Role Reversal (10 of 10)

Role Reversal
Part Ten of Ten
by Ray Drouillard

I wrote this over ten years ago. It was essentially finished, but I somehow never considered it ready for posting. Or, at least, it had gone as far as I was inspired to take it. It kinda begs for a sequel, but it's fine as it is.

It's big. It took some time to edit. Especially since I needed to change the dates so that it wouldn't be so... well... dated.

Much thanks to Terry Volkirch for test reading it way back when. She might even remember the story.

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One fine day, Joe wakes up and finds that his whole life has been turned upside-down.

Thursday, June 16, 2022:

Snrxl and I had a nice chat last night. I told him about how Butch is doing such a good job of embracing his role, and he said that Butch wasn't the only one who needed those experiences to properly embrace his persona. After our training session, I did the usual ten seconds and down for the count thing. I have come to really enjoy that.

This morning, things were a little different. Butch was every bit as tender and affectionate, but he took a bit more of a leadership role. Somehow, he was more affectionate and protective, and also more masculine and assertive.

We finally consummated our marriage in our Butch and Tiffany bodies. It was everything I had hoped for, and more. It was certainly better than when we had shared each other as Joe and Jan. In the end, it was truly a case of mutual consent and desire. We both made the decision.

Sunday, June 19, 2022:

The last three days have been wonderful. It was as if Butch and I had discovered a new secret. The kids did a good job of taking over the morning chores and making breakfast.

During the day, Butch did some construction around the farm, while Myra, Clarisse, and I hacked out job after job in the computer room. We also found some time to do things as a couple, do things as a family, and just enjoy life.

But this morning, instead of waking up in Butch's warm embrace, I woke up in Jan's warm embrace. I rolled over, gave her a kiss, then shifted to my Joe body.

Somehow, the experience that Butch and I shared made the experience that we share as Joe and Jan all the better. Jan used up better than an hour of 'Jan time', then we switched to Butch and Tiffany and did it all over again. I think that we are the luckiest couple in the world!

After we were done with the morning's recreation... I mean marriage enhancement, I asked Butch to shift to Jan so that I could get a good look at her.

She was mostly the same as before the transformation to Butch, but her skin had a fresher look, and fit her like never before. She was absolutely perfect from head to toe.

At church today, we had a lot to be thankful for. We couldn't tell anyone the details, but everyone could see the joy on our faces.

Monday, June 20, 2022:

Clarisse has been signing all her work as John. It occurred to her belatedly that maybe she ought to build up a body of work under her female name. I had actually doing the same thing myself, but letting Tiffany take credit wasn't really taking anything away from Joe. Joe, after all, already has a huge portfolio.

We finally decided that her John persona would get credit for anything that she hasn't done before, and that Clarisse would get credit for about a quarter of the total work. That way, John's portfolio would contain every type of project that Clarisse's portfolio contained, and Clarisse's portfolio would be about a third of the size of John's. After all, John is his main identity, and Clarisse may never get an actual legal identity.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022:

Mom and Dad are taking their time coming north. Dad isn't feeling good. Mom is getting worried. I talked to Snrxl about it, and he agrees that I should shift Mom and Dad to their new bodies just as soon as I can.

Thursday, June 23, 2022:

We were all getting ready for bed when Snrxl contacted Butch and me through our implants. My dad had a heart attack, and we have to drive to the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, it is two hours away.

We put Myra and Clarisse in charge and immediately ran out to the van. Luckily, we keep it loaded with a 'contingency kit' that includes changes of clothes for everyone, food, beverages, and the like. Butch and I wore our transformation clothes. That includes a fanny pack with a shirt, underwear, slippers that allow female feet to go into male-size shoes and identification for both personae in separate (male and female styled) wallets.

I wrote down the address and directions to the hospital, while Butch drove into the night.

Sure enough, my mother called us. She had called the house, and they had her call us on the cell phone. I told her that we were on our way, and to not let the doctors give up. No matter how hopeless it looks, I can save Dad as long as body and soul are still together. I reminded her that Jan and I have received the gift of healthy bodies, and that she and Dad will soon have the same gifts. He just has to hang on.

It was a long, tense ride. Snrxl kept assuring us that Dad is hanging on. He urged us to hurry, though.

Butch pulled into the lot and up to the main entrance. I ran in, while Butch parked the van, changed to Jan, and put on her scrubs and badge. It may be the badge for another hospital, but it will still make the difference between being tossed out summarily and being allowed to enter.

Snrxl guided me straight to Dad's room. Just before I got to the door, a security guard grabbed my by the arm and asked me where I am going in such a hurry. I jabbed him in the solar plexus with my elbow and burst into the room, just in time to hear the doctor yell "Clear!", apply the paddles, and pull the trigger. The defibrillator caused very little reaction. The doctor just shook his head.

I rushed up to my dad. The image of his new body was clear in my bind. This can probably be done without a physical touch, but that's how I was taught.

I could hear the single tone of the heart monitor. That tone indicates a 'flat line' condition. As soon as I touched Dad's head, the monitor started making a steady "beep beep beep" sound. I saw a perfect sinus wave on the screen. Dad's body lost its gray pallor, his hollow-looking cheeks filled in, and the muscle tone returned. He opened his eyes. "Heal bruthah!," I said in my best Southern Baptist voice.

I leaned down, and said to him in a low voice. "You are now in perfect health. We'll talk more after you get out of this place. Don't tell them who I am."

Then, I went to my mom and told her that she can stop crying now. "Dad is out of danger and in perfect health. Don't tell anyone that you know who I am."

I ran out of the room, but the security guard, who was struggling to his feet, grabbed my foot. I came down with a crash, and he grabbed my other foot. There were other guards running from opposite ends of the hall. "Let go of me, you bonehead!" I wanted them all to hear a very male voice coming from me.

I'm not weak, of course. I rolled and kicked, then I sprang up when he lost his grip. I ran down the hall and then left a side hall. About half way down the hall was an alcove with the men's room on the left and the ladies' room on the right. I ran into the ladies' room, shifting just as I was going through the door. My sweat pants and fanny pack fell to my hips, and my shirt was like a tent.

I knew that they would be looking for someone with blue sweats and a blue t-shirt. I whipped off my fanny pack and pulled out my bra and woman-sized hot pink t-shirt. I stuffed the blue shirt in just as the guard charged into the room.

I screamed and yelled "Pervert!" I covered my breasts with my pink shirt.

"Did a guy come in here?"


He left.

I wrapped the bra around my torso, hooked it in the front, rotated it around, put my arms through the loops, and settled everything into place. Then, I put the hot pink shirt on, followed by the fanny pack. I let the shirt drape over the pack so that it couldn't be seen easily. I didn't want to resemble Joe at all. I smiled as I walked past Jan. She was just on her way in, all decked out in her scrubs.

I found the van, unlocked it, and went through the emergency stash. There was a nice pleated thigh-length denim skirt there, but I wanted something that would make me look a bit older. I found a skirt, blouse, and jacket suitable for office wear. I changed into that, not forgetting to put on nylons and some conservative black closed toe shoes with one inch heels.

I got back up to the room to find some confused doctors. Jan was comforting Mom. It was finally sinking in that Dad is OK, and that the nightmare is over.

The doctors wanted to kick us all out, but Jan told them in no uncertain terms that she is Dad's personal physician, and that it's her opinion that he needs his family nearby.

After a while, Mom had to use the rest room. I went with her like a good granddaughter. Once there, we were able to chat. I explained to her that everyone in the family has new bodies waiting for them, and that I just have to switch them. I had her loosen her clothes, then shifted her first to her male body, then to her young female body, and finally to a body that's perfectly healthy, but looks almost the same as her old body. I explained to her that she will lose weight and wrinkles over the next several months.

The doctors, of course, wanted to keep Dad for observation for several days. We nixed that and asked them to give him a thorough physical, then discharge him. After a bunch of paperwork and other nonsense, the three of us went down to Mom and Dad's motor home and slept for the rest of the night.

Friday, June 24, 2022:

Butch and I woke at the same time even without the nightly training session. After a quick switch and switch back in lieu of showering, we dressed and went to the cafeteria to eat.

Dad was in great spirits this morning. He says that he feels better than he has in a long time. The doctors were still confused, but had no choice but to discharge him.

After the doctors left, we had a bit of privacy. I explained to him what happened, then switched him through his other two bodies. I explained to him how to switch himself, and suggested that he practice in the privacy of the motor home.

Mom soon came in with some fresh clothes for Dad. When she saw him, she got such a look of joy on her face that it took our breath away. I know what they're going to be doing tonight.

We told them that we have learned our lessons. We're going to drive straight to Grandma and Grandpa's house to give them their new bodies. We don't want any more close calls! We reminded them to practice shifting in the motor home, and that they only had identification for their older-looking bodies. We also told them that they need to read the journal that I left for them in the motor home.

* * * * *

We were soon on the road again. Butch drove, so I called ahead to Grandma and Grandpa. They were thrilled to hear that we were coming. They have a hard time getting around, so visiting us up north is quite a strain. Butch and I smiled at each other. That will soon change.

After a pleasant hour and a half drive, we pulled up to their house. The first thing we had to do was to assure them that their son-in-law is OK. We told them that Dad is not just OK, but better than he has been in years. We explained to them what I had done, then had to elaborate with the whole story, including my narrow escape from the security guards. They are probably still wondering who that strange character was, and how he managed to escape.

Of course, we also had to transform to the Joe and Jan that they know and love. Then, we got down to the real reason for our visit. I told them that, after such a close call with Dad, we weren't about to take any chances with them.

I started with Grandma, shifting her first to her male form, then to her pretty female form, and finally to the form that is designed to mimic her old body. Then, I did Grandpa -- first to his female form, then his young man form, and finally to his mimic form.

We explained how they could shift themselves, and watched them practice. When they were both in their same sex young forms, I saw them give each other a sly smile. I know what they're going to be doing tonight.

When you get to be in your eighties, you find yourself with more friends in Heaven than still here on Earth. They are still well loved at church, but have few other close friends. We suggested that they think about wrapping up their affairs around here. They need to go elsewhere some time in the next ten years or so.

They can either move up to our place, or over to Mom and Dad's lake house. It's common enough for people to spend their last years being cared for by relatives. After a few years of slowly losing touch with the people at church, they can simply fade away and exclusively use the new identities that Snrxl and his staff are sure to conjure up for them. They don't even need to fake their deaths or anything like that. There is plenty of time to work out the details.

We ended up spending the night. It had been a long and tiring day. Even though our bodies were fresh, our brains were about worn out. Butch and I crashed in each other's arms.

Saturday, June 25, 2022:

Even though Butch and Tiffany, then Joe and Jan, spent a considerable amount of time in the bedroom after waking up, we were up before Grandma and Grandpa. The smiles on their youthful faces matched ours when they joined us for breakfast. There were tears in their eyes when they thanked us for the best gift that they have ever received this side of Heaven. I passed that thanks on to Snrxl.

After spending an agreeable afternoon, we said our goodbyes, left them with a copy of the journal, and started on the long drive home. Then, it occurred to me that we should take care of Jan's family, too. I called her parents and asked them if they wanted some company in an hour or so. They were delighted.

We hadn't told them a thing because we like to do that in person. It took a while, but we finally convinced them that everything is for real, and that they can have the same thing. I shifted them both through their three bodies, gave them the same spiel that I gave Mom and Dad, and left them with a copy of my journal. We asked them to talk to Jan's brothers and sisters about it

We got home in the wee hours of the morning. It's a good thing that we don't require much sleep.

Sunday, June 26, 2022:

Today, Joe and Jan took the kids to church. We had to leave soon after the service to keep from dipping into the time that Jan would otherwise be storing up for a rainy day. We took Jim and Josh home, leaving Myra and Clarisse to have a good time with the teen group. We told them to call if they couldn't get a ride home. Of course, they had no problems getting a ride.

Mom and Dad called us to let us know that they had made it to the lake house. They thanked us for getting the place ready for them. We all went over for a visit. It felt good to not have to worry about tiring them out.

They like to wear their youthful bodies most of the time. They wear their older-looking bodies when driving, visiting friends, and the like. Since they seldom use their opposite sex bodies, they have an easier time with shift clothes than we do. Their regular clothes fit their youthful bodies loosely, but they are serviceable. It's more a matter of style than anything else.

Butch and I decided to take them into town for some clothes shopping. We talked them into getting one set of teen-age clothes just for fun. The rest, though, were more suitable for people in their 20s or 30s.

After that, the four of us, dressed in our teen clothes, went to the pizza joint. Mom and Dad whispered that they felt like impostors, but Butch and I replied that they'll soon enough get used to it. Then, with a wicked grin, I suggested that they might want to try doing the same thing in their opposite gender bodies. I don't think that they'll be ready for that yet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022:

Grandma and Grandpa arrived yesterday. They had already blown money on 'kid clothes' (to them, that means clothes that are suitable for someone in their thirties or forties,) so they weren't too keen on getting any teen styled clothes. We convinced them by dressing ourselves up in our best high school fashions and dragging them to the local mall. They finally decided that it would be fun to get into character, then maybe hit the local pizza joint. Their recent experiences with their renewed bodies encouraged them to become more adventurous.

Like I always said, my sense of humor sometimes gets the best of me. While we were relaxing at the cafeteria, I sent Butch back to the van so that he could shift and dress as 'Jan the teenager'. Now, it was four girls and two guys.

Dad and Grandpa were getting mighty bored with all the talk about clothes and stuff, so I suggested that they check out the sporting section. It was then that Jan figured out what I was up to.

It wasn't too long before a small pack of teen boys came over to scope us out. Jan and I put on our best airhead blond act (even though she isn't blond.) Mom and grandma didn't know what to do.

Soon, the boys were doing their standard juvenile show-off stunts. That stuff might impress a real teenager or two, but not many. Mom and Grandma were getting nervous, which made me feel bad. I whispered to them, "Don't worry. They're harmless. Besides, Jan and I can handle things if they get too obnoxious."

The humor was quickly leaving the situation, so I decided that something needed to change. I turned to Jan. "Hey Jan, what was that you were telling me about that article in one of your medical journals... something about using a catheter to repair an aneurysm from the inside out?"

That was right up Jan's alley, of course. Also, Mom likes to keep up with the latest advances, and Grandma was a nurse in World War Two. Soon, the four of us were having an animated discussion. A little later, the boys disappeared.

Once dad and Grandpa returned, we went back out to the van. Jan switched back to Butch, then drove us to the pizza joint.

Friday, July 1, 2022:

Mom and Dad and Butch and I have been diligently calling everyone in the family. We told them that this year's get-together is mandatory, no matter what other plans they might have. The fact that Grandma and Grandpa are coming up this year made it easier to talk everyone into coming. The password-protected copies of my journal that we had emailed gave them a hint of what's in store.

People have been filtering in all day. As each family comes, they are greeted warmly. Even though they have been told everything, they are surprised at how good Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa look.

Saturday, July 2, 2022:

The Independence Day weekend has officially started. Mom and Dad's lake house is packed, and the yard is packed with trailers and motor homes. As much as we would like to camp out there to enjoy the dawn to dusk fun, we found it best to sleep at home and just spend the day here.

"You probably wonder why I called you all here." I was in my Joe persona.

"No, we don't wonder at all. Get on with it, Joey!"

Big sisters. Sheesh!

"All right, Lizzy. What say I turn you into a guy and leave you that way? I always wanted a big brother!"

"That would just mean that I can beat you up twice as good!"

You know, trying to verbally spar with your big sister is generally a losing proposition.

That's when I got serious and started explaining about the ins and outs of using the new bodies. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa have three bodies each because they need to be able to look like their old selves. Everyone else gets two -- a male and a female body. The same sex body will start by looking very similar to their old bodies, but will slowly start to change into a more idealized form. I suggested that they tell everyone about the diet and exercise program that they are starting. Everyone grinned.

Then I explained about how shifting will fix all injuries, remove all grime, and get rid of unwanted facial hair. A three hour reset will leave a male body with no polliwogs in the seminal vesicle, and will move a female body's cycle to just after the period.

I then shifted to my Tiffany form. "A reset every three weeks means no periods. A reset every one to two weeks is good birth control!" I shifted back.

"Also, a reset kind of acts like a haircut, nail trimming and, if you want facial hair, a beard and mustache trim. Your mind exerts control over what your body does. Our mysterious benefactors have done a bang-up job of designing these things."

I looked out at my extended family. "OK, Who's first?" I looked over at my smart-aleck big sister. "Lizzy-poo! Hows about coming here for a sec? I'm glad you have some extra big sweats on. I would hate to think that you can't follow instructions!"

I said "Alakazam!" and popped her in the forehead with my index finger. Suddenly, her male body was standing there.

"If I didn't love my brother in law so much, I would consider letting you be my big brother for a while. I always wanted to trade in my big sister for a big brother."

I changed her to her new female form, then explained to everyone how to transform. I did everyone in turn. Some didn't feel much different, but others felt healthy and full of energy. I left them all to compare notes and practice shifting.

After a while, everyone was out playing in the water. I pointed out to them that they didn't have to worry about sunburn. I also ended up reminding a couple of the kids that the scrapes and bruises that they had earned could easily be cured with a quick shift and shift back. A run to the bathroom took care of the modesty issues.

We all had a fun day, and dinner was delicious. It was doubly so because nobody had to worry about a diet or any of their old food allergies or sensitivities.

After dinner, we had our usual jam session. I was waiting to see who noticed the voice enhancements first. The increased range isn't apparent until it is tested, but the fact that our voices are smooth, and that we don't have to strain in any part of the range was quite apparent.

Soon, we put up the instruments and started singing acapella. Then, after I sang one song as Joe, then another as Tiffany, everyone started experimenting with their opposite sex voices.

While most people can think of a few things that they would like to try as the opposite sex, leave it to my family to get excited about singing.

Sunday, July 3, 2022:

We went straight to the lake house after church. As usual, all the guys were engaged in a construction project. This year, we're building a small shed near the place where the woods meets the water, and not too far from the dock. It'll be a good place to store oars, paddles, boat cushions, fishing equipment, and the like.

I had spent two months stuck in my Tiffany form. Part of that time was spent wondering if I would ever be male again. Then, I spent over a year having to limit my time as a male to small forays. As much as I love being Tiffany, Joe is who I really am. Fortunately, I now get five free hours a day. I didn't use them much when I was trying to help Butch embrace his male identity, but that's going to change.

I shifted to Joe, put on some work clothes, and went out to work with the guys. Butch did the same thing. Clarisse is going to have to wait until next year. Myra, of course, was perfectly happy to hang out with the girls.

Monday, July 4, 2022:

Butch and I shared the same training session last night. Snrxl assured us that he has plenty of staff to help everyone that we had transformed in the past few days. He also told us that our mission is right on track.

"What is our mission, oh honorable master?"

"That would be telling," smirked Snrxl.

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