Ginny's Story Chapter 56

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


Meanwhile, Ellen was having to deal with Wendy. Turns out I'm better suited to deal with a teenager.

Ellen was being driven crazy by having to get Wendy her driver's license road test. Every time she saw a car she liked drive by she'd ask if Ellen thought that would be a good one to buy with all the money she was going to make tending bar.

This was driving Ellen nuts. In the first place, she felt Wendy shouldn't tend bar, and instead should at least go to a junior college.

Secondly, the only bars Wendy has any experience with were places where women or wannabe women took off their clothes for tips to be tucked into their underwear.

Did I get an earful in the morning when Ellen got up! The good part was she couldn't do it for long, or she would be late for work. She told Wendy to stay home and discuss her plans with me.
Giving me a big smile, Ellen said a full bottle of wine was chilling in the refrigerator, I might need it!

After explaining to Wendy the only reason I was working at stripper bars was to find Morales, we sat down to pancakes and bacon with warmed maple syrup. I could tell I was getting nowhere fast with the kid.

“Look Wendy, if being a bartender is what you want to do, that's fine; the job pays well, and you get to talk to a lot of interesting people. But first, you have to get your GED, and then apply to a school.”

She perked up at that, “I've been researching schools for bartending, Auntie, I've got a list printed out on the coffee table, let me get it.”

“That's not the type of school I meant honey. I meant a two year college to get an associates degree in something like business, or marketing.”

“How will this help me when I'm pulling beers and tossing together mixed drinks?”

“Wendy you might not want to do that all your life. Having an education will maybe allow you to be a restaurant or lounge manager, not just blowing the heads off draft beers for forty years.”

Grudgingly, she agreed and promised to put the same effort into researching junior colleges in the area.

After a hot shower, I hit the hay, and was asleep in a minute or two.

My alarm went off way too soon. I crawled into the shower, dressed and slapped on my make-up. I had just enough time to make a quick lunch before driving to Nahant to pick Jean up. I had forgotten today was my turn to drive.

During the hour's ride to Quincy I brought up Wendy's plans, and my suggestions about going to school first.

Jean nodded, “I should speak with her,” she said, “I have an MBA degree that was partially paid for by taking off my clothes in front of strangers.”
The last part was said with a big smile.

Just before we arrived at the Club, Jean turned to me and said. “Ginny, I think I know a solution to your problem with finding this Morales guy.
I'll suggest to Mr Logan to hire the Grande impersonator, and keep Reba too. That way he'll have two kinds of music; that is, if the new singer is any good.”

“That's a great idea Jean! Even better, maybe you can talk Logan into having you listen to her sing. That way, you get a really close look at her.”

“Ginny, Ariana Grande is young, no more than twenty-five, I think. Your Morales has to be forty to have a daughter aged twenty or so. That's a lot of make-up.”

I thought a moment, “Jean have you seen Bruce or should I say, Caitlin Jenner lately? Plastic surgery can do wonders today.”

As we walked inside, Jean turned to me and said, “OMG, isn't that your Latina songstress?” pointing to the parking lot.

We hustled inside, me to the employees lounge to change, and Jean to her dressing room, or should I say, 'undressing' room.

I didn't see her again until my break around midnight. I hustled to her dressing room, knocked, and slipped inside. Jean was fanning herself, and sipping a cold spring water.

“Ginny, it worked like a charm. Logan agreed to keep Reba and the new singer, if she's any good. She's auditioning tomorrow at 2pm before the place opens.”

“Great, I'll be able to sit in the dark and get a good look at her as she sings. You know, Vinny was a small guy with narrow shoulders for a man. With the right corsets and appliances, he could pull it off.”

“It's been long enough, He could have reverse liposuction to give him hips and a cute butt. And boob enhancement is a cinch. If he's as smart as I think he is, he won't get carried away. A modest B cup and no larger will be enough.”

Jean looked at her wall clock, and started to disrobe, “Ginny, I have to go, we'll talk on the ride home.”

I got behind the bar and nodded to Janice to take her break. Soon I heard the Stone's 'Satisfaction' play, this meant Terri the Tiger was wowing the audience downstairs.

It started to get busy, thank goodness it was mostly bottled or draft beer.

About 1am, I heard a familiar voice asking for a Sidecar. Hiram was back.

I gave his hand a rub, “Hiram, I missed you last night! Did you find another person to pour your drinks?”

He replied with a chuckle: “Alas, no my dear; real life occasionally interferes with our wishes. My wife had made plans for us; we saw the show “Cats” in its come-back tour in Boston at the Opera House.”

I moved to the other end of the bar, make a Captain Morgan and diet Coke, and two Apple Martinis for one of the waitresses and a bottle of Sam Addams for a regular member.

Looking around for Hiram's friend the Drag Queen I returned to where Hiram was.

“She's not here tonight dear, I think there was a team meeting.”

I smiled, “So she really is a member of the Red Sox then?”

Hiram smiled, “It's the off season, time to recharge for Spring Training.”

Joy tapped me on the shoulder and sent me off to my last break of the night. I peed, opened a diet Ginger Ale, and slipped off my heels. I don't know which felt better!

I met Jean in the employee's lounge. on the way to my car, I asked how things went.

“We got our wish! Logan agreed to me listening to the audition and the best news is, he decided to keep Reba, offering her a contract like mine. This makes her an employee. Like you, she can work here for as long as her voice lasts.”

So what time do you need to be here tomorrow Jean, about 1 or 1:30?

“Logan said to be here at 1 pm, does that work for you?”

I glanced at Jean, “I'll be here with bells on. I'll sit in the dark in the back and study her.”

We talked baseball the rest of the way to Nahant. As Jean got out of the SUV, she asked why baseball. I told her of my two regular patrons, Hiram and the Drag Queen. “Hiram said she played for the Red Sox, and I think he's correct.”

“Well, keep a zipped lip on that, kid. See you tomorrow at noon.”

As soon as I was home, I removed my make-up, showered, and climbed under the covers.

I woke up before Ellen came home, and noticed Wendy dozing in the recliner. I wonder where she was when I came home at 3pm?

While I was making coffee and scrambled eggs, Wendy wandered out, and poured herself a cup of coffee, and said 'Hi'. She was looking guilty, so I asked if she wanted to tell me something.

After clearing her throat twice, she said, “Aunt Ginny, nothing happened, I swear.”

Typical teenaged response, now I'm starting to hyperventilate.

“What do mean, 'nothing happened' young lady? Spill it!”

“About 4o'clock, Billy called and asked if I wanted to go out for supper, then watch a movie at his Uncle Kevin's. (Kevin! I have to call him.) I said okay. We went to the Italian place in Peabody. The gangster's place.

“Capone's”, I interjected.

“Yeah, that's it. After we ate, we went back to his uncle's and watched a movie on cable, the one with Tom Cruise as a pilot. After warning Billy to behave or face castration, Kevin went to bed about ten.”

“He did what? I'll castrate him!”

“Nothing happened, really, we both fell asleep before the movie ended.”

Uncle Kevin got up at 5am and saw us asleep on the sofa. He went ballistic, yelled at Billy and drove me home. I think he was relieved you were asleep Auntie, I think he was afraid to speak to you.”

“Damn right he should be afraid of me!”

“No, it's like that old song, “Wake up little Suzie, wake up”. We just fell asleep.”

I slid a plate of eggs in front of her, and said for her to eat and when Ellen came home, we'd have to relook at this arrangement with her living with us.

At that, Wendy broke out in tears, and ran into the living room sobbing loudly.

Ellen walked in to see this, and met my eyes over the table. Leaving Wendy alone she asked me what had happened.

I filled her in, and said the tears were because I said we might need to review our arrangement with Wendy.

If anything, Ellen was more angry than I was. My cell phone rang, and I was going to ignore it, but Ellen said it was Kevin.

I'm surprised the phone didn't melt the way I blasted him for going to bed and leaving two teenagers alone like that, and he'd better have a solution, or else.

Kevin was all apologies, and sounded as angry as Ellen. “I just finished giving my nephew a reaming out, and grounded him until I ship him back to his parents, marital problems or not. He gave me a cock and bull story that after all the food they both fell asleep. I want to believe him, but I don't know.”

Mollified, I asked if there was any evidence of sex, all the time staring at Wendy's face. Getting a negative response, I told Kevin a meeting was needed, but not today. We hung up, with him promising to call again the following day. My rotating day off was Thursday, I would suggest then.

I heard Ellen shout, “Freeze young lady! Sit there! We're not finished with you.”

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, without her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and sentence structure, this story would not happen.

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for allowing me to use her book, "The Candy Cane Club" in my story.

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