A Woman-less Beauty Pageant: It was the zipper’s fault 1

The aggravation and time consumption of preparing for the Woman-less Beauty Pageant was getting on everyone’s nerves. Tempers and the dresses were getting short for all involved.

“Drew, could you zip my dress up please?” Ronnie asked his friend. Drew snorted and asked “Ronnie, have you ever worn a bra before?" “Why do you ask” was Ronnie’s response.

“You sure look very comfortable and relaxed for a boy that’s never worn a bra before. I noticed your involuntary shoulder shrug we all do to make our bras settle into place. Before I zip up your dress let me check if your bra fits right.”

Standing behind Ronnie in preparation for zipping Ronnie’s dress Drew pulled on one of Ronnie’s bra straps and said “We need to shorten the right strap a bit.” Drew expertly shortened the stray strap about ½ inch. “There, they look even better now but we need to check one other fit option.”

Still standing behind Ronnie Drew put his hands into the open back of Ronnie’s dress and under Ronnie’s armpits reaching up and under Ronnie’s bra. Ronnie could feel Drew’s body heat and warm breath. Drew gently cupped both of Ronnie’s tiny breasts to “confirm size and fit”. It was not an accident that Drew also lightly rubbed each nipple with his thumbs and traced a circle around each nub. Ronnie gave a soft moan of pleasure in response.

Drew was pleased on several levels: that both nubs immediately gave a rigid response to his “accidental” efforts. Even more pleasing for Drew was that Ronnie had responded with a low sultry moan of delight. The real tell was that Ronnie did not pull away, struggle or yell. Ronnie just stood there.

Yes. Drew’s warm breath on Ronnie’s neck and his gentle touch of Ronnie’s breasts had Ronnie transfixed… frozen in place. There was no hint of ‘fight or flight’. Very encouraging to Drew and sensually erotic for Ronnie. Ronnie’s breathing had become a bit more rapid Drew noted. Another good sign. Ronnie’s nipples could only get more rigid if someone would lightly tongue them Drew thought. It was a very pleasing feeling for Ronnie. Ronnie wanted the moment and the sensations to last longer.

Embolden with Ronnie’s non-response Drew more obviously gave each of Ronnie’s breasts subtle but deliberate and slow caresses. Ronnie’s nips were perky like small pencil erasers. Ronnie wasn’t sure if he should ask Drew to keep petting his breasts. Drew’s touches felt so very good, so forbidden... excitingly forbidden.

Speaking softly from behind into Ronnie’s left ear Drew said “I can tell your bra is too loose. It shouldn’t have been so easy for me to cop a feel if your bra fit better. Let me tighten your bra band clasp. One or two notches tighter should do the trick and with any luck it should also give you a bit of cleavage. Do you mind?”

Still facing away from Drew it took a moment for Ronnie to compose himself but eventually Ronnie turned to face Drew and softly replied “No… I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. Do you?”

As they looked at each other it got a bit awkward feeling. Ronnie broke the moment, took a breath and asked Drew “Is there anything that YOU may need help with. ANYTHING?”

Without breaking eye contact Drew replied “Yes there is. Maybe you can check MY bra fit sometime... maybe in my room later. Bring your favorite panties and a dress or two so we can be sure which looks best. I also have a couple of nice bras that I’m sure you’d appreciate. And I have an extra pair of bra inserts I know you’d love. They have a perfect heft to them. And I don’t want to be wearing a similar outfit as yours during the pageant." Drew smiled. Ronnie blushed AND smiled too.

Before exiting the dressing room, almost as an afterthought Ronnie mentioned to Drew “I never did answer you about me having worn a bra before. Yes I have. And panties, camisoles and nylons too when the mood suites me. They make me feel special and secure in an odd way… but never in public unless I also wear a t-shirt and jacket. No one knows but you.”

Still smiling Ronnie felt a strong sense of relief of having shared his secret with an understanding friend. A good friend. A friend that lived nearby. A friend with SPARE bra inserts! Just maybe Ronnie thought, maybe my panties will also need to have their fit checked. Ronnie chuckled inwardly at the thought and made a metal note to pick up a bottle of wine or two.

Ronnie had to restrain himself from giving Drew a kiss of gratitude…or a kiss of lust. There would be other times for that and for the wine.

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