From The Past To The Future Part 6

It’s been two months since Lupita found the boy and they still didn’t know the boy's real name. Black Wolf had gone ahead and gave the boy a new name. Haloke was what Black Wolf and Lupita were calling him. Black Wolf had the tribal police run his fingerprints and face to see if he had been kidnapped, but nothing had come back about him.

Haloke enjoyed cooking with Lupita and Black Wolf. He didn’t know what his real name was or where he came from, but he did know since Lupita found him. He felt safe for the first time in his life. When Lupita tried to get him to tell her, he just couldn’t recall why he felt the way he did.

He enjoyed learning from her about tracking and hunting. He killed his first deer two days ago. She showed him how to skin and clean the kill. She also taught him how to thank the animal for its sacrifice.

Black Wolf showed him how to tan the skin and how to ride a horse. He enjoyed helping down at the convenience store that Black Wolf’s friend owned on the reservation. Lately, he has been hearing stories from several men that lived around Black Wolf about a woman that the spirits had healed. He didn’t know what it meant, but he wanted to know more.

Lupita was folding laundry she had just got done the drying. She had used Angie’s washer and dryer to do Black Wolf, Haloke, and her own laundry. She holds up a pair of underwear she bought for Haloke. So far, Haloke hasn’t shown any interest in girl things. She did know he enjoyed cooking with her. He also enjoyed hunting and she was teaching him archery. She didn’t like guns. She knew they had range and such in a fight, but for some reason, when touched one. It burned her hands unless she was wearing gloves. Now, the Glocks she tested, didn’t burn her hands, because of their ceramic construction.

Once Lupita was done folding laundry. She puts everyone’s clothes away. They had to add onto Black Wolf’s place because originally it was built just for one person. She converted some of the gems she had in a pouch when she arrived to pay for the additions to the place. She still had a few things with her that came with her new body. Why she was merged with the elf body. She hasn’t figured out yet.

She walks into the kitchen to check on dinner. They were having deer roast tonight from the deer Haloke had killed just a few days ago. She had volunteered to cook the meat. She had recipes that the elf whose body she inhabited knew. As for Haloke himself, they were hoping something would trigger his memory.

They have done everything humanly possible to find out Haloke’s real identity. There might be one way to do it, but Black Wolf has been kind of hesitant to take that path. It involved asking the spirits for help. Black Wolf wanted to give Haloke a little while longer, before asking the spirits for help.

Lupita heard the front door opened and footsteps.

“Hello?” Lupita sticks her head out of the kitchen to see who it was.

“It’s just me Lupita.” Haloke shakes the snow off his jacket. It had started snowing lightly.

“Have you heard from Black Wolf?”

“No, ma’am. He said he had to talk with some other shamans.” Haloke hangs his jacket up and walks into the kitchen. It smelled wonderful in there.

“Okay. There’s a fresh pitcher of sweet tea in the refrigerator if you want some. There’s also orange& pineapple juice too.” Lupita liked the orange and pineapple mix juice.

“Thanks.” Haloke opens the refrigerator and pours himself a glass of tea.

Lupita wouldn’t allow any soda’s in the place. She tried it and didn’t like it. However, he and Black Wolf liked soda.

Haloke walks over and sits down at the kitchen table. He takes a sip of his tea and just watches Lupita as she prepares dinner. He knows she loved cooking. He once asks her why she liked to cook, and she had said it was relaxing to her.

When the roast was ready. Lupita pulls it out of the oven and put it on a serving plate. She cuts it into slices and put the tray on the kitchen table. The vegetables and mash potatoes she made she put in a serving bowl and place them on the table. The biscuits in the oven were ready as well. She fixes a plate for Black Wolf and wraps it up.

“Go ahead and fix yourself a plate, Haloke.”

“Okay.” Haloke fixes himself a plate. He wasn’t a big vegetable person.

Lupita looks over towards him “you need more vegetables then that, Haloke.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Haloke just sighs as he takes more vegetables then he already had.

A smile appears on Lupita’s face as she fixes her own plate. They sit down at the kitchen table to eat. Normally, they would head to the living room to eat, but since it was just her and Haloke. They would eat in the kitchen.

“How was your day today?” Lupita looks towards Haloke while she was eating.

“It was fine. I helped stock several shelves today. T'iis said he enjoyed me working in the store with him.” Haloke loved the way Lupita cooked the deer meat. It melted in his mouth and the spices she used were unbelievable.

“Well, remember. You’re still underage and can only work a certain number of hours.” Lupita wishes they had these rules when she was human.

“I know. T’iis said I had tomorrow off. He said the next time he needed me would be this weekend when he got a shipment of items he special
ordered.” Haloke takes another bite of deer meat and vegetables.

Once the two of them were done with dinner. He helps Lupita clean the dishes and put the rest of the food away. Once the kitchen was clean.
Haloke goes and takes a bath and turns in for the night.

Lupita stays up till Black Wolf comes from where ever he went. She passes the time waiting for him, reading a new novel she picked up when they went shopping for Haloke. She makes herself comfortable on the new sofa they bought at the thrift store.

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