Finishing School For Young Ladies Ch11

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Finishing School For Young Ladies
Michele Nylons

Chapter Eleven – Business As Usual

The businessman sat in his cheap London hotel room sipping a Johnny Walker. He twiddled what appeared to be a business card between his fingers. The small black high-gloss card had the silhouette of a stylised schoolgirl with her skirt flung high showing off her stockings embossed on it in silver. Under the logo was printed the words ‘Saint Trinian’s Escorts’ followed by a phone number.

The man nervously reached for the phone, requested an outside line, and then dialled the number on the card.

The phone was answered by Sally Mackintosh who was sitting at her orderly desk in her makeshift office located in the gardener’s cottage on the grounds of Chelmsford Finishing School for Ladies. Sally conversed pleasantly with the gentleman and then hung up.

“Wendy you’re up! Raul; you’re driving!” Sally called around the cigarette dangling from her mouth.

Raul came into the office and picked up a slip with the address of the hotel written on it and walked back through the lounge room to go to the car outside. Wendy Hodgkins, halfway through a two year enrolment at the school and second in her class in academic subjects, rose from the couch, stubbed out her cigarette, and followed Raul out to the car.

Raul pulled up outside the hotel and watched Wendy all the way to the door. A few minutes later he saw her wave briefly to him from a window on the third floor. All was well and he picked up the racing form and scanned it.

In the hotel Wendy slid out of the tight blue satin-sheath dress she had been wearing and stood before the man who sat naked on the bed. Her black satin and lace, waist-cinching bustier barely contained her voluptuous figure and huge breasts, her ensemble was complete with sheer black stockings, wispy nylon panties and black highheels.

The man was very excited and summoned Wendy to join him on the bed. She knelt before him and opened a condom wrapper with her teeth and expertly put the condom on the man’s stubby erection with her mouth. It almost made him come.

She lay down on the bed and opened her legs and the skinny balding business man scooted between them, still wearing his black socks.

Wendy pulled aside the gusset of her panties and the man stabbed at her with his small fat cock until he found her entrance. When he did he almost fainted with lust. Wendy smiled and held him against her, letting him slaver at her face with sloppy kisses while his skinny bum bounced up and down.

He came quickly, howling like a banshee and Wendy smiled to herself, wondering what the occupants of the other rooms must think.

She let him finish and then extricated herself from underneath him and took off the rubber johnny, wiped him clean, and dropped the johnny in the toilet and flushed. While she was in the bathroom she quickly fixed her makeup and then squeezed back into her tight dress. She lit a cigarette while the man counted out the money on the bed. He cheekily shoved a fiver, a tip for her in addition to her fee, into her stocking top.

Wendy kissed him again and let him have a quick feel before she politely disengaged from the punter and made her way to the lift.

She was back in the car with Raul less than fifteen minutes after they’d arrived at the hotel.

“That was quick,” Raul said offering her a cigarette over the seat.

“Yeah, he’s a sweetie but he never lasts long. His missus stopped giving him sex years ago,” Wendy replied as she lit the cigarette.

She took the fiver out of her stocking and added it to the two tenners the businessman had given her in payment and handed the money to Raul.

The girls shared everything. They were well paid and there was no need to keep tips or skim from the punters.

Wendy and Raul were back at ‘The Cottage’, as it had come to be known, barely half an hour after they had left. The money Wendy had earned was locked in the safe after being carefully entered into the ledger by Sally.

Valerie’s business model was working. It operated under the name ‘Saint Trinian’s Escorts’ and was supplying call girls on a regular basis to an exclusive and trusted clientele. It provided everything from elegant social escorts, overnight stays, or hotel quickies such as the services just provided by Wendy. They still had the two ‘playrooms’ operating in the cottage, mainly for college lads who couldn’t afford a hotel room in addition to the girl’s service fee.

It was not that long after the fateful evening when Lisa had come to Valerie’s dorm and they had made love and agreed to Valerie’s proposal, that Valerie once again found herself standing out the front of the dodgy looking dilapidated building in the back streets of Moulsham.

The alley was dark and still strewn with abandoned shopping trolleys, junk food wrappers, empty beer cans and bottles, cigarette butts, and condom wrappers.

Valerie turned down the alley and her heels click-clacked on the dirty cobblestones.

“Jesus! Doesn’t any cunt clean this place up?” she hissed, kicking an empty beer can out of her way.

She passed the doorway where the old prossie used to ply her wares. She’d either moved on or her daughter had taken over the family business. Her young blonde protégé was not quite as beat up as her predecessor, wearing a similar stained leopard skin mini dress with her tits nearly falling out of it. Her flesh-toned hose were laddered but at least her black high heels were in good condition and her makeup was half decent.

She was pressed against the doorway while a dodgy-looking punter held up the back of her dress and fucked her from behind. He grinned at Valerie as she passed and requested she join them. Valerie raised a finger and kept walking.

She knocked on the door that was still caked with fading and peeling blue paint, experiencing feelings of déjà vu. Steve opened the door, a smile lit up his face.

“What are you grinning at? You look like the cat that ate the canary,” Valerie stepped inside and was amazed at the transformation that had taken place since the last time she had been here.

The warehouse had been repainted and fluorescent lighting had been installed and the old tatty furniture replaced by new furniture and fittings. All the equipment looked shiny and new.

“Fuck me! This place has changed. Did you win the lottery or something?” Valerie looked around at the professional looking studio.

“Well remember that girl I told you about? Candace…err Candi Pops?” John Benstead grinned.

Valerie nodded vaguely

“Well she’s my missus now and she earns a fucking bomb. And I don’t do too bad myself so I upgraded the joint. I left the façade and the alley looking like a shithole and that throws off the Old Bill. It’s sort of camouflage” John looked pleased with himself.

“Anyway, Billy The Bottle passed on your instructions and here it is. One Batchelor Of Education in the name of Valerie Swindon,” he flourished the document as he made his way over to his new executive desk and big leather swivel chair.

As Valerie sat down opposite she noticed that the ratty chest of drawers, strewn paperwork and the stamps, ink pads, pens, glue, scissors and other detritus had disappeared. The place looked eminently professional.

John still looked good for a man in his forties. He continued to wear his blonde hair long and styled but his tan and muscled physique was now shown off by wearing an expensive open-neck body-shirt and tight slacks instead of the ratty t-shirt and jeans he used to favour. The obligatory cigarette hung out the corner of his mouth.

“Still cocksure of yourself, aren’t you?” Valerie smoothed her skirt and noticed John gaze at her legs, today clad in sheer tan pantyhose.

“Darling, the last time you were here, the final thing you said to me was: ‘You’re not as good as you think you are! You better get your shit together if you’re hoping to get together with this Pops woman.’ I took your advice,” he smiled at her, not even attempting to disguise the fact that he was ogling her.

“And does Miss Pops know that you still try to get into the knickers of every lady that comes to you for business,” Valerie said in a clipped tone.

John got up and walked around the desk and stood before her. He pulled Valerie out of her chair and held her close.

“Not every lady. Just gorgeous creatures like yourself,” he sighed and tried to kiss her.

Valerie turned her head away and began to struggle but John held her tight as she wriggled in his grasp. Her movements were exciting him and Valerie could feel his hard cock pressing against her through his slacks and her skirt. She was wearing a business suit and a satin blouse and John was trying very hard to get his hands inside said blouse.

“Stop it!” Valerie hissed and tried to stamp on his toes with her highheels.

John just grinned. His hand had found its way into her blouse and inside her brassiere. He cupped her small firm breast and tweaked her nipple and it hardened to his touch. His other hand was under her skirt fondling her buttocks; squeezing and stroking them.

“Stop it!” Valerie gasped into his mouth as it closed on hers.

She made a perfunctory attempt to stop him one final time and then surrendered and kissed him back and put her arms around him.

They kissed and rubbed against each other for a while than Valerie gently pushed him away.

“Ok loverboy, I’m in a rush so lets get this over with…and I want a hundred off the deal,” Valerie smirked.

“Oh come on Valerie you know I can’t…oh my fucking god!” John gasped.

Valerie had dropped to her knees, freed John’s penis, and taken it into her mouth.

She suckled on his hard cock, bringing it to full tumescence and then rose to her feet, bent over the desk and pulled her knickers and pantyhose down around her knees. She wiggled her buttocks seductively and offered herself to John who moved in behind her, lowering his trousers.

John used a finger to check to see if Valerie was lubricated; being in a full-time relationship with a transsexual himself he knew the importance of lubrication.

John found Valerie lubricated and judging by the jiggle she gave when he fingered her, he knew she was ready. He pressed his glans into her puckered bud and Valerie pushed back as John gripped her hips and held her as he impaled her on his cock.

Valerie was feeling quite horny herself and she stroked her penis as John slid his cock in and out of her tight anus, pressing himself into her soft buttocks as he fucked her. Valerie began to whip her hand back and forth on her erect penis and John sensed that she was about to come; she was pushing back against him and grinding her backside, ensuring his penis pressed on that special place.

John sensed her urgency and fucked her harder and faster, the thwok, thwok, thwok sounds reverberating around the warehouse drowning out their groans and gasps.

John released himself deep inside Valerie; pulling her hard against him. Valerie orgasmed and her seed splattered on the floor. John twisted Valerie’s neck so he could kiss her while he came.

Valerie gave a final shimmy and eased herself forward so that John’s penis plopped from her anus. She took a handful of tissues from the desk and wiped herself then dropped the tissues in the bin and pulled up her pantyhose and knickers, pushing her still dribbling cock between her legs as she had no gaff, then smoothed out her hose and knickers as best she could. She pulled down her skirt and straightened it. John wiped himself and pulled up his pants.

Valerie sat back down, opened her purse and touched up her makeup using the small mirror in her compact, then she lit a cigarette and took an envelope out of her purse and riffled the banknotes inside it.

John sat across from her smiling, he placed the forged Batchelor of Education into an envelope and handed it over. Valerie checked the contents of the envelope to make sure no sleight of hand had occurred and happy with the contents she took the banknotes out of her envelope, snatched one hundred pounds from the bundle, and handed it over.

“Jesus Valerie! One hundred pounds for a fuck?” he whined.

“That’s a bargain John. I’m out of the fucking for money game; I just wanted to see if you had improved any,” Valerie raised her eyebrows at him and chuckled.

“I’m sure you service Miss Pops quite adequately based on that performance,” she snickered.

“Fuck you Valerie,” John was exasperated.

“You already have darling. Time to go sorry,” Valerie smiled and raised herself out of her chair.

John watched her saunter across the warehouse to the door and shook his head.

Valerie stepped outside with a smirk on her face and a rather pleasant squishy feeling in her knickers. The prossie had finished with her punter and was leaning against the doorjamb smoking a cigarette. She waved her fingers at Valerie who waved back nonchalantly. Billy waited for her next to the Jaguar they used to ferry the girls around in, and he opened the door for her politely.

Chelmsford Finishing School for Young Ladies subscribed to the 1973 Education Act which made provisions for the operation of educational trusts. This allowed Lisa to manipulate the money coming into the school from Valerie’s businesses. But it also meant that with few exceptions the faculty had to be qualified teachers.

Valerie had just gotten around three years of university by simply getting John Benstead to forge her a BA and as Lisa headed the faculty selection board, it was easy for her transition from student to teacher. She mainly taught fashion design and deportment courses but she had a college level knowledge of English and assisted with English composition but her acumen was business and she ran business courses for the girls, which she enjoyed. Any complaints from the other teachers were dealt with quickly and quietly and, as most of the faculty had recently received substantial pay rises, they were in no mood to quibble.

Valerie, Emily and Lisa had worked their way through the faculty list of five full-time teachers who taught the academic subjects, the remaining two part-timer teachers taught lifestyle related curricula. They weaned out a couple who they though would be trouble and kept the rest.

The headmaster was a weasel named Reginald Humphrey. He was an incompetent fool who had no idea what was going in his school, mainly because he hardly spent any time there. When he did attend, his main occupation was toadying to the so called wealthy benefactors who actually provided nothing, and ogling the students and staff.

“We need him gone Lisa,” Valerie said.

“Yeah but he’s going to be difficult to remove. He’s in with the hoi polloi so I don’t know how we do it?” she sounded frustrated.

Valerie grinned.

“I’ve got it covered. I seduced him about a month ago and he’s been coming around to my study to get his weekly piece of arse from me every Thursday. He will undoubtedly come around this afternoon when I’m supposed to be grading exam papers and I’ll have Emily hide in the closet and film him. Blackmail seems to be the best currency when it comes to me getting my way; that and a visit from Billy the Bottle,” Valerie smiled and Lisa blushed.

And so we come back to where this story started…

The headmaster had finished fucking Valerie and he stepped into and pulled up his trousers and Valerie moved her skirt a fraction across the opaque window pane; seeing no movement outside in the corridor, she unclipped it and stepped into it. She buttoned and straightened her blouse and tucked it into her skirt.

The headmaster, ever the gentleman, zipped the back of Valerie’s skirt closed; it was after all the least he could do after fucking her.

He cleared his throat.

“I’ll see you at the staff meeting then Miss Swindon,” he said loud enough for anyone lurking in the corridor to hear.

“Yes, of course headmaster,” Valerie replied in her smoky voice that drove half of the faculty wild with lustful thoughts.

The headmaster unlatched the door and strode purposefully down the corridor looking very self-important, the files under his arm a symbol of his status.

Valerie went to the ladies toilet to rid herself of Reginald Humphrey’s semen and to smoke a cigarette. She brushed her teeth and came back to her study to find Emily Milford sitting at her desk arranging the Polaroids.

“I like these shots where you can clearly see his face while he’s fucking you. You can obviously see you are trans but you can’t see your face,” Emily grinned.

“Well done sweetheart,” Valerie kissed Emily appreciatively.

Valerie strutted out of her study and picked up Lisa Meakins on the way to the staff meeting. The headmaster was stunned when Lisa tabled a motion of no confidence in Reginald Humphrey and propose he step down from his position. He was about to filibuster pompously as he usually did, when Lisa slid the Polaroids in front of him and kicked him under the table.

Reginald Humphrey called for an adjournment which was granted and he demanded that Lisa and Valerie accompany him to his study. He was surprised when he opened the door to his study to find Billy ‘The Bottle’ Butler standing just inside.

Reginald opened his mouth to speak and Billy punched him in the stomach and the headmaster folded.

“You have nothing further to say from now on Reginald,” Valerie said, closing the door.

“You’ve had a good run, made some money and even got to fuck me a few times but your time here is over. You can go quietly with a good reference from the school.”

“Or Billy here will carry you out unconscious and visit you once a week until you have no teeth left, then he starts working on other body parts. And we send copies of these photographs to your wife and every school and college to which you apply for a position.”

“Just nod if you’ll take option one,” Valerie said.

Reginald nodded whilst still bent over; the breath knocked out of him.

“You’ve got the afternoon to pack up and leave,” Lisa said dispassionately.

“Billy; see that he leaves with no fuss.”

Billy nodded and then plonked himself in headmaster’s overstuffed chair.

Valerie and Lisa went back to the staff meeting where Lisa was voted Headmistress and Valerie, Deputy Headmistress.

Valerie took off from school early and surprised Sally who also had the evening off.

Valerie dragged Sally to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

“We’re all done darling! We run the school now, everything is ours and we’re going out to celebrate but first we are going to fuck each other bonkers!” Valerie grinned.

Sally squealed when Valerie leapt on the bed.

They kissed each other tenderly, there was no rush. Their soft lips pressed against each other’s and tongue’s tentatively slid into mouths. The kissing gradually became frenetic, their mouths locked together, tongues entwined, bodies pressed tight and legs intertwined.

They paused briefly to dispose of skirts and blouses and fell on each other again. Valerie freed Sally’s tits from her brassiere and pinched and rolled her nipples, Sally lowered her head to Valerie’s breasts and suckled and nipped at her teats. Hands snaked down soft white bellies and found satin panties bulging with hard cock. Valerie stroked Sally’s erect penis through the layer of shiny satin making her gasp and moan.

Sally squeezed Valerie’s hard phallus through her knickers, gripping it tight and stroking it. They wanked each other’s satin sheathed cocks and returned to kissing each other; their lust becoming a smouldering yearning demon that would soon need satisfying.

In unspoken agreement they turned head to toe so they could use their mouths on each other. Valerie licked at Sally’s cock through her knickers, gently biting the shaft through the satin. She raked her hands up and down Sally’s nyloned legs, knowing that the tactile embrace on her gossamer-clad legs would drive her into a paroxysm of lust.

Sally gasped and freed Valerie’s throbbing cock from her panties and took it in her mouth and suckled it. She licked Valerie’s glans and slavered at her shaft now glistening with Sally’s saliva. Valerie responded by releasing Sally’s cock from the confines of her knickers and sucking it deep into her mouth and trilling her tongue on her fraenulum.

They sucked each other’s cocks, stroking legs and squeezing buttocks, driving their carnality into overdrive.

Valerie spun around and mounted Sally, lifting her legs high and putting them over her shoulders. She nuzzled Sally’s stocking-clad calf as she probed at her anus. As soon as her glans found Sally’s puckered entrance she pushed forward and drove her hard cock deep inside her lover.

Sally squealed with delight and writhed and bucked under Valerie as Valerie’s cock filled her anus and nestled against her prostate. Immediately waves of pleasure emanated from that special place and her cock began to leak preseminal fluid.

Valerie gripped Sally’s leaking penis and stroked it as she fucked her lover, thrusting deep inside her and then retracting her penis until her glans was once again nestled in the pink flower of Sally’s anal bud, then she pushed slowly forward again making Sally shake with lust.

Valerie lowered her face to her lover’s and they kissed as they fucked, their tongues entwined as Valerie slowly increased the tempo of their fucking. Sally ground her buttocks against Valerie, encouraging her to fuck her harder which Valerie was obliged to do.

Valerie fucked Sally hard and fast with deep strokes, they both gasped into each other’s mouths; Sally crossed her ankles behind Valerie’s head and lifted her bottom up off the bed to meet Valerie’s thrusts.

Valerie orgasmed and her warm, glutinous spunk flooded Sally’s derriere, oozing out of her, as her anus filled, dribbling down the crevice of Sally’s buttocks as Valerie continued to pound her cock in and out of her. Sally shrieked as Valerie’s hot seed splashed over her prostate and that thick cock distended her sphincter, driving her wild with desire and triggering her climax.

Valerie stroked and squeezed Sally’s quivering phallus and was rewarded with a spurt of creamy issue that soon became a torrent of milky white semen.

They kissed and fucked each other, relishing every sensation and drawing out the divine rapture of their lovemaking until they were gratified; then Sally lowered her legs Valerie withdrew and they cuddled and kissed until they nodded off to sleep, their juices drying on their flesh.

“Come on honey; you always take forever when we’re going out,” Valerie chided Sally who was putting the finishing touches to her makeup in the ensuite bathroom.

Valerie downed the last of her Chardonnay and stubbed out her cigarette.

She was wearing a floor-length red satin evening gown that clung to her every curve. She had accessorised with gold jewellery, red plush high-heeled pumps and a gold beaded clutch. Her hair was perfect as was her makeup and she was anxious to go. Billy waited in the Jag downstairs.

Sally came out of the bedroom looking just as stunning as Valerie. She wore the same dress only in blue and had accessorised with silver accoutrements.

“You look gorgeous!” they said in unison and air-kissed so as not to spoil their makeup.

They made their way gingerly downstairs in their highheels and Billy helped them into the back of the black Jaguar. They soon arrived out front of Bocca di Lupo, one of London’s finest restaurants.

All heads turned their way as they approached the Maitre D.

“I have a booking for Valerie Swindon,” Valerie smiled excitedly.

“Of course. Come with me please ladies,” the Maitre D led them through the crowded restaurant.

Valerie was surprised when they arrived at one of the small private dining rooms.

“No, I’m sorry. This is wrong. I ordered a table for two,” Valerie said to the Maitre D, the confusion evident in her voice.

“A slight adjustment to the seating arrangement Mademoiselle,” the head waiter opened the door to the petite dining room and ushered them in, closing the door behind him.

Sitting at a table set for six was a large man smoking a cigar, his swarthy complexion betrayed his Italian descent. He was ruggedly handsome despite his size and his pin-striped suit was obviously hand tailored and expensive.

The lady sitting beside the large Italian man was an attractive lady in her forties. She stood up and flashed a brilliant smile.

She was wearing an ankle-length red satin gown worn low on her shoulders, with long sleeves; split to her thigh which revealed shapely legs clad in sheer black stockings. The fabric of her dress clung to her curvaceous body. She had accessorised with red kitten-heels and silver jewellery and her long blonde hair was combed out straight and worn down to her waist. It glistened in the subdued lighting of the restaurant. Her makeup was dark and striking; her lipstick bright red when she smiled.

“Please allow me to make the introductions. I’m Michelle Murphy and I believe you know John Benstead,” she indicated John who sat there with a sardonic grin on his face wearing a dark blue Italian-cut suit.

“And beside him is Miss Candace Pops.”

Michelle pointed to a beautiful girl in her early twenties, her face was framed by silky straight brunette hair cut with a fringe. She stood up and offered her hand. She was dressed in an airline hostess uniform consisting of a light blue A-line skirt, with the very short hem; a form-fitting jacket with silver piping along the lapels, a long sleeved white satin blouse and black patent leather four-inch heels.

Valerie and Sally leaned over the table and shook her hand; both gobsmacked and speechless.

“Sorry. I had to come straight from work; my flight just got in from Singapore,” when she smiled, she lit up the room.

“And your host tonight is Mister Tony Carlotta,” Michelle extended her hand towards the large, handsome Italian gentleman.

Tony rose and smiled. His smile reminded Valerie of a crocodile and she shivered involuntarily as she realised who this man was.

“Ladies…Please sit…I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

The End

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A Good Romp!

Plenty of fun & lots of sex. I'm guessing nothing really bad happens to Valerie and Sally as a result of their dinner with Tony, but still it takes the "and they lived happily at least for a while" off the table. I went back through the relevant chapters and found that Valerie had given John Benstead her birth certificate; so, I'm assuming he's the snitch. A brief 6 months or year later epilogue would be a good addition so that we learn for sure that the girls are fine and how they managed to screw the snitch over (unless of course I misunderstood something).

Thanks for sharing, it was a fun and stimulating read with a funny if not totally satisfying ending.

The Biters Bit

joannebarbarella's picture

Oh Well! What goes around comes around.....and a good time is had by all.

I bit confused

At some unexplained point the plot changed from Valerie hiding from the state child protection services to some unexplained character named Big Tony or just Tony. Apparently her stepfather worked for this nefarious character who shows up at the end of the tale. The who's what's and why's of the possible villain go unexplained and confuse an otherwise attention holding story. Had the author taken the time to shift the threat from the state whom Valerie evades for two years to this potentially menacing character with ties to her deceased parents the tale would have been more satisfying to this reader.

Still it does not dissuade me from paging through to Ms. Nylons next offering.