Mole Hunt Chap. 6

Saturday January 13 1800Hrs, London House
Anika, Bart, Terry, Dakota, Shigeko, the girls, Mouse, Countess Basset and Hatter were all sitting around the dining room table. They had gotten together for dinner and for a group meeting. Countess Basset, Anika, Bart and Mouse had gone through the files. Most of the people they have already cleared. Mouse found a few anomalies in a few agent’s computer systems. Things they shouldn’t had been doing with company computers. Some of them had been on-line betting sites, porn sites and poker sites.

There was one computer that she couldn’t believe was it so clean. It was like the agent never used it. She had checked the computer out herself and met the agent that used that station. She installed a logger program to alert her when they used it. She hid it in the bios where no one would find it. The anti-malware program they used wouldn’t find it.

Julie and Laila had stayed quiet and listen to everyone at the meeting. Julie liked the way Mouse had her hair. She was thinking about asking Dakota and Hatter about getting her hair done that way. She glances towards her sister and a grin appears on her face. Laila had to get glasses because of her diabetes.

Shigeko had taken them out shopping and to the salon. Laila had been scared that someone would try to grab and hurt her. Shigeko reassure her that she wouldn’t let that happen. After a while Laila relaxed and enjoyed the attention she got. Julie enjoyed it as well. She had never done anything like that before.

When the conversation comes to the gang Hatter and Dakota wanted to know more about. It grabbed Julie’s attention right away.

“I know who runs the gang and most of the men in it.” Julia looks towards everyone.

Anika, Bart, Hatter and Dakota all look towards Julie “where do you know this person from?”

Julie looks shameful as she looks towards everyone “I was brought there for his entertainment. He, he likes to beat on his girls. So, Dexter let him beat on me that night. Dexter shot me up with heroin, so I wouldn’t feel what he did to me.”

Tears leak from her eyes as the memory of that night comes back. Her body shakes as her body remembers what he did to her.

Hatter gets up from her seat and walks over towards Julie. She wraps her arms around her and holds her tight to her body. She could remember what it felt like to be abused. She knew what the pain was and how it affected her.

Anika and Countess Basset just watched Hatter as she held Julie. Anika knew Hatter’s past and could understand why she would feel drawn to Julie. She has notice that Hatter was slowly changing. She was no longer as crazy as she had been when she joined the team.

Basset knew the stories about Hatter. She was a killer and a thief as well. She knew Hatter only killed men that abused women and children.
She had read some of the reports, but no one knew what Hatter looked like without her make-up or where she came from. All they knew about her, was that she was responsible for several stolen art pieces and several high-class performance cars.

“Julie, do you know the name of the person we are looking for?” Terry knew about pain, but they needed to know this guy.

Julie looks up from Hatter’s shoulder and over towards Terry “he goes by MacKenzie Driscoll.”

Laila wraps her arms around her big sister and just held her. She loved her sister and knew what she did to protect her. Dexter had fondled her after he dropped her sister off. He said that if she ever told her sister, he would kill her.

“Wait a minute. I know that name.” Mouse gets up and excuses herself from the table.

She heads into the living room where her purse was and grab her netbook. It was small, and she always kept it with her. She heads back into the dining room. She sits back down and boot it up.

She notices that Julie and Laila were helping to clear the table with Shigeko’s help.

“Where do you know that name from sweetie?” Countess Basset was looking over towards her daughter.

“There was an incident a few years ago about a former SAS solider and a bunch of people he murdered.” Mouse finds the name and article.

She shows everyone over the overhead projector on the wall. Her netbook was connected to it wirelessly. She goes through all the information they had and what MI 6.

“He killed seventy-five people and managed to escape custody somehow. The last MI 6 had on him. He had gone freelance, selling his services to the highest bidder. It was rumored that he died in Africa along with several others. I guess that intel was false.” Mouse looks towards her mother.

“You forget, I’m not in charge over in MI 6, that’s Lord James Vilsai he handles the intel department.” Basset just looks at her daughter.

“Oh, I managed to get identification on all those men pictures you sent me, Terry. They are all mercenaries for hire.” Mouse brings the information up for everyone to look at.

Bart and Anika knew one of the guys Terry had picked up that day. They worked with him once on a CIA assignment. He was the reason Bart had been brunt. If it hadn’t been for Cheshire and Jack. He would had been dead. It was mostly Cheshire that saved his ass.

“Mouse, run those guys names and see who their associates are.” Anika wanted to know who they worked with.

Mouse runs the names and several people pop-up that have worked with the men. One of those guys was the former SAS soldier.

“I was afraid of that. He’s calling people in to help him. I wonder if the diamond heist that you were involve in Hatter has anything to do with this?” Anika looks over towards Dakota and Hatter.

“It’s possible the two are related. It doesn’t matter now, because Hatter had a friend of hers help stop the robbery.” Dakota looks at Hatter.
Hatter just smiles. There was a reason to her madness. It all worked out like it was planned too.

“Hatter, why did you interfere with the heist?” Anika was curious.

“Because, there would had been no way we could had gotten those diamonds back. Joshua would have pawn them to his fence by the time we came up with a plan. I know his fence and he is well connected. So, I concocted the plan with some help from my friend Black Hatter.” Hatter was surprised the plan worked like it did.

Now she owed Black Hatter a favor. She and Black Hatter have been associates for a while. She didn’t like it, when he copied her and used her name. She had to find him and make it very clear that she was the only Hatter. After she let him live, he came back a few days later with a new outfit that resembled hers but had more of a steam punk design to it.

“Have you guys found anything inside MI 5?” Mouse knew Bart and Anika have been digging through people’s files.

“None of the files I have gone through so far have proven fruitful. We’re going to need to look higher up. None, of the non-management positions would have access to the type of information being given out to this gang.” Anika had been very discreet about the people she had been observing.

“I figure that might be the case. So, I started investigating some of the department and shift supervisors. I found three possible suspects but, I need Terry to follow their movements.” Bart looks over towards Terry.

“Just give me their information and I’ll follow them. You might want to have Mouse dig into their bank accounts and their life.” Anika knew MI 5&6 already digs into each person’s background.

“Just give me their names and I can investigate their backgrounds and bank accounts.” Mouse had that type of access.

She sometimes helped with doing background checks on people. She glances towards the girls and could see that Laila was getting tired. Julie was doing fine.

Shigeko noticed the same thing mouse did. Laila was slowly falling asleep in her chair as everyone went over the information.

“Come on Laila, lets get you into the tub and ready for bed.” Shigeko stands up and walks over to Laila.

Laila gets up and before she leaves the dining room. She hugs everyone goodnight. She gives Hatter and Dakota an extra hug before heading to the bathroom.

Julie just watches her sister. She knew that Laila missed being with Dakota and Hatter, but they were never home at reasonable hours and had to maintain a cover. She’ll take her bath after Laila gets out and is in bed.

By 11:00pm everything is wrapped up. Mouse and Countess Basset are driven home by Terry in the Black Knight. The reason they took the cab, because Terry can blackout the windows so, no one could see them.

Hatter and Dakota take Hatter’s van back to their place. They wouldn’t mind the girls being with them, but it works out better for Laila and Julie to stay with Shigeko. She takes care of the safe house Anika and Bart were staying out. So, the girls had someone to take care of them. Plus, Shigeko could take them to museums and continue their education. This way Hatter and Dakota can do their work, without worrying about the girls.

Shigeko checks on the girls after everyone is in bed. She sets the alarm system and heads towards her room. She checks her email to see how Mia was doing back at Eruption Communications.

She answers the emails that she sent and looks over a few things that Anika needed to approve. She knew what Anika looks for and what she didn’t. She gives Mia the approval on several things. By the time she is finishes with emails. It was 1:00 AM. in the morning.

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