Tammy:Deathtrap - Part 15 "Big Bang Theories"

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"Big Bang Theories"


Saturday 3rd December 2016 (Continued)

"Stay here, I'm going to see what's happened."

"Is that wise?" Asked James, with the rest of the cast nodding their agreement.

"Let's just say that I've had some specialist training, I'll need my bag."

James was reluctant to let Tammy go on her own but John, who had stood in the doorway, told him to sit and wait.

"She's got me, us, out of a few tight spots before."

"Such as?"

"Sorry, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or something like that, I can't tell you where or when and you won't find it on the internet. Apart from that, I'm a trainee solicitor and my legal advice, such as it is, is to never volunteer to do anything risky."

Tammy headed past the audience who were still, largely in their seats.

"What's happening?" Was the standard question.

"I'm going to find out!"

From the foyer it was clear that the constabulary were there with blue lights flashing everywhere. An ambulance was pulling into the carpark as she reached the doorway - Sgt St James was keeping the inquisitive audience members inside.

"Can I get past please Stuart?"

"Yes, but I must warn you it's not a pretty sight."

There were moans, naturally, why Tammy was allowed out and the others weren't.

There was a strange smell in the air that she couldn't place as she walked further from the main entrance. Most of the personnel were based around a corner of the building, not far from the stage door. She could see one person being treated by paramedics whilst another laid on the ground, covered by a sheet.

"Tammy, I really don't think you should be here?"

"Iain, I had to know, I get the feeling that this was directed at me."

"Well, Lucas Younger is under arrest, although he's receiving treatment for burns right now and we have one fatality."

"Who? How?"

"We can't name him until there's been a formal identification, and please don't speculate."

"Okay, but what happened?"

"It seems they got into the electrical meter box and attempted to sever the power, clearly something went wrong."

"Oh, will the power be back on for tonight's show?"

"That depends on whether we can get forensics here from Inverness so they can gather their evidence, there will have to be a fatal accident inquiry and there's a strict procedure to be followed."

"How would forensics get here?"

"By van."

"That's two hours by road, how about if we helicopter them?"

"No good, their van is packed with all the equipment needed."

"Damn. When can we let the audience out?"

"I would imagine in ten or fifteen minutes, but first we have to remove Lucas and the deceased then secure the site ready for the forensic team."

Tammy walked back inside.

"Chief Inspector Davison says there be a wait of up to fifteen minutes then you'll be able to leave." Of course there were questions but Tammy shrugged, adding that she knew nothing more. From the stage she made the same announcement and then spotted Fleur helping an elderly lady back to her seat.

"I saw you going out, what did you learn?"

Tammy took Fleur away from prying ears. "Lucas has been arrested, he was trying to cut the power."

"Well, he achieved that."

"Unfortunately, someone died out there, someone who was with Lucas."

"Oh, who?"

"They wouldn't tell me, Fleur, so I don't want to speculate."

"What about tonight's performance?"

"Doesn't look like the police will be finished in the next few hours, it's gone four now and the doors open at 6.30, we can't let them in without a guarantee that the power has been restored."

"That means we'll have to cancel, I'll get hold of Steven."

"And I'll contact the other cast."

It was only another ten minutes before the police announced that the audience could return to their cars, Chief Inspector Iain Davison took the stage.

"My apologies, but we have been dealing with a death in the car park, we have one person with severe injuries and a crime scene that will keep my colleagues busy for many hours. A safe route has been established and I ask that you make your way, slowly, out of the theatre. Thank you."

He left the stage without waiting for questions and spoke quietly to Lucy outside the Green Room before exiting the theatre via the stage door. Tammy had just got off the phone, now the A cast wanted to know what was happening.

"Okay, my guess is that power will be restored in time for tomorrow's matinee, which is another sell-out. Please be here by twelve thirty, Lucy?"

"I'll try to get here. Uncle Iain says I have to do a statement, so I don't think I'm going anywhere - was Tom involved, I mean did he die?"

"I don't know, I really don't know."

"What happened?"

"They cut the power, but clearly something went wrong, you all heard the explosion?"

They all nodded.

"Right, you'd all best go home."

"Will you be okay?"

"Yes, John, take Tanya home and thanks for being here."

Tammy followed them into the near deserted auditorium where she found Fleur.

"What did Steven say?"

"We take a rain check at nine in the morning, an electrical engineer is due here an hour before that to restore power."

"What went wrong, any ideas?"

"Hamish, the lighting guy, thinks they didn't realise it was now a three phase supply, he says although each phase is 230V there's 400V between any two of the phases."

"I remember doing something about that in Physics."

"Yeah, apparently it's rated at a hundred Amps per phase, Hamish says that's easily enough to fry someone. Do we know who it is yet?"

"No, I suppose everyone thinks it's Tom?"

"It can't be, Sgt St James told me that he was found in his car on Millbank Road, his younger brother was with him."

"Oh, who the hell was it then?"

"Look, Tammy, why don't you go home? Steven's on his way here but I doubt there's anything you can do?"


Tammy didn't get further than the foyer when Iain intercepted her. "I need a statement from you, young lady?"

"I've supplied my solicitor with updates regarding Tom and Lucas."

"We'd like those, but you still need to do a statement."


"Are you here tomorrow?"


"Okay, I'll have an officer see you at eleven, you should be done in time for the play."

"Assuming it goes on?"


Screens had been erected outside so she couldn't see the scene of the incident. She first thought of it as an accident, but this was deliberate criminal damage albeit with an unfortunate outcome. Of course, did the person get what they deserved? Will it teach Lucas a lesson? Tammy didn't have answers to those questions.

It was gone five when Tammy reached her car, at the far end of the car-park, it was dark and cold, there was snow on the ground and the windscreen was frozen. She reached in the boot for her can of de-icer when a woman walked towards her.

"It's your fault," she screamed, "your bloody fault."

Tammy dropped the de-icer and reached for her bag, still on her shoulder.

"I don't know who you are, but how can I be responsible for criminal damage?"

"I'm Tom's mother, both of my boys are under arrest and his best friend is in hospital - you are to blame!"

She was very close and went to jab Tammy, who quickly stepped back, putting the car between them.

Tammy's fingers finally found a small can of spray and she pulled it into her hand. "I really don't know what you are thinking, your son is a bully and one of my actresses almost quit over his harassment."

The woman had eased around the car but now lurched towards Tammy who stepped back but raised her spray. "Come any closer and I'll use this!"

Fortunately the Fraser brothers had heard the altercation, Andrew went to Tammy whilst Neale stopped the older woman. Neale immediately tried to defuse the situation whilst Andrew had some advice for Tammy.

"Put that away, that's standard police CS, isn't it?"


"Are you armed?"


"Good, I don't like extra complications. Have you written your statement yet?"

"No, that's set for tomorrow."

"I'd like you to do a short statement about this," he waved his arm towards his brother, "before you go home."


"Yes. Now, did she hit you?"

"No, but she would have done."

"Okay, we'll arrest her for threatening behaviour."

"My car has cameras fitted, you can have the footage."

"Oh, so you would have recorded everyone arriving for the play?"

"Yes. I can't download the footage without a laptop, but could do it tomorrow?"

"In which case we'd ask that you leave your car here tonight."

"No way."

"Then wait for the CSI team."

Tammy made certain her car was locked then walked back into the theatre, her phone rang.

"Hi Dad."

"I'd just seen the news, are you okay?"

"More or less, I'll be here for another hour or two. Any chance of a hot meal?"

"It'll be waiting for you when you get home."


"Look, you weren't due back here until ten tonight, so you'll be getting off early?"

"When you put it that way ...."

When the footage from her car was downloaded, Tom's car could clearly be seen coming into the carpark and dropping two people off, one was Lucas but the other one had his face covered. Tom had then reversed and exited, presumably to park up where he'd been found. The altercation was also in the footage, to Neale and Andrew's delight.

"Are you on overtime?"

"Yes, it was a question of being in the right place at the right time."

"You promised me a quiet day!"

"Sorry, you should know that the Q word is forbidden in the nick!"

It was nine that night when Tammy was finally allowed to leave the theatre. Unfortunately the loss of power had also caused the air conditioning to fail so the theatre had cooled to five Celsius by the time she left.

She ate in her room, the kitchen and dining room simply didn't appeal. Angela was out, somewhere, and her parents were in the lounge watching the telly. Tammy wasn't in the mood for anything, but managed a shower before bed.

Sunday 4th December 2016

Her hair was a mess when she woke, shortly after seven. She'd used a shower cap but it hadn't been fully effective, so the first task was another shower, this time washing her hair. It was closer to eight by the time she reached the kitchen, dressed and ready for the day.

The Scotsman was on the table and a small article caught her eye on the front page.

Tragedy at Thurso Theatre

So Lucas' uncle, James Dougall, had been under that sheet. Tammy shivered, she hadn't liked the man and he had previously assaulted her, but she felt some emotion now she knew who it was.

"What's up, Tammy?"

"This, Dad." She pointed at the small piece.

"I suppose there'll be a Fatal Accident Inquiry then."

"Yes, I bet I'll be called as a witness, it'll be just another way that the families can blame me."


Tammy recounted her incident of the previous evening.

"Did you get a copy of your statement?"

"No, I forgot, I was tired."

"Okay, I'll get onto the solicitors. What's the plan today?"

"I'm waiting for a phone call to say that the play's going ahead, but the police want me there at eleven to do the main statement."

"I think you should have representation, I'll call them now."

"I can handle it."

"Maybe, and you're old enough to ignore my advice, but I think you'll want to make certain you cover everything and don't leave yourself open to any allegations."


She decided just before half ten to head down to the theatre, there hadn't been a phone call so she still didn't know if the play was on. Given the previous day's incident, she parked closer to the stage door, noting that there was just one van parked by the electrical box. Elsewhere in the car-park there was a smattering of ordinary cars and two police cars.

As she exited her car she could see a man crouched by the box, there was a loud click followed by a shout.

"Okay, try it now!"

Gradually the building lights came back on, then the aircon unit on the rear wall kicked into action, Tammy's spirits were raised as she entered the building, the show would go on!

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