Rebirth Chp. 7

Sophia wakes-up when she feels someone on her chest suckling on her nipple. She looks down and notices Lexi suckling from her. She could tell the poor girl had gotten a little of her energy back, because her skin had some color to it again. There was also a slight glow to her, not as powerful as it normally was, but there. She just watches as Lexi finishes one and then moves over to her other one. She notices Lexi was crawling on her hands and knees instead of flying like she normally does.

Sophia continues to watch Lexi as she drinks from her other nipple and then afterwards lie down between her breast and fall asleep. Sophia waits a few minutes before scooping Lexi on to her hand and carefully lying her back down inside her box and closing it. She gets out of bed afterwards and heads towards the bathroom to relieve her bladder.

By the time Sophia comes back of the bathroom from emptying her bladder and taking a shower. She hears the other two members of her group up about in the living room. Sophia get dress and checks on Lexi, before walking out to join them.

“How is she?” Alex was pulling a black Iron Man shirt over his head as he came walking in to the living room.

“She’s back asleep already. I woke-up when I felt her suckling from my breast. Her little mouth completely drained me and then she curled up and fell asleep afterwards. I put her back in her box.” Sophia walks over to the little refrigerator they had in their suite and grabs a cold juice bottle out of it.

“I guess she was thirsty.” Alex thought it was amusing to hear what Lexi had done to Sophia.

“Did she have any of her magic back?” Alex reaches in the refrigerator and grabs a Pepsi and drinks it.

“She had some of her glow back, but it was real dim I don’t think she has enough energy yet to be able to answer any of the council member’s questions.” Sophia takes a sip of her drink as she thinks about what Lexi has done to her.

“She’ll still need to answer the council member’s tomorrow. Even if she isn’t fully well. They want some answers and the Fae council members aren’t going to allow her to skip out or pass on answering those questions.” George fixes himself a fireball whiskey.

“I won’t allow it, George. She’s under our care and we have the right to tell the council to go and F themselves if we think it would be unwise or dangerous for our prisoner or guest. Our first job is to our guest and second to the council.” Sophia knew Cain would never approve this.

“You have no choice in the matter Sophia. Not unless Cain can get two other council members to over-ride the other half of the council.” George knew that Cain could get the Chattan clan and the Vreeland’s to agree. Considering Ava Vreeland herself was part Fae herself and told the Fae council she wouldn’t be controlled by them.

“What does Victoria and her husband have to say on this matter?” Sophia was friends with Vicky and knew she didn’t like most of the council.

“Vicky, has problems of her own, with her immortal wolf child. The council is still upset about her having the child.” Alex knew how the representative for the Were-Wolf felt about the birth of Victoria’s and Tom’s child.

“The council has a problem with Ava granting her cousin’s deepest wish. She had no idea that she had the power to do something like that.”
Sophia knew about the fraction going on between Ava and the older council members and how granting Victoria’s wish to have Tom’s child had resulted in an immortal were-wolf.

“Still, we can’t take sides. Our job is to enforce the council’s laws and act as their agents.” George looks towards both Alex and Sophia.

“I know, but we are responsible for anyone under our protection. Even if we must protect them from the council. Cain and the other council leaders said as much. We have the right to protect those we bring in.” Sophia wasn’t going to back down.

“Look, I’ll talk with Aaron and see what I can do. If you can get the Vreeland’s, Neil, Alan and your clan leader Cain to step in and help us. That might buy us some time.” George looks at Sophia while drinking his whiskey.

“I’ll speak with Cain and everyone later this afternoon. I know they will be just getting up right now.” Sophia finishes her drink and head back into her bedroom and gets dress for the day.

She still had a report to finish. She could hear Lexi snoring lightly inside her shoe box.

Lexi changes how she is sleeping. She turns to lay on her left side and fluffy her pillow to support her head better. Her wings stay close to her body. She felt a little better after drinking some of Sophia’s breast milk.

Lexi slips into a deep sleep, letting the energy from the breast milk she got from Sophia recharge her own energies. She snuggles under the custom made blanket Sophia made for her and turn the speed down on the circulation fan George built for her.

Sophia and the guys leave the apartment to take care of some business. During the day, Sophia meets with everyone to see if they could help her out with the problems. Cain agreed to help her out and he said his brother and the Vreeland family would. As for Victoria and Tom. Vicky was willing to help.

Sophia returns to the apartment and prepare herself for the meet and greet that evening. The guys finally show-up. They get ready and join Sophia after checking Lexi, who was still out for the count.

Sometime during the night, Lexi wakes up and is feeling extremely hungry. She hovers out of her box and flies over towards Sophia. She hovers next to Sophia’s face and watch as Sophia opens her eyes, but instead of human eyes, there were cat eyes looking at her.

Lexi stands very still as she considers them.

“I’m hungry Sophia. Can I drink from you please?” Lexi tiny tummy growls.

Sophia’s cat pulls open the night shirt she had on.

“Come” as Sophia speaking with a slight growl to her voice holds her nightshirt open for Lexi to walk into.

Lexi walks into Sophia’s night shirt and then gets down on her hands and knees crawl over to the nearest nipple. She sucks the big nipple into her mouth and begins to suckle. She feels a low purr build in Sophia’s body as she drinks milk from Sophia’s body.

After fifteen minutes, Lexi switches to the next nipple and starts suckling from that one. She feels Sophia’s magical energies surround her tiny form and energize her. She sucks Sophia’s breast dry. She feels very sleepy and curls up in between Sophia’s breast.

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