A Woman-less Beauty Pageant: It was the zipper’s fault 5

Still sitting side by side on the sofa and casually stroking each other’s nylon clad legs Ronnie asked “What did you mean that you can ‘show me things and take me places that don’t involve travel’”? Angel replied “Let me fix your eyes first. We’ll talk about the rest a bit later”. Giving Ronnie an impassioned kiss on the lips Angel stood up, grabbed Ronnie’s hand and guided Ronnie to Angel’s bedroom. There were eyes to be done and some relief to be given. And just maybe there might be new places and things that Ronnie should see and experience.

Chapter 5 – Are your ears ringing?

They entered Angel’s bedroom and Ronnie made a detailed mental inspection. It was a large room, maybe 15 x 20, with a large master bathroom with a walk-in shower, a separate tub, dual sinks and dual vanities. The walk-in closet seemed enormous to Ronnie. One side was obviously for male clothing while the other side was occupied by all things feminine. Dresses, skirts, blouses, belts, purses, and shoes were in perfect order. There was also a sit down vanity and mirror.

Angel opened a built in set of drawers to proudly display his lingerie. Silky and slinky. Panties, garter belts, nylons, shape ware, a wide variety of bras, heels, belts and purses; some items Ronnie didn’t recognize… the usual! One drawer had the lifelike breast forms that Angel had spoken about yesterday. Ronnie picked one up and felt its realistic weight and feel. Much better than the bird seed falsies that Ronnie had made. Ronnie placed it back. One drawer had a variety of sex toys and tubes of what had to be lubricants.

Ronnie made a mental note to get a garter belt and a few real stockings. They looked as if they could be a lot of fun.

The main part of the Angel’s bed room consisted of a queen sized bed, matching end tables and lamps and yet another sit down makeup table that was loaded with cosmetics. Very impressive Ronnie thought. There were two large windows that had pretty window treatments. Both windows provided a pleasant amount of natural light. An exterior boxwood hedge provided additional privacy. The list of ‘goodies’ went on.

Angel steered Ronnie to his makeup table and instructed Ronnie to remove his LBD and have a seat. “Have a seat, baby doll. There’s some wipes on the table so remove your makeup and lipstick. You’re about to have a makeover”.

Ronnie complied, carefully placing his dress on Angel’s bed. He sat down wearing only his pantyhose, anklet, tap pants, half slip and bra. He gazed at the large amount and variety of cosmetics, nail polish and “tools” of the trade like tweezers and eye lash curlers. The quantity of mascaras, eyeliners and eye shadows let him know that Angel was very serious about eye makeup.

Ronnie took one of his deep breath calming exercises, grabbed a makeup remover tissue from a pretty crystal dispenser and began to wipe off his lipstick. He usually never wore makeup. Angel was nowhere to be seen. There was some activity in the kitchen that he could hear and Ronnie could smell the pleasant odor of coffee being brewed. With his lipstick removed Ronnie sat in his lingerie and waited.

Ronnie took this break in action and scurried to the rest room, sat down and peed. He finished, stood up, blotted his penis tip and pulled up his pantyhose, tap pants and slip. He flushed, rinsed his hands and returned to the vanity bench. He didn’t have to wait long.

Angel appeared with a tray that offered coffee or tea and a variety of cookies and wafers. “Here you go, baby.” Angel said. “I needed to work through the wine buzz. Help yourself”. Angel placed the tray nearby. Ronnie opted for a basic Bigelow tea and a couple of cookies. He hadn’t realized how much he needed them. Very refreshing and much needed.

Angel pulled up a chair near Ronnie and as they munched and sipped tea they made small talk. It was obvious to Ronnie that Angel was studying his face and eyes. Angel’s eyes darted from Ronnie to the various cosmetic on the vanity. Angel finished his wafer and announced “Let’s give you a basic makeover as it’s getting late”. Angel leaned forward, stroked Ronnie’s cheek and gave him a quick kiss making sure there was no leftover lipstick or cosmetics.

Angel moved his chair closer and proceeded to give Ronnie an over view of what he was going to do. “First I’m going to apply a general primer hat makes foundation glide on more easily, then we’ll do some foundation, followed by a concealer, if needed, a bit of a bronze, and some blush. Your cheek bones demand some blush. Next we’ll do your eyebrows and get them shaped and under control. We’ll complete the session with my favorites; eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. It’s easy! Lipstick is last. No need to be concerned. Just relax into it”. Ronnie looked a little overwhelmed and took another sip of tea. He closed his eyes and faced Angel.

Angel went to work with well practiced efficiency. Ronnie liked the feel of the soft brushes, sponges and the smell of the cosmetics in general. A crotch bump was beginning to make itself known. The lump did not escape Angel’s notice. Angel smiled but ignored it for the time being.

Angel took great care with Ronnie’s eyebrows thinning and shaping them as needed. They took on a definite feminine arch. Angel decided on a smoky grey eye shadow and finished with black eyeliner. “Open your eyes baby doll as it’s time for your mascara”. Coating both upper and lower lashes several times Angel showed Ronnie an eye lash curler. “This won’t hurt and will make your eyes stand out.” After crimping Ronnie’s eyelashes Angel selected a reddish lipstick that almost matched the love rings that Ronnie had placed on his cock earlier. Angel thought his choice of lip color was ironic. “I’m done! Take a look”.

Ronnie turned to face the vanity mirror and could hardly break eye contact with the beautiful face that stared back at him. “Wow!” Ronnie exclaimed. “This is amazing! You were correct that I needed to do something with my eyes”. As he looked longingly into the mirror Ronnie fell in love with the image. His growing erection became more obvious. It was a situation that Angel could not ignore very much longer. “So what do you think doll face?” Angel asked.

Ronnie reached over, hugged Angel and gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. “I love it! I look so much prettier and feminine. Thank you. I really need to pay attention to my eyes. It certainly makes a big difference.” In return Angel lovingly grasped Ronnie’s obvious hard on through his slip, tap pants and pantyhose and began slowly stroking his cock. “Stop by some time and I can give you some tips. I’ll even toss in a bra check.” Ronnie smiled, closed his eyes and leaned backwards a bit.

Angel had to admit that Ronnie’s multi layers of silkiness did make cock stroking more exciting. Before things literally got out of hand Angel said “It gets better. Remove your tap pants, pantyhose, anklet and stand up”. Ronnie complied and stood there nude except for his black half slip for basic modesty. He sported a raging erection that begged for relief. Ronnie could hardly contain himself.

Angel brought out an eight tab black lace garter belt and wrapped it around Ronnie and hooked it closed. Ronnie watched but didn’t move. Putting a bath towel down on the vanity bench Angel handed Ronnie a pair of 15 denier black stockings. “Here you go baby doll sit down and roll them up. I’ll hook you up when you’re done”. Ronnie sat down and began rolling the silky stockings up his cleanly shaved legs. Each garter strap had a cute white bow where it met the stocking.

Before hooking the stockings to Ronnie’s garter belt Angel said “We have a problem. Step closer”. Looking into Ronnie’s eyes Angel grabbed Ronnie’s very, very erect penis, leaned forward and licked a pre-cum drop from Ronnie’s cock head. Ronnie’s eyes rolled back and he swooned and twitched in his own personal ecstasy. Ronnie realized the advantage of not wearing panties or pantyhose: easy access to your penis! What a brilliant idea.

Angel expertly attached each of the eight garters to Ronnie’s stockings taking time to ensure that each stocking and strap was perfectly aligned. This smoothing required a delightful ankle to crotch smoothing motion. Ronnie glanced into the vanity mirror. He almost had an orgasm as he saw the reflection. The tug of the garter straps was new and exciting. His raging hard on pointing towards the sky was so very naughty. He liked it.

Angel chuckled at Ronnie’s delight. “Step closer. It appears there’s another leak that requires attention”. Ronnie stepped closer and this time Angel did not lick the tip of his penis. Instead he gave Ronnie’s penis tip a kiss which removed the drip. And then Angel grabbed the base of Ronnie’s shaft and gently began slowly sucking Ronnie’s entire cock into his mouth, inch by inch, using a lot of tongue action. It was a beautiful thing.

Angel bottomed out and just as slowly began the slow upward suck withdrawal making sure to wet the entire shaft. Angel swirled Ronnie’s cock head and released it making the same popping sound that Ronnie had done earlier. And the dew drop was gone. Ronnie was enthralled.

Smiling at Ronnie Angel said “Come sit on the bed beside me baby doll”. Ronnie did not hesitate. Angel looked at the many lipsticks on his vanity and selected the same color that he had put on Ronnie. Color coordination was important to Angel. Making sure that Ronnie was observing Angel slathered on a thick coat of the pretty red color.

Announcing “It’s time to mark territory” Angel began a slow blowjob on Ronnie. There was no resistance or objections from Ronnie. Angel stopped briefly to inspect the lip rings he was leaving and to ask Ronnie to more fully get on the bed. Ronnie complied and laid back to enjoy the experience.

After a few more minutes of mouth action Angel asked “Remember when I said I could ‘show you things and take you places that didn’t involve travel’? In a lust filled gasp Ronnie’s said “Yes”. Smiling Angel said “Well lay back, bend your knees, keep your feet flat on the bed, close your eyes and relax”. Ronnie did what was asked of him. Prior to going back to pleasuring Ronnie Angel dipped a two of his right hand fingers into a jar of lubricant that was on the night stand.

Angel improved his position as to where Ronnie was laying, applied some more lipstick, leaned over and snugly gripped Ronnie’s penis just below the cock head with his lips making sure to leave a red ring. With a few swirls of his tongue Angels lips slowly slid down Ronnie’s shaft and left another red ring at the base of Ronnie’s shaft. ‘This should make him happy’ Angel thought.

Angel repeated the routine twice with a few variations. On his third downward run on Ronnie’s shaft Angel wedged open Ronnie’s legs slightly with his right hand just enough to be able to smear some lubrication around Ronnie’s rosebud of an anus. Ronnie made and involuntary full body twitch that popped loose his shaft from Angel’s mouth.

Straightening up from his task Angel brushed Ronnie’s cheek and said “Relax baby, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m going to take you to a heavenly place that doesn’t involve travel”. Ronnie took a deep breath, exhaled and laid back. Angel smiled, leaned over and kissed him on the lips making sure to run his tongue tip and spread Ronnie’s pre-cum back and forth on Ronnie’s lips. “Relax baby, it’ll all be OK”.

Grabbing Ronnie’s shaft with his left hand he went back to ‘The Blowjob From Heaven’. As soon as Angel started the downward slide with his lips he circled Ronnie’s sphincter a few more times with a greased finger liberally spreading the lube of his target. Angel then slowly inserted his middle finger into Ronnie’s ass making sure to fully coat both the inside and the outside. Angel continued with his shaft sucking and slurping and began sliding his well lubed middle digit in and out of Ronnie searching for his prostate gland. In a moment of boldness Angel slid two fingers in at one time. Ronnie gasped.

It was no more than three minutes of being finger fucked until Angel found his target. Angel was giving Ronnie’s prostrate a gentle rub and by sheer coincidence that on an upward suck Ronnie came. His cock throbbed once and sperm started gushing. Ronnie’s rectum clamped down on Angel’s fingers. Angel smiled and swallowed. Not a drop was wasted. There was that popping sound as Angel let go of his lip grip of Ronnie’s cock. Angel straightened up and looked down at Ronnie and enjoyed seeing him go through several aftershocks of pleasure. Ronnie finally opened his eyes and almost cried. It had felt so great, so new, so naughty and decadent. It was a beautiful thing.

Angel bent forward, kissed Ronnie on his lips and let Ronnie voluntarily suck his own cum from Angel’s mouth. Ronnie made a point of keeping his seed in his mouth awhile before swallowing. Angel looked down at Ronnie and brushed a strand of hair off Ronnie’s forehead. “There now, we’re ‘sperm sisters’”. Angel climbed onto the bed next to Ronnie and laid back. They both stared up at the ceiling in silence and let their breathing return to normal while holding hands.

Ronnie rolled over to face the vanity mirror. Angel immediately rolled over to spoon Ronnie. Angel unhooked Ronnie’s bra, removed one silicon breast form and began to absentmindedly trace circles around Ronnie’s nipple and do some gentle caressing. “Well baby doll, what do you think about what just happened? Did you like it?” Angel asked as he rolled over on his back.

Ronnie rolled back over too and said nothing for awhile. When he did speak he said “THAT was a beautiful thing. I never knew that an orgasm could feel that great. Thank you for taking me places that don’t need a car.” They both began to laugh. Ronnie turned his head and kissed Angel again just for good measure.

They laid in bed staring at each other for awhile when Angel said “I know the pageant has been worrying you a lot. You don’t need a pageant to feel or be ‘girly’. I think you should cancel out and come be girly with me. Let me make you more girly. You can be as girly as you want whenever you want. I know that with a little effort we could go out in public with no problems. And don’t forget I have a 100 page book that proves that I know how to make it happen. It’s loaded with photos, instructions and tips”. Angel gently pulled Ronnie’s face closer and gave him a passionate kiss as if to seal the deal. Ronnie kissed back.

Ronnie sat up, one of his bra cups was hanging down and empty. “I think you’re right. The pageant has been driving me crazy. I don’t need the aggravation. You ARE right. I can get girly without a pageant… with your help of course.” Angel nodded his head in agreement. “In fact I’ll call the pageant people tomorrow and tell them to count me out!” Ronnie announced.

Ronnie threw his nylon clad legs over the edge of the bed and sat up, his back to Angel, the tug of the garters felt erotic; a reminder of all things feminine. Without turning Ronnie asked “Will you hook my bra? It’s getting late and I need to be leaving in the near future.” Angel reached over and hooked Ronnie’s bra giving it a light snap to signal that it was hooked. Angel handed Ronnie the missing breast form and said “Keep these. Souvenirs’ of fun times are nice”. Ronnie inserted the form back into his bra, stood up and did his shoulder bra adjustment shrug. Everything was in place. Ronnie looked into the mirror and ran his fingers thru his pixie cut hair in an effort to look decent and broke into a wide smile. The dangling hoops looked great. Angel also exited the bed and made for the bathroom.

After Angel was done Ronnie went in and took care of business. Wearing the garter belt (without panties) made peeing so much easier. Just sit, pee and blot. He washed his hands and looked at the sight in the mirror in front of him: a pretty face, with beautiful eyes, which was wearing a garter belt and black stockings that had a penis hanging down. “Oh my god, what am I to do? I don’t want to ruin my eyes” he said aloud.

Angel entered the bath room and said “No problem. Leave your makeup on until you get home. I’ll send you home with tissues and makeup remover. It would be a shame to waste that look. You can keep the garter belt and stockings. Give me back the large hoop ear rings and I’ll give you a smaller set as souvenirs. And don’t be letting anybody but me be dragging your head around by the ear rings.” Both parties began to laugh loudly. It had been a memorable moment. Heck, it had been a memorable day.

Ronnie retreated to the spare bedroom and got squared way and packed. He did not put on his tap pants electing to wear only the half slip. It was short and had always tucked easily into his pants when he wore it to work. Not wearing tap pants, pantyhose or panties felt breezy in a decadently naughty sort of way. As he pulled on his trousers, sans underwear, he admired the lipstick rings on his dick. He smiled and was afraid he’d ‘tent’ his half slip.

Ronnie took a last look in the mirror and giggled. There, in the mirror, was a cute woman wearing a man’s shirt and pants. He made sure his new bra was barely visible under his cami. The last things he did were to apply his Honey Blush, smack his lips and dab on more Cashmere Mist perfume. He winked at the girl in the mirror and blew her a kiss of goodbye.

Looking around to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything Ronnie removed the large hoop ear rings and exited to the living room sofa. Angel was already there with another tray of hot tea, finger foods and the smaller set of hoops. “Here take these hoops baby doll” Angel said as she clicked them in place in Ronnie’s ears. “Sit down for a few minutes and relax. You don’t have to rush off and the hot tea will be nice”. Ronnie agreed. Before he sat down Ronnie walked over and hugged Angle giving him a lingering kiss. Angel kissed Ronnie back and snapped his bra strap. “That’s what you do, right?” he laughed. They sat down. Ronnie put a bit of honey in his tea, stirred it, grabbed a cookie and sat back to let the tea brew a bit.

The living room curtains were open again and it was clearly getting dark. Ronnie sipped at his tea and told Angel” Thank you for an amazing day of amazing things. I feel relieved in many ways. The fact that I’m not doing the pageant is a relief and you relieved me in a way I never could have imagined”. They both giggled and flashed impish grins at each other.

Still seated on the sofa Angel looked seriously into Ronnie’s well made up eyes. “Let me give you some advice baby doll. Don’t let your dressing up make you paranoid and uncomfortable. Express yourself in any way you want. I think wearing an anklet, shaving your legs, maybe painting your toe nails or wearing some pretties under your men’s clothes is fine if it lets you get in touch with your fem side. And you must admit you definitely have a fem side which explains that beautiful scent you reapplied. Let your fem side out while you’re young and pretty enough to truly enjoy it”. Angel leaned over and gave Ronnie a brief kiss.

“Come over anytime but call first. You can leave a tooth brush and some girly things here if you want. You can always be girly for me. I may even let you wear the large hoop ear rings again. Maybe I’ll get you a house key”. They stood, hugged again and said goodbye again. Ronnie picked up all his bags, which included the makeup removal items, in preparation of leaving.

As Ronnie grabbed the front door knob Angel handed him a copy of his ‘The Art of Cross-dressing’ coffee table book. “Here, take this with you baby doll. I think you’ll learn a few things. I autographed it for you”. Ronnie opened the book and read “To a cute girl and a special sister. Love, Angel”. This called for another smooch and hug.

As Ronnie finally got the front door open Angel said “Next time we get together we need to work on your nails. They need help. AND make sure your toe nails are painted. No one will know. I slipped a couple shades that will look nice on you into your bag. And by the way pull up the zipper on your pants for god sake!” Ronnie glanced down and saw that Angel was right again. His zipper WAS open. But that was probably an acknowledgement that this whole day came about and was literally started by a zipper. It was the zippers fault.

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