Night Fox Chapter 14

Cora stood next to the old phone booth waiting for Katey to show-up. She had run the distance from hers and George’s place to just outside the entrance to the reservation. She had a bottle of water she was sipping from. She had bought it inside Crazy Joes Trading Place after she arrived. She spots Katey coming towards her in her light brown Jeep Wrangler. She had the cover off, so the jeep was opened to the elements.

Katey spots Cora standing by the telephone booth. She pulls up and stops in front of her.

“How long have you been waiting for me?” Katey notices that Cora had a bottle of water in her hands.

“Only a few minutes. I ran the whole way here?” Cora takes another sip from her water.

“Well, come on and get in.” Katey pats the passenger seat.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Cora hops in and fastens the seat belt.

Katey heads back onto the Highway and drives towards the police station. As they were heading down the highway. Two dark SUV’s pull behind them from a side road and start racing towards them.

Cora looks over her shoulder towards the SUV closing in on them. She unfastens her seat belt and stands up in her seat, using the roll bar for support. She slips one of the obsidian knives into her hand.

“What crazy stunt are you pulling?” Katey was trying to figure out what Cora was doing.

“Just let them get closer to you. I have a surprise for them.” Cora brings her right arm up and gets ready to throw her knife at the front driver tire.

Katey drops her speed some to let the SUV get closer to her. She wonders how close Cora needed them to get to her.

“How much closer do you need them to get to us?” Katey could see that the SUV was almost riding her bumper.

“You’re fine.” Cora throws the knife towards the front driver side tire.

The SUV starts swirling as the tire pops. It ends up going off the highway and into the desert.

“One down and one to go.” Cora had a smile on her face.

“Sit down. I’m going off-road.” Katey drops the shifter into neutral and kicks in her four-wheel drive function.

She drives off the highway with the other SUV following her. Her jeep’s suspension and engine weren’t factory anymore. She normally goes dune racing and rock crawling sometimes.

Cora sits back down in her seat and fastens her seatbelt. She had barely sat down when the jeep hits a hole. It didn’t bother the jeep at all, but the SUV on the other hand. It got stuck in it. The men inside the SUV got out and started firing MAC-10’s and Tec-9 at them.

“Do you own a gun?” Katey looks towards Cora while avoiding the gunfire.

“I’m forbidden to use a gun.” Cora knew that restriction was going to come back and bite her in the ass.

“I won’t ask why.” Katey kicks up a lot of dust and rocks at the men.

“Can you get close to them?” Cora starts stripping out of her normal looking clothes.

“Sure! What do you have planned?” Katey noticed that Cora had her black jumpsuit on under her clothes.

“You’ll find out. Just get as close to them as you can.” Cora climbs into the back of the Wrangler and gets ready to jump from the Jeep.

Katey gets the jeep as close as possible without getting hit by bullets. She slings the jeep around as Cora jumps from the back using the momentum of the turn to send her flying towards one of the men.

She hits the guy, taking him down with her. She rolls out of the way as one of the other guy's fires his MAC-10 at her. He hits the guy, missing her entirely. Her roll brings her up as she slips one of her knives into her hand and throws it at the guy directly in front of her. She hits his shoulder, causing him to drop his weapon.

Katey saw Cora take two down by herself. She ducks as several bullets riddle her windshield. She floors the jeep and hits the guy that was firing at her. She sends the guy flying over her hood. Katey spots one left and he was running away from them.

“You got a rabbit.” Katey points in the direction the guy was running.

Cora starts chasing after him. He had a good lead on her, but she catches up to him quickly and tackles him. They roll around on the ground before she knocks him out.

Katey had gotten out of her car and gather the weapons up. The guy that Cora had thrown one of her obsidian knives into. She bandages the wound and secures him. She spots Cora dragging the guy she chased, behind her. She was pulling him by his shirt collar.

“What happened to him?” Katey was wondering what Cora did to the guy.

“I knocked his ass out.” She tosses his unconscious form towards Katey.

Katey looks down at the unconscious guy. She searches him and finds his wallet.

“His name is Ryan Andrews and he’s 26 years old. According to his driver license, he lives in Los Angeles, California.” Katey searches the guy she has restrained and pulls out his wallet.

Cora walks over to the dead guy and searches his pocket. She finds his wallet and he was from Los Angeles as well.

“This one is from Los Angeles as well.” Cora stands up and walks over to Katey.

“Same here. This one is from Los Angeles as well.” Katey shoves the guy up against the damaged SUV.

“Who sent you, asshole?” Katey squeezes the knife wound she had bandaged up.

Juan Pablo wasn’t going to say anything to this bitch. He wasn’t a snitch. He could take anything they throw at him.

“Pablo, you do know that if you don’t tell me what you know. I’m going to kill you. There’s no one out here to stop me. Not even my friend over there.” Katey squeezes his wound some more.

Pablo screams out in pain.

“Trevor McAdams. He sent us to kill you two cunts.” Pablo knew he was a dead man now.

“How did you find me?” Katey wanted to know how they managed to track her all the way out here to the reservation.

“We put a tracker on your jeep and track you by the GPS chip in your cell phone.”

Katey pulls her phone out and turns her GPS function off. She looks over towards Cora.

“What do you want to do with them?” Katey wanted to stake them out here in the desert and let the sun bake them.

“You better call the State Trooper to come out here and call the police officer we were going to go and meet.” Cora drags her person over towards the wounded prisoner.

Katey dials the State Trooper first and then the police officer they were going to go and see. Cora walks over towards Katey’s jeep and grab
her water bottle and takes a sip.

“Would you like some?” she offers the bottle to Katey.

“Thanks.” Katey takes a sip of the water.

“Your welcome” Cora looks through the SUV to see what else they had inside the SUV.

Katey checks their prisoners while Cora searches through the SUV.

“Hey, there are a few bottles of water that are unopen in here.” Cora gathers them up and put them in Katey’s jeep.

Twenty minutes later, two State Troopers show up. A few minutes after they show up. The police officer that Katey was supposed to meet,
shows up as well.

Detective Chase couldn’t believe the phone call he received from Katey DeNoon. She was supposed to meet with him and his partner. When they arrive at the crime scene. He notices two State Trooper patrol cars. He had followed where they came in off the highway, so his car didn’t get stuck. He spots a dark SUV stick in a hole and a light brown Jeep Wrangler with two young ladies being questioned by one of the troopers.
One of the women he knew right away from her DMV photo. One was Katey DeNoon, but the other person he didn’t know who it was.

He parks his car and walks up with his partner. He speaks with the State trooper to find out what he learned from Katey and Cora. Every once in awhile he looks over towards Katey and Cora. He couldn’t believe that two women had taken out four men and disabled another SUV that was a few miles from their location. The State troopers that had gone to check it out, had spotted a couple whose car had been carjacked by four guys.

He walks over towards Cora and Katey to find out while they were being chased and why Katey’s partner had been killed. He already knew the names of the people they had killed and captured.

“So, Ms. DeNoon, who is responsible for killing your friend and now is trying to kill you?” Detective Chase was watching Katey and Cora.

“His name Detective is, Trevor McAdams. He’s trying to kill me for transporting a bunch of women Ms. Black found and rescued. I transported them in my helicopter to different hospitals in the area.”

Detective Chase looks at Cora “you found these women, Ms. Black?”

“Yes sir, I was working on a case and come across the warehouse they were kept in. I’m a private detective.” Cora pulls her license and shows
it to him.

Detective Chase writes the information down in his notebook.

“Ms. Black, how did you know those women were in that warehouse?” Detective Krista Swanson was curious how Ms. Black found the warehouse.

“From some information, I learned from another source. That information led me to the warehouse. The person behind the killing of Ms. DeNoon’s partner is also responsible for the murder of two Federal Marshall’s as well.” Cora was feeling guilty for the death of Marshall Leonard and his partner.

“I heard about that accident. Why do you think this McAdams is responsible for that murder?”

“Because he is responsible for everything that has occurred so far. He is losing money from the shut down of the breeder farm he had. The fact he doesn’t have any more victims he can kill in his snuff films. Is hurting his video business as well? Plus, I have information that links him to the breeder farm and several illegal porn production studios. It also links him to the use of underage children in his illegal porn videos.” Cora has gone through the records she stole, and they had shown a lot of his operation.

“Detective Chase and Detective Swanson, you might want to talk with Detective Ramirez in Salt Lake City. He is investigating the murder of the Marshall’s that occurred.” Cora figures that the three Detectives should work together.

“Thanks. I’ll contact him.” Det. Chase had written down the name in his notebook.

Once the detectives were done with Cora and Katey. They let them go.

“How about we go and get some lunch?” Cora was feeling hungry from all the calories she had burned so far.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Katey heads towards the nearest Native American owned restaurant.

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