When She Stops Saying She Loves You Chapter 2 “Burning The Ground” (starter)

Burning the Ground

“How long?”
“What are you talking about?” She asked as she hoisted her purse up and walked out of the foyer and stopped short of the stair case where I stood.
“How long have you been sleeping with him?”
I really didn’t want to say that—knowing that all of the kids heard it. I had them turn off their distractions in order to do their chores and here I was dropping the proverbial f-bomb.
“Excuse me?” She stood her ground.
“His email address is 4oreverme4U and right now he’s in Europe and can’t use messenger so you’ve been talking with him via text. Which, by the way is twenty-five cents per text.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
I loaded her email account and clicked on one of the pictures. “Tell me this is not you!”
“It is me.”
“How long?”
“Two years,” she replied with very little effort. It was like she was just waiting to tell me; seeing how long it would take me figure it out. Perhaps there was a Twitter poll on it.
The kids were standing at different doorways, hearing everything—thoughtful parents would have tried to shield them the verbal assault their ears could receive.
“Why do you think?”
“I can think of a lot of things-“
“You’re distant.”
“Because you are! I can’t even touch you without feeling I need to ask for an appointment. Apparently, Mr. Forever can drop a load, literally, whenever he wants to.”

My wife threw her hands in the air as she walked past me.
“The kids?”
“Hearing the truth, I guess,” I said as I raised my voice.

Again, sensible parents would have sent them out of the house—either giving them money to drive to Sonic, to a friend’s house or at least shove them out the door, but that thought did not come to either of us.

She stopped and spun around on her heels. “Two years ago you started your new job, with a crazy schedule at the same as I was going through my license training.”
“Yes, we’ve been busy.”
“During that time, you would come late. Where were you?”
“Sitting at a computer, at work, trying to stop system viruses. And you?”
“I found someone who would listen to me.”
“I havre listened to you. Intently. I would have quit my job if you wanted me to...

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