Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 22

22 New Secretary and Opreration Girls School

Inside the interrogation room Drew was sitting Shego was asking him questions Drew was not being co-operative towards the Amazon princess then Drew heard a knock at the door the guard open the door and the guard said “welcome officer Sianna”. Sianna came in and said “your majesty and your highness”.

Drew asks “who is this Amazon Bitch?”. Kim said “Sianna is a officer of the Amazon Secret police Sianna is here to see you are look after when we are finished”. Drew said “her face looks fimilar to me was she a global Justice worker”. Sianna giggles and says “no but I do know you male”.

Drew said “you look like I know you real well”. Sianna said “ oh my gawd I think you do male”. Drew looked at her face and saw who she is was and Drew asks “Connor is that really you”. Sianna said “I might have been him but now I am a Amazon female I love being a Amazon girl”.

Drew said “you fucking bitch you turned my youngest son into a girl”. Kim said “Sianna loves being a girl and I will do worst to your oldest son unless you tell what I want now”. Drew said “if I do not tell you hurt my oldest son” Kim said “yes I will make your son life hell Sianna would you like some fun”. Sianna began to smile on her face.

Sianna said “yes your majesty I would love anything you ask to me to do” Drew said “fine then global justice has 12 areas of control America and Australia have Fallen headquarters is in Germany, we have Great Britain , Sweeden if it has not fallen and South Africa as well as Russia and China and small area in Asia”.

Kim said “you done well Drew”. Drew asks “what is going to happen to my oldest son?'. Sianna said “he will be collared and sent to work here in the Palace as a domestic slave”. Drew asks “what happens to me ?”.

Kim said “I need a Amazon justice secretary for here you will also be part of prime minster Lily cabinet but you like defence and intelligence secretary Dr Betty you will be a lot help stragities with me”. Drew said “I will be the only male Minister”. Sianna giggles and says “you will be a woman like me dad”.

A guard walks in and gives Sianna the needle then Sianna walked over and gave hin the needle in the neck the Drew felt pain and said “Ah” Drew felt his body began to change in front of Kim , Sianna and Shego it didn't take long and Drew was now a woman. Drew said “thank you for freeing me your majesty”.

Kim said “your welcome justice secretary”. Sianna said “ we should think of a name for her now she don't look like a Drew now that Pathetic male”. Kim said “ your right Sianna she should have better female name instead”. Sianna asks “ have you got a name for your self Justice secretary?”. She said “ yes I do have a name”.

Kim asks “ what is it then Justice secretary?”. She said “ I will be called Kely your majesty”. Kim said “ Kelly is very nice name I like it your now Justice secretary Kelly” Kelly said “ thank you your highness”.

Kim said “ now Kelly you will make a law making it compulsory in my empire that men were collars”. Kelly said “ yes your majesty and what type of collars are they your majesty”. Kim said “ they are design to control their attitude and their masculinity as well”. Kelly said “ I am glad I am free of my masculinty”.

Sianna left her queen the justice secretary and her highness there talking in confrence room where they were Sianna was heading down to the specail area to see Preston and Monkey Fist the last time she was down there she was a Pathetic boy name Connor now she was a Amazon woman and member of secret Police.

Sianna walked in she walked past Katrina and she walked in and saw Monkey Fists and Preston talking as Sianna approached them the 2 men saw her approach them and Preston asks “ excuse me mistress can you tell me where my brother was taken”. Sianna said “ he was not take that far away at all male”.

Monkey Fists says “ Preston that Amazon woman is your brother Connor has been change into a woman like Senor-Senior son and Drakken”. Preston asks“why Connnor become a woman”. Sianna said “ I feel much better as a woman now then a pathetic male like you”. Preston said “ dad will be upsset you now a woman”.

Sianna said “ the male name Drew is now a woman and the the new Amazon Justice secretary Kelly”. Preston you fucking Amazon bitches you turn my father into a woman and now my baby brother is one too”. Sianna giggled and said “ they were going to make you a woman but I made them change their mind”.

Preston said “ thank you for that but why would you do that your a Amazon woman you hate men”. Sianna said “ you were given a reprieve and you will become a slave instead like Senor-senior you will folllow me now”.

Preston stood where he was he knew he was stronger than Connor but now he is woman she will not be able to move him. Sianna walked up and grabbed him and put his around his back he felt pain and Sianna said “ guards grab this piece of male shit and escort him out “. Guard said “ yes officer Sianna”.

Sianna walked out of the special prison area following her was Preston and a Amazon guards escorting him Preston ask “ how did you get so fucking strong?”. Sianna said “ why are you shock I am now stronger than you male”. Preston said “ yes I thought you would be weaker now your a girl”.

Sianna said “ no we are stronger , beautiful , and smarter than you”. Preston asks “ how could that be?”. Sianna said “ that none of your fucking bussiness male I was corrected by our queen you were born the wrong gender”. Preston looks at her and says “ I was born the wrong gender you were a boy a few hours ago”.

Sianna said “oh my gawd I am not now I am a amzon girl and and I love being a girl”. They finally got to where the new room had been set up for men to get their new collars in there was Dr Drakken, Dr Jaycee , secretary of Amazon Justice Kelly, princess Shego and the queen Kim.

Preston was brought in and Sianna was given the collar. Preston looked at the collar and Preston asks “ what the fact the fuck is that?”. Kelly said “ this is your new collar male it is design to control your masculinity and and your attitude”. Preston ask” why?”. Sianna said “ your fucking stupid gender loves to rape women like us Amazon”.

Preston said “ not all men are rapist and that”. Sianna said “ yeah we know some men are civil that why her majesty thought of male control collar”. Preston said “ you evil fucking bitches this will be fought in court”. Kelly said “ I have made it legal you are in a women counrty control as part of Amazon empire now”.

Sianna walked up and put the collar on Preston he fell to the groung and got up he looked at Kelly and said “ my mistress what do you want me to do?”. Kelly said “ you will look after my daughter and mine appartment here in the royal capital of the Amazon empire”. Preston said “ yes mistress”.

Sianna said “ mom I need to go to Idaho where major Pheobe is with getting things ready for cure on the boys at the school”. Kelly said “ok my daughter”. Sianna left to the hovercraft area for her to leave for Idaho she was looking forward to see Pheobe they were mates as boys hopefully they can be BFFs.

As Sianna was leaving Monique walked in and said “ your majesty we just a call from the Head Minster of Scotland from the British Parliament”. Kim said “ yes Monique what did they want?”. Monique said “ your majesty her name Helena Clarke and she want negoiate in becoming a Amazon nation and you as queen”.

Kim asks “ why would they do that they are part of United Kingdom?”. Monnique said “ it seem they have had enough of being under English control”. Kim said “ if they leave they will be under Amazon control”. Monique said “ Helena said she know that but she want Amazon women control”.

Kim asks “if I accept Scotland then they will be all freed and that”. Monique says “.She know that your majesty and Helena said they will give you a wanted criminal of the Amazon Empire to be part of our empire”. Kim asks”.and what would that be Monique?”. Misha and Veronica walked in and Misha sat on her throne.

Monique said “a global justice director name Tim Raikes”. Kelly said “your majesty that man is the second most powefual male in global Justice defence and justice system there for Great Britain and Europe zone”.

Kim said “well Monique it looks like Helena Clarke might have a deal once my secret police have looked after the school problem”Monique said “yes your majsety”. Kim said “we will head there after we have done what are we are doing at the school in Idaho arrange a meeting” Monique said “yes your majesty I will arrange a meeting with her

Kim said “good Monique that would be vey good”.Veronica said “your majesty if Scotlanad has agree to become part of th Amazon empire we have our new stepping stone into Europe as Australian defence secretary has been saying”.

Shgeo said “the Australian defence secretary is very smart Amazon women and I think we should take Scotland very causious babe if Scotland does want join us I susgests we take it very slowly with them as ths could be a trick form them as well”. Kelly said “her highness is right yout majesy we need to becareful”.

Kim said “ as I told Monique we will have arrangemnet to decide if Scotland true on their word and to have a very powerful global justice member as our prisoner will be good after the secret Police have done their job in Idaho we will begin the negoations with Scotland we have our steppig through Cypus as well”.

Misha said “ Cyprus has begun implementing our law as their they will not have a prime minster instead thye will have a Minster like Hong Kong and Cuba they will under Prime minster Lily control”.

Kelly said “can I make suggestion your majesty if Scotland become one of us why don't we make Cyprus like Hong Kong and have new Scotish Prime minister run Cyprus for you”. Kim said “ that would be a great idea Kelly”. Misha said “ it would make sense Sis”. Kim said “ it will be done if I think they are worthy”.

Kellly leaves and heads down to her new office she is still getting use to being a woman when Kelly arrives down at her office Kelly see Dr Betty and the Prime Minster of Autstralia Andrea here . Kelly walks up and Says “ hello Prime minster nice to meet you I am Kelly justice secretary to our queen “.

Andrea says “ hello justice Secretary Kelly I see you will also advice my secretary as well for Amazon Australia”. Kelly said “ it seems that way I will ask you what is your impression of Scoltland head minster “. Andrea Says “ Helena Clarke is very independent woman has hatred towards men like us why”.

Kelly says “ her majesty has had a call form Scotland head Minster and she wants to join the Amazon empire and become a Amazon Nation like here and your country”. Andrea said “ if it stop a full amazon invasion of Scotland it will be good and to free women of male influence like my country would be good”.

Kelly says “ true invasion is not a good way but if Scoland become a Amazon nation then we will have a new way into Europe”. Andrea said “ the thing is will Wales , England and Northern Ireland accept Scotland become a Amazon Nation the commonwealth has already lost Canada and Australia”.

Dr Betty said “ if Scotland become a Amazon nation I think we should as invade England soon after then the new Prime Minster of Scotland can rule England instead of the other way around”. Holly said “ her majety has already said that Cyprus will be under the new Amazon Scotland”.

Kelly, Dr Betty and Lori Barkin are secretaries for the Amazon States of America but they also secretaries to the queen of Amazon women Kim and her Highness Princess Shego and her highness Princess Misha. Monique and Alexis work in defence and Intelligence area under Dr Betty .

In the science area of the Amazon Palace in the royal capital of Amazon empire Middleton you have been head scienctist Lady Gaia and her daughters Lady Gianna and Lady Elisa and Gaia Staff Dr Drakken and assistant Dr Jaycee her apprentice Alexis and have Secret Police comissoner Kate and her daughter Major Pheobe .

The secret Police are Commander Tara . lieutenant Bonnie , Crystal , Liz , Emily , sergeant Marcella , officer Hope and Captain Sianna. In chare of the Amazon military is lieutenant colonel Veronica and her on ground foresc sergeant Major Jessie and the goverments of Amazon Empire.

Lori Barkin arrived in Idaho the captain of the Idaho Amazon forces was there to meet her as she landed in her hovercraft from Washington the captain said “ welcome to Idaho Education secretary”. Lori said “thank you I am here on special orders from her majesty the queen and the Prime minster of Amazon states of America”.

The captain said “ Yes education Secretary Barkin”. Lori said “ thank you it nice to be here in Idaho”. Captain said “ I see you are on a mission from her majety the queen”. Lori said “ yes I am sorry I can not inform you what is going on”. Captain said “ I have been told the secret police are at the school here”.

Lori said “ yes the city of Cascade has been selected by her majesty for a secret project only I know and the Amazon Secret police”. Captain said “ main police commissioner for that city is still a a male and is the local mayor of that City”. Lori said “ Sergeant Major Jessie and her forces will be here very soon”.

Lori and the captain boarded a Amazon Car and headed to the city of Cascade the drive was very short from the Amazon Base not far from there as they approached they saw Amazon women on patrol in ther area they came to a blockade the warrior there all for idenfication which both women gave their identfication”.

When the captain and Lori arrived in the town and saw people acting normal and saw little boy and girls doing their things in the area Lori said “ I need to go to the local elementary school here and speak to the Principal here I am expecting him to be a man not woman like us”. Captain said “ I think that might be true madam secretary”.

The car approached the elementary schoool they saw Major Pheobe and Sergant Marcella . Lori said “ hello which one is major Phoebe”. Pheobe said “ I am major Pheobe of her majesty secret police and you may be”. Lori said “ I am education secretary of Amazon States of America I am here to get the school ready for her majesty project.

Phoebe said “ nice to mee you we have the new Amazon miltary here waitng for sergeant Major Jessie arrival and have you got what her majesty has requested”. Lori said “ no major I have been told it is arriving by Captain Sianna of your forces”. Phoebe said “ she must be a new girl that queen has chnaged”.

Lori said “ I have no idea major all I was told Sianna will be bringing the project with her”. As the two women were talking Sergeant Major Jessie arrived with her forces and saluted Pheobe and said “ very nice town not far from the lake I presume in winter here it snows a lot here in Casecade”.

Pheobe said “ I do believe so , one you have set you forces here when the Project arrives from Amazon Middleton we will start on the boys age 5yrs old in Kindergarten and then work our way up till we get to year 6 of this school”. Sergeant major asks “ are we doing the middle school here”.

Pheobe said “ we will have to ask the queen”. A sergeant came up and said “ we have secured the airport here Sergeant major and once the Mayor is in our custody we will introduce Amazon marshall law here”. Sergeant Major Jessie said “ good tell the forces to take control of local law enfrocement here and bring the Sheriff”.

Sergeant said “ yes sergeant major Jessie we have the arrival of Helen and Sarah the queen invasion stragitist are here too now”. Jessie said “ good we will set up our main comincations in the mayor office and the town will begin to become a Amzon town”. Sergeant said “ yes sergeant Major”.

Sianna arrived with boxes of the cure Gaia had made to turn the boys into amazon girls and the girls will be done as well instead of the needle it was like a milky substance and when they drank it the boy DNA wa change into a girl it was tested in the royal cpital of the Amazon empire

Sianna walked up and said “ Captain Sianna here reporting with cure Major”. Phoebe said “ I have seen you face before now haven't I Captain”. Sianna replied “ yes major I was your best friend before you were turned into woman then you caught me Iowa where your mother is”. Pheobe said “ fuck it's you Connor”.

Sianna said “ not any more I am a Amazon girl like you now and I love being a woman you were right it was it much better than being a stupid man or boy”. Pheobe said “ I know right it much better that being that stupid gender when were you freed of male influence”.

Sianna said “ a few days ago dad was done but now is the new justice secretary and your father is now our boss and comissoner for the Amazon secret police”. Pheobe said “ yeah she will be new mom now my old mother has left to be new Minster for Cypus”. Sianna “ you heard Scotland might be joining us”.

Pheobe said “ her majesty will be happy do know if we are getting any more secret police here to help her Majesty project here”. Sianna said “ I have no idea I have been told commander Tara and that are coming her majesty has sent lieutenant Bonnie and Crystal to Scotland to check it out”. Pheobe said “ I hope mom does come here”.

Sianna said “ Dr Betty with Alexis and Monique is getting intelligence on the British government with the idea of Scotland”. Pheobe said “ so how much cure has been delivered”. Sianna said “ enough to change the whole Cascade elementary school into Amazon girls it has been tested on a few boys”.

Pheobe said “ I heard it was used on her higness Princess Misha and Lady Eliza it was on as well as a few other boys I was given the old fashion needle”. Sianna giggled and said “ same here but I am glad I was freed of my male shell and freed of male influence we were born the wrong gender”. Pheobe said “true Sianna”.

Pheobe said “ we better get things ready for the the children that will be arriving tomorrow for the their schoool week”. Sianna said “ true we have set up our base in near the lake and we will setting up the cure tent for the morning”. Lori Barkin said “ I will talking to the principal when he arrives tomorrow morning”.

Sianna ask “ do you know what time he will be in tomorrow madam secretary”. Lori said “ most principals get in early and set up for the class for the day”. Pheobe said “ Lori has experience in her field as a deputy principal as she was the one at old Middleton high school which is now a male detention centre”.

Sianna said “ that was where her majesty went to before she was reunited with her mom before untimely death”. Pheobe said “ her majesty was strongly influenced by men influence and she worked at global justice and was under now defence and intelligence minister Dr Betty but now she is free too”.

The amazon worked most of the afternoon and night setting up the the new facilities for the school every boy and girl to become Amazon girls and Cascade elementary school will become the first elementary school for Amazon girls of the Amazon States of America and will implimented in all amazon countries”.

The next day arrived and the Principal of the school arrived around 730am he saw the amazon set up and a big tent set up on the football field it was connected to school gym as he walked in he saw the education secretary was waitng for him he said “ mistress we are honour to have you at my school can I as what's going on?”.

Lori said “ your school has been selected to be the first Amazon school in the Amazon States of America”. Principal said “ why my school is coed and what will happen to the boys here”. Lori said “ it has been decided by the queen that this school will be the first to become a all Amazon girls school”.

Principal said “if I refuse your order mistress”. Sianna walks in and says “ you will be arrested and charged with treason against the crown of the Amazon States of America”. Principal said “we do not have a Queen we have a president who has been invade by you women”. Sianna said “ fuck this”.

Sianna walked over and put a needle in the Principal neck he felt pain as he began to change in to a woman he saw breast and notice he legs and arms go very female and then her face she looked at Sianna and Lori and said “ thank you captain and Madam secretary for freeing me of male influence”.

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