetie there aren’t any of your clothes, maybe one of your old school uniforms from middle school which would probably fit you if we could find them. First things first you need to take a shower and clean up. Plus we have to be to work soon.”

Oh shit i forgot i had to work today. I smile to myself remembering i am super rich now. “Umm i found a new job mommy so i really don’t umm need this job anymore.” I say nervously.

“Well sweetie i got you this job working at my company so you need to make sure you give at least two weeks notice so it doesn’t make me or you look bad.”

We stop at my little sisters room and we walk into her bathroom. “Okay sweetie get undressed and hop in the shower and clean up while i try to find some clothes for you.” I close the bathroom door and peel off the skinny jeans which the pink thongs just came off with them and left them on the bathroom floor with my shirt.

“Mommy there isn’t any soap in sis bathroom is there any out there?” I turn the water on and look between my legs and i can believe how girly i look now between my legs. I never seen a real vagina only on porn sites. Well mine isn’t real but sure looks real.

I see the shampoo and i start washing my hair and then conditioning it as the flower smell hits me. Oh well i look like a girl between my legs now my hair smells girly too. “Your sister doesn’t use bar soap anymore she only uses liquid soap sweetie so it is in the pink bottle but its not for your hair it will burn so only use it on your body Okay sweetie?”

“Okay i see it thanks mommy.” What the hell i keep calling her mommy like i did when i was a small child. Must be because I am also calling my new boss mommy. That is probably why i keep doing it now here also. I apply the soapy liquid all over my body and it feels nice like it is deep cleaning with giving me tingles through out my whole body. Wow my body feels so much softer for some reason since my surgery. I start running my hands up my sides wiping the soap off.

Looking down at my pink toenails i want to scream or yell i have no clue how to get the pink nail polish off. My little pink fingernail hands try’s to rub the polish off my feet than my fingernails. That is when i see the drain starting to back up from being packed with hair, not even realizing till i see how shinny my arms and legs are now. I step out of the shower and start drying off with one of the towels on the rack.

“I put your jeans and panties into the wash sweetie. Are you sure you don’t want to talk to me about anything I mean, pink nail polish, pink thong panties, tight skinny jeans you know you can tell me anything ya know?”

I roll my eyes with no freaking answer possible that would explain this except i am super rich now which i better not share or mother would freak, and never believe me anyway. “Mommy i am naked or almost.” My mom just walks into the bathroom carrying a pile of clothes.

“Now i know you want to fight me on this but if you had an accident in your own house you can have one at anytime. I want you to wear one of your sisters old pull-ups unless you want me to put a diaper on you Kelly. And no i don’t have any panties your size like the ones i put in the laundry that you were wearing under those peed in skinny jeans. I will look through your sisters really old clothes and see if there are any panties in their later.”

Oh my god what do i do, I know she is right. I could have another accident at anytime. I should of listened to the doctor and wore a diaper leaving the hospital. “Now come here sweetie i see you have the towel wrapped around your waist so just step into the pull-up for mommy sweetie.” Oh my god am i really having my mother putting a pull-up on me?

“But mommy is this really necessary? I mean you said i have to go to work and ummm.” Oh my god if i peed myself while i was sitting at my desk at my little cubical answering the phone being a telemarketer I wouldn’t know what to do i would be so embarrassed.

I hate my mommy always making sense. If i tell her i have millions and millions of dollars with me showing up wear girls skinny jeans and pink thongs and not to mention my damn fingernails and toes painted bright pink how could i forget. She would try to keep my money and have me committed for wearing all this girly stuff.

“Okay your right i get it, i don’t think i will have another accident but yea i guess i should be prepared since i cannot believe i had an accident and wet my pants.” I feel my mommy’s hand on my leg as i lift up my leg than the other.

I hold on to the towel for dear life how would i explain if the towel dropped and she seen my boy parts being gone and looking like i had a vagina now even though i know its fake. I would never be able to convince anyone I wasn’t all girl seeing me naked. The feeling of the pull-up being pulled up my legs is intoxicating until i feel the towel drop to my toes.

“Oh stop it i seen you naked when you were a little boy.” I feel the pull-up diaper wrapped around my bottom thank god my mom was behind me only seeing my naked bottom.

Looking down i see the diaper is now wrapped around my waist making me look like a toddler or even a baby. “Oh yes much better it is amazing how these little girl pull-ups fit you perfectly. Speaking of little girls how long have you been wearing pink panties sweetie?” I have no clue to tell her i have been wearing them for years but the panties she seen of mine aren’t even mine but where bought for me.

“I guess it doesn’t mater now when you started wearing panties sweetie i have always know that you were just a little bit petite and never seen you with a girlfriend so i figure you would be gay so i guess it makes sense you wearing panties especially pink ones.

Holy shit all the years i took my sisters panties and i wore them everywhere now my mom says all this to me. “Your legs are so smooth and soft sweetie how long have you been shaving your legs sweetie?”

“Umm mommy i mean mom, i umm do not shave my legs i used the liquid soap you said to use in the shower and all my body hair came off. Well except for the hair on my head I guess.”

I look at mommy holding a light pink tee shirt. “Lift your arms up sweetie so i can put this camisole its like a tee shirt that boys wear but we don’t have any boys clothes here since you moved out son so you will have to wear you little sisters clothes to work today. Now lift your hands up or do i need to pull your panties down or in this case your diaper and give you a spanking.”

“Okay okay mommy.” I lift my arms up and feel the soft sleeveless camisole slip over me. “Now sit on the bed and let me get you dressed.”

I do as i am told and i can feel the socks and then shoes slide on my feet as i rub my eyes not believing my mommy is dressing me. “Ya know mommy i am 18-years-old i can dress myself mommy.” I try not to roll my eyes cause that would for sure get me a spanking.

“Yes i know that but you can get dressed by yourself tomorrow for work, but today we are going to be late if i have to wait for you. Now lift your arms up one more time sweetie.” Oh i guess she is right, like she is going to do whatever she wants to me anyway.

I feel the flowered shirt being pulled over my head. Both my arms push through the puffy sleeves. The shirt is on the long side while i feel my mommy pulling it down around me until she stops in the back. I can feel her buttoning this shirt up in the back.

“Wow mommy i can’t reach those buttons at all.” I feel mommy motion for me to sit back on the edge of the bed.

I rub my eyes starting to look up at mommy. “I know i have been telling you to get your hair cut since you started high school four years ago but i can actually say now i am glad you have long girly hair sweetie. You fit into your little sisters old clothes perfectly.”

I roll my eyes hearing mommy’s comments. “Mommy i don’t want to wear my sisters clothes. Did you say i am wearing her old clothes?” I am like shocked.

“Yes sweetie you are to petite or too small to fit into her regular clothes she is much taller than you are sweetie. Now do not move your head so i can do your hair and then you can tell me about your new job on the way to your regular job okay?”

Looking down at myself sitting on the edge of the bed i can’t see my feet, but looking at the shirt i am wearing it is very long and looks way to girly for me to be wearing. “Umm mommy this shirt of my sisters you picked does fit me i know but it looks way to girly especially for me to wear to work. I mean wearing it at home is one thing but people at work already make fun of my long hair and saying i am too young to be working there. We should stop by my apartment then i can get changed okay?”

“Sorry sweetie Kevins parents left for the next 45 day because the whole house and the garage including your tiny apartment is covered with a massive tarp because of termite damage it is being bombed and the whole house is not able to have access. I know they told you when they let you move in last month knowing that it was only going to be a short time before this happen and you had to move home with your sister and i.”

Damn i remember them telling me that but i thought i still had a few weeks. “So what am i going to do without all my stuff? All my clothes are there mommy.”

“No worries sweetie you can continue to wear your little sisters old clothes and then you can get all your old clothes back after they open it up in 45 days.” I continue to feel mommy brushing my hair then she pulls it back. “I am going to put your hair in a ponytail sweetie then we have to hurry to work.”

This just sucks but what can i do? Mommy is right about work they gave me a job when no one else would because i was so small. I guess this is what mommy always said don’t burn a bridge, these people treated me good so i will have to give them 2-weeks notice which i guess is cool i mean how bad can it be to wear my 14-year olds sisters clothes. I wonder how old she was wearing these clothes.

“Mommy how old was my little sister when she wore these clothes?” I try not to think about my little sister because she was the main reason i moved out as soon as i could. Miley would pick on me and tease me anytime she could. She has been teasing me my whole life even before she had both her growth spurts and became taller or way taller than me.

Mommy stands up and looks at me sitting down on the edge of my little sisters bed. “Well that’s the best i can do with your hair for now sweetie. I just put it in a high ponytail so you will be able to type and answer the phone at work. If we had more time i would trim your bangs up, tomorrow i will do that for you sweetie okay?”

“Okay lets go sweetie, stand up. I would say looking at you now she was probably maybe 12-years-old when she wore that outfit. To be honest you look very good wearing this outfit, and you look much older too.” I think i saw my mom roll her eyes like she was teasing me but i cannot be sure.

I stand up and feel mommy take my hand. We start walking and we pass my sisters wall to ceiling mirror. I stop in my tracks seeing the reflection of mommy holding my hand. “Holy shit mommy is that me? I can’t wear this to work, no freaking way i look like a girl mommy.”

“Oh stop it or we are going to be late and i am a manager and can’t afford to be late.” I stare at myself in the mirror and i cannot move. “Sweetie yes you do look like a girl in that cute outfit but when you walked in the house earlier you looked like a girl also, and to be honest sweetie no offensive but you have always looked like a girl at home, school, and work you just look like a cute girl now.”

I am in shock listening to my mom. “You see sweetie since your first day of work there almost two years ago my bosses always would refer to you as my daughter. My bosses always would say how good you are doing, and how good my daughter Kelly is doing in the telemarketing department and how far she will go with her positive attitude. I have never corrected them.”

“But mommy look at me now i am wearing my little sisters lace socks and Mary Jane shoes with, the little strap over my feet. I also thought i was wearing my little sisters shirt but look at me mommy this isn’t a shirt it is a dress right?”
I try to pull the short dress down so it doesn’t look so short in the mirror barely covering my diapered plastic panties. The dress has cap sleeves there so puffy and has a floral pattern all over with light pink as the main color. “Yes sweetie you are wearing a dress one of your sisters very pretty ones. Is this the first time you have worn one of her dresses sweetie you can be honest with mommy.” I feel her holding my hand as we walk to the front door. I am trying to think of a response to mommy’s comments as i notice we are now outside.

“Mommy i can’t go to work wearing a freaking dress, please mommy.” I say feeling the breeze going up my now smooth legs as we walk to her car. Mommy opens the door for me. “Here sweetie don’t forget your purse, i took some stuff out and put a spare pull-up in case you had an accident again.”

I cannot believe i am outside wearing a dress, i guess i should get used to it since my new job i will have to wear one all the time. “Now sweetie pull your hand behind your dress and tuck it under you bottom before you sit in the car or you will show everyone your panties or in your case everyone will see your diaper.”

“Mommy this is like the girliest dress ever invented can’t i wear a less girlie dress please before we leave? I mean some of my little sisters old pants or jeans.” I watch as she starts the car smiling while she looks at me. I look in the car mirror and i notice that i have a pink hair tie in my ponytail that is on top of my head like all my sisters wear. I feel a little pee start to go in my diaper as i try not to cry like the little girl i look like now.

End of Part 2

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