Fairy Mistake

.Fairy Mistake

Written by Dauphin
Christina is a girl that wants one wish. To be a boy. A fairy grants her the mistake. But being a boy is no fun. She wants to be a girl again. No deal. Christina gets the best of both worlds
"Moral of the story.. be happy for who you are... or do not trust Fairies" Diana
"A story with a twists and shows how coming of age can be confusing" Andrew

Fairy Mistake

Part one

"Christina, wake up! Where are you?"

Christina did not answer.

She was in dreamland. She started dreaming when she was bored with a Math’s lesson and she saw the teacher look up her skirt. Christina thought it was a shame that she was not a boy. Then the teacher would not be looking up her skirts. Unless the boy was sissy or the teacher was gay. It would be cool being a boy. They could be bad, swear and pee standing up.

Then the teacher woke her up while she was daydreaming.

After School Christina, who is an only child went home. She had no dad. He left when she was born. He was disappointed that he did not get a boy.

It didn't help that Christina had to do so many chores. She knew it was important to help her mum do the work. Washing dishes, cooking and cleaning. She wanted to help her mum. But she knew if she was a boy, that her dad would be here and she wouldn't have to do so many girl chores. Boys are so lucky.

After she finished her chores, she went out for a walk. She wanted to go to the park. Maybe Steve was there. He was a boy that she fancied. When she came to the park, her heart jumped. He was there. Steve liked Christina. She wasn't like any other 11 years old. She had no boobs yet. Steve nearly pinched himself. He should stop thinking about these childish words. Steve liked her. He just did not want a girlfriend.

When she came to the park, she stared at him playing football. For the American readers, football is what you call soccer. Amazing that this is one game that the US could never play... Christina stared at him. He looked so sexy in baggy shorts. If she was God she would make the wind blow so the shorts would rise. A smile came across Christina's face and she could feel herself go red as she thought about this. How could she be so rude? She called him and asked if he wanted to swing with her or something. What she really wanted to say is that she just wanted to be with him. Steve answered that he did not, and was busy with football. Of course, he did not want too loose face with his mates by hanging around with a girl.

Christina was sad. She was disappointed. Boys could be such geeks. Would he rather play football than hanging around with her? If Christina was a boy, he wouldn't mind. Then she would be allowed to play football. Boys were so lucky. They could just do what they wanted and no one would care. They didn't have to worry about doing chores. They didn't have to worry about hair and make-up, and if their clothes were dirty or in fashion. No, they could just play football all day.

And they could stand up when they peed.

That night, everything went the way it usually does. Christina helped her Mum, did her homework, and then went to her room. When she was in her room, she liked to go around naked. Any shrink would have a thousand theories about why she did this. The truth is that she wanted to take all her girl clothes off. Sure she didn't have a boy’s body, but this was better than girl’s clothes. Sure her window was facing Mr. Sheehan’s window. But he never watched her. So she didn't care. Anyhow her body didn't have much to show.

If you didn't notice it by now, Christina was very unhappy. Somehow she got it in her head that she wanted to be a boy. Her luck was about to change. When she was lying down and crying because Steve ignored her. She just wanted to be a boy. Is it that hard?

"I don't know I am new at this" a voice said.

Christina got the fright of her life. Where did this voice come from? She looked around and could see this girl just about her age sitting on the bed. She looked like an angel. She even had wings. "Who are you?"

“Just call me an angel"

“A real angel in my room. So cool!"

“I am actually not an angel. I am a fairy. But it’s nearly the same. I am supposed to help people once in a while. Now I have been assigned to be your fairy. What do you want?"

Christina must have been dreaming. She told Angel that she must know what she wanted.

"Of course I know what you want. You want to be a boy. But are you sure you want to be a boy?"

“Yes. I have never been so sure in my life."

“What about Steve. Would you still fancy him?" Christina was shocked. How did she know about Steve? She replied no. She didn't know if she was lying or not, but she decided that she would say no.

Angel just lied back on the bed and said, "Are you sure you want to be a boy."

Christina nearly hit her but decided to be polite. "I want to be a boy"

They both laid back and fell asleep.

The next morning, Christina woke up. She was alone in the bed. Maybe the visit from Angel was a dream. As she rose in the bed she could feel that she was naked. But she had a funny feeling down there. It was like a strain. It is hard to describe. She never had this feeling before. She looked down.


Christina was a boy. She had a thing sticking out. You know that thing, err that thing that boys have to pee with. It was standing up. Or how do you say it, sticking out? You could hang a little flag on it. That would be cute. Then Christina's TV turned on. It was Angel. Christina quickly tried to cover herself.

Angel laughed, "Really, why are you trying to cover yourself? You wanted to be a boy! I never tried this before so I hope that everything is OK. You are now a boy as you can see. Your room is now a boy’s room. You have boy’s clothes. No one will remember that you were a girl. They will think that you have been a boy all your life. Your face and body are still a bit girlish. I didn't know how to make it masculine and your hair is a bit long. Everyone knows you as Chris. Remember that. Remember that no one knows about this magic and never tell anyone about fairies."

The TV went off. Christina... Chris looked down again and pinched her thing. Ouuuuuch. This was no dream. Chris felt like he was going to faint. He is now a boy and his name was Chris.

Chris went to his wardrobe and picked out the clothes he would wear to school today. Just jeans and a cardigan he thought. He tried on the boxers first. Do boys really wear these? They are not as soft as the panties she used to wear. The jeans were cool though. Now he didn’t have to be worried about getting dirty.

Chris went down to his Mum. She looked a bit tired but put his cornflakes on the table. She asked about 100 times did he do his homework. She never asked this so many times. It was quite annoying. Chris finished his breakfast and cycled to school.

He had to pee. This was a mistake. He nearly went into the girl’s room. But at the last minute, Steve came and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Are you going to peek on the girls?” Steve smiled. This was the first time that he smiled as much as he did now

“No... error… I’ll wait for another day.” I quickly came up with an excuse.

We went into the boy’s room. There were two of the older ones trying to look cool with a cigarette. The other ones were telling dirty jokes. Chris tried to laugh even though most of the jokes were idiotic. Chris felt like he had to laugh along otherwise he would be laughed at.

Then Steve asked Chris if he had to pee. Chris walked in a stall because he did not know how to use the ones where you stand up. Chris’ heart jumped when he saw Steve follow him in the stall. Did boys do this? Chris thought that only girls did this. This new boy’s world was a secret world. It was confusing. There were so many secrets that he did not know about. So many secret rules. But who cared, this was the most that Steve ever spoke with him or ever been with him.

He was shocked as he took his thing out and peed in the toilet. Chris never saw a boy’s thing before, except his own that he first seen a few hours before.

“Now it’s your turn,” He said smiling. Even though Chris was a boy, that smile shined the room up. He loved it

Chris took out his wiener and started peeing. He felt a small bit red, and just remembered that he was a boy and it didn’t matter if he saw Steve. “Do you ever pee yourself?” He asked. Chris was confused and quickly pulled up his trousers. Boys had a weird sense of humour.

The morning in the classroom went OK. Chris sat next to this boy that just talked and talked. He was talking about the girls. They used to be Chris’ best friends, and now he had to listen how hot they were. Chris thought it was hard to respond. He couldn’t say that a girl was hot. Much of what the boy was saying was rude. Chris felt like slapping him across the face.

At lunchtime, the boys ate quickly and played football. Chris never really thought about football before, but he thought it was very boring. You just run back and forth and every time you get the ball, then someone steals it from you. Then it’s a matter of running back and forth, it’s all so confusing. After 5 minutes, Chris had enough. It was no longer fun. Imagine what Chris thought when he heard that there were 35 minutes left. This was going to be a long lunch break, and they do it every day!

When Chris came home, there were no chores to do. But he saw how tired his mum was and wanted to help her. This is the first time that he ever wanted to do chores. Seeing his mum with untidy hair and so stressed hurt Chris. He tried to take the vacuum cleaner but then mum got stressed and told him to go out and play. Did she not think that boys could help? This was always Chris’ dream that his mother would say to forget the chores. But it hurt that she said it because he is a boy. Chris also felt bad that he couldn’t help his mother. He knew she loved him and he loved him. Chris felt bad about going out to play, but that’s what his mum wanted. Maybe when she was asleep he could do a bit of cleaning to help her.

Down at the Park, the boys were playing football again. This was boring. After the match, they sat and talked. Jimmy looked at Chris and said, “Why don’t you have a better tracksuit. The one you have is only for mummies boys. Nike is much better.” They all started laughing. Then Jimmy continued to laugh at Chris’ hair, which was a bit long. Chris thought what would a boy do? Chris decided to give back as good as he got it,

“At least I do not have bunny teeth” Chris shouted. This was obviously something that everyone thought, but never said. Why? Jimmy had a short temper, and this temper was about to explode. He jumped on Chris and started punching. It took four mates to lift Jimmy off, leaving Chris with a bloody nose.

Chris ran home. He hated being a boy. He ran up to his room and cried on his bed. Why did he ever think of being a boy? That was a mistake. It was the fairies mistake. She should have given him more time to decide what he wanted to do.

“What’s the matter?” It was Angel lying on the bed stroking his hair.

“I want to be a girl again.”

Angel frowned. “That is not possible. You wanted to be a boy yesterday, and you gave it one day. Now you want to be a girl. What will you tell me tomorrow, that you want to be a boy again?”

“I want to be a girl. I tried being a boy. I hate their jokes. I hate their games. I hate their fights. I hate everything about being a boy. Change me back.”

Angel kissed Chris on the cheek. Chris thought that fairies must like to kiss because they do it all the time.

“Are you sure that you want to be a girl again.”

“I want to be a girl again”

They fell asleep.

The next morning, Chris woke up. Angel was gone. He looked around and smiled. His old girl bedroom was back again. He jumped up and looked in the wardrobe. It was his old clothes. Great He was a girl again.

He felt his boobs. They were as flat as ever. Then he felt down below. There was no slit. He still had a boy’s thing. Tears were starting to flow. What was the problem? What was happening?

Once again, the TV turned on and Angel appeared, “Hi Christina. You got your wish. Well sort of, let me explain what has happened.”

Part two

Angel continued speaking through the TV, “I couldn’t change you back to a girl. So this means that you still have a boy’s body. You can say you are a girl in a boy’s body. Don’t worry, some boys are like this. You have girl’s clothes and girls room, and my magic was good enough that everyone will think that you are a girl, unless they see the thing between your legs. The good news is that your mum will not see it. She will only see a slit there. I am sorry; I am new to being a fairy. I only had enough magic that your mum could see this.”

Angel disappeared.

Chris was now at least Christina again. She felt sad; there were tears in her eyes. What will she do in PE? What happens when she was old enough to get a boyfriend? She was basically now a sissy boy. She started putting her uniform on, which was a blouse and skirt. The panties were nice, even though she only tried boxers for one day. The more she thought about it, the more she was happy. She wanted to be a boy. She wanted to be a girl. Now she had a bit of both. She would take care of whatever problems she had as they came up. Christina went down to help Mum with breakfast. Life is good, and now she has the best part of it. She was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. This couldn’t be that bad.

Mum asked why Christina had a uniform on. It was to go to school duh. Mum started laughing and saying it was weekend. Christina was so embarrassed.

Christina changed into knee shorts and tights with a top and after she helped her mum do the chores she decided to go to the Park. The boys were playing football as usual. Thank God that she didn’t have to be playing that stupid game. What a relief. Christina sat down with her mates. No, they were talking about the boys. Christina stared at Steve; Of course today he took no notice of her. Christina smiled. Everything was back to normal. Now she had to think of how to get Steve's attention, well at least to the parts she wanted him to see. That time will come, at least now she could sit back and watch the geeky football instead of playing it.

Otherwise, the first day as a girl again went fine, besides the fact that Steve totally ignored her. But the good thing is that she was happy again. Even helping around in the house, because her mum didn’t look as stressed as she was before when she was a boy. Now Christina understood how hard it was to be a single mother, and she wanted to help her. Stupid Dad, for leaving them when they were young.

That night, after Christina took a shower, Christina noticed that her window was still open and the lights were on in Mr. Sheehan’s window. This time he did not just walk by without taking notice. He stood and glared out the window. Christina smiled. Then she blushed. He could see her thing. He knew or thought she was a sissy boy. He just was looking and smiled. Christina started to like this. OK, the man was a pervert. He liked looking at small sissies. But somewhere in Christina mind, she liked it. She liked someone looking at her body. It was after all a special body. She thought she heard that there are names for people like this. Now she remembered. Exhibitionists.

The next day Christina went to Church. She noticed that Steve was there. He, of course, paid no attention to her as she came in the Church. The problem was that she was staring at Steve when she tripped over a hole between the wooden floor. Luckily she fell into a pew, so no one could see her. You might ask why I say that. It was because no one could see her except Steve that looked down at her. Christina felt like nearly crying as she noticed that her Sunday dress has risen so that Steve could see her panties and he could see the bulge a girl should not have. Steve looked at her and smiled. Her life was over now. He will tell everyone at school. Then everyone would call her a sissy. Everyone would really think that she was a boy that was just a sissy. She had a lot to pray for at Church that day. At home, she didn’t say much. She was worried about what would happen at school. She gave Mr. Sheehan her usual show, but that was it. Christina went to bed early. Maybe she should say to her mum that she was sick and couldn’t go to school.

The next day, she woke up. It was no dream. Steve saw her panties and he could see what was hidden in them. She did plan to be sick, but then she said that’s the easy way out. She will not be a coward. She will go to school and keep her head held high. If people wanted to call her sissy, then that’s up to them. She knew better.

When she arrived at school, she could feel her heart beating fast. Steve was there and smiled at her and suddenly he was talking as if they were best friends. Christina was very afraid answering him. She didn’t know if he was being nice or was just teasing her. Then Steve asked if she would come to the mall with him. She said yes. Maybe this was blackmail, but Christina still fancied him.

The day went great. Obviously, he never told anyone.

They met each other in the mall. They started going around together and having a great time. Christina was never so happy than what she was now. The boy she fancied was talking with her. He was walking around with her and not playing some stupid Football. At one stage, he held Christina's hand. This confused her. She knew that he knew what she had between her legs. Why did he hold her hand? Her thoughts were cut short when Steve invited her to an ice cream

While they were eating ice cream he said, “Christina, this is hard for me to say, do you want to go out?”

“I don’t know.”


“Steve, at Church today, did you notice something different about me when I fell?”

“I know what you have. You are a boy. You are a sissy. I like that”

“Well, I'm not actually a boy. It’s a bit hard to explain. You will never believe that I am actually a girl” Christina started explaining, but realized how daft she sounded.

“I don’t care if you are a girl or not. I always been gay but never had the guts to ask anyone out. When I saw you at Church then I knew I loved you. Will you go out with me? Your secret is safe with me?”

Christina kissed him on the cheek. That was her answer. Was this love?

“OK. Then no one will think that we are gay. It’s a good idea. But there is something I need to ask you.” Steve said

“What? “

“Do you like when you pee in your trousers?”

“No. I don’t do that.”

“I know this sounds strange, I know I am a bit weird. But will you try it for me sometime? I would like you to be my sissy baby”

Christina thought that this was a strange request. Maybe he would forget it. She didn’t care how weird he was. She will be weird with him because she loved him.

That night, after all, her chores, were done and her stupid homework, Christina took her bath and of course Mr. Sheehan was looking when she changed her clothes. She did like when he stared at her. It made her feel special. Nearly beautiful. As she lay in bed, she thought about her new boyfriend. OK, he was as gay as could be and thought she was a sissy boy. She also did something with him that she never thought she would. She kissed. Two weeks ago, this was something she just talked about with her mates, and it usually led to giggles. She fell asleep smiling. Life was good.

During the night, she had to pee. She remembered what she promised Steve. His weird request that she wet herself. Maybe she could just tell him that she did it. No that would be lying. While she sat and thought and thought what she would do, a small bit came out. It was warm, sort of nice in a way. Forbidden, babyish. She let it all out. Oh my, she thought. I wet myself. I didn’t do this since I was a child. It felt so good. Now she was just as weird as her boyfriend.

The next day she tried to hide the bedclothes and her wet nightdress and panties. She was weird, but not that weird as to tell her mum. That was just too embarrassing.

The next day, everything went fine. Everyone knew that Christina and Steve were going out, kissing in the tree and all that. After school, they met in the park where Christina told him that she wet the bed. He smiled and said that he wears diapers at night. Christina thought this was weird. But he was cute, so she would forgive most everything. They kissed on the park bench.

“Do you know what,” he said, “We can kiss and no one will know it’s gay, because they do not know who you really are?”

“You don’t know who I really am”, she responded.


“errrr, I love you.”

When Christina came home, her Mom was waiting for her.

“Where have you been? “

“At the Park with Steve.”

“Is he your boyfriend? “Mum said smiling

“None of your business. Then Mr. Sheehan wanted me to help him” I lied

“Listen, Christina, I don’t like Mr Sheehan. He is very creepy. If I was you I would keep far away from you. It’s OK if you and Steve love each other, but never let an adult take advantage of your youth and beauty.”

Christina blushed. She hated when her mum gave her the birds and bees speech.

For the next few days, Christina wet herself every night. At the end, she did not know that she was actually wetting herself. When she came home from school her mum was there with a bag from the store.

“Christina, we have to talk.”


“You have been wetting your bed for the last few days. I spoke with the doctor and he will examine you. Until then he suggested you wear protection.”

“You mean diapers?”

“Yes, darling. I know this is hard for you, but only you and I will know.”

“OK, Mum. Thanks for not getting mad” Only Christina Mum and Steve would know.

That night Christina's mum helped her with her diaper on. It actually felt a bit good. But when she walked past the window, she felt ashamed, because Mr. Sheehan could see her in a diaper. The fact was that she could no longer control herself at night. All this because she loved Steve. Deep down she liked it.

The next day was Sunday. She was playing in the backyard when Mr. Sheehan called her over. Like a robot, she went over.

“So, I know you’re a sissy. I want you to be my sissy?”

Christina did not answer.

“Today you will be my sissy. I will teach you everything that a sissy boy should know”

Christina raised her knee and kicked him in his jewels as hard as possible. Not only did she kick him there once, not only did she kick him there twice. She kicked him there three times. That pervert will never hurt a child around or blackmail a child again she thought. Neither will he ever have children,

Christina looked him in his painful face and shouted, “If you ever try anything on me again, or any other child I will tell my mum, the police, everyone. If you ever tell anyone my secret about what’s between my legs, I will tell. If you look at me through the window I will tell. Do you understand?”


The next day was Monday. She was happy that she will have a day off from school because she had to go to the doctor. She wore this pink and white fluffy dress that would look good on a seven-year-old. She also wore her little mermaid panties and white tights. Christina did feel sad because she wouldn’t see Steve.

On the way to the car, she started to panic. The doctor will see that she is not a girl. Well, at least she has a boy’s thing.

“Mum, do we have to go? “

“Darling, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. A lot of children have this problem”

“Maybe he will think I am a baby”

“No, he will help you.”

“Maybe he will think I am a boy”

“Don’t be so foolish. OK your clit is a bit big, but that does not make you a boy”

When they got to the doctors and had to wait for what it seems like hours (don’t you hate that with doctors?), then they went into his office. Both the doctor and nurse nearly fainted when they saw the penis.

“Why the girl’s clothes,” the doctor asked carefully

“But she is a boy,” The doctor said carefully, and then started giving a sermon that he would have to tell the social services and police and all that. Christina could see that her Mum was mad.

“She is a girl. It’s just a big clit she has. And you say that you are a doctor.”

“Let me take some tests, and then we can look at the bed problems while we wait for the results.”

They took the tests of what was in Christina's body. Don’t ask me what, I am not a doctor, I am just telling you what they did.

Finally, the results came back. “There are some quite astounding results here. Concerning the bed wetting. This is normal. 10% of children have the same problem. Her bladder is weak at night. This means that she will wet the bed. Diapers are a good short-term solution, but I will give her exercises to do. The problem should go away. Concerning the other thing, Christina does have a penis. But she also has a vagina and ovary that is simply closed. We can open this at any stage. She will also grow boobs, although they will not be that big. In other words, Christina is a hermaphrodite. Boy and girl. At some stage, she can decide, what she wants to be. “

This was all too much for Christina's Mum to take in. She fainted. It was no shock for Christina. It actually made her happy. Now she could have Steve's babies… when they got married-

Life was good for Christina. Her Mum put it out of her mind that she was a hermaphrodite. Things were going great with Steve. They were falling more and more in love each day. The others teased them at school, calling them love birds, but they were only jealous.

One day, when Christina came home, her Mum was sitting on the sofa waiting for her.

“Christina, there is something I need to tell you.”

“I didn’t do it” Christina replied. It was a common answer for her, thinking she done something wrong.

“Do what? No, it’s nothing you did. One of our distant relations has died. They have a small girl your age. She is now an orphan. How sad. If we don’t take care of her, then no one will take care of her. What do you say to that?”

“How old is she?”

“She’s your age.”

“I have a sister.”

“Yes, she’s in your room. Go up and say hi to her.”

Christina ran up to her room. She forgot to ask what her name was. Ah well, she would just ask her. When she got there, she was in shock. It was….

“Hello Christina, I bet you didn’t expect to see me. “

“It’s you, it’s you.”

“I know. My name is Angel you know.”

“You’re supposed to be a fairy.”

“I know. But because I made a mess of changing you, I was fired. You see, I was not supposed to change you into anything. That’s Gods job. So I was fired and now have to be an ordinary girl. I am your-“

“You're my sister, I have never been so happy”


Mr. Sheehan never speaks to Christina again. He did look at her, and she enjoyed showing him how she grew.

She wore nappies until she was 16, but still liked wearing them at night-time

She was happy with her new sister, and are close to this day

She ended up getting her vagina open, but decided to keep her penis, as Steve liked it

She married Steve, who she will always love. They have one of the best marriages that ever could be found

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