S-Idol - Part 4


S-Idol - Second Elimination  

Any similarity or resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. It is neither recommended nor condoned for you to go out and attempt any of the acts depicted herein. 



Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. The second elimination. We started with 10 boys, tonight only 8 will remain Remember the boys do not know why they are in S-Idol. So they cannot hear the first part of the elimination, where the person that send them to S-Idol tells how they are doing.. They can hear the second part of the elimination. It must be a confusing Time for these boys. 




What he cannot hear: Aunt speaks: The dress that he picked was very sweet, and he looked like a sissy in it. I am not that happy that he liked it so much. He just does what others wants. Its just too sweet. I know that some thinks I am a mean aunt. But his mother was annoying. She was so pretty and so nice and everyone liked her. Just like Rose. He needs to be humiliated more

What he Can hear: Dauphin: Rose, You have taken last weeks challenge quite well. You have been an example to the other boys. You cried a bit when you had to wear girls clothes, but at the end, you did it with a smile. This is the advice i would give to the other contestants. When you have to do something you do not want to, then be disappointed and get mad. But at the same time, make the best out of bad situations here in life. You have shown us how to do this. 

10% have voted that Rose should leave Sissy Idol



What he cannot hear: His Father speaks: I was in shock when I seen last weeks S-Idol. It is obvious that Taylor is attracted to other boys. I think he is falling in love with Nicolas. He deeply is also looking forward to wearing girls clothes. My son is a gay sissy. I hope that the next episodes helps him and me accept him for who is is. I will be honest, I hope that he rebels against this and is normal. 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: It seems like you really are attracted to some of the other boys in S-Idol. There is nothing wrong here. Maybe you are bisexual or even Gay. Don't worry, the other boys can hear this. You were also happy that the others in S-Idol will think your weird because you actually don't mind wearing the girl clothes. Maybe you should be happy for who you are inside and not pretend to be someone else. However, I can say that you are safe. No one has voted for you to leave S-Idol. 

0% have voted that Taylor should leave Sissy Idol




What he cannot hear: His Mother speaks: I Cannot believe he put the pacifier in his mouth. I cannot believe that he wore the diaper with such a small skirt. He didn't think that the others would tease him. I felt like rushing in that doll house and telling the other boys to leave him alone. Maybe he is different, but I still love him. S- Idol is a good chance for me to try to understand Chrissy better. I must accept what has happened.  

What he Can hear: Dauphin: Last week you hinted that you fancied some of the other boys. Thats OK. They are genuine feelings and it was nice that you got a hug when you were teased. You are a contestant that wants to try things in secret, but you are very sensitive. My advice is that you do not let other boys walk over you.  

5% have voted that Taylor should leave Sissy Idol




What he cannot hear: His Grandmother speaks: Last week we have seen why I have sent Ali here. Anyone that is different is someone who does not like. Teasing a boy because he wore diapers is just not something that I condone 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: When I seen you in last weeks S-Idol, I felt sorry for you. You were mean and in some ways a total moron when it came to respecting others. Think If we lived in a world where everyone was the same. Then It would be no fun. Because you tease someone or hate someone, it does not make you better. How can you tease a boy because he was wearing a diaper when you yourself were wearing girls clothes? Ali, you are not safe yet. You have received a lot of votes. 


What he cannot hear: His Aunt speaks: Although last week he showed some of his old ways, that he really doesn't care about how he looks or who he is, I was happy that he got mad at the idea of wearing girl clothes. Of course this disappeared quickly and he just accepted it. But maybe S-Idol is helping him. 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: It is only the second elimination. I think you have courage. You seen someone that was wearing diapers and wanted to try them. Without thinking you just walked out and put a diaper on. When you were teased, you didn't care. Lets admit it, wearing diapers is very strange and you did it. That takes courage and it takes courage to ignore people when they tease you. By why do you not care when people tease you?

3% have voted that Ashley should leave Sissy Idol




What he cannot hear: His Sister speaks: We can see that he is still a baby. Putting on that ugly infant dress with a diaper and sucking his thumb. Is there any hope for him? 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: Aaron last week you wore a diaper with a short dress. Most people that wears diapers wants to hide them. But you did not. Maybe you do not care what others thinks. Maybe you have not really grown up and consider yourself as a baby. Do you really feel inside that you are a baby and why?




What he cannot hear: His Father speaks: He was the boy that tried on the most sissy dress of them all, and I must admit he looked like a girl. S-Idol is teaching me about how he feels inside and who he is for a person. I think I have to respect that as a father 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: I think you really are attracted to Taylor. Maybe he is your new boyfriend. Everyone that reads this hopes that you are happy if this is true. You said last week that you felt like a girl when you were taken the shower. You also picked the most beautiful dress there and you were kissed on the cheek as if you were a girl. The Question I have for you is; Can you be a girl in a boys body?

7% have voted that Nicolas should leave Sissy Idol


What he cannot hear: His Sister speaks: OMG, Did you see that dress he picked. It was nothing I would ever wear. It was such a sissy dress. S-Idol is proving to me and my mother that her son is really a Sissy 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: Last week you were embarrassed in the showers because you had erection problems. Do Not worry, we all have these. You have a good spirit in the game. You put on nice clothes and enjoyed the experience. I hope you are enjoying your time at S-idol. 

3% have voted that Reece should leave Sissy Idol


What he cannot hear: His Aunt speaks: I was a bit outraged when the Nanny put him in a high chair with a pacifier and that she spanked him, But he was one of the rude boys so I guess that she thought he deserved it

What he Can hear: Dauphin: Its OK to have a temper. You have a temper and this has caused you to be spanked last week and treated like a baby. You have fought the Nanny all the way. She is an adult, do you think she knows whats better for you or do you just want to protest against the whole world. 



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Ali: I cannot believe that I have been voted as one of the three that has been voted out. Is it because I am mean and tease the boys that are weird. If I do not tease them then how do they know that they are weird?

Aaron: I will try to be nicer in the house and do as I am told. I know people thinks I am a baby. But I will think over why I like it Paris: Last week was a very bad week. The nanny spanked me and made me look like a baby. After I calmed down I thought how annoying I could be. The Other boys just accepted it. Maybe I should
Grandmother: People obviously do not like that he is mean and he does not respect others. But if they do not vote him out, then maybe he will learn how to be nice Sister:Come on, the second week Aaron is standing here. Is it because he is not cute. He has everything it takes to be S-Idol.  Aunt: Paris has a lot to learn. I hope that S-Idol will help him. Last week he was punished for being the way he was. I hope he learns more. 
37% has voted that Ali should go home 17% has voted that Aaron should go home 17% has voted that Summer should go home

Thats it this time for S- Idol. On May 11, The next episode is ready. The Boys will visit their classmates, as sissies. Read how this is done, and what the boys think about it as well as voting boys home.

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