On The Run Part 20 Final Chapter

Max and his team were attacking the New York house. The Intel they had pointed to Karaulov Nikolay Timofeyevich was at his home, instead of going to the club. Max had been flown back to New York and met up with the strike team that was going to storm the house. The men in the strike team that had been chosen were some of the hardest hitting people the FBI had. They didn’t care about who voted for who or any of that stupid stuff. They were just for the law. They believed in what is right and wrong. Since, this guy was a known pedophile. They wanted to bring him in for justice.

Max checks his gear along with the strike team. Most of these men he knew personally, either from his time in the service or his time as an FBI agent. Him and Emma spoke before he left, and she had said that she was going to retire from the FBI once this assignment is over. She may go to work for a family friend or join the local sheriff’s department.

She doesn’t know yet. All she did know, was that she wanted to be there for Sara. She just wanted to help Sara adjust to being a normal teenage girl. She just knows that she wants to be around to help Sara. Her time as an FBI agent pretty much helped her make her mind up.

“You ready, Max?”

Max looks up at the team leader, Chuck.

“You bet. Let’s go and get this bastard.” Max has wanted this guys hide for a while.

Agents surrounded the house and as one they moved towards the house. The agents moved in being careful of any electronic surveillance or guards that might be watching or in use. Max encounters a few guards. He quickly and quietly dispatching them. His training as a Navy Seal gave him an edge over the men he took out. He made sure their bodies wouldn’t be discovered any time soon as he made his way towards the house. He wanted Karaulov for what he did to Sara and the other children.

He hears gunfire as he moved through the house towards where Karaulov would be. He spots him running towards his den. Max chases after him and spots Karaulov pulling a gun from his wall safe. Just as he turned to fire at Max. Max fires at his shoulder. He wasn’t going to kill Karaulov. He was going to bring him in and let him experience what prison life in the United States like.

Once Karaulov is down from being shot.

“Suspect is down. Going to need paramedics.” Max just looks at him.

“Я оставил тебя в живых по причине. Я хочу, чтобы вы увидели, что значит быть кем-то в тюрьме.” Max made sure he understood every word.

(Translation: I kept you alive for a reason. I want you to see what it is like to be someone else’s bitch in prison.)

Max checks with the rest of the task force to see how they did. None of their people had been hurt or killed. The same couldn’t be said about Karaulov’s security guards. The majority of them had been killed.

Max calls Emma to give her the good news and to check on Sara.

Six Months Later:
“Mom, Dad watch.” Sara dives off a very high dive and into the pool below.

Emma and Max watch as Sara dives off the tall diving board and into the pool below. Emma and Sara moved in with Max down in Florida. Sara was enrolled in a private school and the operation she needed to fix her birth defect had been done. Emma took a job working at an insurance agency and Max retired from the FBI and was working for a Marine Institute.

Emma’s old partner Lucas had made it in time to the hospital. His appendix had burst, and they had to do emergency surgery on him. Once he was healed and back with his girlfriend. They got married and he left the FBI. He took a job with the local police department.

His uncle was on the police force in Internal Affairs and could use an agent of his qualifications. So, he joined the police force and was working in IA now. He and his girlfriend were expecting their first child.

Sara swims over to the side of the pool and lifts herself out of the pool. She looks at her new parents and felt so happy and blessed. Max and Emma had gotten married last month, and Max officially adopted her as his own daughter. Ever since Emma and her moved in with Max. He had been teaching her how to swim and scuba dive.

Max had gotten a small sailboat and they would go out diving. He had taken her with him a few times when the company he worked for sent him out. She had a swim with the dolphins like Max had promised she could.

“Did you see?” Sara was excited she had survived the drive.

“Yes, we saw, sweetie.” Emma was proud of Sara.

She was turning into an excellent swimmer under Max’s tutelage. She was already talking about joining the swim team when she goes to high school. She was taking gymnastics and learning to surf.

Sara lays down in her lounge chair and just smile. She was finally free to be herself. She had parents that loved her very much. She gets up and hugs Emma and Max.

“What was that for sweet pea?” Max was curious.

“For being the best parents any child could ask for.” She jumps back into the pool and has some fun.

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