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Chapter 3
Girls can do anything Boys can do

“No really, I’m Jamie,” I cried.”

“Uh huh, and I’m Tony Danza,” Tony laughed. I have a feeling he doesn’t believe me.

“Whose Tony Danza?” I asked.

“Some comedian from over a hundred years ago, but that doesn’t matter right now. Who are you and why are in Jamie’s room? He’s going to freak when he finds out a girl was in his room.”

“I am Jamie,” I argued.

Tony starts laughing. “Yeah right. Jamie is a boy, and you’re a girl.”

“I can prove it,” I put my hair in the back of my head showing that my face still looks like the Jamie he knew all these years.

“That doesn’t prove anything. Show me you got a dick and I will believe you.”

“No!” I protested.

“See, you’re not Jamie,” Tony laughed. “Now get out of his room before he gets here.”

All of a sudden, mom came into the room. “Hey Jamie, would your friend Tony like…” She looks over at Tony. “Oh Hello, would you like to stay over for dinner? We’re having pizza.”

I looked over at Tony. He had a shocked look on his face. He shook his head yes. I giggle.

As mom left, I couldn’t help but grin at Tony, with that dumb look on his face. “I told you so,” I giggle.

“You’re Jamie?” he finally gasped.

“Duh!” I exclaimed.

“But how? Do you have a...” He was pointing down at my crotch.”

“Yes,” I groan.

“Can I see it?” Tony started walking towards me

“No, you may not,” I grumbled.

Oh, come on!” Tony argued.

“No way! It’s private,” I barked. I looked at him with his puppy dog eyes. He always does that, and it annoys me. “Fine!” I went to the door, looked both ways outside my room. No one was coming, so I close the door. I turned around and saw Tony was sitting on my bed looking straight at me. I sigh and pull down my shorts. He sees my new panties and giggled. “They’re just undies, God!”

“No, they're not,” Tony chuckled. “They’re girls panties. No boy wears underwear that’s pink with purple butterflies on them.” I ignored him

“Do you want to see it, or not?” I asked.

“Yes!” Tony quickly replied. I was about to pull them down when my sister knocked on the door and began to open it. I quickly pulled up my shorts.

“Mom says that because you’re a girl now, you must keep this door open whenever a boy is in the room,” Jessica explained.

Tony looked disappointed. I was relieved. I didn't want to show him my girl parts.

I guess his disappointment went away because next thing I knew he was turning on my PlayStation and was ready to play a game.

“Today we have to finish beating The Star Dealer Chronicles,” Tony jumped on my bed and then looked at me. “But I doubt a girl can play as good as a boy.”

“Why do you say that?” I walked over to him. For some reason, I was determined to play; I wanted to prove to him I can play as good as him.

“Because girls get scared easily.” he laughed.

“Girls can do anything boys can do,” I argued. I was surprised on the words I just said.

“Listen to yourself,” Tony chuckled. You haven’t been a girl that long and you’re already defending your kind.”

“My kind?” I snapped.

“Well, you are a girl,” Tony joked.

Just then, a loud roar filled the room. I jumped. Tony laughed, which I ignored.

Like always the hologram projection of the spaceship we were in last shows up. The game is like virtual reality, but way better. We didn’t have to wear any gear or put something on our head to play. This was like we were really there.

“Be careful,” Tony explained, “The Greganoids might eat you.”

I stick out my tongue at him.

“See you're even acting like a girl, he smiled.

We started playing the game. We were in a room. It looked like the bridge of the spaceship. I might be wrong, but it had lots of buttons and computers all around, so it had to be the bridge. Kind of like the Enterprise on those Star Trek shows. I walked toward one of the machines. It seemed dead. There wasn't anything running. I look around at all the other computers. None of them worked.

“Ow!” I hear Tony behind me. “I wish you had a large empty room to play in, so I don’t have to get hurt falling off your bed,” Tony complained.

“My room’s big enough to play. Besides, that wasn’t a bed you were standing on, it was the control panel, and It’s not my fault mom won't let me use the living room to play this game,” I hissed. “She’s always worried about…” I look behind Tony. “...Lizawart, right behind you!” I start shooting at the creature. Tony turns around just before the slimy monster was about to bite his head off. Of course, he wouldn’t have died. This was just a game.

“Thanks!” He started shooting at it as well.

“I could have had it eat you, but the game wouldn’t be fun without another player.”

“Thanks, again I guess,” Tony signed.

We continued playing. We left the room we were in (Not my bedroom) and entered a strange passageway. As we continued walking, we could hear something in the area but didn’t know if it was behind us or in front of us. I kept looking behind me.

“Guys, could you keep it down...” Jessica came into the room, which startled both of us. We almost shot her.

“Oh my God Jessica, you're interrupting our game,” I complained.

“PlayStation, Pause!” Tony yelled. The hologram froze where we were at.

“Mom got a call from dad,” Jessica said. “He’s going to be late coming home. Another police chase he’s in.” she sighs. “The life of a cop. Mom decided to go out to eat, instead of making pizza.

“Do we have to go out to eat?” I protested. What if someone I know sees me there?”

“It’s not like anyone will recognize you,” Tony laughed. “I didn’t.”

“You eventually did.” I start to cry “I don’t want to go.”

"Not even if it's ChuckECheese?"

I looked up at Jessica. "We never go there."

"We are now."

"Well, I am not going."

“Oh Come on. I found this pretty dress for you to wear.” Jessica sang.

I could hear Tony giggling.

"Nuh-uh, I am not wearing a dress."

"Please Jamie, for me, your Big sister. I have the same looking dress as well. We could both look like twin sisters tonight."

“Jamie, if you go out and wear a dress, I will stop picking on you,” Tony promised.

I looked over at Tony and shrugged. "Okay, I will wear a dress. But I won't like it."

"Yay!" Jessica was so happy. I took the dress, looked at it for a minute and without thinking, I took off all my clothes including my panties by accident to put it on. I totally forgot he was there, but Tony got to see me naked.


We got to ChuckECheese, and I was really nervous. "Mom, there's a lot of kids in there, and some of them could be my friends."

"That's okay, sweetie, they won't even notice you. We all walked into the restaurant. As we sat down, a waitress walked over and started asking for our order.

"Did you know today is girls night. We give all the girls here twenty free tokens to have as much fun as they want." She handed us both the free tokens. I was so happy that I smiled with excitement. Tony wasn't pleased

"Now I'm glad I am a girl," I giggled.

All of us, (but mom) went to the arcade for some fun while the pizzas were being made.

I search through the masses of games, looking for my favorites. I am a big fan of light gun shooters and found them in a darker wing of the arcade.

I noticed a video game that looked interesting. “Dungeon Masters Curse,” a game about demonic mummies.

I didn’t know how to play the game that well, but after a while, I got the hang of it. I was getting pretty good at it. Picking off monsters left and right. After making it to the fourth stage, I showed no signs of slowing down. I doubt I would make it to the high score of the game, but it was fun Tony came up to me and started watching.

“Nice shooting,” he said between action scenes.

“Thanks” I replied.

“Mind if I play with you?” He asked, picking up a blaster.

“Go for it. I could use all the help I can get.” I wondered where Jessica was.

“Thanks,” Tony said, grasping the revolver-shaped orange gun in the Player 2 holster and slotting his card. After a while, I was getting bored of the game. So Was Tony. It wasn’t as fun as playing my game The Star Dealer Chronicles at home.

I had a feeling the pizza would be done by now. We looked around for Jessica, but found her at the table, already scarfing her slice of pizza down.

“Thanks for finding us!” I growled.

“I saw you two playing that mummy game and didn’t want to disturb you,” Jessica said with her mouth full of pizza.

Mom handed us a plate, and we both grabbed a slice. I was glad mom ordered two kinds of pizza. I am a vegetarian and would refuse to eat the pizza with meat on it. I won’t even pick the meat off. Once it touches the food, it's contaminated. Yes, I’m picky that way. I heard that my Great Grandma Natasa was also a vegetarian.

“After I am done eating...” I said with my mouth full, “...I am going to play some more video games. Is that alright?”

“Just until your dad gets here,” mom said smiling at me with pizza sauce on my face. Just wait until your dad sees you. You look so cute now that you're a girl.

“Wait, what?” I looked up from my plate. I forgot I was a girl. I was just being myself, and I didn’t even think about the fact my dad would see me as one. My thoughts were everywhere now. I grabbed another slice of pizza and started nibbling at it.

All of a sudden a police officer, just like dad came into ChuckECheese. I saw mom jump up from her seat and quickly walk over to him. I look over to Jessica, and she looked over at me not knowing what was going on. Next thing we knew we hear mom screaming and saw her running outside of the building. Where was mom going and what happened?

The police officer saw us and walked over. That was where our troubles began.

Dad was killed in a shootout.

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