The seduction: part 1

Chapter one: lost at the bar.

Stefan had never been a real womaniser. He liked women, but because of his average looks and the fact, that beautiful women rendered him speechless he had had (admittedly only a few) relationships with some equally average girls, that started off well, but all ended for the same reason. While he was an incredibly loving and gentle lover, as soon as the woman wanted something more ruff for a change he just could not do it. He adored the female body, to him any female was beautiful and to treat such a work of (nature’s) art without respect, that he just had not in him. So sooner or later that lack of male dominance had ended his relationships, one after the other.

Stefan had adjusted to his disposition and spent more and more time alone, not wanting to repeat the disappointment of yet another girl moving on, because he just wasn’t the man she sought. He had a nice if soft face for a man, he wasn’t big and he wasn’t small. He had just the right weight on him and his hair was blonde. He didn’t look bad at all, but not particularly good either. He was just someone that got overlooked easily.

This night he was sitting at the bar of a neighbourhood watering hole staring at his beer. He was shocked out of his sad stupor when he looked up and in the mirror behind the bar saw her approaching. Red curly Hair fell loosely around her face and down her back, how far he could not see. Her complexion was very fair and around her cute nose he noticed some freckles. Her high cheekbones showed a strong heritage line and her lips, oh those lips were just so inviting, so kissable! So full and red. He knew that if she spoke to him he wouldn’t be able to utter a single word. How did this evidently Irish goddess get in here? He wondered.

The goddess, who was but human, move to the bar stool next to him and asked:
“Is this seat taken?”
Stefan panicked. She was speaking to him and he was dumbstruck. He could not utter a single word. At last he managed to shake his head no while blushing deeply. The woman smiled at him nevertheless and bend over to whisper:
“Don’t worry, I understand that you are a shy one and I, well, you probably think I am completely out of your league?”
Stefan nodded if anything he was blushing even more deeply. The lady ordered a glass of white wine and started sipping thoughtfully. Then she said:
“You don’t have to answer, unless you mind me talking to you. Do you mind?”
He managed to shake his head again. The woman opened her purse and took out a diary, from which she tore a page, then a pen. She wrote something and then showed the paper to Stefan. It said:
Hi, my name is Maureen, is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable with me?

She passed the paper and pen to Stefan, nodding encouragingly. Stefan was surprised to say the least. Not only did she not laugh at him, she went quite a way out of her way to make contact. He just didn’t know how to handle the situation. He started to write.
Hi, my name is Stefan.
And then he began to feel completely silly and suddenly he found his voice again, even if it was, to begin with, a bit hoarse.
“Sorry, Maureen, I am just dumbstruck, when a beauty like you only gets near me. Would you mind to sit with me for a moment, just silent and let me get used to the fact, that you seem to be really interested in me?”
Maureen took the paper again and wrote:
Stefan you are so sweet. Of course I will sit with you in companionable silence, if that is the way you like it.

To her great satisfaction Stefan responded with a shy smile. And so they sat and sipped their drinks, silently studying each other. Maureen’s smile never left her face and Stefan began to truly relax. When Maureen felt that he was ready to talk she asked:
“People don’t get it, do they, that you are just naturally shy?”
“No.” Stefan replied with a voice that had got strangely melodic and soft “Nobody has ever understood.” His voice sent a shiver down Maureen’s spine. In a completely natural gesture she put her hand on Stefan’s arm, as she would have done with another woman, and he did not flinch, which she took as a good sign. Stefan looked at her hand on his arm, then into her eyes and whispered:
“I must be dreaming.”
Maureen laughed and it sounded like small bells tinkeling.
“No, dear, I am very real, and yes, I am touching you. In the hope that you get used to and relaxed with me.”

“I would have never believed, that a woman like you could exist, Maureen. You are more than just a dream come true. You must be an angel.”
“That, Stefan, is the most romantic compliment anyone has ever paid me.”
She gently touched his cheek.
“Has no woman ever seen the beauty in you? The peaceful, gentle soul? Are they all blind?”
Suddenly Stefan found the courage to speak openly about his experiences:
“You know, at first they all find me cute and like the gentleness. But every time there came a point, when they wanted just rough animalistic sex. I admire women. I think they are natures greatest work of art. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, more so someone like you. You certainly are one of nature’s masterpieces. If I was rough with a woman, I’d feel like I disrespect her, that I’d soil the beauty and with it myself. I just don’t have it in me.”

Maureen had been listening intently and her eyes had become moist. A single tear rolled own her cheek. With an infinitely gentle gesture Stefan caught it with his index finger. Maureen smiled.
“That is the most beautiful thing I heard, ever! A woman true to her being should cherish the fact she found you and want to never again let you go. At least that is what I feel. You are simply incredible.”

They sat for a long moment in silence, by now completely oblivious to their surroundings. Then Maureen had to make a confession.
“Stefan, I heard two women at work joking about you. I could not believe what they said. They were so crude and bitchy. I just had to find you. You are everything I ever dreamt of. Those others are just immature girls. But I am a woman and the more I see of you the more I see the partner of my dreams.”
Stefan blushed deeply, but to his surprise both he and Maureen found that cute. Suddenly Maureen asked:
“Do you know Ireland at all, Stefan?”
He sadly shook his head.
“There are cliffs and a beach near where I was born. Will you come on a holiday and walk along the beach with me at night and look at the stars?”
A sigh so deep it came from the bottom of his soul escaped Stefan’s mouth:
“I wish it could be tonight.”

Chapter two: at home with her.

They left the bar soon after. Stefan had suggested to just walk Maureen home, and after a little while they found themselves holding hands. They did not speak much, they were just enjoying the other’s proximity and the feeling of harmony, that grew between them. Neither of them had ever been so at peace and at ease with another human. It was, as if the world had suddenly turned around and made everything easy. Even though each of the two was thinking his or her own thoughts, the topic was the same. Neither wanted this night to ever end.

When they arrived at the house Maureen was sharing with some fellow students both of them hesitated to let each other go.
“I’d ask you in, Stefan, but there might be several girls in there you have never met.”
He was overwhelmed by her consideration. But the fact that she was with him at least made him consider her offer. How much he wanted to accept.
“Would it not be awkward for you, if I get all mute and shy again, Maureen?”
“Not for me,” she replied smiling “but I thought may be for you?”
“If that is what I need to do to spend some more time with you, I’ll brave it.” Stefan replied with as much resolve in his voice as he could muster.
Maureen gently kissed his cheek.
“You are so brave, Stefan. Come on in then.”

It was one of those semi detached houses that the more residential Streets of Exeter were crowded with, in which any number of same sex or mixed students shared accommodation. This evidently was an all girl share, a thought that scared but also excited Stefan. If he was able to do this … How he wished he could. There was no use trying to avoid it, if he wanted to be able to see as much of Maureen, as he knew he wanted to. Maureen opened the door and her eyes invite him in. Tentatively at first but growing just a little more bold he stepped inside. The house was quiet, apart from some muted conversation, that came from the back of the house, where normally the kitchen was. She took his hand and ever so gently led him towards the noise. When she opened the door to the Kitchen there were two women in there, quietly talking.

“Hi Maureen.” said the evidently Indian one, who in her own way was as beautiful as Maureen. Then she looked at Stefan, smiled and held out her hand.
“Hello, I am Bhavana.”
Stefan took her hand and not quite whispered:
“I am Stefan.”
Maureen gently stroked his back as if to encourage him and a second later he knew why. The other girl, who was petite and pretty and dressed as he imagined a French girl would, came and without much ado kissed both his cheeks before she introduced herself:
“Je m’appelle Madelaine.”
Stefan was surprised, but since he had learned French, hoping it would help him speak to people, if he learned to pronounce things properly, he knew that the kisses were just a manner of greeting among friends.
“Bonsoir Madelaine.” It came out in the same melodic voice he had unknowingly used before for speaking to Maureen “Je suis desolée, mais je ne parle pas beaucoup de Français.”
Madelaine smiled sweetly.
“Apart from having used the female form there, Stefan, your French sounds absolutely lovely.” she said with that accent, that makes French girls so cute, when they speak English.
Stefan blushed and was about to become shy when Maureen pressed his hand in encouragement.
“Where did I use the female form?” he asked instead.
“You used the long ee at the end of desolé,” Madeline explained “that makes it feminine. It was cute, though.” she giggled.

Stefan was amazed at himself, that he did neither shy away from these girls, nor was he dumbstruck, even though they were both in the class of beauty, that he preferred to admire form afar, to avoid becoming shy and mute.
“We don’t want to interrupt your conversation,” Maureen said “so we’ll just retreat to the lounge. I did not want you two to wonder, if you suddenly found a stranger in the house.”
Bhavana and Madeline laughed.
“I might have,” Bhavana said “If it was a big rough brute. But a sweet guy like Stefan … you’re always welcome here.”
To Stefan it was as if by magic the world had changed to accommodate him. First Maureen and now her house mates, how was it possible that he did not go mute and possibly even fled? He managed a genuine smile and thanked Bhavana, who smiled back at him.

Maureen took his hand again and led him to the lounge at the front of the house. He was surprised to find, that these girls were so tidy, that their house had a clean and inviting atmosphere. But then – he assumed – they were all way past the first semesters of whatever they were studying and probably more adult by nature, than most of their fellow students. Students could be loud and boisterous, even if they were girls. He had learned that the hard way, when he had tried to study himself. After a couple of months of pure hell he had given up and found a quiet job as an assistant in accounting with a chartered accountant, where he never had to encounter strange people, hardly any people to be precise.

While all these thoughts were running through his mind Maureen had sat down on the settee and invited him to sit next to her. He had a look around first, interested in this unusual house. It had nothing of the hotch potch kind of furniture, that those student accommodations normally had (not that he had been to many). Maureen seemed to have read his mind.
“The three of us met at the uni a couple of years ago. When we knew we were going for higher degrees, all three of us, we decided to get jobs and rent a nice house together. That is why it is a home, not just a place to put your head down or party.” She said with a cute smile.
“It is a lovely home,” Stefan said “for three wonderful women.”
Maureen held out her hand.
“Come here, sweetie, you are so courageous. You didn’t even stammer or blush! Is it because we are all girls here and no males are watching?”
Stefan had not thought about that being a possibility ever, but the more the idea penetrated his mind, the more he thought it probable. He realised he was dreading to be compared to other males, because he thought himself so lacking in masculinity after all the experiences he had had with girls. It had become almost paralysing. Here, though, he had the support of Maureen, who from the start had understood him, and her two friends were seemingly of the same calibre. Looking around the room again and it’s typically feminine décor he felt at home. With a content sigh he sat down next to her.

Chapter three: awaking awareness.

They sat silently for a while and it seemed so natural, as if they simply did not need words to communicate. Maureen put her arm around Stefan’s shoulder and he happily leaned into her, feeling warmly accepted and at home. He had never felt like that in his own place, as if he simply had not known how to make a home for himself. The private conversation finished, finally the kitchen door opened and Bhavana came into the lounge, shortly followed by Madelaine.

“You two are such an idyllic picture.” Bhavana said smiling.
“It seems,” Maureen answered “that Stefan feels very much at home with your interior design, Bhavana.”
Stefan’s eyes went wide.
“You designed this, Bhavana? Truly?”
“Yes, I did. It is not a hobby, Stefan, I AM studying design.”
“You’re brilliant.” Stefan sighed.
“Thank you,” Bhavana said and even with her darker skin tone it seemed like she was blushing “You saying that means a lot to me.”
“Why would you say that?” Stefan asked aghast.
“Because,” Bhavana said almost accusingly “You are a very sensitive and intelligent person, Stefan. I bet you are close if not as intelligent as Ms. Genius here.”
With that she pointed at Maureen.

“Genius?” Stefan asked “what is it that you are studying, Maureen?”
“Genetics and Psychology.” Maureen answered almost shyly. “I am working on a doctorate in both.”
“Just as well you didn’t tell me earlier.” Stefan giggled.
All three women looked at him with a smile.
“It seems,” Madelaine commented “that you are uncommonly relaxed in our presence, Stefan. Am I mistaken?”
“No.” he replied “I have never felt so at home so quickly with anyone. You are three angels, right?”
Now it was for the three women to giggle.
“Isn’t he cute?” Madelaine asked no one in particular “With him I could actually challenge my sexual orientation.”
“You better not!” said Bhavana with an attempt at mock severity “but she is right, Stefan, YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE! Even for an entrenched lesbian like myself.”

She smiled sweetly at him and this time Stefan did not know what to think or say. Maureen took his hand and squeezed gently.
“Don’t over do it, ladies, after all this is his first evening with us.”
“Yes,” Bhavana said “and I would like a lot more of them. Oh, Stefan, would you like me to do your place? I won’t charge.”
“I have an even better idea.” Madelaine threw in “Why don’t you use your Intuition like you always do and decorate the spare Bedroom to his taste? That would be an incentive to be here more often.” she giggled.
“I think, Madelaine, this time it is you the genius.” Maureen sighed “That is a lovely idea.”

She turned to Stefan.
“That way you can see, what she’d do, without any expenditure or inconvenience on your behalf.”
“That is so very generous of you all. Is there anything I could do in return?”
“Ooooh yes,” Madelaine said “you could have a look at Bhavana’s shoebox accounting and magically turn it legal.”
Both, Bhavana and her, had a giggle fit.
“I am not really a great accounting wizard.” Stefan said with a smile “but I’ll give it my best shot.”
They both hugged him and Stefan felt great. This certainly was the best night of his life. But because it was Friday and Maureen had to work on Saturday morning, she had to call an end to the nice gathering. When she saw Stefan’s sagging face she felt a pang in her heart. After a short moment of hesitation she said:
“I am certainly not one to go to bed with ANYONE on the first night, but, Stefan, I think I speak for all of us when I say you are welcome to the guest room for tonight.”

The fact, that his face lit up like a Christmas tree told her that she had taken the right decision.
“Sweet,” Madeline cooed “Someone nice to speak French with all morning.”
“I have to work, too,” Bhavana chimed in “So you can have the kitchen to yourselves while cleaning it. It is an uneven week, so … show her the ropes, Madelaine.”
Funnily enough the lapse went completely unnoticed.

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