Alex and Nicole (chapter 3)

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Alex and Nicole (chapter 3)

I looked at Nicole's grinning face, the hot chocolate coated her big toe
and was spreading over her stocking. Her legs were crossed and her
bouncing foot was close to my face now. She sipped on her hot chocolate and
watched me over the brim of the cup without saying a word. The steam didn't
cover the playful glint in her eyes. The rule was though, I had to be asked, uhm
told? To lick her toes. So I just watched her foot bouncing, inches from my face.

"You are going to stain the carpet if it drips," I noted.

"You best be sure it doesn't drip then," she commented quietly, watching intently.

"Oh, and how is it you expect me to do that?"

She stopped bouncing her foot and moved it closer to my mouth, the hot
chocolate smell, mixed with foot odor was strong now, her toes brushed my lips.
"You know what to do."

I looked at her foot, I so wanted to do this, it was just so cute and being told to
lick it had sent major tingles through me. I reached up to take her foot in my hands,
to support it. “no hands” she instructed “put them behind your back”. She moved it
so the toe brushed my lips.

I licked slowly, savoring the sweet chocolate taste mixed with her ‘foot
taste’, she had been wearing her shoes all morning, smells had intensified.
Tastes were not just chocolate. The smell of her foot suddenly made me very
hard. It just twisted me up. I opened my mouth a bit and her big toe
slipped in. I sucked on it. She was still watching over the brim of her
cup. I knelt before her, sucking on her toe. I hadn't put my maid's dress
back on yet, I was still only in her underwear. Kneeling before her on the
soft carpet with my hands behind my back.. sucking on her toe.

She pulled her wet toe out of my mouth, quietly she dipped it in my mug
Of hot chocolate again, allowed it to drip a bit before moving it back to my
mouth, she waited for me to open it.

"Are you planning on feeding me?" I asked as her wet toe tickled my lips.
I parted them and it slipped in. I sucked off the hot chocolate once again.

"Perhaps," she told me. She had dipped deeper this time there was more hot
chocolate on her toe. So more taste too, not the chocolate taste. "I
should have put yours in a bowl. Go get one for me please Alex."

I looked at her, the bouncing foot was back, brushing over my nose. I got
up and went into the kitchen and retrieved a large bowl. For my hot
chocolate, for her to dip her feet in, so I could lick them off. I knelt
before her, took my mug and poured it into the bowl carefully. It was steaming
but it wasn't super hot. Her foot dipped into the bowl, not just lightly,
she pressed it to the bottom, when she raised it, the hot chocolate was
dripping off her heel back into the bowl. She pointed at it, no words. I
started licking, this was going to take a while, to drink my hot chocolate
if I had to lick it off her foot, all of it. It seemed too, that this was
just what I was going to do.

She sighed. "That tickles." As my tongue lapped the chocolate off the sole
of her foot, she scrunched up her toes. The stockings held quite a bit of
the liquid it seemed. The taste was stronger on her sole too. I lapped off
the last of it, she looked at the bowl, aimed and her foot went back in,
this time she left it there for a minute, letting it soak in, her foot would
flavor the rest of the hot chocolate too. I wondered how many meals
I may consume this way over the next month. Perhaps her intention was that
I would eat all my food this way. Hmmmm, interesting. Thinking about
That made my cock twitch, I was in a daze. She raised her foot up,
it dripped a lot. I sucked her toes, then started licking, it was very wet
this time, I sucked on her pantyhose, sucking out the hot chocolate, there
were slurping sounds. My face was covered in the sticky liquid. When her
foot was clean again, she dipped the dry one, I suspected that this one
that would have more foot taste, than hot chocolate taste. It did.

I finished my hot chocolate this way, every drop, hands behind my back, not
allowed to use them, some hot chocolate had dripped on my stockings. She
cleaned out the bowl with her last dip, which I sucked off her stocking
clad foot.

"Good?" she asked quietly.

“Unexpected.” I replied.

“Oh?” she grinned a bit. “Did you like doing that Alex?”

I nodded, blushing a bit too.

“Perhaps I should feed you all of your meals that way, you could kneel under
The table while I eat.”

“All of my meals?”

“Uh-hum.” She was studying me. “Maybe.” She sipped her hot chocolate looking
At me, quietly.

I was quiet too, I just didn’t know what to say. I went for a change of topic "Your
feet will still be a bit sticky, I will get a cloth and clean them off."

She waited for me to return, I washed her feet and dried them with a towel
as best I could. "Don't go out until they are dry or you will get cold," I told her.

I took her mug and my bowl into the kitchen and rinsed them off. "I am
going to shovel a bit more Nicks," I called out.

"Okay Alex. Don't stay out too long," she called out.

I was making progress on the path, I was more than half way to the pile,
this was good. The temperature had dropped a bit now though, it was colder
outside. I don't know why I was cold, I had pantyhose and stocking on, a
nice warm bustier and camisole, what more did someone need to wear
shoveling snow? I went back in shivering. Perhaps a skirt or something

Nicole had her coat on when I went in, she was heading out. "I am going to
try to shovel some Alex, you go warm up by the fire."

"Okay Nicks, but don't stay out too long."

"I won't," she called out as the door closed. I put my maid's dress back
On, and went into the living room. Well her French maid's dress.

I was shivering more when I sat on the rug. I must have dozed off, because
the fire had died down a lot, when I heard Nicole come back in. I put a
log on the fire and went to see how she did. She was just inside the door
and was not moving, well her coat seemed to be vibrating or something. But
she wasn't moving. "Nicks are you okay?"

She didn't answer. I went over and she was shivering violently."Nicks,
you stayed out too long." I hugged her but knew she needed to get
her coat off and get to a warmer place, and soon. I unzipped her coat and
tugged it off her arms, then pulled off her mitts and hat, they were
crispy with snow that had melted and then frozen again. Her face was
bluish. I guided her to the living room and put her on the rug. Her shoes
were covered in snow, so I tugged them off, and put them close to the fire
to dry out, her feet were freezing and wet. She was still shivering.

"Why did you stay out so long Nicks?"

"I w w w anted to h h h elp y y y you."

"I think you better take a hot bath Nicks, I am worried that you are too

"kk," she answered, I helped her go up the stairs, her feet were cold and
I suspected it hurt to walk on them. We went into the bathroom and I
turned on the floor heating system and the big infrared light. I started
to fill the tub, with luke warm water, not hot. I didn't want to shock

She was under the light and still shivering, when the tub was filled I
looked at her. "Can you get in ok?"

"I think so Alex, you can go now, no free s s s shows," she teased, that
was good. "I will call if I n n n need help."

"Nicole the water is not hot, sit in the tub, it will feel hot, when you
feel ready, add hot water. Stay in until you are warmed up. Okay?"

She nodded, her face was so pretty.

I stepped out of the bathroom, went around and stoked up all the fires, no
sense letting the house get cold. About thirty minutes later, or was it a
half hour? I lost track. I heard her calling me. I am pretty sure it was
thirty minutes.

I knocked on the bathroom door. "Alex, I am sort of stuck, I did a stupid
thing," she called through the door.

"Do you need help?"


"Are you decent?" I called back.

"Uhm no, I am naked. Come on Alex, the water is getting cold and I am
starting to shiver again."

What had she done? I wondered. I opened the door expecting a lot of steam,
there wasn't any. The room was not really hot but it was warmish. Well
okay it was cool. She was in the tub looking at me, blushing too. Her body
was stretched out before me, in the bath water, in all its magnificent
glory. I debated writing songs to praise it, to record the moment. Maybe
with some trumpets… and harps. Oh oh she was giving me a look.

"Finished gawking?"

"No, not yet, I deliberately looked her over slowly once again. When my
eyes returned to her face she was trying to look angry, but was also still
blushing. I did notice though, she had made no effort to cover herself up
with her hands." I also noticed, one of her pretty legs was stretched
toward the faucet, where her toe was sort of poked into it.

I was grinning when I looked back at her face. "Stuck?"


"Okay okay, relax. Does it hurt?"

"A bit I have been tugging at it, but I can't pull it out."

"Uhm Nicks, I know it is a stupid question, but why is your toe stuck in
the faucet?"

"I saw a movie where someone in a tub poked her toe in the faucet and it
got stuck."

I rolled my eyes at her. "So you thought hey, I should do that too?"

"Sort of, I thought there was no way that could happen, Alex stop staring
at my boobs."

"I grinned, but Nicks they are just sitting there, begging for attention."
I looked at them again, she had perfect breasts, pert, perfectly shaped,
her nipples seemed to be somewhat enlarged too, they were poking out of
the water. I knew from doing her laundry and reading labels, she was a C
cup, but then I sort of knew that before too. I am not blind you know.

She sighed. "When you are finished staring at them, maybe you could help?"

"Sure Nicks, could I get a chair maybe, so I could really spend some
quality time staring?"


I giggled. I felt the bath water, oh oh, it was cool. 'Now you are getting
it," she said, noticing I had felt the bath temperature.

I moved down the end of the tub and took her foot in my hands, I tugged
just a tiny bit.


Oh oh. I took just the toe in one hand, supporting her foot with the
other, I looked back up at her. "I am going to pull a bit Nicks, if it
hurts too much tell me okay?" she nodded, I noticed she had raised her
other leg, bending her knee, this gave me a new view of her, I could see
between her legs, quite clearly. I was staring again.

"Alex, maybe if I promise you can stare at me after, will you go a bit
faster?" I blushed a bit tearing my eyes off her pussy and looking at her
stern face.

"Promise?" I asked. I mean, what did I have to lose.

She giggled and nodded. "For as long as you want, if you hurry."

I took her toe and tugged. She yelped.

This was not going well, and I really wanted my reward. "I am going to try
something Nicole."

She looked at me. "Will it hurt?"

"No it may be a bit uncomfortable for a bit but it won't really hurt," I
answered. "Your toes have been in hot water, they are swollen just a bit,
I am going to run cold water, I am hoping it will shrink your toe just a
bit, but you may get cold."

She braced. "Go ahead Alex." I turned on the tap to a trickle, the cold
water flowed over her foot. She gasped. I waited a few moments, the water
in the tub was getting cold, I hoped this would work. I pulled the drain
plug out, best let the water out I thought.

It was almost empty when her foot just popped out, no tugging.

I shut the faucet off, put the plug back in and started to fill the tub
with hot, well hotter water. It was steaming.

She was smiling. She was smiling a lot. "It worked Alex! You are a
genius." She still had made no effort to cover herself up, or get out of
the tub. I swirled the water around helping the warm water to spread, my
hand brushed over her thigh, she didn't seem to care.

"Better Nicks?" I asked looking into her eyes. She was smiling and nodded.

"It was pretty goofy wasn't it?" she asked me.

I grinned. "Well you are a goof, so it is expected."

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Is your toe okay?" I asked her.

She bent her leg up and took her toe in her hands to inspect it, I was
given a clear view between her legs again. She noticed where I was
looking. "Haven't you seen one of those before?" she asked me.

I looked up at her quietly. "Well yes, yours, I think you were six." It
was true, they used to bath us together.

She giggled and spread her legs wide, "Well go ahead then and have a good
look," As I did just that she bit her lip. She was perfection, her legs
were so smooth, shaped like a figure skaters, which she was. I knew she
had the best ass I had ever seen and there was no fat on her, well just
enough to make her soft. There was no hair on her legs or pussy either,

I looked back into her eyes, she smiled. I didn't know but if she was not
covered in water, I would have detected her scent now too, my staring at
her had stimulated her. She sat up, so I could look at her breasts. She
shook them side to side teasingly. "Your reward my knight in shining
arm... uhm maid's dress," and giggled a bit.

"Alex?" she said softly, thoughtfully even.

"Yes Nicks?"

"As long as you are here, could you wash my back?" She was holding up a
bar of soap. I grinned, her back was perfect too, not nearly as much fun
as her front would be, but I just wanted to extend my time in the bathroom
with her.

"Your wish is my command M'Lady," I said as I took the soap from her. I
moved to the other end of the tub, she moved down a bit and leaned
forward, she took her hair, which was mostly dry and flipped it over her
shoulder. I had a nice view of her breasts from the top as I leaned down
and gently started to soap up her back.

"Mmmmmm that feels so good." She had always liked back rubs, I was
surprised she hadn't already asked for one, she constantly would slip into
my dorm and sit on my bed while I would rub away her tension. They were
the highlight of my days often. I knew she loved them too. We would talk
during them, about anything and everything.

I took a wash cloth and wiped the lather off, then gently rubbed it again
with my hand, making sure all the soap was gone, dipping my hand in the
water behind her, my fingers kept brushing against her butt. I then soaped
up her neck and shoulders, even down her arms and sort of massaged while I
did this. she moaned a bit. "Okay Nicks?" I asked.

"Oh yes, that just feels so wonderful, don't stop."

"Don't stop?" She only had so much shoulder to wash. Did she mean I could
wash more?

"You know what I mean Alex. I want my maid to wash me, all of me."

I was her maid, washing her. A servant washing her mistress. Kneeling. My
lace gloves were soapy. I told her I better take them off.

"No Alex, I want you to keep them on I told you before," she said,
flipping her hair back, she leaned back against the wall. "Wash me," she
whispered. It was a command.

I took the wash cloth and started soaping it up, she took it from me and
put it on the rim of the tub, away from me. "No cloth." Then she closed
her eyes. I was pretty sure that scent I detected was not the soap…

I looked at her breasts, then down her trim tummy, her thighs, knees, even
her pretty feet, and between her legs, she wanted it all washed, and took
away the cloth, she wanted only her maid's hands touching her naked body.
Soaping her up. Rubbing her. She was biting her lip again. That pouty lip.

I took the soap and started at her neck again, soaping gently, working up
a lather. My lace gloves worked well for this. I was staring into her eyes
the entire time. She was staring in mine. "Are you warm enough right now
Nicole?" I asked quietly.

She said, "I am actually hot right now Alex." I think there was a double
meaning there.

"Could I drain most of the bath water? Then I could work up a good

She just nodded. I reached over and pulled the plug. When there were but a
few inches of warm water left in the tub I put the plug back in. I needed
some water to work up a lather. I continued, starting from the top, I
lathered my hands and started above her breasts, her beautiful breasts.
The lather slowly flowed between them as my hands slowly worked down. You
could hear a pin drop, twenty miles away, maybe thirty. I could feel her heart
beating through her chest, she was watching me still biting her lip but I was
watching where I was soaping now, I had reached her breasts, her boobs,
and the four hundred other names that ran through my head now.
They were firm, elastic, soft. I was touching them, my hand curled over the tip,
over her pert nipple slowly, she gasped. I looked up at her, she pretended it
was someone twenty miles away that made the noise. Her nipple was hard,
My palm circled it lightly, she shivered. I cupped the soapy breast in my hand,
it was a breast now, not a tit, not a boob, it was special, it was hers, it could
only be a breast. I lifted it gently, soaping underneath, Then I was doing
the same on her left breast, that was the other one. I can't help it, I was
nervous, excited, I was washing my beautiful cousin. I took my finger and
slowly teased her nipple, she twitched. I looked at her and did it again.
She bit her lip. I pinched it between my finger and thumb. She gasped out
loud. I twisted just a tiny tiny bit, she braced herself in the tub. I
tugged, she moaned. I lathered it gently, she sighed. I did the same to
the other one. She moaned, twitched and gasped again, but she never said
to stop. I slowly caressed both of her breasts, spreading the soap all
around they looked like they were covered in whipped cream when I stopped,
oh what a novel idea. She was watching, she noticed my smile.

"Like them do you?" she said softly.

I looked back into her eyes, I nodded. "They are perfection Nicks, I was
just thinking that the suds looks like whipped cream."

She looked down and giggled, "The nipples look like cherries." I touched
them again. She twitched. But there was no don't do that, or hey, or stop.
Then I almost fainted. "You know Alex, I think there is a can of spray
whipped cream in the fridge."

I looked at her in shock, she giggled.

"You are teasing me," I said quietly and started soaping her tummy.

"Maybe, maybe not," she said quietly and bit her lip again, knowing what
was coming soon as my hand moved lower.

I soaped her sides, ran my hands under her arms, she giggled and squirmed
a bit. I soaped her arms, each hand, each finger. Her palms, I was slowly
covering every square inch of her with soapy lather. I went back to her
tummy, her cute little belly button, well hole. such a cute hole, then my
hands passed over her hips, they were so soft, so shapely. She spread her
legs a bit, raising them both up, her knees were bent. My hand passed over
her mound. I felt her twitch again. I moved up her thigh a bit, a soapy
trail marked where my hand had passed. Then back down her thigh, on the
inside, not stopping, the first time I had touched it, my fingers just
slid over, going up the other thigh, as they brushed over her sex she
really jumped. That smell was back too.

I looked back at my cousin, she was covered in soapy lather, she was
watching me, her eyes looked different, she was very quiet. As I stared
into her eyes my hand slipped over her sex, cupped it. Her eyes rolled
back and she arched her back a bit. I gently rubbed my fingers over her
slit, up and down. It was so slippery, this was not all from the soap, my
finger slid in, it surprised me, it shocked her, she jumped.

But she didn't say a word.

I moved my finger, inside more, my hand was still pressed between her
thighs, two fingers on her lips, one between, moving slowly as I watched
her, she had her eyes closed now. My finger brushed over her clit, Her
eyes popped open. Wide. "Uhm Alex?"

Oh darn she was going to tell me to stop.

"Yes Nicole?" I whispered quietly.

"I am about to have another accident," I heard and she spasmed in the tub.
I kept rubbing and she called out loudly, I have no idea what she said, I
just watched my beautiful naked cousin have a second orgasm.

When she settled down I continued soaping up her legs, carefully, not
missing any part of her, when I reached her feet, I soaped them carefully,
the smell in the tub was so powerful now, my heart was pounding. She was
watching, she hadn't said a word. When I finished her foot I said, "only
one more part."

She giggled and moved to her knees carefully.

"Careful, I don't want you slipping on the soap," I said supporting her.

"Those are not handles Alex," she told me giggling again.

I grinned, holding her breast. She held onto the towel rack and I moved
behind her. I looked down at her beautiful behind. There were some bubbles
there from the bottom of the tub, I cupped a cheek gently, started
lathering. I spent a very long time washing her bum. It felt so amazing, I
never wanted to stop.

"Uhm, Alex, I am getting a bit cold, are you almost finished feeling up my
bum yet?"

My hands went down the back of her thighs a bit and then returned to her
bum. "Not yet Nick’s," I said happily.

"Well I would like the water back on so hurry uppppp... ahhhh."

My finger had slipped between her cheeks. I was to wash everything after
all. I gave her a smack and helped her sit back down, she gave me a dirty
look. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Oh yes, very much so," I told her as I started refilling the tub with hot
water. "But I am only half done."

She sighed and leaned back. "Oh good, because I am loving this. I think my
maid will perform this duty every morning."

My hands were rubbing the soap off her breasts when she said that, I could
feel the hard nipples in my palms. I was loving this too, but now I was to
do this every morning, hmmm everything?" My hand slipped between her legs
again, her eyes opened wide.

"Oh yes, every morning," she said quietly between gasps.

I think she had two more orgasms before I helped her out of the tub. I
dried her off carefully, kneeling before her. My eyes were level with her
bum, and when she turned to face me her pussy was inches away. I looked
up at her. "I love having a maid Alex, I am going to keep you that way for
most of the vacation, do you mind terribly?"

My hands were cupping her bare bottom, my head tilted back as I knelt
there. I shook my head slowly. She grinned. I gave her bum a smack again.
It surprised her and she stepped forward to escape, she stepped right over
me, well as far as she could, there I was kneeling, I had been looking up
at her, so as she stepped over me, my face was between those beautiful
thighs, the smell was powerful now, maybe because my nose had just slid
through her slit. She gasped. She finally got her balance when my mouth
was over her sex, that was as far as she could go without hitting the counter.
She grabbed the counter for balance. She was still over me, she was sort of
Stuck now. My hands were still on her bum, "Alex you better let me go, or I
am going to do it again."

I relented, she slowly slipped back and looked down at me. Smiling. Thank
you for rescuing me Alex. I stood up, wrapped a big fluffy towel around
her, and our lips were almost brushing, I was staring in her eyes.

"Do you really want your maid to do this every morning?"

She nodded, her forehead rested against mine, our lips were touching but
not kissing.


She smiled and turned. "Could you bring my clothes downstairs to dry out
please," she called over her shoulder as she walked out. "Oh, and yes," I heard as
she slid out of the steamy bathroom.

I picked up her panties, pantyhose, jeans, bra, and top. They were not all
wet. I brought them downstairs, she was curled up in the chair with the
big towel. She looked radiant.

I placed her jeans near the fire, I took the rest into the kitchen and
washed them, then brought them in the living room to dry. I liked seeing
her panties displayed by the fire. I looked at her, she looked so content,
I grinned and took a corner of her towel and yanked it,

She squealed.

I waved it over my head. "Come and get it," I challenged.

She took off like a bee chasing honey. I watched my naked cousin charging
toward me, there was no sense running away, in the heels she was keeping
me in, I could not run. She hugged me laughing. "You just wanted another
free show."

"Yup," I said and hugged her back. “You told me that would be my reward.”

"Alright then missy, I will not get dressed until my jeans are dry, you
can hang the towel up to dry too." She smiled evilly, oh this was going to
be torture. It was getting dark out, there would be no more shoveling
today I thought, it was a good time to start dinner, Nicks came into the
kitchen with me to watch me watch her watch me cook, but I wanted to watch
her. She kept giggling. "I hope you don't burn anything you don't seem to
have your mind on what you are doing."

I smiled at her. "It is your fault for looking so beautiful." She was still naked.
Just in case you were not following along.

"Do you really think I am beautiful Alex?"

"Are you serious?" I asked her, she nodded. I went over to the bar stool
she was sitting in. I gently took a strand of hair and curved it over her
ear, she looked at me. I smiled and raised my other and tickled a nipple."

"Hey missy," she said giggling.

"You are beautiful Nicks. Seriously beautiful."

She smiled. I kissed her forehead softly and went back to cooking.

"No choice tonight?" she asked me.

"Nope," I answered not looking up. "Naked people don't get choices."

I looked up then and she stuck her tongue out at me. "Just for that, I am
not going to get dressed until tomorrow." My heart stopped again, I was
going to have to get that looked at soon I thought, All night and when we
slept too? Come on heart, start beating again.

"Well I hope you don't have any more accidents then," I teased.

She blushed.

"Well stop touching me," she tried.

"Oh, is that what you really want?"

She grinned but didn't answer. She was the all time best teaser in the
world, I am sure she has trophies or some such award to prove that. Likely
a big trophy case, filled.

I walked by her to get something out of the freezer, I slid a finger
slowly down her naked spine, right down to her cheeks. She shivered, but
there was no 'Hey missy'. So I blew onto her shoulder. She shivered again.

"Uhm, no," she said, squirming on the stool a bit. I could tease too.

"What are we having?" she asked when I walked by again, trying to peek at
what I was carrying.

"Trout, wild rice, hollandaise sauce and some of the asparagus we brought
up with us."

"OMG you are so going to spoil me."

"That is my plan," I told her honestly.

I looked at her sitting on the stool, her breasts just staring at me, I
mean her eyes just staring at me. "What would you like to do after dinner
Nicks?" I said as I rinsed off the rice.

"Oh I don't know, we could curl up and watch some movies, or maybe play
twister," she said innocently.
I dropped a pot.

I spent a few minutes picking rice off the floor. She was laughing very
hard. Some had even fallen around the stool she was perched on, I was
gathering it up, and looked up at her, her pussy was staring at me now
too, all cute like.

She made no effort to cover up, she just had that look on her face, "some
over there too," she said helpfully, pointing.

We continued our teasing banter while I cooked, I plated and brought the
plates into the dining room, then went for a Pinot Grigio and two glasses.
She sipped and went mmmmmm. Then bit into the fish and went. "OMG Alex!"

"You like?"

Her brown curls bounced as she nodded. It was the hardest thing ever,
sitting there trying to eat, with my naked cousin just grinning. I am
quite sure too, that you know what 'it" was. I mentioned it was hard
right? We chatted as we ate, I pretended not to stare at her breasts. She
pretended not to notice I didn't know where her eyes were. We carried the
dishes back into the kitchen she went first so I could watch her naked ass
wiggle in front of me. Or maybe she felt her maid should not lead. So I swatted
it, she yelped.

I took the dishes from her, my lace covered hands reminding me I was serving
her. "Would M'Lady like dessert and coffee?" I asked.

She smiled, "Of course, I will be in the living room." I watched her cute
bum wiggle as it left the room, with my cousin.

I found frozen strawberries, so I took that whipped cream and made a
strawberry shortcake, The shortcake was in the freezer too. She loved it
as much as I did. I brought two plates in, placing one on her lap and I
put the other on the floor in front of her chair, I wanted to get our

I returned and put her coffee on the table beside her, I looked down and
her foot was sitting in the middle of my shortcake, it was mashed and the
cake was all over her foot. She smiled at me. All innocent like.

I knelt down, my dress rose exposing the tops of my stockings, her clean
foot slid up my leg the other one lifted to my waiting mouth. I slowly
licked my desert off her foot, sucking her toes again. her naked foot was
so soft. It was amazing. I licked her sole, instep. base of her toes, and
she dipped it again, it came up covered in whipped cream. I looked up at
her realizing her pussy was very open, it was glistening too. I looked up
farther her eyes were up there somewhere. As I tried to find them her foot
slipped in my mouth again. I was served my dessert, kneeling before her,
eating off her foot. This was then, going to be a regular thing with her.
I loved licking her naked foot, my tongue slipping between her soft toes,
sucking on each one. But this time the view was so much more interesting.
When there was no more shortcake left on my plate I leaned forward and
kissed her knees, on the inside of her thighs. She watched. Her legs
parted just a tiny bit. I looked up at her, finding her eyes this time. I
rested my cheek on her knee and stared at her pussy, there was a tiny
glistening pearl of liquid between her lips, a log in the fireplace popped.
She jumped and a strawberry covered in whipped cream dropped off her
Fork… landing right on that pearl.

I looked up at her, she took the strawberry and slowly popped it in her mouth.
The pearl was gone, but there was some whipped cream there now. She spread
Her legs and looked at me. “You may as well, I know you want to.” She whispered.

She finally finished her shortcake, I reached up and took her plate. My hands were still
on her silky thighs, I slowly slid down and kissed the top of her knee then got up.
I took the plates into the kitchen and washed up, like any good maid would after
worshipping her mistresses feet and helping with that nasty whipped cream spill…

Nicole came into the kitchen to watch, leaning against me, it was so distracting.
When I finished we went down to the family room. There was a comfy couch
facing the home theater. She snuggled down at one end. I picked a movie and
started it up. Before I joined her I stoked the fire. The room was very cozy. I had
brought down the bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, we sipped that as the
movie started, Iyawned.

"Awww is my maid tired?" she teased.

I smiled and nodded. She patted her lap, want to have a nap?

I waited at least three tenths of a second before I lay down on the couch
resting my head on her naked lap. She settled back and her hands started
to play with my hair. Her legs were so soft, my cheek was on naked skin,
lots of naked skin. She spread her legs a bit and slouched more, I could
smell her pussy, it was a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. I woke up
half way through the movie.

"You were drooling," she told me.


"When you slept, you were drooling," she giggled. I lifted my head, sure
enough her legs were wet.

"Sorry Nicks, I will get a towel and wipe you up."

"Uh-uh," she giggled. "Just lick it up."

I lowered my face back to her thighs, they were spread even more, she
wiggled and leaned back, spreading them much much more. I licked her soft
thigh, the drool, my drool had slipped down her thigh, between her legs. I
licked lower, she was holding my head, playing with my hair again. I
wanted to lick her pussy so bad, but I didn't know what she would say, so
I just kept gently licking the inside of her thighs. The smell was quite
intoxicating, I noticed her lips had a glistening drop clinging, it had
just escaped. I licked closer, she was pushing my head a bit. My tongue
shot out and I captured that drop of dew. She shivered and arched her
back. "Oh Alex," she moaned. "You better stop or I will want you to do
that all the time." I licked again and then turned my face, so I could
look up at her.

"Your wish is my command M'Lady," I whispered.

"I told you to be careful with that missy. So let's see," she said with
more authority. She spread her legs much more.

"Lick me Alex."

I wiggled on to my knees, pressed my face between her legs, her thighs, her soft
smooth thighs were pressing on each of my cheeks, my nose was between
her legs, my mouth was covering her pussy, I licked. Her hands held my head tightly.
I licked more, my tongue slipped in, It was not just one drop waiting, she was very
wet. I loved the taste, I wanted to live off of it from now on. I kept
licking, she was moaning very loudly, I am not sure how the movie ended. I
know I was kneeling in front of her, her legs were over my back, her
thighs were squeezing my head hard as she convulsed again and again.
My hands were cupped under her bum, holding each cheek, lifting her so I could
lick, and lick and suck.

When we, well when she was finished, she grabbed a handful of my hair,
lifting my head. I looked at her. "I warned you about making that offer,"
she whispered.

I burrowed my face between her legs again and licked a bit more.

She cuddled with me while we watched another movie, no one had said
anything, we just cuddled, she had orgasm after orgasm, she was very
relaxed now, I was as tense as a cat in a yard of dogs. But I was only her
maid. I was lying on the couch again, with my head in her lap, but facing her
now, I knew my face was covered and the smell in the room was strong.
I had no interest in watching the movie, her spread legs were just below my face.
I wanted to stay here forever.

When the movie ended we decided to go to bed, I loaded up the fireplace
and we went up the stairs, I followed her upstairs, so my eyes were filled
with her naked behind, she was wiggling it playfully. So I reached out and
caressed it as she went up,
“You said that I could touch it whenever I wanted to”, I reminded her. I kept a
Hand on it until we went into our room, cupping a cheek, sliding slowly over
both of them then cupping again.

I decided to shower, she headed off into the bedroom. I came in a while
later wrapped in a towel. At the bottom of the bed there were a fresh pair
of panties and pantyhose, she wanted me to put the bustier back on with
the stockings, she dressed me. It was quite the experience being dressed in her
underwear by my naked cousin,. She tugged the stockings up and clipped
on the garters, patted me on my panty covered behind and got into bed. I
put logs on the fire, shut off the lights and got in with her.

"Did you stoke the fire?" she asked, she was facing away from the
fireplace, so didn't see me do so.

"Yes, why are you cold?"

"Actually I am, could you cuddle?"

Of course I didn't want to cuddle with a pretty naked girl in my bed, so I
just rolled over.... You don't buy that do you?

We spooned, her behind was pressed against my, well I think you get the
picture, but my hidden toy was secure behind her panties and pantyhose,
but she wasn't wearing them. Her legs were between mine, slowly moving up
and down. "I love the feeling of rubbing my feet and legs on your stocking
covered legs Alex, it feels so nice." I liked the feeling too, but there
was going to be a bump soon that I am sure she would feel as it pressed
into her behind.


"Yes Nicks," I whispered in her ear.

"Have you dated much?"

"A little, yes."

"Have you done that before?"

"Done that?"

I knew she was rolling her eyes, and I couldn't even see them. Pretty good

"Yes Alex. ‘That’."

"No Nicole."

"I felt her wiggle in to me more. That seemed to please her."

"Did you like it?" she whispered.

"Yes," I whispered back.

"Good, I want you to do it again."

I grinned, she couldn't see my smile though. "You do huh?"

She rolled over to face me, we were plastered against each other. She was
a fast roller overer. Or what ever that would be called. Her breasts were
pressed against me. Her legs slipped between mine, we couldn't get much
closer together.

"Yes silly I want you to do it again. A lot."

"Yes M'Lady," I said. "Now?"

She giggled a bit. "Alex, have you kissed other girls?

"What other girls?"


I was laughing a bit. "Yes Nicks, have you kissed other boys?"

"Not so much," she answered. "I dated a boy a while ago, through the
summer, he said I kissed like his grandmother."

A lot of things sprang to my mind, quips, barbs whimsies, but instead I
stayed silent.

"Are you a good kisser?" she asked looking up at me.

"I don't know, no one has said I kiss like their grandfather though."

She was quiet for a bit. "Alex?"

Before I could answer she asked, "Could we practice a bit?"



I kissed her nose, she giggled. "Not there silly."

She raised her head and her lips brushed mine, we kissed. We kissed again,
our arms were wrapped around one another in a hug, and we spent the next
hour 'practicing', Nicole was a very good kisser.

She was getting tired. "Thank you Alex."

I squeezed her. "Can we practice more tomorrow?" she asked, fading away.

"Anytime Nicks. Anytime."

She was almost asleep. Then she whispered, "Tomorrow I want to dress you
in the Bo Peep costume."

Dress me, not have me wear or put on, she wanted to dress me.

"Is it a blue Bo Peep costume Nicks?" I wondered out loud, well in a

I barely heard her, she was mostly asleep.... "pink" and that was it.

I held her in my arms and drifted off, wondering about the lots of times,
the practicing and the pink Bo Peep costume. Tomorrow was going to be
and interesting day.

I snuggled with my naked cousin, my hands roaming over her sleeping body.
She wiggled and moved once and then turned to face me, our lips brushed and
my had cupped her bum, rubbing slowly again. Her eyes opened and she her
lips tickled mine as she whispered… “ I like that.” And fell asleep.

I didn’t get a wink.

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