Leigh Anne - Chapter 28

Leigh Anne – Chapter 28
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 – The Lady Tigers discuss the tournament.

There was a lunch break at noon. The Lady Tigers went to a restaurant to eat. The hostess asked how many and Mrs. Madison told her there were eleven. Bill Laughton came along. The hostess told a bus boy to put two tables together for this party of eleven. As they all sat down, Leigh asked to speak.

“Did everyone see how some of the players jumped out of the way to avoid the fast serves and returns?” They all said yes. “We cannot afford to do that. Watch the other player’s body language. If the ball comes at you fast, step to the side or step back, but return the ball. It is, after all, a ball and not a snake.”

“I agree, Leugh. Those players could have returned the balls they jumped out of the way of. But, I don’t think their coaches had them practice that maneuofver.”

“I think you’re right, Leslie,” Mary Whithers replied. Then Mrs Madison spoke to the group.

“Ladies, now that we know one weakness of at least a few schools, let us study other weaknesses as well. The more we study those weaknesses, the better our chances of winning the state trophy. Then it is off to Florida for the nationals. How bad do you want to go the nationals?” They all raised their hands. “Then let’s study those other schools weaknesses, and play accordingly. If we are finished with lunch, let’s get back to the tournament.”

Next Chapter: The tpurnament continues; more drama

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