The Awakening - Chapter 04.

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The Awakening Ch. 04
Michele Nylons©

Part Four – Michele Returns

The woman is slim. She is wearing a cerise satin blouse, black leather skirt and black high-heeled pumps. Flesh-toned fully-fashioned stockings sheath her long well defined legs. She is wearing a blonde bob, her bangs direct your gaze to heavily madeup eyes, and she's wearing glistening ruby-red lipstick. She is mature but sexy in a sluttish sort of way.

She lowers her face to a semi-tumescent penis and slowly takes it into her mouth. Her long elegant fingers, glistening with silver rings and ruby nailpolish stroke the shaft of the penis until it becomes fully erect in her mouth.

She looks content; she looks aroused. The front of her skirt bulges as her own erection strains the material of her black satin panties and tents the front of her skirt.

Looking around the shadowy room other figures come into view. Four other women, two dressed similar, two dressed only in lingerie and high-heels, are involved in sex acts with naked men. All of the people in the room are at least thirty, some of the women are large but their clothing and makeup camouflage their flaws and they are still attractive, some of the men are a little chubby but the women don't seem to mind.

The room reeks of perfume and sex; and muffled groans, gasps and little cries of delight fill the air.

A thwock, thwock, thwock, sound comes from a dark corner where a man is fucking one of the women who is balancing on her high-heels whilst bent over a chair. The sound is enunciated whenever his groin slaps against her creamy white buttocks; he holds her by the straps on her garter belt and furiously pounds away at her ass.

An orgy is taking place. A transvestite orgy.

Back to the woman in the cerise blouse; her name is Michele Nylons and six months ago you would never have found her participating in such debauched activity. Six months ago she didn't even know she was a transvestite!

The previous week, Michele, or Michael Nyland as she is known in her male circumstance, was still partly amnesiac and could only remember the occasional glimmer of her transvestite lifestyle. She had been in a coma and had emerged with amnesia, her memory had returned, but the not the part of her memory associated with her crossdressing peccadilloes.

These memories had slowly returned helped by another transvestite named Vanessa (it is she who is bent over the chair being fucked vigorously by an admirer) who reintroduced Michele into the world of transvestite sex. Michele was later blackmailed by John Steele, the owner of John's PC Sales and Repairs. He had found incriminating evidence on Michael Nyland's notepad when he repaired it.

He had lured Michele to a hotel room where he had forced himself upon her but she had soon capitulated and began to enjoy the solid fucking she received at his insistence.

Only last week Michael was in the attic rummaging around in the trunk where he kept Michele's accoutrements hidden away from his wife, when he had inadvertently stepped back into the trap door and fell to the floor banging his head.

In an instant, the repressed memories of his life as the undercover transvestite flooded back into his brain. As he sat there rubbing his head, a smile crossed his face as he recalled the absolute pleasure he received when he was dressed as his alter ego Michele Nylons, in the company of his transvestite girlfriends, tending to the needs of randy male admirers and horny crossdressers.

It was that simple! A knock on the head had caused the complete amnesia from which he recovered over the course of several months. The repressed memories of his alter ego, the transvestite Michele Nylons, had been slowly returning with help of Vanessa and the blackmailing of Michele by John Steele. Then a simple knock on the head had restored Michael/Michele's complete memory.

Michele had immediately contacted Vanessa.

"Let's do it again soon!" Michele had exclaimed excitedly into the phone.

"Do what?" Vanessa replied, totally puzzled.

"I'm back honey! Michele's back! The memories of my secret transvestite life have returned and I love them! I want us to have a party to celebrate!"

"God girl! You sound like one cock hungry transvestite!" Vanessa giggled.

"In very short time you've progressed from a reluctant participant in a secret transvestite tryst; to a full on crossdressing slut," she laughed.

"I can't wait! I've been missing out on so much fun for so long! You get on the phone and send out the emails; I'll set up our usual hotel room." Michele was excited; the anticipation almost overpowering.

"Friday. The usual place!" Michele hung up.

And that's how I came to be here now; the feel of silk and satin caressing my body, the stockings encasing my legs, the taste of lipstick and makeup, the smell of my perfume exciting me. It comforts me and makes me feel feminine and downright slutty. I can feel the hem of my skirt caressing my thighs and then a hand slides under the hem and strokes my stocking tops. My cock strains against my satin panties and I slaver at the erection in my mouth.

I lift my lips from the turgid member and look at the purple veins pulsing along the shaft and the engorged crimson glans; my lipstick is smeared on the shaft. I look up lovingly into John's eyes and see the lust; the lust that I have invoked. A feeling of power and sexual energy surges through me. I lower my face and trace the veins in his throbbing cock with the tip of my tongue and I'm delighted when I hear him groan.

When my lips kiss his fraenulum, the special little place at the base of the glans where it joins the shaft, he shudders and pushes my mouth onto his cock.

"God you're a teasing bitch! I love it when you do that!" he gasps.

John is seated on the couch and I'm kneeling along its length; my ass raised high as I suckle my man.

Then I feel someone lift my skirt. I smile to myself as I feel the couch groan under the weight as some stranger positions himself behind me. I wriggle my ass like a whore and am rewarded with a slap on my buttocks. The man spanks me twice and I moan around John's phallus but I don't stop sucking him. The man behind me is massaging the globes of my ass through my satin panties and then I feel him pull the gusset to once side, exposing my puckered sphincter.

I'm expecting a probing finger to explore my tight bud but instead I feel the head of a penis nestle against my anus. I can feel the cold slipperiness of the lubricant coating the head of the member pressing against the entrance to my tight hole.

He seizes my hips and pushes. At first my instinct is to move forward away from the intruding appendage but as soon as it slides past my sphincter I feel nothing but pleasure and instead I push back, encouraging the stranger to drive his phallus into me, right up to the hilt. As his groin rests against my soft buttocks and I feel his erection pulsing inside me I grind my ass back against him.

"Good girl!" the stranger moans and begins to slowly fuck me.

I luxuriate in the feeling as the man behind me slowly thrusts his hard cock in and out of me; the head of his penis finds my prostate gland and I can feel pre-seminal fluid leaking into my panties. My anus is a sponge of delicate nerves emitting wave after wave of pleasure as the man grinds away at me. I find the rhythm and rock back and forth in time with his thrusts.

I open my eyes and glance up at John who is smiling with pleasure; I'm suckling his cock in time with the thrusts of the man invading my anus. I slaver at the member in my mouth as my lips move up and down the shaft.

"Michele always did like a good spit-roasting," the man behind me says.

"She certainly seems to know how to deal with it," John smiles and lowers his hands to my face and guides me up and down his shaft.

Both men are now grunting and the man behind has quickened the pace; his groin slams against my buttocks as he drives his rock-hard penis in and out of my slick, tight ass. The sensation is incredible and I feel my orgasm building. I'm going to come soon; without even touching myself I'm going to come!

John senses the man behind me is building to a climax and he too begins to push his cock in and out of my lips faster and harder. I'm being assaulted from both ends and I love it.

Suddenly the stranger behind me grips my hips and slams his penis deep inside me and grinds against my soft, pliant buttocks. He screams.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm coming inside you, you sexy bitch!" he moans

I grind my ass back against him as rings of pleasure emanate from my prostrate and ripple through my anus; my semi-hard cock discharges into my panties as I feel the man behind me ejaculate deep inside me. John climaxes at the same time and floods my mouth with his hot issue; I swallow and keep sucking, draining him of his seed whilst grinding against the man behind me.

Fifteen minutes later I'm in the bathroom standing beside Vanessa fixing my makeup. I've cleaned my anus, changed my panties, brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash.

"Fancy a drink Michele?" Vanessa smiles at me.

The sounds of the party are quite audible even though the bathroom door is closed. There has to be about eight or so transvestites and at least twice as many men crowded into the hotel suite.

"Oh I think so Vanessa. Then it's time for some more cock!" I reply.

Vanessa grins at me.

"The old Michele is back!" she smiles and playfully slaps my ass as we saunter out of the bathroom together.

The End.

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